Top 7 Mice Poisons You Can Get Your Hands On

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Do you have a problem with mice? These pests are incredibly annoying and also carry diseases. Getting rid of them is possible with the right poison. So when you go out to buy a good mouse killer, what do you choose?

Top 3 Mouse Poisons in November 2021 Comparison Table

Our #1 Rated
Just One Bite II Mice Poison Pellet Packs review
Just One Bite II Mice Poison Pellet Packs
  • Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone
  • For use indoor and outdoor
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People's Choice
Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx review
Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx
  • Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone
  • For use indoor and outdoor
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Mouse X Single Serving Bait Tray review
Mouse X Single Serving Bait Tray
  • Active Ingredient: Poison free
  • Non-toxic and safe for people and pets
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Top 7 Best Mice Poisons on the Market Reviewed

After much research, there are definitely some products that stand out more than others. And the winner is Just One Bite II.


1. Just One Bite II Bar

See More ImagesJust One Bite II Poison Pellets
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Considered to be a “sometimes” rat poison, Farnam Just One Bite II Pellet Packs contain the active ingredient bromadiolone, an anticoagulant. For mice that are fed lethal doses in one night’s feeding, death is delayed for four to five days.

And that means there’s no bait shyness! The pellets come pre-filled with grains and seeds so you don’t even have to touch them – and any sense of guilt you felt before will miraculously disappear because all your hard work has already been done for you.

Once your fear of house mice returns, just pick up another pack of these scatter pellet packs and get rid of those pesky rodents once again!

It can be hard to know if you have a mouse problem. You may only see one or two, but there might be many more. You will need to use a lot of bait. Put the bait at intervals of 8-12 feet in areas with mice or their droppings. For each placement, put 3-10 pellet place packs of bait.


2. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

See More ImagesMouse Bait Chunx by Tomcat
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These bars are made to smell and taste desirable to mice but kill them with the deadly poison Diphacinone. Use them with a bait station or on their own. Of all the brands of poisons, Tomcat is one of the most well-known. Want to know more about Tomcat mouse poison? Then go here!


3. Mouse X Single Serving Bait Tray – Dry them out

See More ImagesMouse Poisons MouseX by EcoClear Products
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If you want to kill mice in a way you might not have thought of at first, try dehydration. Some poisons work by coating the lower intestines with a substance that communicates to the mouse’s brain to stop drinking. After a few days, they’ll become dehydrated to the point of death.

One brand you might consider: Ecoclear Products Mouse X. This product not only kills mice through dehydration, but it’s perfectly safe for both people and house pets.


4. JT Eaton Bait Block – The most effective you can find

See More ImagesMice Poison Bait Block by JT Eaton
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After numerous reviews and trials, customers regularly come back to certain brands of mouse poison time and time again.

One of those brands that seem to be the best is JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block: Since mice are attracted to peanut butter more than almost anything else, that’s what flavor J.T Eaton used in their product.

These blocks are irresistible to mice and are small enough to place in small areas that only mice can get to. And best of all – just one feeding is enough to kill.


5. Tomcat Liquid Concentrated Bait

See More ImagesLiquid Concentrate Poison for Mouse by Tomcat
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This poison comes in liquid form and is meant to be put in the mice’s water supply. If you know of a place that mice are drinking from, mix in the appropriate amount of poison, and sure death will follow.


6. d-CON Bait Station

See More Imagesd-CON Mice Bait Station
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This package is a tray with poisonous bait inside of it, and once you peel back the film, all you have to do is set it out and wait for the mice to come and get it.


7. Havoc Rat and Mouse Bait

See More ImagesRats and Mice Bait Poison by Havoc
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This killer dehydrates mice to the point of death and comes in the form of granules. Sprinkle them where you’ve noticed any kind of rodent activity and make sure to keep them out of the hands of children.

