Squirrel Poison – Everything You Need to Know!

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They say it is not that hard to buy poison and get rid of squirrel infestation. We say it is hard because of three reasons:

  • You aren’t a professional.
  • There’s no legally registered poison.
  • There’s no 100% effective chemical.

So, is there anything you could do? For so you know, options may be quite different. It would be wrong to state that they all will manage the situation, but you could try to use some of them. We suggest following our simple tips and choosing the one that shows the best results. Are you ready to kill nasty squirrels?

What’s the Most Effective Squirrel Poison?

The use of poison is the most common method, but it has both advantages and drawbacks. To begin with, leaving some powder or poisoned food in one place is a pretty nice idea, but these creatures move around, from one place to another, very often. So, in most cases the use of different chemical substances is useless.

Poisoning is a very cruel method of elimination, as animals suffer a painful death. You can check out some squirrel repellent methods is you are looking for other ideas.

Even if a squirrel finds poison, it eats it rarely. This especially refers to rat poison. After everything you have read, it probably seems impossible to kill them.

Still there are a few options:

  • Rat Poison. Even if it kills them, they will remain in your house and will start smelling.
    Rat poison
  • Anticoagulants. For many users, this is a beneficial option that is not associated with bad odors and damage. The effects are gradual and they develop over 2-3 days, which means that the creatures have enough time to leave the territory and die somewhere else. Finally, rodents collapse in severe anemia or hypovolemic circulatory shock and then die.
  • Strychnine. This is a very dangerous substance that is used for killing pests. It is rapidly absorbed from the stomach and results in clinical signs within two hours after the intake. You can use several tablespoons for bait. The first clinical signs include drooling, anxiety, tremors, severe seizures, nervousness, and acute death.
    This is how to get rid of squirrels in the attic.
  • Just One Bite. This is a well-known brand that offers a rather powerful bait that is specially designed for mice elimination, BUT it also works for squirrels. The product is called to be irresistible to pests. Unlike other expensive options, it works within hours, not weeks. After an animal eats the bait, it dies soon.
    Find the best squirrel bait here.

Speaking of other squirrel poison, these may be Chloralose, Arsenic, White Phosphorus, Bromethalin, Barium, Crimidine, Thallium, Scilliroside, Fluoroacetamide, or Strychnine.

Ask professionals for types of products available on the market.

If there are squirrels in house, you can use anti-coagulation poisons. These substances are most frequently used. They will kill all the pests within one week or less.

The only recommendation is not to place anti-coagulation poisons in places that can be easily reached by children or your domestic animals, as they are too dangerous.

Pros and Cons of Squirrel Poison Bait

Angry SquirrelAs for today, there are several types of baits that are commonly used for trapping squirrels both outside and inside your home. Traps are not effective unless that bait is in them. Don’t expect these nasty creatures to get into a trap, if there is nothing tasty in it. Generally speaking, there is a whole bunch of different stuff that can be put in it, but is all of it equally effective?

The trap is to be laid under bark or in a tunnel. While choosing proper bait, look for those things that will attract ONLY squirrels, not tens of other pests.

To the list of the most recommended variants belong:

  • Nuts,
  • Sweetened nut products,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Small pieces of a Snickers candy bar.
If you choose squirrel poison baits, keep in mind that they can make pests feel sick, but won’t really kill them.
At the same time, baits are very poisonous to home pets and humans.

What do you know about poisonous baits? They are intended to kill squirrels during garden plant and flower large scale growing operations or on commercial farms. What’s it? This is a combination of diphacinone and chlorophacinone. Preparation of this kind of trap includes spreading out rolled oats, thus allowing pests to acclimate to the product. In a few days, you should mix grains with the squirrel poison and place them in those areas, where safe grains have already been eaten. We suggest applying 1-2 tablespoons for each of the locations. If not less than 90% of bait is consumed, then you can expect fast results.

If you are trying to find out how to get rid of ground squirrels, you should keep in mind that they are very resistant to common poisons that are used in baits, and this is why this method is never satisfied with them.

Over-the-counter poisons are dangerous to pets and humans.

Today there are hundreds of different regulations that are covering the aspect of rules and control applications in the USA. The control is used by local commissions and other services. So, before you choose any bait or even think to use it, make sure you know all local regulations. Breaking the law you can get lots of problems.

Hot to Kill Squirrels without Poisoning Them?

Most people say that killing squirrels without using poisonous substances is next to impossible. We disagree with that. It is possible! And you won’t have to use your gun!

  1. Sugar. Why sugar? It has the same effects on pests as on humans. As a rule, squirrels do not consume much of it and its amounts in nuts and natural fruits are low. But an increase in the natural blood sugar may cause a number of problems, for example, excessive weight. Fat pests can’t run from predators, they have clogged arteries and their blood flow is restricted. So, leave more fruits and sugary nuts around. It’s easy and it works.
  2. Salt. Why salt? Gray squirrels don’t consume much salt. They usually get it from nuts. Much salt affects the heart, raises blood pressure, and increases pulse. Make sure these pests get more salt than usually.
Excessive amounts come from potato chips, salted peanuts, etc.

Aren’t these the best ways to kill squirrels? However, there’s one drawback: poisoned pests rarely die outside. If they live outside, they’ll die outside. But if they are in your house…

Frankly speaking, the place they die in depends on the poison they have eaten, as well as the amount of time they had before the bait started affecting their bodies. In case you have provided poison inside the attic and under the roof, pests will have time to run outside, searching for relief. But if the chemical solution is too powerful, they won’t have any time. The fact these creatures die inside the house makes it difficult for you to remove them before their decomposition. The same refers to the case when they are stuck between walls.

