Top 7 Chipmunk Traps and Best Baits

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What trap to choose, how to trap a pesky rodent, what food to use to attract a chipmunk, and how effective chipmunk poison is are all those questions you will surely receive answers to.

Top 3 Best Chipmunk Traps in 2023 Comparison Table

Best Choice
Humane Rodent Cage Trap review
Humane Rodent Cage Trap
  • Type: Live Trap
  • Size: 10.5"x5.5"x4.5"
  • Small Single-Door Trap
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Check Price
Best Budget
Tomcat Snap Trap review
Tomcat Snap Trap
  • Type: Snap Trap
  • Size: 13"x10"x6"
Check Price

Check Price
People's Choice
Victor Electronic Rodent Trap - Clean and Humane Extermination review
Victor Electronic Rodent Trap - Clean and Humane Extermination
  • Type: Electrocution Trap
  • Size: 8.5"x4"x4.7"
  • Simple to Bait and Use
Check Price

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What is the Best Chipmunk Trap? – Buyer’s Guide

Chipmunks can get into the yard, basement, and garage. And if they are burrowing in front of your home and getting into the drain tile, you will surely be looking for some working product to remove these pesky rodents.

We will provide you with all the necessary information to get rid of chipmunks with live traps, bait, and poison.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Chipmunks with Live and Lethal Traps?

If chipmunks are making holes all over your garden, chewing on wiring, and digging up your flower bulbs, then no wonder you want to make away with them.

So, what is the best product to solve the pesky chipmunk problem? You can use chipmunk traps. It is the most humane, practical, and efficient.

Do you know how to trap a chipmunk in your home? In fact, it is not difficult. Many easy-to-use professional traps are ideal for catching chipmunks.

But before you buy any trap you need to know that there are 2 types of traps available on the market.

These are:

  1. Humane live traps
  2. Lethal traps

When it comes to catching chipmunks in the yard, live traps are very useful. Remember, finding the best chipmunk trap is not difficult.

Live Traps: Searching for the Best One

Nowadays, many great and efficient live traps can help you to remove chipmunks.

Here is the list of the best chipmunk traps that can be freely used in your yard:

1. Small Single-Door Cage Trap – Best Humane Live Trap for Chipmunks

See More ImagesSmall Humane Cage Trap
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Humane Cage Trap is one of the best for catching chipmunks. You can buy this Small Single-Door Trap with a spring-loaded, locking trap door. The gravity action door and solid handle make the trap perfect for professional trappers.

This trap is durable and perfect for years of outdoor use. The trap has a front trap door and a great easy release door that is perfect for the faster release of chipmunks.


  • Dimensions LxWxH: 10.5″ x 5.5″ x 4.5″
  • Material: Thick, Durable, and Corrosion-Resistant Metal
  • Type: Reusable Small-Size Live Trap

2. Squirrelinator Chipmunk Trap – Best Multi-Catch Live Trap

See More ImagesSquirrelinator Trap 100063928 by Rugged Ranch
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Squirrelinator trap is ideal for catching dozens of ground squirrels and chipmunks in only a matter of hours. It is constructed of good sturdy wire mesh.

This rodent trap is easy to use and perfect for catching up to 25 chipmunks in just hours.


  • Dimensions LxWxH: 24.25″ x 24.25″ x 5″
  • Material: Metal
  • Type: Multi-Catch Live Trap
  • Multi-catch up to 25 squirrels.
  • Sturdy powder coated rust resistant steel wire mesh.
  • Two tightly fastened gravity security doors.
  • There is no some division within the trap, so when the first one gets in, he can eat all the bait before anyone else would stop by.
  • The wire mesh of the trap has such wide spacing that the small chipmunks just steal the bait.
  • The squirrels can learn how to go in and go out of it without getting stuck.

3. Heavy Duty Live Cage Trap

See More ImagesHeavy Duty Chipmunk Cage Trap by DUKE COMPANY
Read Verified Customer Reviews

The trap provides a humane way of catching the rodent. It is as easy to bait as a set. For best rodent control, Duke Company offers top chipmunk traps featuring bait cage mesh, steel rod frame, and drop doors.

All Duke Traps are constructed for exceptional durability and cannot harm the chipmunk.


