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Do you suffer from musophobia or the fear of mice? Well, you’re not alone; this is one of the commonest phobias! It’s, however, prudent that you overcome the fear and find ways of solving the problem immediately you identify the initial signs to avoid a full-blown infestation. Oftentimes, you’ll not require an exterminator unless there’re signs of severe infestation. Instead, you should just pick a natural method that limits your interaction with the rodent as well as ensures your family’s safety. This article will guide you through different natural methods that will help you rise above your fear and overcome the stubborn rodents permanently!

Simple and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mice

An ideal natural method for a successful elimination of mice from your house should include two crucial elements: the ability to prevent the rodents from entering the house as well as to exterminate those already inside the house. This technique can take a relatively long period before tangible success is achieved. You need to be thorough in sealing all the entry points used by these curious rodents and devise highly reliable natural methods to drive the ones inside the house away.

If you still have no idea of what is expected from you, then apply the techniques below to the letter:

  1. Block Entry into Your House. Mice can devise entry routes even where you didn’t expect it to happen. As such, it’s critical that you identify all the openings that exceed 1/4 inch and block them. Make sure that the siding of your windows and doors do not leave any space. Also, you should be very keen on regions where electric cables enter your house since they present a high likelihood of gaps large enough to allow the mice into the house.
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  2. Clean the yard! Before entering your house, mice spend time in the yard trying to find a safe and reliable entry route. You should, therefore, ensure that the area around your house is free from overgrown landscaping including tall grasses, fallen leaves, compost, scrap piles and other messy conditions. If you maintain a clean environment, the mice will not be attracted to your house because the excessive exposure threatens their security.
  3. Declutter Your House. While mice can cleverly devise their way into the cleanest house, it becomes difficult for them to survive if they can’t get food, water, and materials to construct their nests. Decluttering your house ensures that you starve them which consequently leads to reduced chances of infestation. You should ensure that there are no food debris, standing water, pieces of papers as well as old clothes and newspapers.

If you follow the three recommendations, you will reduce the chances of infestation by more than 75%. However, it’s critical to note that all your efforts to eliminate mice would be futile if you fail to seal their entry points. You should ensure that your house is entirely mouse-proof which offers surety that the rodents cannot find their way back into your home.

Why do you rush to your house during winter? You ideally go there because the environment is ideal and it’ll provide your immediate need (warmth), right? The same case applies to mice, they migrate to escape environmental and other harsh conditions they encounter in their natural habitat. If they can’t get their needs in your home, then you can be sure that you’ll never complain of mice menace! But how can you achieve this?

Well, follow the following simple guidelines to prevent mice infestation:

  • Use air-tight containers to store all your food and cereals. Never store rice, flour, and cereals in an open cabinet because the mice will easily access them and enjoy the coziness of your home thus becoming extremely difficult to chase them away.
  • Wash dirty dishes after every meal. Do not allow used dishes and food remains to sit on your sink. Always clean them immediately after having your meals.
  • Sweep the floor and wipe counters after every meal. Mice will remain inside your house even when there are only a few snack crumbs as they hope for more! If you fail to keep your counters and floor crumb-free, your mice-elimination efforts will be futile.
  • Empty the Trash Bins daily. Your intention should be to ensure that the mice do not get any food traces. As such, you should empty and clean the bin daily!

The above criteria not only prevent mice from entering your house but also starves the mice inside your house forcing them to migrate to more friendly zones.

In Your House

Mice are highly curious and they exhibit top-notch creativity. They can wiggle their way into your house despite the level of orderliness and cleanliness you maintain. As such, you should devise an efficient natural system to curb them. Apart from ensuring that your home does not offer a conducive environment for the rodents, you can also use natural substances that repel the mice.

What’s best about natural mice extermination methods is the fact that you can apply items that you commonly use inside your house as natural mouse repellents. This ensures that their application affects only the target thus boosting the safety of the entire family. Recently, there has been much debate regarding the use of poisonous traps and baits due to the numerous poisoning cases reported to various emergency bodies!

The natural techniques will avoid such ugly scenarios, ensure that you abide by the recommended pest elimination guidelines among other numerous benefits as summarized below:

  1. The technique applies readily available materials that will neither require much money nor too much time to prepare. What’s best about it is the fact that its affordability does not, in any way, compromise the efficiency of the product in mice elimination.
  2. Natural substances present a Do-It-Yourself opportunity to repel the mice. You’ll turn some of the items that you require for your household duties into a strong weapon against these rodents.
  3. Guaranteed safety. There exist minimal risks of poisoning as opposed to other forms of poisonous baits and traps.

