What People Need to Know about Roach Bites: Do They Bite Humans?

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If you’ve noticed one pesky cockroach inside your home, then chances are to see many of these disgusting guys behind the scene. Lots of people just like you are suffering from disgusting, nasty cockroaches.

That is where such questions arise: Can cockroaches bite people? How to eliminate these nasty guys? What product to purchase? The answers to these burning questions you can find in this article. Learn whether they can bite you or not and find out how to get rid of their bites.

Cockroach bites: Do’s and Don’ts

What do you worry about when there is a number of disgusting cockroaches crawling inside the house? Probably, you think of these guys getting into your food and spreading diseases. However, there is one more thing to worry about – cockroaches’ bites. Do roaches bite humans? Although it doesn’t happen as often as someone may think, chances are you can be bitten by a pesky roach.

German cockroaches that walk over cooking surfaces and kitchen utensils leave a residual trail of bacteria and the allergens behind them.
This can cause serious allergies and health problems in humans.


It doesn’t mean you should be scared, because cockroaches are more likely to run away when they see you then to bite you. So, why do they bite us? Let’s find out.

Why these nasty roaches bite people

Roaches bite peopleThe main reason these insects bite you is the fact that they are omnivores – eat just about anything. They have been known to eat human flesh.

When it comes to bites, they are more likely to bite:

  • Feet;
  • Hands;
  • Fingernails;
  • Eyelashes.

It doesn’t mean roaches really desire to bite you. They do it without intention. Food is what they look for. Therefore bites of roaches usually occur in the night, when people sleep with food remnants around their hands or mouth. A remnant of food is what attracts them most.

All the cockroach species are capable of biting humans.

What species of roaches are capable of biting? Almost all of them are capable. However, there are 3 species of cockroaches that are most known for their biting addiction. These are:

  • Periplaneta American;
  • German cockroach;
  • Periplaneta australasiae.

German cockroach bite as well as American cockroach bite is not fun. These ugly pests have chewing mouth parts due to which they can inflict painful bites causing mild skin reactions in sensitive people. Wondered how to start German roach extermination? Find all the answers here.

Roach bites can be really dangerous. Here are the answers to some of your burning questions:

  • What is the best way to prevent roach bites? To keep them out of the house, don’t eat cookies in bed, clean up food, unwashed dishes etc.
  • What should I do if the bite doesn’t disappear in 4 days? You’d better visit a doctor.
  • Do roaches sting? No, these insects don’t have stingers but can go for the easiest meal – they can bite humans.

Cockroach bites’ treatment

It’s hardly pleasant to be bitten by a roach. However, if you’ve been bitten by the one don’t dwell on the negatives.

Try these recommendations:

  • Treat a bite with alcoholClean the wound

    Dip the cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and treat a bite. As far as these insects carry tons of bacteria, it is essential to debride a wound properly. Bites can get infected, become bigger and swell badly. Killing the infection by forcing the bacteria out of the bite is the first thing you are to do.

    Some species of cockroaches can go six weeks without a meal.
  • Consult with a doctorConsult with a doctor
    If the bite was not properly cleaned, it may be infected. The bite can become from dark purple, bright red color to a sickly green one. If your bite is infected, purchase some anti bacterial medicine. But before buying any medicine, you’d better consult a doctor.

We suggest buying one of the following products:

  • Bite MD CutterBite MD Insect Bite Relief Stick by Cutter.
    Cost: $2.98.
    The product reduces infection, relieves itching and stops pain from insect bites.
  •  StingEze Max 2StingEze Max 2.
    Cost: $4.99.
    Get an instant relief with Max 2 triple-action formula. The product provides fast and efficient relief from the itching, pain and infection caused by insect bites.

How to get rid of cockroach bites?

Make sure that there are no food remnants left inside the house that can attract cockroaches. Even if your home is very clean and tidy you can still have roaches due to infestation in surrounding areas. This situation is common in most condominiums and apartments where homes are adjacent to each other.

Important thing to take into consideration is inspection: ensure your children have clean skin when they go to sleep.
Why? A desperate roach may smell food remnants left on the skin of a child and come in search of food.