  • Dimensions LxWxH: 30″ x 12″ x 12″
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Type: Single-Door Large Trap
Size is the first thing that you need to consider when purchasing a chipmunk trap. If the live trap is too large, the rodent will have too much space for running around and may injure itself.
Conversely, if you have a big infestation of chipmunks, a small trap may be ineffective.

4. RatzFatz Humane Live Cage Chipmunk Trap

See More ImagesHumane Live Animal Cage Trap
Read Verified Customer Reviews

The trap is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

It has a durable and heavy-duty construction. The protected bait area helps to keep the bait for chipmunks secure from outside rodent access.


  • Dimensions LxWxH: 12.6″ x 5.1″ x 5.1″
  • Material: Galvanized Iron
  • Type: Reusable Live Trap

5. Havahart Chipmunk Traps

See More ImagesHavahart 1-door and 2-door traps
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Easy to set, use and release, Havahart’s live trap for chipmunks allows you to easily and effectively catch chipmunks. Due to the handle on top of the trap, it is easy to pick up.

There are two versions of Havahart traps on the market: one-door traps and those of two-door. If you want to capture more chipmunks, then a two-door trap is an optimal product. Two action doors on the live rodent trap allow a chipmunk to come from either direction.

There are traditional Havahart traps with trusted design, easy set traps of premium technology, and collapsible space-saving traps.

Lethal Traps

There are various lethal traps, you can find such ones as:

  • snap traps,
  • electrocution traps,
  • homemade traps (a bucket trap).

The last option is ideal for those people who don’t have a desire to spend money on purchasing expensive chipmunk traps.


6. Tomcat Snap Trap – Best Chipmunk Lethal Snap Trap

See More ImagesTomcat snap trap for chipmunks
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Tomcat is our pick for the best in this category for those looking for a cheap but effective (old school style) of chipmunk traps. It is easy to set and sensitive enough that chipmunks have a hard time stealing the bait.

This product functions by killing chipmunks. They are made to employ a bait that attracts chipmunks to the snap trap. After a chipmunk makes an effort to reach the bait, the trap’s mechanism leads to catching and immediately killing a rodent.

While the machine is known as humane, you must realize that the improper environment of the product can cause prolonged suffering of the chipmunk.


7. Victor Electronic Rodent Trap – Best Electrocution Chipmunk Trap

See More ImagesVictor M241 Electronic Chipmunk Trap
Read Verified Customer Reviews

This Victor trap works with 4 ‘C’ batteries (batteries not included).

So this is nice if you have it outside you can do it with the batteries, allowing up to 50+ kills per set of 4 ‘C’ batteries.

Put the bait inside and it’s going to zap rodent. The rodents happen to be electrocuted 6000V electric shock after they touch steel plates within the entire flooring of the trap.

It very well you know it has an indicator light that tells you if you caused something or not. Without having to open it up. The trap offers an indicator that gives either a reddish-colored flash (this happens whenever a rodent can be inside, don’t touch anything if you don’t need to get electrocuted!) or a green one (when the rodent can be finally dead). Gleam sound signal available. And you can unplug it and dispose of it.

The Victor trap even has ventilation. In general, the look is thought right down to the tiniest detail.

  • Easy to set up
  • Battery powered
  • Easy to clean
  • The beeping sound is quite irritating (you will need to turn it off)
  • It’s expensive to catch dozens of chipmunks

Walk the Plank Mouse Trap – Best Chipmunk Bucket Trap Ever Tested

See More ImagesWalk the Plank Mouse Trap for chipmunks
Read Verified Customer Reviews

A chipmunk bucket trap is a simple trap that can be designed at home. With this trap, you can kill many critters having your property under proper control.

The process of catching chipmunks is easy. The chipmunk eats black oil sunflower seeds on the board and dives into the homemade bucket trap.

All the items needed for this bucket trap construction can be easily purchased at places like Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes.

However, there is one unpleasant problem: chipmunk’s sufferings. And if you don’t want this little pesky rodent to die, you can use more humane solutions in the form of live chipmunk traps.

How Do You Catch a Chipmunk in Your Home?

For most of us, it is a burning question. If a chipmunk has entered your home, don’t panic. This little animal doesn’t have the intention to live there.