You can find lots of cons and pros of using poisonous compounds. At times they are really effective but sometimes lead to serious consequences. This is why you’d better follow this simple rule: if you are coping with the infestation outside, you may use poison; if this is the inside problem, you’d better refuse from it.

You can find further details of Squirrels Control here.

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  1. I’m out of work and have no income .What is the best way to Poisen
    The Squirrells that come in and out of my Attic?

    • I heard of a poison that they eat and makes them very thirsty. I dont know the name of it but I do know it works 100% of the time. It was used in an apartment complex in North Jersey where I lived for years. The poison makes them VERY thirsty and once they eat it and go outside to find water they die instantly as the water activates the poison.

      • Please tell me what this is that the squirrels will eat. I live in north jersey…the squirrel population is out of control, they are hanging on my window screens, you nearly fall over them on the sidewalks…I have had them in my attic, I cannot have a repeat of that terrible scene. What is it? Where can I buy it? Thankyou.

        • … kill a squirrel for? There’s ways to repel them like lavender oil for one. Squirrels are intelligent, sweet animals who deserve to live. They’re just looking for a home to have baby’s and survive the harsh winters. How about you put some nests in your yard and give them a home.

          • That’s a stupid statement. Human ancestors date back 6 million years ago. The earliest fossil evidence for squirrels was found in western North America and dated to about 36 million years ago. They been around 30 million years longer than humans. They dont need us to feed them or make them houses. They didn’t need us for 30 million years in the wild and adapted to all of the earth’s changing including The last glacial period began about 100,000 years ago and lasted until 25,000 years ago so yes they even survived an ice age without us. All we need to do for the squirrels is exactly nothing. They can and have survived longer than us, without us and far more harsher conditions and earthly changes than us.

            • Who cares they are a nuisance and destructive

              • I absolutely agree. I live in liberty MO, and my backyard looks like a war zone.
                Someone needs to do something because the squirrel population is out of control, and it’s getting worse. I just want them to be gone for good.

                • Pellet rifle works great!

      • I think I heard of that too, and also don’t know the name of it – it sounds great, but the attic space would surely just be taken over by new grey squirrels

        • How about you consider that there are people who invest heavily in architectural landscaping and vegetable gardening where squirrels can wreak absolute havoc. Lavender oil? Squirrels rapidly adapt to deterrents of these sort and resume their destructive behavior.

      • please can you try to remember that poison name?i am desperate with squirrels thank you

        • I used D-Con mixed with peanut butter to get rid of a squirrel in the house and it worked. Squirrel left the house in search of water. No kill trap didn’t work, the giant mouse trap didn’t work.

        • You are not for real! They tore the inside of my fathers wires in his truck and devastated my friends house. Kill them..it costs us 300 hundred dollars to safely remove one squirrel with a professional. Buy a one-way cage for safely trapping and seal all holes with putty. If they are still getting in..time to kill before they cause costly damage to house. The natural smelling repellents do not work and nor does the ultrasonic. You will need proper trappi g as these squirrels are so brutal they will chew off their own foot to get out if a trap. Sincerely yours, squirrel trapper with 27 years experience.

          • what kind of trap can i get for squirels

        • Try peanut butter and mix fly bait in it .

      • I believe you are referring to strychnine.

        • Where can you find it to be mixed in peanut butter?

      • Buy green MICE pellets to kill mice! It works exactly the way you described!

        Take the mice style (smaller pellets) and then grind them into a some what FINE powder – but do this outdoors and keep it away from your kitchen in a dry, sealed jar or container! You don’t want anything else to get into it and die!

        Then buy a huge jar of super cheap PNB, a SQUIRREL FEEDER with a lid that opens on the top, secure it to a tree by nailing it to a tree with a metal wire around it so ONLY squirrels can lift the box lid!

        Mix your PNB with the ground green mice pellets, fill the squirrel feeder with it, then sprinkle peanuts around the base of the tree, smear PNG on the bark of the tree up to the feeder top and then a little where the feeder lid is located and after that – they are on their own!

        We had over 30 in our new home in the country, but in 1 month of this – the numbers went down to 10 and then we’d only see one every now and then…but not for long!

        My “PNG Surprise” worked 100% of the time for 5 straight years, so I know what I’m talking about.

        After the tree rat ingests the PNB surprise, in an hr or so, he will get thirsty, will go into the woods to find a stream and as soon as he drinks water – BAM! Death by INTERNAL HEMORRHAGING! You’ll NEVER see him again!

        WARNING: Once you mix the ground mice poison pellets and pnb together – you must take extreme measures to not allow any birds to eat any of it….one tiny bit of this and the bird will also die. Also…your dog etc. will be attracted to the PNB and he will die a horrible death as well. This is not something to be taken lightly….but it does work.

        Also…it’s against the law to poison the little bastards, so DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! They could turn you in and I’m not joking!

        There is a squirrel season – but only for shooting…NEVER for poisoning!

        If you don’t think you can do this SAFELY – do not do it at all!


        • What is PNB, please

          • Peanut butter

        • Great Advice, worked straight away. Had 5 tree rats outside, one of which started nesting in the attic. Followed your directions, presto, 10 days later ALL gone!

        • Jayne, you’ve got a jar of PB. Then you’re talking about a wire. And then a box lid. I’m confused. How did you attach the jar of PB to the tree?

      • Where can I buy de con rat poison?

      • It’s a blood thinner medical action called Warfarin. You’d have to get a prescription, which may not be an option if you don’t have health conditions that require it.

    • Get a job. Hire exterminator

      • Sure we all have money for overpriced “experts” to endlessly try every expensive option and still not fix the problem.

