Top 10 Skunk Repellents and Deterrents Ideas to Keep Them Away

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How to repel skunks from the yard or house? When it comes to nuisance animals like skunks, repellents are the best option. What most people need is to keep skunks off of their property. Today’s market is ready to offer multiple skunk control repellents to choose from.

Here I suggest Top 10 Best Skunk Repellent Products of 2023 with different brands for your consideration:

Our #1 Rated
Bonide Repels-All Ready-to-Use Natural Repellent Spray review
Bonide Repels-All Ready-to-Use Natural Repellent Spray
  • Type: Repellent Spray
  • Active Ingredients: Putrescent whole egg solids (1.01%), Cloves (0.05%), Garlic Oil (0.02%)
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Our #2 Rated
PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent review
PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent
  • Type: Lighting Deterrent
  • Distance: ½ mile
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Our #3 Rated
Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light review
Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light
  • Type: Lighting Deterrent
  • Distance: 500 yards
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Havahart Spray Away Hydro-Remote Repellent Sprinkler review
Havahart Spray Away Hydro-Remote Repellent Sprinkler
  • Type: Deterrent Sprinkler
  • Distance: 35 ft,
  • Rotation/ Angle: 180°
  • Defends area: 1900 ft²
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Havahart Spray Away Motion-Activated Sprinkler review
Havahart Spray Away Motion-Activated Sprinkler
  • Type: Deterrent Sprinkler
  • Distance: 35 ft
  • Defends area: 1900 ft²
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Safer Critter Ridder Animal Repellent review
Safer Critter Ridder Animal Repellent
  • Type: Granular Shaker
  • Active Ingredients: 0.48% Oil of Black Pepper, 0.185% Piperine, 0.032% Capsaicin
  • Covers up to 300 ft²
  • Last up to 30 days
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Bonide Chemical Repels-All Granules review
Bonide Chemical Repels-All Granules
  • Type: Repellent Granules
  • Active Ingredients: Dried Blood (0.0024%), Putrescent eggs (0.0024%), Garlic Oil (0.00048%)
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Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules review
Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules
  • Type: Repellent Granules
  • Active Ingredients: Mint oil (2.0%), Rosemary oil (0.5%), Cedar oil (0.5%)
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Enoz Old Fashioned Moth Balls review
Enoz Old Fashioned Moth Balls
  • Type: Chemical Pesticide
  • Active Ingredient: Naphthalene (99.95%)
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Extra-Strength Ammonia review
Extra-Strength Ammonia
  • Type: Odor Repellent
  • Active Ingredient: Pure Ammonia
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What is the Best Skunk Repellent? – Buyer’s Guide

Got skunks? These cute, but smelly critters can wreak havoc around your home and garden. But learning how to keep pesky skunks away from your property doesn’t have to be a trying task. There are effective repellents you can use that will help you keep these pests under control.

Top 3 Effective Solutions

When skunks are on your property, get ready for digging, noise, damage, and smell they bring with them. The best way to prevent the skunk problem is to start acting as soon as you notice the first signs of their presence.

Below there are 3 effective repellent solutions to show skunks who the boss is.


1. Bonide Repels-All – Best People & Pet Safe Natural Skunk Repellent Spray

See More ImagesBonide Repellent Spray
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Bonide Spray is an excellent skunk repellent derived from biodegradable ingredients that immediately irritates skunk’s senses of smell, touch, and taste.

How it works: This ready-to-use spray sends skunks running, and after a couple of unwelcome visits, skunks associate with your property and learn to stay away.

Where to spray: on plants, mulch, soil, as well as on a variety of surfaces.

Application: The product delivers long-lasting protection for up to 60 days after application. Due to its unique rain-resistant formula, the spray remains effective through all kinds of weather.


2. PREDATORGUARD Lighting Deterrent

See More ImagesPredatorguard deterrent
Read Verified Customer Reviews

PREDATORGUARD is the best skunk control deterrent. The product repels all common night predators including skunks.

How it works: The product introduces a pair of flashing lights to disrupt an animal’s sense of safety. This will make skunks immediately leave your property.

Protects: Orchards, vineyards, property, trash bins, gardens, livestock, and ponds from the damage and destruction caused by skunks.


3. Nite Guard

See More ImagesNite Guard Solar Deterrent
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Nite Guard protects your property including livestock from night-time pests like skunks.

How it works: The reflective icon and the flashing red light will be seen as an “eye” to the skunk. The fear of being watched will cause a skunk to avoid/leave the protected area.

Excellent Electronic Skunk Repellent, and Deterrent Solutions

Electronic repellents can crack your skunk problem immediately.

Skunks are skittish. Therefore using electronic repellents that are specifically designed to frighten passing animals are effective solutions for conditioning these pesky skunks to stay away from a certain area. Flowerbeds, trash cans, pathways, cornfields, plants, poultry houses – you can protect a wide range of areas. While traditional repellents need to be regularly reapplied, eco-friendly electronic repellents only need to be installed.

