Got skunks? These cute, but smelly critters can wreak havoc around your home and garden. But learning how to keep pesky skunks away from your property doesn’t have to be a trying task. There are effective repellents you can use that will help you keep these pests under control.

By following our simple skunk repellent tips, you will no longer ask yourself how to repel or deter skunks, as you will be too busy enjoying your fruitful and beautiful garden. We’ll suggest efficient tips and solutions that will help to repel these smelly animals without killing them.

Excellent electronic skunk repellent, deterrent solutions

How to repel skunks from yard or house? When it comes to nuisance animals like skunks, repellents is the best option. What most people need is to keep skunks off of their property. Today’s market is ready to offer multiple skunk control repellents to choose. Electronic repellents can crack your skunk problem immediately.

Skunks don’t like the smell of citrus fruits.

Electronic repellentSkunks are skittish. Therefore using electronic repellents that are specifically designed to frighten passing animals are effective solutions for conditioning these pesky rodents to stay away from a certain area. Flowerbeds, trash cans, pathways, corn fields, plants, poultry houses – you can protect a wide range of areas. While traditional repellents need to be regularly reapplied, eco-friendly electronic repellents only need to be installed.

So, how to deter skunks from your yard? Use the following electronic motion activated sprinklers:

Havahart Spray Away Elite II

Havahart Spray Away Elite IICompletely portable electronic repellent that provides an innovative way to repel skunks from your house, yard.

Cost: $179.99

Where to buy:

How it works: The product uses a blast of water to effectively scare away smelly intruders keeping your yard clear of skunk’s destruction.

When a skunk is detected, the Spray Away solution releases a sudden burst of water with startling noise and motion. This will surely frighten skunks away.

Repelling skunks by removing their shelter is a good solution.
Locate their burrow – where the skunk is living – and fill it with dirt at night after the animal has left the burrow.

Havahart Spray Away® 2.0

Havahart Spray Away® 2.0It is an excellent motion-detecting repellent that conditions skunks and other critters to stay away from your yard by frightening them off with quick bursts of water.

Cost: $69.99

Where to buy:

How it works: Due to infrared technology, Spray Away can detect skunk’s movement up to 35 feet away. When a skunk crosses its path, the unit releases a sudden burst of water and effectively repels pesky rodents.

One-of-a-kind adjustable infrared sensor: The unit is equipped with a fully adjustable sensor that gives customers the ability to choose the angle of a sensor. This allows people to customize to variations in their landscape and target different sized animals.

Custom settings

Natural and cost-effective products

Getting rid of smelly skunks may seem like a puzzling task. The defensive nature of these creatures means that if you anger this pesky animal, you could end up getting into some smelly trouble.

Skunks have sensitive noses and seek out food using their acute sense of smell. Here is a solution. By disturbing skunk’s sensitive nose with a powerful taste and scent deterrent, you can effectively drive them away from certain problem areas.

Let’s focus on the most effective ways you could go:

  • Liquid repellents - Critter RidderLiquid repellents. This is a solution for keeping skunks away from your property. How to use it? Just spray a repellent onto surfaces like grass, mulch or trash to prevent skunks from digging or eating.

  • Granular skunks repellentsGranular repellents. This is another effective option. Critters hate the scent of it. Sprinkle a repellent in and around your yard or garden to keep smelly skunks out of certain areas.

Got skunks? Read these informative tips and you will find out how to keep these pesky rodents under control.

How to repel skunks naturally with skunk control granules

Are you in search of skunk repellent with no fuss, no muss? What is easier than applying skunk control granules?

No messy spray applicators that require constant attention.  It is kind of like putting some salt on your plants. Just sprinkle the granules right from the applicator lid around the locations you want to protect.

We suggest using the following:

Critter Ridder Animal Repellent

Critter Ridder Animal RepellentPatented blend of all-natural ingredients that effectively repels skunks – by not-offensive-to-humans taste and odor – from landscaped areas, lawns and gardens.

Cost: $27.99

Where to buy: available on Amazon

How to use: Sprinkle granules around the perimeter of your flower beds or along garden pathways to deter skunks.

Where to use: use it both outdoors and indoors. You can even apply the product to small areas in your attic or basement.

While you may normally come across skunk’s activities in the garden, skunks will also get into pet’s food or garbage cans.
Therefore, it’s a great idea to secure trashcans or garbage lids so these animals cannot open them. What’s more, keep any pet food put away at night when skunks are most active.

