Top 5 Mouse Traps, and Choosing the Best One

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Are you looking for an effective way of eliminating mice and the best trap to use? After much research, there are definitely some products that stand out more than others. And the winner is Victor M2524 Black Box Electronic Mouse Trap.

Best Choice
Victor M250S
Victor M250S Black Box
No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap
If you’re looking for an electric mousetrap and you don’t want to build it yourself, you really can’t do better than Victor.
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Here I suggest the best products with different brands for your consideration. If you require additional information, just look at the links provided next to each product’s title.

Our Recommended Best 5 Mouse Traps Comparison Table

Our #1 Rated
Victor M250S Black Box Electronic Mouse Trap review
Victor M250S Black Box Electronic Mouse Trap
  • Electronic Trap
  • Kills 100 mice per set of batteries (4 AA)
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Best Budget
Victor M156 Pedal Mouse Trap review
Victor M156 Pedal Mouse Trap
  • Snap Trap
  • The original mouse trap
  • Made in USA
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d-CON Covered Mouse Trap review
d-CON Covered Mouse Trap
  • Covered Snap Trap
  • Safe around children and pets
Check Price

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Tomcat Kill and Contain Mouse Trap review
Tomcat Kill and Contain Mouse Trap
  • Covered Snap Trap
  • Safe around children and pets
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Victor M310S TIN CAT Humane Live Mouse Trap review
Victor M310S TIN CAT Humane Live Mouse Trap
  • Live Trap
  • Humane, simple to use and no mess
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Top 5 Mouse Traps Reviewed

Here is a run-down of our 5 top mouse traps picks for the following 5 categories:

  1. No-touch, no-view. After all, who wants to see a dead mouse or get one’s fingers all over it?
  2. Electrocution. An innovative, humane, and very effective way to rid yourself of rodents.
  3. Safety and ease of use. Simplicity and safety should always be number one priorities!
  4. Disposable/reusable. Want the choice of a simple throw-away versus a use-again model? Of course. Who doesn’t?
  5. Affordable. When you have to de-mouse a whole house, the price tag really does start to matter.

That’s a basic introduction, but here are the details of which mousetrap wins in each category and how to use it:


1. Victor M250S Black Box – Best Electric Trap to Catch a Mouse

See More ImagesVictor M250S
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If you’re looking for an electric mouse trap and you don’t want to build it yourself, you really can’t do better than Victor.

It runs on 4 AA batteries, not on an outlet and plug, so you can place it anywhere that mice might be likely to find it. It uses a “smart circuit” to detect when a mouse ventures inside the “black box of death.”

It comes with an auto-safety switch to protect kids and pets, who already can’t get inside to activate the trap anyway. And it’s interior design prevents mice from getting out during the 5-seconds max they have to live after the initial shock.

M250S Mouse Trap by Victor

If we were asking what’s the most fun mousetrap to use, I’d say it was found in an old game by the name of Mouse Trap.

But as to the best overall mouse trap for catching mice, my personal favorite is the Victor Black Box Electronic Trap, for the following very good reasons:

  • Mechanical failure or missing the mouse or the right part of the mouse are never an issue. Zap and dead. That’s it.
  • They are small enough you can place them anywhere.
  • The batteries last long since it only takes a little power per zap. So the trap can kill a lot of mice before you even have to change its batteries.
  • There’s no mess, and the mouse is inside so you don’t see it till you dump it out and then put the trap back in position.

M250S Trap by Victor Specification

How to Use


2. Victor M156 – Best Budget Mouse Trap

See More ImagesVictor M156
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For those looking for a very cheap but still effective (old school style) of the mousetrap, Victor is our pick for the best in this category.

The Victor M156, specifically, is easier to set without accidentally setting it off than many of its competitors. Yet, it’s sensitive enough that mice have a hard time stealing the bait.


3. d-CON Covered – Best No View, No Touch Mouse Trap

See More Imagesd-CON mouse trap
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For a simple way to kill mice without having to really “deal with” them, d-CON takes first place. These covered snap traps hide rodents from view, kill them with humanely sudden death, and leave no mess to clean up.

Just peel back the label, put a lot of bait inside, and wind the trap up counterclockwise till you hear it click. When you see the red fill up the “set” hole on the trap’s top, it’s set.

Just throw this trap away entire, mouse and all, after successful use. It works best with smaller mice.

Mouse Trap by d-CON and How to Use Step by Step

How to use

  • Peel Back Self-Adhesive Label, Insert Bait & Reseal.
  • Twist & Set Trap.
  • Place Trap In High Traffic Mouse Area.
  • Dispose Of Trap When Red Indicator Says ‘Mouse Caught’.

4. Tomcat Kill and Contain – Best Safe and Easy to Use

See More ImagesTomcat Kill and Contain
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Let’s say you don’t want to keep buying new traps just to throw them away or spend a real lot on the trap you buy. But safety and ease of use are top concerns to you.

In that case, Tomcat’s Kill & Contain Mouse Trap is an excellent choice. It fits perfectly in tight spaces. It’s covered and works like a regular snap-trap except without the splatter (which can spread disease besides grossness.)

Just press down the lever from the “not set” position to the “set” position, and wait for it to move to the “mouse caught” position. Then dump out the mouse and put the trap back in position for another go.


