Get Rid of Those Ants – How to Do it, and What to Know

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Ants are tiny creatures that live underground. Being social insects, they exist in large colonies that can range from thousands of ants to hundreds of thousands. Sometimes, the tunnel systems can go for miles. Of course, you won’t see this, as ants are sneaky. Most likely, you won’t even know ants are around until you see a trail of them running through your house. Thousands of them, in a line, carrying off your food – what do you do? Thankfully, you won’t have to suffer long, as there are many ways you can get rid of those annoying ants for good.

When You’ve Got An Ant Problem

Even though ants are tiny, they’re very smart and communicate with each other effectively, making them majorly hard to get rid of sometimes. They can get in through the tiniest of cracks and find their way inside, infesting your pantry and cupboards and almost anywhere else. And just like other insects, ants carry bacteria that you don’t want hanging around in your home. They need to be gone – immediately.

The ant invasion in my home – what’s attracting them?

Why do ants even want to get inside your home at all? What could be in there that’s better than their colony? The answer is simple: food. Ants have a sense of smell that could rival a bloodhound and can detect the smallest of food particles from a far distance. They lay a trail and direct it back to the colony, which the rest of the ants will follow. Their mission is to take back whatever food they can to the colony, meaning that ants will stay in your home indefinitely if there’s a food source.

Ants lay down pheromones to mark their trail.

You don’t want just any ant killer, you want the very best. For tips on getting the best ant killer, click here.

Ants in the house are annoying, but so are the ones outside. More details on how to get rid of ants in your yard can be found here.

What kinds of food do ants love, and what kinds do they hate?

Different species of ants will eat different things. Army ants, for example, are actually carnivorous and eat other insects, including other ants. Harvester ants like seeds and grains. For an average infestation, the ants you’ll deal with in your home are the type looking for foods filled with sugar. And not just in the form of sweets; bread and processed foods have a good amount of sugar in them, meaning that just about anything in your house is fair game.

Some examples of foods that ants love include:

  • Ants on chipsFruit,
  • Candy,
  • Bread,
  • Granola bars,
  • Chips.

As far as what foods ants won’t go for, there are some that the insects hate to consume.

Mostly it involves anything very strong-smelling:

  • Ant's hate productsGarlic,
  • Vinegar,
  • Strong herbs.

You can recognize ant hills by their raised, mound-like appearance and tiny hole marking their entrance. Learn how to get rid of ant hills by clicking here.

Living with insects is never fun, and is always a nuisance. Go here and learn how to get rid of ants in your home.

Ants in the garden. There can still be an infestation without the ants actually making an appearance inside your house. Gardens can easily be covered in tiny insects, as they do enjoy vegetables and fruits quite a bit.

Because ants are so tiny and can get in through practically anything, you might not even notice them until there’s so many you’ve got a full-on infestation. Just those couple of discarded fruit snacks in the corner of your pantry or kitchen is enough to draw them; you might not notice the hundreds of ants there until they’ve moved on to find a bigger food source.




Treating your home and yard for ants doesn’t always mean just killing them – it’s about repelling and preventing them as well. But what options exist out there when it comes to getting rid of them? Is it as simple as buying a can of something and spraying it around the yard? Let’s look at your options.

Ants come in all different shapes and sizes, sometimes large and sometimes very small. For more details on how to get rid of ants in the kitchen, go here.

Who wants chemicals in their home? While insecticides can have nasty side effects, natural products are perfectly safe. Click here for more information about how to get rid of ants naturally.

Pharaoh ants are notorious for being an ant you’ll find indoors. If you’d like to find out how to get rid of pharaoh ants, go here.

Getting rid of infestation

Before you call the pest control company, remember that you can get rid of ants on your own in a number of ways:

  1. Ant bait: Ant bait products use a substance that the ants crave and want to eat. Little do they know, it’s laced with poison. But it’s a delicate balance – too much poison will kill the ants too quick, and too little poison won’t kill the ants at all. The idea behind baiting is that the ants will take pieces of the poisonous bait back to their colony to share with the rest of the ants, eliminating the source of your ant invasion and stopping it for good.
  2. Ant spray: SpraySpraying for ants involves some kind of poison that will kill ants on contact. Spray it everywhere you might think ants are getting in and they’ll die just from crossing the fumes.
  3. Diatomaceous earth: Using Diatomaceous Earth for ants removalThis white powder is derived from the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. While it is completely non-toxic to humans, it’s deadly to insects. The substance dries out their insides, as well as scratches and destroys their exoskeleton.
  4. Borax: BoraxBorax is made from Boric acid, a derivative of the element Boron. It’s safe for humans and pets in average quantities, but even a little bit will kill an ant. Use Borax to make your own deadly ant bait or sprinkle it straight across the ant trail.
  5. Natural: Orange oil for ants controlUse essential oils like peppermint, orange, and clove to ward off ants. Mix the oil with water and spray anywhere you believe ants to be lurking.
Many natural bait products use Borax as the main ingredient.

