You’re trying to eliminate an infestation of bed bugs. Although there are pest exterminators in your town, you want to save money and get rid of the bugs yourself. There are lots of products available through online vendors. You can access full information on some of them, but most aren’t fully described. You have decided to shop locally so that you read all the labels. But what is the best bed bug spray in stores? Which stores carry a full line of products so you can comparison shop? Keep reading. We have a summary here of stores and products for you.


You can purchase bed bug repellents, but your success will probably be limited. Bed bugs feast on warm blood, and your body attracts them. Chemicals rarely repel them. You have to kill bed bugs to get rid of them. The best way to kill them is to spray an insecticide directly on their ugly little bodies.

In selecting a bed bug killer spray, consider the following:

  • The severity of the infestation.
  • How quickly the spray kills pests.
  • Will the product stain your mattress.
  • Is the spray safe to use if you have pets or children.
  • Does the product have a residual effect.

There isn’t a particular product that’s best for everyone.

You have more than one choice; namely, sprays that are manufactured from:

  • Natural ingredients.
  • Artificial chemicals.
  • Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs).

Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Natural Sprays

The natural bed bug sprays contain a variety of ingredients. According to tests by independent agencies and customer reviews, two natural products are effective bed bug killers.

They are:

  • EcoRaider™.
  • Bed Bug Patrol™.EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol

These are both oil-based sprays.

EcoRaider contains geraniol (extracted from geraniums) and cedar oils. Bed Bug Patrol is made from clove, coconut extract, and peppermint oils. Both products include other ingredients and both kill on contact. This article describes JT Eaton Bed Bug Spray, which is an oil-based product made from pyrethrum.

EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol are generally safe to use around children and pets, but you still must exercise care in using them. Regardless of which kind or brand of spray you use, it’s nearly impossible to kill all bed bugs with one treatment. Although these two are very efficient insect killers, you will need to spray more than once. The instructions will specify how long to wait before treatments.

Artificial Chemical Sprays

Pyrethrin is derived from a particular species of Chrysanthemum. Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate by Southerrn AGIt’s been used for thousands of years to eradicate numerous insects. Kenya currently supplies the major portion of pyrethrin. It works on the nervous system of insects.

Most bed bug sprays in stores contain a form of pyrethroid, which is the synthetic version of pyrethrin. Numerous kinds of pyrethroid are manufactured today, as the long-time use has led to bugs becoming resistant to the earlier versions. This article describes Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray, which is formulated from Lambda-Cyhalothrin.

Other groups of pesticides include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Chlorfenapyr – destroys cells in insects.
  • Dichlorvos – disrupts the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Neonicotinoid – paralyzes, then kills insects.
  • Propoxur – acts quickly to kill on contact and has a residual effect as well.

These are all classes of insecticides, and each has a variety of forms that differ slightly. You can learn more about Raid Max Bed Bug Spray, which contains several powerful pesticides, here.

Knockdown resistance (kdr) to DDT and pyrethroids

DDT and pyrethroids

For example, the Neonicotinoid group includes:

  • Acetamiprid,
  • Clothianidin,
  • Dinotefuran,
  • Imidacloprid,
  • Nithiazine,
  • Thiacloprid,
  • Thiamethoxam.

Most products also contain alcohol and neem oil, as well as inactive ingredients.

Although many types of insecticide are included in the two lists above, you’ll see other names. New insecticides come on the market frequently. Each is formulated differently than its predecessors in an attempt to overcome insect resistance.

Over-the-counter Products Aren’t Strong

EPAMany of the products you can buy won’t have huge amounts of the insecticide in them. That’s due to environmental, health, and safety regulations. Commercial pest eradication products contain the insecticides in much stronger concentrations.

Because of the reduced strength of products available to consumers, the sprays work best when sprayed directly on bed bugs. They don’t have effective residual action. Bed bugs don’t eat poisons or baits.

It’s You They Love
Bed bugs are attracted to wherever humans are because their preferred food is human blood. A bed bug infestation is not an indication of poor housekeeping or your social status. It doesn’t matter who you are or how clean your house is, bed bugs will move in because you’re there.

Insect Growth Regulators

I.G.RegulatorIGRs are marketed with the promise of sterilizing bed bugs. Once the adults die off, the problem is solved. Research is showing that IGRs aren’t working as promised. The poisons in them slowly kill insects, many of which can reproduce at least once before dying.

Bed bugs won’t mature without blood meals.

Because IGRs do effectively kill bed bugs, you may choose to use a spray that contains an IGR in combination with other ingredients. If you see hydroprene and kinoprene on the product label, then you’re buying an IGR spray.

Where to Spray

Unless the instruction labels indicate otherwise, spray the following areas:

  • Mattress buttons, seams, tears, and holes.
  • Box spring and bed frame.
  • Furniture, such as dressers and night stands.
  • Behind pictures and other wall decor.
  • Behind switch plates and around light fixtures.
  • Gadgets.
  • Carpeting and tack strips.
  • Baseboards.
  • Under or inside anything that provides a hiding place.