5. Victor M310S Tin Cat – Best Disposable or Reusable Humane Mouse Trap

See More ImagesTin Cat by Victor
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This trap can be reused or disposed of as you see fit: both the design and the price tag allow for this versatility. The Victor Tin Cat Repeating Mouse Trap can catch and hold up to 30 mice at a time – perhaps, outperforming flesh-and-bone cats?

The mice smell something tasty and go in, get caught behind the cleverly designed trap door, and stay wait for you to get around to freeing them (somewhere sufficiently far from home.)

This trap doesn’t even have to be set, just placed. Thus, it’s about as easy to use as you can get. It has two trap doors, one on each side of the box.

What is the Best Mouse Trap in March, 2021? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to mouse traps, you’ll find that the store is full of all manner of contraptions claiming to be the best. And there are also a seemingly endless number of DIY mouse traps you can read about online.

Many of these traps, of course, work quite well. And some work better than others. And certain traps work better in one situation as opposed to another or with one mouse as opposed to his more intrepid, cheese-stealing brother.

Additionally, even when both traps work, some people prefer a live-catch or more humane trap, while others are intent on killing mice instead of going the catch and release route.

Read on to find guidance in working your way through this “mouse maze” of options so you can find the trap that works best for you!

I Need Good Mouse Traps That Work

Nothing can be more frustrating to a rodent-beleaguered human than to keep setting mouse traps only to catch no mice. Waiting for days and weeks on end with no results is certainly depressing.

And just catching a mouse tail or whisker now and then both “tortures” the mice and accomplishes nothing.

It’s worth investing more in mouse traps that actually work!

Everyone wants to save money, but if you need to pay a little bit more to get a mousetrap that actually works, that’s a worthwhile expenditure!

Home Depot

Home Depot seems to be more than a home improvement store. It’s often the number one local stash of rodent control supplies as well. But what are the best mouse traps available at Home Depot?

Here are a few of out “favorites:”

  • Tomcat are arguably among the best typically available at Home Depot. The Press N’ Set traps a cheap and easy to use. Tomcat Kill And Contain and Glue Traps also work great. To find out more details on Tomcat mouse traps, go here.
  • Victor at Home Depot are certainly a top of the line choice. Look for their Electronic Mouse Trap, Multi-Catch Live Mouse Trap, Quick Kill mechanical trap, and much more!
  • The Longray Large Mouse Bait Station is a prime pick for (you guessed it) large mice.
  • Havahart offers several different types and sizes of small animal live-catch cage traps, commonly stocked at Home Depot – and we’re sure you can find one that’s a perfect fit for your mice!

Mouse traps at Home Depot

Best to Use

The old-fashioned snap traps can still work, but they have a higher failure rate than many of the more modern innovations. The best mouse trap for you to use is the one that catches the most mice the fastest with the least amount of effort on your part.

Using glue traps for mice can be quite effective, but they are basically a one-time-use instrument of death. And they are probably the most painfully cruel of all trap options.

The best humane trap to use will have the following three characteristics:

  • It will kill mice quickly and painlessly, whether by electric shock or sudden mechanical pressure at just the “right” location. Or, it will catch mice and not kill them at all.
  • If it kills, it won’t splatter blood, guts, and germs all over; if it holds mice, it will allow them plenty of air to breathe and some poison-less bait to nibble on while awaiting transport.
  • It will make disposal of the body or release of the live mouse simple and easy, without requiring you to actually touch the mouse.

To find out the best humane mouse trap, go here.

For Home

In the home, especially one with kids and pets, you not only need a mousetrap that works but one that’s safe.

Electronic Victor Mouse TrapMouse bait stations are one of the best mouse trap types for the home because the bait, while poison, is deep inside the trap where only mice can get to it. And a key can be used to lock the trap shut or unlock it to remove any dead mice.

But electric-shock black box mouse traps are also safe. You might think that an electric trap wouldn’t be very safe, but this one runs off a small battery that delivers just enough power to zap mice dead on the spot. And all of this zapping is restricted to a small area fully enclosed inside the little black box (Victor is a good brand for this type of trap – see more on that below.)

What Kind of Snap-trap Injuries are Possible?
Old fashioned snap traps still certainly have their place, but if one goes off on you while you set it or on your child or pet who play with it (or on your toe if you hit it barefoot in the dark), an injury will occur. Heavy bruising is almost certain. Bleeding and bone dislocation or fracture is possible. Other trap types are generally safer, especially if traps are to be set in areas people/pets will frequent.

Live-catch traps can also be good for home use. And there are numerous varieties of these to choose from. But the old fashioned snap-trap and sticky glue traps are actually among the least safe to use in homes with kids and pets.

For Small Mice

The size of your trap really needs to match the size of your rodent. That’s why rat traps are so much bigger and heavier duty than mouse traps. And that’s why traps for mice vary in size too.

Most traps target “medium-sized mice.” As mentioned above, Longray Large Mouse Bait Stations target larger-sized mice.

Any smaller trap will do better with smaller mice, but here are two prime resources for mini-mice:

  1. Havahart’s Xsmall live catch cage trap.
  2. d-CON no-touch, no-see mouse trap.

d-CON trap for small mice and Cage trap

We have seen that there are a great variety of mouse trap types and brands on the market today and that not everyone will prefer the same trap.

There are different traps for different people (and mice). But you do well to explore the full panorama of options before you pay up for your mousetrap of choice. Why waste money on the wrong trap because you didn’t do your homework?

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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