    • Get some peanuts, crack the shells open, cut up a small amount of peanuts with some poison pellets mixed in. Place them in the shells and Place the shells back together. They won’t resist. It’s the best way to get rid of them.

      • What kind of poison pellets can I use?

    • Fix your attic so they don’t come in anymore.

      • They will chew your house tell they get back in. Kill them or you will live with them.

    • first get a job!

    • Mix plaster of paris with Nestle’s Quik. They like the taste, it makes them thirsty, so they go outside to find water, then the plaster hardens in their stomach and they die!

      • Will other kinds work? I’d hate to have to go all the way to Europe just for some plaster?

    • hi there maybe don’t posion them its really cruel

      But they are bad pests

      So maybe call animal control so they can get them out and maybe try a way to cover up your attic

  2. I am using my airgun, its the best way to kill squirrels and its funny

    • Killing should never be fun or funny.
      The day will come when it will be done to you. Will you then still think killing is funny???

      • unreal, these things are a menace, will spread disease, maybe once you have had the infection or sickness, you will think different?
        OR just a simple narrow mind?

      • Enjoy being overrun by vermin Andrew.

      • when your house burns down because the squirrels eat through wiring you will change your attitude

        • you got that shit right i dne had my house rewired 2 times already cause of them bastards and its getting exsenpive plus my over hangs they keep chewing up

      • It’s no fun to kill just for fun. I hunt squirrels for food not for fun

      • excuse me, but don’t even try to equate a squirrel with a human being. squirrels are rodent pests, humans are people. get it straight . people used to shoot and eat squirrels, for lack of better food. now they are overrunning the place with their disease germs and every other thing they do.

  3. I am really becoming an expert air pistol shooter. Thank God for all the squirrels I get for target practice. But I would rather use a guarrented squirrel poison. Anyone know of one?

    • I love it, keep up the good work.

  4. We’re parked in our RV, and there’s zillions of squirrels showing up all of a sudden. I foolishly left my pellet gun at home – GASP! So I bought some of that “One Bite” stuff and have surrounded our trailer with it. I’ve watched the little bastards come around and grab it – and site cutely, chowing down. Some of the stuff I’ve read says it may take a few days for them to croak. The faster, the better. I don’t want them nesting in my trailer’s underbelly, OR my truck engine (where I put a small cup with anti-freeze).

  5. I have a terrible problem with ground squirrels. Pls let me know where I can purchase the poison. I reside in CA and they have all kinds of laws on purchashing poison for pest. They say its cruel. They r destroying my house/prop.

    • its called “one bite” you can get it in several ways, either search for it on ebay, or on google, stuff works

  6. I call them tree rats and this year I will get rid of them before the our peach tree produces its peaches. Caught a huge raccoon in our live trap last night, relocated him to the river bank. This year it’s war on the varmints. I am going to try peanut butter in the little live trap for the squirrels. Thanks for the info.

  7. So it’s cruel to poison them but ok to make them obese and give them heart disease so they die “naturally” when they have a heart attack because they realize they are too fat and sluggish to outrun the neighbor’s cat.
    I prefer to relocate them with extreme prejudice….

    • Awesome

  8. I bet you could mix some peanut butter with some yeast and it with blot them up and kill them! Pesty suckers!!!

    • I finally got rid of those pests. Every year they tear out my grass, making huge holes with gaps and spaces. They also dig in my flower pots eating the seed while destroying them. I was so infuriated when they destroyed my plants on the verge of tears. I mixed some pellets in with peanuts and placed them in peanut shells. I planted them where they made their holes and in the flower pots. No sign of those freeloaders of mass destruction anywhere. What a relief. I can replant this spring without them wreaking havoc. I can’t stand them!!!!

      • What can of pellets did you use, they are biting all of our mangoes, placed radios outside, I think they know it’s a radio, not afraid of voices.we are desperate

      • Hey, what kid pellets did you use. They’re destroying my house. One almost got into out bedroom, by chewing through the ceiling!

  9. “The rat zapper” it electrocutes mice, rats and squirrels . it kills them quick and no poison. this is the only thing I use now

    • Where did you get it frm?

      • Rat Zapper you can get from Walmart

    • Where did you get it frm? The rat zapper?

  10. I’m going to crush a Tylenol w/Codeine, then mix it with a teaspoon of peanut butter and bait the rat trap I have with the mixture. Since they don’t get caught in the trap, but they do eat the bait, I figure the codeine will slow them down or maybe make them sleep so I could blow their brains out with a pellet gun.

    • Just use Tylenol PM .. They will just fall asleep and not wake up.. I had to do that to a raccoon ..

  11. I can mix poison into peanut butter and place in the holes but fear my dog will find it first. I guess I can place something heavy over it.

    • something heavy that your dog can’t move but the mighty and giant squirrels can?

  12. Simple shoot them that what I did

    • can’t shoot inside city limits.

  13. What kind of pellets did u put in the nuts? My neighbor is feeding them and then they r burying them in my flower pots..

    • It’s called mole and gopher bait. put them in peanut shells. Make sure you remove the peanuts and then put in the pellets. Try to close the shells together. It tricks them into eating it. I got rid of all of those bastards in my yard. No sign of them anymore. Not one left!!! Every day they were making holes in my grass and destroying my potted plants. No sign of them anywhere. It’s better than blowing their brains out with a gun. What a relief.

      • where in Calgary AB, Canada can I get mole and gopher bait? my neighbor crazy bitch is also feeding them, and they are destroying my freshly planted flowers, the already killed my basil and cilantro

        • Go to Home Depot website. Buy it online. I can’t stand them. They will continue to destroy all your plants. All it takes is one feeding and they will remember and come back everyday around the same time to
          Feed. Good luck. Let me know what happened.

