Are you suffering every night from the voracious appetites of those unwelcome “vampires of the mattress” known as bed bugs? Have you resorted to a frenzied search for the most effective (and still affordable) anti bed bug product?

After reading numerous reviews of FabriClear Bed Bug Spray, I will not hesitate to recommend it to your consideration. This spray is all-natural, non-toxic, easy to use, and potent to the point of death on contact if you’re a bed bug.

Do it yourself bed bug extermination can save you a bundle, and if you have the “right personality for it, ” it can even be fun. Read on to learn all about FabriClear Bed Bug Spray and how it works!


It comes in three forms:

  1. The “standard” 16 ounce spray bottle that can handle a whole household infestation.
  2. A 2 ounce “travel size” spray bottle to use before lying down on a hotel bed.
  3. The FabriClear “Fast Trap” that you can strategically place under your bed, in your closet, or next to pieces of furniture.
    FabriClear: 16 ounce, 2 ounce spray, Fast Trap

But it’s all “FabriClear, ” the latest breakthrough in DIY bed bug control!

FabriClear is liquid death to bed bugs, dust mites, and larvae or eggs of the same.

Composed of all-natural oils that are non-toxic to kids and pets and extremely eco-friendly, FabriClear Bed Bug Spray safe to use in the house.

Finally, a fast, effective, and “green” bed bug spray that is equally deadly to bed beg adults, juveniles, larvae, and eggs, but 100% harmless to humans.

How Does It Work?

FabriClear is not a pesticide or insecticide in the ordinary sense. It uses not man-made chemicals but two natural oils (peppermint and soybean extract) to literally suffocate bee bugs to death. This all-natural approach is a bit similar to the use of diatomaceous earth, which tears the bodies of many insect pests to pieces.

Totally different from ordinary pest control products, FabriClear spray does not rely on bed bugs first volunteering to ingest the product. The FabriClear oils simply stick to the bodies of bed bugs and sink into their “innards” right through their protective outer shells. The result is a dead bed bug.

FabriClear kills on contact without being ingested by bed bugs.

By simply killing immediately on contact, FabriClear makes it far easier to eliminate your bed bug problem. It will still take some work and some time to ensure you’ve “got them all” and to avoid a re-infestation. But Fabri-clear gives you a “clear” advantage. Also, be sure to vacuum up dead bed bug carcasses between sprayings.

Need to know more about bed bug killer spray? Click the provided link to access further related information.

Where Should I Use It?

Since FabriClear is not a bait that attracts bed bugs but a kill on contact solution, it will be especially critical to know where to apply it.

Common locations for FabriClearWhere should you spray your FabriClear liquid? Anywhere that bed bugs have been found or are likely to be hiding out.

Here are some common locations:

  • On both sides of your mattress, and especially in the seams and folds.
  • On and, if necessary, inside of the box spring.
  • On the bed frame itself.
  • On pillows and pillow cases.
  • On blankets and sheets.
  • On rugs and in carpets.
  • On curtains and drapes.
  • On upholstered parts of furniture.
  • On pet beds (don’t let Fido get stuck with the bed bug survivors!)
  • In dresser drawers (after removing the clothes and other contents.)
  • In closets.
  • On couches.
  • Along base boards, head boards, and foot boards.
Prepare Before Spraying
Remove all linens you plan to wash from the bed, all clothes from the closet and dresser, all excess clutter and refuse from the bedroom floor, and all items being stored under the bed, before applying FabriClear Bed Bug Spray. You don’t want to give the bed bugs any cover to hide under.

When applying the spray, hold the bottle a foot or so away from the object being sprayed. Spray as evenly as possible but avoid saturation (that only wastes the spray as a little bit is enough for any particular spot.)

Let all treated areas dry thoroughly, which may take an hour or two.

FabriClear: The Pros and Cons

With any product, there are inevitably both pros and cons.

FabriClear is a great product overall, but to know if it’s right for you, consider the following:

  • Very effective, kills on contact.
  • Non-toxic, which is important if you have kids or pets.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Costs a lot less than calling in a professional exterminator.
  • Is highly unlikely to leave stains, which is not true of many of FabriClear’s competitors.
  • All natural ingredients. Very “eco-friendly.”
  • Non-flammable and not-fuming.
  • More expensive than many other anti bed bug products on the market.
  • Leaves an odor that lingers for a few hours after use. Some say the smell is just fine; others say they strongly disagree with it.
  • It takes more than one spray and up to a month to truly get rid of the bed bugs for sure. But that is true of most other bed bug control methods as well.

The Benefits of FabriClear Spray

What are the main benefits of opting for FabriClear Bed Bug Spray?

If we had to put it all into a nut shell, here’s what we’d say:

  • FabriClear works greatWorks great. Gets rid of bed bugs relatively effectively and quickly. And it may stop the biting long before the last bed bug is dead and gone.
  • Easy to use. A spray is easier to use than powders and creams or bombs that drive you out of your home for a day. And with no fear of toxins in your bed in the aftermath, there is little to learn in using this product correctly.
  • Can save money. While the spray costs a bit more than other products, it works well enough that you can get by with using less. And by providing a viable DIY bed bug removal method, FabriClear can save you hundreds of dollars.

Final Review of the Product

The final verdict, in this author’s opinion, is that FabriClear Bed Bug Spray is a superior bed bug killing product. It’s price reflects its value. You get what you pay for.

Many of the negative reviews you will read will be by those who did not use the product rightly but expected to eradicate all bed bugs immediately and permanently after one spray-down. That’s generally not how it works with any anti bed bug solution, however.

In sum, we can highly recommend FabriClear Bed Bug Spray. Some may wish to try other, cheaper products and methods first, and some tough infestations might require professional intervention. But on the whole, FabriClear is a great solution for most DIY bed bug extermination projects!

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