What is the Best Mice Poison? – Buyer’s Guide

Mice are an annoying problem to have. They can get into your home through very small spaces, destroy property, and carry diseases you definitely don’t want to catch. Plus, they reproduce quickly and have many offspring, meaning that your infestation can get out of control much faster than you’d think. So what do you do? Once you realize you’ve got a problem, it’s time to take action. You could call an exterminator, use all-natural methods, or even put out traps to capture and release. Another way to get rid of them is with poisons.

Don’t want to spend money or use harsh chemicals? No problem – there are plenty of DIY ways to kill mice. Click here for more about homemade mouse poison.

How Quickly Can I Expect It To Work?

Mouse poisons come in different varieties.

Some ways poisons work include:

  • Cholecalciferol: This is a common ingredient in rodent poisons, and is otherwise known as Vitamin D3. What it does is cause dangerously high calcium and phosphorous levels in the body, leading to rapid kidney failure.
  • Bromethalin: This substance will damage the nervous system in a way that causes high pressure in the brain, killing the mouse.
  • Zinc Phosphide: When a mouse ingests zinc phosphide, acid in its stomach converts it into zinc phosphine, which is a very toxic gas. This subsequently kills the animal.
  • Anticoagulants: A substance that works as an anticoagulant inhibits Vitamin K synthesis, which leads to the mouse’s blood not being able to clot normally. This also makes blood vessels leaky, which causes internal bleeding.

MiceThe length of time from ingestion to a death varies with each substance. Vitamin D3 in high doses will usually take about 12-48 hours to be fully lethal. Anticoagulants can take several days to work, while Zinc Phosphide works somewhat faster.

Pellets are a form of poison that works well on various animals, including mice. To learn more about mouse poison pellets and how you can use them, go here.

What to do if it isn’t working

If you’ve been using mouse poison with no results, there may be more than one thing to blame. First of all, there’s been an epidemic of mice who are resistant to poisons, specifically to anticoagulants. They may be ingesting it without any results.

Another explanation could be that you’re putting the poison in the wrong places. Mice might not even have a chance to get at it. There also might not be enough poison set out, meaning that some of the pests can get at it, while others are too late and get thereafter it’s already gone.

Poison can kill mice in as little as one feeding.

A way you can try and overcome these obstacles is by using products that specify they’re for resistant mice and be diligent about placing enough poison. Also, make sure you’ve got the right places picked out. Watch areas in your home for droppings and other signs of mouse activity, and place poison accordingly.

Hardware stores are good not only for lumber and tools but for things like pest control as well. And where better than one of the biggest stories in the country? Details on Home Depot mouse poison can be found here.

For Inside The Home

When you’re looking to get rid of mice inside of your home, you’ll need a good poison. And there are other things to consider about the product you’re using when it’s indoors as opposed to outside. For example, if you have kids, you’ll want to take more precautions as to your poison use. The same precaution will apply to a home with indoor pets, as well.

  • D Con Bait Stations: This company has thought of a product that uses child-proof stations, each with a block of poisonous bait inside it. The mouse will smell the bait, crawl inside the plastic container, eat off the poison, then crawl back out. Death can come from only one feeding, although it may take longer if the mouse only ate a very small amount. This is a great product to use in a home with children or pets that you want to keep safe from harmful ingredients.

d-Con bait station banner

Kill the smell

Most poisons try and have a desirable smell for them to attract the mice. But what is considered good to a mouse might not necessarily be good to a human, and can leave an unattractive smell lingering in the air. You can combat this using essential oils in your home that could mask the smell for you. Soak a cotton ball in a scent like a peppermint or orange and leave out on the kitchen or bathroom counter, or use an oil diffuser.

Another problem you may encounter is the smell of decomposing mice. They can die in your walls or attic and leave a “dead” smell behind. Dehydrating poisons help prevent a decaying smell in a dead mouse, and if you are diligent about trying to find any mice killed by the poison, you can do a lot to keep your house smelling normal. You could even buy one of those long poles with a claw on the end to grab any dead mice you might find behind walls or in hard to reach places. To find out more about how to get rid of mice in walls, click here.

For The Outdoors

Mice aren’t just a problem inside the home; they’re an issue outdoors, as well. In fact, they’ll often live outside and come in and out of your house at will.

