Is A Mouse In Your Bedroom Costing You Precious Sleep at Night?

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Has your sanctuary been infiltrated by a disgusting, disease-carrying enemy? Have you recently been awakened from a deep and cozy slumber to the horrifying sounds of chewing, squeaking, and scratching in your bedroom? Finding mouse droppings – or even worse, a mouse! – in your bed can be traumatizing, but fortunately there are several solutions you can use to eradicate this nuisance from your sleeping quarters. If you’re losing sleep because you’re convinced that if you close your eyes, you’ll feel the tell-tale sensation of grubby little feet and nasty little whiskers running across your face, keep reading to learn all about what to do if this waking nightmare ever happens to you.

I Have a Mouse in My Bedroom: What Can I do?

If you find a mouse in your bedroom, your first move should be to plot its demise!

You need to do everything in your power to get rid of this mouse before it becomes an infestation. Two mice can quickly turn into dozens of mice if left unchecked, so you need to take every precaution to protect yourself and your family. To learn how to scare mice away, click here.

If you find a mouse in your bedroom, follow these steps to eliminate it immediately:

  1. Find out where the mouse is getting in and seal the gaps. Since they have angled collarbones and flexible ribs, mice don’t require much space to sneak into your home – just 1/4 of inch space is more than enough for them to get in. For more information on how mice get into house, click here.
    Mouse in gap
  2. Make your bedroom inhospitable to mice. Mice typically to avoid people at all costs, so for them to venture into your bedroom, it means that they found something that was more alluring than staying away. If you normally eat in bed, stop – the crumbs will attract unwanted mice.
  3. Destroy any mouse nests in your bedroom. Do so carefully with heavy duty gloves to avoid coming in contact with infectious, waste-borne diseases. By destroying their nests, you’ll make it less likely that they’ll return.
  4. Set out traps to capture the remaining mice that are lingering in your bedroom. You have choices on several different types of traps that you can use. If you want something final, consider snap traps or glue traps. Click here for information on a more humane way to get rid of mice.

What If I Found Mouse Droppings in My Bed?

Finding mouse droppings in your bed is one of the most alarming things you could ever encounter in your own home.Mice feces It means that a mouse has determined that the place you lay your head at night to sleep is nothing more than a toilet to this repulsive rodent.

If you find mouse feces in your bed, resist the urge to grab a bucket of gasoline and a match. As tempting as it is to take your linens outside and burn them, that would be overkill.

Here’s how to identify the droppings to verify that they came from a mouse:

  • Size: A mouse dropping is 1/4 inch in length.
  • Color: Mouse droppings are typically black.
  • Shape: Mouse droppings are sausage-shaped.
  • Quantity: A single mouse can drop 40-100 pieces of poop daily.

Rodent Droppings

Rodent Droppings

To learn more about the various differences between rats vs mice, other than their droppings, click here.

Unfortunately, if you find mouse droppings in your bed, then you need to completely sanitize your bedroom to make it safe to ever go back in there.

Mice droppings and urine carry an extremely rare but deadly disease called hantavirus.

Symptoms of this virus show up within 1-8 weeks after exposure and include:

  • Fever,
  • Chills,
  • Muscle Aches (in large muscle groups like thighs, hips, back, and shoulders),
  • Headaches,
  • Stomach Pain,
  • Sensation of Suffocation (as lungs fill with fluid),
  • Shortness of Breath.
Scary Fact
There is no known cure for hantavirus, which makes avoiding exposure to it especially essential. Hantavirus does not discriminate or target just the elderly or infirm – everyone is equally at risk, and 38% of people who contract it will die.

So now that you’re properly terrified after finding droppings, what can you actually do to keep yourself and your family safe?

Never touch a mouse with your bare hands. Even dead mice can be vectors for deadly diseases. Always use heavy-duty, puncture-proof gloves when handling and disposing of mice.

Dead mouse

  1. Immediately open your windows and doors. You’ll need to ventilate the room to get rid of any lingering disease-carrying particulates that may be suspended in the air.
  2. Respirator and glovesPut on an P-100/OSHA-Certified respirator and heavy-duty rubber gloves. You cannot risk breathing or touching any mouse residue.
  3. Gather up your belongings to be cleaned. All clothes and linens will need to be washed in hot water and soap.
  4. Create a solution of bleach and water (1.5 cups of bleach and spray down all surfaces with it. Let it soak in for a minimum of five to ten minutes.Bleach and water
  5. Do not sweep or vacuum. It can cause particulates to become airborne and increase your risk of inhaling them.
  6. Thoroughly clean every surface with disposable towels. If possible, take items outside to be cleaned. Ultraviolet light (from the sun) kills hantavirus.
  7. When you are done cleaning, dispose of cleaning materials into puncture-proof bags and set them out for disposal. Disinfect your gloves before removing them to prevent making yourself fall ill.
  8. Thoroughly clean yourself up afterward, using soap and hot water. Throw your clothes in the wash and put on fresh clothes after your shower.

