How to Eliminate Skunk Odor: Efficient Tips to Conquer Skunk Smell

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Everyone knows – relaxing in a house that smells like skunks is really difficult. Skunk odor may become a huge problem if the smell transfers to walls and furniture in the home.

While a quick bath can remove some of the skunk’s oils, the odor generally remains stronger than most homeowners want.

What to do if sprayed by a skunk? How to remove skunk odors on humans, dogs, in house, car and air? Get relief with our smart tips and find out what products will help you to remove disgusting skunk smell. Neutralize the remaining odor with human solutions and smart tips any homeowner needs to know.

Skunk Smell: Helpful Tips You Need to Know

Dreadful skunk smell can be very unpleasant for everyone. Here are the answers to all the burning questions you have.

How long does skunk smell last?

Skunk smell can last up to a monthFrankly speaking, if left untreated, it can last up to a month. If a skunk has died near or under your home, skunk scent will linger far longer.

Home remedies: Are they effective?

Skunk smell home remediesYou may have heard of skunk spray smell remedy like tomato juice and vinegar. If you also think that you can use tomato juice as odor neutralizer then you are wrong. This remedy will only mask the skunk smell temporarily.

Most of the household remedies are ineffective against skunk odor.

No matter what home remedy you use, it is virtually impossible to remove every trace of smell because most pets are sprayed in the face and it’s always puzzling to clean that area thoroughly without getting special skunk spray shampoo or eye solutions.

What to do if sprayed by a skunk?

Sprayed by a skunkWhether you are not paying attention to where you are walking or your kid runs outside to pet the striped kitty, there is a chance you or your child will get sprayed by a skunk.

What to do in this situation? In case of minor eye irritation, flush the eyes with lukewarm water for a couple minutes. To remove the smell use commercial cleaners that can be found at local outdoor stores.

Is it harmful?

SkunksNot only skunk spray can be odorous but it can be harmful as well in case your pets are sprayed with it directly in the eyes or mouth. Skunk spray can cause nausea, vomiting and temporarily blindness. If your cat or dog has been sprayed with a huge amount of skunk musk, get the pet to the vet.

Are you in search of a skunk repellent? Read this and you will no longer ask yourself how to repel these smelly animals.

How to remove skunk odor on dogs

Skunk odor on dogsThere is no doubt about it – dogs love sticking their noses in things. When your curious pet discovers a skunk and tries to play, it may be in for a smelly surprise.

The foul-smelling fluid – produced by the skunk’s anal scent glands – is used as a defense against predators.

Offensive odors are caused by thiols – sulphur compounds – which are made in the skunk oil.
Sulphur compounds together with other components in the skunk oil stink to high heaven and cause the smell to stick to skin, fur clothing and everything it contacts.

Many curious dogs get a blast of skunk’s liquid deterrent right in their face. They say home remedies for skunk smell are effective. But whether they work varies by individual.

A dog that has been sprayed by a skunk will have:

  • Watery or red-from-irritation eyes;
  • A soaking wet face.

Dog and skunkIf your dog will come into the house after getting sprayed, the skunk scent could be transferred all over your property, including onto your flooring, carpet, furniture, clothes and more. Act quickly and keep your skunk-sprayed dog outdoors so the pet doesn’t run into the house to rub his face all over your furniture.

So, what is the best way to get rid of skunk smell on dogs?

  • Apply soothing eyewash solution
    Wrap the dog in a towel and bathe his eyes with available-from-your drugstore soothing eyewash solution.
  • Give the pet a bath time
    Shampoo your poor dog thoroughly – preferably outdoors. To protect your skin from odor, wear latex gloves.

Let’s focus on the products that can help you to eliminate skunk smell on dogs. Here’s what you can use:

Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor RemoverIt is effective skunk odor eliminator that uses a powerful formula to break down found-in-skunk-spray oils and effectively neutralize skunk odors.

Cost: $7.55

Where to buy: at

How it works: This efficient skunk smell shampoo doesn’t mask skunk odors – it eliminates them entirely.

Application: The product can be applied directly to your pet as well as the fabrics and materials they contact.

