Electronic Pest Control: Everything You Want to Know about the Best Electronic Mouse Traps You Can Buy

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A mouse infestation in your home can be a real nuisance. The nasty rodents steal your food and leave droppings littering your home. You can remedy this unsanitary environment with a mouse trap.

Commercially available traps help you deal with mice cost-effectively. They come in many different designs: from the classic snap traps to the contemporary electric traps.

You may want to consider purchasing electric traps if you’re looking for an innovative no-mess, no-fuss approach to eliminating mice. So how do they differ from the other traps? How do use them? Keep reading to answer these and any other questions you may be having about the electric mouse trap.

What Makes Electric Mouse Traps Effective for Use?

Electronic mouse traps use bait such as peanut butter to attract mice into them. Once they capture a mouse, they kill it by electrocution.

Compared to other traps, electric mouse traps deliver humane kills.

The lethal dose of electricity that the traps deliver usually kills mice in a matter of seconds. As a result, there’s no gore or blood to clean up.

The traps rely on an AC adapter or batteries for power. They usually have one entrance that mice use to get into the tunnel when they smell the bait.

The traps have electronic sensor plates at the entry point or between the bait and the entrance. One plate has a negative charge while the other has a positive charge. The mouse completes the circuit by contacting the two plates. At this point, the device delivers a shock that kills the rodent.

Why traps are efficient

Due to their unique design and mode of operation, electronic traps have several advantages:

  • Successful. Their success rate is very high. Unlike other traps that can deliver an incomplete kill, electronic traps perform a complete kill.
  • Reusable. They’re reusable and can last for many years. While they’re more expensive than other traps, you can expect them to serve you for long after the initial cash outlay.
  • Safety. A plastic or insulated box encloses the unit to prevent humans and pets from injuring themselves. The design also helps you avoid touching or seeing the electrocuted mouse if you don’t like to.

Victor Electronic Traps

Victor is one of the leading brands in the pest control industry. The company manufactures some of the best mouse traps available. All their electronic traps offer a 100% kill rate, meaning there are no escapes.

The M2524 trap and the electronic trap PRO are some of the most popular electric mouse traps. Let’s have a closer look at each one of them.

Apart from Victor, there are other well-known brands in the rodent control industry. Tomcat is one of these brands. So what do its products have to offer? Go here to learn more about the Tomcat mouse trap.

Victor M2524 Mouse Trap

With smart circuit technology, the trap detects when a mouse enters it and delivers a high-voltage electric shock. It kills the pesky critter in seconds. A green indicator light flashes for up to one week when a mouse is caught.

M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap Features by Victor

Batteries: The trap is powered by 4 AA batteries. A blinking red light tells you the batteries need replacement.

No. of mice killed: 1 per setting and 100 per set of batteries

Safety. The M2524 trap has an inbuilt safety switch that automatically deactivates the unit when the top lid is opened. That makes it safe for homes with kids and pets. It also doesn’t use any dangerous poisons and chemicals.

How to use M2524 Trap by Victor

How to use:

  • Lift off the battery compartment cover, insert 4 batteries, and replace the cover.
  • Open the trap’s lid and place any high-protein food like hazelnut spread or chocolate in the trough along the trap’s back wall. Make sure you use a tool like a toothpick or Q-tip to avoid transferring your scent to the trap. Secure the lid.
  • Place the electronic trap lengthwise against a wall where mice like traveling with its entrance near the wall. You can also place it in any other area where you’ve spotted infestation signs.
  • Switch on the trap. The momentary blink of green light and a brief clicking or buzzing sound indicate the device is functioning correctly.
  • When the green light blinks, open the trap’s lid and dispose of the electrocuted mouse into the trash. You can reset the trap by adding more bait, placing the trap, and switching it on.

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro

Electronic Mouse Trap Pro by VictorJust like the Victor M2524 mouse trap, it uses smart circuit technology to detect the presence of mice inside it. The high-voltage electric shock it delivers kills the mice in seconds. The indicator light flashes green when a mouse is killed for up to one week.

Batteries: 4 AA batteries power it. A red light will indicate you need to replace the batteries.

No. of mice killed: 3 per setting and 100 per set of batteries. The trap senses the number of mice it has caught and resets itself up to 3 times.

Safety: It doesn’t use any easily-tripped metal bars, poisons, or chemicals. Thanks to the safety switch, it’s safe for use around kids and pets.

How to use: Use the same steps followed when setting the M2524 trap.

How to use Victor electronic traps

Shop Victor Traps at Lowes

Lowes is one of the best retail stores to shop for Victor pest control products. The store stocks the M2524 electronic trap. It retails at $19.97

Let’s look at another Victor mouse product that the store sells:

  • Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Trap

Professional exterminators highly recommend this product due to its efficacy. It has two staircases that mice can use to get to the chamber where the metal plates and bait are located. The high-voltage electric shock it delivers kills the mice in seconds. An indicator light blinks green for up to a week to signal a mouse has been killed.

Multi Kill Elictronic Trap by Victor

Batteries: It relies on 4 C batteries, which provide about 1 year of standby power. When the light blinks red, that’s a sign of the batteries needing replacement.

No. of mice killed: 10 per setting and 150 per set of batteries. The kill chamber automatically rotates to deposit the electrocuted mice into the collection chamber. A blinking yellow light is a sign of a full collection chamber that needs to be emptied.

Safety: The trap doesn’t use poisons or chemicals. It has a safety switch to deactivate the unit when you open the lid. For those reasons, it’s safe to use this trap around your family and pets.

