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Mice eradication is a sensitive exercise that requires persistence and consistency. Your inability to spot a mouse doesn’t always translate to a mouse-free home. As such, you should have a follow-up schedule to guide you through complete eradication of the pesky rodents. Mice have unique abilities that allow them to infest your house within a few weeks. They squeeze through small holes, hide in dark areas and only resurface at night when you’re asleep. They use these tricks to multiply quickly and wreak havoc at your home. Read on to get valuable methods to eliminate the rodents.

Mice Removal: How to Effectively Get Rid of Mice

You should consider the following for an effective mice removal process:

  1. The severity of the infestation. It’s paramount to consider the number of mice in your house before settling on a specific formula to eliminate them.

    Evidence of Mice in Your Home

    Evidence of Mice

    There are several vital signs that indicate numerous mice in your house including:

    • A large mass of mice droppings around attics, dark corners of your house and behind kitchen cabinets.
    • Traces of white stains on the floor left behind after the calcium-rich urine dries up, chewed PVC pipes and gnawed plywood on the wall.
    • Frequent noises at night as the rodents search for food.
  2. You should realize that mice are nocturnal and you can barely see them during the day. If you get a glance of several mice, then it’s factual that there are many more mice in the house. In such situations, you should combine several methods to maximize the chances of elimination. You may choose to combine poison baits with traps or any other natural methods. You may invite an exterminator if the situation is overwhelming.
    Traps and poison baits
  3. The location of the mice. The rodents infest various sections of the house at different times. They can infest the garage, walls, kitchen, attics, your car or any other part of your home. The area of infestation determines the method of mice removal that you should apply. You should choose a method that will not only eliminate the mice but also leave a habitable home thereafter.
    Mice location

It’s, for example, inappropriate to use poisonous baits on mice that live within the walls of your house since it will be hard to identify the location of the dead mouse which may lead to a stench. Also, some mice seek refuge behind the kitchen cabinets and hard-to-reach areas of the house making it difficult to use methods that don’t attract them to the trap.

The creatures are highly creative and may avoid even the best mouse repellents through hiding in their nests and resurface at night when such repellents lose potency! In such cases, always apply a trap with an attractive bait such as peanut butter to enhance the chances of attracting the mice out of their hideouts.

Ways to Remove Mice

There are numerous methods that you can use to eliminate mice from your house or apartment:

  • Use of traps. This is the most widely applied method due to its efficacy, affordability, and ease of application. There are different types of the traps such as glue traps for mice, catch-release traps and poisonous bait traps. You should ensure that you get a device that suits the design of your house, level of infestation as well as your beliefs. The motivation behind selecting a specific device should be to eliminate the stubborn rodents entirely without compromising your beliefs; if you like humane ways of elimination, then you should choose a humane trap, and if you fear mice, then you should select a device that allows you to dispose of the creatures without any form of contact.
  • Use of poisonous methods. The mouse poison pellets are highly toxic substances that kill the mice on ingestion. You need to be careful when applying the technique and ensure that the poison is out of reach for your children and pets. Some of the most commonly used poisons are instant potatoes and a combination of plaster of Paris and Cocoa butter.

    Crucial Tip
    The process of removing mice from an apartment is a bit complicated due to a large number of houses involved. As such, you should ensure coordination among the tenants to perform the removal processes concurrently. If there lack participation of all the parties involved, you’re likely to face re-infestation!
  • Use of repellents. These are items that produce a strong smell that mice hate making them move away from the house to other repellent-free areas. There are different types of mouse repellents that you can use in your house; you can either buy commercial repellents or use DIY methods to repel the mice. Some of the commonly used repellents include the mothballs, peppermint oil, sprays onions, and a used kitty litter.
    Mice repellents
  • Use of natural predators. Cat and owlThis is one of the most effective poison-free methods that guarantees complete removal of mice. The rodents have an outstanding ability to identify the presence of their predators from afar which makes them stay away from your house completely. Some of the predators that you should consider using include cats, dogs, owls, and snakes.

How Long Does It Take

The elimination time is dependent on the methods and consistency you apply in the entire process. You should never be in a hurry to celebrate since it’s likely that you still have mice in the house even after you’ve stopped seeing their signs! As such, you should have a several weeks schedule to ensure that you eliminate all the mice from your house and avoiding re-infestation.

You should not be restricted by the schedules, rather your target must always be to have zero mice in the house. The length of time required will vary depending on different factors including severity, the location of infestation and the methods you choose to apply. The average period recommended for a complete mice elimination is two weeks of consistent efforts. Within this period, you should ensure that you religiously change the traps, place new baits and remove the dead mice.

Getting Rid of a Lot of Mice

When you’re handling a heavy mice infestation, it’s paramount that you carefully choose the method to apply. In most cases, you’ll require combining several techniques to enhance the rate and efficacy of the removal process.

Identify the movement patterns before choosing your ideal elimination method!

Once you determine the severity of infestation, you should immediately devise the techniques to use. Most homeowners combine traps and repellents or natural predators and trapping devices. The choice that you make is dependent on factors including the location and their movement patterns.

What Is the Fastest Way?

Mice poisonWhile all the methods explained herein have a significant degree of efficacy, there are techniques that eliminate the mice faster than the others. If you are tired of the mice and you desperately want to get rid of them, then you should choose the method with a quick elimination ability.

The use of poison is a relatively faster method although most homeowners fear its use due to high risk of poisoning their children and pets. You should weigh the benefits and the limitations of using poison in your house and, if you’re convinced that you need a quick scheme regardless of the shortcomings, then you can use the poison.

Choosing the Right Control Method

Once you choose poisonous baits as your elimination method of choice, it’s important to have a method to help you identify your progress. Having a natural predator in your house is one of the surest technique to tell whether you still have the rodents in the house. A cat will stay in an alert position whenever it senses the presence of mice. It will be uneasy and has the tendency to dwell in the specific regions for long. If you notice these strange behaviors with your cat, you should be sure that you haven’t eliminated all the mice yet. As such, you should continue to set the poisonous baits to achieve complete elimination.

Also, you should look out for the following cat’s behaviors that tell you that you still have mice in the house:

  • Ears pointed forward. When the cat is alert and interested in something, it has the tendency to raise its ears.
  • Pacing and pouncing. When the predator portray hunting tendencies even when you can’t see what it’s fighting, you should continue setting the traps!
  • Purring. A cat’s purr indicates that they are anxious about something. In most cases, they’ll purr when they are interested in catching an intruder.
  • Cats are friendly pets that are teachable! You can teach the cat to alert you when there are intruders. If you’ve not trained it, then you should be careful when the cat displays the discussed signs.

Mouse and cat

Best Thing to Resolve the Problem

The golden rule to resolve the mice infestation problem is ensuring that you prevent their entry into your house. You can achieve this by thoroughly searching for their entry points and sealing them accordingly. Be keen to ensure that there are no holes or spaces that are more than ¼ inches in your house. You should particularly be keen with attics, basements, kitchen, garage, and food stores.

Cooper Mesh pest stopper

Also, it’s paramount that you keep your house clean and orderly by avoiding clutters, stagnant water, dirty dishes, old newspapers as well as dirty rags. If you allow these conditions in your house, you’ll never win over the mice. The conditions attract them to your house and they will creatively find ways to enter!

The Best 3 Effective Products I Can Use

There are several products that you can use to get rid of both house and field mice including:

1. Farnam Home Just One Bite II Bar

The product comes as a solid block that is designed to attract the mice due to its excellent smell. You’re required to place several blocks of the product on different locations along the rodents’ route. Once the mice ingest, they are dehydrated and die after several hours.

See More ImagesJust One Bite II Bar to kill mice
Read Verified Customer Reviews

2. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

This product contains Diphacinone which is a highly potent anticoagulant and kills the rodents almost instantly.