To cope with a problem of roach bites one should know their living and breeding patterns to make the house “uncomfortable” to them. Start with prevention. In case of infestation choose natural – not harmful for kids and pets – products that can kill the whole colony of these nasty creatures.

Methods of prevention

Those who think it is easy to prevent a roach infestation are wrong. It doesn’t depend on how clean your house is. No one knows when he or she may come in contact with these nasty guys. Everyone can unknowingly bring one of those smart hitchhikers into the house. With only 1 egg-carrying cockroach you could have a big infestation in no time.

Here are some easy tips to make prevention successful:

  • Make the house as inhabitable and inhospitable as possible for these scavengers;
  • Reduce areas of moisture and high humidity;
  • Eliminate roaches’ food source – grease spills around stove and on counters – and pay attention to food debris under kitchen appliances;
  • Before bringing home any packages – grocery bags, food boxes – you’d better check them for cockroaches;
  • Regularly recycle boxes of newspapers, magazines and cardboard materials.

Easy tips to make roaches prevention

Remember, you can successfully prevent a severe roach infestation if you:

  • Detect an infestation as early as possible;
  • Have professional roach treatment done immediately.

How to keep the house German roach free? Interested? Keep reading here.

Efficient tips and six excellent products for cockroaches’ control

Those who have holes and gaps in the house as well as high humidity can end up playing host to these omnivorous pests.

If you are to exterminate these bothering insects on your own you are to know 2 golden rules:

  1. If you mix or apply pest control solutions improperly, they will be ineffective for cockroaches.
  2. If you don’t know what type of roach you are dealing with, you won’t know how to treat them effectively.

To get rid of roaches’ bites, knock these guys down with useful pest control products. We suggest using the following:

  1. Roach spray by BengalRoach Spray by Bengal.
    Cost: $10.99.
    Spray the product in problem areas. The option is odorless and guaranteed to work. To take care of any roaches eggs that may have hatched, spray the product again after a few weeks. Roaches can be a puzzling task to get rid of but this spray surely does the job.
  2. Orthoboric Acid Roach and Ant KillerOrthoboric Acid Roach and Ant Killer by PIC.
    Cost: $6.01.
    The product is available for use in homes, schools, hotels, restaurants etc. It has a convenient spray spout. Use the option in any place especially in those where gels or bait stations cannot be placed. Sprinkle a little of the product around your doors, behind the couch, stove and fridge.
    The roaches hate this product. As far as cockroaches get this solution on them and then transfer it to the other roaches, you can kill an entire colony by using this efficient product.
    A tip to consider: remove potential food sources when using roach control products.
  3. DuPont Advion Cockroach Bait ArenaAdvion Cockroach Bait Arena by Dupont.

    Cost: $39.40.

    Whether you have small or large cockroaches, this bait can effectively target both. The product contains active ingredient indoxacarb and an insecticide. Roaches cannot resist the power of these ingredients. To control roach populations use this option indoors and outdoors. Thanks to this product you will efficiently eliminate even the toughest populations of nasty cockroaches.

    A tip to consider: Find locations for a few baits in every room where nasty cockroaches are seen. Place them under the dryer, toilet, washer, next to trash containers and under the fridge.

    Baits that are placed away from the corners and edges are not effective. They are easier to avoid.
    Place bait products against walls, corners or cupboard skirting. Leave the baits undisturbed for at least three weeks. Remove the units after the time specified on the box.
  4. Hot Shot Liquid Roach BaitLiquid Roach Bait by Hot Shot.
    Cost: $12.54.
    The product contains 6 baits. It attracts and kills nasty roaches in 24 hours. Keep the product directly under the refrigerator, kitchen sink, between the counter and the wall and in any problem areas.
    A tip to consider: Roaches use traps more often when they can’t find water. You’d better eliminate their water source.
  5. Valentino Vendetta Roach Gel Bait InsecticideVendetta Roach Gel Bait Insecticide by Valentino.
    Cost: $24.62 for 4 tubes.
    Tried everything but nasty cockroaches are still alive? We suggest using this gel bait as it works great on hard-to-kill cockroach populations. The product contains abamectin B1 and attracts bait- averse as well as non-averse cockroaches.
    How to use: apply easily from the gel tube in problem locations.
  6. Harris Roach TabletsHarris Roach Tablets by Carol Wright Gifts.
    Cost: $4.49.
    Those who don’t want to use harmful fumes or powdery can take benefits from these easy-to-use, natural, economical tablets.
    How to use: Just place these tablets where cockroaches hide – around the bathroom and kitchen, around entrances to your home – and in various locations. The substance of the tablet is picked up by the cockroach and taken to its nest. In such a way the whole family of these nasty guys will be successfully eliminated.