If you carefully follow each of these steps, your bedroom should become habitable once again.

Do Mice Crawl on Sleeping People?

If you ever plan on sleeping ever again, do not read the following sentence: yes, mice will absolutely crawl on sleeping people.

If you have found evidence of mice in your bedroom, it’s a very good likelihood that a mouse has already run across you while you were sleeping. And, if it’s happened once, it can very well happen again.

Fortunately, mice aren’t likely to linger if they’re running across your bed. They’re most likely trying to get from Point A to Point B, and across the bed is the quickest route.

Rats are more likely to try to bite you as you sleep, so even if a mouse did dart across you, you’re at low risk of getting nipped. To learn more about do mice bite and your risk of getting bitten by one, click here.

If you’re looking for an easy way to avoid mice in your bed, consider this foolproof solution:

Mice are petrified of cats and will avoid them at costs. Just the smell of a cat is a strong deterrent to a mouse. For more information on the best cats for catching mice, click here.

Cats in bed

If you found a mouse in your bed, it’s entirely human to feel a shudder of revulsion creep down your back. As humans, we’re born with an innate aversion to things that can be harmful to us. Sure, they’re tiny, but they pack a lot of disease into their mangy little bodies.

Here are some of the diseases that mice can carry:

  • Hantavirus: Spread by deer mice, you catch this virus from breathing in rodent urine or droppings.
  • Leptospirosis: You catch this one by coming in contact with the urine from an infected mouse.
  • Rat Bite Fever: Not just limited to rats, this mouse-borne disease is frighteningly easy to catch by bite or scratch from an infected rodent.
  • Salmonellosis: This disease is transmitted by water contaminated from mouse urine and droppings.
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM): Carried by the house mouse, you catch it by coming in contact with their droppings or urine.
  • Bubonic Plague: This nasty disease comes from the fleas that are on mice.

Leptospira info

Can Mice Climb into My Bed?

Mice are excellent jumpers. With a good head start, they can bound onto your bed and scurry the rest of the distance up. Your bed, therefore, is no challenge to a mouse.

Mice can leap one foot straight up into the air.

If you’re looking for more information on whether or not can mice climb, click here.

If a mouse can ascend a brick wall, what’s going to stop it from scrambling into your bed?

Can Mice Carry Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are tiny, red, blood-sucking insects.

Not only found in your bed, you can also encounter them in your:

  • Electrical boxes,
  • Baseboards,
  • Carpeting,
  • Couches and chairs,
  • Behind picture frames,
  • In curtains.

While they do occasionally feed upon mice, they typically fall off once they’re done eating (typically within five minutes). To learn about if fleas fall off mice after feeding or do mice carry fleas long term, click here.

Bed bugs are more likely to come in on:

  • Luggage (from hotels),
  • Backpacks,
  • Thrift-Store Purchases,
  • Secondhand Furniture,
  • Used Mattresses.

Bed bugs

Click here for more information about bed bugs.

What Can You Do if You Have Mice Living in Your Couch?

Not everyone is in the financial position to get brand new furniture if they have a mouse infestation in it, but it’s understandable if you want to throw your couch away if you do find a mouse in it!

The signs of mouse infestation in your couch include:

  • Finding a nest inside it.
  • Chew marks on the cushions and upholstery.
  • Sounds of scratching and chewing.
  • Squeaks coming from within the couch.
  • Actually seeing a mouse peering out at you.

Vacuuming your couchIf you’re not willing or able to part with your couch, you will have to call a professional to clean it and sanitize it. Many professionals will come directly to your home to help ensure proper cleansing of your furniture.

Please do not ignore this problem simply because you’re worried about the expense; while couch upholstery cleaning is fairly affordable compared to buying a brand new couch, there is no price tag that can be put on the health and safety of your family.

Neglecting this issue makes the risk of catching a disease and endangering your household too high.

Are Mice Scared of People?

Mice are naturally cautious around all potential predators.

Some of the more common predators of mice include:

  • Birds of prey (owls and hawks, for example),
  • Cats,
  • Dogs,
  • Skunks,
  • Snakes.

If you asked a mouse, humans would be firmly on that list!

While some cultures do actually consider mice a delicacy, most people certainly would be repulsed at the thought of eating one of them. However, since we do use traps to capture mice, that makes us a sworn enemy to these vile rodents. Their fear of us evenly matches our distaste for them.