  • First of all, open the windows and doors of your house.
  • Secondly, confine the rodent to one of the rooms in your house and leave it alone for a short time. The chipmunk will get out through one of the openings.
If the chipmunk is indoors, let it make its way to freedom.

Another alternative is to leave a chipmunk alone for a couple of hours and set a trap baited with some dried fruits or peanut butter. If you want to know extra information on how to remove chipmunks, read this.

What does the process of catching chipmunks in your home include? You can always hire an exterminator. However, it’s maybe expensive and costs you a lot of money.

As was previously said, the most efficient way to rid your home of bothering chipmunks is by buying a live chipmunk trap.

Where to Set Chipmunk Traps?

When the trap is bought, it is time to make a perfect plan for trapping. First, read all the directions for the chipmunk trap. Second, set the trap properly. Location is very important to catch chipmunks.

We recommend placing the trap in the area where the rodent is frequently seen. It is recommended to put the trap in a shady area. When the rodent is caught, release the animal 5 or 6 miles away from the house.

Wash and disinfect the trap after each capture of a rodent to stop the spreading of any possible disease. Chipmunks can urinate and defecate when captured.
Don’t put bait down unless your chipmunk’s trap is cleaned thoroughly.

One more important thing is using the bait.

What Do Chipmunks Eat?

Not only do you need to have a good trap to catch a chipmunk but you should also buy some bait to attract this creature. So, what does a chipmunk eat?

These little pesky rodents have a taste not only for nuts but for fruits and worms as well. Peanuts, grapes, berries, sweet corn, insects, bird eggs, different types of grains, dandelion, fungi, oats and even more are all those kinds of food chipmunks love to eat.

One chipmunk can store more than 8 pounds of food.

When it comes to nuts, peanuts are their favorite. You may also notice many different types of treats for these small rodents like a nutty honey treat. Chipmunks also like dry sweet corn and dried fruits. You can easily buy small packets of dried fruits in any supermarket.

Want to know about the best baits to attract chipmunks? Consider some recommended baits below.

What are Chipmunks Attracted to?

Proper bait technique is very important when you need to attract a chipmunk.

Consider the list of the best baits to attract a rodent:

  • Sunflower seeds,
  • Corn,
  • Grains,
  • Cereal,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Un-roasted peanuts,
  • Prune pits.

You can also purchase the best squirrel bait that provides a notch lure to attract small pesky rodents to traps.

Let’s consider some of the most popular chipmunk baits:

  1. Squirrel and Critter Bait by Kaytee
    See More ImagesSquirrel Bait by Kaytee
    Read Verified Customer Reviews

    This chipmunk bait has a rich mix of nuts, seeds & corn. Due to its compelling aroma, your chipmunk will be attracted from a long distance.
    The bait is very efficient all year round.
  2. Safe Catch Bait. This is a professional bait for many rodents including chipmunks. Safe Catch should be used in conjunction with live chipmunk traps to lure these creatures.
    One Jar of Safe Catch provides from 8 to 10 baits.

Want to repel chipmunks in no time? Find out about the most efficient natural repellents here.

Chipmunk Poison

J.T. Eaton Answer Chipmunks BaitWhen it comes to using poison, it is not always as effective as it can be on other rodents. This is because chipmunks store their food for the winter and may not eat poison bait immediately.

There is only one chipmunk poison registered by the EPA. The name of it is J.T. Eaton Answer Chipmunks Bait. This chipmunk killer bait is very efficient and can be used around patios, walkways, and buildings where the burrowing chipmunks’ activity becomes a problem. Select the areas where chipmunks may be found and consume this poisoned bait.

Keep in mind, the bait is toxic to wildlife and fish. Don’t apply the bait directly to the water.

  • The product should be stored in a location out of reach of children and pets.
  • The bait should not be placed in areas where there is any possibility of contaminating water or food.
  • Store the bait only in the original container which should not be re-used after disposal.

More information about chipmunk control you can find by link.

Now you know that there are many traps to chipmunk removal. Choose the trap that is profitable for you and make your home and yard chipmunk-free.

Questions & Answers

Where do chipmunks go in the winter?

Chipmunks have thicker and denser fur than most other small rodents, which provides insulation from the cold.