Effectiveness: The product is effective and works great on pets, clothing, carpets, pet bedding, hard wood surfaces, carriers, kennels and more.

Don’t wait until a skunk attack happens to purchase a special skunk odor remover.
Keeping a bottle of skunk odor eliminator at home will help you to effectively and quickly deal with a smelly problem.

Clean Plus Green DeSkunk Coat Cleaner for Dogs

Clean Plus Green DeSkunk Coat Cleaner for DogsEco-friendly product that eliminates skunk odor from your affected pet on contact.

Cost: $9.99

Where to buy: on Amazon

How it works: Clean+Green DeSkunk Coat Cleaner works great by chemically bonding with the skunk oil to immediately stop the dreadful skunk odor.

Application: The product is easy to use. No need to soak, scrub or rinse – just spray.

Effectiveness: Cleans and eliminates the source of the skunk odor – skunk oil.

How to use: Spray directly on your dog’s coat and rub affected areas thoroughly. Allow coat to dry. For surfaces – carpets, clothing, floors, furniture etc. – spray on affected areas.

Best-selling products to remove disgusting skunk odor

Want to eliminate skunk odors at the source? Then you need to purchase skunk odor neutralizer products. Get the skunk smell out of the bedclothes, rugs, dog bed etc. with these effective solutions:

  1. Skunk Odor Neutralizer by Bio WorldSkunk Odor Neutralizer by Bio World – a liquid formulation that neutralizes unpleasant odors making them undetectable to humans’ sense of smell. If skunk odor is in the home we recommend using the solution with a fogger.

    Cost: $25.95

    Where to buy: on Amazon

    How it works: The product must be diluted before use. Mix it with distilled or purified water. Add the solution to laundry for dog bedding, towels and clothes that have the skunk smell.

    Carpet and Hard Floors: The product can be added to a carpet shampooer.

    Safety: Safe for humans and pets and on all water soluble surfaces. You can use it directly on pets.

    Skunks can spray their fluid deterrent up to 15 feet.
  2. Unique Natural Products Skunk Odor EliminatorUnique Natural Products Skunk Odor Eliminator – safely and effectively removes the skunk smell from your pets, house, furniture and anything else that got skunked.
    Cost: $19.61
    Where to buy: at Walmart
    Where to spray: The product can be sprayed directly on your pets, house, furniture and even the members of your family.
    How it works: safely and effectively eliminates skunk’s odor.
    Effectiveness: The product is effective cleaner and deodorizer.

Here is how to get rid of skunks quickly and effectively. Read our smart tips and choose the best method.

How to remove all traces of skunk spray from pets, people, cars, clothes, and homes

Whether you have a cat, dog, or any other favorite animal, be ready for your pet’s encounter with a pesky skunk. Having Skunk-Off shampoo ready at hand is a must. Let’s face it – you never know when a skunk may attack your dog or cat.

Victims of the skunk spray suffer difficulty in breathing, eye irritation and even vomiting.
If not properly washed off, the sticky, stinky skunk smell can remain for weeks.

As far as Skunk-Off shampoo’s ingredients are based on baby’s shampoos that don’t irritate eyes, you can give your cat or dog a nice bath, washing your pet all over the body.

Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker

Skunk-Off Liquid SoakerThe best solution for eliminating bad skunk smells. The product works in minutes and eliminates skunk odor permanently.

Price: $27.72

Where to buy: on Amazon

Where to use: This non-toxic and non-irritating product can be used on dogs, cats, home etc.

For best results with pets: Bathe with a skunk shampoo, apply, and allow your pet to air dry.

SKUNK All Natural Odor Remover by Magic-Zymes

SKUNK All Natural Odor Remover by Magic-ZymesHighly effective and fast-acting natural skunk odor remover for pet owners, breeders, groomers, animal shelters.

Price: $39.95 for 1 Gallon Bottle

Where to buy: on Amazon

Where to use: Ideal for use on animals, carpeting, furniture, in cars, crawl spaces etc.

Safety: The product is completely safe for use anywhere in and around the home, car, office, boat, truck and RV.

