This comparison list shows consistency, main ingredients, and the places in which you can set the trap. If you require additional information, just look at the links provided next to each product’s title.

Top 3 Best Ant Traps Comparison Chart
ProductTypeLocationActive Ingredient
Advion ant gel previewEditor’s Choice
Advion Ant GelGelIndoor/ OutdoorIndoxacarb
Terro Ant Baits previewPeople’s Choice
TERRO T300B Liquid Ant BaitsLiquid Bait (Tray)Indoor/ OutdoorBorax
Terro Bait Stakes previewTERRO T1812 Outdoor Ant Bait StakesBaitOutdoorBorax

Ants are some of the most problematic insects for homeowners throughout the world. The tiny bugs can invade areas where children play, with some species being a big safety hazard. Too many ants is never a good thing, and the little creatures can cause mild to severe injury very quickly due to their size and invasive nature. They may linger in your front lawn, backyard, and indoors.

Their mounds are very difficult to get rid of without baits, which is where the five products reviewed below come in. They are built to end ant problems quickly, containing a perfect mix of ingredients that attract ants and kill them in record time, often by them carrying it back to their mounds.

Once you’re done with the reviews, be sure to read the Buyer’s Guide to get great tips on what you can do to ensure that you end up with the best trap for your ant problem.

Top 5 Best Ant Traps Reviewed

Are you looking for an effective way of eliminating ants in your home and the best trap to use? After much research, there are definitely some products that stand out more than others. And the winner is Advion Ant Gel.


1. Advion Ant Gel – Best Ant Trap For Indoor and Outdoor Locations (Editor’s Choice)

Advion Ant GelView on Amazon

The Advion Ant Gel is sold in a tube container and sits at the top as one of the best baits that you’ll find anywhere.

The smell usually mild when the product is used before it expires. It also contains small amounts of sugar in the ingredients, which is lure the ants to the trap and ensure that they carry some back to their mound with them. As a result, hordes of ants can be cleared away very fast with just a small string on bait placed in corners in indoor or outdoor locations.

If you need an ant bait that’s easy to apply and won’t leave you cringing from the smell, consider the Advion Ant Gel as a must-have purchase.
  • On a good batch, there are no irritating smells when applied; contains no odor
  • The insecticide is sugar-based, which is highly attractive to ants and other land bugs
  • Contents will be carried back to ant mounds, where more ants will be terminated in the process
  • Can clear away hundreds of ants in as little as four days
  • Some tubes may contain a very unpleasant odor, more so when the product gets closer to its expiration date
  • Very messy, annoying to clean up
  • The get-like solution becomes more watery near the end of the tube

2. TERRO T300B Liquid Baits – Best Universal Ant Trap For People With Small Children and Pets (People’s Choice)

Liquid ant bait stations by TerroView on Amazon

The Terro T300B Liquid Ant Bait is the trap you should get when you must set and forget.

The insecticide is situated in a small tray that can be placed outside or in your home. It’s also non-toxic and very safe around children and pets. While the substance can leak outside of the tray, placing in areas where it cannot be brushed against will ensure that nothing gets out of it.

Of course, ants may trail some of the bait themselves in the elimination process, but this is what you want.

If you tend to dislike traps that require lots of preparation, The T300B is a great buy.
  • Non-toxic formula is safe to use around pets
  • The baits are housed in a plastic container, which further prevents unwanted contact with pets
  • Easy to set, no messy residue to clean after the product is finished
  • On occasion, the bait inside of the trap may seep out in small amounts
  • May require more than two baits for large colonies
  • The bait, which is liquid, can spill easily when brushed against

3. TERRO T1812 Bait Stakes – Best Outdoor Ant Trap For Long-Term Use

Terro Bait StakesView on Amazon

And outdoor ant trap, the Terro T1812 is another bait that must be placed in the soil close to ant mounds.

How to use: The trap has a little point at the base to make this easier. Just press it down into the ground when you ready to bait at the top.

  • Longevity is key here, so try this formula when you need something that will last for several months without the need for quick replacements.
  • The main drawback is how the bait may leak when it’s opened, something that could get it on your skin when preparing. If you’re concerned with this, use safety gloves when handling the bait.

Still, the T1812 remains a solid buy for those with large yards that need traps that don’t require frequent maintenance and replacements.

  • Very fast and simple to prepare
  • Will last for nearly one season without needing an early replacement
  • Most of the time, the ants will disappear on their own, which lowers to chances of needing to cleanup what’s been killed
  • Has a cap in the center of the trap that shows the level of bait left inside the pouch
  • When twisting off the activation tab, some of the bait may release and drip on the hands
  • Only effective on ants, doesn’t kill other invasive outdoor insects

4. HomePlus Ant Killer – Best Ant Traps For Small Homes/Apartments

Homeplus Ant KillerView on Amazon

The HomePlus Ant Killer another indoor/outdoor bait that’s sold in two small canisters. It’s a great way to kill ants fast when the infestation is not severe. You will notice results in less than a day after the product is set.