See More ImagesMouse Bait Chunx by Tomcat
Read Verified Customer Reviews

3. Havoc Rat & Mouse Rodenticide Bait Pellets

The product is a second-generation anticoagulant that is highly effective against house and field mice. They are packaged into attractive poison bait that the rodents cannot resist.

See More ImagesKill Rats and Mice by Havoc
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Learn more about the best mouse poison here.

When dealing with outdoor mice, you should avoid the bars that can be dissolved in a humid environment. Instead, use Tomcat Wooden Mouse Traps. This product is pesticide-free, economical, and easy to use. Read more about Tomcat mouse traps here.

Tips and Tricks

Are you worried about the resilience portrayed by mice in your house?

Apply these tips to get rid of mice completely:

  • Make your house mouse-proof. Ensure that there are no spaces in your house that can allow mice into your home.
  • Ensure a clutter-free house. Avoid all the materials that can offer nests, food or water to the rodents. Clean the utensils after meals and sweep all the food remains away.
  • Select the best techniques. You should evaluate the severity of the problem and select the ideal methods to eradicate the mice. Always ensure that you use the best baits to attract the rodents including peanut butter and cheese.
  • Choice of location to set traps. Study the movements of mice before setting the traps. Set them strategically in areas where the rodents frequent.
  • Persistence! Do not give up before the process is complete. If you are weak in ensuring consistency, you should allow an exterminator to handle the problem.

What Is Better to Use When You Have Mice in the Stove

Removing mice from your stove is very sensitive because it carries significant poisoning risk. You should avoid using poisonous baits on the stove to limit the chances of contaminating your food. Instead, you should apply peppermint oil which is a natural, poison-free repellent that eliminates the mice effectively. Read more about other natural home remedies to get rid of mice here.

Dead mouse

What Is Actually the Best Way?

The best method to get rid of mice is usingpoisonous baits. This technique maximizes the chances of eliminating the creatures. It has the unique ability to kill the rodents in large numbers, unlike the traps. If you set several poisonous baits, you’ll kill more mice in a single day than if you set an equal number of trapping devices.

Getting rid of mice can be a tricky exercise if you’ve not learned the necessary tricks to execute the process. If you have experienced cases of re-infestation, then it’s likely that you’re not following the right elimination guidelines.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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  1. Prevention is better than cure. Staying clean is very necessary to get rid of mice. dark places and food sources attract them very much. If we can remove them properly then we can prevent them from making nest intro our house. I like to use peppermint oil for controlling them.

    • there isn’t a scrap of food in this house there’s 20 traps 15 glue strips it’s a three story row home and we ain’t called these little bastards in 3 months and they keep multiplyingthere isn’t a scrap of food laying out

      • yep, we got rid of them with D-Con last year, but as soon as it started getting cold here they come! I used to have cats and had no problems, at least not many! Some cats are good mousers, some are not! D-Con is expensive, but it got rid of them last winter! Good Luck..

        • Yes d-con USED to work great but recently they have changed the formula so now the little buggers don’t die right away and when they finally do they come out and do their death throes right in front of you so you have to deal with they’re slimy, bloody bodies. Anybody know what happens when a animal covered in parasites dies? The parasites don’t die! They evacuate in droves and latch on to the nearest warm body they can find! You, your kids, your
          pets! YUK! And furthermore, I have lived on a farm for years and have had all kinds of animals, and not one time has my children OR pets gotten sick or died from d-con in the 20+ years I’ve used it. Nor have I ever known anyones who have. Perhaps its just the powers that be in this good ole U.S.OF A.’s way of getting rid of us lowlife mice infested citizens by exposing us to the risk of hauntra virus or something worse. Kinda like culling out the undesirables ya know.

      • Yes !!! I’m dealing with the same thing!!!!! No food, my house is clean as hell I don’t get it!!

        • I have all food in a contained and seld tight I DON’T GET IT

          • Have you checked behind your cupboards where the food is stored? Expanding foam and 2 pack filler to every hole in your property will help as well!

        • Mice come into houses in the fall to escape the cold. If there’s a pathway for them they will bring in tree seeds and other items to eat. They don’t necessarily need food supplied by the homeowner.

      • I managed to clear mouse infestation by grinding up the poison granules and mixing it in peanut butter they kept coming back for more for about a week then it was not touched though left down for some weeks after

        • Hey what acutul poisnious granules did you use? I would appreciate it man, because I’m ready to burn this house down! Lol.

      • This is a good idea but no telling how long your food is out of the house

      • Put some food on the traps & clue strips only thing is they will possibly still be alive so make sure you check all traps then put the mouse out of its misery as fast as possible

      • Close any holes, even the smallest as they can make the holes large enough for them to fit through.

      • Because, it is one more myth. Like the one that says that they go outside to drink water if they eat certain poison. Of course, if the house is a mess, the rodents will be happier.
        The building codes suck, and many developers don’t even follow the codes. The holes are everywhere even in the foundation. Once a unit is infected, it is easier for the others to get infected…… but always you will listen that is your fault….because you don’t clean…..urban legends….

      • Put peanut butter or cheese on the traps

      • Someone told me about a product called demon you get from tractor supply it’s supposed to be wonderful I’m trying it today

    • Do that really work

    • My kitchen and house is very clean. I use white vinegar to clean many things. I use used coffee grounds in a bowl (gets rid of ants). Mice are even coming into the bathroom now and the evidence is on the sink. I’m going to try the cayenne pepper, I have a lot of that. Hope it works!

      • I have small kids and I think I have mice. What can I do to get rid of them that’s still safe around kids?

        • Snap traps..but if course keep them in places kids cant reach… i caught three in less than two hours!

      • I was wondering where do you get that peppermint from

        • Young living has the best peppermint oil – very potent. If you would like to order some, look up a local distributor in your area.

        • Drug store. Get only the pure oil.

    • Mouse ate cotton ball with peppermint extract on it

      • Can’t be peppermint extract. You need to you peppermint essential oil

      • Yes, they do overcome many things when their hungry. I have had them go around the sticky traps. When I do catch one in the sticky AND remove it, I have replaced it, BUT not one of the mice will go near that area again. They get too smart.

    • My house is clean. Very clean. These are field mice. So no matter how clean you are they come in from the cold. Finding their entrances are very difficult being they can get in in the tiniest cracks. So don’t be so judgemental

  2. I have mice due to living so close to a park and also we are close to the canal

    What has helped me to keep sane is to buy sticky glue traps—I put them at the entrance of doorways then I feel secure that the mouse will get caught

    Peppermint oil and cats also help I do hate mice and have had to move because they were in my home–I have since moved back and decided to tackle the problem

  3. Hi everyone! We have big rats in the house and that what we don’t know is because our home and yard is clean but we still have. And we use everything and it’s like they know they don’t have to eat or touch the trap or poison. What else can I use because it seems they get cleaver each day.

    • They might teach you to spell…lmao

      • Really?? Obviously you have mice problems and you want to take up space and time to be petty over spelling?! Go to they love to blast each other for the same trivial crap!

        • Dealing with mice may cause the brain to malfunction causing spelling issues? Also, we may not be dealing with the most educated people in the world. I am not saying that anyone who has a rodent problem is not educated but there could be a connection. I managed to grad from college,but I still find myself in a situation where I have a mouse problem at times. We added onto our home and since that time I have been dealing off and on with a mouse or two dropping by. I have become obsessed with making my home a safe place to be and we are not getting under the flooring of the new addition and nailing sheets of metal to studs They insulated the area well but didn’t plan for rodents, a big mistake made by many contractors it seems. If I were a contractor my first and major goal would be the make everyones home free from anything that breaths and isn’t paying on the mortgage. Apparently the contractor we hired does not have that view point. So thank God my husband works with metal and is putting sheets of some sort of metal sheeting that cannot be chewed through..Pepperming oil and traps are fine but you need to find where they are getting in at and stop that from happening. Don’t just put down traps and think you have fixed the problem. Or just putting peppermint oil on cotton ball and all is good now. As long as you are going to have places for them to get in your home you will NEVER be safe from rodents entering your home. What if you get one that can’t smell, guess that peppermint isn’t going to work so well. Or the mouse that jumps over the sticky pads. Oh, it could happen, they might see their friend stuck on that pad and learn to avoid such things. I think they are smarter than we think? So go around your home and look for access places and caulk or put some wood or metal over the area. Get outside and see what they see and stop uninvited rodents to your home for good. I wish you all the best, because no one should ever have to live with nasty rodents, insects, or anything you don’t want…Good luck and I hope everyone takes the time and energy it takes to find where these guys are coming in at and stop it from happening in the first place. Good luck everyone..