Ways to Keep Mice Away from Your Bed

Getting a good night’s sleep is of the utmost importance, and you won’t rest until you know that you and your family are safe from mice.

You may not want to use snap traps or poison (you can find the best mouse poison here) where you or your kids sleep, so consider using natural alternatives to repel mice.

Mice hate strong, astringent odors. Keep these items near your bed and the mice are sure to stay away!

Infographic: Natural Mice Repellents

Finding a mouse in your bedroom can be devastating. You may feel violated, disgusted, and unsafe in your own home.

By reclaiming control of your domicile, you can regain that sense of security that was lost when you first found evidence of a rodent in your sleeping quarters. Taking precautions to keep them from getting into your room and thoroughly cleaning the room once they’re gone, you can terminate them for good and prevent them from ever coming back.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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  1. Dryer sheets have not worked. Pest control put down glue traps. Have not worked. I have bougt other kind (box) Have not worked.

    My apartment is clean. They came thru the heater so can not block.

  2. Help my house is cluttered a bit ,,,no amount of cleaning has ever helped me,,,, i have lived here for over 40 years It has always been very clean, now it is slightly cluttered but 3 yrs ago i purchased 2 brand new mattress sets then the problem started to get worse i went from 1 mouse to many of them i find them in my couch,,,,under beds on box springs & on bed sheets,,, in closets everyplace no food left out ever , even in my bird cage,,nothing helps ,, have ultra sonic devices in outlets put out peppermint oil ,,, cleaned from top to bottom,,,cannot find nest chew marks every place dog food stored in tins everything else not chewed not in cabinets,,,have no cats,,,, just a dog & a bird clean & vaccum yet they still are here,,,, have out glue traps, snap traps & bait boxes all rooms ,,, now what???

  3. Well I think it’s time for a exterminator, i got one in my room right this very minute just sitting at the end of my bed just chillen and he watches me while I watch TV in my living room, when we try to kill him or her it gets away and come right back,

    • I hate mice and im si scared i need advice sooooo bbbbbbaaaaaadddd

  4. Ok, I hate mice and rats, they give me the scares, like ive already caught two this month and i think there another two. I hate Thinking while im sleeping that ill die of an infection or be bitten or something. Is there anything cheap that mice hate that i can place around my bed that can get rid of mice easily?

  5. I hate mices I rates I could ni ever live in house or flat I rather sleep on street I would

  6. A mouse came on my bed and scared me. I woke when it touched my nose. I told the landlord and he said he called an exterminator or would get traps for me. I won’t handle mouse traps that snap. Nothing was done for a week when I gave up and started researching traps. I found a Victor Smart-Kill™ Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap. I set it up with peanut butter as bait and within 3 days had electrocuted 10 mice. I cringe to remember that I have coffee cups that have a lid. I had neglected to slide the lid closed and had gone outside for a moment. I came back and took a sip of my coffee and something touched my mouth. I took off the lid and found a drowned mouse. I almost threw up. Home Depot sells this trap and many others but I’m sure there are other companies that have them too.

  7. Yes, other places to find electronic mouse traps. Amazon is also one.

  8. To make the other comment shorter, I almost always see and feel them on my face, head, bed, or blankets and they’re so loud in the middle of the night. And I can’t sleep on the couch because it’s infested. Also they devour all of my dog’s food (It’s about 35 oz of food in her bowl) in about 3 hours or so. Truly disgusting

  9. If you keep a certain type of poison in your home that dehydrates mice, make sure to keep ALL SAFE TO DRINK LIQUIDS away from them. If mice have access to it, the poison won’t be as effective.

  10. It’s almost Winter and they’re coming back. I don’t just hear light gnawing and stuff like that, they literally tip things over and screech terrifyingly loud. I see them on my (low) bed and on my body and once I even found them eating something on my head while I was trying to sleep. I hope the answer to this is no or “very rare,” but can they crawl into my mouth and possibly stay there?

    • Will a mouse crawl in your mouth and stay there? 50% chance.

  11. Mice and rats are nocturnal. They usually scavenge at night. Unless you have dozens of them. The babies can have babies at 5 weeks of age! They have litters of 7 to 14 babies You definitely have to pick up/ put away the dog food and water every night when you go to bed. They can’t survive without water. Rats can jump 3 feet high and 4 feet horizontally! Twist or knot your trash bag closed every night even if it has a lid or is in a cupboard

  12. I think I might have that hantavirus thing they were talking about, but I’m unsure

  13. What symptoms are you getting?

  14. I was bitten on the finger in middle of the night and have caught 40 in the kitchen with glue traps

  15. Oh my god. There is a mouse under my bed right now. It’s 2:47 am and I cannot sleep. The mouse is making noise like it’s scratching something. I managed to place a glue trap near the door of my bedroom. I cannot sleep because it tried to climb my bed and as it did I made some noise to drive it off. What do I do?! My eyes are hurting and I want to go to sleep but at the same time, this article said to not go to sleep. I also had some trouble breathing and had to take deep breaths. I honestly don’t think it’s the hentai disease but still this mouse is driving me crazy. Please someone help!