Even if you have a colony of cockroaches, it’s no reason to panic. Don’t waste time and try the tips, methods and products that were described in this article. Following our pieces of advice you will minimize contacts with roaches. Remember no roaches – no bites.

You can find further details of Roaches Control here.

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  1. Can you mix sugar,baking soda,&boric acid?

    • I tried it pne time. Got a chemical reaction. It kept boiling over.

    • What we did was mix boric acid and sugar in a container and they all just started going for it.

  2. I need to know if roaches bite because we got them and I really feel bad about us having roaches and I need to know do roaches bite

    • Yes they do, and it hurts!

      • They are in Redbridge stove. I have bites doctors thought was impentigo. Gave me bactroban. Allergic to them, so went from blister. To sores. God love you bc at night I can hear them in the walls. Landlord trying to blame dogs, worker stated they bombed it 3 to 4 times to get rid of them. They went into walls. Bites hurt. Then allergy makes them itch

    • Yes, they bite! Yes, allergic reactions happen – in my case extreme, constant itching. I had to see a dermatologist and get a strong medicine to control the incessant itching at bite sites. My arms were bit.

  3. YES, they bite!!! I lived in hell for 10 months where there was a German cockroach infestation. Dirty building and neighbors I found out after the fact of moving in….I thought it was bedbugs at first, collected samples that I brought to a local university’s entomologist. Confirmed they were this roach species. They got into EVERYTHING…my clothes, bed, and yes they will bite you if you’re sleeping or not. I had to wash all my clothes and linens…then they were transferred into my car. I spent over 100 hours and much $$$ researching kill methods.
    This is my regiment: First I bought a mattress cover made for bedbugs. Then I put each leg of my bed into plastic cups filled with about an 1/2- 1″ of baby oil. They try to climb up, and they drown. Also try wrapping your bed legs in packers tape reversed, sticky side up. Then I began spraying both 90% alcohol around suspect areas..(under cabinets, plumbing, around electrical outlets)…If you have pets take them out of the room until it dries, and Cedarcide Best Yet spray($$$). Any place they could squeeze into my apt, I treated. It works for bedbugs too, (if you get at them early), but that’s another story…I quickly moved. I also sprinkled an organic food grade diatomaceous earth around my bed, the front door and in cabinets…the management would do nothing. get a “puffer”. (Now I’ve learned, if mgmt doesn’t respond, call your health dept, with proof. (You can get out of your lease if the problem isn’t addressed) I am traumatized every time I see a “filth” insect now, but the 3-punch method helped quite a bit. Wouldn’t you know, I moved back into a more expensive place I had lived before, and I though was clean. Evidently the prior tenant was a hoarder. This time those giant sewer roaches have invaded. Those really freak me out. (I’ve had nightmares) The battle begins again. I’m exhausted, but good luck to you all suffering out there!

  4. AND I forgot to mention: Keep all food stuffs,(including dog food), either in airtight containers or in the fridge. Wipe down all counters, inside drawers with diluted bleach solution, and do the same with your floor. Your sink drains should remained closed at all times when not in use. I’ve even plugged up the “vent” holes int the bathroom sink. Poor a few tablespoons down them each night. Pinesol also works.

  5. Yes. My roaches we’re coming from the neighbors through the sink drain. I pored bleach in them before night time and sprayed the vents in the bath room several times with roach spray that lasts for 6 months, still i repeated every week.
    Sometimes I wpuld wake up at 5 or 6 am and see own crawling on the wall near my bed. I was so paranoid that I couldn’t sleep or would wake up every 30 mins to check, after I heavily sprayed all arlund my bed and all the power outlets I found couple of timestories dead roaches next to my bed early in the morning. That means those nasty ones were crawling near me (hope not on me) nightly while I was sleeping. All in all BLEACH in the drain helped me a lot, that’s when I stopped noticing them in the bathroom and much less anywhere. Spray outlets and vents too.

