How to Remove Sparrows Using Safe and Effective Sparrow Traps

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Many people wish to make away with bothersome sparrows that cause damage to their homes and native bird species. There are several methods you can use to remove those pesky intruders. Trapping is one of them.

If you don’t want sparrows get inside your home and create nests there consider sparrow trapping another weapon in your arsenal! Although sparrow trapping is often more expensive than other control methods, it can effectively crack your sparrow problem.

Check out the best traps that can effectively reduce sparrow populations and purchase the one that fits your situation.

How to trap

There are many types and models of sparrow traps. The most common types of sparrow trap are funnel traps.  These traps employ a trough shaped or funnel entrance that allows troublesome sparrows to easily pass through the big end into the trap. The small end inside this trap discourages exits.

Live trapsThese days, you can choose between numerous design variations:

  • Automatic traps;
  • Counter balanced traps;
  • Elevator traps – that allow the bird to enter an enclosed compartment that is attached to the end of a holding cage.

Most sparrow traps for sale are designed to allow mounting in a variety of locations including the ground, on the sides of buildings, on walls and even in trees. Some trap designs are collapsible, allowing them to be easily transported from one area to another and some can be operated by remote control.

You can use sparrow trap plans and build your own traps for sparrow control. But as far as there are largest selections of great sparrow traps on the market you can buy good traps that can effectively reduce pest birds’ populations.

4 Live and cost-effective sparrow traps: Get your property free of sparrows

Here is the list of the most effective sparrow traps that can be freely used on your property:

  1. Songbird Essentials Compartment Sparrow Trap Repellent SEST1Songbird Essentials Compartment Sparrow Trap Repellent SEST1 – excellent humane trap for controlling sparrows.

    Cost: $66.59

    Where to buy: available on Amazon.

    Where to use: Place the trap in an environment where you want to control sparrows.

    Effectiveness: New figure eight-shaped trigger quickly and easily closes the lids on the 2 side catch compartments.

    Benefits: Rust-proof construction with four color package.

    The House Sparrow is number 2 urban pest bird.
  2. ST1 Trio Sparrow Trap by Nature HouseST1 Trio Sparrow Trap by Nature House – is a live trap that effectively blocks sparrows from taking over purple martin houses.

    Cost: $82.99

    Where to buy: available on Amazon.

    How to use: Set the 2 trap doors and bait the compartments with cracked corn, fresh bread or nesting material.

    Effectiveness: New figure eight-shaped trigger quickly and easily closes the lids on the 2 side catch compartments.

    Benefits: Systematic use of this excellent trap will help you to easily control the problem with sparrows and clear the way for martins to move back home.

    Even if you have the best trapping equipment it does not guarantee trapping success.
    Remember, effective sparrow trapping takes careful planning, the correct bait, trap location etc.
  3. Kness Kage-All Live Animal Sparrow Trap, Model# 161-0-004Kness Kage-All Live Animal Sparrow Trap, Model# 161-0-004 – is a durable, safe, heavy-construction, humane trap that is designed for sparrow control.
    Cost: $32.99
    Where to buy: available on Amazon.
    How to use: Bait the compartments with fresh bread or nesting material.
    Benefits: Protected bait area keeps sparrow bait secure from outside access by animals.
  4. Live Animal Trap: Double Door Sparrow Trap by TomahawkLive Animal Trap: Double Door Sparrow Trap by Tomahawk – is effective, humane live trap that is used for sparrow control.

    Cost: $124.00

    Where to buy: available on Amazon.

    Description: The trap has a convenient, working release door that is located on the side of the trap. This release door provides easy access to the trapped pesky intruders. The trap also has two repeating trap doors.

    Benefits: This effective Sparrow Trap can hold up to twenty sparrows at a time.


    • The mesh size is 1/2 in x 1 in 16 gauge wire.
    • The trap size is 24 in L x 12 in W x 8 in H.

Want to know how to lure sparrows into traps? Don’t know what sparrow control products to use for effective control of these small birds? Embrace efficient sparrow control solutions with these working tips.

New, effective and best-selling sparrow traps you need to know

These new traps are regarded to be the best options for effective control of sparrows. You can choose one of the following:

Bird B Gone Sparrow Sky Trap

Bird B Gone Sparrow Sky TrapEasy-to-use hanging trap specially designed for sparrows’ capture in high traffic areas.

  • Cost: $181.25
  • Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.
  • Advantages: Wider pan captures debris and droppings that may fall from the inside the trap. The trap includes water and feed containers. Trap can be easily cleaned.
  • How to use: The trap assembles in minutes.
Inspect traps every day to remove trapped sparrows and to add bait and water as needed. Don’t live sparrows or other birds in the trap for long periods of time.
If trapping in direct sunlight, you are to create shade by partially or fully covering the trap.

Sparrow “Trap Door”

A humane bird trap specifically designed for sparrows trapped inside structures.