          • I feel like Bill Murray from Caddyshack with his gophers. I put poision out four days ago…..arsenic….and I STILL HAVE MICE. It is so frustrating. I just bought this place seven months ago and have had to deal with this and palmetto bugs. Yes I live in Florida but I should not have to live like this. And yes I’m clean.

          • Metal sheeting is the best advice since it takes something that the rodents cannot chew through to get in. Thank you.

          • Our govt partner on our reno for my disability told the builder to put horizontal on outside of wood exterior covered by small stones to stop rodents. It helped.

            • Most important are the words fine mesh mettle screen sort of L shaped.

              • Metal for Freudian slip mettle

        • Lighten up sourpuss! That shit was funny
          Mice love grumpy a-holes so you’ve got a long road to ho!

          • That would be A long ROW to hoe… Lol

            • This cracks me up! And the person that said to patch up the access holes is right. I have put out all: glue traps, spring traps, green poison, etc..and still, I keep catching them. Also the palmetto bugs (aka cockroaches) will die if you put out lots of powdered roach prufe-yes it is spelled p-r-u-f-e. It cost less than two dollars and I even pour it out on my front porch and rarely see a cock roach.

            • Or Brett butts towns emblem. Was it A Big Hoe?? I forget the exact term but the story was hillarious. I literally cried tears of laughter.

        • I misspell all the time and so.etimes my words are changed by the computer. I enter darn and the computer changed it to far?? Please forgive my errors.

      • Not that funny for the people who not only cannot spell but they have to share their home with RATS..YIKES!!!!We added onto our home and since that time we have had mice visitors on a few occasions. Then we had a new central air unit installed and the company that installed left a huge opening under the part of our house that isn’t used. My husband was under the new addition and discovered this huge opening where a dog could have walked it if he could get into the open space under the new addition. My husband used to race pigeons and he built a building to house them, I know since the built that building there are just more mice around the entire area. And it doesn’t help when you live out in the country with a corn field in your back yard, almost..We need to prevent them from getting in. It fine to use traps, etc. but you need to find where they are getting in and stop that process. Traps are just putting a band aid on the problem. I am getting under the new addition. I am going to set up lights and check every inch of that space. My husband promised me that we would not have any mice. I told him if mice come in I am out. Maybe that was a mistake…maybe I should have kept my mouth shut on how afraid I am of mice….the guy might be smarter than I had figured..I am going to make my home safe from any little critters who think they can just come in my home and do as they please. I haven’t had any on the main living level, we have a split foyer style home and they have just been in the lower level so far, but I have the steps protected with those sticky pads. I look down there every time I come in the foyer and have to go up the steps to get to the main living area, and one day that row of sticky boards was GONE. it wasn’t laying across the floor in front of the lower steps that lead to the foyer. I said a prayer and walked down the steps to find a deal mouse had managed to drag that long line of sticky boards about three feet from where I had it. Imagine the horror of always making a point of looking down to those steps and never seeing anything on them to not seeing the boards that were all attached to one another completely gone. Now that was not a good day for me. But that started an entirely new hunt and search for where are they getting in now? I am going to put a stop to this madness next weekend come hell or high water. If not then my home is going on the market and I am out of here for good. God bless all you people who are dealing with a rodent issue. I know I don’t sleep well at night wondering if those nasty little creatures or roaming my home, pooping on my floors, etc. I don’t like cats in my home because of the litter box issue so that is not an option. I like cats, I just don’t want them in my home. Dogs rule in my home. Well, one anyway..Thanks everyone and I will keep thinking of you guys knowing I am not alone in this quest to remove rodents from my world. Good luck and know you are not alone in this thing. I am a very clean person and do not make it easy for a mouse to live in my home.

      • Really!

      • Now THATS funny!!!

      • I had 6 at one time I bought trays of decon they were all dead I 1day seriously they were bad I was I the basement apartment

      • You made me lmao this morning trading your reply. I had just read it aloud to my husband saying what is wrong with people. He can’t even write a sentence that makes sense. Thanks for the laugh!!

      • Really dude

    • mix poison with peanut butter that will love it…..

    • mix poison with peanut butter they will love it…..

    • Try bacon grease mixed with peanut butter in a rat sized kill trap. I have yet to try this but maybe build an accessible compost for rats and could use larger humane traps in compost far from homes. I worked on river banks and when some people asked if they could collect recyclables we said yes and just keep it clean. New manager stopped this venture. Put out overflowing recyclable containers and built composter attached to our building and in came rats and gangs.

  4. Mice like dark and dirty places. The tips you mentioned are sure ways to totally get rid of mice.

    • mine also got smarter with each attempt – but I have a way that seems to have fooled them – at least for the moment. I discovered it by accident when I found they had gone into my closet and were eating the grain from a wrap I use for my neck. It is cloth filled with grain that you heat in the microwave – they had chewed it open. So I took D-Con and mixed it with the grain and set it in all the places I had seen evidence of them. I haven’t seen one since except a couple of dead ones ICK!

      • I live on a small farm the mice keep coming in stray cats are everywhere house is clean i can hear them and see the poop they leave behind they have never eaten my food bread on table

    • The place i moved into was already old and crappy so it was infested with mice before i ever moved in.major anxiety attacks because of it.

      • The mice I have in my home (I’ve lived here for a mo the so far) don’t really seem to care much for the time of day. Daytime or night time the little pests just seem to show there faces. I’m currently sat in bed listening to the traps going off. So stressed

  5. Best rat is a dead rat that I don’t have to see. I’ve heard of the peppermint oil, & I will try that and anything else I hear of. I will be sealing off all open areas. I’ve also heard of Cayenne Pepper, don’t know if it works, but I’ll try anything.

    • A couple farmers were talking about rats in grain bins and said to fill a jar lid with cola. The rat will be attracted to the cola and is unable to release the gas build up from drinking cola. They drink until they die.

      • Yes, they can’t belch like other animals, so they basically implode or explode, depending on how much they drink

      • Can that really be true? I’ll give up a jar of my cola if it really works? I moved in, w my ex till my housing was approved. He never told me he had a mouse that snuck in the Apt. Now it found its way in my room it’s eaten 4 banana plants & I can’t sleep at night. I’m on Ssi & hes disabled too. I need help ASAP . It’s been in my rm. for mo. It smells like urine! Please tell an OL disabled woman how to get it out of my rm. till I leave ? Please what can I feed it to poison cheap? ?

  6. I sprinkle Bacon Bits on my snap traps because you can set the traps and them drop some pieces on it. Plus they must love the stuff. I’ve killed at least 20 mice in the last three months with this technique.

    • straight up bacon bits really work cuz I’ve tried everything peanut butter bread crumbs you name it we used it I’ll give it a shot

      • Try choc spread

        • Try “fromunda”cheese on dirty underwear

  7. I put a pail under the kitchen sink and have secured a wire going thru a coke can going across the top of the pail. I put peanut butter around the middle of the can. The mice run up the kitchen sink pipe to the pail, then along the wire over to the coke can to get the peanut butter, and the can spins when they get on it and they drop into the pail….some people put some water in it, others don’t :p

  8. I heard that garlic powder is really effective with rats or mice I thought I heard of a poison that makes the rodent look for water when they injest it if anyone knows what kind this is please let me know also because it would save you from them dieing in your walls

    • That is D-Con! They dehydrate!