A skunk scent in the house can result from various things – such as a skunk nest beneath the porch or a sprayed pet – and the odor is often difficult to remove. To eliminate skunk odor, identify the source and use effective skunk odor removers.

You can find further details of Skunks Control here.

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  1. Oil of Wintergreen (from a pharmicist) placed in container lids around the house, in closets, etc will get rid of the odor. My dog killed a skunk after he chased it under my house. Oil of Wintergreen saved my home. Ask pharmacist if safe around kids and pets

  2. what does one use when they cant afford these items? single mom,. is there a true home remedy that i can use that will truly work .

    thank you

    • Mix 1 qt of hydrogen peroxide from any grocery store (3% solution), 1/4 cup baking soda, and a squirt of Dawn Dish Soap together….don’t wet the dog down first. Lather up all affected areas with this paste avoiding the eyes, ears and nose. Immediately rinse off. It MAY have a bleaching effect especially if done in the sun so be careful how long you let them soak. I’ve used it on my dog twice, my girlfriend’s black dog (no bleaching) and my two labs at work. It helps break down the oils. Works best on a dry dog that’s still got fresh oils on it. Good luck!

      • This concoction works well, but follow it up with toothpaste.
        Before you rinse off the peroxide paste, smear the whole area with regular toothpaste. My dog got it right in the mouth and was foaming badly. Almost immediately after applying this, he was visibly improved and the smell was gone. Have used it for years and the dogs all can sleep in the house that same day. I keep a special “skunk bag” with all the ingredients for quick application.

    • Mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dawn soap. Works quick and cheap. Just used it tonight

      • Hello, shot dead skunk in my yard he made BIG puddle of stench on concrete, house unbearable and he lays there dead and it’s dark now. Please – advise?

      • Just had to deal with the same issue my dog got sprayed by a skunk ran to the closest store and got hydrogen peroxide baking soda and dish soap created this magical concoction and made 2 rounds rinsing off my dog after she chilled for a bit I used her regular dog shampoo 1 last time. Works amazing!!!!!!!!

      • I just used it yesterday and it worked great! I’m still trying to get the odor completely out of the house. Any suggestions on cleaning products for hardwood floors. I have pinesol which is quite strong but I’m not sure if that’s enough to eliminate the odor.

    • My papillon has been sprayed 3 times…..twice this year….ugh! The best thing ever to use is Dawn dishwashing liquid…..only use Dawn it’s the real deal. With this mix a paste including a good amount of baking Soda and hydrogen peroxide. Smear all over the dog…..NOT THE EYES!……might take a couple seconds of coatings. Then rinse and use dog shampoo. I had to gently use a wash cloth on my dogs face again being extremely careful not to get into his eyes. This works very well. Also if your dog is white they will be visible from outer space as the peroxide whitens very well 🙂

  3. Laura – I used the home remedy and that did work, I did however need to repeat the process as it doesn’t take it away completly. Now I’m dealing with the smell in the house!

    Good luck.

    • Same problem here Lorrie! Not sure what’s going to get completely rid of it. 🙁

  4. if it is lingering in your house, leave bowls of white vinegar around. Worked for me. Dog got sprayed last night and this morning I did not smell it in my house.

    • This really works. I am desperate.

  5. My dog got sprayed last night on our back porch…while recovering from his second surgery in 2 weeks. Whole face, neck and e-collar soaked. I washed his eyes & mouth out with spring water then used the peroxide, baking soda & dish soap mixture twice & it worked really well! Left all the windows open last night in the house & poured 2 litres of vinegar on the back porch (concrete), let it sit 10 min then sprayed off with hose…no more stink inside or out!…and my dog can get on with his recovery!

  6. While I was able to get the smell off my dog I’m still working on the house. We have a bowl of vinegar on each floor of the house. Is that enough? And is there any way to get the smell out of my pets mouth?? It smells of skunk still and it’s been 2 days since she got sprayed and brought it in the house.