Your pets are as precious as your own kids, which means you want to protect them from harsh chemicals that could harm them. Choose natural pest control to keep your animals safe. More details on the best pet safe ant killer can be found here.

Who needs a store when you’ve got your kitchen? Not all pest products need to be bought. Go here for more information on homemade ant killer.

Once you kill ants, the next step is to keep them from coming back. That’s where ant repellent comes in. More details on the best ant repellent can be found by clicking here.

What about baby ants?

Baby ants might not be what you think. When you see tiny little ants, you might think they’re the babies of the colony, sent out to work. But they aren’t. Baby ants stay inside the colony as larvae and have an interesting function. They sometimes help to predigest food, can serve as food for the queen ant, and give some other ants energy. In order to kill every baby ant, you must kill the colony itself.

How to catch a queen ant

An ant queen devotes her life to laying eggs and replenishing the colony. She has wings and can live many years longer than worker ants. If a colony’s queen dies, the entire colony will die soon after. If you want to catch a queen ant, there are steps you can take to do, although you should know it’s not easy. In large colonies, this process may not be possible.

  • Locate an ant colony.
  • Using a shovel, dig through the mound, shoveling dirt into a large bucket. Once filled, sift through the dirt with a spoon until you find the queen. She will be considerably larger than any other ant, with an especially large mid-section.

An Easy Approach To Getting Rid Of Ants

Want to get rid of ants the easy way? Then let’s talk about no-brainer solutions that don’t require a lot of your time, money, or energy.

  • Herbs and vinegarGrow herbs like sage, lavender, and tansy. These strong-smelling plants are disgusting to an ant and will repel them. Growing garlic in the garden can also keep them from wanting to venture anywhere near the place.
  • Vinegar is a great solution when it comes to ants. Not only does it disrupt their scent trail, but they also hate the smell and will run away from it. Mix some with water and spray all around your home where ants maybe, although beware the smell can be unpleasant to people, as well.

Ant killing products come in a variety of methods from granules, to liquid. To learn more about ant spray, go here.

Trapping ants can be an effective way to get rid of and prevent them. For more information on the best ant traps, go here.

Did you think those bugs flying around your house were mosquitos, only to realize they were actually ants? Click here to learn how to get rid of flying ants.

Take care when using ant bait or killing products if you’ve got children or pets. Children’s small, curious hands can easily get into the small spaces you might place the product. There are many organic, natural products on the market you can use that are much safer and won’t harm people or pets if consumed.


When there are ants in your bathroom, you should first figure out what’s drawing them in, to begin with. Standing water is appealing to ants, as they need it to survive. Fermenting hair in drains can also be a draw to certain ant types that like that kind of food source.

One way you can help prevent ants is through cleanliness. Take care to keep all pieces of food off the floors and counters, change the garbage regularly, and keep food locked in ziplock bags.

Carpenter ants are a different variety and can be a nuisance like termites, as they like to make their home in the wood. More details on how to get rid of carpenter ants can be found here.

Sugar ants are common and often found in homes. Learn more about how to get rid of sugar ants here. Just like sugar ants like sugar, pavement ants are commonly found in cracks of the pavement. To learn more about how to get rid of pavement ants, click here.

I want ants gone – fast!

For an immediate solution to your ant problem, there are several products available. Although not all use chemicals, many fast-acting ones do. Remember, that just because you’re killing the ants you see, it doesn’t mean that more isn’t going to come in after them.

  • Raid And and Roach Killer,Raid Ant & Roach Spray
  • Spectracide Insect Killer.Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer

Fire ants are notorious for their horrible bite. Click here to find out how to get rid of fire ants. For more information on how to get rid of red harvester ants, go here.

These little insects we call ants don’t have to invade your home or yard forever. Keep your home yours by using one of these proven methods to get rid of ants for good.

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