How to Eliminate Squirrels from Your Life

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It is weird how nice and pretty squirrels can ruin your regular life causing damage to your house, garden, and even vehicles. Frankly speaking, they are much more invasive than many other types of pests and their infestation requires much attention and effort.

We know what should be done in the process of squirrel removal. There is no need to get worried about their infestation. Remember that every problem has its solutions, and if you follow our recommendations, the process of eradication won’t take much time.

We’ll suggest methods that will help to remove these nasty creatures without killing them. We’ll also provide some tips on maintaining your place before and after the elimination. Are you ready to fight against pests?

The Solution of Squirrel Problems Is on the Surface

Squirrel removal solutionsThe most frequently asked question is how to control squirrels? The more profound advice is given in one of our articles, but generally speaking nothing works better than live trapping. The animals can be quite easily trapped in steel cages of small sizes. After this they are quite easily relocated.

Why is it so important to use small traps? The answer’s as simple as that – large cages allow them to run around all the time and bang the walls. Don’t make them get injured. The second reason is that large traps have high pan tension, which can’t be tripped by small squirrels.

Make sure the cage is sturdy, small and placed in the shadow.

FYI, trapping alone can’t be called the most efficient solution, because new animals will soon come and replace those removed. As you see there are a few exceptions to the rule.

If you are on your way of finding out how to get rid of nasty squirrels, you are also to be aware of a few tactics:

  • Don’t use powder repellent, noise machines or flashing lights as they simply don’t work.
  • Don’t buy any rat poison as it doesn’t work with most squirrels: old ones don’t die, new ones keep coming.
  • Don’t set traps on the roof. Of course, they can catch a few pests, but not all of them. This option is slow and useless.
  • Don’t set traps inside the attic, as they never work in there. This is a waste of time.

Ways of Getting Rid of Red and Flying Squirrels

As there are different types of animals, the approaches are different as well. How to get rid of common red squirrels is your top priority task. Start cleaning up your yard to prevent the new ones from coming to your property or inside your house.

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Professionals suggest trimming the trees back from the roof, cutting the way for jumping from one tree to another, from the roof to the attic.

Flying squirrelYou should seal all the holes and cracks that are in the walls or roof. Don’t refuse from using additional shingles and wood during the sealing process. In any case you can consult a professional if you are not absolutely sure this will really work.

Buy a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Such feeders are available in different models and types. Some of them shock the creatures as soon as they are trying to jump off the feeders. Others eject the pests into the air or have special openings.

Of course, such devices won’t harm them, but they will repel the animals from the area for a long time.

A high-quality feeder is worth extra money.

Catching squirrel with trapsThe best squirrel repellent can also become a part of the solution. At times they are not 100% effective, but in most cases, they don’t let animals come back to your place. Today many homeowners are also using mothballs around their houses, trees, and plants. FYI, this can be a working method as these balls have 1.4 dichlorobenzenes. The only problem is that they are poisonous to people and shouldn’t be left near vegetable/berry beds.

What about flying squirrel removal? There are a few options for you to use:

  1. Sealing the roof cavity. You are to make sure that there aren’t any entry or exit points that can be used by the animals. As you have sealed all the cracks. You can put a 1-way exit. Today most experts state that if there are no cracks left, flying squirrels leave the property simply because there is no chance for them to get back to their usual locations in your house. However, there is no guarantee.
  2. Placing traps. This is another popular way to go. In fact, it has many benefits. The main one is the possibility of catching and moving the entire colony, as it splits up while leaving the location.
    You can find the best squirrel bait for your traps here.
  3. Using the scent of predators. Here are a few professional recommendations (for more details go to the source). You can buy Squirrel Away or Squirrel B Gone to prevent the animals from entering your house. These solutions have the scent of an actual fox or bobcat urine, which scares the pests away. Some homeowners also use kitty litter in those locations that should be worked by hand (flowerbeds, for example).
Predator urine should be used again after snow or rain, as it won’t affect the hungriest animals.