It’s also childproof and safe around animals, a feature that makes it a must-buy for people with large families. And don’t worry about allergic reactions. The formula consists of ingredients that won’t lead to burning eyes.

Just be sure that your ant problem isn’t too bad before you settle with this one, as two may not be enough to handle multiple mounds.

  • When the traps are set correctly, users will notice fewer ants less than 24 hours
  • Tamper resistant housing; not easy for small children to open
  • The bait doesn’t cause any nose or eye irritations
  • The pods may need to be tried in several spots before the ants become attracted to them
  • May not be effectual at killing some ant species

5. Raid Ant Bait Gel – Best Ant Trap For Walls And Ceilings

Raid ant gelView on Amazon

Raid Ant Bail Gel is another tube bait with a small guard near the tip of the bottle that serves to make applying a little easier. It’s a good choice for those with severe ant problems indoors.

The gel is sticky and won’t drip when placed on walls, so use it if you notice ants near your windows or door hinges. It’s also long-lasting and should last up to a month without needing reapplication.

But be sure to clean it up over time to prevent anything from seeping, as the gel may melt and become messy and difficult to wipe up.

But overall, this gel is great for people with sensitivity to smell and need something that can eliminate ants without a need to resort to sprays.

  • The bait will work in applied locations for up to a month
  • Its gel-like consistency is viscous enough stick to walls and ceilings without dripping
  • Doesn’t take must force to get the gel out of the tubing, applies quickly
  • No odors will be observed, even if the product is close to its expiry date
  • The bait’s thickness will dissipate over time and liquefy, an action that could be intensified when stored out in the open

6. AMDRO Shaker Bag – Best Ant Bait Granules for Outdoor Use

AMDRO Ant GranulesView on Amazon

AMDRO Granules product is meant to be used around the perimeter of your house to prevent ants from getting inside.

They are attracted to the smell of the granules, then carry them back to their colony where other ants will eat them. The poison in the granules then kills the ants and prevents them from coming back.

AMDRO is treats up to 2,500 ft².

What is the Best Ant Traps in September, 2020? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

Ant traps are sold in a variety of different designs, with each having some benefit, and in some cases, lots of things to criticize.

Truth be told, the most popular brands in the categories of insecticides may not always be the best for your indoor and outdoor pest problems. With this in mind, you should do research on those which interest you. This is to avoid frequent purchases of ant traps that claim to do so much but end up being nothing of any major significance to killing the insects and their mounds.

This Buyer’s Guide serves to make your shopping easier, whereby you should have a better understanding of what you want when you’re finished going over the tips.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Ant traps are made to be placed in either an indoor setting, outdoor, or both. When either is the case, the brand will usually show to you on the packaging or product description. Most of the traps listen in the reviews above are made for all three locations, but there are some exceptions.

Ants exterminationWhere are the ants coming from in your residence? Do you notice lots of mound around your yard when mowing? Or do they tend to linger around your porch and trail past the front door? In some cases, you may even notice small ants in places that are completely unexpected, such as your bathroom. Don’t be surprised to see them there, ants depend on what just as much as food, which is readily available in washrooms.

Take a look around your property before you purchase ant traps, and make a note of the surfaces in which they tend to congregate the most.


Most ant traps involve some sort of object that must be applied to a surface or place in a strategic location.

Those which do need to be applied will often consist of a liquid or thick substance:

  1. Sprays are often the most common but those aren’t recommended for any problems because of how quick they dry.
  2. Pastes are much better since the formula will often be made of ingredients that are attractive to the ants, to which they will either eat it on the spot or take back to their mounds. The downside to this is the cleanup once the ants begin to die or disappear. Clean up instances could be often depending on how severe your ant problem is. But for most people, a simple application in corners near ant trails could produce results that require cleanup about every week.

Will they Attract Pets?

Of course, whenever you deal with any sort of insecticide, you’ll want to know whether or not the product is harmful to pets.

The best way to prevent any sort of issues down the road is to always keep them away from areas that have been treated, even if the product claims to be non-toxic.

Still, those evaluated above are generally safe to use around most pets. Dogs and cats are very curious though, so don’t let safety claims lull you into a false sense of relief. With that being said, it bears repeating to keep all ant traps away from pets when you can. Additionally, you probably have already kept them away from ant locations, which is where the traps will likely be set.

Children should also be kept away from ant traps. If your ant problem mostly comes from your front lawn, have them play in in the backyard until the issue dissipates. But since ants can pose a serious risk to a child’s health if they are bitten, you have probably kept them away from these areas already, especially if there’s aggressive species around such as fire ants.

If you have small children, consider getting ant traps that keep the insecticide in a container for the duration that it’s used.

To find out the best pet safe ant killer, go here.

How Many to Purchase

One ant trap might not be enough. In fact, your problem could require several baits or bottles for the issue to go away quickly.

The positive aspect to this is that many products made for ant elimination-including many of those reviewed-are sold in bundles.

