How to Repel Crows: Successful Strategy Options and Effective Crow Control Products

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Got crows on your property? It’s time to keep them away with our useful tips and affordable crow control products. When crows become pest birds – causing damage to your house – we have a wide variety of excellent methods and products that really work for all types of crow problems.

Read and learn effective crow control options that are safe for humans and can keep these noisy large birds away. Take control overcrows before these birds do it. Learn about best-selling products – deterrents, repellents, visual deterrents, and ultrasonic devices – that can make your crow control much more effective.

Crows: Basic information

Crows are large, jet-black, intelligent birds – with load, hoarse voices – that are frequently seen in every sort of environment and living situation. These smart birds are native throughout North America and can be found on any continents worldwide except Antarctica and the southern area of South America.

Some crows live to the age of twenty.

The nesting period of crows can last up to 40 days. Young crows often help nesting pairs protect the nest and feed nestlings.

Roosting and Feeding Habits

Huge communal roosts of crowsCrows gather in huge communal roosts between 200 and thousands of individuals during non-breeding period, particularly in the winter. Usually, crows’ gatherings tend to happen near big food sources such as shopping centers and garbage dumps.

Crows may be hosts to well-known West Nile Virus.
If you have several dead crows on your property, don’t touch them. Notify wildlife or health authorities for proper disposal.

Crows diet is very diverse. They can eat almost anything, including other birds, nuts, fruits, mollusks, seeds, earthworms, frogs, nestlings, eggs, mice and carrion.

Problems with Crows

Crows problemsCrow species are very adaptable due to their intelligence. These black birds frequently cause damage to property and crops, strew trash and transfer disease.

Although crows are protected in the U.S., control of the species is allowed in certain areas where they are regarded as nuisance birds.

Crows are well-known destroyers of corn crops with plant and fruit matter making up about 2/3 of their diet. So, how to get rid of black crows?

Control Strategy: Best humane repellents to keep these birds away

How to scare away crows? Large birds such as crows often spend time in open grassy areas where predators are unable to hide. Treat such areas with taste aversions like Bird Stop or 4 The Birds.

We suggest using the following repellents:

  1. Bird Stop liquidBird Stop. This liquid – harmless and similar to our sense of smell – creates an invisible barrier that effectively irritates crows’ and other birds’ trigeminal systems.
    Cost: $122.75
    Where to buy: available at Bird-X.
    Where to use: Ideal for use at oats, corn and sunflowers, lawns, ornamental plants, pools, rooftops, sidewalks etc.
    How to use: Apply to surfaces by spraying or painting it to repel crows and other birds from loitering, feeding and landing.
  2. 4The Birds repellent liquid4The Birds – this crow repellent liquid is an excellent solution to keep crows from roosting or landing on any surface.

    Cost: $55.70

    Where to buy: available at Bird-X.

    Recommended for:

    • Exterior use – bushes, trees, vines etc.
    • Interior use – supports, struts, beams etc.

    Benefits: The product is non-toxic, decreases nuisance for residents, customers, workers, and reduces health risks associated with crow infestation.

    Crows are capable of counting numbers and remembering human faces.
  3. Irri-Tape Repellent RibbonTAPE-25 Irri-Tape Repellent Ribbon by Bird-X – the product has holographic effect that can repel crows using all of their senses like:
    • Visual Scare: Crows are scared by constantly changing reflections and shadows of materials’ sheen.
    • Sound Scare: Irritape makes a fierce metallic noise which scares crows.
    • Physical deterrent: birds can be effectively blocked by this Irri-Tape and its brackets on any surface.

    Price: $6.29
    Where to use: at yards, rooftops, gardens, parks, patios, balconies, ponds and at any open outdoor area with access to light and wind.

  4. CROW be GONE soundCROW be GONE – is a crow control CD that uses natural nature sounds to deter and scare away crows. The product works quite well. It doesn’t cost too much. So why not to give it a try?
    Cost: $19.95
    Where to buy: available at Bird-X.
    Ideal for use at: trees, gardens and outdoor areas.
    Benefits: CD can chase crows within minutes.
    To order the product call: 1-866-992-5454

How to repel crows without bothering humans

The most frequently asked question is how to keep crows away safely and humanely? The more profound answer is as simple as that – by using silent-to-humans but effective for crow control ultrasonic sound waves.

Ultrasonic control technology is perfect for areas where silence is preferred. It is used to confuse, and disorient pest birds. Feeling the pressure of the high-frequency sound waves, pest birds like crows will quickly learn to avoid such ultrasonic-attack areas.

For effective crow control we suggest using the following products:

  • Balcony GuardBalcony Guard – humane, electronic, easy-to-use, low-profile bird control device that efficiently repels annoying crows and other birds from small outdoor areas around your property.

