How to Remove Raccoons: 3 Easy Steps to Effective Raccoon Control

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So, you’ve got noisy and destructive raccoons. Your yard has been destroyed, your bird feeders are empty, and your trash cans are being knocked over with trash. Tired of raccoons’ mess and damage? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

We know how to make your property raccoon-free. Check out our smart tips and working methods that will transform the safe-for-raccoons environment into the area they avoid.

In this article, we’ll provide you with effective methods of raccoon removal. The following info is going to become your helping hand in finding the best methods to get rid of raccoons.


3 Steps Guide on How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Yard and Backyard

How to keep raccoons out of your yard? As for today, there are 3 effective steps for getting rid of nasty raccoons in your yard or backyard.

Step 1. Keep the yard food-and-trash-free

Step 1: Step 1. Keep the yard food-and-trash-freeRaccoons are attracted to your yard by food that may be left behind. Cover all garbage cans and don’t leave pet food outside.

Remember, if the raccoons can’t find food sources in your yard, they will move out to a place in which they can.

Want to know how to repel raccoons with best-working repellents? Get an answer here.

Step 2. Kill off their food

Step 2: Step 2. Kill off their foodRaccoons adore eating insects which they can easily find in your yard. Do you know that one of their favorite foods is grubs? You should treat the yard for grubs annually. If you don’t do it, you are sure to get insects nesting and reproducing in soil and plants. Raccoons will smell any population of breeding-in-your-yard insects. Once these animals smell insect activity, they’ll start to pull back sod, dig up turf and overturn mulch. The best method to prevent raccoons from digging the yard is to kill their food.

Here is how to do it:

If raccoons are NOT VERY active in their digging

Apply some bad-tasting products used for armadillos, gophers, or moles. If raccoons attempt to dig, they’ll get this taste on their paws and in their mouth.

What to buy:

See More Images100% Castor Oil Repellent
Nature’s MACE Mole & Vole Repellent
  • 100% Castor Oil Concentrate is Non-Toxic and Biodegradable.
  • 1 Gallon covers and protect up to 20,000 ft².
  • Safe around kids and pets.
  • Where to use: in the yard, mulch islands, flowerbeds, turf, etc.

It's a concentrated bad tasting agent which should be sprayed on yard areas, where raccoons or other nuisance animals are digging. The product is not a poison and will not hurt any pet that will come in contact with it. The main goal of using this solution is to chase away raccoons and make them find food elsewhere.

If raccoons are VERY active in their digging

Apply products that will kill off the grubs and other insects the animals are eating over the area where they are active.

What to buy:

See More ImagesDeltaGard Insecticide Granules
Delta Guard Insecticide Granules
  • Can be applied to home lawns for perimeter pests and general lawn surface feeding insect pests.
  • Active Ingredient: 0.1% Deltamethrin.
  • 20 lb covers up to 10,000 ft².
  • Where to use: in the areas around the home and yard.
Want to stop raccoons’ digging within a couple of weeks? You can effectively do it with liquid or granules treatment.
Raccoons will quickly learn – there is no food to eat.
See More ImagesComplete Insect Killer by BioAdvanced
BioAdvanced Complete Insect Killer Concentrate
  • Controls both soil and surface insects. The product provides both repellent and residual action for a wide range of insects.
  • Active Ingredients: 0.72% Imidacloprid, 0.36% B-Cyfluthrin
  • Covers up to 6,667 ft².
  • Where to use: in the areas around the home and yard.

Recommendations: Delta Gard Granules and Complete Insect Killer will release over several months to kill off insects of all types, including grubs. Use any of these products to start, and if you have used one of them in the past, start using another now. To get good coverage over any type of location, apply granules with a granule spreader.

See More ImagesTempo SC Ultra
Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide Spray
  • The multi-use insecticide used for effective insect control. Provides a quick kill and lasts up to 4 weeks per treatment.
  • Active Ingredient: 11.8% ß-Cyfluthrin
  • Covers up to 30,000 ft².
  • Where to use: in the areas around the home and yard.

Recommendations: Tempo SC Ultra over the top of granules to provide a quick kill of insects. When the liquid loses its effectiveness, granules will start working, providing longer control. To get good coverage, apply the solution with Hose-End Sprayer.

Step 3. Don’t let them use your yard as a toilet

Step 3: Step 3. Don’t let them use your yard as a toiletRaccoon poop in the yard is not only smelly, and it often contains germs. These nasty animals prefer to poop in the yard/on flat surfaces like decks.

70% of raccoon feces are infected with the Baylisascaris roundworm.

To prevent raccoons from making your yard a toilet, use effective deterrents like coyotes or fox urine.

What to buy: 100% Pure Coyote Urine.

See More Images100% Coyote Urine
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Why Raccoons can be Dangerous

Geography: Raccoons are natively found throughout most of North America. Recently, raccoons have emerged in parts of Japan and Europe.

Habitat: Usually, raccoons prefer heavily wooded areas with access to water, abundant vegetation, and trees. However, they are extremely adaptable and can be found in urban and suburban areas making their homes on your property – in attics, barns, sheds, and sewers.

Raccoons use over 200 sounds to communicate with each other.

Raccoon on roofSkills: Raccoons are great climbers, which allows them to easily access shelter and food. What’s more, they can open doors, bottles, and jars.

Problems: Raccoons are curious and highly-intelligent creatures. However, they can also be a nuisance to any homeowner. Raccoons can destroy yards/gardens, cause structural damage in search of food, and make a mess by tipping over garbage cans. Not only raccoons can cause severe damage to your property, but they can also carry potentially dangerous parasitic diseases and illnesses including salmonella, rabies, giardiasis, and many others.

Effective Removal: How to Remove Raccoons from Your Property

When it comes to effective raccoon removal, the first thing you are to do is to identify where your raccoons are frequenting. Only after that, you will be able to choose the best method for effective removal of them.

The more control methods you will use, the better your chances are at keeping raccoons off your property.