Repels All Granules by Bonide Chemical

Repels All Granules by Bonide ChemicalUnique blend of ingredient that causes immediate irritation to skunk’s nasal passages. The product protects yard and property all year round.

Cost: $27.47

Where to buy: available on Amazon

Shake Away

Shake Away100% natural and safe repellent that signals danger to skunks. Granules smell stronger and last longer.

Cost: $26.11

Where to buy: available on Amazon

How to use: Granules – that won’t wash away in rain – can be shaken right from the container to the ground.


  • The product is less messy than liquid;
  • Easy-to-use – No Mess, No Spray, Just Sprinkle;
  • Safe around children, pets and plants;
  • Guaranteed to repel smelly skunks.

Mothballs to drive skunks away

Many people who want to keep critters from going under the house and living there use mothballs. They say the product works great and effectively repels skunks.

The use of mothballs for skunk’s removal is illegal in some states. Mothballs – containing paradichlorobenzene – are considered to be pesticides.
The product should be used only inside tightly sealed containers.

Have a skunk under your deck? Throw skunk repellent mothballs underneath it to repel a smelly rodent. Many customers state that mothballs can even repel chipmunks, squirrels and deer. This way or another why not to try a solution? You can purchase the following product:

Old Fashioned Moth Balls by Enoz

Old Fashioned Moth Balls by EnozIt’s 14 oz box of moth balls.

Cost: $11.30

Where to buy: available on Amazon

How to use: place the solution around the exterior, under shed/deck areas etc. Place the product in places where your pets cannot reach it.

Are mothballs effective? – It is difficult to say whether mothballs can repel skunks. If a skunk has just moved into the area or has other nest sites, mothballs may cause the animal to leave. But if there is only one nesting area available for a skunk – especially if there’re young involved – mothballs won’t help to move the skunk out of its nest site.

Citrus smells as well as coyote, dog and other predator urine can be effectively used as ways to deter skunks. These products are commercially sold and can be applied around your property in the garden/yard. However, they need to be reapplied after any rainfall.

Ammonia cotton balls can effectively repel skunks.


It is another natural skunk control solution. Place Ammonia cotton balls soaked rags around the yard to repel smelly rodents. Unfortunately, when the product evaporates, the animals will come back. Therefore the rags or cotton balls should be replaced frequently.

Skunks’ mating season can leave your property smelling a little out of the ordinary. Read this and find out how to remove smell in house and eliminate the odor once you or your pet have been sprayed by a skunk.

Top 3 effective solutions

When skunks are on your property, get ready to digging, noise, damage, and smell they bring with them. The best way to prevent the skunk problem is to start acting as soon as you notice the first signs of their presence.

Below there are 3 effective repellent solutions to show skunks who the boss is.

  1. Critter Ridder®Critter Ridder® – excellent skunk repellent derived from 3 different hot peppers that immediately irritates skunk’s senses of smell, touch and taste.
    Cost: $13.00
    Where to buy: at You can also buy this skunk repellent at Lowes.
    How it works: This ready-to-use spray sends skunks running, and after a couple of unwelcome visits, skunks associate with your property and learn to stay away.
    Where to spray: on plants, mulch, soil, as well as on a variety of surfaces.
    Application: The product delivers long-lasting protection for up to thirty days after application. Due to its unique rain-resistant formula, the spray remains effective through all kinds of weather.
  2. Predator GuardPredator Guard – best skunk control deterrent. The product repels all common night predators including skunks.
    Cost: $22.99
    Where to buy: available on Amazon.
    How it works: The product introduces a pair of flashing lights to disrupt animal’s sense of safety. This will make skunks immediately leave your property.
    Protects: Orchards, vineyards, property, trash bins, gardens, livestock and ponds from the damage and destruction caused by skunks.
  3. Aspectek Predator Eye Nighttime Animal RepellerAspectek Predator Eye Nighttime Animal Repeller – protects your property including livestock from night-time pests like skunks.
    Cost: $19.99
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    How it works: The reflective icon and flashing red light will be seen as an “eye” to the skunk. The fear of being watched will cause a skunk to avoid/leave the protected area.

You don’t have to be a professional to repel skunks. Choose the repellent that is best for your situation and repel pesky animals immediately.

You can find further details of Skunks Control here.