      • Can d con kill small dogs if they get by accident?

    • Maybe its boric acid flour and bacon grease make balls out of this mixture I heard of this for cock roaches I’m not sure where to get the boric acid??!!??:/

      • Boric acid works for roaches. My friend is bringing me some and she got it at the feed store. We have the huge nasty roaches (2 – 3 inches long).

      • You can buy it from shoprite supermarket

      • It’s called borax. You can buy it at Walmart. It keeps ants away too. I don’t know if it works for mice though.

      • Buy it at wall Mart or a pharmacy, it is powder laundry detergent!

      • Target has boric acid ! We were told that if you leave. A caught mouse on the glue trap the mouse screams and then other mice try to rescue it , well we tried it and ended up catching five or six mice on one glue trap no lie! We lived near a huge field they were field mice !

    • I know this comment was from 2yrs ago…
      But I used to work at a horse farm. We used D-con bait granules. That made them extremely thirsty before death. I’d find them belly up in the horses’ water buckets constantly… But not all come out of the walls to quench their thirst before dying.

    • ingest, dying

  9. I use peppermint oil I burn it with water in the stove and let it burn for a few mins its super strong but worth it. It has side effects after smelling it for too long it will suppress your appetite and WON’T EAT hardly until the mint smell is gone. I need other methods once its burned out they are back camping out I clean disinfect bleach they still invade

    • how do you make the peppermint burn? do mean you boil it in water on the stove?

  10. im so scared because there are mice in our house how do we get rid of them please help

  11. I’ve had a mouse in my upper cottage flat. I thought it had disappeared but had come back to haunt me. Have tried mouse traps and just bought repellers as this is freaking me out! Has anyone had any success with these? Please help

    • use regular mouse traps and bend the trigger arm so if you breath it snaps. Then use peanut butter as glue to hold a little bit of bran flake. They are vegetarians and they love bran as it’s closer to their real food. It may take a few days so be patient. I just had a couple mice move in middle of summer go figure. And yup the traps are out lol

      • Im afraid of those rats cause they may eat me if am sleeping can u help me plz

  12. Peanut butter has been our friend… Caught 8th one today… Only been 7 days… The cat is useless…

  13. Some of the mice are getting over like a fat rat, but I will try the peppermint oil. I am afraid of those bastards.

  14. We have mice AGAIN!! And i hate it i know about the peppermint but if i put it in one place there just goin to go some where else.

  15. My garage door wouldnt close properly… I have since had it fixed but now I have mice in my Garage… Baby ones.
    I have cought 2 with a non kill trap and am trying to catch more if there is more… but havnt been overly lucky.
    I dont want to use the pepermint incase they try and find somewhere els to go as now the garage door closes nice and tight.
    Any ideas?
    I can’t seem to find these little buggers.

    • sticky boards with get them. place them everywhere and you will get them. sometimes they are still alive with you find them on the sticky board. Then you have to decide how to end their suffering. I prefer to used long tongs and put another sticky board on top of them and place them in a bag and smash them down with a brick or large heavy object. whatever it takes to get them out of your life is my way. No living traps for me. We need to end their breeding and the only way to do that is to end their life. If they come on my land it is my right to do as I please and I want to end this rodents ability to reproduce….

  16. Leave the toilet seat up. I’ve had 4 mice drown in the toilet in the past week.

    • I like the idea of them drowning except for having to fish them out. I would be afraid they would plug it into flushed them. I have to admit I have wacked 1 or 2 after getting stuck on a glue trap. I hate mice and rats.

      • You can buy Boric Acid at a feed store. But moth balls under the house will run ANYTHING off. You may get mice in the house at first but after you put the moth balls under the house and kill the mice in the house, every month throw some more moth balls under the house or around outside and you will have no more mice. Just be sure to do it every month. P.S. They will not plug up the toilet.

        • What won’t plug toilet – the moth balls or rodents?

  17. I’ve caught 2 mice in the last 24hrs with snap traps! A little bit of whole nut dairy milk! However I’m so petrified if these things as they chewed my toddlers bottle to get to his chocolate milk! And they was in my malteasers box .. Guessing they like chocolate? Well I don’t like sharing

  18. Best thing is keep house clean and bins tightly closed so the mice can’t smell food. Our cat is absolutely useless! A mouse could walk past and she sits there wagging her tail and watching it like she’s found a new friend!!!

    • if the cat has been raised inside it might not even know how to hunt. maybe leave it outside sometimes so it will naturally learn to hunt birds and other small creatures, or dont feed it as much and it will have to learn to hunt. this is what i did with my cat. i would forget to bring her in when she was out so she would eat; i didnt want to put her food bowl outside to attract ants, so…..she got a little skinny and started to catch birds. i felt bad of course but she learned some new skills she wouldnt have learned by just being a spoiled housecat

  19. I had a problem with mice at my cottage , it’s very clean and all food is in containers ( mouse proof ) I cleaned down everything with hot water and peppermint extrack,even took a sponge and cut it into small blocks and put pepermint extrack on them and placed them behind stove, drier and beds. Now there back. Sometimes I think the place is haunted ( mouse heaven )
    The only good mouse is a dead mouse. I can’t win this war with the dam mice

  20. Its good if u use peppermint get peperment and book it DPR a while until u can really smell it add water dip cottonballs in it and spread it around where u see them or smell em damn them

  21. OMG we started getting mice yesterday and we thought we got ride of but today there was 3. I hear them in the walls. I am so scared of them I’m scared of any animal That’s post to be outside period. I cry

    • I have a mouse in my room from last week, scaring the thing every time I move, and it scares me when it scraped the walls. Don’t worry much, they can be dumb so they will fall for the simplest traps. Just look them up.

  22. I feel like I am living in a Tom & Jerry cartoon – ready to bring out the heavy artillery and blow up my house. I too live in an old house by a park. I have tried all suggestions except drowning them in the toilet and a cat – which I think is best solution, but for fact I am highly allergic, however it might be worth not breathing for awhile. I am contemplating letting my whole yard go to peppermint – at least in will be zero scaled. Any other solutions greatly appreciated.

    • Very very funny your post I have just discovered mice and it freaks me out but getting good advice here and some proper belly laughs it’s 4 am but war declaration begins at dawn

      • Since 12am I haven’t been able to sleep, I tried to sleep but they wake me up after 30minutes of trying. Now it’s almost 5am. I feel like I can’t breathe properly. It’s stress I believe. Before I just woke up one of the rats tried climbing on my bed and I had to move to scare it away. So I can’t sleep because I’m too afraid. But these posts are really helping

        • Omg if one tried to jump on my bed I would move or call the health department! That is flipping scary. The glue traps are cheap and they work! I just don’t like having to kill them myself.

          • I put them in ziplocks and pitch them.

      • Yaaaah let the war begin hate those ugly mouses

  23. Female cats catch 10 times more mice than the toms. I put hail screen on basement to poarch access windows. I take a halogen light and step ladder and map out every hole and crack of entry up to first floor (even plumbing, electrical and fondational gaps—probing for soft termite wood at the same time) then I put on some gloves and old long sleave shirt, plan my quickest access route and start expandable foaming from a can working fast , but this time with a portable flash light in the one hand (aiming tube will plug up in one minute once started). I keep posin in the basement underneath permanent objects that are close to the ground.

    • They can eat through expanding foam, your best bet is to put some steel wool in the hole and then cover it with the foam, as they’re unable to eat through steel wool

    • I have 7 females and they would starve rater than kill a mouse or rat. Don’t have any time. Don’t care for them either. All are spayed. Don’t want them having babies. I’m I catch mice alive my nephew hasa snake wholikes them. My little revenge. On so sweet.

  24. Dryer sheets have seemed to help. Tuck them in all drawers and under sink, ect. Don’t know if it’s the smell or feel of them but hardly ever see a mouse anymore.

    • What kind of dryer sheets do u use? And how often do u have to replace them?