  14. I live of 28 acres of squirrel infested property. I had thousands! UNTIL…..I bought a big bucket of “RAMIK GREEN” rat and mice pellets. I was told it’s the only thing that works, and it did! I have none now! You can get it at wal-mart. We put it in a pipe big enough for the squirrels to get in and eat it but not our dogs. I’d just pour some in their holes myself. They just disappear. You ever see them again.

    • I was looking to buy buy there is a few different type /size of this pellets which one did you use in your pipes? bigger nugget size or small pellets? thank you

  15. cheapest place on line to buy Ramik Green is HorseLoverZ

  16. Will Ramik Green harm birds?

  17. I’m really having a terrible time with tons of really fat squirrels in my yard. Every tree has two or more nests and they have gotten so bold that I can get two feet from them before they even look like they might scamper away. Almost like they are Testing me/standing their ground so to speak. I have no kids or pets so I’m willing to use whatever is the best and fastest killer available. What do you recommend? Honestly, two of them could feed a family a of four

    • Drill a screw hole in each end of a wooden Victor rat trap. Ten wind and tie cotton string around the triggers of the rat traps. Smear creamy peanut butter well into the string on all sides of the trigger. Screw the traps to the trunks of trees, wooden fences, or inside your shed. If you set just the one trap – check it morning and night.

      Or set out eight or ten traps, check them every few hours, and learn how to gut, skin, clean, and cook squirrels. You tube has how-to videos. Squirrels are yummy. If they are really big you should marinate them in buttermilk for an hour, or parboil them with a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in the water, to tenderize them. For a stew or casserole – not so much – but to flour and fry them it’s a better way to go.

  18. Besides the sugar or salt methods, i’d recommend blasting Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus in rotation until they eventually slit their wrists. Must provide shards of glass.

    • Thank you!! I needed that laugh
      Damn rodents are under my house and they ate chewing everything. Ugh. I don’t have 500 bucks and i don’t want to kill em. I want the rat bastards GONE. I’ve been blasting Talk Radio for the last 4 hours. Help

  19. I have been laughing my a*** off reading the comments…

    Thanks for all the advice, peanut shells in a pipe is superb idea!!!

    Squirrels and mice are destructive to the house, but chipmunks and ground squirrels – not, so sometimes have to be selective.

  20. Relocating, over the fence, with a pellet in the brain is my preferred method of control.

  21. I have watched him have a feast on rat poison .Then he is looking for something to drink and comes back for more. We have 2 squirrels that come in our yard. They attack the chipmunks for no reason. I can only wait and see if any come around anymore…I know one had alot to eat ..Squirrels look the same so u really cant tell who ate it and who didnt

    • i,have been feeding them green Ramik rat poison but so far don’t know if any of them died… i watched them carrying the poison up to my attic don’t know if they eaten yet.. did yours disappeared yet ?

    • You can kill 50 and soon 100 will replace them what’s a legal and lethal way to rid these Isis like creatures squirrel pest driving me and my wife bazooka in the city

  22. i have two squirrel that goes in a nd out of a hole that they torn on the vinyal sideing thats there method of getting in and out what can i but in the hole todrive them out

    • If you attach a piece of hardware cloth over the area (the one with 1/2” little squares) they can get out, but not get back in. Cost you a couple dollars. Just tack the very top edge with staples or nails and let it come down a bit below the area of the hole… they can push their way out but not figure out how to get back in. Problem solved 🙂

  23. i just crushed up 6 tylenol into peanut butter and left in little balls on my deck.

  24. A landscaper left me with this gem…. mix ground up oatmeal with plaster. 2pla to 1oat….leave in dishes…cans…etc.

  25. I have many of these pesters they eat my clothes they eat the under Neath of my trailer they have mazes all thru this place I fix them they eat it again they have stuff hidden every where I cant keep up the chew wiring they wait until I’m gone and shred my curtains and much more I need help

  26. Squirrels cannot chew through hardware cloth it is made of wire.

    • Squirrels CAN chew through wire cables. They have done so, started fires which in turn caused homes to burn down.

      • I excluded them from a clients house with hardware cloth and have not gotten in since going on 6 years!

  27. I can’t stand squirrels the destructive little animals!! They got in the eve of my house and my flood lights were not working because they chewed through the wiring!
    My engine light came on in my car and I was checking it out. I lifted my hood and there was a squirrel nest built using the material that’s under the hood for sound absorbent and part of one of the hose was destroyed that I could see. I don’t know if other hoses or anything else under the hood is damaged?
    I’m not sympathic to these creatures! I will get rid of them with whatever it takes!!!

  28. I’m a scientist, so I actually deal with the chemical names. Bromethalin is one that I’m currently studying to see the effects on squirrels as I have read many sites that talk about mouse and rat poisons. but the ones that the people here have been using the ingredients do not seem to include Bromethalin. The rat and mouse poisoning pellets that the ones here are using are actually anticoagulants which are basically blood thinners.. the animal will literally bleed to death. Bromethalin is actually a neurotoxin which causes paralysis.
    The other over the counter medicines that you would buy in a pharmacy may be another alternative such as aspirin as I have read someone was going to try Tylenol squirrels are not as sensitive to Tylenol as opposed to aspirin of 1000 milligrams.
    If you take three of aspirins that are 325 milligrams each grind them to a powder mix them with 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon peanut butter and make a small ball that is not too sticky should do the trick.

    • I want to try the plaster or aspirin methods but don’t want to risk harming the birds that go for these same foods (oatmeal/peanut butter). Any advice?

