What is the Best Pesticide for Eliminating Bedbugs?

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Noticed you lately scratch your skin too much every time you get into your bed at night or already discovered there are pesky little pests crawling in your bedroom? Are there red itchy bites on your skin? In this editorial, understand how to identify bedbugs and how to effectively get rid of them.

Unlike most other pests, it can be a tedious undertaking to eliminate these blood-sucking insects especially because they are always in hiding and only show up at night. Here, you get a critical analysis of the best ways and most effective products of eliminating bedbugs for good.

Does Insecticide Really Kill Bedbugs?

There are different effective insecticide options for exterminating bed bugs such as Tempo SC Ultra for bed bugs $43.67 – $256.02 which has beta-cyfluthrin as the active ingredient, but there are also concerns of confusion when trying to decide on the best for various situations. In fact, in the past, there have been situations of resistance, especially when one type of insecticide is used over a long period.

The longer you use one product to eliminate bed bugs, the higher the level of resistance you are likely to encounter. Use each product sparingly to ensure it remains useful for the long haul.

If you have tried one method and find that resistance has developed and the population has in fact increased, changing the insecticide may just be your go-to solution. Trying different solutions gives you a better chance of getting rid of the pests completely, even those that have developed signs of resistance.

Given that bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate, it is very important to choose an insecticide that works.

Among products that can be considered include:

  • insect growth regulators,
  • insecticidal dusts,
  • aerosol insecticide sprays,
  • liquid insecticide sprays,
  • repellents.

Bed Bug Insecticides

Understand that most over the counter insecticides are not strong enough to kill the eggs. Go for products that can kill both the bug and the eggs such as Raid Max Bed Bug and Flea Killer $8.98.

Bedbugs thrive in areas where there is enough supply of hosts especially in mattresses, cracks in the bedroom, and carpets. For this reason, it is vital to choose a less toxic product for indoor use to protect human and pet life.

The Best Insecticide

Chemical control remains the surest and widely used way of controlling bedbugs around the world.

The most effective insecticides include:

  1. Demand CS – 8 OZ $39.79: This water-based concentrate is one of the best insecticides, making up to 100 gallons of solution, and has a 90 days window of bed bug control. It is also highly reliable, given that it has an active ingredient with iCAP technology (where microcapsules are easily picked by the bugs as they crawl over the treated areas). Demand CS offers high perimeter protection against the stubborn bugs and comes with an advanced pyrethroid. It is used both indoors and outdoors with very little staining and odor. The active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin is transferred from the capsule and directed to the bug’s cuticle. Demand CS is best applied using a gallon sprayer.
    Demand CS Insecticide
  2. Tandem 32 OZ $159.20: Tandem contains two powerful ingredients including thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin. The two are scientifically proven to offer a long-lasting control on pests.
    Tandem Insecticide
  3. PremoGuard Bed Bug and Lice Killer 24 OZ $23.95: This is a natural, non-toxic bug exterminator that is odor free and friendly around pets and children. It can be used in both commercial and domestic settings to produce immediate results. Premo does not stain furniture or bedding, has no scent, and does not contain harmful fumes. It has plant extracted ingredients and is known to eliminate eggs and kill pesticide resistant bed bugs.
    Bed Bug & Lice Killer by PremoGuard
  4. Essentria IC³ Concentrate $30.41: Essentria is a natural concentrate designed to eliminate insecticides on contact and create a barrier to repel others. This product works by attacking the nervous system. Once bed bug eggs come into contact with it, their lifecycle ends.
    Insecticide Concentrate by Essentria IC3

Identifying the Most Effective Pesticides before Buying

Most bed bug eliminating pesticides are highly toxic, and it is important to purchase one that has passed the toxicity test to ensure human life is not harmed. Some are recommended for outdoor use, while others can only be used indoors.

Bed bug bites can cause ailments like rashes and anemia.

Given that most bedbugs live indoors, it is vital to read the label carefully before making a purchase.

The following pesticides are effective in eliminating bed bugs:

  • Liquid insecticide spray: this comes with traces of insecticide and is designed to be applied on surfaces where bedbugs hide especially in cracks. Once applied, the residual that kills bedbugs is left behind. The highest rated is the Harris bed bug killer $38.99. Harris kills the moment it dries and continues to do so weeks after application. It does not stain, has no odor, and leaves no damage to fabric.
  • Aerosol insecticide spray: Read through the label to understand the terms of use before buying since these are formulated with a propellant. Aerosols are most effective when sprayed on the bed bugs directly. EBBK14 – Enforcer bed bug spray $13.95 is one of the best. It not only kills the bugs but the eggs too thereby preventing infestation.
  • Insecticide dusts: these are considered the best for bedbugs since they cover the bugs completely as opposed to liquids. This gives full exposure to the chemical preventing the bugs from moving to another unit. Cimexa $12.20 is one of the best. It is designed for indoor use, is silica based, and has high water and oil absorption making it highly effective in destroying the waxy cuticle of the bugs.
  • Insect growth regulator: growth regulators hinder the development of bed bugs by killing them when molting or after. Purchasing a non-effective regulator means bed bugs are not eliminated and this causes them to multiply. Gentrol insect growth regulator (IGR ) 16 OZ can $16.98 is one of the best.