  16. Have been waiting for a few hours for the mouse to get stuck on the trap. No success at the moment. Should I just turn off the lights and go to sleep covering myself with my blanket hoping for the best? I think I just might do that. Good night folks.

    • what did you do in the end?

  17. I have mice getting in my bed at night. I think they are coming through the air conditioner in the window. I put a trash bag over air conditionet outside and taped it up, but they still keep getting in. I had mouse traps everywhere in my room but I cant catch them. I even put the zip up covers over my matress and box springs but they keep getting in my bed. I hear them come in at night but cant see how they are getting in. I am at my wits end I cant sleep at night, I even had Corkeys Pest control come and they set up traps but I cant catch them.We have a big dog but he gets frustrated he knows there are mice in the house he just wants to go outside and sleep.I dont know what else to do.Someone please help me. I even got one of those things you plug in and they are suppose to scare mice away but that did not work either. I have peppermint diffuser going all the time but that does not work either.

    • That doesn’t sound good, but you did get through it. This made me feel better about my situation because I thought I just saw a creature run into my closet, at least it’s not under my bed. Could’ve just been my imagination too, but I’m still thinking of taking an all nighter.

    • Yeh I didn’t say my name cause I just didn’t but I hear mice everywhere in our house , ive had to wake up mum and dad 2 times this week cause I saw a mouse or heard a really loud one in my bedroom, I can never get to sleep but last night I heard about two or three really loud Mice in my room but I was so sick of it I cried and went to sleep, that night I woke up at 3 in the morning that same night and heard a few there is a mouse trap with bate in my room but hasn’t gone off yet. When I ever hear or see a mouse in my room I don’t know what to do so I shine the torch at it and try and scare it but that hasn’t stopped the noise yet… thanks for reading

  18. I put pepper mint oil on a tissue and stuffed it inside a mouse hole in my room , they was basically scrunched up tiny balls and this little furball pushed them all out after three days. Looks like its time for me to be the annoying neighbour and spam peppermint oil balls in his home.

  19. Dear Lord I’m in a non-stop giggle episode after reading all the comments. I saw a mouse tonight in my daughter’s room. So what did I do? Stayed up all night making sure it didn’t get on either of them in their sleep. I’m getting a cat today. Happy Sunday everyone!

  20. I heard a little rustling noise coming from my trash bin and thought nothing of it. It carried on so I decided to look inside. A little grey mouse jumped out at me and ran under my bed. I set up a trap for the mouse and im going to sleep. Wish me luck

  21. Bleach is the best, I mix it with water and spray it on the corners of the walls and on the ground in the corners. I just leave it there and let it dry. I spray it under my bed on the wooden floor and go out and let it dry. Bleach is more stronger than peppermint oil and kills any of the scent they try to leave which attracts others. Mice and rats don’t like getting bleach on their feet because it makes them ill and burns their skin, so they keep way. This is the best way to get a good night’s sleep. If you do it every 3 to 2 days, they learn to keep way from the areas and eventually stay away for good.

    • Why don’t you place steel wool in that mouse hole and then reinforce with foam afterwards?

    • Is bleach spray reli works will try that tonight but will it be good for a child if it there in bed

  22. I have metal bed legs will the mouse crawl on it and get to me? I have had multiple mice in and out of my rooms for years and have not had a problem of them crawling in my bed. I am a hypochondriac with a fear of animals, if a mouse crawls into my bed i could literally have a heart attack. I think the mouse has a nest in my old drawer, it is wooden and in front of my bed but not connected to it.

  23. im absolutely terrified and convinced there is a mouse in my room but its 4am and no one is awake so I have to sleep. wish me luck

  24. I saw a mouse leave some interesting gifts in my leftover food that I didn’t finished last night. Now whilst I am doing my homework I saw a mouse on my night stand haveing the time of its life by running and I have left my bedroom. I had a feeling there was mouses. Preying that I don’t get any diseases wish you all luck whom ever is reading this going to make a stop at my Wallmart later on. Sweet dream if possible!!

