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It happens to everyone. We get some kind of house pests, ranging from ants, to scorpions, to crickets, and more. Usually, they’re easy to get rid of. But what if your problem isn’t as small as a tiny ant? What if you’ve got rodents, and more specifically, mice? These little creatures aren’t great to deal with. They’re small enough to hide in tiny spaces and smart enough to know how to avoid you. Mice also carry dangerous diseases and reproduce at an alarming rate. There are poisons and traps to kill them, but something great that will prevent mice from coming into your home at all is a repellent. Unlike poisons, repellents don’t kill, they just keep the mice away.

The Things That Mice Hate

A mouse has poor eyesight, but an incredible sense of smell. In fact, they can smell food from across your house. And boy do they love food. Peanut butter is something they can’t resist, unlike cheese, despite what movie and cartoons want you to believe. So is there anything they hate?

Fortunately for us, mice tend to hate scents that humans enjoy, namely strong perfumed substances. This includes peppermint, lavender, dryer sheets, menthol, cloves, and cayenne. When a mouse smells one of these, they’re so put off by it that they’ll turn around and head in another direction.

You’ll want a good product that will get rid of the mice you’ve found in your home. Sprays have great benefits that others might not. More details on spray for mice can be found here. If you’re looking for more of a fogger, those can also have surprising benefits you’ll want to learn about. Click here to find out more about bombs for mice.

Plants that mice stay away from

PlantsYou might think it’s not a big deal for mice to infest your yard, since they’re outside and not in. But mice aren’t necessarily the cuddly little creatures you see in cartoons – they’re hungry creatures who will devour your garden quickly. Luckily, there are plants you can keep both outside and in that will deter mice from the area.

  • Garlic: This plant is incredibly aromatic, and although it tastes good to us, smells horrible to mice.
  • Herbs: Many different herbs do the job of repelling a mouse. Oregano and Sage are two very fragrant ones you can try.
  • Mint: This gets its own category, seeing as it’s probably the most effective natural mouse repellent. They hate anything minty, including fresh mint plants in the garden or kitchen.

We know what smells mice love – it’s what brings them into your home in the first place. But what smells do mice hate? Find out here.

How Can I Repel Mice?

Once you find out that you’ve got mice, you probably won’t be happy, and you’ll first want to figure out how big your infestation is. If fairly large, you may want to call an exterminator or use traps and poison along with repellent. If moderate to mild, a good repellent can drive them out and keep them away.

Keep your mice away

Here’s how to repel mice:

  1. Find a good repellent, like a mint spray.
  2. Locate the mice’s common pathways. You can usually spot this by noticing droppings, evidence of chewing or scratching, or by hearing them scurry.
  3. Spray your repellent in all the mice’s pathways, leaving an exit to the outside untouched. As a precaution, spray the inside of your cupboards and pantry, and all baseboards and corners of your kitchen.
  4. Repeat this at least once a week.

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals or additives, you’re not alone. Go here and find out ways to use natural mouse repellent for your infestation.

Keep them away, even in the outdoors

There are several products to choose from when it comes to outdoor mice control. There are sprays, as well as granules that you can use. Rodent Guard granulesGranules are tiny balls of material that contain ingredients like poison or repellent to use in pest control. With mice, these granules can be sprinkled in your garden and around your yard, where they’ll emit a smell that mice hate. You can also fill nylons or socks with a handful of granules and tie them off into a ball, then place them around the yard.

Repellents to use inside your home

When you’re choosing a repellent for inside your home, you’ll want to take into account a couple things. First, if you’ve got pets or small children, you’ll want to make sure whatever you use isn’t going to harm them. Also, you’ll probably want to enjoy the smell at least somewhat, considering it will be inside your house. Fortunately, mice repellents tend to smell pleasant to humans.

Mice can squeeze through openings only one inch wide.

If you don’t want to buy a repellent at the store, remember that you can make one on your own. Use some essential oils and mix them with water. Make a cayenne pepper reduction and mix it with water, as well, or any other combination of repellents you can think of. Then spray it in the areas mice are invading. Make sure to reapply every few days to keep the scent fresh, or the mice might ignore it.

Many DIY mouse repellents use essential oils in them, ingredients that are not only potent, but effective. Learn more about essential oil mouse repellent here.

Everything That Repels Mice

Mostly, smells are going to be the thing that keep mice away. And not just any smells, but strong ones, which is great, considering that DIY options for fragrant mouse repellent are abundant and easy to do.

Another product that repels mice doesn’t use sprays or granules, but an ultrasonic pulse. Ultrasonic mouse deterrentUltrasonic devices are small hand-sized units that plug into the outlet on your wall. It emits a powerful sound at a high frequency that we can’t hear, but that mice can. And they hate it.

