A mouse seems to be quite an inoffensive creature at first sight. But in fact, a little mouse can become a real headache because of the harm it can bring to you and your relatives. First of all, mice may damage a lot of items in your house. These animals often spoil furniture and clothes. They gnaw books pages and even wires of different household appliances. That’s why many refrigerator failures and microwave oven damages are the result of bitten electrical wires. Moreover, a mouse can be dangerous because it spreads different infectious diseases.

So, how do I get rid of mice? I can use different mouse traps, poisoned baits, or just prevent the appearance of these gnawers in my dwelling. Effective struggle with mice needs learning about their behavior.

How do You Get Rid of Mice: Helpful Advice

Discover How to Get Rid of Mice Knowing About Their Behavior

Mouse activity is noticeable especially during winter period. You should know what food is preferable for mice, to prepare effective baits for the traps. A mouse diet includes proteins, fat and sugar. Mostly, mice are active at night, so it can be even hard to identify their location in the house. You can recognize their appearance by their squeaking and excrements which look like black granules with pointed edges. You will discover how to get rid of mice in the house after you will learn the ways they can use to invade your housing. These rodents may enter your house by many ways. They can pass through the hole of a coin size. For instance:

  • Through cracks in the basement of the house;
  • Through the chinks under the doors;
  • Through the windows situated at the ground level.

After a mouse has entered your home it begins to search for food sources. Usually these little gnawers build nests not far than 8 meters from food storages. They like to move along the walls, a perfect place for traps installment. If a mousetrap remains untouched during a couple of days, you should move it to another place.

Weapon Against House Mice

Weapon Against House MiceExtermination of the rodents at home may be done with the help of different mouse traps and special poisons. Traps should be installed behind the furniture, near the walls and in the places where droppings of these animals were founded. A mouse catcher is effective only for few mice which inhabit your dwelling. It is much safer to use traps than poison in the housing with domestic animals and little children. The most widely used mouse catchers include:

  • A glue catching trap;
  • A baited trap with a spring;
  • A live catching snare;
  • A multiple mice trap.

Also you may try to use poison. There is special poison used together with baits. A mouse eats it and dies from sudden inner bleeding. You should use poisons carefully if you have pets and children in the house.

I hope that after this short information above, the question: “How do you get rid of mice?” will not bother you. Now you know how to clean your home from these pests.

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