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Eliminating mice from your house can be a costly affair. The process is characterized by frequent visits to your local pest stores to shop for traps and poisonous baits. It becomes frustrating when, after spending your money, the traps fail to adequately eliminate the mice. If you’re undergoing these difficulties, then worry no more! This article provides well-researched tips on various methods that you can use at home to get rid of mice. It will give elaborate details of how to apply homemade solutions without fail as well as the safety measures you should take when using the techniques!

Home Remedies for Catching Mice

There are several tested and proven home remedies to keep mice away and save you the discomfort and humiliation associated with mice infestation. These techniques offer a relatively cost-effective way of restoring the mice-free status of your house. You are probably wondering about the benefits that you’ll obtain by using these DIY techniques.

There are numerous advantages which include:

  • They’re cost-effective. All that you need is a product that will either keep away the mice or kill them altogether. Right? When choosing the ideal product, you should consider the cost implication of every choice you make. The use of home remedies to resolve the mice menace is unbeatable when it comes to cost-effectiveness.
  • They’re safe. You wouldn’t want to get involved with a product that potentially threatens the lives of your children and pets, right? Most of the materials used in preparing home remedies to get rid of mice are non-poisonous to human beings and pets.
  • Easy to Prepare. The materials required in the preparation of the homemade remedies for mice elimination are readily available. They can be obtained from the market and other retail outlets with much ease and at relatively affordable prices. Once you’ve purchased these materials, it takes only a few minutes to prepare and set the baits!

The techniques have different working principles; some will act by repelling the mice away from your house while others will catch and kill the rodents. The method you choose depends on the desired results. The diversity caters to all individuals suffering from the menace regardless of their beliefs; if you dislike seeing mice (dead or alive), you’ll work with the method that repels them. The different methods of applying the techniques are discussed below.

There are various traps that you can make at home to catch mice. They can either be designed to kill or to catch the mouse alive.

These traps include:

  • Bucket and Spoons. You will require one bucket, a spoon, and peanut butter. Scoop the peanut butter using the handle and craftily balance it on a counter with the bucket beneath. The mouse will greedily crawl to get the butter which will offset the balance of the spoon. As a result, the spoon and the rat fall into the bucket where you remove it alive! You can also substitute the spoon with a cardboard tube.
    Catching mice with bucket and spoon
  • Glass and Coin Trap. This is one of the simplest traps to make at home. You’ll just require an attractive bait (peanut butter preferred), glass, and a silver coin. Put the peanut butter in the glass and prop up the glass using the coin. The mouse will try to snatch the bait triggering the glass to fall and trap it inside!
    Method with glass and coin
  • Milk Bottle Traps. You can make a trap using the available milk bottles. All that’s required is to smear oil around the bottle to make it slippery then attach it on rails and a bucket underneath. Place bait inside the bottle and leave it the whole night. When the mouse climbs up to get the peanut butter, it slides and falls into the bucket. The slippery walls prevent it from rising up the bucket.
    Bucket trap with milk bottle

These home traps require keenness when setting them up to ensure that you achieve optimum results. Any errors will make the mouse escape and realize that you’ve set a trap for it. As a result, it will be more cautious making it difficult to curb the menace.

Remedies to Kill Mice

If you’re tired of mice problems recurring, you can try and kill them! There are several homemade methods used in killing rodents.

Infographic: Homemade methods to kill mice

They include:

  • Cow Dung. This product is highly poisonous to rodents. When ingested, it inflames their stomach which triggers vomiting and eventual death.
  • Baby Powder. You can sprinkle baby powder around the mice-infested regions. The powder will intoxicate the rodents and kill them. This technique is, however, not reliable and should be used in combination with other methods.
  • Pepper. You’re required to sprinkle the pepper powder near the regions infested by the stubborn mice. When they breathe the contaminated air or ingest the product, their lungs inflate leading to breathing difficulties and eventual death.
  • Human hair. Mice have a phobia of human hair. They try hard to avoid contact with it which leads to their repulsion. If they swallow the hair accidentally, the rodents will die!

More information on how to kill mice you can find out in this article.