  6. i live in TX i don’t have house roaches but every once in awhile a big wood roach will find its way in,that’s inevitable this is TX,the other day i found one belly up but it left a black trail, it was not roach pellets it was a black ink trail it looked like a ink pen leaked out and was slightly smeared around,does anyone know what that is or about, thank you, sue b.

    • I think that is liquidized roach poop that they let go of while they are dying, I live in Texas too and I’ve seen it before.

  7. How to get rid of German cockroaches

    • Are you googling this or are you putting that topic up as a suggestion

  8. I’m so paranoid with this subject……I just can’t sleep in a dirty room. My younger siblings love to come to my room with food and I do not like that! Ugh, my mom always yells at me for kicking them out but she doesn’t seem to catch up my reasons. A few days ago, my little sister came with CRACKERS on her hands and crushed them on the floor. I freaked out and called my mom to clean it since she didn’t stop them, it was her fault. Later at night, I was watching TV in my room when I saw a disgusting cockroach crawling on the foot of my bed. Thank God I was awake or the nasty crawling-creature would’ve bitten my foot! Ew, I killed it then pretty much desinfected my bed with bleach. I DON’T CARE if I sound crazy! there’s no way I’m sleeping in a dirty bed……I’m the opposite of my best friend thou. My room is the cleanest and most organized in my house. My bff’s is the messiest and she told me about the cockroaches at night in her room. Ah….no thanks. I prefer not to do sleepovers in her house again. I mean, no kidding….my trash can in my room NEVER has food remains in there. My bff’s trash is a bag hanged behind the door and it has food trash in it. 0_o

  9. Roaches suck butt painful and so hard to get rid of

  10. For one they only actually would bite you if they feel theart by you not from food because then they start to eat cardboards and carpet it’s just the fact

  11. mygirl fremd swares she is being betten by roaches we sleep in the same bedfor 9+years i have never beem bet whats up wit that

  12. I sleep by the wall and my husband has not one bite me all the time

  13. Apply baking soda paste made using a teaspoon of baking soda and a little water to the bite. Leave it on the bite for 15 – 20 minutes. The baking soda has a cooling effect and its alkalinity will neutralize the acid of the bite. You can also mix equal parts of vinegar and baking soda into a paste and apply it on the bite.

  14. When i moved into this trailer we found cockroaches everywhere so we tried sealing the walls and everything hoping that would get rid of the roaches but that didnt work so we tried fogging the place well that didnt work they just kept on coming back again so we tried using roach spray but that didnt work neither and my wife got bit by the cockroach and she went to the doctor to get it checked out and the doctor said that she is lucky that she cought it in time because if she wouldnt of than it could of spreaded through her whole body and caused a desease and it would of killed her so now we are working on doing a lawsuit against our manager.

  15. I have cockroaches!!!!! I yelled and cockroach my grandma said were there she said thats a water bug no its not water bugs are hecka
    big and she looked at it and said that is a cockroach never mind I was like boi . I’ve been sleeping on the couch ever since bye bye room

    • You made my day. I even forgot about giant roach in my dresser, lol!

  16. I never had roaches until a new neighbor moved in. Their house was infested. They bombed their home and it was like all the roaches come to my home. I have been dealing with these disgusting critters for about 2years now. I have tried everything to get rid of them. Nothing has worked! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  17. I got bit by a roach a year ago…there is no more swelling but I still have the marks…hw do I get rid of these marks?

  18. Adopt a cat or more, they’ll take care of the little pests 😉

    • I have cats too if they eats the roaches cant they get sick or have something wrong with their digestive system

    • Are you serious? Cats will get rid of them? We’ve got dogs but no go. We had neighbors move into a house that had burned 5 yrs ago & they started renovating it. Well now myself & other neighbors have them BAD! Ive sprayed, no go. Used borax with sugar, no go. Now trying hot shot powder. Fingers crossed. I’m so paranoid now that I don’t sleep & cant eat for fear. Lived in my house for 17 yrs & this is a 1st! Had knats, ants, flies & mice but this is by far the worse! Feeling hopeless!