      • I heard Bounce Dryer Sheets work best the regular.they don’t like. Picking up some to try that today .

  25. I had over 50(!) of them -different members of a huge family- a couple of years ago, in the garage.They moved in in a particularly cold winter, as I left a bag of birdseed for “them”.
    Hate to say, not too humane, but VERY EFFECTIVE:USE sticky traps!!!
    These suckers work like magic.
    Juts put them where they move.I used a pile of bird seed on the ground,and put about 6 around it in a tight circle.Also works to place them under steps,or any path they would go ( like close to a food source, or hole).
    Use a set of heavy duty gloves to pick up carefully the “filled” traps- wrap them in multiple plastic bags and discard.( sometimes they are still alive on it- brrrr :o)
    I do not use any poison, and spray- as we have kids, and animals.
    This is a disgusting, but clean and effective method.
    Also clean and store properly and make sure you do not provide good
    living conditions for them.
    DO NOT USE STICKY TRAPS AROUND ANY ANIMAL- or areas where they can get to it ( our closed garage was not where my dogs or cats can get in)
    And don`t show the result to kids.
    I prefer these traps even if they squeak – versus having torn animal parts on metal traps.And when you have multiple sets of them I`m wondering how many people have time to humanely relocate mice?
    Sticky traps worked for me!

    • Torn animal parts? Snap traps are a helluva lot more humane then sticky traps that do not kill them instantly. You don’t wsnt your kids to see dead mice in a trap but you’ll just throw live mice stuck on a sticky mat in a plastic bag to suffocate horribly. If you’re trying to set a good example for your children, you probably should re-evaluate your opinion of the immediate death snap trap. And yes, some people do have time to re-locate live mice, because they feel that every living creature is worth something. I swear, the people on this post act as if these little tiny mice are invaders froms mars or something. “I HATE ‘EM!” “THEY SCARE MEEEE!!” “OMG!! THEYRE GONNA EAT ME IN MY SLEEP!!” C’mon people. Grow up. They’re tiny little creatures more afraid of you then you even care to know. And you guys out there “torturing, drowning, stomping” on them: such tough guys you are. I’m sure you’re impressing your redneck kids and their redneck mamas (plural)

      • lemme tell u i used to think like u..i am loathe to kill anything…but these mice take the cake, i have declared war on them! last night i found a most gruesome sight of a dead mouse lying on the floor in a trail of blood…trying i guess to get its little head out from the snap-trap….my first mouse i caught and i had no idea it would be this bad! i thought the snap-traps were “humane” and killed instantly…nope. im sure the mouse suffered. i think it was so little that its head came out of the trap but the impact snapped its neck? it was horrible!!

        and whats crazy is that i bought a “humane” trap called “havahart”….and they ignored it! i tried to be nice and they ignored it completely.i used peanut butter on both traps. but now im dont regret having killed it although i wish it had died faster. mice carry “hanta-virus” and i think people know what rats carry since theyre famous for the plague. i dont think mice and rats are in this world for a good reason like other animals, i think they are a plague and destroy everything if u let them. cute as they are they must die! and also the mouse bit me 3 times! i wanted to co-exist peacefully w/ it but no, its a little heathen and wants no friendship from me. so i did what i had to do

    • I agree. Hate metal traps. Toss sticky and it’s guest in trash, wash hands and feel accomplished.. Even if for a moment. Lol.

      • Sticky traps are not working n peanut butter and chocolate . Was told n read they don’t like the bounce regular dryer sheets. Picking some up today. There gross.and want gone.

  26. Hello everyone I saw a mouse in my kitchen about an hour ago and they scare the living daylight out of me what are your best methods Need to get rid of it or should I say PROBLY them. Help me please .

  27. I opened the cupboard under my stairs were we keep loads of packets of porridge and other stuff as backup in supplies the cupboard is in my kitchen have not been in it for 3 months opened the door and noticed droppings so started to pull everything out found a nests in a teapot and one in a box of porridge and in a casserole dish and a box I put down poisoning but they just laughed at me so I got spring traps and chocolate and have caught 4 in 2 days and have filled all small holes in external walls

  28. Pease help a
    Terrified of mice. I had one last spring put traps down, bait etc Didn’t catch one, I have kids and they are scared, recently with this cold, I haven’t seen any but thought I heard something in the wall a few weeks ago. Then last weekend found droppings on top of the fridge I Bleached and threw out all snacks, , then just now I’m putting away clothes in my daughters room and so droppings on her Frozen comforter and her dresser, now I don’t even want her in her room. She doesnt eat in her room but she has alot of toys in bins, and i have seen droppings on top of her bin I have cleaned, keep food items in plastic and containers sealed, please please help.

    • “FRESH CAB” is probably the best stuff out there to buy !!!! It smells good and is 95% effective !! They guarantee it. It’s about 30 bucks for a few months worth. But it’s worth it !!!

      • What fresh cab and where do you get it from?

    • I have mice eating holes in plastic containers even heavy 55 gallon barrels. I have to use glassor metal containers.

  29. Here is what I did for both mice and rats. Our barn got over run by rats one year when there was a house being built across the street in a vacant lot. We went to a feed mill store they had this stuff that looked like green gum balls and it was a type of rat and mice poison. We put it in the barn and under the barn. Our barn sits on telephone poles. With in a week we started to find dead rats all over the yard. Now I put it out every fall and I make sure my dogs can’t get at it too. That stuff is great. Good luck everyone.

  30. I live in a 150 apt. building full of seniors and foreigners. I have a cat.Useless cat ! I clean constantly despite several severe health issues, like spinal stenosis…hard to bend over. I am at wits end. The management ignores and denies my problem with roaches,mice/rats, and possibly bedbugs.The exterminators come …say they see nothing (HAH !) and leave.The management records only what the exterminators tell them, not what I tell and show them.I have Raid roach traps, spring traps, sticky traps, poison in triangular boxes peppermint oil all over the place,I vacuum all the time, and wash the floors with soap and peppermint oil.,Bounce cloths all over the place,everything is either out (in garbage) or in tightly closed containers. They are still here.I cannot afford an exterminator on my small social security income. I have thrown out almost everything I have, so they have no place to hide or nest.I also have a heart problem.I don’t want to die because of frustration and fear ! Please,please help ! Thank you.I need a lot of good advice that won’t be harmful to my lazy cat or my infant grandsons that visit.Poison scares me because of the babies and cat. I don’t have the money to move.

    • I don’t know what city u live in, but file a comsint with the city- in NYC it’s 311. Or the dept of health. Your grandkids should not come over until it’s better. Put poison and traps everywhere & leave for a few days with the cat. Set a decoy bag of birdseed or pet food out that is mixed with poison while u are gone & see results when u get back. After u get back, use peppermint oil EVERYWHERE!!! Good luck!

  31. Need help infestation must be worse. Think we’ve got mouse fleas as well we are all itchy didn’t know such a thing exsisted. Terrified to open a cupboard

  32. Dear friends,
    Best remedy for rats is to have a cat at home if you do not hate cat.
    They will protect you from rats ,lizards,snakes ,cockroaches and many more insects.
    They feed on above things,if snake is in your house at any corner they will find out,if it is small they will kill and eat,nothing happens to them.
    3-4 was there in my home.They are grey colored cats,i just got one from street from it i had many.
    Now,i live in city here to i have problems from rats,but i have no cat,i am trying to get one.
    Really,i am fed up with this ugly rats.
    Try one cat at your home and see what happens to those rats,they will forget your home.

    • Have cats like 7 they are useless.

  33. so, I don’t believe in killing animals.. but I saw ONE mouse in my kitchen today.
    #1 Question; is there ALWAYS more or can it be just one?
    #2 Also, is their a way to make it go away/trap it without killing it?
    #3 & one more thing; can you tame wild mice? My friend has a pet rat and I love it.

