It usually starts with only a few birds on your roof, signage etc.  But unless you implement some efficient bird controls – like bird spikes – birds will be drawn to your property in increasing numbers. Before you realize the problem, you’ll have to contend with blocked and defaced signage, damaged roofing tiles and bird droppings.

In this article you will find out all the necessary information about bird spikes and their installation. Get help with bird control measures plus the latest information on best bird spike models right now.

Why Bird Spikes?

A bird spike also known as an anti-bird spike or roost modification is a control device that consists of needle-like rods for control of birds.

Birds and their nests carry bird mites that can easily infest buildings.

Anti bird spikes can be attached to ledges, windowsills, rooftop ledges, chimneys and other surfaces – where bird nesting and roosting are a problem – to prevent feral or wild birds from roosting or perching.

Anti bird spikes on ledgesUsually these control devices are very effective and help to:

  • Prevent infestation;
  • Stop the spread of diseases;
  • Avoid property damage;
  • Prevent birds’ droppings.

These days, there is a huge array of spikes available on the market. You can easily purchase bird spikes for small birds and big birds, pigeon spikes that can deter pigeons, gulls and blackbirds as well as choose innovative designs etc.

Spike models for different bird control capabilities and features

It is really hard to say what type or model of bird spikes is the most effective or working. Bird spike strips, metal bird spikes, bird wire spikes – it’s up to you what to choose. In any case, anti-roosting spike is the best defense against birds that money can buy.

You can purchase such types of spikes as:

1. Stainless Steel Bird Control Spikes

These barriers are made entirely from high grade, high-quality stainless steel wire and strip. When properly installed, these effective and high-quality spikes can last a lifetime. You can buy Single Row or Double Row Stainless Steel bird spikes.

We recommend the following products:

  • Bird-X STS-10-R Stainless Bird SpikesBird-X STS-10-R Stainless Bird Spikes – ten foot K
    Cost: $23.21
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    Made with: weather-proof polycarbonate
  • Stainless Bird Spikes EWS-10Bird-X EWS-10 Extra Wide Stainless Bird Spikes – Ten feet
    Cost: $37.22
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
  • Stainless bird spikes STS-100Bird-X STS-100 Stainless Bird Spikes by Bird-X
    Cost: $249.85
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    How it works: The product won’t corrode or decay and covers hundred linear feet with up to five effective width coverages.
Installing bird spikes on signage, roof lines and walls do more than just scare birds away. These products effectively prevent them from landing.
Therefore, they are referred to as anti-roosting bird deterrents.

2. Plastic bird Spikes

Plastic bird spikes kitPlastic bird spikes known as polycarbonate spikes are made from protected polycarbonate plastic. These spikes are sold in variety of sizes.

You can purchase bird spikes Lowes, Bird-X or Bird-B-Gone on line.
Price from: $23

Consider the following products:

  • Bird-X SP-10 Plastic Bird Spikes – ten feet Cost: $20.68
  • Bird-X SP-25 Plastic Bird Spikes – twenty-five feet Cost: $49.99
  • Bird-X SP-50 Plastic Bird Spikes – fifty feet Cost: $104
  • Bird-X SP-100 Plastic Bird Spikes – one hundred feet Cost: $209

Where to buy: available on Amazon and at Bird-X

Both plastic and stainless steel bird spikes are safe and humane and have been approved by several societies including U.S. Human Society and the Pigeon Control Advisory Service.

Mega, Gutter and Girder Bird spikes

You can buy such models of spikes as:

  • Mega bird spikesMega Bird Spikes

    Mega Spikes are used to prevent large troublesome birds like cormorants, seagulls, raptors, turkey vultures from roosting or landing.

    Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone

    Cost: $263.50

    Nesting materials and bird dropping can carry sixty different diseases that can be passed to humans. Bird droppings found in restaurants, storage facilities etc. may violate health codes resulting in closures or fines.
    Remember, birds are pests and need the same type of consideration as roaches or rats.
  • Gutter Bird spikesGutter Bird spikes
    Don’t know how to keep birds from clogging and nesting gutters or drains? Gutter spikes are ideal solution.  When attached to the lip of a gutter, these spikes won’t allow birds to land on the un-even surface.
    Price from: $205.00
  • Plastic spikesGirder Bird Spikes
    Want to prevent large birds from landing on l-beams or girders? Purchase Girder Bird spikes. Usually these spikes are sold in 3 widths and 2 foot sections – fifty feet per box.
    Price from: $240.50

Efficient bird spikes installation info

How to install bird spikes? To begin with, it should be noted that installing bird spikes is an economic, efficient and humane solution for preventing birds from landing on your property.

Bird spikes are ideal for:

  • Parapet walls;
  • Ledges;
  • Signs;
  • I-beams;
  • Roof-lines;
  • Eaves;
  • Light posts.

How to innstall bird spikes

What about installation? As a rule, spikes have flexible bases which make them easy to install on flat or curved surfaces. Spikes can be glued, tied down or screwed.

To make bird spikes’ installation easy and fast, do the following:

1. Clean the surface

Clean the surface before installing birds spikesNo doubt – bird nesting materials and droppings do carry disease. Therefore you need to clean the surface of all those things.

Make sure the area is dry before bird spikes’ installation.

When cleaning the surface of bird droppings, wear respiratory protection and gloves. To clean the area, use a disinfectant – ammonia solution.

2. Choose one of Mounting methods

Installation instruction of bird spikesFor Wood: To secure Bird spikes into a wood surface, use wood screws – 1 screw for every six inches. Remember, there are 2 sets of holes between each fan of spikes.

For Concrete: To secure bird spikes down any type of surfaces you are to use outdoor construction adhesive. Many bird spikes – like Bird-B-Gone Spikes – have a glue trough along the base. For extra security, screw the spikes along with using an adhesive.

As to the price of installation it depends on the size of areas that must be covered as well as the amount of job that need to be done. Get ready to pay from $10 to $50 per foot for bird spikes installation.

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Bird Spikes Effectiveness

Bird Spikes are considered to be the most cost-effective and efficient bird exclusion device available within the bird control marketplace. Spikes are renowned in terms of longevity, application and the ease of installation. So what are the benefits of these best-selling products?

Top 4 bird spikes benefits

  1. Spikes are extremely easy to install. In fact, they can be easily installed by anyone.
    The base of each spiked strip is 1.5 inches wide.
  2. Before and after bird spikes installingOnce installed, bird spikes are almost invisible and therefore can be effectively used to protect structures, buildings where esthete are the greatest consideration, providing the owner with an effective and low-visibility control.
  3. Bird spikes can be installed horizontally or upside down in case of necessity.
  4. Unlike many of its counterparts, bird spikes are humane and non-lethal way of bird control.

Bird Spikes Problems? Call an expert

Expert of bird spikes installingHow to make bird spikes? Where to buy bird spikes? With the advent of the Internet, purchasing products from companies like Bird-B-Gone, Bird-X etc. who not only provide customer with a huge array of bird control products but also offer free-professional advice to anyone experiencing a bird-related problem is the best solution.

Most bird spikes products are dispatched with an installation CD that makes an installation much easier. For more complex problems the team of professionals at Bird-X, Bird-B-Gone are available for telephone advice.

Contact with their experts at finding the right product – bird spikes – for your bird problems:

  • Contact with Bird-B-Gone experts – 1-888-474-4401.
  • Contact with Bird-X experts – 800-662-5021.

Most people choose to ignore bird problem and simply scare birds away. However, birds are creatures of habit and they will surely return – often in greater numbers.

Don’t wait until they make your house their property. It’s time for a bird deterrent control like bird spikes.