The presence of these nasty creatures in the attic is a common problem. The very first signs of infestation are the sounds of chirping and scratching, bumping and jumping from above the ceiling. We all believe that squirrels live somewhere off the ground, mainly in trees, but the reality is such that they never refuse from settling down in the attic.

The very first thing to do is stop worrying. There is the right solution to every problem. Secondly – look for advice how to prevent further infestation. Thirdly – learn the ways on eradicating those that have already entered your place. We hold all the information you need to know while coping with the situation.

Coping with Flying Squirrels in Attic

How to keep flying squirrels in atticSo, ask yourself ‘I have squirrels in my attic… How did they get in there? What should I do?’

There is no surprise they adore such places: they are dry, warm and are just perfect for nesting, storing foods and using all other benefits in a comfortable area without any dangers the surroundings have.

The easiest way you can go is calling wildlife control.
However, this is also the most expensive option that saves your time and nerves and relocates the animals.

According to specialists, attics are the best places for these animals to have and grow babies. And this is why squirrel removal should become your priority.

If you don’t have much money and want to do everything on your own, you can trap the pests yourself. In this case it is very important to make sure that you have evicted all the creatures. Keep in mind that a single colony contains not less than twenty critters, so the process of elimination can become really durable.

Trapping a pair of squirrels is not enough.

If you would like to set all the traps in the most effective way, you are to make some research, during which you must find all the entry and exit routes and points, as well as block all of them, except for one. This is your chance to make the creatures use only the route you have chosen for them. Just set a trap there and wait until all the “illegal invaders” get caught.

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What Are the Chances to Remove Squirrels from Attic

They are high, even if you are not a professional. The ways of removing squirrels are multiple. Of course, you can’t rely on all of them.

And this is why we suggest paying attention to the most effective ones:

  1. Trap and remove from atticOption 1 – Trap-and-Remove. Every professional knows that if you are aiming at ensuring these animals will leave and won’t come back ever again, you are to catch them, trap and remove. For this purpose we suggest buying squirrel-sized cage traps that are set near the entry holes. Make sure you mount the cage right against the entry point. Keep in mind that squirrels are very active in the morning and evening, but they can also leave home several times a day. If you place a cage, you have all the chances to capture them as they come out. The procedure should be repeated, and not once. Perhaps, this is a slow method, but it really works.


    As this is the best way to get rid of annoying squirrels in the attic, today’s market is ready to offer several types of traps:

    • body grip traps,
    • repeating live cage traps,
    • single animal live cage trap.
  2. Trapping squirrelsOption 2 – One-way Doors. This is another option for those, who want to learn how to keep squirrels away. In fact this is a way of trapping squirrels in attic; however, it should be described individually. Specialists call this option the most humane one. All you should do is mount a one-way door on the entrance hole. A special door has a tension flap which allows the animal exiting, but leaves no chances for getting back inside. This option is fantastic at getting all the animals out of the attic for as long as you want to. But what if your home has to make holes they can come through? You don’t have to buy many traps. Just seal all the holes and leave only one.
  3. Option 3 – Using Repellents. Why not use this option in the area infested by squirrels? Special sprays will not kill them, but will only keep from coming back. Regardless of the type or brand you choose, all the solutions promise long-lasting results. Of course, they are not cheap, but still they cost less than the repair of damage, caused by pests.
    Repellents can be sprinkled in pellet or solid forms.
  4. Option 4 – Ammonia. What should be done? Wet some rags with ammonia and then spread them near the location where squirrels live. As these creatures possess highly developed senses of smell, and they won’t stand the smell.
  5. Option 5 – Lights and SoundsHow to control squirrels? Leave the light and radio on near the entry/exit points. It won’t bother you or your neighbors, but will drive the pests crazy.

After using one of these effective methods you are to make sure that the creatures haven’t left any younger ones behind. Don’t rush and give them some time and they will take their offspring from the noisy place.

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How to Keep Old and Young Squirrels out of the Attic: Preventive Measures

Preventive mesures to control squirrels in atticThere is a very nice old saying – ‘Prevention is the best cure’. If you have never faced the problem of infestation or have luckily solved it, then you should think of taking some preventive measures of squirrel control:

  • Perform regular inspection checks around your property, looking for rot or damage near the roofline. The inspection should be performed at least once per month. If there is something you have noticed, don’t waste your time or postpone the task – fix all the damage immediately.
  • Eliminate entry and exit points. No access – no infestation.
  • Seal up all the holes that have been created by these animals and do the same with the most vulnerable places. For this purpose we suggest using chicken wire or hardware cloth. Staple the cloth to the plywood and then spray the entrance either with a taste or animal repellent.
  • Install heavy-duty steel screens right behind the vents. Do the same with other large entry points.
  • Trim your trees. Keep in mind that low-hanging branches are a kind of encouragement for squirrels to jump into the house. Cut them and you’ll eliminate possible risks by 30%.
  • Don’t leave any trash as it attracts squirrels, as well as many other animals.
  • Use a few ammonia-soaked rags and place them in strategically important areas. Though this is mainly a folk remedy, it is still very effective. According to the latest statistics, 8 out of 10 homeowners report its success.
  • Use commercial squirrel deterrents. You can purchase some chemical solutions at any specialized store. Use the deterrent according to the provided instructions, focusing on nesting areas that are inside the attic. We suggest paying attention to the variants with predator urine. This is a non-toxic option that affects the animal’s senses of self-preservation and smell. As soon as the animal notices the smell, it avoids being in that area.
None of the options is efficient if used alone.
Combine it with the exclusion and trapping techniques to make sure all the pests are out.

When they are already inside your house, it doesn’t matter how they got in there. What really matters is what ways of pest control of squirrels in attic can be used.

We provide all the squirrels information, education and elimination tips so that every non-professional could cope with the problem once and for all.

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