    • The best way to make sure your house doesn’t smell like skunk is to make sure the skunked person or animal does not enter the premises before being cleaned, but when you can’t prevent it, there are several different ways to scrub the odor.
      First, turn on all the bathroom fans. this will suck up the permeated air and send it outside or into a filter. Then make sure you don’t spray lysol or any spray product like it that claims to remove odor. They won’t remove this one, just mix scents, which can be worse. If you have air purifiers, turn them on. I like to use peppermint oil by all doors and windows because when you walk past, the surrounding air will be disturbed, releasing the scent all over again. Wintergreen oil in corners should actually suck up the smell and contain it, just make sure to throw it out and replace it every few days. Also large houseplants will help, because they intake carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen. Should help with headaches too. As for the mouth, Brush her teeth and put lemon and/or mint in her water. Make sure you use dog toothpaste, since they will swallow every bit of it. There’s not much else you can do for that since dogs can’t gargle! But if she had a toy in her mouth at the “time of detonation” 😉 just throw it away. Rubber balls and most dog toys never recover from skunking. It just soaks right in. Hope this helps!

    • could be in your furnace filter. change that and see if it helps.

  7. I have used a similar recipe as the one Josh put down, but I add more Dawn dish soap and scrub for longer, no soaking. It completely takes the smell away, but does dry out my golden retriever’s coat a little, so I always follow up with Furminator shampoo and conditioner. That way, not only does he no longer smell like skunk, but he smells like coconut and doesn’t shed for at least 3 days. (For when he gets skunked in the eyes and mouth: Rinse each eye with saline solution you can find at any convenience store, and brush teeth with dog friendly toothpaste and lemon water.)

  8. Thanks. I can still slightly smell skunk in her breath so I’ll try putting the lemon in her water dish and hope that works.

    • They say if your dog has bad breath that giving her a couple of TBSP of Coconut oil freshen her breath. Works on my dog I put it in her food she loves it. Not sure if it works on skunk breath but if it doesn’t you can at least make use of it for frying or baking.

  9. A skunk sprayed in our yard really close tovthe house and the house quickly filled with the smell. What can we do to get rid of it just when it seems to have died down it comes back again. Also will we have to wash every article of clothing and blankets in our house?

  10. both my boxers got sprayed and then killed a skunk. I need help the smell is in the house and the dogs. Im trying everything and its not going away


  11. our cat got sprayed 2 days ago and the best remedy is the peroxide, baking soda and DAWN. We lathered him up 2 times per day and the smell is gone. Found this to be the best. Skunkoff did not work at expensive if you have to use a lot..$24/bottle
    For your yard – use moth balls, urinal screen/cakes (commonly used in toilets) Skunks hates that smell and after eating your orange or grapefruit, place the skin near your fence as they also hate the smell of citrus.

  12. Cats and possum have used under my house for a house and bathroom. Now that odor is coming up in my house !! Any suggestions on how to get rid of it !!?

    • Kill the animals, take them out and use sweet smelling scents to save your house!

  13. Skunks have sprayed under my house for 2 nights,the smell is horrific IN my house,Please can someone help me,how do i get this horrific smell OUT of my house fast as it is litterally making me sick:( HELP PLEASE

    • Hi Joyce

      My house was recently sprayed, and I’m pretty certain we found the den and the skunk or skunks are out. The smell is horrible. We had a service come out and run these UV machines for days and then a top to bottom cleanup, but I still smell it. Any tips that you can share to help remedy?

      • what company cake out??

        • I used your remidy and it works great

  14. Having trouble with skunks around my house. Constant horrific smell in my house. Phoned everyone. No one wants to help. I have twin boys. They are constantly choking on the smell. I have headaches almost everyday. PLEASE HELP! What is the best thing to use to get rid of this terrible smell!!!!!

    • My dog was sprayed on the weekend, and the proceeded to run through my house. The smell was unbearable. The only solution that worked for me was hiring a professional to clean my house. They pumped ozone in for a 2 hour period and the smell was eliminated.

      It wasn’t cheap, but I think completely worth it. I could not have lived in my house another day.

    • I put dishes of vinegar in every room. Change the vinegar after a few days. It will take about a week, but it worked for me.

