How to Make the Buzzards Buzz Off with Efficient Methods and Best-Selling Products

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Do turkey buzzards ruin your life? No doubt, these large birds can be a true nuisance if they are roosting on your property. Although turkey buzzards’ feces can kill many of the bacteria found in other bird feces, having feces-covered home and trees is really not a pleasant thing to deal with.

Problems with vultures come in all shapes and sizes and so do turkey buzzards control solutions. Let’s face it, there are many things you don’t know about these birds till the time they get on your property. This is why we decided to help you out. Here you will find out the most effective info on how to get rid of turkey buzzards as quickly as possible.

Turkey Buzzards: Distribution and Habitat

Turkey vultures in your yardAs a rule, these large scavenger birds are usually found throughout the America. Turkey vulture – also known as a vulture or simply a buzzard – is a permanent resident in the southern United States. However, northern birds may migrate as far south as South America.

Turkey vultures are widespread over open country, shrublands, subtropical forests, foothills, and desserts. They are also found in grasslands, pastures, and wetlands. Turkey vultures are common in relatively open areas – nearby woods – and they don’t like heavily forested areas.

Being gregarious, the turkey vulture roosts in large community groups. Several hundred vultures may roost in groups – on dead, leafless trees – and nest in caves during the breeding season.

Turkey vultures are extremely communal birds.

There is a whole bunch of reasons, why many homeowners start thinking about ways of turkey vultures’ elimination. These birds can roost on telephone posts, fence posts, towers and on your property. So, how to get rid of vultures?

Efficient, humane methods of turkey vulture removal

Turkey vultures problemsWhen these birds are on your property, get ready to damage and bacteria-ridden droppings they bring with them. The best way to prevent this problem is by using different removal methods.

But before starting the removal you are to know – vultures are scavenger birds that perform an essential task of removing dead animals. Therefore, these birds are protected by law.

All turkey vultures are protected in the USA by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and may not be harmed by law.
However, human control solutions for vultures’ removal from unwanted areas are allowed.

Remember, you cannot kill or harm buzzards and must use humane methods to deter or remove them. No matter, what type of vulture control problem you are having, we have the solution.

No-fail techniques

If you don’t want to make vultures’ control tactics less effective, you are to thoroughly clean all surfaces of vultures mess prior to treatment.  Consider the following removal techniques:

1. Electrified Bird-Shock Tracks

Bird shock tracks are flexible, electrified bird deterrents that can be installed on a variety of surfaces to repel all types of pest birds – vultures, seagulls, starlings, crows etc. – regardless of infestation level. Just turn the power on and the vultures are gone!

Consider the following:

  • Bird-Zap Shock TrackBird-Zap Shock Track
    Cost: $205
    Where to buy: at
    How does Bird-Zap shock work: Whena vulture lands or walks on the installed shock track, it receives a brief shock telling it the track is not a welcome place and should be avoided.
    Safety: The product is safe for birds, pets and people.
    Where to use: The product can be effectively used – as an ideal control – for roof peaks, sign letters, AC units, window sills, exposed trusses, ledges, parapets, beams, skylights, etc.
  • Avishock Bird TrackAvishock Bird Track
    Where to buy: at Bird-X
    Benefits: no sharp parts to avoid, snap connectors for faster installation, reduced risk of injury.

2. Bird Spikes

Want the cleanest property in the district? Get bird spikes. Turkey vultures cannot land on the uneven surface due to the spikes. If you need an effective and humane solution for deterring turkey vultures, birds’ spikes are the best option.

We’ve decided to offer you the best-selling products to pick off:

  • Bird-B-Gone Enviro-Spike Bird-B-Gone Enviro-Spike Bird Spike, Ten-Feet

Cost: $15.00

Where to buy: available on Amazon

Benefits: Spikes do not require assembly and come with pre-drilled holes for easy and quick installation. Another benefit is that these spikes are easy to install in a multitude of settings: parapet walls, ledges, windowsills, roof lines, light posts, awnings signs, etc.

Installation: The following spikes are flexible to fit curved installations and designed with break points to fit different lengths.

Effectiveness: These spikes are effective for vultures as well as for crows, gulls, raptors and more.

Want to purchase bird spikes of the highest quality? Buy Bird-B-Gone spikes. All Bird-B-Gone products – made in the USA – go through an extensive quality control process.
To see the Bird-B-Gone difference you can compare their products with competitors’ products.

