How Does The Local Exterminator Search Tool Work?

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Why Should You Use The Exterminator Search Tool?

Finding good local exterminators is not as easy as you might think...

Sure finding someone on the internet might be easy, but finding someone GOOD is another story.

Pesticides are a big deal and you NEED to be sure that the professional you hire has a couple key things like:

  • Important licenses to use special chemicals to kill bugs (each state has different requirements)
  • 3rd party verification as someone who can actually kill the kinds of bugs you're trying to get rid of
  • Numerous reviews by real people with real pest problems

That being said...

If you have termites, bed bugs, rats, large mouse infestations, large mosquito infestations, or just any kind of pest you want eliminated, we URGE you to use the above tool and get matched with a professional exterminator ASAP.

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For all other bugs, you CAN try to take the DIY route but please be mindful of the chemicals you are exposing you and your family to.

Respectfully yours,
PestKill Team.