Large yards will probably need to buy more though:

  • When applying baits outdoors, try to place them in areas close to mounds, so that the ants will take them back into the pile. If you do this, it’s likely that the queen will die soon.
  • At the same time, add additional traps around locations where you think they will reappear, something that could happen if you don’t have enough traps in the first place. If you do this, the ants won’t have the convenience of building another mound when the first is depleted, which will encourage (or force) them off your property for good.

Hard-to-Reach Areas

As previously stated, ants can sometimes be found in unlikely locations that you may not have noticed before. Some species are fond of attics, bathrooms, and other areas where water may linger on occasion. If this is descriptive of your situation, consider baits that are thick.

Ants trailThose with a high viscosity will stick to surfaces better, which means that you can apply the insecticide in locations such as walls, ceiling corners, and cracks near window corners and panes. This is also a great way to lure the ants to bait that won’t hard small children. As the ants make note of the “food, ” they will alert others, and they should soon go away altogether.


Some ant traps may have a very unpleasant odor that is dependent on one’s sensitivity to smell.

This is usually due to three reasons:

  1. Expiration date. The first being that the product was sold in a batch that’s close to its expiration date. While this doesn’t happen very often, it can take place. Make sure that the product you are interested in has a good reputation with packaging their goods properly, along with sending out items that aren’t close to the date in which they will go bad.
  2. Ingredients. The second is the ingredients. Most of the traps sold are formulated to attract the ants, which means that they must carry some form of scent that will get their attention.
  3. Insecticides. And the third likely cause of odor, as mentioned, is the consumer’s sensitivity or unfamiliarity with insecticides. Most products on the market will have some sort of smell, but there are brands that make baits that are odorless. If you become annoyed with smell very easily, stick to those that won’t produce any notable smells.

Waiting for Results

Everyone loves insecticide that will get rid of bug problems fast. Ant traps are no exception.

A good product will have you notice result in a day or, in some cases, even less time. But don’t worry if you notice ants a few days after the bait has been set, especially if your home in big or the ant problems is severe. Give it at least 48 hours.

If you see ants in locations, such as on the bait itself, then you know that it’s working. Don’t disturb them, and after a while, you should notice fewer and fewer until they are gone.

The key is to always place your baits in places where the ants can get to them easily. Mounds and places where you think mounds are likely to show up are best.

Prevention is often the best cure, so think ahead and don’t hesitate to place traps in areas where there aren’t any trails, something that could keep them from your home when the weather begins to warm up in the spring and summer months.

How to Safely Get Rid of Ants at Home?

If you are in search of ant traps safe for cats and other home pets, as well as for your family, address insect traps with baits that kill not only ants but also crickets and cockroaches that are inside your house. Special baits attract the insects to eat foods that contain an insecticide that kills them.

To make the traps work properly it is important to keep the areas where all the food is stored clean: when there is no other food around, the insects are concentrated on baits only, and not on other products that they like better.

What is the trick of using such traps? It is in making sure that the ants find the bait, eat it and take some of it back to the queen that is in the nest. Traps are better than sprays, as after sprays many insects die before taking the baits to the nest, thus the efficiency of this method is low, and this is when most users believe that ant traps are not working.

How fast the bait works depends on several factors:

  • on the kind of pesticide in the trap,
  • whether the insect likes the bait’s taste,
  • whether there is other food around.

Are such traps safe?

As the majority of baits are enclosed in containers, pesticides that are inside them are not likely to be exposed. In case you find some of them, leave them alone.
Never move, open or put them in the mouth.

If it happened so that you have touched one of them, wash your hands with water and soap in order to ensure that pesticides are not on your skin.

How Do Insect Traps Work?

Though ant traps are pretty effective, they act slower than most dust and sprays. However, they affect distant residents.

Baits don’t compete with other foods, forcing ants to feed on baits provided.

There are four main components baits consist of:

  • Attractant. This is usually a pheromone or food that makes the bait acceptable and also readily picked up.
  • Palatable carrier. It gives the matrix or physical structure to the bait.
  • Toxicant. It must be non-repellent, delayed in action, but effective over nearly a 10-fold dosage range.
  • Other materials. They are normally added for reasons of formulation, like preservatives, emulsifiers, antimicrobial and waterproofing agents.

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It’s hopeful that you have a better understanding of ants traps, the way they work, and the best baits for your situation. They aren’t always easy to find and come in many designs that promise lots of results.

The five best ant traps shown in the reviews are guaranteed to minimize or reduce your ant problems to the point where they can no longer flourish, which will definitely make your home safer for pets and small children.

Out of the fie that were reviewed, there are two which contain the best formula and design to eliminate ants. The Advion Ant Gel and TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Baits will produce the results you want fast and are a breeze to set up and mount near trails and mounds.

But don’t take this as a put down to the other three reviewed! They are also well formulated and could help with locations that would be either incompatible or unfeasible in indoor locations. There’s something for everyone here, so pick the ant traps that you know will get the job done as quickly as possible.

You can find further details of Ants Control here.