    • Kay, where there is one there is usually more

    • Why don’t you people find where they are getting in and eliminate the problem for good? Seems everyone is just looking for a way to get rid of the mice they already have. Find where they are getting in and get rid of future problems for good. Caulk the holes they are getting in or put plywood over the spots and close the door on these nasty critters who carry disease and ticks, etc. Your life is at risk letting these rodents in your home. They breed like every 21 days. YIKES!!!!!!!

    • Well don’t rerelease live mice outside, they will just invade your neighbors, that’s called being an asshole. Those new plastic snap traps work great, caught 20 mice in past day and are easy to reset!

    • Kay I read by the time you see a mouse there are hundreds where you can’t see them. They are a health risk because they carry diseases. Read a few blogs about mice and health risks.

  34. This is stupid I can’t do any of it

    • Sure just give up and let them control your home. Then when they are everywhere you will have to leave your house and the city will take it and burn it down. A community threat to everyone. Is that what you want to happen? Stand up and take control of your home. You can do this!!!!! Step up and end this nightmare. Ask for help if you don’t think you can do this on your own. People will be glad to help if they are needed. Don’t let these rodents control your world.

  35. we left traps down with peanut butter on them and the mice ate the peanut butter and the trap didn’t even go off “shifty little rodent”
    now we have one of those humane traps and have caught 19 mice in a week and a half eeeewwwwwww

    • Where do I get this “humane trap”, and what is it called?

    • Why be humane. They need to be eliminated. Do you want them to come back? I say end it for god. But you MUST find where they are coming in.

    • what is a humane trap and where can I get one?

  36. Best bet — sticky traps with peanut butter. They work… those little plastic snap traps absolutely suck. I haven’t tried peppermint oil but I think I’d be willing to give it a try. Haven’t had mice in the living area of our house but only in our garage, which still perturbs me to no end. We’ve caught one on a sticky trap a few weeks ago and my husband was moving boxes around in the garage today and boom, we caught another less than one an hour later. They are building new houses a block from us and the builders have most likely displaced the field mice who lived in the grass in the empty lots. Just wish they’d find somewhere else to hang out!!

  37. Ive never had mice in my life and i saw one. My kids is very scared and i have them all sleep with me. They have not gone onto the carpet just the laundry room and the pantry. This is bery scary and i tried glue traps but that mice juat got out. Please help. I dont know what to do.

  38. agawe had some , opp’s sorry we still do my wife tells me. Generaly we use good old spring traps ,baiting it with either a sugar puff pushed on firmly to the hook part and add a small amount of fish paste onto the sugar puff, then you set the trap placing it against something so that the rodent takes the bait from the side with the strongest part of the trap. One thing that we always do is to allow the mouse a first free meal by not setting the trap so that it knows FREE GRUB”’ so only put a small amount of fish paste down the first time for us, its works everytime Good Hunting

  39. My mother is a hoarder who thinks she is so Clean!!!! I was jus mentioning to mystep dad to have a word with her to get rid of all her sh*t!! Because she will not listen to me. Later on that evening I was so jolly dying my hair and I saw a black thing run so fast across my room! My life! My heart! My dirty mother! Has caused a filth trap. My sister moved out immediately… I thought o could deal with it but Nope! When I have read up on how disgusting n harming mice are… I started having nightmares about them. I don’t know how ppl deal with such pests, now it’s my story… I’m so angry!

    • same story but only in my kitchen I thought I died for a sec my heart rate so fast I could lose about 10 pounds with that kind of speed accept my mom doesn’t hoard and she nice

    • Sorry sweetie but move move move and move quickly! Your mom needs professional help you can’t give, but in the mean while you have to take steps that you don’t end up sick! Sorry but this is really outa your hands

  40. I just moved into a mobile home two weeks ago, the first day I saw mouse droppings and thought about mice for a sec then cleaned the skat up.then one night I slept on my couch and was woken by a scratch or bite on my finger.i then stayed up and saw a mouse dipping threw the burners in my stove.its now 5am and I’m pissed.

  41. Question: can the baby mice crawl onto your bed?

    • idk but I do know mice can jump very far but not high and run fast and climb well too only if there is a ledge or something to grab they can’t climb off a wall straight up

      • Oh yes they can I watched a mouse run up the wall of my house into a hole near the roof and right into my laundry room. I put some of that green poison-very cheap blocks of poison-and have found three dead mice in a few weeks. Am getting more poison today! But yes they can climb and run up just about anything!

  42. Ok 1 morning I wake up to eat at 7:00 everyone else asleep. (btw I am a kid) and I see a tail and 2 back legs….I thought I was halocinating for a sec but no sooner or later found out after my heart beat rate flew off the charts. Thaat it was a mouse… D: I swear to god those things scare the living soul out of you

    • mice only attack when you do something they don’t like or you scare them most run away some attack. but its so hard not to yell or scream and run far away

  43. Really surprised at RUFUS RUFFCUTT’S comment. He puts the black race back a thousand years. We are so sorry to have a person of color commenting with such ignorance!
    If you know him, BEWARE, he’s a nutcase.

  44. I’m cracking up over these stories, but I cry inside on the real. I found a baby mice in my washing machine in the basement which is finished, thank god for my daughter I would’ve stayed there and I probably would’ve began using laundry mat down the street. Several months later I went to get a pair of shorts in my basement where I store my summer clothes in a plastic drawer and as I pulled the shorts out a handful of bird seeds fell to the floor. I freaked out and figured out the problem. For years I’ve been feeding these mouse with bird seed that was in my garage. WHO KNEW!!! I caused my own infestation of them furry bastards!!!

  45. We moved in our house a few months ago. My daughter wen into the pantry to get me a bag of potatoes and we noticed the potatoes had been chewed up. After investigating we found out we had a mouse problem. After catching 2 in our pantry. We decided to put d-con in the garage where we felt they were coming from and sure enough 10 Dead mice. Buuut what freaked me out was that the other day my daughter was getting ready to put on her rollerblades and noticed one was full of d-con pellets. Come to find out these little things have been storing the pellets in the shoes in the garage. How do you out smart them.

  46. If you don’t want to kill the mice or rats, just get rid of them. Go to a hay and feed supply store (look in yellow pages for one close to where you live). Call them and ask if they sell a metal non-lethal mouse trap. It will allow the mice to go in but only you can open the top to release them. Be warned, if you forget them they will die in the trap from lack of water and or food. Take them at least a mile away from your home to release. Rats require larger traps. Good luck.

  47. Terminix saved my life and I regained control of my house again by catching 2 mice and I swept up dead one that was in my kitchen but the straw that broke the camels back was my cat wondered in the garage with me and saw the alive mouse on the sticky paper, walked over to the mouse ( who was playing dead), sniffed it, the mouse then began screeching and my cat walked away and went back in the house and climbed into his bed….Ain’t that some shit!!!

  48. My house is constantly clean, my house was built in 1924 so its older. We didnt have any mice in the house from the time we moved in here from feb 2015 until today i just seen one. Its starting to get colder now they are gonna try and find warmer places. It sucks to cuz i have a baby in the house

  49. my house is clean and spotless i bleach my house 3 times a day

  50. Snap traps may be dangerous for humans and house pets if not placed properly. Glue traps are similarly used to trap mice but also require proper placement to be effective.

  51. I’ve just discovered 2 in my house I live near farmers fields that have not long been harvested so I’m thinking it’s due to that there going to regret moving in on my property unannounced like this because there about to meet a very painful torturous death come tomorrow

  52. Help I keep hearing noises in my big cubbard and so I put d con and traps still have dcon pellets and thy keep coming in here what to do feeling frustrated

  53. Has anyone thought of the game “Mouse Trap”? If you put a little piece of cheese under the red cage thingy when the mice’s come to eats it the ball will roll down the rail thingy that looks like a step and will cause the red cage fall on the mouses and than you win. I like to win. I hate micese to pieces!

