What do you know about ground squirrels? You’re going to be surprised, but these little creatures bring more damage than most big rodents, and this is why you should do everything possible to eliminate them fast and for good.

If you see the first signs of infestation, there are high chances that the pests have already found their way to your house through multiple entry points. There’s no doubt that addressing professional squirrel removal is a working method, but why pay more if there are chances to cope with the issue on your own?

We suggest reading the information we provide on how to repel numerous squirrels, poison them and even kill. Read and check how effective your work can be!

Ground Squirrel Control Measures and Tricks

Tricks to control ground squirrelsTo begin with, it should be noted that different methods have already proven their efficiency at different seasons. For example, when it is winter outside, these pests hibernate, which means that there are no efficient options. When spring comes, you can use fumigation.

Control consists of feed baits, bait boxes and subsoil fumigants.

Why isn’t baiting effective in spring? The problem is that this is when the diet of the pests includes only fresh vegetation. However, baiting works during summer, as the creatures have already chosen nut and seed collecting. But is there any method that is equally efficient, regardless of the season? Yes, and it’s called trapping.

Actual Info!
Trapping works any time of the year.
It takes the required measures in order to destroy the dens and burrows for discouraging re-infestation.

As for today there are four most effective methods of getting rid of nasty ground squirrels:

  • Trapping,
  • Fencing,
  • Using gas,
  • Flushing out.
  1. Squirrels trappingTrapping can be done using kill traps or live traps. Live traps are humane variants, which are always available and will serve you many times.
    The smallest variant is LT 3310. It is an optimal one, as it is suggested to be used on animals that are less than ten ounces.
  2. Fencing is a so-called exclusion technique for flower beds and gardens. Fencing is made of 1/2–inch hardware cloth or sheet metal. It must be about 18 inches high and 6 inches buried in the ground. It should surround the place that is to be well-protected. It is beneficial for those, who learn how to stop squirrels from digging. The only minus is the fact this method is costly, and works only in pretty small areas.
    In order to prevent burrowing beneath the fence, there should be a three-foot wide gauge wire mesh screen attached to the bottom of the fence.
    Make sure the screen is secured to the ground with staples, as well as backfill over the mesh.
  3. Using gas. To determine the amount of gas that should be injected, you are to consider soil plasticity and composition. If it is composed of a denser material like clay, the amount of injected gas should be less to the one injected into the soil with lighter density, loamy or sandy compositions.
  4. Flushing out. This is also a very popular idea and a working squirrel deterrent. Just put a hose up to all the holes you find and open the valve. You’ll see multiple wet squirrels popping all around.

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Commercial Repellents for Ground Squirrels

Today you can find many different options to pick from. However, it would be wrong to state that they all ensure great results. So, what do we suggest?

  • FoxPee commercial squirrels repellentsFoxPee. This is an effective ground squirrel repellent that includes odors and urine of predators. The solution should be purchased, stored and used every time you really need it. How to use it? Sprinkle or spray the repellent all around the area that should be protected. The pests will soon smell the urine and will choose not to go in the area.
  • Bitter tasting gels and creams. These should be rubbed on those objects that are to be protected from critters. These are usually fences, tress and bottoms of decks, etc.
    Gels are put on things that squirrels put in mouths.
  • Systemic granulesPest Rid Granules. This material also keeps pests away. It works releasing the odor they do not like. This makes animals avoid those areas, where the granules are applied. So, what should you do? You should better apply them along fence rows, property lines and pathways that are coming from fields or streets right to your household. After the first applications you will see that the number of those squirrels that used to move to your location is lower. Re-apply the solution at least once per month and always after rain. This will guarantee 24/7 protection.
  • Fumigation. This is a technique for burrows. There is a special gas cartridge that is called a fumigator. It can be purchased in various feed stores as well as garden supply centers. Before using the chemical, read all label directions and follow them. Make sure the soil contains adequate moisture, as only moist soil can hold fumigant in burrows, preventing it from seeping through. It is restricted to use any of the fumigants under buildings as they can create a fire hazard and result in huge problems.

How to Kill Ground Squirrels? Is It Legal?

In most states it is illegal; however, it doesn’t stop those, who are not able to control the population and infestation of ground squirrels. At times there is really no sense in trapping and releasing these animals elsewhere simply because they can cause problems everywhere.

If you don’t want to kill them, address the professionals, who will find the way out.
Pay special attention to companies. Most of them believe that killing is the only solution.

So, there are two most popular ways:

  1. Kill squirrel by shootingShooting. This is a means of control of very large populations. This is a non-efficient option if used by itself. Many consider this variant time-consuming. It works in places with low populations, in fields and when you need to control the survivors that are trying to run away. Shooting should never be approached haphazardly. The field should be sectioned off: to begin with, concentrate your efforts in sections of 1-2 acre grids.
  2. Poisoning. Many keep asking how to poison squirrels? Poisoning is now regarded to be a common method of a large population control. It can bring great result in large areas: fields, gardens, etc. It is more effective than trapping and the use of repellents. They say it is convenient and cheap. The only problem is that it is inhumane as leaves no chance for escape.
Most squirrels can learn to avoid poison.

We’d like to pay special attention to poisoning. Most studies have shown that if you are looking for a long-lasting effect, food poison is a poor choice. It cannot be controlled, doesn’t scare off other pests, doesn’t protect from re-invasion and never guarantees 100% results, as some squirrels soon get used to it.

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In addition to the mentioned information, we’d like to point out that poisoned baits are restricted as they cause some really bad results at spring green-up. All these proofs show that poisoning can’t be the best option even during the most serious infestation. Besides, the mostly used variants – as strychnine – are under continuous scrutiny for environmental and human safety reasons. Strychnine is able to subject to changes in use-pattern restrictions. These changes frequently result in reduced reliability and performance in fields.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide, which of the methods suits all your needs best. However, don’t forget to weigh down all pros and cons and choose the one with minimal risks for you or the environment, but the one that has a negative impact on ground squirrels. Are you ready to make your final decision?

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