Bed bugs can get into extremely tiny cracks and crevices.

You need to kill every bed bug to stop the infestation. If there’s one survivor, there are hundreds of others. Some products will kill the adults, juveniles, and eggs. Even those will probably require subsequent applications because of the bed bug’s skill at hiding.

Bed bugs can survive for months without eating.

You won’t know until you’ve tried if your bed bugs are resistant to a particular spray. You may have to try more than one brand before your eradication efforts are successful. Even if you aren’t getting bitten at night, you’ll notice little back spots of feces and dried blood on your bedding if you still have bed bugs.


Lowe’s Home Centers carry a large selection of bed bug sprays.

Among others, you’ll find:

  • Bayer Advanced: Ingredients include imidacloprid and cyfluthrin. It will kill eggs as well as adults. It kills on contact and leaves a long-lasting residue. It doesn’t stain fabrics and doesn’t have an odor. You can buy it in aerosol cans or one-gallon containers.
    Bayer Advanced Bed Bugs Products
  • Harris: a water-based product that’s formulated with deltamethrin. It’s non-staining and safe for use on mattresses. Lowe’s also carries the Harris bed bug kit, which has three products, one of which is made with imidacloprid.
    Bed Bug Killer Kit by Harris
  • Hot Shot: available in several forms, including a formula containing an egg killer. It kills on contact only and is not recommended for use on mattresses. You can buy it in aerosol cans or one-gallon containers.
    Bed Bug Insect Killer by Hot Shot

Lowe’s also carries other products to kill bed bugs, such as diatomaceous earth.


Walmart has several brands available, including:

  • Harris: an odorless spray made with deltamethrin that kills on contact. They also offer the Harris Egg Kill formula in a 16-ounce aerosol can.
    Harris products
  • Ortho Home Defense: a fast-acting spray made with imidacloprid and other ingredients known to kill bed bugs. It’s available in several sizes for your convenience.
    Ortho Home Defence products

Most sprays are intended for indoor use only. Walmart carries products that can be sprayed outdoors in yards and around foundations to prevent the entrance of bugs.


Natural Bed-Bug Killer by AvengerCVS stores feature Nature’s Avenger Organics Natural Bed-Bug Killer. The active ingredients are peppermint oil and clove oil.

It’s formulated in a non-staining water base. It kills bugs on contact, and is safe to use with care around children and pets.

Can I Buy Commercial Grade Bed Bug Spray?

Commercial bed bug sprays are intended for use in apartments and hotels. Many of them are available only in concentrated forms for use by professional exterminators. Some are marketed as kits, as it often takes more than one product to effectively kill bed bugs.

Always on The Move
Bed bugs like to travel. The primary way they change locations is by crawling inside your luggage, especially in hotel rooms. Some experts advise setting luggage on plastic sheeting rather than on hotel beds or floors. You can also buy products to spray on your luggage to help prevent hitchhikers.

Commercial brands include:

  • Phantom Termiticide/Insecticide – the active ingredient is chlorfenapyr. It’s slower-acting than some other products but is effective for bed bugs that are resistant to pyrethroids.
    Phantom Termiticide/Insecticide
  • Temprid SC – professional pesticide effective for many pests, including bed bugs. It contains beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid. It can’t be used where you will be in contact with it, such as on your mattress.
    Temprid SC
  • Transport Mikron – made from acetamiprid and bifenthrin. It kills on contact as well as leaving a residue to keep on killing pests.
    Transport Mikron

If you are able to acquire these products, you must wear protective clothing, glasses, and a breathing mask. Use only in well-ventilated areas and leave your home for up to 24 hours.

The Best Spray at Home Depot

Home Depot stores carry all the consumer products that Lowe’s and Walmart offer, as well as other brands.

Those include:

  • Ecologic – made with lemongrass oil.
  • Proof – made from neem oil and kills adults, juveniles, and eggs.
  • Sevin – a multi-purpose pesticide that can be used indoors or outdoors.
    EcoLogic, Proof and Sevin

All the products have received positive reviews from consumers. The best one will be the one that is safe and meets your pest control needs.

The Top Three Best Sprays You Can Buy in Stores

Best is a very subjective word. What is best for you may not be the best for others and vice-versa.

Three products that are highly rated for effectiveness and safety are:

  1. Bed Bug Bully.
  2. Eco-Friendly Living (ELF).
  3. PuraCleenRx.
    BedBug Bully, Eradicator and Xtreme Cleen

They have various combinations of ingredients.

Do-it-yourself bed bug eradication is possible. You will probably need to use more than one product and apply even the best bed bug sprays in stores more than once. Although some sprays say that they can be used around pets or children, none of them are completely safe. The most important thing is always to read and follow all the instructions.

You can find further details of Bed Bugs Control here.