  29. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of the same (poison, squirrels/raccoon) BAIT and switch articles. Really, seriously. Yeah, yeah, yeah poisoning squirrels and raccoons is inhuman and supposedly illegal and shouldn’t be blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t give a shit about how they suffer, after they have caused me, my pets, the birds, my house and my plants to suffer. F they. Die and suffer in animal hell. Hire a professional, hire us, blah blah, blah, blah. Screw all of you advice givers – how does one poison squirrels? I don’t care if you think it is inhumane or illegal. I don’t care about collaterals neighboring/feral cats (who are on MY domain) and who get poisoned. How do you poison squirrels? Cut the humane proselytizing and legality bullshit. Straight facts. And NO I am not going to hire you or any professional. How to poison squirrels?

    • Bill, squirrels are herbivores so they will only eat plant matter. Their specific diet is nuts and seeds. In the 1950’s anticoagulant rodenticides came into common use. Over the decades and generations, many rats and mice evolves a tolerance to the anticoagulants. I’m not sure that squirrels have yet. To combat the anticoagulant tolerant rodents, Bromethalin was developed in the 1980’s. It is a powerful neurotoxin and there is NO known antidote for it. There has been no indication that rodents are tolerant to it. The brand name that sells Bromethalin blocks is Tomcat. You can buy the poison on Amazon. The poison is essentially blocks of grain cereal with the poison in it. To poison squirrels, you’ll need to crush a block and mix it with a nut based paste like peanut butter or sunflower seed butter. Then place it in an elevated area where squirrels go but your pets and people won’t go. You may put it in container or in your attic or on your roof (just keep it sheltered from rain). To add enticement, you could add a sprinkle of black oil sunflower seeds (the black ones sold for bird feeders). The sunflower seeds sold for humans is too salty. Squirrels won’t eat them. I have no doubt Bromethalin will kill the squirrels. You’re already aware that the corpses may be toxic to non-target animals so we won’t discuss that.
      Good luck!

      • Ground squirrels do ALL the damage!

  30. I have a squirrel-infested property (a decent amount of nice old-growth trees/shrubbery for shelter and an oak tree providing plenty of acorns). In the past 18 months they have destroyed my yard and flower beds with their constant digging/burying. Then I noticed some grass sticking out of the gutter. I investigated and found the vinyl gutter guards had been chewed away, and a nest with 3 baby squirrels in it…IN THE GUTTER! Further investigation showed water damage to the soffit where the nest caused water to back up…there is also damage to the gutters at every corner of the house.

    I now have 2 Havahart traps baited with cheap peanut butter – they can’t resist! Once trapped inside the trap, I bungee cord the doors shut so there’s no chance of it opening, and then they go for a swim in a plastic bin filled with water. It’s all over within 10-15 seconds. Probably the easiest and most humane way to rid your property of the destructive little bastards.

    I’m an “animal person” and I do a feel a little bad about it, but it’s not acceptable to destroy my yard and property. I didn’t ask for this war, but I’ll certainly finish it.

    • I am in the same situation, same feelings too. I love animals and used to feed the cute squirrels when I lived in the city. Now, I own a wooden Victorian in the suburbs surrounded by oak trees. Oak trees = acorns = squirrels and rats! They mess up my garden, they chew through literally everything and have chewed their way into my house in so many places I cannot find all the holes. They nest in my walls, breed like crazy, chew my wires and can burn the house down and kill us all! I tried have a heart traps and relocating – but more and more come! I am now at the point of not caring if they die. I prefer it be fast and painless if possible – but I will do what needs to be done. The electrocution zapper traps are amazing for rats and mice but I have only killed two squirrels with them. The buggers are smart! Traditional spring rat traps work on the rats but not the squirrels for me. The Have a Heart” live traps work about half of the time. I may try those with the poison inside to control where they die. I am concerned about something else eating the dead squirrel and dying from the poison too. My dogs, neighbor’s pets, wild birds of prey can all die if they chew on a poisoned squirrel – But if the poisoned squirrel is in a cage then hopefully nothing else dies.

      • Conibear 110. It’s an instant kill trap. Professional trappers use. You can buy a half dozen of them on Amazon for under $30 (at the time is this writing). The small 110’s don’t have a built in safety catch like the larger Conibear traps do, but there’s a safety tool available for the 110’s. BUY IT! You can get it on Amazon also. The Conibear 110’s are used for squirrels everyday in the U.S. it’ll definitely kill a squirrel. They are much more powerful than the old wooden Victor rat traps. The safety tool will allow you to carry and place the set trap without the risk of breaking your hand. YouTube has hundreds of videos on how to set the 110’s and videos on people catching squirrels with them.

        • Mark— often they are too smart for traps— you may catch two. If you take them out of TOWN— they will be back!! And NO they are not herbivores!! They are rats with fuzzy tails and WILL eat birds- baby birds and small mammals like puppies/ kittens! Google that. It shows squirrels eating small animals!

    1. Buy Cheapest smooth peanut butter.
    2. Buy rat/mice poison pellets from Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart.
    3. Mix peanut butter and poison pellets (no grinding needed).
    4. Staple/nail a disposable cup to places you see rodents (fruit trees, top of fence posts, attics, barns, garden areas on a post, etc).
    5. Fill squirrel containers.

    Squirrels are messy creatures that spill poison from bowls, dishes, cups, etc… The peanut butter is used as a “glue” to keep the poison pellets stuck together plus is something squirrels/rats/mice like to eat.

    NOTE: Anything that eats “peanut butter poison” gets poisoned. So make sure kids/pets or other animals cannot get to it.