  25. My house has always been a magnet for mice it was always clean & spotless yet we still had mice, i have a pet bird they are bothering him at night, i have tried everything nothing is working they are in my drop ceilings they are in every room ,, drop ceilings & mice pest control does no good they think i am nuts what do i do to protect my bird & myself, i have glue traps, snap traps & poison bait out, i can not get a cat, i have a dog

  26. Its 5 AM and I keep hearing mice or rats in my apartment walls. I’m really tired but I have a huge fear of them climbing up to me, I have work and I can’t sleep. I’m very sure I saw it moving around my room. I’m putting covers over my head hoping it makes them think I’m not a predator to bite me? I dont know. Wish me luck

  27. Came up after a weekend away to activity. Thought it was a stowaway in laundry. Set a bunch of traps and didn’t sleep in the bedroom for a day and caught one which led me to think that was that . Until 2 nights later ( tonight ) I am woken up to the sound of a snap . FML I just want to have a non paranoid sleep

  28. Last night a mouse came into my room! Just a little guy, but a big problem to my boyfriend and I. I was staring at the vent on my floor because unfamiliar noises kept creeping from within. I look closer and would you believe it, a MOUSE COMES CRAWLING OUT. EEEEEEK!!! oh God it was a nightmare. 4 am, work in a few hours, tiny mouse hiding. We eventually scared it and I watched it run out from under my bedroom door.. safe for now, but not for long.

  29. I just can’t believe you people living in the States in such horrible conditions. Move to Canada or Mexico!

  30. Woke up yo a mouse in my bed I eat snacks in my bed will not be doing that again. Got four traps w/peanut butter and a Decon mouse bait peppermint oil all around my bed sleeping with the lights on tonight

    • move to Canada? Are you kidding? Toronto is a rodent infested trash bin.

  31. These mine Are bare annoying. I want to sleep but i can’t. One dirty creatures.

  32. I had been hearing scratching and scurrying for about 2 days and eventually saw a mouse in my hallway by the bathroom. I scared it away leaving the bathroom but when I went to my room to sleep I heard the noise again and I saw it run out of my room. Never felt it on my bed just running around the parameter of my room. I got glue traps and set them out and got him less than an hour later. 2 days passed no sightings of an additional mouse. Until last night I heard it in the corner of my room behind some boxes eating something (which I was confused about because I never eat in my room) once a gain I saw it leave and for some reason bypass the trap I had set for it. Thinking it was gone and I’d get good sleep now I closed my door and lined the bottom of my door with a bed sheet. Then I hear scratching again and it’s another one in my room !! Idk if it was the same one that came back or if I’m dealing with two. But I’m about to go crazy, I can’t breath normally and always feel myself almost about to have a panic attack when I see one. So I’ve decided that I can’t sleep in my room or the house at all. We have decon bait stations and glue traps out about 7 of them and still nothing! I’m terrified of mouse can someone tell me what to do to eliminate them now so I can get a good nights rest without fear of one getting on me or something else disgusting happening

  33. Wow, hardly impartial was it. Or fact based most of the time. Still, it was entertaining I suppose

  34. I.m started 7 months ago son and his girlfriend said it was a raccoon..for 7 months ..I don’t know how many days I went without sleep..No one listens when you have mental illness son his girlfriend my grandson LIVE here..I’m in attached garage ..awful ..any way my son was telling my mom nothing was here ..mental hospital .it’s been awful ..that I was like I’m looking it ..finally my payee my mom had last control come ..he walked through here 10 minutes set 18 bait stations …3 days later felt bite .jumped 2 recliner felt bite felt good to call pest control supervisor was coming next day .mom called them and all cancelled for 2 weeks ..well that it was bigger than mouse ..called mom she said call pest control tell them..well wed.they are to be here ..i have more bites..the worst part is mom said pest control said had a few mice no rats what I showed him wasn’t rats …so I’m waiting till in morning …them rats LIVE here…

  35. I was sleeping in my bed and heard a disgusting squeak coming from my closet. When I finally turned on my bed side lamp I saw it running behind a basket of my clothes!!! It’s now 8:00 am and i haven’t slept all night. I don’t know where it is and I’m out of traps. Lord please help me. I have zoom class in an hour and i don’t wanna stay in my room, but if i leave what if more mice come?? I’ve sprayed strong perfume all over my room but I doubt it’ll do anything. My room is a mess so I don’t know why I’m surprised, it’s just terrifying.