Getting Rid of Raccoons From Attic

Raccoon in atticWhen raccoons are already inside your attic, it doesn’t matter how they got in there.

The main problem is what methods of their removal can be used. The attic provides a warm and safe location for raccoons to build their den.

The very first signs of raccoon’s infestation are the sounds of scratching, chattering, and jumping.

Problem: These pesky creatures can cause considerable damage to walls, roofs, and wiring while trying to make a suitable den. Raccoons living in your attic are a hazard due to the destruction they do to the house and the chewing which can occur on your electric wiring. What’s more, raccoons have a bad odor and are a disease hazard.

Raccoons do chew on electrical wires

Solution: The best option to get rid of raccoons in the attic is trapping and relocating the animal.

Getting your property raccoon-free is possible with working raccoon trapping tips and traps. Here is the latest info on raccoon traps.

Pay attention to the following methods of raccoon removal in attics:

  • Seal entry points.
    Repair holes in your eaves and other weak areas which allow access to your attic. Seal any existing openings into attic spaces. Pay special attention to the roof itself.
  • Trapping.
    Place the traps near entry points. If you are unsure where this entry point is, set the trap in an open spot in your attic.
  • Use lights and sounds.
    Use lights or radio near the entry points. Don’t let raccoons find dark hiding places in your attic. Placing spotlights throughout the attic is a good solution.
Don’t seal off the hole until you are sure you have trapped out all raccoons using that space. If you trap a raccoon’s young inside, it would make a very aggressive adult.

Raccoons Removal Form Your House, Garage, Roof, Deck

As it was mentioned raccoons carry diseases and can be dangerous for humans and pets. Moreover, they can be destructive to your property – digging in your trash cans, destroying whatever they need to get food.

To get rid of these nasty animals from under a deck:

  • Place a radio on/near the deck.
  • Set the volume to scare raccoons.
  • Leave the radio for a couple of days to scare the animals.

If you want to humanely keep raccoons out of your yard, garage, etc. without traps or poisons, you are to use ultrasonic control devices.

Here is what to buy:

See More ImagesBird-X Yard Gard Electronic Pest Chaser
Bird-X Yard Gard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
  • Humane and silent control for unwanted animals like raccoons. This effective solution safely repels raccoons and helps to prevent the spread of ticks.
  • How it works: High-frequency sound waves – which are silent to most humans – annoy and irritate raccoons and other yard pests making them to seek calmer, untreated areas.
  • Effectiveness: Yard Guard effectively repels raccoons and protects gardens, lawns and trees from pest damage.
  • Ideal for use at: Porches, patios and courtyards.
To keep raccoons off your deck, apply control raccoon repellent on/around your deck.
The odor of the solution will help to keep them away from your deck.
See More ImagesYard Sentinel Ultrasonic Repeller
Yard Sentinel Electronic Repeller
  • How it works: This effective repeller blasts a range of powerful audible sounds and ultrasonic sounds to irritate and scare away raccoons. Covers up to 5,500 ft².
  • Effectiveness: Yard Guard effectively repels raccoons and protects gardens, lawns and trees from pest damage.
  • Perfect for: patios, yards, garages, porches, attics, farms and gardens.

Are you ready to start successful raccoon removal? Read this to learn how to kill raccoons and what poisons to use to eliminate them.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Raccoons?

Raccoons infestationOnce there is a raccoon infestation in your home it becomes difficult to get rid of these uninviting guests. These pesky animals are persistent, and scare tactics usually don’t work on them.

Prevention helps to get rid of raccoons. Restrict raccoons’ access to food and water in your home. Secure garbage bins and remove the trash. Identify areas of damage. By knowing where raccoons are spending most of their time on your property will help to target the best control method.

Remember, the best way to get rid of raccoons is to apply several raccoon control methods at once. Using multiple control products will provide the best defense.

You see, there are multiple solutions. Use our smart tips and don’t let little ‘masked bandits’ take control of your property.

Questions & Answers

What do raccoons hate the most?

There are a few things that raccoons seem to really dislike - strong smells. Hot pepper, peppermint, and garlic come to mind. Some people also say that they don't like Epsom salt, but I haven't been able to find any good evidence to support that claim.

If you're looking for a way to keep raccoons away from your property, try sprinkling some of these things around your yard or garden. They may not work 100% of the time, but they're definitely worth a try!

Do mothballs deter raccoons?

Mothballs are the most common item recommended as a safe way to deter raccoons. Raccoons are smart animals and will eventually get used to the smell of mothballs, so it's important to change up the placement of the mothballs every once in a while.

Other items that have been known to work include ammonia, hot pepper, and Coyote Urine.

Why do I have raccoons in my yard?

You have raccoons in your yard because the natural habitat is being overtaken by humans. In addition, raccoons generally scavenge for food and nesting materials.

  • Raccoons will scavenge for shelter and might happen across a partially open basement window and decide it provides what they need.
  • Lack of natural predators could be an issue if raccoons are nesting near your home. They'll nest anywhere, but you'll usually find them in trees or upon crow's nests on roofs to keep their babies safe.
  • A pet food bowl left outside may attract other animals, such as dogs, who can start this whole big cycle with the introduction of new scents or diseases. Keep any pet food inside at all times!

The best practice for living respectfully with wildlife in proximity is to make sure your property can't be exploited by animals by making sure there is no easy.

You can find further details of Raccoons Control here.

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  1. Help raccons are on my deck every night poop and pee all
    over my deck cushons and chairs. Have an out side cat looks
    like he ad a problem with raccons.

    • Let the cat inside the house especially at night, it’s cold out and they like a warm place too ! How would you like to be outside all night ??? 🙂

      • Some cats don’t WANT to come inside! I adopted a four year old cat and the shelter told me that she was an indoor cat. For two months she was completely miserable and the minute I let her outside she was happy again. That was nine years ago. She comes inside in the winter when SHE WANTS TO! As for the raccoons….she just sits on her throne and glares at them. The cat and the raccoons tend to completely ignore each other…..