  15. So I’m trying the sunlight/ open Windows/ ceiling fans/ containers of vinegar in my home. My yard or somewhere near it got sprayed and my room seems to be the strongest even though I’m on the second floor. We got sprayed late in the night and I some up around 6 because of it so I’m hoping that its not deep in the fibers of my carpets, couch, clothing, ect. Pray for me Because I just about used all my vinegar. Rations are scarce. My brother keeps screaming for no reason. I fear the worst is yet to come. If i do not revisit this site to leave another comment then send immediate help.

  16. The bowls of vinegar did not help. Has been a week of stench in my poor parents home.

    • Did you open all of your Windows and turn on all the ceiling fans and let as much sunlight in as possible along with the vinegar because that’s what I did and it worked within just a few hours

      • It’s actually my mother’s house, and I don’t think she did that. She doesn’t smell anything in there, even after leaving for awhile and coming back. I smell it STRONG and IMMEDIATELY! It’s been over a week now… We got some stuff for the house today at Lowe’s, and I think she’s finally realizing how bad it is. I understand after a while being somewhere, you don’t notice things, but come on!
        She’s got me slightly annoyed now. I can’t even go in there.
        I’ll let you know the name of the product, and if it works after use. Thank you.

    • Use one of those products you saw! 🙂

  17. used the vinegar all around the house in bowls,then a trip to Walmart,used a item called Out which smell like oranges to spray on my carpet ect in house where my cat sleeps. Worked great. Vinegar was spayed on bushes where the odor was strongest. Odor is gone!

  18. do moth balls help keep skunks away

    • the problem with moth balls is that they are very toxic and very hard to get the smell out

  19. I have used vinegar, mouthwash, tomato juice, skunk odor remover, and the peroxide mixture. Nothing is helping and it won’t come off the dog!!! Please help

    • I don’t know why hardly anyone says this but DO NOT put any water on your dog!!! Skunk spray is an oil & oil & water DO NOT MIX- it will just set that smell in indefinitely!
      Ok- Make sure you use gloves!!!! Cover the dog in baking soda immediately (do NOT let them in your house if at all possible, as the the scent does transfer). Then, get your mixture ready… more baking soda, vinegar (they’re gonna fizz like an alka seltzer-that’s OK!) Keep that away from their face, make a thick paste & let it sit for about 10-15 min. Take the remaining vinegar & rinse the baking soda out. If you can leave the dog outside in the sun for a while, do it….still NO water! You may have to use the paste again, rinse in vinegar, THEN you can wash with a mixture of more baking soda, PEROXIDE this time & a shot of doggie shampoo (I always add a couple of drops of lavender & peppermint essential oils) and wash, wash, wash. Put the dog back out in sun if possible. After he’s dry put a couple of drops of coconut oil in your hands & rub all over his coat (with gloves, just in case). This will help ease the dryness caused by all the “trauma” his coat just endured ☺

      • I think it’s important to remember that as a general rule, it’s going to be dark outside when your dog gets sprayed. Skunks are nocturnal by nature, although they are occasionally seen during the day. And for those who say “DON’T LET HIM IN YOUR HOUSE!”, get real. Doggy doors aren’t monitored 24 hrs a day, that defeats the whole purpose. Also, some of us live in climates where to leave a dog outside until done with treatment(s) would be cruel & inhumane. My opinion.

        • Thanks for your comment. My thoughts exactly. My cane corse (Italian Mastiff) just got sprayed at 9:00 p.m. and came directly in the house through the doggy door. She was foaming and drooling all over the wood floors and doggy beds. I grabbed the apple cider vinegar full strength and wiped her mouth and chest several times. I can’t do the peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap thing at this hour outside. I mean get real people. So I’ll have to tough it out until daybreak. Yuck! Lots of peppermint oil, essential oils and vinegar tonight!