They hibernate in the winter months and spend much of this time (about eight or nine months) asleep in their nests. Hibernating chipmunks will not wake up until springtime comes.

Where do chipmunks sleep?

Chipmunks sleep in underground burrows, as do the majority of rodents. However, they lie on their backs to sleep with their feet in the air. They can also make a precise "half-moon" shape with their body and lay on either side to get comfortable.

Chipmunks spend the winter in their underground burrows and make a new home every season. Where they rest is a preferred area for nesting material like leaves, straw, and wood. But not only do they sleep during the night, but they also often nap in sun-filled spots overhead on warm days.

How to stop chipmunks from digging holes in yard?

In order to stop chipmunks from digging holes in their yard, remove wood or rock piles. You could "close" off potential entry points with a cement base for plants (known as an L-foot). Finally, a border made with plant-free gravel should be put around the property line in order to keep them at bay. Take these steps and enjoy the result of a pest-free home!

  • Plant-free gravel border.
  • L-shaped footer.
  • Remove wood or rock piles.

You can find further details of Chipmunks Control here.

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  1. Please don’t use provision as cats and owls eat them and then suffer or die!

    • Get a Harris trap. It is the absolute best rodent trap ever made. No bait is needed & I catch 1 or 2 chipmunks at least a couple of times a week. It catches multiple rodents without rewinding. One year, when I had a mouse problem, I caught about 20 mice before empty & rewinding. You can use it in or outside. I have also caught ground squirrels, moles & voles in it.

      • My Harris trap works better than my small Havahart ( the Havahart looks like the Harris & gets 1 or 2 a week & needs bait) I have had the Harris about 20 years, I ordered a 2nd Harris today. Catch & release can only be done here with a permit, 2 min. in a 5 gal. bucket of water is humane & cleans the trap also. I may get some garden veggies this year.

      • We paid the local exterminator $100 to trap one woodchuck digging under and undermining our shed, and about 8 chipmunks destroying our bushes, and making so many holes that it is dangerous to walk there. The Harris traps (3) were out there for three weeks, and didn’t catch a one. NOT ONE. I know, because I was out there every time the exterminator checked the chipmunk traps. These chipmunks are too smart to go into a trap like this.

  2. Only an idiot, douchbag would trap a chipmunk. They don’t do as much damage as any other natural event. Much less than water and drainage problems that they are most likely being blamed for in regards to the driveway. And they are rodents, so as long as predators are not killed of by eating poisoned carcass their numbers will be controlled . Get a grip and worry about something important.

    • I want to trap them so I can eat my peanuts, sunflower seeds, and bananas myself. it got into my work truck and eats my daily snacks. It pisses me off I must cut banana’s off, and my peanut container gets chewed through. Or should I use a glue Trap…

      • Glue chipmunk traps work very well. I put a pecan in the center of it and when it goes for it…it’s stuck. Hate to do it but they are a nuisance. I caught 5 in two days.

    • They cause damage! They are constantly digging up my garden, ruining my plantings, chewing through my transplants, and digging in my potted grafts. I have seen my mounds flattened by them searching for food or just to annoy me.

    • They don’t do that much damage ??? I guess you have not seen or have had anything damaged by these rodents . You can prevent water damage and prepare for any other “natural event” just like preventing chipmunks from causing damage that could lead to water damage. So by killing the little bastards you are one step ahead

    • I have Great Danes and a beautiful backyard that I fenced in for $8000 allowing them to run around and have a nice place of their own. I love the chipmunks, but I don’t like the holes that they are putting all over my yard. I keep filling them and they open them right back up. If my Danes step in one they will break their legs. Not happening…goodbye chipmunks! I would never kill one though.

    • you obviously dont know what a desert population of chipmunks can do to your garden, house, fence line, they even dug under the cement pier blocks holding up the tounge of the trailer hitch on my tiny house, yes they damage a ton and I have killed between 10-15 each week with no end in site!

    • Wait until a chipmunk eats all the wires in your SUV. That just happened to me and it’s costing a fortune to replace all the wiring. So far, I have spent $900 and that’s just the beginning. The mechanic who is fixing my car knew of someone who spent $8000 getting the wires replaced thanks to Chip and Dale.
      I have always believed in humane disposal of pests, but I can’t afford to let this happen again. So, please don’t tell me they don’t do much damage.