  36. I understand those of you who have nobody to believe you. I live with others who own this house & despite my observations, from parts of the house they hardly ever are & during the hours they’re almost never awake, pretty quickly get shot down. I don’t get if it’s personal pride or denial &/or general ignorance of facts; I only tell them bcuz it’s unsafe for all of us, not just me, and I doubt that the few mice caught in the basement by the water heater is ALL that’s come thru the house. I’ve tried to relay to them the MANY toxic facts about mice & how exposure to them can be dangerous to our health. I’ve tried to make point to remind them (even tho it s/b a ‘given’) that we’re living in a STUCCO rock house over 100 yrs. old., w/visible cracks up to 1/2 inch. wide that lead to basement & inner-wall access (I read on the house type; as rooms are simply placed within the home’s outer construct w/indefinite stud placement pattern, many houses from this time period were left w/open gaps from the attic to the rooms & basement. It’s left a lot of room for bugs and mice to easily travel and hide within). I’ve got 3-4 noise trap things; supposed to drive mice out w/its frequency. Doubt it’s done any good. And while my mental health hasn’t been any cause for this, it’s definitely worsened since I’ve lost so much sleep from the activity. Their loud ‘talking’ to each other in the night, high-pitched cries &/or squeaking is a nuisance, not to mention hearing any chewing/gnawing on drywall can be disturbing (I’ve even heard chewing underneath my bed, parallel below my head & pillow). I even suspected they were making their way from the boxspring to the pillow top somehow w/o making huge rips or tears, as ppl quickly looked & said they saw nowhere mice were coming thru. I hear pitter-patters & scampering sounds on the hardwood floors, as well as possible coming/going thru the vents & walls. I did my own thorough ‘testing’ before taking this to them in the 1st place; being on disability for depression & anxiety, I knew they’d deem me ‘mentally incompetent’ to determine this (frankly, I’d have preferred to think I was crazy about the mice, as it would mean they weren’t there). Traps were set; alas, no mice were caught. Mice must be pretty clever. But I swear there’s quite a bit of activity! And I’m cleaning up droppings so I know they must be coming thru from some hiding spot to go to another one. The ? is posed to me, ‘how come YOUR room has activity when we’re in the living room all day & don’t see any?’ In my answers, It s/b obvious to them but dually-noted that the room I stay in has (4)four full-size doors w/large gaps @ bottom. Also, two large sized heating & cooling vents easily & unfortunately make it the warmest room in the house from early fall’s start months ago (I’m always hot-but point is, I’m sure mice love it). One of the two main doors in there lead to the kitchen where all the food is (and the kitchen has two doors; one leads down to the unfinished dirty basement while the other goes to the back porch, which thru another door leads straight out to the wooden deck & wire fenced-in backyard outside). That other door from bedroom goes to small hallway to the only bathroom (shares big heating vent) & leads to master bedroom; there’s the largest grated vent in the house along the floor before it, however, that leads to the basement (also off this hallway is the dining room, which contains an even larger vent that directly leads to an ‘extra room’ in the basement). ehind us is inhabitable and unkempt (“the one house on the block that fits that description/doesn’t belong”)but a male hoarder does lives there. Recently discovered the poor guy does now have some physical impairments preventing him to really move much; however, it must be mentioned that we’ve had mentionable problems w/pests in our home/on property due to his property neglect & periodic abandonment of home (stays w/others at times for months on end while ignoring his property), I won’t get into detail. This is just feet from my closet window and bedroom in general though, being north and west facing. The 3rd door in the room which I stay is to a clothes-hanging closet; it has a small window that has a view out to the backyard and by itself is ok but that 4th door attached to the room is thru & from this closet; it is to an unkempt attic by a flight of stairs (recently learned of bat activity up there which adds a whole new set of “EWWW” to my life, currently). Supposedly, the people here got some co. to patch up where there were mice coming & going for who knows how long in the stucco near bottom foundation to the basement. Well that’s great, but what about the ones that are still here, who before made it inside but now can’t get out since it’s patched up? I’ve basically been told to keep quiet now since they think the problem’s been taken care of. I try my best to manage my mental state but it’s just not getting a lot better. I am looking for an apt. to move into solo; that’s the only solid solution I can come up with here! Seems so much is stacked against me, and I guess if they’ll find out it’ll have to be some other way than me convincing them. I’ve been saving money so send good vibes/pray/wish me luck, everyone! On to hopes of a life w/o mice…

  37. wow , everyone is hearing these little messy things at night ugh! tell me about it it’s almost 2 in the morning and i seen one just creeping around the corner under my bed , told my brother to look an boom it’s gone. y’all i’m so tired !! i woke my baby up ,, we currently sleeping in the living room paranoid! it’s not even 1 mice / mouse / rat whatever It’s TWO of them !! walmart we go tomorrow ! i’ve just clean my room today and it came from the room across me ugh.