    • Use one of the skunk odor removal products! 😉

    • This is a regular occurrence at our farm…I wash my cat with Dawn dish soap, making sure the rinse water went down the drain. I then soaked him with warm tomato juice and let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes. Another rinse and another wash with dawn. Finished off with his pet shampoo.
      Worked great. Only hard part is his face and ears but with patience and and alot of rinsing of your cloth you can get it.
      Just make sure to not let the rinse water sit in with the animal. Let it drain away immediately. Good luck for both of you 🙂

  20. We own a medical grade water device that produces Electrolyzed Reduced Water for our own water/health needs. One option with this device is to take the pH of the source water up to 11.5 pH. I’ve used this water (WITH NO SHAMPOO OR CHEMICALS) to rinse my dog of the skunk smell and after she air dried…no smell whatsoever. Within an hour she was “cleared for the couch”. Unbelievable!!! The high pH emulsifies the oil of the skunk spray. It’s amazing. Oh…this device also takes the pH DOWN as low as 2.5 pH which replaces the need for Vetericyn which saves me big time on vet bills if she ever gets wounded, or “pink eye” or bitten by a tick, etc. HOPE THIS HELPS!

  21. The skunk off liquid does not work and it made my dog vomit multiple times we did it the day after the spray and a few days later both times he was sick and smell is still here 2 weeks later and I’d say at least 10 baths

  22. My moms house was sprayed under her 3 season porch 5 years ago. We have used everything mentioned and nothing worked. At this point she has pored bleach water in between the deck floor, along with anything and everything we thought might take away the odor. It still smells some in the morning but not real bad. Short of cutting out all the deck flooring not sure what to do. That’s not bad enough, it’s still trying to dig under porch. It’s a battle and we’re in the subdivision not out in the country. Worse smell ever!

  23. Why are skunks such a problem today?

  24. How do I clean my wood flooring to get rid of the skunk smell? Vinegar?

  25. How do I get the smell out of wood flooring?

  26. This worked on my dog and my tile and wood floors: 1 Quart of Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of Dawn. Mix up and massage dog thoroughly. Mop floors with it. Worked for me. Cheap too.

  27. Can you put that hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, dawn dish soap formula in a spray bottle and spray it on carpet, furniture or not

    • I wouldn’t use it on my carpets. You may have a hard time getting the baking soda out. The Dawn dish soap breaks the skunk oil and the Hydrogen Peroxide / Baking Soda eliminates the odor. Maybe test a small part with just the HP and Dawn and see if it works. Test in an inconspicuous area in case it stains. Let me know if you try, I may need to know one day!

    • Do not put peroxide and baking soda in a closed container, it will explode. We also added a small bottle of vanilla extract to the solution. This was our first encounter with skunk and both of our dogs were sprayed this morning. The solution worked well but the face is still an issue.

      • Clean the dog face with white vinegar.

  28. A Skunk sprayed our air-conditioned, tried everything. My sisters finance, who is a hunter suggested using something that hunters use. It’s call Scent-A-Way. The smell was in every home of the house. We tried vinegar and sprays, Nothing worked.. After spraying Scent- A-Way in the outside unit while running the smell went away. Make sure you use the odorless brand .

  29. A skunk walked into my kitchen two nights ago after spraying outside. All I knew was that the SKUNK sprayed so I ran around and closed windows and the back door. The dog knew something was in the kitchen. So I guess I locked the skunk IN. Last night the skunk made its way to a bedroom where my son was sleeping and jumped up on the bed by his face. Then it went into the closet to hide. All my old family pictures were in the closet. I need something that will eliminate odor on containers without saturating the boxes and ruining the pictures.

    Amimal control came and skunk sprayed in the house! Also animal control let it out in our backyard which does not seem right. It should have been destroyed as any wild animal that gets so close to a human is probably sick. Or, it should have been taken out to some place where it could survive in the wild and not in the city.

    • We just moved into our new home about three months ago….every night since we been here around 10pm we smell the awful skunk odor outside it comes into the house when we put our window air conditioner in….I’m not sure if it sprayed the unit or not but the smell is SO strong it almost has a burning odor it’s literally EVERY night I can’t get the smell out of our house and the worst part is I have a newborn baby and I don’t know what i can safely use in our house? I also have a small son…we have been basically just locked in one room that’s strong but not as bad as the back of the house idk what was sprayed outside ALL I know is the smell is horribly strong! Please help I really don’t want to buy anything over the counter because of the effects it could have on the children I would like an all natural alternative please! Plus is it normal for your eyes to burn and your nose to run from this? Thank you sooooo much for your time and I appreciate any reply that will help!

