Are you in a period of psychological turmoil due to a bed bug infestation? These tiny insects can make you want to try just about any solution. With the many bed bug products available today, you ought to do some homework to avoid spending your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t work.

One category of products that can help you deal with bed bugs is a spray. Raid Max Bed Bug & Flea Killer is a spray product that may capture your attention due to what the manufacturers claim it has to offer. But does it live up to the billing?

Here’s a review of this spray to help you find out if it’s worth purchasing.

The Effectiveness

This spray is designed to kill bed bugs as well as their eggs. It works to eliminate the whole population, helping you keep your business or home free of these unwelcome pests.

This versatile spray also kills several other pests such as fleas, ticks, lice, and dust mites.

A bed bug killer spray can come in the form of a pump or aerosol spray. To learn more about this product, click on this link.

How does the product work?

Raid bed bug spray can be used as a spot treatment or surface spray.Bed Bug Defence System by Raid Max You can apply the product over a large area as a surface spray. You can also use it to treat tight spots such as cracks and crevices by lifting up its yellow precision wand.

Its active ingredients – cypermethrin and imiprothrin – kill bed bugs as well as their eggs on contact.

This spray doesn’t contain any ozone-depleting substances.

Other ingredients that make up the product include:

  • Isopropanol: This helps the product spread over a surface.
  • Ammonium Benzoate: It inhibits corrosion of the container to keep the contents fresh.
  • Isobutane: This propellant helps in dispensing the product from the container.
  • Fragrance: It adds scent to the spray.
  • Propane: This propellant also assists in dispensing the product from the container.
  • Sorbitan Oleate: This helps in breaking down dirt and other deposits.
  • Petroleum Distillate: It promotes even distribution of the ingredients.
  • Water: This is the product’s liquid base.

Raid Max active ingredients

How should you use it?

If you’re concerned about the spray staining or discoloring your items, test it by spraying on an inconspicuous place. Evaluate the area after it dries.

Before you apply this product, make sure you cover or remove drinking water. Cover fish aquariums and remove pets.

Follow these steps when spraying an area:

  1. Shake the container well.
  2. Hold it upright with its nozzle pointing away from you.
  3. Stand at a distance of 8-10 inches from the area to be sprayed.
  4. Depress the valve and spray every square foot for 5 seconds (13 seconds for bedbug eggs) or until the area is damp. When spraying, try to directly apply the product on as many bed bugs as you can. However, take care not to wet the area to the point there’s runoff or dripping.
  5. Vacate a room after treating it. Don’t allow any pet or person to enter treated areas until the spray has dried. Ventilate the areas before you reoccupy them. You should also use or replace your bedding only after allowing the sprayed surfaces and articles to dry completely.

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after you’ve finished using the spray. You shouldn’t use the spray on the same area more than once a day.

Raid Max directions for use

Where should you use it?

As a surface spray, you can apply the spray to:

  • box springs,
  • mattresses,
  • carpets,
  • floors,
  • furniture,
  • walls,
  • garments,
  • rugs,
  • luggage,
  • drapes, and
  • closets.

Surfaces for spraying

As a spot treatment, you can apply it to:

  • floorboards,
  • baseboards,
  • cracks,
  • crevices,
  • wall hangings,
  • bed frames,
  • door frames,
  • window frames, and
  • headboards.
You shouldn’t use this Raid Max bug spray on animals or humans. It can be dangerous if it’s absorbed through the skin.
If it accidentally comes into contact with your clothing or skin, take off the clothing and rinse your skin for about 20 minutes.

The spray is meant to be used indoors only. Some of the places it can be used include the home, non-food sections of restaurants, hotels, motels, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, offices, kennels, and warehouses.

The Benefits of Using Raid Max Bed Bug Spray

Getting rid of adult bed bugs won’t get rid of an infestation. The eggs they leave behind will hatch and produce a new population. The Raid Max Bed Bug & Flea Killer targets different life stages of the bug to help you eliminate the entire population.

Raid Max Bed Bug Spray is a Multipurpose Product.

This spray also kills fleas. But that’s not all. It’s also excellent at controlling ticks, dust mites, carpet beetles, lice, and clothes moths. It offers a cheap solution to your indoor pest problems.

The spray comes with an extender wand that’s very easy to use. The wand can fit into cracks, crevices and other confined areas where bugs hide, giving you more precision when applying the product.

By allowing you to direct the poison onto the insects more accurately, the wand can significantly reduce the amount of spray that gets into your home’s air. As a result, it helps prevent you and your family from inhaling fumes from the product.

Final Review of the Product

The manufacturer’s description of this product would make most people want to buy it. The benefits that the product has to offer also make it stand out.

However, as with any other product, it’s always good to also hear from those that have used it. We’ve gone the extra mile for you and compiled what purchasers of this product have said about it.

Customer feedback

The Raid bug spray has received both positive and negative reviews. Those that have been impressed by it as well as those that didn’t like it seem to have had similar things to say.

Let’s take a look at the two categories of reviews separately:

  • Positive reviews
    The users that loved this product found it to be capable of killing pests on contact and reducing or eliminating infestations. The specific pests that most reviewers found the product to successfully work on are bed bugs, fleas, and carpet beetles. Customers also praised its affordability and ease of use.
    Most people also talked about having used other products such as traps, bombs and other sprays to no avail. On switching to Raid Max Bed Bug & Flea Killer, they found it to work better and quicker too. Its smell has also been described as being milder than that of a typical bug spray.
    A point to note with a significant number of customers is that they had to use the product for one or more weeks to fully eradicate the pests.
  • Negative reviews
    Most of the users who weren’t impressed by the product claimed that it didn’t work as expected. While it helped a little, it didn’t do much to eradicate the pests in their homes.

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Generally, this Raid Max bug spray has more positive reviews than negative ones and is worth considering. Although there are high chances of this product helping you deal with bed bugs, you’ll also have to be diligent in applying it.

Make sure you spray everywhere these unwelcomed guests may be such as the mattress seam and all the crevices around your bed. Remember these sneaky creatures also like to hide in other areas apart from your bed such as in chairs, couches, clothes, and behind dressers. Treat any area you find they’ve infested.

You may also need several application treatments to send these pests packing. If you see them again after a couple of days or weeks, make sure you spray again. It’s also a good idea to try looking for them in areas you might not have checked the first time you sprayed.

You can also increase the effectiveness of this Raid spray by combining it with other bed bug control methods such as trapping and vacuuming.

You can find further details of Bed Bugs Control here.