  19. Question i’ve been getting bit by roaches non stop for over 6 days now . im severly allergic and nothing seems to work! Had a shot by the drs , gave my steroid ointment . is there anything else i can try out . its a burning pain that itches and i cannot seem to get rid of . fumigated the house and for somereason they still find a way in .

  20. I have been getting bit by these things for about 3 days now while I sleep. It hurts so bad, and I can never stop itching it. I sleep by the wall and everytime I go to sleep I check the wall. I just found the cockroach hideout today in my food cabinet. I usually kill the ones I see, but today I was scared to open my cabinet. I took everything out very quickly and sprayed it down at least every 20 minutes for a couple hours. I’m so paranoid. When I close my eyes. All I see it roaches.

  21. I moved into a condo in Las Vegas where they had attached a concrete planter to an exterior wall off of the main bedroom. Unknown to me large Chinese and American roaches (what some would call Water bugs lived in the planter soil). Eventually, the weight of the water and soil caused a break in the wall and the roaches migrated into the walls of the house. My first bite came when I had laid down on the carpet in the back room and awoke to a piercing pain, as I looked at my forearm a huge roach was tearing into the flesh. I squashed him with the heal of my boot. The wound was bad, deep and infected with a signature triangle mark on top of the swollen bump. The triangle is the shape of their jaw and this part of the wound is always raw and is the last to heal. I had never seen a roach behave in this manner or been bit before this. We notified homeowners and I bought special commercial roach spray which you shoot into the wall. They got under the bed and it was a heavy hospital bed that couldn’t be turned over. One day my girlfriend was cleaning in the bathroom and she screamed as a roach came through the heating vent and dropped on the floor immediately running for the bedroom she tried to catch it before it too made it under the bed. Eventually I moved my girlfriend out and called in the city to have a look. While homeowners was trying to look busy having Terminex shoot subterranean pesticide around the condo I moved my sleeping area out into the living room. I laid out my sleeping bag placing super sticky packing tape (sticky side up) all around the periphery. The next morning when I woke up I had huge roaches stuck to the packing tape all around where I had been sleeping. Not one had gotten through thank God! I had triple taped the packing tape three rows deep. Forget people telling you they bite you by mistake, they attack you! I ended up moving out soon after that but was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease which the doctor told me was likely triggered by the roach bites. This is a true story and I have the pictures, video and scars to prove it. The first time I inquired to a University about what was happening I was told that roaches don’t bite. Yeah right…

  22. I saw a few roaches ,so I started cleaning everything in house,now I have blood bites and under skin ,They get worse ever day h,head to too,even under waist all very body ,I’m only getting bitten think I’m crazy,you cannot help.I’m paranoid, most under skin, I’ve had cancer of face ,didn’t get worse until 8please answer quicklynow.please

  23. I spotted a roach a few days ago here at home I called my friend immediately and told her. She said don’t call the orkin companies. I ask why. She said they had more roaches with orkin than. without.. So they stoped coming on her requests. She said she started. putting out the little black traps from the stores. Also she said she collected numerous of small bottle. caps and put a 4th teaspoon of black oil into the lids. She placed 1 in her closet, 1 under. her beds, behind every table, under cabinets, and anywhere else she could see and think of except food , drains and not around food. area’s and stove. She kept washing her sinks with bleach after each meal and put small strainers in the kitchen sinks and in the bathroom sink and tub. She sprayed raid around all the doors inside and out 2 times a day. She took a shower every night and placed her. dirty clothes in a black draw string bag until she was ready to wash them.After a week she was rid. of the pesky roaches.Truth is I have tried it to. The method. does work.Use the black in the lids under your house away from water lines and pipes.. That helps them from going under your house and infesting there.

    • What is black oil & where can I get it?

  24. Boric acid does help, but nothing can STOP the bites, they are eventual. Definitely clean w/alcohol and bleach those drains. Last night they’ll Run pierced my perimeter and got into the bedroom. Woke early, and after coming back from the crapper, found one crawling across my sheets. GROSS !!!! P.S. what is that black oil?