So, how to deter skunks from your yard? Use the following electronic motion-activated sprinklers:


4. Havahart Spray Away Hydro-Remote

See More ImagesHavahart Hydro-Remote
Read Verified Customer Reviews

A completely electronic repellent that provides an innovative way to repel skunks from your house, yard.

How it works: The product uses a blast of water to effectively scare away smelly intruders keeping your yard clear of skunk’s destruction.

When a skunk is detected, the Spray Away solution releases a sudden burst of water with startling noise and motion. This will surely frighten skunks away.

Repelling skunks by removing their shelter is a good solution.
Locate their burrow – where the skunk is living – and fill it with dirt at night after the animal has left the burrow.

5. Havahart Spray Away Motion-Activated Sprinkler

See More ImagesMotion Activated Sprinkler by Havahart
Read Verified Customer Reviews

It is an excellent motion-detecting repellent that conditions skunks and other critters to stay away from your yard by frightening them off with quick bursts of water.

How it works: Due to infrared technology, Spray Away can detect skunk’s movement up to 35 feet away. When a skunk crosses its path, the unit releases a sudden burst of water and effectively repels pesky animals.

One-of-a-kind adjustable infrared sensor: The unit is equipped with a fully adjustable sensor that gives customers the ability to choose the angle of a sensor. This allows people to customize to variations in their landscape and target different sized animals.

Custom settings

Natural and Cost-Effective Products

Getting rid of smelly skunks may seem like a puzzling task. The defensive nature of these creatures means that if you anger this pesky animal, you could end up getting into some smelly trouble.

Skunks have sensitive noses and seek out food using their acute sense of smell. Here is a solution. By disturbing skunk’s sensitive nose with a powerful taste and scent deterrent, you can effectively drive them away from certain problem areas.

Let’s focus on the most effective ways you could go:

  1. Liquid repellents

    Liquid repellents - Critter RidderThis is a solution for keeping skunks away from your property. How to use it? Just spray a repellent onto surfaces like grass, mulch or trash to prevent skunks from digging or eating.

    Skunks don’t like the smell of citrus fruits.

    Citrus smells, as well as coyote, dog, and other predator urine, can be effectively used as ways to deter skunks. These products are commercially sold and can be applied around your property in the garden/yard. However, they need to be reapplied after any rainfall.

  2. Granular repellents
    Granular skunks repellentsThis is another effective option. Critters hate the scent of it. Sprinkle a repellent in and around your yard or garden to keep smelly skunks out of certain areas.

Skunks’ mating season can leave your property smelling a little out of the ordinary. Read this and find out how to remove smell in the house and eliminate the odor once you or your pet have been sprayed by a skunk.

How to Repel Skunks with Control Granules

Are you in search of skunk repellent with no fuss, no muss? What is easier than applying skunk control granules?

No messy spray applicators that require constant attention. It is kind of like putting some salt on your plants. Just sprinkle the granules right from the applicator lid around the locations you want to protect.

We suggest using the following:


6. Safer Critter Ridder Granular Shaker

See More ImagesSafer Repellent Granules
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Patented blend of all-natural ingredients that effectively repel skunks – by not-offensive-to-humans taste and odor – from landscaped areas, lawns and gardens.

How to use: Sprinkle granules around the perimeter of your flower beds or along garden pathways to deter skunks.

Where to use: use it both outdoors and indoors. You can even apply the product to small areas in your attic or basement.

While you may normally come across skunk’s activities in the garden, skunks will also get into pet’s food or garbage cans.
Therefore, it’s a great idea to secure trashcans or garbage lids so these animals cannot open them. What’s more, keep any pet food put away at night when skunks are most active.

7. Repels-All Chemical Granules

See More ImagesRepels-All by Bonide
Read Verified Customer Reviews

The unique blend of ingredient that causes immediate irritation to skunk’s nasal passages. The product protects yard and property all year round.


8. Shake-Away Granules

See More ImagesShake-Away Granules
Read Verified Customer Reviews

100% natural and safe repellent that signals danger to skunks. Granules smell stronger and last longer.

How to use: Granules – that won’t wash away in rain – can be shaken right from the container to the ground.


  • The product is less messy than liquid.
  • Easy-to-use – No Mess, No Spray, Just Sprinkle.
  • Safe around children, pets and plants.
  • Guaranteed to repel smelly skunks.

9. Enoz Moth Balls to Drive Skunks Away

Many people who want to keep critters from going under the house and living there use mothballs. They say the product works great and effectively repels skunks.

The use of mothballs for skunk removal is illegal in some states. Mothballs – containing paradichlorobenzene – are considered to be pesticides.
The product should be used only inside tightly sealed containers.
See More ImagesMoth balls by Enoz
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Have a skunk under your deck? Throw skunk repellent mothballs underneath it to repel a smelly animal. Many customers state that mothballs can even repel chipmunks, squirrels, and deer. This way or another why not try a solution? You can purchase Old Fashioned Moth Balls by Enoz.

It’s a 24 oz box of mothballs.

How to use: place the solution around the exterior, under shed/deck areas etc. Place the product in places where your pets cannot reach it.