  54. I use to have Yorkshire Terriers, the best mousers ever. They would find them anywhere through smell or sound. My cats would do nothing. They would react to something and I would look and not find anything thinking it was a faults alarm only to find out they were right every time. Great mousers. You gotta love them.

  55. Fill a bucket about 1/3 with water and corn meal. The mice will climb in to eat and then can’t get out.

    If you want to be kind dump the bucket every day. You will just have soggy mice.

    I believe some people fill the bucket half way and let them drown.
    I prefer to set them free. So I use the 1/3 fill and check it every morning.

    • What does the water and corn meal do to mice?

  56. I cleaned out my camper last weekend for guests are coming and found a huge nest under a seat, a shopvac took care of the problem. Killed 2 mice a night over the last two nights so they are still lurking someplace. Tonight we take the shopvac and look into the stove…….and then bomb the place with peppermint oil.

  57. I’ve been scrolling this post laughing+crying at same time, while this flipping mouse is trying to come out for water, I assume in my kitchen. Does anyone know approximately how many mice are in a home? This is mobile home in senior park, clean, vacant 2 wks of the month. I inherited this place, kept lt because its clean by beach,. I cannot get rid of them! I used those bricks bates.How many are usually in a mobile home?

  58. First of all. Unless you line your house with sheet steel mice can get in. They can chew through metal it just takes longer. Also smart is an understatement, they learn and Learn fast, they also retain information through generations. Got glue traps down forget peanut butter bait. The glue traps usually smell like pb. And eventually they won’t go anywhere near a trap that does. Live traps work for a few. Then they learn what they are and that stops too. So habe a few different traps. It works the same for all traps. I have caught all the adult mice in a house. Only to see baby mice reappear and avoid traps. Peppermint oil doesn’t work. They hate steel wool but will move it. You can liquid nail a hole shut bUT they will just make another. Long story short. If your infested your best action is to tear the siding off your house resheet the entire house with 3/4 plywood then call an exterminator to gas the house. Otherwise you will never get rid of them. Trust me I’ve been trying for 3 years I can narrow down the numbers but the population just rises again. Once my kitchen remodel is done my course of action will be as listed above reset the lower section of the house and call in to get it fumigated.

    • Chuck can I ask-why 3/4 inch plywood? And I totally agree they do get smarter and it doesn’t take long before they start avoiding the traps and just go somewhere else. The feral cats in my neighborhood won’t touch the mice but my dog who is a chow mixed with wiener dog saw one in the yard, promptly chased it down-then ate it right in front of me!

  59. Where can I but Peppermint oil?

    • GNC store I think sells peppermint oil

  60. Help me plz! I’ve got mice, my cat is too old to be a mouser anymore, my place is sooooo clean, it has to be my hubby has cancer with a feeding tube n what not BUT I live in a basement apt n have no control how the lady above me lives. …..what do I do I can’t afford to move PLZ I NEED HELP! ! ! ! ! !

  61. I just put mothballs in a few areas near the doors and they are gone in an hour. I thought mice hate them and now they move them away? I’m going to put them in socks or small pouches from now on. Hope you all find ways to catch the buggers!

  62. I think there are mice living in my house because behind my sofas i can spot dark pieces of dirt which are tiny pieces, Can this be true?

  63. Plz, plz plz help me I have mice I keep a clean, I bought air tight plastic containers for dried foods and what not put down poison, but my problem is that I live in a basement apt and the landlord lives above she has 2 cats and says that’s all she’s going to do even though she has droppings in her home too. I can’t afford to move n I already have 1 old cat n don’t want more but what do I do? ???????

  64. When i read “have a cat at home” i laughed because my cat just ate a mice

  65. I am NOT a professional but I have dealt with mice and I have done a lot of research. First of all stay strong if you let them get to you they win. One start with locating why they are there, what kind of mice, that means are they field mice looking to get out of the cold, or are they mice from another location near by ie. Apartment building. Two, locate their access points and block them. Three use the type of trap that works best for you, humane, or it’s better them than me, but remember they are smart, I find a small amount of peanut butter on a snap trap, will work to kill off the males but females are not looking for food they want to make nests, so try some lint. You should notice their sizes the more you get rid of the younger and smaller you will see, that’s how you know you are making headway, don’t give up it might take a few weeks. Four once you have cleaned them out you can move on to a deterant, pepeppermint oil, those little bags, you will have the best chance of stopping field mice as they just want food and shelter from the cold. So remember time and patience. Don’t make yourself crazy, if you feel you aren’t able to handle the situation, please call a professional for help.

  66. To summarize:

    If you live in an area that has mice – near fields, farms, etc. – get used to them, they will never 100% go away.

    To control mice use various different kinds of traps and baits. Mice are smart and will avoid traps and baits that have worked in the past.

    Only put poison in places where pets and children cannot get to it. D-con is popular.

    If you use humane traps, release the mouse at least a mile from your home.

    Bait suggestions- peanut butter, bird seed, fish oil, oatmeal.

    Cats are often useless when it comes to mice.

  67. I use essential oils for a lot of health remedies. I never thought of using them to get rid of mice. I’ll try the peppermint oil and see if it works.

  68. You can get sealant, the expanding foam type, that has a narrow straw it shoots through so it can seal up cracks and small holes…..and they make it with a bitter taste so rodents don’t chew through it like other things…it has helped me with mice and squirrels so far. It isn’t toxic it is just bitter so it is actually safe in that aspect. I sealed up interior holes and exterior gaps and spaces and holes. You need to use it 50 degrees or warmer so it’s not something to do outdoors in the winter. Costs about $5-6 a can at home improvement/DIY stores.

  69. mice are truly smart little shits…we have to outsmart them…lots of traps and different ways to eliminate them will work…they all need to die die die

  70. Put out sticky traps go to your nearest hardware store and ask for Golden Marlin it’s fly bait but kils EVERYTHING ANTS N ALL KEEP AWAY FROM PETS N CHILDREN IT KILLS EXTREMELY FAST PUT IT ON THE TRAPS N WATCH WAT I TELL U ITS 10$

  71. can anyone help ? had a mouse problem on and off for a good while now :(( had pest control out several times but keeps saying my method is the best and leaving this is after saying i didnt have them at first then my dog (airedale terrier) got one!! ive used traps and poison ive court two on traps and the poison is going but it goes quiet then there kicks off again!!! at night you can hear them all running under the floor boards scratching im going insane ive got three small children too and not sleeping, im ready to leave and blow the house and little pieces of crap up lol !! can anyone please give me advise ? thanks in advance

  72. I can’t find a way to get rid of theme they just keep on going we found one dead on the chouch and one is trap on a wood box right now and it can’t scape those mice are join to pay big time

  73. I have a mouse problem
    My room was verry dirty do i cleaned it and now the mice are in my bed and i found mice shit in my bed i got sticky traps but they not taking the bat

  74. They hate orange squirt spray

  75. Try the electrical/ultrasonic plug in repellents. They repel the mice and other insects and larger ones repel rodents by irritating noise and ultrasonic waves. I have gottten rid of carpenter ants this way . I have gotten rid of mice twice by baiting them with peanut butter and trapping them and throwing them away. THey arrived once a neighbor a few doors down moved out. They must have run out of food and we were in the kitchen and I saw these beaty red eyes coming out of my stove. I freaked. my husband caught it the next day and then covered the holes they were coming in form with steel. We never had any more mice. In a rental on another house we had mice come into the garage. THe exterminator trapped them and within the same few weeks or by the next visit they were all gone. Dead, my husband found them nesting under the hood of his truck in the winter. Poop from the rodents were in the garage leaving a trail to where they were living. GROSS. Both times it only took one series of trapping them and removal upon first notice to rid ourselves of these nasty pests. From the other stories we were really fortunate as we did not get infestation for more than a month total. I do feel bad for the desperate ones out there as the terror and freight is real. But in reality you are bigger than them and you can just tell them to leave your property. Say this is a loud voice over and over again. We have dominion over the earth so this does work. Repeating it daily while you are using other means to control these pest works to keep them away from your property for good. It can take some time but even if you only claim the property and kick them out verbally this will work. Using traps as well just helps get rid of your problem sooner while encouraging the problem not to return. It has worked for us and many others and can work for you!
    blessings, your sister in christ

  76. You can say something like this: “MICE i have authority over you and I command you to leave my property RIGHT NOW. LEAVE NOW!!! MICE GO!! Get off of my property and do not return. You are not welcome here. I take complete control and dominion over you MICE and I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE! GOD has given me the authority over you and i say MICE GET OFF OF MY PROPERTY, Leave my home and NEVER return GET OUT! NOW!”