        • I hope your poor kitty gets picked up and taken to the animal control people. Cats don’t know what is best for them. How would you like to find her dead somewhere…mauled to death by another animal? As it is, she probably has Feline HIV or Feline Leukemia. Cat who are allowed to run loose have a much shorter life than house cats. At least the animal control people could test her and re-home her to someone who would look out for her health.

          • It’s that a mean thing to say to someone. How do you know that the cats aren’t well taken care of? I live on a farm. No animal control people here. I make sure my cats have all their vaccinations and are well taken care of, and they have to option of being inside or out. Both choose to be inside at night and especially on chilly, rainy or cold nights. And as for being mauled to death, they manage to scare off most small animals or a stray hound by staring them down. They know they also have the option of running for the house for protection when or if they need it. So just because someone lets their cats outside doesn’t mean they aren’t taken care of or have a good home.

            • I completely agree with this comment that just because a person opts to let their cat be indoors or outdoors does not mean they do not care about the animals well being. Where I live people literally toss out their cats like garbage, some have done so with pregnant females who ended up having litters that didn’t survive because of the elements or the predators in the area. Had I myself known sooner about these cats and/or kittens, I would have gone out of my way to assure they had food, fresh water and a dry, warm area to bed in out of the elements and away from the harm of predators (coyote, owls, hawks, javalina (wild boar), even rattlers or gila monsters etc.).

              One of the stray tom cats whom adopted us basically got in to some sort of accident last fall, his front left paw on the pad was an infected mess and his tail looked like it had been slammed in a door and ended up needing to have a bulk of it amputated because it was turning septic. Instead of doing nothing, I spent money I didn’t really have the liberty of spending to assure he would live and have a long and healthy life, though without a tail. It took him a while to adapt to that, and for some time he actually seemed depressed as hell being locked inside until we brought in another tom cat who is a Siamese mix that the two are known to each other and the injured cat in healing finally seemed to be happy and energetic again.

              So yes, there are people out there who are complete jack asses and do not EVER deserve to have a pet, which even includes something as low maintenance as a goldfish… Much less something as loving and complex as a canine or feline. I have owned cats for several years and have lost a few due to illness, old age etc and every one I have ever lost I still feel a piece of my heart and soul to be missing, as no new feline can replace them, just allow me to build a whole new set of memories with a new character of a cat as they are all different, unique personalities etc.

              So as SUED said, just because someone lets their cats be outdoors does not mean shit, even the tom who went through the amputation still goes outside and is now a spoiled as hell indoor/outdoor cat.

          • That is incredibly rude, who are you to know how well people treat their cats? We have assisted colonies of ferals including TNR, they are WILD cats, not inside cats – we also ensure food, water, and thermal shelters in the country. Dont be so arrogant.

          • i agree. CATS BELONG INSIDE! I DONT want someones cat PEEING and POOPING IN MY YARD! They can pick up disease and worms and be killed. They are YOUR PETS keep them inside on YOUR PROPERTY!
            I am sick of IRRESPONSIBLE animal owners.
            Cats can get FIV/FELV and other disease from being outside. Good thing you are not by me because i would TRAP YOUR CAT!~!!

            • I absolutely agree with you. Anyone’s cat crapping in my yard is fair game. I’ll kill it anyway I can!

          • animals kill each other ,always have ‘always will,excuse me my bambi burger needs flipped. LMAO

    • Your cat is peeing on your furniture not the raccoons, get rid of the cat!!!

  2. i think if you hit them it will actually make it worse because they can always attack you back wants they get to agressive!!!

    • We have huge raccoon about 100 pounds he is not scared of us my dad is out on a vacation and we’re so scared it tryst to get in trough the dog door and it does its strong even if we put the door on the dog door he wait’s on the patio I just want to shoot it over and over I hate raccoons

      • 100 pound raccoon would be a world record given the current record is just shy of 63 pounds. Have you contacted Guinness World Records? I’m sure that they would love to see that raccoon in your yard. 100 pounds! Truly unbelievable!

        • Yep BS raccoons don’t get THAT big. Lmao

  3. Raccoons are so scary and difficult to deal with. I wouldn’t want to try and get rid of them myself. It seems like when you are dealing with raccoons you are going to want to call in a professional pest control company.

  4. Set a trap and bait it. When the coon is trapped, you can dispose of it. In city limits I would put the trap in water and drown it or if out of city limits a good old 22 to the head makes short work of them.

    • Against the law

      • The law is created by stupid people with fat salaries who can afford to pay someone else to take care of the problem.

        • So true. It is cruel to poison or beat them to death a 22 in city limits will end you up in more trouble than the coon. If your short on money cuz you gave it all to those fat bastards in government who make those laws. I’m go a try ammonia and a automatic air soft machine gun will see how that works.

          • Please HELP !! What is a Soft Air Machine and how do you use it ?
            I have a couple of Somethings ? Inside my house I’ve seen one but think there may be more and stay scared all the time ! It/They even eat my little 3 pound dog’s food and She stays on the couch day and night other than when nature calls !! I just assume she knows something is not as it should be. This has been going on for 2 months or so. I live out in the country and see squirrels, rabbits, deer, coons possums and snakes all the time BUT this is a First as far as being inside the house !!! I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income unable to hiree Professionals !!

            • Airsoft is a gun that shoots plastic pellets. It’s popular with wannabe military fools. It won’t kill a raccoon and while it might hurt it, I doubt it will stop them from returning.

            • Don’t even try yo use a gun of any kind. You obviously don’t know how and will end up shooting yourself or someone else.
              If you need to ask what it is… have no clue shouting using any weapon. Sorry to be blunt. But, seriously….you will hurt yourself or someone else. Get training an how to use first.

        • RaCoons are decimating my chickens. They pull them through the cage wires. They are evil. They will all get the .22 when I catch them.

          • You are allowed to shoot a human trespasser but not an animal trespasser.

            • That’s because a human might be armed.