  • Cost: $117.70
  • Where to buy: at Bird Barrier.
  • Effectiveness: The trap is cost-effective, gentle and discrete way to get small birds – like sparrows – out of buildings.
  • How it works: When set, the trap is a welcoming platform with food. Sparrows stand on the platform for eating until they press down on the perch. The floor gives way under sparrows and these small birds fall inside the ventilated box. To protect the sparrow you can leave food and water inside the box.
  • How to release the birds: Open the “Trap Door” lid and sparrows will fly out.
  • Where to place the trap: Place it high up in the facility near the most sparrow activity. Use multiple traps in large facilities.
  • Audio Atractor in Trap DoorAn Audio Attractor Benefits: To attract more sparrows you can add the audio with a proprietary sparrow song. You can use the Trap Door with Audio preventatively to catch sparrows when they first arrive (before these birds build nests and find food and water).
  • The price for Sparrow “Trap Door” Audio Module is: $58.85.

Best-selling sparrow traps designed for human sparrow capture and release

These traps are popular due to the fact that they are considered to be human sparrow traps. Choose one of the following:

Sparrow Motel, Two Chamber Trap

Sparrow Motel, Two Chamber TrapA humane trap that is effectively used to catch and relocate sparrows.

  • Cost: $49.00
  • Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.
  • Where to use: The trap is built for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Benefits: The trap has one-way doors in which a sparrow can walk in but not out of.
All multi-sparrow traps must be checked daily.

Sparrow Trap with Food and Water Pans

Sparrow Trap with Food and Water PansIt is a live-trap that is effectively used to humanely capture sparrows and other pest birds for later release or relocation.

  • Cost: $185.00
  • Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.
  • How it works: This working sparrow control trap is divided into two parts each featuring three entrances and one removal access door. The trap is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where many sparrows are located.
  • Benefits: Sparrows are lured inside the trap with the help of bird feed placed inside it. The walk-through design of the trap allows sparrows to easily walk in but not out.
  • Advantages:
    • 6 entry funnel doors;
    • Inside or outside use;
    • Access to feed and water containers.

Swallow controlAre noisy swallows building mud nests on your property? Employ our professional strategies of swallow control and find out how to deter them away here.

The most effective way to control birds is using bird spikes. Read this to learn the latest info on best-selling bird spikes and find out the benefits of these products.

Efficient Repeating Sparrow Traps

Need effective repeating sparrow traps? We recommend the following ones:

1. Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap

Deluxe Repeating Sparrow TrapIt is specially designed by Blaine Johnson.

  • Cost: $49.95
  • Where to buy:
  • Effectiveness: The trap is cost-effective, sturdy and medium-sized. It works well. The sparrow pursuing food is committed once the bird steps in the elevator.
No matter what trap you use, the secret of effective trapping is to put out pre-bait about a week before setting traps. Using the right bait is very important.
Note sparrows like to consume cracked corn, white millet and wheat.

2. Sparrow Trap (EA)

Sparrow Trap (EA)It is 2 chamber repeating trap used for control of sparrows.

  • Cost: $64.20
  • Where to buy: at Bird Barrier.
  • Effectiveness: This 2 chamber, bi-level repeating trap is cost-effective and ideal for sparrows. It accommodates 12 sparrows at a time.
  • Benefits: Unlike ground level traps, the sparrows enter the trap and immediately move to the elevated 2 level, which eliminates sparrows’ feeling of entrapment and their need to dismiss a distress call.

3. Repeating Sparrow Trap (EA)

Repeating Sparrow Trap (EA)It is a working, live-trap that is used to humanely capture bothersome sparrows and other pest birds for their later release or relocation.

  • Where to buy: at Bird Barrier.
  • Benefits: The trap has 2 top access doors, 6 entry funnel doors – 3 for each compartment and proven bi-level design.
  • Advantages: Easy access to service feed and water.

Sparrow trapping is the most widely used method to reduce house sparrow populations in small areas. We recommend using live bird traps for sparrow control. This allows you to release non-target species unharmed. Follow our effective tips and choose the trap that suits you best. Don’t let those pesky creatures make messes on your property.

You can find further details of Sparrows Control here.

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  1. I use the Sparrow Trap Door with good success for interior bird control in our large, multi-cultural themed grocery store. The bird call brings one to the trap in a short time. If there are more sparrows to catch I can use the sparrow I just caught as a decoy bird in a repeating trap like the one 2 traps up from the bottom. The decoy then can bring in all the rest of the sparrows.

  2. Too many traps to pick from. Need to eliminate these destructive bluebird/native songbird killers from my farm. Won’t they capture good sparrows as well? I want to protect my bluebirds an have plunked some house sparrows with my pelleted airgun. Thanks, Gail.

  3. Sparrow “Trap Door” with MP3 bird call catches sparrows in 2 minutes.

    The other traps require days or weeks of pre-baiting. Who has time to wait for that when more advanced traps are now on the market?

    2 minute catch here:

    • Where do I get one? does it also trap females?

      • Bird barrier sells them – and yes they trap males and females.

  4. I have used the sparrow traps and the sparrows become smart to it and stay away from it, so what else is there, I am very frustrated and have tried shooting them with a bb gun, but the minute I move to aim the bird flies off!!!!!

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