    Got rid of squirrels.

    Got rid of noisy Blue Jays and Starlings (which ran off other song birds). Now I have pretty songbirds like cardinals, orioles, finches, etc.

    Unfortunately, it got rid of an Opossum that scavenged the baits.

    Repeat the above as necessary.

  31. Years ago, to get rid of mice, an old farmer’s tidbit of wisdom extended to me was to put coca-cola in a jar lid and set the lid in my garden. They can not burp and the carbination causes them to have gas build up that is lethal. It worked and I am wondering if this would also work with squirrels… Anyone have experience either way with this?

  32. The freak with the paraphilic fetish for killing off squirrels via “PNB surprise” should slather some on a bagel and have a nosh. Killing off living creatures should only be a last resort, or for the purpose of hunting for food. Sport killing is pathetic, but your strange brand of sadistic masturbatory fetish killing is just plain twisted and wrong. Made so much worse by the way in which you glorify your monstrous lust for irrational animal torture, I can do nothing but hope that someday you find yourself running circles around the house in frantic desperation as you realize that you’ve accidentally ingested a lethal dose of your “Homosapien Scumbag Surprise” – hopefully you still have enough time to masturbate thinking about dead squirrels bleeding internally before you kick the bucket!

    • I had to sell my vehicle that I need for work, because I am unable to keep it operating after the little bastards have continually chewed away at the gas lines. The cost of repeated repairing and replacing the gas lines and dropping the fuel tank, amounting to over $1500 has made it cost-prohibitive to keep the vehicle on my property. I hope one of the destructive little bastards bite you on your prick the next time you masturbate!

  33. hey charlie…. you first….
    I am reading all this stuff and figure that I am going with a mix of antifreeze cocktail and a number of poison balls for treats.
    I want the squirrels dead. destructive vermin. end of discussion.
    and spare us your little girl comments.
    and you? sounds like the ankle bracelet keeps you away from the schools and barnyards.

    • Sow, I 99% agree with you. Just wanted to say that some of us “little girls” are pretty bad ass and know how to get things done 😉 . To the people who are all “boo hoo don’t kill things! You are mean horrible people for murdering innocent fluffy creatures” can suck it. Try to live with what we deal with and see how much you like it. Or even better – put your time and money where your mouth is. On a regularly, 3x weekly, come catch, relocate and save your precious squirrels as well as pay for repairing the damage they cause!! Till then – you have ZERO rights to tell anyone how to protect their property from VERMIN.

  34. L. I agree.
    And I apologize for my non-PC “little girl” comment. There are many women who can easily kick my ass… and would do so in style and with panache. It was really meant as a “jerk his chain” remark.
    Good luck with your squirrels.

  35. I agree Squirrels can be very destructive. There comes a time when killing is necessary. I have eliminated many w traps and pellet guns. Animal lovers relax. They will always recover in numbers. Just be aware of poisoning dangers. Just for example, say a squirrel, chipmunk, rat or mouse eats poison and dies outside. ANY ANIMAL THAT EATS THE POISONED DEAD RODENT IS AT RISK OF DYING. Dog, Cat, Kids, Owls, Eagles, Fox, protected birds. Just to mame a few. Be aware Poison is risky.

  36. I STRONGLY advise checking your local laws. In many places, especially the southern states of the USA, squirrels are considers game animals (can be hunted for food), and poisoning them is ILLEGAL. Your local laws may also require a hunting or trapping license to kill squirrels. Again, “game animal” status. Just check your laws first. You don’t want a ticket costing you hundreds of dollars for accidentally violating your local game laws.

  37. I forgot for mention, another thing to check the law for is the legality of using air guns, aka pellet guns or BB guns. In some jurisdictions it is illegal to shoot squirrels with pellet guns. In other jurisdictions you may use a pellet gun as long as it meets specific power ratings (e.g. must shoot 600 FPS or greater, etc.)

  38. Best way I found to eliminate squirrels is a trap with a few peanuts in it. I catch one every few days and drop the trap into a tub of water. When the squirrel has drowned, put it in a garbage bag and throw it in the dumpster. The cage can be set outside the attic entrance on the ground and this should take care of your attic problem also.

  39. I use Tomcat with bromethalin. Also a pellet gun. Remarkable reduction in the local squirrel population.

  40. I fed my dog and waited for him to pooh; I then scooped it up and mixed it in the top layer of my flower pots and planters = No more Squirrel Digs!! Also if that is too gross the use ghost, chili, jalapeno, or any (hot) pepper on the top layer and again – no worries~!

    • Chad they will dig and they can still eat hot chili — no matter what kind.

  41. I have fenced vegetable garden. First they made holes in the fence, then they started to eat my sttawberries. They picked and bite green strawberries and ate the red one. I was so upset. Every morning I got 5 squirrels in my garden. Enough was enough. I bought 4 lb of Ramik small green balls, smeared into old peanut butter and put outside in 2 plastic containers. Squirrels loved it and ate it ate and ate it until it finished.i thought the poison does not work but it took me about 5 days to get rid of them . No squirrels in my garden.

  42. why has killing animals always been peoples first choice ? because its easy and your lazy ….lame very lame .. especially when you enjoy it like its entertainment. im a licensed wildlife rehabber in Arizona and I get to see first hand what your poisons do to these animals and to the secondhand poisoning to the predators that end up eating them ,,, its a horrible way to die.they are trying to survive, just like us ,,, and FYI we destroy everything in our path more then ANY animal on this planet , please try exclusions,water repellents or seal up your home..they are pretty neat little critters open your heart and your eyes to the beauty around you… or your going to be missing out bigtime .

