There are many deterrents that can be used during the process of squirrel elimination. They can be natural and commercial, in granules or spray forms, expensive and cheap. But what really interests everyone is whether they work or not.

Being a non-professional, you cannot answer this question at once. To make a final decision you should judge by results, ingredients, etc. However, this may take too much time that you usually do not have. This is why we’ve decided to help you out.

Repelling Squirrels Is Easy!

Easy ways for squirrels repellingMany won’t agree with this statement, but it is true. The only recommendation is to be well-armed with the basic squirrel repellent info and effective sprays, powders and so on.

To begin with, we’ve decided to give you a piece of advice:

  1. When do repellents work best? When the infestation is low in number and the pests do not cause any widespread or serious damage.
  2. Can you use them on plants? Certain products can be used on plants and the surrounding locations, giving the animals’ an access to other food sources. This is really helpful in the process of modifying pests’ behavior feeding on important plants and leading them to get used to less important ones.
  3. Do repellents solve all problems? No, they don’t, and this is why their use is always combined with some other solutions, like trapping, for example.
  4. Is there any chance to wash them away? Yes, make sure you reapply them after rain in order to maintain a high level of efficiency of a ground squirrel repellent.
While using any of the commercial solutions, read the label instruction to protect your pets and family from the unwanted negative consequences.

Many people keep asking how to keep squirrels away? You can use the most reliable products, like Shake away or Squirrel-B-Gone.

Shake Away repellentShake Away squirrel repellent is a fox urine product that works deterring squirrels by making them believe that there is a predator in the area. It is available in granules that are easy to apply as they are shaken from the container right to the ground.

The main advantage of this solution is the fact that it is safe and 100% organic. It doesn’t harm the animals or people, but protects flower beds, trees and small gardens.

A single 20 oz container is used for putting a protection line of about 600 feet long.

After application it protects the area of 30 feet.

What’s the price? The average cost of the solution is about $15. You can order a container with granules from Amazon. If you are interested in finding the retailer in your area, you can call 800-517-9207. Or you can use the official website option to search for a dealer nearby.

Another variant based on predator urine is Squirrel-B-Gone. The solution should be sprinkled, hung around flower beds or sprayed in squirrel free zones. The results from this product vary, depending on the severity of the infestation, frequency of use and a whole bunch of other factors. This squirrel away repellent is less effective than Shake Away, so it should be combined with any other deterring formula.

The average cost of Squirrel-B-Gone is around $30. You can buy it at Rural King Supply, Home Depot, or order it from The Find or Amazon.

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Can Natural Repellents Bring Any Results?

Natural repellentsThey say that there is no need to use different harsh chemicals in order to keep pests at bay. Why not choose organic squirrel repellents to keep animals from coming into your garden or house?

There are several effective options you could choose from. Among them are the following:

  • Garlic and pepper. They both are great solutions, only must be re-sprayed after rain. Just mix mashed garlic cloves in water and vinegar and then pour into a spray bottle.
  • Predator urine. It may be the ingredient of a commercial product, or can be quite effectively used alone. It is sold in a pellet form and is available in garden supply centers as well as most wilderness stores. These natural predators may include bobcats, coyotes and foxes to help you in the process how to get rid of squirrels in the yard. Just sprinkle pellets around the lawn and garden and be sure that you will deter pests from coming to your property.
  • Hot peppers and chili peppers. Grind these products and sprinkle them throughout the garden to deter pests. Place the solution in bird feeders and some other areas where you’ve seen the rodents. They will eat spicy products and won’t return to the same area again.

How to Use Electronic Repellents to Get Rid of Squirrels?

Lately, there has appeared a quite new approach in how to control squirrels. This is the use of electronic devices that employ different forms of technology in order to set you free from any troubles connected with squirrel infestation.

Actual Info!
These devices are never designed to kill pests, but only to scare them away from the property, saving homeowners from any troubles, connected with physical removal of dead animals.

How do ultrasonic squirrel repellents work? They use electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic and sonic waves, as well as UV (ultraviolet) rays for discouraging pests. In addition there are many special control machines that scare away even large animals.

There are devices which create electromagnetic fields to repel pests.

If you choose an ultrasonic technology, you choose a squirrel repellent sound. These animals hear the sound waves, which are always above the human sensory range. And this is why this solution is quite effectively used in repelling these pests.

