For how long have you been trying to eliminate ants from your house? When the process takes weeks or months, you should address more radical options.

Here “radical” doesn’t mean anything poisonous to people or dangerous to pets. “Radical” stands for something more efficient and working. Luckily, ant traps with various baits are the tools that can be trusted.

Read and find out more about their components and methods of work, duration of results and efficiency. We are going to provide substantial information on their use and safety. After you get acquainted with the options you have, you will be ready to choose the type that works best for your house.

How to Safely Get Rid of Ants at Home?

Ants exterminationIf you are in search of ant traps safe for cats and other home pets, as well as for your family, address insect traps with baits that kill not only ants, but also crickets and cockroaches that are inside your house. Special baits attract the insects to eat foods that contain insecticide that kills them.

To make the traps work properly it is important to keep the areas where all the food is stored clean: when there is no other food around, the insects are concentrated on baits only, and not on other products that they like better.

What is the trick of using such traps? It is in making sure that the ants find the bait, eat it and take some of it back to the queen that is in the nest. Traps are better than sprays, as after sprays many insects die before taking the baits to the nest, thus the efficiency of this method is low, and this is when most users believe that ant traps are not working.

How fast the bait works depends on several factors:

  • on the kind of pesticide in the trap,
  • whether the insect likes the bait’s taste,
  • whether there is other food around.

Are such traps safe?

As the majority of baits are enclosed in containers, pesticides that are inside them are not likely to be exposed. In case you find some of them, leave them alone.
Never move, open or put them in the mouth.

If it happened so that you have touched one of them, wash your hands with water and soap in order to ensure that pesticides are not on your skin.

How Do Insect Traps Work?

Though ant traps are pretty effective, they act slower than most dusts and sprays. However, they affect distant residents.

Baits don’t compete with other foods, forcing ants to feed on baits provided.

There are four main components baits consist of:

  • Attractant. This is usually a pheromone or food that makes the bait acceptable and also readily picked up.
  • Palatable carrier. It gives the matrix or physical structure to the bait.
  • Toxicant. It must be non-repellent, delayed in action, but effective over nearly a 10-fold dosage range.
  • Other materials. They are normally added for reasons of formulation, like preservatives, emulsifiers, antimicrobial and waterproofing agents.

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Ant Traps That Really Work

TERRO: ant traps that worksThough today’s market offers different traps that boast efficacy, we suggest trying out ant traps TERRO. They are specially designed for killing common household ants. All you have to do is place a pre-filled liquid ant bait station somewhere near the door areas, where you’ve noticed insects. These traps kill all worker ants in a couple of days, providing the foraging ants with enough time for sharing the bait with the rest of the colony. These traps prevent baits from drying out, ensuring that the ants have a continuous supply of liquid, night and day.

Active ingredients kill the working ants, interfering with their digestive system, as well as working slowly enough giving them enough time for getting back to the nest and share the bait with the rest of the colony. Though the traps work slowly they allow ants to make not one, but several trips to deliver enough poison to the colony and the queen.

Eliminating the queen and colony members within nests is the key to effective control.

Raid ant baitsAnother product that is highly trusted within the industry is Raid ant trap. It is designed to kill on contact. It has a broad spray pattern that allows covering a pretty wide area. It is highly effective in killing a lot more than just common household ants.

This product works on pharaoh ants and carpenter ants, controlling the infestation for 1 month. Perhaps one of the drawbacks is the size, as you should use several traps in order to see the final result. Of course, this is just a perfect solution for people living in condos, small houses and apartments with common household ants.

Raid ant traps and dogs can co-exist without any problems.

Traps are not poisonous to dogs, as their toxicity levels are pretty low, but the metal or plastic case can hurt the pet.
So, it is a nice idea to contact a pet poison control center or a vet, asking about the specific product the pet ate.

As you see, though there are many solutions to use, ant traps are the best option to be addressed. They are safe, reliable, with long-lasting results and no side effects. Besides, their baits can be effectively spread in the colony. If you have small children or pets, you can use traps without getting worried about the effect on them. Choose any of the above-mentioned solutions to get rid of ants that infest your house.

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