      • Sorry for your $ loss! We are approaching $2000 in Auto wiring harness repairs to our 3 vehicles! We have trapped & relocated many. Have tried multiple type repellants to no avail! I fear we may have to move to poisoning

  3. Use the Bucket and drown those suckers!!

    • I’m with you! I’ve drowned 15 since Wednesday and that’s just one bucket..

    • Easier way. BB gun.

  4. To all you morons that hate the thought of killing these distructive little creeps from hell, I have 3 vehicles in my driveway that are currently disabled, gonna cost me big bucks to get them rewired…..the little basturds ate the wiring harnesses of all 3 vehicles…..I’m going to poison them, drown them, electrocuted them, and any other thing I can do to eradicate them…thousands of dollars in damage by those “cute” little creatures……

    • They ate the wiring harness on my vehicle too. $300 to fix it.. and they lurk, waiting to do MORE damage. They have also chewed boards on my new porch. They are very destructive

    • Kill them all, I hate them, they destroyed my whole garage

    • Glue traps work really well. Put a nut in the center of it and it’s as good as caught. Just remember you may have to set several as there is almost always more than one. I caught 5 in the last two days. Put the trap where you know it always goes. They chewed a hole by my garage door and I placed the trap there where I observed them entering and leaving. I’m sure there are more to catch. Good luck to you.

    • Same happened to us. Try putting a square of chicken coop wire under your car at night. They don’t like the feel of it. They cost us $700 in car wire damage. Chipmunk traps are necessary too.

  5. The bucket method won’t kill a chipmunk. Chipmunks, toads, squirrels, cats, and many other animals can drop from very high places and run off completely unscathed.

    • Fill the bucket half full of water and then pour in your black oil sunflower seeds to cover water surface. They jump in and drown,… quickly. If you don’t put water in the bucket they just jump out. Quite skilled at jumping.

    • The bucket swimming pool works..

    • You put water in the bucket…..

    • i fill the bucket with 10 inches of water and put it 3″ from my deck they jump over to get to the water and fall in and die, i dont even use seeds!

  6. live trap, peanut butter,plastic bag ,tail pipe.

  7. I use Havahart chipmunk traps. Chipmunks go in there without any bait, they are curious. I’ve caught twenty in the last month and deport them to a natural area.

  8. After removing fill from under our pole-barn concrete floor, they are showing up on the trees next to our house! I don’t like cats, but may need to get one to fight this new unwelcomed house guest.

    • Same thing here. Cracks in the floor now because of them.

  9. It’s actually Havahart…that is the name brand to look for, since they are the biggest manufacturer of this type of chipmunk traps. Spelling does matter if you’re looking for this exact brand.

  10. We tried buckets of water, humane traps, sprays, oils, covering up their holes and nothing worked until we set down glue traps. We’ve caught 3 this week and I’m sorry we had to do it but they were destroying the foundation digging burrows under the house.

    • We have one up in our wall, just arrived this week and we can see the hole he made after lifting our siding. Have had two live chipmunk traps with varying bait out all week and haven’t caught him. My only question with the glue trap is- do you worry about catching a squirrel or bird instead by accident? We have a very lively front yard, and every critter who isn’t causing damage is welcome to stay… but this chipmunk must go quickly before winter sets in! (Maybe putting a small box “tunnel” over the glue trap would keep birds out…)

  11. You can’t shoot a gun or pellet rifle within 500 feet of a neighbor, or in anywhere in our village. You can’t bait animals with poison or use a lethal trap, because you don’t want the neighbor’s cat or dog, or kid to get into it, and because killing a pet, (or child of course), will land you in jail or prison.

    In my state, you can buy live chipmunk traps, but they make it illegal for homeowners and renters to transport a trapped animal anywhere. So I asked, “What do I do with an animal I have captured?” The recommendation? DROWN them! No kidding.

    Meanwhile, they are destroying our bushes and getting into the garage. When did the human race become so disposable?

