To answer the question how to get rid of field mice you should learn some of their habits first. Knowing more about these creatures, their habitats and the way of life will help you to forget about their existence.

To Learn How to Get Rid of Field Mice You Should Know 4 Facts

  1. Mice choose our houses because there is a shelter and plenty of food for them. The first step in the war against mice is to stop feeding them! You should remove all food sources in your house. Start storing food in special containers. They can be made of glass or plastics with a tight fitting lid. Avoid any paper packages. Don’t leave any food on the table between eating.
  2. Even spills of food can become a substantial meal for mice. That’s why you should keep your house clean and tidy to solve the problem how to get rid of mice. Make sure that there are no spills of food or liquids on the table after breakfast or lunch. These simple rules work for your pets’ meals as well. Store them properly and make sure there is no accessible food for pets except at mealtimes.
  3. Field mice can get into the house through rather narrow spaces. You should control all entry points thoroughly. Look for any holes and cracks in your house. You can stuff them with steel wool or cover them with aluminum or steel netting. Make sure that ventilation holes are less than ½ inch because mice can easily get in through such small holes. There shouldn’t be any space under the doors. Check all these points. Without it your house will be re-infested and you’ll hear the question “How do you get rid of mice?” too often.
  4. Mice live in nests. Don’t leave clothes on the floor; keep them tidy in the wardrobes. Make sure there are no places which can be used for nesting; attics, boxes and drawers are frequently chosen by mice. Any crafting materials should be held in special containers. Linen is preferable to store in cedar closets as rodents do not like cedar.

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How to Get Rid of Field Mice? 5 Mouse Control Tips

Now you can choose different methods to start your war against mice. You can use either some poison or traps.

  • Poisoning is effective but can be dangerous. It affects everyone who eats it. So, if you have pets or small children, this method is not appropriate for you. Moreover, it doesn’t kill rodents immediately. Be ready to find mouse corpses in different places of your house.
  • Using different traps is much easier. Choose among the variety of sticky traps, live straps and snap traps. Just follow the instructions and don’t forget to use preventatives measures. As mice reproduce quickly, these actions should be repeated in three weeks.

These easy pieces of advice will help you to solve the problem how to get rid of field mice. Pay attention that using poisons or traps is not enough. If you have any signs of having mice at home, start immediately with protecting your house to avoid re-infestation. Applying all the methods listed above you’ll succeed.

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