          • This depends on the state, in some states you are allowed to shoot an animal such as a raccoon, especially if it is killing your livestock or other animals you are caring for. If it is killing your chickens, in several states you have every legal right to shoot it because the raccoon is killing your farm-based/rancher-based livelihood. Similar to shooting a Bobcat that continues to return then goes after the chickens, cattle, horses or any other animals including dogs.

            Not to suggest that it may not be possible to capture and relocate it, but in this particular case though I myself am not a big fan of killing an animal, this case would require such an extreme measure to prevent further issues.

      • No, my son called DNR to see if they would trap and move them. He was told to shoot them!

        • They told me the same thing…Shoot them I was like are you serious, she said yup. Shoot them.

        • most states it illegal to relocate them. At least in Florida it is wrong to move your problem to someone else property.

    • Just take em a few miles away and open the trap. I take them to a local river so they won’t be stressed for food. Much more humane.

      • i agree just take a few miles away

      • Dropping them off a few miles away doesn’t really solve anything. They just multiply and then becomes someone else’s problem.

      • They’re like dogs and can always find their way back. They’re very territorial.

      • In most states it is against the law to trap and relocate raccoons without first obtaining a license to do so. It only makes the raccoon someone else’s problem. Here in the city limits of Austin, Texas they are considered to be nuisance animals along with opossum. The law for removing them from your own private property says that you may utilize any method of killing them that you choose. Unfortunately there is another law prohibiting the use of firearms inside the city limits. I refuse to put out poison because of my dogs. So my only legal option is to catch them in a cage and place the entire cage into a large empty trash bin and fill it with water. Unfortunately that takes a really long time to fill that size of container up with water and the stupid things usually end up gripping so tightly to the cage when they die that it is very difficult to remove the corpse. Not to mention you have to listen to them screaming for like an hour while it’s happening. So instead, I just usually resort to catching them in my cages and then I use my Air-Rifle that shoots .22 caliber penetrating pellots at 1250 feet per second at close range to the head. Usually does the trick with one shot. Usually. Same thing with opposums. Occasionally if I forget to close the trap in the morning I end up with an unwanted explorer in the cage. I got a cat one day, a squirel once, and a really stupid dove believe it or not. But I let those three go free. Believe me they won’t make that mistake again.

        • Omg…that’s horrible you have tortured those poor creatures in such a disgusting way. Imagine the horror…their desperate gripping of the cage. I will never get that image out of my mind. Humans have encroached on THEIR territory. They are innocent and only trying to survive. Shame on you. You are a heartless dark evil soulless being. Maybe you will experience a similar death and as you scream for an hour you will have time to think about the atrocities you have committed. Sometimes justice is served.

        • Hey Jeff, Why don’t you fill the trash can up first then put the racoon in the cage into the water? Wouldn’t that be more humane? Sounds like you enjoy listening to and watching their fear as you fill up the trash can little by little ss you said it takes an hour. Karma to you buddy

    • that is terrible

  5. I have an orchard that the racoons eat most of fruit I have trapped over 100 the last two years destoryed them and I am still traping one almost every day. The only thing they are reproducing faster than I can catch them.

    • Get more traps.

    • Is there still a fur trade for the pelts? Killing over 100, or just knowing that there was over 100,wow. That’s a pile of pelts. A man could retire on the profits from that type of fur trade. I’ve heard of salmon farms but it sounds like you got a raccoon farm nearby. Unbelievable.

    • I grow Ghost peppers and puree them and mix with water and dash of dish liquid. Spray on the tree trunks and trails where they walk. It will get on their paws and they will always clean themselves . it will drive them nuts and drive them away. They will learn to really avoid the smell because it hurts so much.

  6. I am gonna try this! I have been tolerating these raccoon’s at my place for quite some time. It’s pissing off!! They chew up everything!! I will try getting rid of them on my before I call a wildlife removal team. If nothing works, I will call the guys from A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal in Markham. Anyways, Thanks for the article! I will let you know the results!

    • I have been trying to get rid of some coons for the past couple of nights. We do it the old-fashioned way. One guy with a good strong flashlight and the other with a 12 gauge shotgun. You may have to wait a few hours for a few nights. If you have a shotgun or even a .22lr that is the best method in my opinion, as long as you can discharge firearms in your town.

      • So y’all just blast a 12g at them? Must be a hassle picking up the parts from inside the attics?

  7. Get a trap that is designed for ferrel cats (gage). Bait it (cat food works) and place on ground by your porch or deck. Check in the morning and ask fishing game where to release away from your property. There are also professional wildlife trappers who are licensed to remove pest.

    • Trout works much better than cat food, if you catch any. I caught two in two days. They keep hopping my fences and i am afraid to let my two very small dogs out, at night.

      • I’m confused. Were you catching trout or raccoons?

  8. I have a raccon in my house how do i get rud of him

    • I’ve heard that heavy metal will send them packing.

  9. they make to much noise when im sleeping how do i take care of that! i was trying to hit a book to the wall the it stop’s but then it comes back

    • Moth balls. Naphtha moth balls.

    • Ah yes, the old hitting a book on the wall trick. That used to work well but times have changed. They say that a more effective way today is to use a kindle. Yup, slamming a kindle against the wall and watching it break up and crash all around is much more effective. I guess that books were more of a fad. Like a pet rock.

  10. Thanks for this highly useful article.We have had raccoons in our garden before last year and it destroyed my lawn and some flower plants. I tried different ways to get rid of them but failed as Raccoons are very smart animals . Then I came to know about Hawkeye,professional animal or bird control specialist and got their help to get rid of them here.. Alas. I’ve never seen them after!!

  11. I have also ongoing issues with raccoons. I bought a small cottage, and then early on discovered the former owner must have been allowing them on and feeding them cat food! two boldly walked on the back door when I was gardening and frightened my grand daughter. I asked around and pest control people charge two hundred dollars to remove one of they set a trap . As I could not afford this, I bought a trap, and on the last three years have relocated 19 to a nationalark fa away. It scares me every time I do it – but they breed so fast – they are now on top of the roof pooping. I have cut back any branch near by and poured vinegar all over the roof ( cheaper and safer than collecting pee from an un known and possibly bad tempered Coyote source ). I think the problem is that a lot of neighbours do feed them and there is no predator ( I have suggested introducing the natural predator – a cougar into the neighbourhood ) butt the tree nuggets and parents of small children seem touchy with this solution.