  12. I think Chip and Dale are very cute but they are destroying retaining rockwalls and causing them to fall.

    We tried the half bucket of water with sunflower seeds.
    We DID catch 3 chipmunks and even a mouse. (sorry critters)
    But something is out-smarting us!!
    Three or 4 times ALL the seeds were gone from the bucket!!
    And no critter lost its life in the bucket!

    • I tried the bucket method, some great additional ways to bait the trap I bought a large orange homer bucket from Home Depot, put a long board with sunflower seeds going up to it, and sure enough in 24 hours i caught one, well my daughter found it floating in the seeds. So I baited again and this morning i saw another one. Low and behold I had 4 in there today and I had to bag them triple plastic and then a handled paper shopping bag and dropped them off to the school dumpster since my trash only comes once a week. They were digging under my central air unit, under my deck, damaging the footing underneath, running in my garage. Today I added a pivot board over the bucket although i dont need it they are seemingly going in with no problem but wanting to see if that works as well. The board sits on a pivot over the bucket and then with any weight will collapse into the water.

      • Mind you i hate having to do what I am doing but its not like i can sit down and have a conversation with them asking them to make their burrows elsewhere, they even trashed my lawn this past winter so I said enough is enough.

  13. I have set out the Havahart chipmunk trap for three days now. 2 chipmunks and 1 bird thus far. I release the chipmunks far away from the house in an area that is wooded so that there is habitat for them to adjust to. I hate them with the heat of a thousand suns but would never want one to suffer just because it wants to dig holes and eats flowers around my house. The trap is an excellent way to get rid of them.

    • Illegal here to do what you are doing. And how do you know the chipmunks aren’t invading some nearby, and unseen house?

  14. I feed them peanuts, peanut butter on crackers, wild bird food seeds, cherries, banana, peaches, broccoli, carrots, millet, every day. They are a pleasure to watch.

  15. Well Ive had enough … Planted a garden and the chipmunks seem to be reaping the benefits .My wife and I thought they were ” cute” but now its game over . Thanks for the ideas of termination .

  16. Did all you save the animals people know that chipmunks can kill you? Just take a guess as to what they do if they get in the walls of your house…. and what they cause is a house fire…. do you like the things you own?

  17. We have a Havahart live trap we purchased and used for chipmunks successfully. Thought we had another nuisance chipmunk going under our garage, but when I put out the trap it would be cleaned off but not set. Tried a live multi-catch mouse trap and discovered the nuisance critter was actually a shrew. Nocturnal so you don’t see them, but light enough to sneak in, take the bait and not set off the trap. I would advise trying a variety of different traps if you aren’t 100% positive what critter is “outsmarting” it. In our case, the critter wasn’t smart or long, just light.

  18. Does anyone have a solution to chipmunk traps being defeated by a squirrel? It is apparently long enough to hold the trap door open while eating the bait. Then it backs out. I have not seen this but can not think of another scenario of what is happening to my traps being defeated.

  19. Thank you for your comments which were more helpful than the website information. There were actual experiences with catching them that the website did not include. E.g. the glue traps and putting water in the bucket.

  20. I used to think they were cute but they are destroying my house. I just want them dead and gone now. Hate them. Got several in the bucket but am considering the glue trap. Need to get the chipmunks but not the birds. Rot in hell you little monsters.

  21. I’m here on this forum because I roasted peanuts last night. When they were done I left them on top of my stove to cool down. Got up the next morning and all my peanuts disappeared, vanished!! I have a useless old cat that I love and a dog. I can’t find a logical explanation of how my peanuts vanished. I live on a second level house. Could I have an unknown problem?? No shells left so weird. Anyone have a problem like this?? Just seeking answers please.

  22. Thanks to glue traps, we’ve had several birds come into the wildlife rescue where I work with severe wing injuries. They are horrible and inhumane. If you wouldn’t want a dog or cat to die a slow agonizing death, then you shouldn’t do that to other animals that feel pain. Live chipmunk traps are the best way to go unless you are really that soulless (as many of you obviously are).

    • Agree. Snap traps are better.

    • Yes, yes! Keep them alive and move them elsewhere, so they can be torn apart, screaming, by owls and foxes. God is so humane.