    • Lisa— ( animal lovers here also) but they are NOT animals— there is NO humane way— if you trap and release them even a town or more away— they will be back. I don’t wish bad things to anyone— but perhaps you need to “wake” up by having some of this destruction happen to you. Plus they carry like 9 different diseases( not just rabies).( I USE TO feel as you do..)

  43. I called Victor about the electronic traps. The largest they have is only 3″ by 3.5″ – not large enough for a squirrel, I’d guess. Too bad. That would have been the perfect solution.

    • The “beauty” I see every day is a really nice lawn torn to bits by the tree rats. Eliminating them was the LAST resort–nothing else worked. If I could bring in predators, I surely would, but it isn’t feasible. I would have preferred they just go away…but they won’t.

      How ’bout I come to your house everyday, ring your doorbell, punch you bloody in the face and scurry off before you can do anything about it? How long before you rig your doorbell to electricute? Or arm yourself w/ the intent to kill?

  44. Poisoning animals is cruel and inhumane! I have wild squirrel pets who I’ve trained not to come in my open door even though I have peanuts not far inside in a can and they know they are there. I left that door open from morning to night one day and was not a sign that they had even been up on the counter that had a bottle of open peanuts. They understand several commands as much as my cat did and take respect each others territory when I throw to them or other animals including squirrels and chipmunks. They look after their the young ones too, protecting them. Poison is eaten by other animals when they find the dead ones you poisoned — including your or your kids or neighbours pets. Please don’t. They have reason on our earth.

    • They kill trees too— all the dead limbs on trees are caused by them. Plus they will eat sour fruit like lemons/ limes— I put hot peppers ( dried) in the dirt of my plants- only worked for a minute. There is no humane way.

  45. how many would feel different it they KNEW the true Dangers from Squirrels. I just spent $900 on vehicle repairs this month. In Feburary another $300. Kill them anyway you can they reproduce in huge numbers. Now I worry about Home and horse barn fires since the squirrels are not remotely afrad of my dogs.Every time I turn the light switch I see a flicker in the lights. I

    • True – I agree— I am going through a lot here too.

  46. Right! If the Camp Fire were started by “Nutty” would we consider sacrificing his previous little furry life. Oh please… I’m an animal rescuer for God’s sake but these are filthy dangerous rats.

    • “ preach!! Tell it like it is!

  47. hope you get poisoned

    • How about if you get bit by one ??

  48. If you want to kill ground squirrels just go cut the bottom off a water bottle and then cut the end off a water hose that’s been replaced. Use electrical tape to tape the hose and bottle opening together, stick the bottle on your exhaust pipe and use electrical tape to tape it around that bottle so it’s sealed as well as possible. Dig out the little bastards dirt mounds and run that hose into their underground vietcong tunnels, get it in there good then cover and pack it with dirt…..and then start your car if the squirrels are in there then they’ll be dead soon enough

  49. I used to have horrendous squirrel problems in my condo attic-I used to use the green anticoagulant blocks that you could get at Walmart or Target and in about 3 or 4 days the fluffy tailed rats would be gone. Can’t find those any more so I switched to the neurotoxin based blocks-it takes a few more days to work but work it does. No more rat ass squirrels!!

  50. Does plaster Paris mixed with say sugar/cornmeal kill squirrels. I live on ranch. Cant take chance of my dogs, etc with actual poisons, strychnine.

  51. The ground squirrels around here are so cute! It’s shame to have to kill it but it’s digging up to many holes in the yard and one if the many kuds could break an ankle or something So I’m baking the squirrels super sweet fatting cookies made from captain crunch + more suger, oil and eggs. Gona be too fat to not get eaten and they’ll go happy.

  52. For the few people who believe that killing them is wrong, THANK YOU!! As for the rest of you, you are terrible people! Trying to come up with different ways to cause pain, suffering and death to another living creature is WRONG! You should be ashamed of yourselves!! Try appreciating wild life instead of wanting to destroy it!!! Leave nature alone!! Let the squirrels be!!

    • This IS appreciating wildlife.You are just witless and have NO idea!

    • You are just being stupid. I wish you have the same problem as others
      with this squirrels.
      Finger crossed.

    • ok i send you my repair for my house being rewired then whats your name and address and the damages to my house after replacing the holes they chewed in it

  53. I live in a big city and squirrels are constantly climbing our building and feasting in my plants on the balcony. Every morning I find stuff torn to shreds. Even marigolds, which they are supposed to hate. I know that anti-coagulants are supposed to take a squirrel out. So I crushed a few aspirin, mixed with peanut butter, spread it in a corn cob…they dove in with relish…no more squirrels now.

    • Yay! Will try!!

  54. I have a nice yard with bird bath bird feeder flower gardens potted flowers and herbs and prized tomatoes.in mid spring I noticed 2 squirrels eating from the bird feeder as well as chewing it. Digging into my flowers and herbs and biting into the tomatoes. I bought a Havaheart trap and caught the 2. Then over the past 3 months I caught and dispatched 37 squirrels. I don’t know where they’re coming from. They never stop coming. In this State I can’t use the pellet gun because I don’t want to lose my Federal Firearms License. I’m going to try one of the top rat poisons to supplement the trap to rid my yard of destructive flying rodents one way or another.. I don’t care what your negative comments might be.

  55. I can’t believe how mean and ignorant most of you’all are. It our responsibility to respect and protect ALL of our fellow animals. A people are judged by this. I feel sorry for you’all that want to destroy a living being for any reason.

  56. I can’t believe how many people want to kill these delightful creatures! So what if they annoy you! Have a heart and use gentle traps or rescues to get rid of them! You humans are despicable!