It’s a good idea to have poison outside for them to run into, and some places you can put it include:

  • The wood pile.
  • Around the foundation of your house.
  • Around basement windows.
  • Nears door frames.

The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait is suitable for use outdoors:

All-Weather Block Bait by The Big Cheese

The Best Mouse Poison Traps Out There

Poison for rodents comes in different forms: liquids, pellets, powder, bars, etc. One sub-type you can get is a poison trap. This isn’t a trap that will keep the mouse inside it until you can set it free or kill it yourself, it’s a way to hold the poison.

Mouse poison is deadly to rodents, and unfortunately, is also deadly to humans. It can hurt a person’s digestive tract, nervous system, and blood vessel integrity if ingested. Always take care to keep out of the hands of children and pets, and if any amount is eaten or comes in contact with the eyes, contact poison control right away.

These products are plastic containers you put a poisonous substance into, then lock up so that children or pets can’t get to them. A mouse, however, can scurry inside and take some of the poison.

Here are some of the top poison traps you’ll find:

  • Protecta Mouse Bait Station: This is a great product that fits a good amount of poison inside, and something you can reuse over and over again.
  • Tomcat Mouse Killer: This box will kill up to 12 mice with the poison that comes inside it, and is completely childproof.
  • T1 Mouse Bait Stations: These come pre-baited with Bromethalin blocks to destroy the mouse’s nervous system. They’re also small enough to get into the tight spaces that mice like to squeeze through.
  • Victor Disposable Bait Stations: This brand boasts “bakery-grade” bait, so you know the mice will be attracted to the scent and taste. Even better, the poison inside each bait block will kill them within only a couple days.

Sometimes you’d rather use a trap than just setting poison out in the open, which can help keep the dangerous chemicals away from pets or kids. To find out more about the best mouse traps, click here.

Discovering you’ve got mice can be a horribly unpleasant day indeed, but once you figure out how to handle them, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you may have thought. Poisons can easily kill mice quickly and in large numbers, getting rid of your infestation for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to mice when they eat poison?

When a mouse eats poison, it instinctively knows that the only antidote is to run away and poop out the poison.

It's also worth mentioning that if you let these mice go off into the wild and continue to eat a diet of poisonous pesticides without protection, they will never know what it's like to be healthy mice because before too long they'll die from those pesticides.

The key point here is to avoid letting these free-living poisoned mice reproduce (either with each other or through their own reproduction) because once they produce offspring, those offspring grow up eating more poisonous food. And once again, this increased exposure will make generations after side effects more toxic as well as increasing fecal contamination in forested areas which could expose predators to these poisons.

If you're not 100% sure that a wild mouse has eaten poison and doesn't have any symptoms, then the smart move is to just leave it alone. If you don't see any symptoms of poisoning, then your guess was wrong (no harm done) and if there are symptoms of poisoning, then rescuing it could potentially cause more problems for other living things in the area than leaving it alone would.

What to do if your dog eats mice poison?

If you find your dog vomited after eating a poisoned mouse, it's probably best to contact your vet for advice and treatment. For instance, if the mouse had eaten poison that is known to be toxic to humans, like rat poison, then the vet may treat the dog with activated charcoal and other treatments depending on the circumstances.

It's also important to keep in mind that some poisons can be fatal to dogs even though they have been found not to be harmful to humans. Rodenticides are one of these because they can cause bleeding in the stomach, intestines, or brain.

How to inject poison into walls to kill mice?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this.

Poison can't be injected into walls because the wall would need to somehow have an opening in the middle of it or something high up where the mouse could reach it. Basically, either you're going to have a hole in your wall big enough for a mouse's arm (probably) or you're going to need a step ladder or something so that they can reach the poison.

Can I use rat poison?

For the most part, yes, you can use rat poison on mice, and mice poison on rats. However, there may be some differences between the two. Rats are bigger than mice and would need a larger dose of poison to kill them, while mice need less rat poison to die.

Mothballs are great for keeping out certain insects, but do mothballs keep mice away? Find out here.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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