    • get a second cougar for the tree nuggets!

  12. I have a coon that’s not long for this world

  13. The comments on here are hilarious. I hope everyone found a way to get rid of the raccoons.

  14. If you have a ventilation shaft that leads to your attic area; or if they’ve chewed through you have a means to fight them.

    If you’re trying just repel them you can use peppermint oil; burn incense, and ammonia sprayed into the area will cause them to go away but this may be only temorary.

    Best method is use rat pointe or just shoot the little bastards. If you’re in an urban center as I am I suggest you use a 22 long rifle and use it only inside not outside. That way there’s no gunshot to get the police knocking on your door. The stink of a dead raccoon is a great deterrent to other raccoons.

    • Did u seriously just suggest to fire a gun off in your house? Not a smart move!!!

  15. A raccoon has chewed up my siding to the front of my house trying to get in. He finally found access through one of my eve’s into my attic. It is very scary hearing him moving around up there. I will be calling a pest control company to trap it and remove it. After seeing the damage to my siding, I want it DEAD!!!! Forget saving it and releasing it somewhere else.

  16. I heard that peppermint oil repels them. Any experience with this.

  17. I was putting food out for a feral cat but just saw that a raccoon came and ate it so now I am not going to put out food any longer…will the raccoon move on or have I brought trouble for myself?

    • Just feed during the day and remove the food at night.. Raccoons are nocturnal animals. You only see them in the
      daytime if they are ill or injured.

      • I was leaving food out fa my two outdoor cats n a neighbor told me a raccoon came n ate the cats food I’m not gonna put food out at nite nomore is my cats OK will the coon keep comming around or harm my cats ?

      • Not true. They are most likely healthy but trying to find food.

      • You will see them in the day if they have babies and are starving. They will come out in the day to find food.

      • Not true. Mother racoon sometimes have to hunt during the day when she has young ones to nurse.

    • I’ll take trouble for $500 Alex.

    • I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t be putting out anymore cat food either if a raccoon ate my cat.

    • They will move on when the food source is gone.

  18. We had baby raccoons in the chimney. We placed a portable radio in
    an opening where a pipe used to be and turned on loud heavy metal. That night the mom immediately moved the babies to a quieter place.
    So easy.. everything deserves to live and we have taken away so much
    of their space to build. We need wildlife as everything works together to create a balance.

    • You are so right, we complain about wild life, yet steal all their natural environment, we also have a lot of deer needing space, it is sad that most humans only are concerned about themselves.

    • I wonder if the mother coon would have stuck around if you played loud classical instead of heavy metal? Do you think that the heavy metal music had something to do with it or the loudness of it all? Great tip.

  19. Yes – well- first of all , racoons in my neighbourhood are out at all times of day ! They are fearless and bold- so that nonsense about them not being out in daylight is ludicrous! I am all for nature and balance but the point IS that we are out of balance – with no natural predator for keeping Racoon community in check – the racoons are overwhelming the area. I have trapped them myself ( little old lady if you can picture it ) but it’s terrifying. I have tried vinegar and amonia – barely makes an impression . I am Canadian – we barely shoot anything – more is the pity. These creatures are nasty- carry diseases and can cause havoc in garden and home . Comments like : they only come out at night are ignorant and ill informed at best .

    • i’m Canadian too. I just, today, was in my office, and heard a chomping sound only to discover a racoon inside the kitchen eating the cat food…what the hell? I shooed it out only to have it come back (Ilike the doors open and I have 3 cats). So what is the solution to getting rid of them without harming my pets if the ammonia thing doesn’t work?

  20. Im on the third floor of my building. No where to put trash until the pickup day. Coons got to it on the front and back porch! Ammonia I guess did not work. Really? I was able to leave my screen door open , but now this thing just stands there and stares like I’m the problem. Landlord ain’t sh*# for help! I won’t ask what to do. Just wanted to tell my story also

    • I’m also on the 3rd Floor of a Building Chinatown Toronto and I’m using Chicken Wire, I wrapped a 4ft palm tree with 2 ft wide Chicken Wire 2″ Squares, no more chewing or digging! Next I’m going to staple the bottom of the Chicken Wire to the top of my patio fencing, so it’s unsupported!!!!! Get it? The critter climbs up the fence and then the Chicken Wire….then falls on his back (or head if I’m lucky)! At my place they are walking up the fire escape to to my gate and climbs my gate to hop over to the neighbour’s decks and rooftops!

  21. Raccoons destroyed my roof along corner edging to get in the attic (replaced roof only 6 yrs ago). Had a roofer fix it right away. Last year it was my neighbour where raccoon climbed tree to get to her roof. I think same raccoon decided I was to be its next victim! You’re right about it not having predators; otherwise, their population can’t be controlled. I live in southern Ontario and we’re not allowed to kill them.

  22. I can tell you all that nothing works. In the last six months the professional trapper I hired has used traps, “eviction” oils, and a few other things and nothing works.The professional has tried everything in this article and none of it works. I even installed an electric fence and they climb right over it. Forget the sonic repellents – those all 100% pure fraud. I had contractors fix the entry points and within a day or two they have new ones. So trapping is a complete waste of time, repellents are a total failure. Any other ideas?

    • Have you tried getting a dog?

    • Grow ghost peppers in large pots in the summer. Chop them up, mix with water and a little dish liquid or veg oil and spray on things they climb. They are very clean animals and will lick their paws and it will literally drive them nuts and they will always avoid the smell in the future. I grow them every summer . You can dry them to use also. Just use rubber gloves when you handle them because you cant get it off your hands with soap and water. And you cant do this if you have pets in these areas because they will get into it themselves.