Bed bug pesticides


If you believe you have bed bug infestation in your home, then you need bed bug interceptors for quick and easy control. With interceptors, you can detect bugs early. In fact, they are more effective in the early stages of infestation and are mostly pesticide free. Once detected early, it becomes easy to eradicate them.

Interceptors can keep bed bugs hiding outside the mattress away from your bed. Good quality products can easily fit around nightstands, sofas, dressers, etcetera. Interceptors are hardly available in stores, but accessible online.

There are different effective interceptors including:

  • The climbup interceptor original $33.73: This is a plastic monitoring system designed to detect bed bug infestations early. It has slick, polished walls that make it hard for the bugs to crawl out. The interceptor creates a barrier preventing the bugs from getting to your bed.
    Original ClimbUp Interceptor
  • The climbup interceptor XL $27.99: XL ClimbUp InterceptorThe XL comes coated with a thin talc layer, is pesticide free, and slick enough to trap bugs in. It can be placed under the legs of chairs, beds, and other furniture. It helps to detect bugs and also monitor existing infestation.
  • The climbup interceptor HD $9.95: HD ClimbUp InterceptorThis is a smaller version of both interceptor original and XL. It monitors bed bug condition, allowing you to know how bad the infestation is.
  • The LightsOut bed bug detector $24.99: This bug detector is talc and pesticide free. They are effective traps for both furniture and frame legs. LightsOut is also impact resistant and load bearing. It comes fitted with knobs and concentric rings to prevent shifting.
    BedBug Detector by LightsOut

Consider the size before making a purchase. Non-fitting interceptor cannot control the bugs. These devices can be installed before or after treatment.


There are various disinfectants that have been seen to aid in the elimination of bed bugs.

These include:

  • STERI-FAB $14.55. Kills bugs and their eggs on contact. It can be used to sterilize box springs and mattresses without staining fabrics.
  • Lysol $15.87. Lysol can be used to eliminate bed bugs, but is only effective when in direct contact with them. After discovering you have bugs in your home, first identify their hiding place before spraying. Once immersed in Lysol, bed bugs suffocate and die instantly.

Steri-Fab and Lysol insecticides

The Best Pesticide to Use

There is a wide range of pesticides that can be used to eliminate bed bugs and the categories are as follows:

  1. Pyrethrins and pyrethroids: These are the most common and are botanical, specifically derived from flowers. The two have been proven to be lethal to bugs, with the capacity to flush them out of their hiding and killing them. If there is bed bug resistance, use a combination of chemical classes. A good example is the Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer $64.88.
    Bed bug patrol with instructions
  2. Desiccants: These destroy the outer coating of the bugs causing them to dehydrate and die. These include Diatomaceous Earth $13.99 and Boric Acid $20.90.
    Diatomaceous Earth and Boric Acid
  3. Biochemicals: Cold pressed Neem oil $19.95 is the only highly recommended biochemical for eliminating bed bugs. Neem oil controls adult bed bugs, the nymph, and the eggs.

    Use NEEM OIL for Bed Bugs

    Neem oil for Bed Bugs
  4. Pyrroles: Currently, the only registered pyrrole is Chlorfenapyr $53.99. The chemical used destroys the functioning of the cells of the bed bug, and this leads to death.
    Pyrroles Chlorfenapyr 99%
  5. Neonicotinoids: Thiamethoxam 25%these act on the nervous system of the bed bugs making the nerves to fire and finally fail leading to death. For this reason, bugs that have resisted other pesticides are quickly eliminated. Thiamethoxam $179.99 is one of the best, a synthetic form of nicotine.

What Pesticide Kills Bed Bugs?

Today, the market is flooded with different types of pesticide, most of which are only effective when in contact with bed bugs. This only means they have little to no lasting effect on the bugs thereby causing you to get the same bug problem months later. When using pesticides, therefore, view them as contact sprays.

Bed Bugs No More! Combo kit, Spray and Monitor

There is also the question of fogging.There are scholars who claim that fogging works in bed bug control efforts while others argue the method does not work. Pyrethrum is the chemical used to fog and has been scientifically proven to flush insects out of their hiding. However, note that fog does not penetrate tiny cracks.

The quality of the pesticide used will ultimately determine the level of success in eliminating the bugs. Research shows that using one type of pesticide for long creates resistance, and so it may be necessary to incorporate other means of control. Some argue that measures such as the use of ammonia works. So, does ammonia kill bed bugs? Find out here.

Bed bugs are tiny pests that can leave the skin itchy with serious allergic reactions. Eradicating infestations can also be time-consuming and difficult resulting in isolation and financial distress. Thankfully, with the best pesticide for bedbugs, you can easily eliminate them for good.

You can find further details of Bed Bugs Control here.

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