It seems too good to be true that mice just happen to hate the smell of mint, right? The truth is that many people swear by the scent. So, does peppermint oil get rid of mice? Find out here.

You don’t need to go to the store to get a mouse repellent; in fact, you’ve got all you need right at home. More information on home remedies to keep mice away can be found here.

Does Irish Spring Soap work?

Irish Spring soap has a strong odor to it. We, as people, like it – it’s fresh and clean and bright-smelling. But just like other strong smells, mice don’t like it at all.

You can use this to your advantage by turning a bar of soap into a mouse repellent.

Here’s how:

  1. Carefully cut the bar of soap into one-inch sections.
  2. Cut out squares of cheesecloth and wrap a piece of soap in it, then tie it off. You can also use drawstring bags, as long as they’re porous and allow the smell to go through them.
  3. Rub some soap on the outside of the bag, just for added fragrance.
  4. Place the bundles around your house where you think mice might be hiding.
  5. Check the bags regularly to see if they’re being disturbed.

Original Irish Spring

If you do this and still notice mouse activity, then it might be time to step up to a different type of repellent.

Cedar has long since been used to repel different types of insects. But does cedar repel mice? Here’s where you can find out.

Repellent for Your RV

Did you know that RVs can be damaged by rodents? Mice and rats regularly go after RVs and chew up hoses, wiring, and rubber, and shred apart insulation to use for nests. Since an RV can sit unused for long periods of time, the problem can go unnoticed and get out of control.

Don’t wait until you see mice – set out mice repellent before you ever leave your RV alone.

One product in particular is designed specifically for that use:

  • Mouse Free Mouse Repelling Undercarriage Lubricant: This product not only acts as a system lubricant, it also has ingredients that will repel mice, getting two things done at the same time.

Mouse Free Repelling

Since many RVs are left sitting out untouched all winter long, it’s easy for mice to build up an infestation without you even knowing. Make sure to check the interior and under the hood on a regular basis, checking for mice activity like droppings, gnaw marks, scratches, and ripped up insulation or padding. The problem is more common than you might think – thousands of RV claims are made each year to insurance companies due to rodent damage.

You can also leave repellent granules in bags all around the interior of your RV, and spray it regularly to ensure the rodents stay out. To really keep mice out, make sure that you look for and then deal with any entry points into your RV.

Look for:

  • Small openings like cracks and holes.
  • Water hose opening.
  • Access panels.
  • Gaps in the slide-out sections.
  • Wiring access points.
  • Gaps in the doorframe.

Sometimes odd things work for pest control, like dryer sheets. Yes, that sounds weird, but many proclaim that it works. Learn more about dryer sheets to get rid of mice here.

Home Depot and Your Pet Control Needs

Of any store, Home Depot is going to have what you need for problems relating to your home, pest control included.

You’ll be happy to know that they carry a range of mouse repellents, including:

  1. Nature’s Defense Organic Mouse Repellent: Sprinkle these granules around your yard to keep mice running in the other direction.
  2. Victor Scent-Away Rodent Repeller Packs: Something you’ll appreciate is how good these packs smell to humans. Packed with mint, mice won’t be able to stand being around it.
  3. Pest-A-Cator 2000 Electronic Rodent Repeller: This plug-in emits a powerful sonic frequency that is agonizing for mice to hear.
    Nature's Defense, Scent-Away and Pest-A-Cator 2000

Bleach is a powerful chemical – it can get rid of germs immediately. But what about pest control? Does bleach get rid of mice? Go here to find out.

The Best Mouse Repellent

You’ve gone over your options, and you’ve studied what you should and shouldn’t use as a repellent, and you still don’t know which one to choose. There’s so many good ones, after all. But which one is the best?

  • Peppermint: This simple ingredient seems to be the most effective time after time against rodents. You can use it alone or mix with other ingredients like Clove, Spearmint, and Cayenne and make it even more undesirable to mice. One spray you can buy that has consistent high reviews is Eco Defense Rodent Gone. It uses mint, cinnamon, and castor oil to keep rodents away that won’t harm any pets or children.
    Rodent Gone by ECO Defense

It would be so much easier if mice never got into your house in the first place to cause a problem. To learn more about how to keep mice out of your house, go here.

If you think you’ve got mice, take action right away. Mix a DIY spray, buy some granules, or get your hands on an ultrasonic device and make those mice run for the hills. It’s your house, after all, not theirs. Take control back!

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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  2. FYI. Irish Spring soap will NOT repel mice. I have a video of mice actually chomping on it. Makes me think the rest of your adviceon other products you mention is bogus.

  3. Does axe body spray work to or no?

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