  38. I’ve seriously considered sleeping in my car bc I am SO abnormally scared of mice & rats. We had one mouse recently that ran across our kitchen floor during the daytime with us sitting at kitchen table, lights on too. I made myself physically ill bc I was too scared to sleep. My husband thinks I’m insane, really. He’s not afraid of anything, truth. The trap caught it the next day. I’ve cleaned mouse poop up, disgusting, and pee. Now there is a HORRIBLE smell in our home. Like a dead animal or my husband says it smells like sewage. Either way I’ve cleaned and cleaned & trying to find the origin but no luck. I’m at a loss what to do. My husband said he only smells it off and on and I smell it 85% of the time, ugh!!!! I pray that there are no more rodents but since we can’t find where they came in not very comforting. Final, my husband said he wasn’t going to tell me but he decided he should, he saw a huge rat running around outside and it was the biggest one he’s ever seen, OMG! I will be living in my car if that gets in our house. Praying for you all and myself, SO SCARY!

    • how did you deal with this issue? did you stay safe from health problems that could be caused by this?

  39. i saw a mouse trying to go into the restroom but saw me and ran out i had seen it go to my closet what should i do

  40. Well I should say you should all be so lucky to only have mice because I have graduated up to rats now. They drove the mice out and I surely would trade back in a heart beat. Rats are smart and I have learned more about them than I have ever cared to in my life. Now here is the icing on the cake, I have split households and have now managed to have all three sharing this issue that I seem to be the only one who cares to acknowledge. My children staying at their father’s noticed it first when my daughter told me about this thing scratching at her door and screaming in the middle of the night scaring the living hell out of her. I played both mouth squeals and rat squeals for her and her stepsister (who shares the room) without saying which was which and they definitely picked the rat. Next on was my boyfriend’s house where I stay and boy did we ever notice a problem. It started sounding like star wars creatures running through the drop ceiling. They ate through everything. We killed 4 with poison 1 of those being in an inaccessible wall to which the smell was ungodly for a good couple of months. Apparently my other half thinks that was all vermin and he will not even hear me utter the word rat again or he’ll have me committed. I cried to my mother my woes and while fighting with dear significant other over said issue, I thought it best to go stay with her for a bit. Well lo and behold the shit I through together had a stowaway that went somewhere burrowing in my car. As I’m out searching for that with every car door open in my mom’s driveway she tells me about the noises she had recently noticed. I thought to myself, you have got to be freaking kidding me. Nope she was not. We watched clothes in the laundry basket moving, I hear the unspeakable noises at night, and finding peanuts in the living room (where no one even goes let alone eats in) in front of the fireplace. After spending damn near close to $1000 on pest control and not finding any droppings she has convinced herself that it’s just a haunting and that I’m absolutely batshit insane. Every single time I start to convince myself that maybe I am absolutely crazy I get a very firm punch in the face by reality telling me that I am not hallucinating. It’s rather rare to have auditory, visual, and sensory hallucinations all at once anyways. In any case I digress, at night my bed is crawling. My brand new bed at my boyfriends, every single bed at my mother’s, all of the furniture. My cat at mom’s is terrified and wants to leave and go outside. My mastiff gets annoyed but beyond that won’t do much. Most Animals won’t mess with a rat. Oh I could go on and on guys and I would love to attach pictures but I guess it doesn’t matter if any of you believe me because nobody else does either lol. I shouldn’t say that, my kids definitely know I haven’t totally lost it but it’s like why the hell would I lie about something like that? I would never openly admit I was living with rats and I don’t think anyone else would either. So there ya have it folks, be thankful it’s just mice.

  41. It’s only 10:17 but I chased a rat through my room, now it’s stuck behind some stuff, pretty sure there’s no way out. I put copious amounts of peppermint oil surrounding my bed(which has no frame so I’m a easy path to take for them) and stuffed dryer sheets in between my mattress and box spring. It smells like the grinch got drunk and vomited up all the candies he ate on Christmas Eve.

  42. It’s 11:47pm. Im awake listening to these assholes run around my room, right underneath the heater. I just heard something from the other room. I guess there’s more than two now…. Great, happy new year to me!
    As I sit here wondering why this is happening to me, I feel connected to you all through all of your stories.
    We found many droppings in my brothers stuffed animals. I’ve added many glue traps all over the house hoping to catch something but no luck.
    Tomorrow marks day 4 since my first time seeing one of these fuckers.I am so disgusted and sad this is happening to us.
    I pray you all got through this while keeping your sanity!

  43. My room is a hellhole, no joke it is cluttered from when i was a dumb little kid and it is a perfect enviroment for mice, whilst i have 4 cats and all have been downstairs eating and i heard rustling sounds, ive noticed i have had 2 soap bars in my room and they ended up having gnawing marks on them as soap is made from animal fat. and there is mice droppings all over the corners of my room and in drawers/containers. i have found a hole in the wall to and have patched it so i will be throwing ben, my best hunter cat in my room tonight to scare away the mouse/mice i am sick of these dumb little pests

    • I heard that expanded foam will melt in time and the mangy stinky heathens will chew right out in time. He said to take steel wool, epoxy and paint mush together like cow pies and gloop around pipe openings. Throw in some cheese and peanut butter and before they even get a chance to eat their food they’ll be just like a dog shittin’ razor blades

  44. Reading these stories makes me feel less alonely.

    I noticed droppings in my kitchen last week. I told myself it was just burned crumbs.