    • Idiot comment—this is not “annoying “— it is beyond that.

      • exactly thank you tired of spending thousands of dollars cause of the damn pest

  57. After 137 holes in my tiny front yard today alone–some of them 2″ deep–and having tried every other solution, went out and got peanut butter, and mixed it w/ both D-Con & bromethalin, both of which were available at the local Home Depot. They chowed down like a sailor who had been @ sea for a month w/ no food. Didn’t even wait for me to leave the area–they usually won’t invade if I’m out there–and went right after it. My immediate neighbors are having the same problem; we can’t grow ANYthing, be it veggies, plants, grass, etc. Those tree rats are insatiable little vermin.

    Not sure how long it takes for results, but I’m keeping an eye out for dead tree rats. Am also augmenting my efforts w/ a pellet gun. Tough to shoot w/ the houses so close together, but I’ll pick my shots. From what I’m hearing, the neighbors will be thankful.

    To the poor little animal rights azzwipes: if you are so concerned w/ the plight of the tree rat, post your address here. We’ll use traps and relocate them to YOUR house. Since you love them soooo much.

    What’s that? Don’t want ’em @ your house? Then STFU!

  58. $85,000 SUV vs squirrel, SUV wins, I am sure the above folks would put their own cat or dog down is the vet bill estimate came in at over $85,000.

    • One of the best comments yet!

  59. I just buy a crapload odfrodent killer and dump it all over my property have not seen a tree rat or mouse in over 5 years.

  60. I had squirrels in the attic and just made it unlivable for them. I bought 6 cans of roach fogger, about $5 each at Walmart, and set them all off in the attic at the same time just before I went on vacation. When I returned, the squirrels had moved out and I suppose due to the scent that remained in the attic, they didn’t come back. I did have to air the house out a little when I returned, but as a side benefit, I never got any more roaches, ants, silverfish or any other insects in that house. This also works for racoons or just about any other pest. The smell is so irritating to them, if they can get out they will.

  61. There is a squirrel in our yard it getting aggressive to our dog today it threw its nuts at our dog and came face to face with our dog it needs to go into hybranation already we’re getting scared of what will happen so we need to get rid of it quick and if it bites our dog and our dog loses to much blood our dog will die so it needs to go.

    • Good for you Phillip! They carry over 9 diseases!! They can kill your dog/ dogs and other animals. They are NOT vegetarians! They can and will eat puppies and small animals. Heck- they are rats!!

  62. It’s not a matter of wanting to kill a thing. It’s a matter of what gets to live. The squirrels in my yard have eaten our beautiful song bird eggs. We used to have a yard full of birds, but no more. Only thing in the yard is squirrels. And the bit about they only eat nuts and fruits — NOT TRUE, if you’ll forgive the confrontation. I have watched one grasp a cicada who was screaming for it’s life while the squirrel was holding it like a nut, munching away. Squirrel ate the entire thing. And pepper spray….tried it, spraying the damn thing directly in the face. Squirrel just spit and spattered, turned to run away actually grabbing an apple as he disembarked my tree — the tree that was LOADed with apples and NOT ONE left to fully ripen. They stripped it clean, sometimes taking one bite and tossing it. Hell, even leaving one smack on top of the fence post as if to spite us. Metal streamers, pepper spray, big inflatable balls with scary eyes, foil wrapped trunks — nothing stopped them. And backyard seating? Destroyed….pillows sprayed with deterrent ripped open with stuffing yanked out, wicker couch arms chewn to shreds, couch cushions ripped open. The “pillows” can be seen in the red oak on the side yard. We have tried every “humane” deterrent known to hu-man. The property damage is becoming unbearable. Our only option left is eradication. If there’s a bleeding heart out there that wants to come get them and take them home to watch their cuteness destroy their property, let me know. I’m happy to have you come get them. Otherwise thanks for these posts. Will be using some of the escalation techniques.

  63. Have squirrel in house..they cause a great deal of damage including scratches and chewing on woodwork, furniture, even candles, colored pencils, foods, antique wooden toys and so much more besides the dangers to health ie tracks, hairs carrying germs, and mites! All over the entire house! Every day I find more damage…either they go or I go!!! I have no empathy!!

  64. I shoot them with my BB gun at my house. My GF house she dont allow shooting them. So i bought Poison Peanuts at Tractor Supply. I put the poison peanuts green pellets at night under her car. No birds go under the cars. But yes the dam Tree Rats. After i put them i apply peanut butter over the pellets on the asphalt. I apply the Peanut bter with a paper plate. See the reduction.
    Dont do where Blue Jays abunt. Anyway, the rats get up before the Blue Jays. Blue Jays are sort of late sleepers, not early birds.

  65. Love the comments, kills those vermin

  66. I’m searching this site because they’ve chewed/eaten the wires off the Throttle Position Sensor for the third time. If it weren’t for the fact I can fix it myself, they would’ve cost me in the vicinity of $2k by now. I tried Repels-All and got the biggest nest yet. I can’t spend hours fixing my vehicle every time I want to drive it, so…

  67. We ground the bait blocks into powder, mixed it with a huge spoonful of peanut butter, then added a scoop of bird seed. I rolled them into little balls, put them in the basket where my birds couldn’t get into & the balls were gone in no time!! WAY LESS ️️ so far!!!

  68. I just got a bill for $15,900 for attic restoration due to damage caused by squirrels. Animal lovers please send me money to pay the bill. I am retired on a fixed income and badly need help paying this bill.

  69. Waooo so many cruel comments I hope you all have a long painful death… And then people wonder why bad things happen… Waooo

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