Best Home Remedies to Mouse-Proof Your House

Here are several tips to mouse-proof your house:

  1. Starve the Rodents! The primary reason why the mice invade your house is due to food and water accessibility. If the motivation diminishes, they will find an alternative away from your house. Ensure that all the food debris, organic matter, and other food remains are removed from your house.
  2. Seal all the entry points. This step is crucial in ensuring that you achieve your dream of a mice-free house. You should identify their entry points and block them entirely. Mice can enter the house through small openings on the walls, windows, and doors. As such, you should block all the crevices regardless of how small you think they are (You should seal any opening larger than 1/4 inch)!
  3. Avoid Standing Water. Just like all the other animals, it’s impossible for mice to survive for long without water. If you deny the precious commodity, they’ll find their way out of your house in search of better watering points. You should strive to repair all the leaking pipes in your house as quickly as possible. Also, ensure that you unclog your sink to prevent stagnating water which would act as a watering hole for the mice.
  4. Remove all debris. Old newspapers and abandoned pieces of cloth provide the best materials for the mice to construct their nests. Removing these materials from your house is a must-do if you wish to eliminate the mice completely.

More information on how to keep mice out of your house you can read here.

The Best Remedies to Repel Mice

Do you feel like you’ve eliminated all the mice from your house successfully? While you may have outsmarted the mice in your extermination effort, it’s not guaranteed that the stubborn rodents won’t re-infest your house! You, therefore, need to devise creative methods to bar them from coming into your house permanently. Follow this link to read more about various poison-free elimination methods.

The following tactics are ideal for repelling the mice:

  • Peppermint Oil. Mice loathe the smell produced by this liquid oil. If you place them in strategic places within your house, the rodents will not dare come back! Its application is relatively simple since it involves placing approximately 20 drops of oil on cotton balls. Allow the balls to soak in the oil and then place them on all the corners and other mice-entry areas. When you realize that the smell is fading away, you should replace them immediately. Read more here.
    Using peppermint oil for mice
  • Cloves. Clove oilThis method offers two different methods of application; either use whole cloves or apply clove oil. If you choose to use the whole clove, you’ll just require to place them in specific locations inside your house. Alternatively, you can soak several cotton balls in the liquid clove oil and place them on all the house’s corners. The cloves produce an unattractive smell that keeps the mice away while maintaining a comfortable environment for your family.

    Note Better
    Mice dislike the strong smell generated from the majority of essential oils making them ideal for repelling rodents. Other essential oils applicable include eucalyptus oil and citronella oil. The strong smell, however, fades with time and you’ll be required to frequently replace the cotton balls to achieve optimum results.
  • Dryer Sheets. Dryer Sheets in boxMice detest the smell of this product. You’ll be required to place them in the regions frequented by the rodents including pantry, kitchen cabinets, and cupboards. Replace them immediately they lose their fragrance. You can learn more about dryer sheets in this article.
  • Snake Poo. You should consider visiting any pet store or a zoo to get snake poo after which you should place it in mice-prone regions of your house. You should always keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Kitty Litter. Placing cat litter in regions where they live scare them away making them stay away from your house.

What Household Products I Can Use

Baking soda, aluminium folio and onionThey include:

  • Rotten Onions. The onions are toxic and their fragrance is unfriendly to the mice. As such, they’ll find an alternative place to invade so as to protect themselves from the unattractive smell.
  • Baking Soda. This is one of the safest methods to repel mice at home. They pose no harm to pets while maintaining top-notch efficacy against the mice.
  • Aluminum foil. This is particularly useful when you’re planning to starve the rodents. Always ensure that you cover everything where the rodents visit frequently as well as seal cracks.

Boric Acid

Sprinkling boric acidThe use of the best mouse poison is one of the surest methods to kill mice. However, it’s critical to note that not all the poison are effective against these rodents. Is the use of boric acid productive?

Boric acid is not effective against mice!

This supposed mice poison has extremely low efficacy against mice even in high concentration. The poison is in powder form and is effective against some insects as opposed to mice. You should exercise extreme care when using this poison in the presence of children and pets.

Using Household Products

Killing mice using homemade poison is a simple exercise that is completed within a short period.

The primary tips that you should follow to guarantee success include:

  • Top-Notch Preparation. When preparing the products, ensure that you use the best products whose poisonous element is still potent. Do not compromise on the quality; use the correct ratios to avoid weak products that won’t kill the rodents.
  • Identify their nests. Ensure that you use the product in the region where they commonly live. This exercise will significantly increase the efficiency of the entire process as a high number of rodents will access the poison.
  • Always replace the poison after some time. If the mice haven’t consumed the poison after some time, you’ll need to place a fresh one in its place. Also, the fumes lose potency with time which significantly reduces the poison’s potency.

While the mice in your house have caused you much distress, it’s advisable to research the ideal methods to get rid of them. One of the primary considerations that you should make is the elimination cost. You should strive to get an efficient yet cost-friendly method. This article has outlined various cost-effective home remedies to get rid of mice in your house. Carefully read through the article to acquire crucial tips that will help in eliminating the rodents and save you money!

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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