    Then one evening I went downstairs to get a drink and there was a mouse!! It ran supersonic fast into my living room. I chased after it with a shoe but it went behind my couch. I flipped the couch over but it wasn’t there. Maybe it went inside the couch??

    Peanut butter traps didn’t work. Then every time I went into my kitchen at night, I’d hear mice talking to each other about me. Sayinf what I was doing when I just wanted glass of water.

    Then I see poop trail go up my stairs. Follow it and it’s been under my kids bed!! Look under my bed it’s been there too!!! Maybe they r desperate for food since I threw everything away!! All my house has is frozen McNuggets and waffles.

    I’m waiting for my pest control appointment this week. In meantime I got these little fkers talking about me, coming in MY bedroom. I see those mice they are getting bashed with a shoe I’ve warned them they better pay attention to me

  45. Literally 3.30am and reading these stories makes me feel a bit okay.
    Toddler is sleeping as well as her dad (whom I might add thought I was crazy)
    I’ve been hearing crazy sounds. Even had a dream about rats.
    But at past 1am a mouse whilst I am awake crawls onto the bed etc. I lost my sanity immediately.
    I’ve placed glue traps earlier the afternoon around the house and nothing helps.
    Anyways, I see the mouse and it crawls towards me. I am AWAKE. HOW is this thing so comfortable? I shout like crazy and shake the blankets like crazy. It got stuck by LUCK on the glue trap placed just an hour before the incident next to my head on the floor as the sounds just got worse and worse (the rest of glue traps were done the afternoon, so placed an additional next to head) I cannot deal and now hearing sounds in the kitchen and outside on the porch.
    This thing also left urine drops as him and I were fighting lol.
    I refuse to sleep and after a 9 hour shift, full time mom, wife and cleaning and cooking for everyone. I am beyond exhausted but refuse to sleep. I refuse as I am soo scared that there’s more and will run over my kid. I’m beyond words and just crying while husband and daughter sleeps. I really just want to sleep but if I had slept. The mouse would have just crawled over us. I’m thinking that’s its soo comfortable so defs been doing this every night while we sleep.
    I just got out of being sick with an infection for an entire week and not being able to eat and dealing with my child that’s health is also up and down. A 12 hour shift husband and now this nonsense.
    We live right next door to my parents and theyve been having problems with mice. But it never came to us. Well, darn it.
    Just posting because someone out there might be going through the Same and reading all these comments made me feel a bit better that I am not the only one.
    Thank you.
    As I sit here with a battery that will die soon and been at it for hours doing research and sitting with a flash.
    So sad that I have to work nightshift as well.
    I feel like going to sleep in my car but I cannot leave my kid here. So will just sit up and pray and hope for best.
    Sending prayers and hugs to all suffering at the claws of rodents.

    Take care and Goodluck to all of us with these disgusting rodents.

  46. i have mice in my bedroom i don’t know what to do. i cleaned the whole room i’ve looked for entry points but can’t seem to find any but they continue to come in. i saw a mouse around 2 years ago so i bought a humane cage trap and set it up but it never came back. however i left the trap set up for the whole 2 years and recently about 2 weeks ago i got woken up to a snap of the cage, i had caught a mouse. that night i heard scratching so i decided to put peanut butter bait in the cage and caught a second one almost instantly. it’s now been 2 weeks and i’ve caught 12 mice in total. really annoying because i can’t seem to get rid of them or find where they are appearing from. i’m pretty sure they are field mice as i live across from a field. they are really tiny and gray in colour.

  47. Well now I can’t sleep. I haven’t heard the intruders tonight…yet. But they come every night. I don’t know if it’s one or 2. Or the size. I did read that they can’t stand bright lights so many nights I sleep with the overhead light on. It seems to work. I have the ultra sonic pest controls which worked for a few days. They haven’t fell for the peanut butter in the glue trap yet. I didn’t know the mice liked to climb in bed with humans, so I’ll be sleeping fitfully with lights on till I catch them all!!

  48. I’ve been dealing with house mice for the longest, I’m so sick of it and I’m starting to believe no matter how far you move there is always some type of rodent. I’ve always been scared of mice and I get this feeling they been on my new bed .. I just got it a few months ago . My mattress is already ripped on the side and the side that is ripped is near the wall which has scratches I didn’t see before I’m scared to turn off my light.. I’ve seen mice climbs tables,fridges,counters,cabinets,clothes,windows and I hate it !!

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