You can effectively prevent Turkey vultures from landing on ledges, roof lines, or railing with Plastic Bird Spikes or Mega Spikes. Want to know how Plastic, Stainless Steel and Mega Spikes can resolve your vultures’ problem? Read this to know.

3. BroadBand PRO by Bird-X

BroadBand PROPrice:

  • $699.36 at SmartHome
  • $895.00 at Bird-X

Details: The product emits a combination of high-frequency sound waves and audible noises that are silent-to-most-humans.

Effectiveness: Uses naturally recorded bird predator cries and distress calls.

Benefits: Protect buildings from corrosive bird droppings, save yards, parks, pools, ponds from bird damage, prevent the spread of diseases.

Turkey Vulture Florida Problems: Effective Solutions You Need to Know

Vultures attack your carMany people living in Florida are demanding help in getting rid of troublesome vultures. The birds are chewing rubber lining of car doors and windows, ripping shingles off rooftops and leaving behind an overwhelming nasty smell from their droppings.

Up to 50% of turkey vultures’ diet consists of vegetation.

Turkey vultures on carAs it was said by Florida officials, little can be done about the hundreds of these birds as they are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. However, there are some solutions that can help you to crack vultures’ problem.

How to protect apartment building from vulture droppings

Vultures at balconyMost people living in apartment buildings in Florida know – vultures enjoy the view from the balcony hand rails.

Problem – Vultures droppings clearly staining the glass balcony walls and ruin the balconies themselves.

Solution – Eliminate the birds using the following products:

  1. Bird Shock Flex TrackBird Shock Flex Track – that can be installed on the railings – is a low-profile ledge deterrent system that is really effective against turkey vultures using the principle of fear and flight, teaching birds to stay away.

    Cost: $191.55

    Where to buy: available at Bird Barrier

    Benefits: Flex Trap is virtually invisible, long lasting product that is available in a vide variety of colors to match the structure.

    Vultures are heavy, aggressive birds that can destroy many control products.
    Electrified heavy duty wire systems like Bird-Shock, electrical track products or Bird Fence systems are the most effective methods of turkey vultures control.
  2. Bird Barrier Solar ChargerBird Barrier Solar Charger – this powerful charger supports up to 1,000 feet of track, provides plenty of shock and can be installed in any place that gets several hours of sunlight every day.
    Cost: $267.50
    Where to buy: available at Bird Barrier
    A tip to consider: The solar charger is easily connected to the track with the lead-out wire.

Swallows nestWant to protect your eaves from barn swallows’ mud nests? How to deter these birds and what products and methods to use are the questions you can receive the answers to in this article.

Are you tired of troublesome sparrows? Don’t know what methods and products to use to crack the sparrow problem? Read this to know.

How to make your trees less inviting for vultures

Turkey vultures on treeSteel spike strips are the best solution to prevent buzzards from roosting on many surfaces. But, what if trees are the preferred roosting area?

Just imagine your trees full of mess-making vultures. Very often, the problem is so pervasive that people cover trees in bird netting or chop them down.

We recommend a much more effective, attractive and long-lasting solution that conditions the vultures to leave the protected tree for good. The name of the solution, most property owners have been asking for, is The Tree-Shock™ system.

Tree-Shock™ system information

Tree-Shock systemDetails: The product was designed to have a unique, esthetically-pleasing appearance.


  • $100 for Tree Shock – 25 ft
  • $248 for Tree Shock – 50 ft
  • $1,225.00 for Tree Shock – 250 ft
  • $2,440.00 for Tree Shock – 500 ft

Where to buy: available at Bird Barrier

Benefits: The product is easy to mount and connect, fast and easy to install, has flexible, tubular construction that conforms to all branch configurations.

Installation: Attach to branches with cable ties; connect to charger unit with lead-out wire.

Effectiveness: Effective against all bird species.

A tip to consider: Mount to branches to form an outer shield.

Every year vultures cause millions of dollars of damage to homes, boats, small businesses, corporate and professional buildings. In addition to property damage, there are serious health hazards caused by the droppings of these big birds. Use our effective tips and keep vultures in check by using efficient products and installing bird control systems.

You can find further details of Birds Control here.

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