  23. HELP! A chipmunk has chewed a hole in the inside plastic wall of my suv and is running around in between the ceiling and roof of the car, coming out of the hole and pooping all over the seats and dashboard. I’ve tried a bucket trap, rat trap, leaving the doors open for it to leave the car. I even bought a chipmunk trap that the little sucker isn’t going into. Any suggestions on how to get this thing out of my car?

  24. Squirrels an chipmunks chewed the wood holding my canoe. The canoe fell down and destroyed the middle part of my canoe. Very costly to repair.

    They strip the bark on the Linden tree and other trees.

    Such a menace.

  25. I have a Havahart trap that I have been using for 3 years now to catch chipmunks. I buy a 5# bag of unsalted “in the shell” peanuts (which I shell before using for bait) or else a jar of unsalted shelled peanuts. I set the trap and then put some peanuts on the center metal plate of the trap and then throw some on either side of the metal plate leading out of the trap. The trap works very well. Unfortunately, only having one trap, I can only catch one chipmunk at a time. I release each one at a large park on the other side of town. Last year I also caught 2 birds and an adolescent opossum (what a scary surprise!). We used to have a stray cat in the neighborhood and it wasn’t until I no longer saw it around that my neighbor and I both started having issues with chipmunks. They burrow under the cement slab of my sunroom and under the flooring of my pergola. My neighbor gets them in his garage (probably because he likes to leave his garage door part way open) and uses sticky chipmunk traps. Wait a minute, there’s a chipmunk on my pergola deck right now sitting perfectly still and eyeing the trap… he moves towards the trap, goes partway into the trap, grabs a nut and scurries off the side of the deck. But he’s greedy and comes back a couple of minutes later, again going partway into the trap to get another nut, this time sitting to nibble on it. He moves in a little closer to the center and grabs a nut off the metal plate and scurries back out of the trap and down the side of the deck. He’s probably stashing the nuts under the pergola. I’ll get him soon… I can feel it.

  26. A chipmunk has chewed a hole in my bathroom the size of a grapefruit. We have chipmunk traps, set live traps, glue traps, rodent spray, mothballs and yet they’re still getting in my house dug a hole in my house plant. Way e look we can I do.

  27. Actually, the animal turned out to be a skunk. Now I need to create a box to cover the Havahart trap and keep them from getting to the trap.

  28. I have been battling chipmunks for a few years – they never seem to be fully eliminated. The plank and drowning bucket of sunflower seeds worked, but I did not like answering the “What is this thing for?” when friends and family saw it. Plus, drowning is a cruel way to go. This year, I went with JAWZ rat traps and the tops of strawberries (might try peanut butter and sunflower seeds after reading some comments here). I got 8 of them in the last 4-5 weeks. I keep the chipmunk traps near the house, covered by bushes so that they are out of sight and it seems to work well. I still hear them chattering so there must be at least 2 more out there. Hate doing this, but after dropping a few grand to repair walkways and hearing that they invade homes, I think Mother nature will understand.

    • Use a bunch of double bubble gum, soft one. Cut in half and throw out where chipmunk is seen. I hv not seen mine for 3 days. Tried a repellant and did not work.

  29. Havahart 1025 + raw peanuts = trap those critters every time! (albeit 1 at a time). They seem to LOVE raw peanuts (here in GA). I tried that gooey, sweet, brownie smelling paste: didn’t work, plus attracted tons of ants. Expensive, too.
    When I switched to raw peanuts, they (chipmunks) come with the frequency of Jehovah’s Witness. I then relocate them to a distant wooded area. THEN it’s fun to watch them blast out the cage and watch them try to figure out where the hell they are, versus digging under the walkway, making their path to my main junction box. I don’t need to tell you they chewed the hell out of the insulation, it cost $165 dollars for repairs. I’ve caught 12 since the beginning of May, but I don’t set the trap out every day. They’re coming from my neighbor’s house, have a burrow leading to her basement. I’ve told her about it, but she doesn’t have the resources to do anything. So, I guess it falls on me. I’m getting a little tired if having to relocate them, but at the same time, I don’t want to drown them. Similarly, I don’t want they digging under my walkway, driveway, a/c unit, coming into my basement chewing on blister packs of tail light bulbs and Christmas ornaments. I just saw another one bouncing around today! Will it ever end?