  23. Fly bait. Used for fly control around livestock. Mix with grape soda. Coons won’t get 3 feet from container before croaking. Cats, dogs won’t touch it but the little bandits love it. To death.

  24. Angel, how do you mix it ie; fly bait and grape soda? Any specific brand?

  25. Did it ever occur to anyone that if you kill a mother the babies will starve to death? Oh well, we don’t want those pesky things anyway. They might annoy us or hurt our precious material items. We have created the problem ourselves by destroying their habitat and putting up more and more houses. Humans are the biggest parasites. Taking and never putting anything back.

    • Why can’t every animal just coexist and be vegan!????

      • You are sharks food

    • You said it sister. Humans are a pestilence upon the. Sucking the life out. Sad how cruel some people can be. I am dealing with a raccoon latrine in my yard because 30 acres of woods were cut behind my house to build houses. Even though it is awful I realize their last habitat was destroyed by humans and they had to find another place. I want to figure out a humane way to discourage the use of my yard. Didn’t realize I would come across so many terrible stories about the horrible things people have done. I think about how intelligent they are that they find one place to defecate. They are keeping their environment clean by going in just one place.

  26. does it work to put your own PEE around outside your house to get rid of raccoons. ?? need help . can’t aford to hire someone . No gun. Pest is just outside but who knows if it will. get in. Sam .

    • I’m not sure about pee, but I hear that shitting all over your yard really works. Diarrhea is especially effective, if you don’t mind ordering some cheap Chinese take-out. As the raccoons are nocturnal, it is best to shit all over your yard during the day, lest risk them seeing you. Oh, and I nearly forgot – don’t use toilet paper! Raccoons are attracted to toilet paper.

  27. Why is the bait gone and the trap door still open!!!

    • A friend had their same problem. Seems they were able to reach in from them side and get them food. He had to move them food so it was unreachable from there side to catch them.

  28. Last summer I had a coon pooping by my backyardbasement window . he got away with it for 3 nights in a row. Then I cleaned and disinfected the area with good old bleach and lots of it. I kept pouring bleach about once evry week approx 1 liter for the whole summer. Thebeast never dumped there again. This summer Ill do the same and hope it’ll work again.

    • Thank you. I had used bleach in the area they decided was a latrine. It did seem to work and then I forgot about it and then found more poop this morning. So I think the secret is to keep putting the bleach every few days. I’ll do that.

  29. They are in the attic, can not sleep. Wild life came for an week, caught 2 racoon’s and a possum. They still remain in the attic, can’t see sleep. Too expensive to keep using wild life. Help help help

    • Just for the record, the raccoon is NOT a rodent.

      • They are murderous predators.

        • Not near as bad as humans if you think about it. They kill to eat and survive. Humans kill when animals are an inconvenience to them. Serious self evaluation needed here. Who’s killing who???

          • Not true. Raccoons killed two of my neighbours bunnies just for fun. Did not eat them. They are evil and no we did not take their habitat they want to live near us.

          • Agree. Humans are the killers and murderers. Some of these people the way they described the things they have done could be serial killers if not now then someday. It’s repulsive.

            • So true I am a FBI agent people who kill animals in a bad way are capable of killing Humans seen it to many times how it starts out I’ am all for the electric chair. When you kill somebody’s animal for crapping on your lawn They need to fry lethal injection is to quick for these parasites People has no respect for life I am all for open season on murderers and animal abusers time to do some cleaning world wide.

    • Patricia, how are they getting in the Attic?? They usually go out in the evening to search for food, you need to seal their entrance point. If you can, get a flash light and check the Attic to be sure there aren’t babies up there too. My experience is that they prefer to avoid humans and only would attack if threatened. I’ve actually hand fed a few… years ago in my back yard with fig Newton’s and they were very gentle. I have baffles on the bird feeder poles, trash cans that seal well and have never had a problem coexisting with them. You can buy those “be gone” products and spray if you feel they are making a mess somewhere. Moles are probably the only critter I’d consider killing. I’d try other means to make them change a bad habit first.

  30. A man at the Tractor Supply Store told us the easiest way to get rid of coons under your deck or in the attic. Get an energy efficient bulb and place it in a work lamp housing so you can hang it if need be and keep it on. Coons are nocturnal, they do not want to be in a lit area. They pack up and go and stay away as long as the area is lit. Works just as well for skunks. I am still battling them in my open yard. We have a lot of coyotes here but raccoons are resilient. I am going to try the sound machine as I don’t want to hurt neighborhood cats or my dog. I do want to protect my koi fish.

  31. BJK I just ran one off of my deck at 2:30 in the afternoon they will come out whenever it suits them.

    • Same thing here. Now I have baby coons also, what the hell!!

  32. We have a 3rd deck that they think is there bathroom. The house is at the beach and there is no trees. So I guess I will try to stink them out.

    • I live near Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn- 400 acres of protected land for them. The guard there says that there are “herds” of 50 or 60 of them there — and they leave to go out to the neighborhood all times of the day and night. My deck nearby — 3 floors up! — has no food, plants, or trash — yet tonight there was a mother and 4 babies that came right up to the door. I don’t know what to do — this has been for years but with all that land I fear there is no hope.

      • I think you’re right. There’s no hope. The mother is bringing those babies to you to feed. She’s desperate. I wish there was a way to get birth control for them so they won’t have more babies. Raccoons have emotions. One night at 3 a.m. I was looking out at my backyard and I saw two near my back door. Females. One was very badly injured and could barely walk. As they were leaving my yard heading back to the woods the injured one stopped and could not continue. The other one kept going . When she realized the injured one had stopped she turned around and came back to her. She reached one arm out and put it around the back of the injured one and pulled her into her arms exactly like a human would do to another human. She hugged her and comforted her for about a minute and then she continued on and the injured one followed her then. That affected me profoundly. I realized then they have compassion.