  30. See comment regarding skunk in closet.

  31. Is there a company that will come in and spray my house to get rid of the skunk odour ?

  32. My 100 pound Rotie got skunked. I used GoJo from m auto zone and smell is gone instantly.

  33. Shot dead one in my yard and he sprayed BIG puddle before dead. House unbearable, yard is don’t even this to step outside, and he is dead there, and it’s night, any advise how I handle THIS MESS, please?

    • The best way to handle the mess would have been to not create it in the first place. You caused the mess; now it’s time for you to clean it up. I’d just read through this thread to see what’s worked for other people, and do that.

  34. How do you get the smell out of the yard? Fence, grass, stuff like that

  35. I truly think that certain skunks have different strengths of odor. My Goldens (5 of them) have been skunked at different times in their life. “Natures Miracle” worked great on my one golden along with vinegar and dawn. My other Golden, nothing seemed to work, vinegar, baking powder, dawn or Natures Miracle Skunk remover. I think different dogs have different pores and take in more odor. I placed at least 10 vinegar bowls around the house and sometimes it would work and other times not. I think all the suggestions are good ones, from all the comments. I work at a shelter/sanctuary Non-Kill and when we are adopting out dogs, we do tell the potential owners, how much the dog shots, check ups etc will cost. I think I read somewhere that one dog will cost $1,300.00 with food, shots, unexpected ear or anal infections. And I must say that please don’t adopt a dog if you can’t afford $7.99 on skunk materials. It’s not fair to the dog not to have proper treatments and general vet care when needed. All pets cost money, just like children do !! I mean this in the nicest way, but you really shouldn’t own a dog (to the person who said they were single) if you can’t take care of their needs. Those are the pets that end up in the shelters, abandoned, because they can’t afford their pet. I am single, do not have a great income, but I thought carefully before adopting or rescuing each animal I have.

  36. Does anyone know, that after a skunk sprays a dog or in the air, how long does it take for the same skunk to spray again? the same night? or do they have to build it up in their system and they may not spray again until the next night?

  37. My male pit killed a skunk in our backyard and man this smell is the worst EVER!! I have put bowls of vinegar around the house and went out and poured the rest in the grass and patio. Does anybody know how long it’ll take for the smell to go away?

    • Don’t count on it going away anytime soon. If dog was sprayed and came inside, the residue from spray sticks to everything and is impossible to remove with vinegar or any other liquid in my experience. But, I am trying a new remedie as I type. My pit also killed one last Thusday night. See my comments on 9/20/16 for a full explanation of what to do.

  38. Hi, I have to dealing with skunks every single year since buying my house 23 years ago. The very very best remedie I found , I used the first time. But was over $500 22 years ago. Now it runs about 1800.00. Company came out and set an extra large ozone ionizer. I had to move out for one week and the machine ran continuously. My house was sprayed from the crawl space area. They ripped through my flex ductwork on the air system and crawled all inside. This machine took the smell out completely. Even took it out of my clothes and carpet and out of Sheetrock which it sticks to. But due to cost I could never do it again. So every year I still get skunks in crawl space. They dig under foundation. So last year, bought a pitbull. Last week, she killed one. She bit right down into the sak. And it was directly beside my hvac unit, so it sucked the smell in. Clothes carpet even mattresses smell. I tried the vinegar. Put several in each room. Has done nothing to help smell. So I have purchased my own ozone ionizer. I received it today, so I just started using tonight. If it works I will update in a couple days. It cost me over $400.00 plus 50 to ship 2 day air. But will be worth it if works. I’ll update as soon as I can tell. But in the past I’ve tried every single thing anyone has mentioned here on this site. Nothing has worked. I have had to just endure and wait for it to wear off. As long as they don’t actually spray close enough for the actual spray to get inside, it will wear off. But if anything that has contact with the spray touches or seeps inside, it’s impossible to remove without an ozone machine. I am praying this one I bought does the trick as it is my last resort. I will move if it doesn’t. Can’t take it. I have poured boxes and boxes of moth balls under house and around my foundation. They walked right through them without seeming to even notice. So mothballs do not work. Don’t do it, it only makes it harder for you to breathe.