  25. Will roaches disturb .my pets? Dogs really? I have 2. Small dogs one always chews at s rear area the both scratch havent eeen ny flease. Could be roaches

  26. Help.. I’m in fifth floor apartment and I just heard a roach fly into my room. I killed it in time but I have absolutely no idea how they got in. I had all the windows closed and my rooms are all clean except one which i always have locked. What should i do??? I’m scared I might get bit. 🙁 I’ve seen none on my walls so far, and roaches are the first insect i’ve ever seen in my house.. Do you think it’s an infestation??? I’ve never seen holes in the walls as well.

  27. Get several bottles of Hot shot with boric acid powder (white bottle blue lable) pull out fridge, stove & dishwasher. Apply a decent amount on the floor in cracks where wall meets floor. Bug man even told me to remove face plates from plug outlets add some in there & the reinstall covers. Once you’ve done this push the fridge, stove & dishwasher back. Also do in the bathrooms. Under the sinks, if you have laundry room pull out washer and dryer apply decent layer, remove outlet covers put a little layer in the box itself NOT the plug part & replace covers, put washer & dryer back. If you have a food pantry where you keep trash can it’s best to have a cover over trash (learned hard way) put layer in the bottom of the pantry closet (the floor) DON’T use near open food. We also got sticky pads and lined countertop with them every corner I then and each side of the stove. Per the bug man, they will walk thru the powder & like dogs & cats, roaches clean themselves by licking which means they ingest the poison. It only takes 1 female to mate 1x (ever with a male, just ONCE) & can lay up to 1500 eggs per year. Now IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN AND/OR ANIMALS (THAT ROAM FREELY) EX. DOGS & CATS USE CAUTION! DONT LET THEM GET INTO THE POWDER!!
    We’ve tried several different home sprays & this Hot Shot was last resort b4 calling bug man to resolve it for $400. Since using the powder we went from seeing dozens to ever so often my kitchen is packed up in plastic crates in livingroom. In 18 yrs of living here we’ve never had this problem, so I was horrified! Hopefully you caught early enough & can end It fast.

  28. Mine is worst, have been seeing and killing them. though I make use of my room mostly @night. till this faithful day around 2am noticing a very sharp pierce, just to wake up and see a cockroach trying to escape. didn’t have any option than to used my hand and kill it. since then, I do my best to spray the room before I sleep.

  29. I know thay should die

  30. Want to get rid of the roaches in hospitals… So what pesticides can I use that doesn’t have side effects on human

  31. I live in a small E.central Texas town. Our old house is wood frame and was a sitting duck for cockroach infestation. Every Spring I have a time period of raging infestations of the same critters, I fight the insane fleas and flies like crazy until it heats up and fades to a manageable level. We never had a problem with any type of house or cock roaches ever until my son helped a friend out with a place to stay for a while. This is just one of the tips I want to pass on…

    Tip #1: Be careful what comes into your home, this person transferred them to my home from the grandmother’s (which I found out later was overrun with them). They hide in clothing, backpacks, everywhere. I started seeing them within a month and started fighting back. I absolutely cannot abide cockroaches in my home. I was used to being able to leave a covered pie or muffins on the stove comfortably. But I am not averse to using chemicals of a relatively same level, and being a horticulturist (and my husband, who is now disabled and is confined to his bed) was a pest control applicator for many years also. It’s not like I didn’t have the knowledge arsenal in my favor. But I must be careful with his health and I’m more reticent to haul out huge “guns” these days in this rural area. I ordered a product (Powder form-dissolveable in water) called “Demon” online after much research done. I purchased a sprayer and proceed to do a preliminary house clean and purge.