If you have captured any of the squirrels in the house or outside, take them not less than 10-15 miles away from your house and release them away from domestic properties. Keep in mind that in some states there are certain laws about releasing these pests into the wild. In fact, flying squirrels should be taken to a state facility to be dealt with.

How to Get rid of Squirrels in the Yard Fast and Effectively

Before telling the basic info, we should mention that methods that work in one area may be absolutely useless in others.

If you’d like to know how to eliminate squirrels in the garden, you are to learn some special tricks:

  • Try to flood their burrows. This variant works for those, who keep wondering how to get rid of ground squirrels. The flood keeps the animals away because they have no home and have to look for other options. Pests will start looking for much drier ground, staying away from your property.
  • Use repellents. This can be either chili pepper or predator urine. These two methods keep the animals away for a very short period of time. At times they are ineffective and pests get used to it. Try to drive the pests out with light and sound that will ruin their night’s rest. Leave a lamp in the place where they have nested or put a radio tuned to a talk station.
  • Poison. The usual question that arises is how to poison a squirrel? Basically, today there is no registered poison for squirrels. Of course, you can find an “effective” solution, but who told you that it’s going to be effective? The poison itself is not the best approach simply because it is not humane. If there are animals in your house and you succeed in killing them with it, be sure there will be a terrible odor for weeks or even months. This is why try not to poison them but find some other alternatives. Learn alternative ways to repel them.
Poisoning is the least effective method of all.

What problems may be caused by squirrels in the attic? In this case, you should understand the following – if they are in the attic, soon they’re going to be in your house. How to get rid of squirrels in your attic then?

There are a few things you should be aware of – squirrels always look for the bedding material, shredding wallpaper, and roof. One of the main problems is that they chew everything that comes in that way, and wires are no exception.

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According to the latest statistics, about 50% of all the fired of unknown origin happen because of rodents that are chewing on electrical wires.

The options on how to repel squirrels are various. For more details read the information we provide.

Basically, trapping is among the most reliable ways; however, at times it is really hard to catch all the animals. This is where you are to think of combining several effective alternatives. They are using traps, repellents, buying a squirrel-proof bird feeder, using the scent of predators, etc.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Squirrels

It is really hard to say. What works in one case can be the least effective in tens of others. So, speaking of a single effective way out is useless. How to keep squirrels away?

We’ve decided to offer you the most effective options to pick from:

  • Scoot squirrel repellentSquirrel Away or Scoot Squirrel. These are well-known repellents that contain hot peppers, including red, chili and cayenne peppers. Some kinds also have black and white peppers. They are known as deterrents from forbidden spots and additives for bird food.
  • Squirrel B Gone. This is another alternative solution that contains concentrated predator urine. The solution should be hung/sprayed in squirrel-free zones, including flower beds.
  • Rodar ultrasonic units. They are electronic squirrel repellents that aggravate these nasty animals producing ultrasonic frequencies in the same way the strobe light produces wavelengths of visible light. The only disadvantage of the unit is the fact it should be used only outside as it doesn’t stand water. However, today most owners use them in their garages, attics, or other kinds of outbuildings.

Another common recommendation is to make sure that all the trees and shrubs are farther from the buildings than these animals can leap. The recommended distance is about five feet, as it deters them from jumping.

FYI, most squirrel species are endangered, and killing them is a crime in most states. If you break the law, it will result in a criminal or civil penalty. Before you start choosing any of the elimination methods, determine which kind you are dealing with. Try to avoid using those methods of control that can harm these animals.

We suggest consulting with a local department to determine whether there are any risks for you. Keep in mind that in CA it is even illegal to transport eastern fox squirrels and release them far from home.

To know more about squirrels infestation, its prevention, and elimination, read the information we give. Be sure here you will find all the necessary info to get rid of them without penalties.

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