The average price depends on the brand. For example:

  • RODAR II Ultrasonic Pest Repeller costs about $89.95 at Amazon + $5.49 shipping.
  • Victor Heavy Duty PestChaser is priced at $40.
  • P3 International ultrasonic pest repeller – $30.
  • PestContro Ultrasonic 600 – $26.
  • Pv800 Electronic Pest Control -$8.
  • Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – $34.

Any of these units can be bought from Amazon, Walmart or Home Depot stores.

Are Squirrel Repellent Sprays Effective?

Today there are several effective spray products that are considered to be the most effective. They all can be bought at Home Depot from $12 to $69. The variants vary from bad-smelling to bad-tasting products. They should be sprayed, sprinkled or spread on soil, plants and feeders.

If the product is made of red pepper, it should be mixed with bird seeds.
Others should be dusted in bulbs before dusting.

Sprays are the most frequently used solutions as they are cheap and easy to use. However, not all of them promise best results. Besides, to control squirrels they should be re-applied after rain or once per month.

What Are the Best Squirrel Repellents?

We have discussed all possible types of deterrents for these nasty animals. Now let’s see what commercial products and brands they correspond to.

Critter Reader

Critter ReaderThis is one of the most popular squirrel repellents that contain a patented formula which consists of capsaicin, pepper and piperine.

When combined, all the ingredients are able to impact the pest’s sense of smell and taste, thus producing effect that is similar to that of red-hot jalapeno pepper.

Critter Ridder is a ready-to-use spray for direct application.

The solution can be freely applied on plants and shrubs, as well as other infested areas. Its use creates a special squirrel-deterring perimeter around the area. If you are interested in optimal results, you can try out Critter Ridder Dual Area Protection Bundle. It is better because this is a combination of both products for optimal protection. Average cost of the product is about $14.

I Must Garden’s All Natural Squirrel Repellent

This is a perfect option to get rid of squirrels in your garden. This is an all-natural formula with proprietary blended botanical oils that repel by smell and taste. As the ingredients are absolutely safe, they are not registered as many toxic formulas.

The solution can be freely used everywhere, around your family and pets without any worries.

Natural Squirrel repellentThe product doesn’t harm the environment and doesn’t feature unpleasant scent, like in case with most commercial products on today’s market. You can buy either a spray or a granular formula 1 gal or 32oz. The granular variant is sold in a 2lb shaker that is quite easy to use.

Use it when pests are digging flower beds or pots. When they are chewing and eating, use liquid ready-to-use formula to stop animals from ruining your outdoor furniture, siding, hoses, plants and trees.

Havahart Spray Away

Havahart Spray AwayAnother popular solution is Havahart Spray Away. It is a well-known motion-activated sprinkler device, which is equipped with a special infrared sensor the task of which is to detect the presence of squirrels, approaching. If there is an animal, the device unleashes a burst of water, startling the pest and making it run away.

All you should do is attach the unit to the water supply and place it along the path, where animals like traveling. The device will become a perfect squirrel repellent, deterring not only squirrels, but also raccoons, deer or skunks, if there are any in your property. Today you can buy Havahart Spray Away at $14.

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RODAR II Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

RODAR II Ultrasonic Pest RepellerWho hasn’t heard of it? The device is able to cover the area of nearly 3,000 square feet. That’s a huge territory, which means that the RODAR shouldn’t be near the pest to deter it. It can be far away and till repel. How does it work? It produces a sound that is very irritating to those animals that hear it (the sound ranges from 23 kHz to 55 kHz). You are going to be really surprised, as the device is smaller than you expect. The sizes are 5.6×4.2×3.5 inches.

It is 60 times more powerful than any other products.

The basic features are the following:

  • No batteries to replace.
  • Special design for many types of pests, including squirrels, mice, rats and bats.
  • Safe for bob-rodent pets.
  • Small size which makes it perfect for a garage, office, room or basement.
  • Effective work on the area of about 3,000 square feet.
  • The use of a standard AC plug outlet.
  • A long cord that makes extension lead unnecessary.

Generally speaking, it is up to you to decide, which type of repellent to use. If you see that the problem is minor, try any spray a repellent. However, when the infestation is serious, take a chance to combine several options at once for a better result. Weigh down all pros and cons and choose the solution that suits all your needs best. If neither of them seems to be efficient, call a professional squirrel extermination service. They’ll know what to do.

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