  39. My dog got sprayed 3 days ago. I mixed the baking soda, peroxide and Dawn soap. I washed it out with water, made it worse . It is only on the face thank God. I am going to try the vinegar in bowls and place around the house. Any other suggestions

  40. We have had a skunk to spray under our house at 2:30 in the morning. The smell is so bad in the house. I’m trying the vinegar what else can I do?

  41. To get rid of skunks buy a no-kill trap. I baited mine with peanut butter and jelly. ***If the trap is too narrow for the skunk to raise its tail it cannot spray!!!*** So you can pick up the trap (use thick work gloves, they can bite or scratch) and then dispose of the skunk. If legal in your state you can transport it far away and release it. In Colorado you must kill it once trapped. I buried the skunk in the trap under a bunch of tarps and ran a hose from a car exhaust pipe under there. It died without thrashing about, so I assume it went to sleep under there, hopefully not too inhumane. It never sprayed. I then double trash bagged it and contributed it to a commercial dumpster. Ok maybe that last part was slightly illegal. The trap is reuseable if you have lots of skunks in your area.

  42. I just heard that a lady picked up a dead skunk in the road by her house and put it in a plastic bag, brought it in her house and threw it in her burning fireplace. Bad idea, it exploded in the fireplace.

  43. Having a problem with skunk do do smell coming through my vents the skunk is gone it had babies under the house came through the air system dug under it to get under the house had to call the critter guy to remove it but he was gone now just have this do do smell coming through my vents and air ducts. Going to try all of these solutions. We

  44. We poured fast sitting cement around our air unit outside and sild up the whole house outside

  45. Our vet recommended washing our dog in a vinegar and water douche after being sprayed by a skunk. It worked great! The dog smelled like a salad for a week but it was better than skunk stink

  46. Neighbor has a family of skunks living under his shed!! He told us his dog and landscaper got sprayed!!
    He tells us that they are trying to trap them, this was 2 weeks ago?!!. We live in the city, very close yards, the skunks are still under his shed!! The smell in so horrible, they spraying is making me sick!! My eyes are burning tonight!! How long does it take to catch skunks? What can I wash my driveway down with where his shed sits at the end of HELP!!!! Do I DUMP the vinager, peroxide & dawn mixture all over my driveway? Is there anything that I can put out that will force them away?? HELP

  47. We did the peroxide mix twice. It worked OK, but the dog still had significant odor. Then we tried Nature’s Miracle. Worked better, but since it came after two washings with the peroxide mix, no way to say how it would work as the primary agent.

    When you shampoo the dog off, get some of Dr. Bronner’s Castille liquid peppermint soap. It helps hide the stink. We also used Fresh Way spray odor remover which is non-toxic and plant-based. You can spray it right on the dog as well as on furniture, etc. It is a bit pricey, but works well. We have forced air heat, so I shut the heat off, then turned the fan on. I sprayed the Fresh Way into the intake, and that spread the deodorizer throughout the house. We did that several times. That worked well too.

  48. Update to my earlier comment: Forget Nature’s Miracle, save your money. As noted, we washed the dog twice with the peroxide mix, then the third time with Nature’s Miracle. She still has the skunk odor about her after 3 washings, so obviously Nature’s Miracle is not miraculous.

  49. I had a product I used for cat smells called Odor-B-Gone. It is an enzyme product rated safe around animals and small children. One day the cat came in after being skunked and, out of desperation, I sprayed the solution into the air. It worked instantly! The cat was less amenable to being bathed in it but it worked on the areas he let me wash. I had concerns about putting it too near his eyes. However, putting my clothes and cushion covers in the laundry with it worked wonders – the smell was totally gone.

  50. Use the clean and green deskunker it’s 10 bucks simple to use and no washing walls or furniture I keep a bottle under my sink constantly having 5 dogs. Now if I can do something about the porcupines that would help. Spent 5 grand this year on de quilling

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