Are There Some Natural Solutions I Can Use?

There are plenty of natural ways to keep mice away from your house. One of the primary methods is to catch the mice inside your house and then release them in their natural habitat. You can find more details by visiting this link. Also, you can use natural repellents to chase away the mice and prevent re-infestation.

Infographic: Natural mice repellents

They include:

These substances produce a pungent smell that mice cannot tolerate. As a result, they migrate into areas with cleaner and friendlier air.

Natural Remedies for Mice Control

There’re several ways to keep mice away from your house.

They include:

  • Ultrasonic devices. Anti-mice ultrasonic deterrentThese are electronic units that you place inside your house to scare the mice. They produce ultrasonic beeping sound that creates immense discomfort among the rodents. As a result, they will migrate away from the noise enabling a mouse-free house. This method, however, presents a limitation since the rodents can become used to the noise! You can also acquire electric mouse traps from your nearest pest control shop. Read more here.
  • Use of poison-free traps. There are several humane traps that you can use to keep the mouse away. You can purchase the catch-release traps or make homemade traps that will help you catch the rodents. Read more about home remedies to get rid of mice here.
    Humanic poison-free traps

How to Kill Them

You can achieve killing the mice naturally by ensuring the following:

  • It lacks sufficient food. The rodents require food to generate the energy necessary for all their metabolic and physiological activities. If you deny them this vital need, they will slowly die naturally.
  • Lacks water and shelter. When the mice cannot access a conducive place to establish their nests, they die from harsh environmental conditions. This is a common phenomenon during winter when the rodents are exposed to unbearably low temperatures. Also, water is crucial for their survival.
  • Upset in their normal biological and physiological processes. This happens when the mice ingest harmful substances which affect their functionality leading to a natural death.
A mouse require 3-5 milliliters of water daily.

If you want the mice to die, you should undertake all the necessary measures to ensure that the above factors are achieved.

This includes:

  1. Denying them food and water.
  2. Use of natural substances to upset their normal body functioning. These items include cow dung, plaster of Paris and instant potatoes as described in the section below.

Top 2 Killers

There are two natural predators that mice fear; cat and owl. The immense dislike of the predators makes this one of the most efficient methods to keep them at bay.

They work as detailed below:

  1. Cat. Most individuals keep cat as a pet. This agile mammal boosts your efforts of achieving a mouse-free house. When the mice detect the presence of the cat, they avoid entering your house. Also, the mouse is an excellent hunter of the mice; it’ll move around your house and in your yard to hunt down the rodents. This ensures that it kills all the existing mice while scaring away those that intended to enter your house. Click on the following link to learn about the best cats for catching mice.
    Mouse and cat
  2. Owls. Mouse and owlThe use of these creatures is a highly effective method of mice control. Most individuals prefer to keep the barn owls due to their ease of attracting and maintaining. You’ll just need to build nest box mounted 10-15 feet from the ground. They can devour as high as fifteen mice in a single night making it highly efficient.

While these natural killers remain the most effective way of keeping mice away from your home, it’s critical that you adequately feed them as well as provide them with all their basic needs.

Natural Mouse Poison I Can Use

There are some natural items that pose a significant danger to the lives of the mice. You should carefully apply the items to eliminate the rodents from your house.

They include:

  • Instant potatoes. Mashed PotatoesThis method guarantees a complete removal of the rodents. Ensure that sprinkle several tablespoons of the product in regions where the mice frequent. Once these creatures ingest the flakes, they expand in their stomach which creates a lot of discomforts and eventually leads to death.

    These natural poisons are not entirely safe for use in the presence of children and your pets. You should, therefore, take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid their poisoning! Also, avoid direct contact with these products by wearing protective latex or rubber gloves.
  • Plaster of Paris and cocoa powder. The technique is easy-to-prepare and use.

    You should follow the following procedure to the letter to prepare high-quality paste:

    • Scoop dry plaster of Paris and mix with several tablespoons of the cocoa powder. You can substitute the cocoa powder with chocolate milk powder in cases when it’s scarce.
    • When the mixture is dry, place it along the mice’s route. It’ll attract them quickly due to its appealing fragrance.
    • Ensure that the mice cannot access food debris or water inside your house to enhance the efficacy of the entire procedure.

    Immediately the mice eat the mixture, they’ll desperately start looking for water. During the frantic water search, they will move outside your house and eventually die.
    Natural mice poison recipe

Natural methods of eliminating mice are undisputedly the best due to their money saving and environment-friendly nature. As outlined in this article, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of poisoning among your family members without compromising the efficiency of the methods.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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