How to use Victor Multi Kill Trap

How to use:

  • After ensuring the power switch is turned off, open the door at the top of the trap.
  • Place the bait using a toothpick, Q-tip or any other tool that will prevent you from transferring your scent onto the trap.
  • Remove the battery compartment lid and install 4 C batteries. Close the lid.
  • Place the unit in an area with mouse activity. The stairs should be oriented against the wall.
  • Flip the power switch on. A flashing green light will indicate the unit is working.
  • When the green light blinks to indicate a kill, get rid of the electrocuted rodent and bait, and reset the trap.

Victor Traps Product Comparison

Where to Buy

Mice pose a great risk to your property and family. Taking these risks into consideration, the need to buy a good trap from a reliable store becomes clear.

Besides electronic traps, there are several other types of traps including glue traps. For more information on glue traps for mice, visit this link.

Buying a trap from a brick-and-mortar store gives you the advantage of being able to talk to a salesperson to help you make an informed decision. An online shop gives you the advantage of being able to check the user reviews.

Home Depot

Home Depot is an excellent place to look for electronic traps because it gives you the best of both worlds. It has brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online store with plenty of pest control products.

Among the products we’ve already mentioned earlier, Home Depot has the Victor Mouse Trap Pro, which it sells at $26.84.

Here are other similar products you can buy at the store:

  • Rat Zapper Ultra Rat and Mouse Trap

    The product has a large kill chamber to accommodate both large rats and mice. It kills the rodents with a powerful jolt of electricity that lasts for 2 minutes.

    Rat Zapper Ultra Mouse Trap

    Cost: $59.99

    Batteries: It uses 4 D batteries.

    No. of mice killed: 1 per setting and 60 per set of batteries.

    Safety: Although it doesn’t use any poisons and chemicals, you should exercise caution when using it around kids and pets.

    How to use Rat Zapper trap

    How to use:

    • Remove the battery compartment cover and install the 4 D batteries into the compartment. Replace the battery cover.
    • Insert bait through the entrance and place it along the back wall using a toothpick or Q-tip.
    • Turn on the trap. A green light should blink once to show the device is working properly.
    • When the light blinks red, the trap has made a kill. Safely dump the rodent by tipping the trap. This allows the electrocuted rodent to slide out.
    The elements can damage an electronic mouse trap. Don’t place it outdoors if it doesn’t have waterproof accessories.
  • Victor M250S Electronic Mouse Trap
    This trap uses smart circuit technology to detect a mouse and trigger a high-voltage electric shock. The mouse is eliminated in seconds. The beveled columns ensure the mice have no way to escape from the trap.
    M250S Mouse Trap by Victor
    Cost: $19.97
    Batteries: It uses 4 AA batteries.
    No. of mice killed: 100 per set of batteries.
    Safety: It doesn’t need chemicals or poisons to work. It’s safe for use anywhere indoors.
    How to use: It’s easy to use this trap. Simply place bait that’s rich in protein in the bait cup, place the unit in a location with a lot of mouse activity, and switch on the trap. Its kill chamber is easily removable, allowing you to dump the dead mouse without having to touch or see it.
    M250S Trap by Victor Specification

Other Mice Killer Electronic Traps

Besides the options we’ve already mentioned, there are many other electronic mouse traps you can buy at many different stores. It goes without saying that effectiveness will vary from unit to unit.

Let’s explore some other options you have.

Regardless of the type of trap you choose to use, searching for the best product out there can be time-consuming and tiring. Make things easier for yourself by reading about the best mouse trap in this article.

What Is the Best?

As you may have already noticed, electronic traps from Victor Pest Company are easily obtainable from different sources. The products work well and make it to most lists ranking the best mouse traps. However, they’re not the only good ones on the market.

In addition to the Victor traps we’ve mentioned, here are a few other electronic mouse traps that are worth considering:

  • Hoont Electronic Rodent Trap

    Electronic rodent trap by HoontThis powerful trap instantly kills rodents with a 7,000-volt shock. It works on mice as well as rats, chipmunks, and squirrels. You can power it using 4 D batteries or the 5-foot adapter it comes with.

    Cost: $74.00

    Where to buy: on Amazon

    No. of mice killed: 30 per set of batteries

    How to use:

    • Install batteries or plug in the trap using the adapter.
    • Apply some bait and place the device at your desired location.
    • When the indicator light flashes, make sure you discard the captured rodent.

    Hoont trap Info

  • Rodent Terminator Electric Mouse and Rat Trap

    This product comes with two discreet electronic devices. They deliver a powerful shock that instantly kills rodents without any gore and blood. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

    Electric Trap by Rodent Terminator

    Cost: $92.95

    Where to buy: on Amazon

    No. of mice killed: Dozens per set of batteries

    How to use:

    • Push the top and bottom halves of the trap in opposite directions to separate them.
    • Insert 4 D-size batteries into the battery compartment.
    • Place some bait in the bait cup.
    • Lower the hooks of the top half of the trap into the slots. Slide the two halves together. A green indicator light will tell you the product is good to go.
    • Place the device in an area you’ve seen mouse activity.

    If you want to reset the trap, you’ll need to repeat steps 1, 3, 4, and 5.

An electric mouse trap is easy to use provided you follow the correct steps when setting it up. Now that we’ve given you a basic understanding of how it functions, what to do to get the best results, and some of the products available, you can now confidently get a product that will help you stop stubborn rodents from taking over your home or business.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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