  77. Im scared to death of mice and cried and was scred to leave my bedroom. My husband tried all the traps poisons and ultrsonic stuff and it didint work. We went to the shelter got a 2 year old female cat and she caught two her third day in our home and we havent seen sign of one since. that was over a year ago. Of course she know thinks she is the queen of our castle and has my husband wrapped around her finger buying all kinds of treats and toys but Molly is a member of our family for life. the mice did have one good use though. My 23 year old daughter was so scared she went and moved in with a girlfriend. Didnt think she was ever going to leave.

  78. What’s the best bait to use and how much?

  79. Ikilled ten mice in one day
    8 In traps 2 sticky. Never had mouse in apartment in 22 years We had fire in building and they are gutting all apt but mine Think mice made mad dash to my place

  80. Building suppose to take care of all pest problems but they are lame and could care less if I venture out to solve problem i would be evicted by these jerks

  81. I live on a farm in Scotland in an old stone house. Whenever the cow sheds are emptied, in come the mice. So it’s July, it’s really warm and there was a mouse on top of my microwave today. I am v scared of mice but I find if I go and shut myself in my bedroom or run away, that makes it worse for the next few days as it then feels like an obstacle or battle to get back near the kitchen, or where the mice are. i tell myself, at least it’s mice and not rats. For those that kill a couple of mice – don’t fool yourself, you will always have a minimum of around 5/6 mice. The black plastic snap traps are way better than the wooden snap traps. Chocolate or chocolate with peanut butter is their favourite trap food. the humane traps while a nice idea, are rubbish. The big cheese traps are rubbish (don’t tell them i said that). You have to lay the traps and keep going for weeks. One time, we caught 7 in one night, 7 again the next night…6 the night after and so on, until there were zero mice caught for two weeks.
    For people like me that are scared, don’t run. Be strong and face your fear. Watch the mouse, stay in the area for a time, be brave and keep going in and out of “the room”. Remember they are small (the little shits). Think of your childhood pets – a hamster, a rabbit, a guinea pig – they’re really not so different. Be strong, you can do it 🙂

  82. Used fresh cab worked For about a week left kitchen window with screen open saw mouse tonight is that all it takes to make product ineffective

  83. This is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with mice. Caught 4 I saw another one tonight. I have no food that they can get to my house is clean. My neighbor has some in her garage and has seen one in her car. Don’t know why I’m having this problem now.

  84. I’ve tried every thing poison traps electric things nothing really works sticky pad caught a rat the darn thing ate his front paws an got away.for three years bow I’ve been trying I saw some poop in the pots an pan cabinet then they got on my counters ate a whole in a loaf of bread.cleaned the whole house from top to bottom with three years later I just moved a box from the corner in my bedroom an found a huge amt of mice poop dam it I’m so tired of having guest over an the walk in an sit down to see a mouse come under my screen door an run around near my TV I have app thirty stickey pads out app twenty mouse traps three cats those things you plug in the wall an still I have mice I’ve sealed every crack I can find sealed pipes with foam I mean I’ve done it all an yet they still come you won’t see or hear them for months an then they just appear the just run right out in front of you they don’t care I got two grands who are scared to death she’s wetting the bed he can’t sleep at night he’s doing bad at school cause he falls asleep I can’t afford to move please some one help us I feel so bad for them I asked them did they want to stay with another family member but they won’t there mom just passed away an there really going through it please some one help us thank you

  85. How do U get rid of magic mice? The mice I have r invisible an take the cheese/peanut butter right off the trap without setting it off an get it out the center of the sticky trap without getting stuck I’ve never had such a problem with them
    And wen I turn out the lights at night for bed I can hear them EVERYWHERE!!!!! But like I said they r invisible wen I try to sneak a peak I jus don’t kno Wat to do I’m going insane!!!!

  86. I clean up my house five time a day why then don’t leave yet

  87. It’s the end of winter and suddenly we have mice. I stay in the basement and I’ve been here a year and nothing like this has happened. I don’t understand why they are here all of a sudden. I can hear them at night and it drives me crazy. At first they were just upstairs in the house…I don’t understand that either. I read somewhere that when the sewer is being worked on or a house is gone they start to go elsewhere. I know we had an abandoned house that was removed, but that was a month or ago and they were working on the sewer a block away but it’s fixed, so i don’t get it. how do i get rid of them before they get too bad?

    • Rin, I too am working on getting rid of mice. From all that I can gather, what has to be done is to figure out how they’re getting inside. Once you figure that out, then you’ll have to somehow block that passageway. I’ve been frantically trying to block all these holes and entrances I find with copper wool and caulk. Hopefully, they haven’t yet made a nest inside the walls or crawlspace yet but they’re still getting inside as I’m setting snap traps and still getting some in the traps. The mice themselves don’t bother me too much but what I afraid of is if they are carrying hantavirus. If so, I’m a goner as I’ve been exposed to droppings everywhere inside the house. The ones I’ve got are deer mice and they are the ones that will be carrying the hantavirus. They say only a small percentage are carrying the virus but if exposed to the ones that do, it’s almost always fatal to humans if one happens to breathe in the dust from their urine and feces …and I’m sure I’ve been breathing in a lot so if they are infected, my days are numbered. Are you setting snap traps? At least you can kill some of them. If you can, set poison bait stations outside around the perimeter of the house too.

  88. First -go Room by Room and seal areas that mice are coming in(remember they can get through dime and quarter size slats)
    Use Steel wool and press in any areas with a butter knife. Then use spray foam over areas with steel wool. (can get both at a hardware store)
    While still wet you the spray foam can be sealed down to look neat.
    Use mouse baits(if your queazy) that come in round baits (you don’t have to see the mice die and it works great Or Glue traps if not squeamish.
    Use a mask when cleaning mouse poop.Can cause serious respiratory problems. Wash hands well.
    Though it’s a pain -it should work .Sometimes it might take a month or so but sealing is really important. Make sure food items go in plastic or tin containers so the mice can’t get into them.
    I did this at an old house and it worked!!!!

    • Excellent post, Pam. The only thing I do differently than what you’ve described, is to use copper wool or copper mesh instead of steel wool. I’ve actually had the mice pull out and/or even chew through steel wool. I’ve been using copper mesh or copper wool now as I’ve heard it hurts their teeth and they move on. So far, I haven’t seen any indication that they’ve been able to get through the holes I’ve plugged with copper and a foam spray, as you mentioned, covering it. Whereas the holes I’ve plugged previously with steel wool seem to have been chewed through. Mice in my area must have more sturdy teeth? …or perhaps that’s the difference between deer mice, which I’m having a problem with, and ordinary house mice that seem to be more common.

  89. Just found a mouse in a bottle of olive oil! Chewed the cap off and fell into the bottle. Desperate mice in my house

  90. I had mice two times now I have put glue traps down and I have the plugs make a sound there don’t like that sound but I have six year son ..did anybody help u to get ride of the nice but I live in a family hostel

  91. It really helped when you said mice are nocturnal creatures, and they’re hard to spot during the day. A few days ago, my wife and I got back from vacation, and when we were cleaning the kitchen, we found traces of a mice infestation. We tried to put some traps for them, but we didn’t have any luck so far, and after reading your piece, we think it’ll be better to call a professional to help us. We appreciate your tips about how to get rid of mice.

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