  33. I hate coons, they are disgusting gross animals that eat anything. We had coons coming in and out the screened in porch on and off for years. One time we caught it eating my vomit from when I had the flu. So u lovers of these creatures Wake up! They’re nasty! The only time they stopped coming in my porch was when we got my new dog and she attached the coins. They were so scared they never came back until NOW and eating and tearing up my garden I just planted!! They dig up the beans I planted and eat them every night plus they ate all the the cucumbers leaves that were coming up!!! I thought it maybe slugs too, in the garden because today I saw the raccoon creeping up my driveway as I pulled in from picking up my son. How can I get rid of this raccoon again because I dont want to have my dog attack it again. My dog wasn’t harmed but I don’t have a gun, wish I did to shoot it. I love animals but after seeing this thing eat vomit and now destroy my hard work in the garden, and I don’t know if it’s pooping and peeing in my garden either! I have a serious genetic immune system condition and I don’t need to be put in the hospital over a coon! Or have my dog get rabies! I even have a fence protecting the garden and they still get in. My husband is partially to blame because he feeds Our neighbors cats with leftovers and I think it’s attracting these coons!! I feel bad for the cats but our safety is more important! Any suggestions!? Natural ones are welcome because I have dogs and don’t want them to be affected.

    • They eat things like your vomit because their habitat has been destroyed by humans and because the balance of nature has been disrupted. They are desperate and starving. Quinn an animal is starving and suffering they will eat anything. Believe me you would do the same. Human beings that are starving have even eaten other humans. Until you have been in that situation of the terrible pain of starvation do not judge other creatures.

  34. I was told raccoon cmebonmy porch to eat the cats food I’m not putting it out at nite nomore will the coon cme back n is my 2 cats OK don’t want coon to attack them

    • Coons killed 14 beautiful, defenseless koi in our pond. Bit the young ones heads off then chewed up the mouths of the 10yr old ones and left them to die.

  35. I had a problem with two raccoons. They have not been back in two months. I used a sling shot and a cobination of 3/8 and 1/2″ ball bearings.

    • Would raccoons eat rat poison, and cats, and dogs? would they eat it too? I hope not. Amonia stinks and may be bad for humans to
      smell all the time. It seems extreme to move because of racoons but what else is there to repel them? Rocky.

  36. There are raccoons in my tree . I first noticed when my dogs went crazy barking at the tree. At first I thought there was a cat or something else but , at night my daughter was frustrated by the barking and decided to check what was up there. Soon to discover that there was at least 2-3 raccoons in the tree. She had told me that when she flashed her light to the tree she had heard the raccoon hiss at her. I do not know what to do ! Any suggestions a number to call or anything like that ? I can’t get any sleep with my dogs barking !

  37. Trap them and eat them. They are a great source of protein and if you make jerky out of them its delightful. Also they are great crab food if you live near the water. If you want to repel them from the garbage just behead one and leave it on a stake in front of your cans. Don’t waist the meat though.. yumm..

  38. Just shoot them,the other animals dispose of them 🙂

  39. Has anyone ever given raccoons an overdose of sleeping pills, waited for them to pass out, then call animal control to get rid of them. Animal control won’t pick them up if they are alive. Don’t want them to suffer, just want them to go away!!!

    • Adele, sleeping pills? Really? What flavour would you suggest? Maybe along with some milk and cookies too? Unbelievable.

  40. They seem to return every year at this time. Nesting in the hedges. I’d torch the hedge if it wasn’t going to burn the house. Scratch that idea. Bright lights don’t seem to worry them much. Can’t trap them due to city bylaws. Can’t shoot them due to city bylaws. Wish I could direct them to go live at city Hall instead because I guarantee you that council would change the bylaws!

    • Yes you can take them to city hall. Buy cheap pancake syrup and make a trail and leave food at the end of trail. block every night and some day you will be at city hall. Drop off some food every night and they will be there.

    • Leave several small bowls of bleach under your bushes. Be sure to refill them every few days as they dehydrate. Nothing will want to nest in your bushes!

      If you mix 1 cup bleach with 1 gallon of water and apply over your lawn with a sprayer, you’ll get rid of the grubs they are eating in your yard as well. We use this for moles too. It drives them away for about 4-6 weeks after applying to their runs. Just step on the runs after you spray to force them to re-dig the treated tunnels. The bleach smell sends them out of the ground immediately. Applying before a rain is even better as it spreads the bleach deeper.

      We have chickens and peacocks and we tackle the intruders on several fronts. You have too as no one thing is a cure!

      *Electric wire turned up very high.

      *Extra lights in and outside the barn because they don’t like lights.

      *Music in the barn at night.

      *Humane trapping and releasing in state park

      Our last resort is a 22 rifle. We only use it when everything else fails.

      Good Luck!

      • 22 IS THE FIRST AND LAST STEP unless you dig a hole to put it in or get a friendly coon dog and keep it outside where animals are meant to be. DHAAAA People/house animals/not in house

  41. I used Crushed Garlic to chase it off my balcony. Take at least 250 grams of Garlic crush it in the blender and mix the paste in water and just pour it on the Raccoon and area around it. It will leave in few minutes and never return…

  42. Do racs like antifreeze?

    • Funny! Tell me if it works.

      • The stupid raccoon is trying to kill my cat and somehow broke in my ! and pooped in my hallway. Antifreeze, huh? Awesome, goodbye raccoon

  43. I was going to go spend a lot of money on lattice, last night dog (German shepard) wanted out at 4 a.m., let him out and 20 minutes later thought i heard him at the door but it was UNDER the door under the deck fighting a coon. It was awful, I think they both lived this time. I know dog did! He’s killed one other one in the middle of the yard a month or so back. I am going to try moth balls around the deck before I go buy lattice. He can’t defend himself under the deck (dog). But in the yard I guess he can.

    • Be careful. A big raccoon can kill a dog.

  44. Have 4.25 lb. Maltese that likes to go out on fenced in deck. Tonight a huge raccoon came out from under a glider that has plastic draped over it. It ran up a pole and sat there looking at me.
    How can I prevent the raccoon from killing my little dog?