    Tip #2: Get rid of old papers, stacks of magazines, clean dark closeted corners, cabinets, hot water heater closets. Just any place they can run to to hide. They will lay egg cases in area that are left undisturbed after setting up roachville there and will infest it with their excrement. This is what the newly hatched roaches can eat and live off of indefinitely. If you have even a tiny pipe leak in the bathroom or kitchen plumbing fix it asap. Clean every nook and cranny – places you never thought of – initially. Think like one. It will pay off, one grain of cornbread crumb can feed one for days. Whatever method you use this is valuable info. I removed a standing cupboard and bookcase from the house that were made of “composite” or pressed wood, you know it is just chunks or pulp wood items that are glued and form to mimic boards and fall apart when wet. They love that like nobodies business and those pieces were where I had the central problem. My kitchen cabinets were raw pine with a light varnish so I painted them also with a good latex. They love bare, raw wood as much as composite even if it has a veneer.

    Tip #3: Keep consistent… Kill every one you ever see with your own eye, flyswatter, can spray whatever. For every one you kill you can feel better that there won’t be the thousands more from that one it would have produced. Clean, clean, CLEAN! Sink traps after doing dishes, take out trash and wash can, be mindful of places spills and crumbs can accumulate while cooking and eating. Eliminate what they need to survive and you’re on you’re way to winning the war. It won’t happen overnight, you must keep after it. They also love left out pet food in bowls (I put my cat’s bowl on brick placed in a 9×12″ high sided roasting pan half full of water which they can still reach). Litterboxes are like a buffet to them, scoop and wash regularly. I reduced the problem significantly over time but living in a wooden dwelling has been a drawback.

    Tip #4: if you do chose to use aore chemical solution be sure to switch what chemicals you use every time you spray, or every 2-4 weeks. I add a tablespoon of diluted Elmer’s glue to my mix to keep the product spot viable a little longer for cracks and crevices. And they’ll eat that too and die. Spraying with the same thing will cause a resistance trigger to those that survive it and the new ones will walk through it and laugh at you. Those that remain after all this hard effort will be starving and desperate, you will notice strangely, the odd one that will take a chance out of desperation to come out of hiding if it smells or senses a chance for food. Another point of concern: Vacuum and spray the surfaces and underneath of furniture you sit or sleep in. I do this for the “bad flea periods” also, bit try not to eat there, I had a time where a war went on at my rattan sofa. I actually started to freak when I had itchy bites start to appear and was lost thinking What now? Somebody visited and brought bedbugs in as well? But that not being a very likely scenario I discovered that I was being bitten by tiny baby roaches while sitting one night as it walked into my white shorts. And I killed it and it actually does look so similar to a bed bug and bites just as hard. They also can run like a scalded dog when they know you’ve seen them. A bedbug can also tear off at an amazing speed to survive. So if you aren’t sure what you have take one to your local County’s Ag Agent, knowledgeable Nurseryman, or pest control company. If you hire a Pest Control company, get certification proof, BBB info, ask for and actually speak to real customers for their comment. Make sure you are given a set price for “The initial cleanout”. You will STILL have to do all the initial cleaning in prep too and in addition. I’ve seen my husband exasperated by customers who insist on living like slobs and gripe and complain to the company that they’re not doing the job to get rid of their roach problem. Another great tool that is natural to use in out of the way places is “Diatomaceous Earth”. It is a powdery light and dusty substance (don’t want to breath it in, though anyway). It is made from mining natural sources of deposits in the earth of fossilized ancient minute sea creatures called Diatoms. Under a microscope they resemble spikey sharp little shapes. How it works:any insect or worm with an exo-(outer) skin or exo- hard skeleton, like beetles, roaches, etc… They walk through a layer of it and it will rub and scratch small cuts on the insect. They help this along by trying to groom themselves too. They are unable to heal from these dehydrating cuts and it kills them. Great for anyone who has no use for chemicals or health/allergy issues. Livestock farmers and ranchers regularly feed it to their animals and cattle to safely kill internal parasites and worms. Good luck to anyone with a roach problem. I’m so sick of dealing with bugs but have a gradually better handle on it these days and just keep plugging away.

  32. what is dangerous result cockroach biting?

  33. I have been attacked o a daily basis all day long like they want me to stay out of this room they Are aggressive i got bit 4 times they have no concept of time i have never been bit in my 50 years of life didnt believe it till i started getting bit this house has food they ate not hungry they are not shy they are physcos

  34. Kindly please tell me how to do a cockroach breeding.

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