  30. Hate those things, they are such a pest! They live under our outdoors stairs, ruin the garden and eat all of the birdseed. I hated them when I was a kid too, used to kill them with my bow and arrow and slingshot.

  31. Ok, so trapped one of them that’s ate more than half my garden. It’s in a Haveaheart trap, but now what?? I’m Not driving anywhere with that in my car! What if the trap opens?

  32. catch them in a have a hart then leave in the sun for a day. they will go to sleep forever.

  33. I have been woken at 5 in the morning, by what I thought was mouse noise, but now I am wondering if it is a chipmunk. I have two birds, and every morning, there is a bunch of bird food on the floor, including sunflower seeds.
    I set a live trap, with cheese, to lure an unsuspecting mouse. It did not go for it, but once again, my bird seed was left on the floor.
    I will have to put the food in the live trap that attracts chipmunks and see if that does the trick.
    I do feed wild birds outside, and squirrels, and have seen chipmunks eating the bird seed as well.
    We made an earnest attempt to secure our home searching for area’s where a rodent/chipmunk could gain access into our home.
    Last night was the first night that I didn’t hear the noise of a critter, or see seed on the floor.
    Maybe we have closed up the area’s where they were getting in. I hope so!

  34. The bucket approach in the pic doesn’t work because of SQUIRRELS.
    I modified it by adding 1/4 water & chicken wire… Place bait in a small frisbee or a similar plastic container that’ll float. Then CHICKEN WIRE on the lid to prevent squirrels from raiding the bait.
    Dispose the carcass right away if not, it smells after a couple of days.

  35. They are under mining my block walkway! I captured one in a Havahart trap and relocated to a wooded area well behind my house. Thought that was it, filled in the access holes and the area under the blocks. A couple days later it was all dug out again. My neighbor said I should mark captured chipmunks to see if it is the same one. I said, next time I will mark it by chopping its head off!

  36. There are holes all over our yard. I want to plant some bulbs this fall. We had the house sided and they dug out the insulation to get into their hole. They dig into the flower pots. They even stuffed a dead chipmunk baby up under the siding. Trouble is, my tenant loves them and they eat her bird seed from many feeders. Thanks for all the advise. Think we’ll go with the bucket idea and the Havahart trap both. Now, how to get rid of the 2 very fat woodchucks she is feeding also and they have dug a hugeeeee hole under our lilacs. Any ideas?

  37. How can there be so many? I got a havahart trap, works wonderful. Trapped 14, working on the 15th. They are smart and small enough to push themselves out of the door if the level slides up. I have taken them to the woods 1/2 mile away., across a road. Not sure that is far enough. I hope they can’t come back. Now I wonder. They must have babies like rabbits. The trap had 2 doors, they bent one trying to get out. So I tapped it up with thick cardboard and gray tape. One gnawed his way out through the cardboard. It’s frustrating. Still trying until the snow flies maybe. They breed in the Spring and Summer . I hate bird seed and bird feeders !

  38. I can’t believe that the bucket method would be discouraged because of suffering by the chipmunk. Is being eaten by a predator any kinder? Not to mention these vermin have caused a great deal of damage, and consequently deserve to die. Prior to using the bucket method (which has been VERY successful) I shot the vermin with a .177 pellet gun. I’m a good shot, but of course some of the filthy little things were only wounded and got away. Drowning in the bucket is 100% effective with little to no real suffering. Some of the remaining chippies seem to have figured out that the pool isn’t as much fun as their deceased relatives thought it would be…..and those survivors are dying quickly from .177 calibre lead poisoning.

  39. Check Engine Light on my Toyota Tacoma hence failed annual state inspection. $465.00 to replace sensor wiring harness caused by rodents. After returning home from repair shop as soon as the engine cooled the chipmunks were back.
    Traps. poison, shotgun. I am willing to try anything.

  40. Success.
    5 buckets, half-filled with water, with seeds floating on top of the water.
    Peanut butter and seeds around outer rim of bucket to attract chipmunks.

    10 Chipmunks, 3 mice.
    Making a dent…

  41. A web site said you must relocate no less than 5 miles from your house or they will come back. The neighbor has a pond. It’s easier.

  42. Hav-a-heart. Cracker and peanut butter. Leave them right in cage. Tie rope around handle and lower into pond.

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