    Cost: $98.00

    Where to buy: at Bird-X.

    Ideal for use at: driveways and carports, great for patio and balcony bird control.

    How to install: The installation is simple – the device mounts nearly anywhere.

    Benefits: Easy to use and install; motion-activated control device that covers up to 900 square ft.

    When it comes to Ultrasonic sound waves, they don’t mimic natural animal sounds like well-known sonic repellent devices do.
    Instead, silent-to-humans ultrasonic sound waves annoy and irritate pest animals and are efficient against all birds – big and small – as well as small pests.
  • Ultrason X repellerUltrason X – the world’s first, silent-to-humans, ultrasonic repeller specially designed for outdoor use in semi-enclosed spaces.
    Cost: $670.00
    Where to buy: at Bird-X.
    Ideal for use at: warehouses, outdoor Patios, restaurants and hotels.
    How it works: 4-speaker system of Ultrason X covers up to 3,600 sq. ft. The product produces alarming and irritating ultrasonic noises that intimidate crows and other birds to leave.

4 Best-selling deterrents you can trust

  1. Shock Track systemShock Track – this track system is effectively used for crow control. This electrical low-profile deterrent produces a mild electrical shock when crows and other birds land on it.
    Cost: $275.00
    Where to buy: available at Bird-B-Gone and on Amazon
    Ideal for use at: ledges, eaves, curved surfaces, rooflines etc.
    Available in such colors: stone, grey, terracotta and blue.
    How to install: The product is electrical and can be dangerous if not installed correctly. If you don’t know how to install call at: 888-676-5421 to get help.
    Benefits: effective for small and big birds, known as flexible and humane way to deter crows.
  2. Visual crow deterrentRepeller 360° – this spinning visual crow deterrent is effectively used to prevent large birds like crows from landing. Each unit of Repeller 360° features reflective “predator eyes” and uses wind power to scare and confuse crows from coming near the protected location.
    Price: $39.99
    Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.
    Ideal for use in many settings: docks, dock pilings, Biminis, skylights, light posts, boats and boat covers.
    Benefits: the product is wind powered – no electricity needed; high wind tested and easy-to-install.
  3. Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler – used to deter crows and large pest birds from open spaces.

    Cost: $75.00

    Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.

    How it works: An infrared sensor detects crows when these birds are present up to thirty five feet away. The unit releases an immediate spray of water. Crows will associate being sprayed by water with the area, and avoid this place in the future.

    Ideal for use in: backyards, gardens, shorelines, patios, golf courses, pool areas, docks, parks.

    Where to use: the product is meant for outdoor use. It is easily attaches to a garden hose.

    Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

    Want to amplify your crow control results? Use a multisensory approach. Treating the area with taste aversion, sound units and visual scares is a good solution. Remember visual deterrents like Scarecrows work great in combination with other tactics like Terror Eyes or Irri-Tape products.
  4. Stay-Away Mini ScarecrowStay-Away Mini Scarecrow – is an excellent product that deters crows from small locations with compressed air and sound.
    Cost: $55.00
    Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.
    How it works: Each unit of Mini Scarecrow has a motion sensor that makes a noise and spays compressed air when motion is sensed up to two feet away. Crows will be startled by the shot of air and sound and leave the area.
    Ideal for use in: potted plants, patio furniture, balconies, window sills, A.C. units, counter tops and other small spaces.
    Benefits: People have the choice of switching to a sound only mode of Mini Scarecrow to conserve the compressed air.

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How to achieve success in your crow control efforts

Crow controlSome people prefer using electronic deterrents to control crows while others give preference to visual scares or bird gels. So, how to achieve success and get rid of these noisy troublesome crows?

For maximum success in your crow control efforts, we recommend using a synergistic approach.
Synergy is the interaction of 2, 3 or more forces producing a combined, excellent effect that is greater and much more effective than the sum of their individual effects. It means you are to use companion products combining visual scares or taste aversions with sonic repellent devices. This approach is extremely effective in deterring crows from any area.

Getting rid of noisy and troublesome crows takes some persistence because these blackbirds tend to keep coming back. But if you will take our tips and methods into consideration you will surely get rid of them.

You can find further details of Birds Control here.

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  1. I used a string with at least twenty aluminum stove burner liners, and cut them into triangular shapes to string them in my back yard, and two lines failed to discourage these nuisance pests. Hope they work for cursed woodpeckers who now inhabit the area, and they cause incredible damage and are a pest. We watched one hammer a home to put a dinner-size plate hole in it, and it would not leave. Too many of these problem birds do incredible costly damage, fact. Will try fake owl statutes but it might be a waste of money.

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