  45. How to stop a raccoon from killing your dog? Simple… Just kill the raccoons first! Raccoons are worse than Jason when it comes to killing things.

  46. Just read antI freeze & rat poisen work! Would anyone happen to know how? I’m guessing antifreeze as a water source and poise a food source like tuna but I could be wrong. Just wondering. ..

  47. I know they horrible, I just put out $ 13,000.00. Just week before new roof installed the raccoon somehow got inside. Now with hole filled raccoon has pulled out some brand new days old shingles trying to get in attic. All I have to say please DO NOT USE POISON as its a domino effect dead animal get eaten by another who dies and keep on going. I am trying to trap mine which I did but the cage fell down upside down and raccoon got way. I will trap him somehow but not poison him.

    • LOL! You spent 13k on a roof and you’re worried about poisoning racoons. I have a family of them drinking from my pool. I’ll be putting antifreeze out for them. Buhbye.

  48. Yes, I agree. Do not poison the critter. Using other medicines to make the wild beast move is best.

  49. I just had a raccoon come right up to my back door tonight at 3 am… unfortunately I live right up to the woods… so I yelled at it and it ran away and 5 minutes later it came back… next I yelled again and rolled a cart at it hard which made a loud noise and it ran again… but the sucker came back again 5 minutes later… right up to my door once again… this time I cracked it open, which did not scare it away, and I sprayed wasp killer spray right in it’s face and it tore off… it’s been gone a half hour now… next I will use spray glue… I am not messing around here… hate these creatures…

    • If you hate wildlife why the hell would you live by the woods? Don’t you know Wildlife live in the woods. Let someone buy that house that enjoys watching the wildlife.

  50. So I have a family of three raccoons living inside of my roof walls they’re now advancing inbetween the walls they keep scratching away i don’t know if they want to escape or find food we keep our trash clean so I’m assuming that’s why they keep digging around up there so they can get out and feed but I don’t know what to do I was told to trap them in cages but where do I find those if anyone can help I would much appreciate it

    • EVA RIOS – others suggested playing loud music to piss them off which eventually forces them to move out. Try it at least.

      • I finally hired a licensed trapper to solve my Raccoon problem . We caught a number of them plus possums .
        Here is the trick to bait the the trap . Put the trap inside a Garden Leaf bag , put that inside a big construction black garbage bag . Then throw in
        Marshmallows that have been sprinkled with Star of Anise oil ( available at most supermarkets) plus sprinkle it around the entrance and bingo .
        The trapper took them away and the furs went to China.Quite an expensive process to hire the trapper but if your prepared to trap them and take them for a drive the bait will do the job .

  51. Trapped 11 in 11 nights on my patio. They are now missing.

  52. The comments here are hilarious! Like laugh out loud hilarious! All you raccoon lovers, party at my house. BYOS (Bring Your Own Shovel). Your loot bag will be 10 pounds of raccoon poop.

    Those dang coons pooped on my brand new fence that I paid A LOT of money for. So… I made a very complex spider web of fishing line around their favourite pooping spot. Hung 4 sponges soaked in ammonia and sprinkled black pepper all along the tops of my fence. If that won’t stop them… I’ll be installing spikes on the top of my fence. Oh yeah… last year I paid $700 to get them out of my attic.

    There should be a contest in schools: Best way to keep raccoons out.
    I’d gladly contribute to the prize.

  53. The comments of some animal lovers (I’m one also wild/domestic) is plain silly. You don’t know where some f these people live,and if humans have destroyed there habitat. True in some cases we have.
    All the comments on here are coming from people living in rural, farm,suburbs and the city.
    Everyone has different situations and laws. I use to live out in rural farm country, now I live in the city and I’d deal differently depending on situation and setting.
    A vet in the Bay Area will tell you the stories of raccoons scratching dogs eyes out and ripping there bellies open and trying to get the do’s in the water.
    If you live In a area were you can coexist then Id do and will try that first. If not drastic actions can be taken humanly.

  54. FYI Raccoons are NOT “rodents”. Please don’t promote ignorance; this is irresponsible. A rodent is an animal that belongs to the order Rodentia, and defined as having a single pair of incisors in the upper and lower jaw. By the photos that are used on this website, you can see that this does not describe a raccoon’s teeth. The truth is that raccoons belong to the order Carnivora — this means that they are more closely related to dogs, cats, bears, etc. (Think of a small bear with hands, which means they can be far more devious than any rodent) They can carry the same diseases as dogs, which is why you need to make sure your dog is up to date on its vaccines. Furthermore, typical poisons used for “rodents” may not work for raccoons, since rodents cannot vomit but carnivores can.

  55. peta PEOPLE EATING TASTEY ANIMALS turn the table

  56. 1. Raccoons are NOT rodents! Their closes genetic relatives are bears.
    2. Fish and Wildlife will not allow them to be relocated; they will be euthanized.

  57. All you people with “outdoor” cats…..keep them out of my yard, I am tired of cleaning up their poop. In our town, you are RESPONSIBLE for cleaning up after your animal, be it a dog, cat, horse or whatever. If your animal uses my yard for a toilet, YOU must clean it up or be fined. I think many cat owners are just lazy slugs that don’t care that their animals poop where ever they want. They have the attitude that “that’s just what cats do”.

  58. Right on, Brother! Sent I saw we all enter cat lovers homes and poop in their living rooms! Same damn thing as their cats pooping in our yards!

  59. I used to think raccoons were cute, and I had no issues with them on my property. Then they chewed their way into my attic. They wake us at 3am when they return from a night out. They’ve jumped out at me on the deck and chased my dog. One tested positive for rabies 2 blocks away. They carry other diseases which are DEADLY to humans and pets. I WILL take whatever measures I need to protect my child, my pet, and my home. You bleeding hearts can pay the $500 for Critter Catchers to handle it for me. Otherwise, they’ll get it however I can. When they lived in the trees, I had no problem with them. When they upgraded to MY home, all hell broke loose!!!

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