Are mothballs effective? – It is difficult to say whether mothballs can repel skunks. If a skunk has just moved into the area or has other nest sites, mothballs may cause the animal to leave. But if there is only one nesting area available for a skunk – especially if there’re young involved – mothballs won’t help to move the skunk out of its nest site.


10. Ammonia

See More ImagesClear Ammonia
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Ammonia cotton balls can effectively repel skunks. It is another natural skunk control solution. Place Ammonia cotton balls soaked rags around the yard to repel unwanted smelly guests. Unfortunately, when the product evaporates, the animals will come back. Therefore the rags or cotton balls should be replaced frequently.


It is hard to stay positive when you have a smelly skunk problem in your yard. By following our simple skunk repellent tips, you will no longer ask yourself how to repel or deter skunks, as you will be too busy enjoying your fruitful and beautiful garden. I’m suggesting to you efficient tips and solutions that will help to repel these smelly animals without killing them.

You don’t have to be a professional to repel skunks. Follow my ideas, choose the repellent that is best for your situation, and repel pesky animals immediately.

Got skunks? Read these informative tips, and you will find out how to get rid of skunks to keep these pesky rodents under control.

You can find further details of Skunks Control here.

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  1. A skunk is definitely not felines, either, but the male skunks around here are constantly getting after(& scoring, as I’ve witnessed to my horror several times…. it’s one of those types of train wrecks you just can’t help rubber-necking!), the local pussy cat population. And apparently, they prefer group encounters, too, & while the skunks act rough, the cats make absolutely horrid noises, sounding to the untrained ear as if they’re not at all willing parties; I’ve come to the confident conclusion that the state of matters is quite the opposite, though- the female felines are just simply THAT full of passionate, feline wild abandonment! This is evidenced by the fact that the groups usually consist of a greater number of fem-felines, than stud-skunks, & it also becomes clear to anyone who tries approaching the scene w/the bright idea of interrupting & rescuing the cats, as this will have both species directing piercing bath said baleful stares at you, powerful enough to literally haunt your nightmares & make you shiver on the spot! After several, Peppy LeP.U.-esque, inter-species group romance sightings, I’ve learned to recognize the raucous, amorous cacophony created whenever these two, honorably establishment-challenging species score a hook-up, & so I know better than to do anything but steer well clear whenever I do hear them, & avoid any imagination or memory based mental pictures that are linked to what I’m hearing… maybe think about baseball, or something?

    • That’s hysterical

  2. Mothballs also can be used to keep snakes away. They don’t smell like the snake repellent and last longer. Snake repellent has an extremely bad sulfur smell. Some people, like my husband are deathly allergic to sulfur. Especially good to put in and around dog lots and rabbit and chicken coops and under dog houses. Dogs won’t mess with them.

    • Dogs DO mess with mothballs some times. My 3 yr old golden retriever ate a few and died 6 weeks later despite vet attention as it destroyed his bone marrow and prevented any new blood cells from forming. PLEASE don’t use mothballs! This was an excruciating death to witness.

      • Hi – I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Just awful. I have 3 golden retrievers. One got nailed about 3 weeks ago – this morning at 6:30 am one of my others did – I was going to get mothballs but just read your post – do you know conclusively that it was the mothballs? Hopefully this will reach you, clearly I will not get the mothballs. Again, I am so sorry to hear about your dog.
        Elaine Simmons

      • I urge people not to use poison, like for rats and such either. I’m very sure that’s why one of my wonderful cats died: the neighbor was probably poisoning the mice/rats and my cat ate one. I saw him catch it too. The only time his fat booty would move fast when he grabbed a mouse. He’d eat it fast and run. One of the few reasons I had the cat door at the time was because i had a terribly lousy air conditioner. That changed soon afterward but it didn’t bring back poor Heimy.L(

      • I was just about on my way out to get moth balls! sorry for your loss and thanks for your advice.

      • I’m sad to hear this, but glad you shared this. I will be sure if I use Mothballs , to keep it on my fenced property and not out side the fence , where I was thinking to.

    • I have used moth balls around my house because the skunks get in the crawl space and spray. After putting the mother balls out we caught on camera that the skunks still dig right beside and on top of them and still go under the house. Moth balls does not work around here.

      And with the repellent that is make of 3 different peppers. I had a dog that keep digging and was told to put out cayenne pepper well that stupid dog ate cayenne pepper so maybe with these Cajun critters the pepper would not either. But I am going to try anything.

    • Mothballs are poisonous to dogs. Some idiot put them out and they blew into my niece’s yard and her dog ate some unaware to them until it was to late

  3. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do about a skunk that has come to our home. I have been here 20 yrs and my husband has been here 39 yrs, we’ve seen them now and then on the side of the road but never at our home. Possums,deer,snakes,rabbits,groundhogs, moles, and once in a while a raccoon, yes. Never skunks! It has sprayed my neighbors’ dog and last night was in my yard under the light moving back and forward in a two foot line. I made a noise and it wasn’t affected. I have dogs in a lot and I’m concerned about them. I called animal control and was told, “They don’t deal with wild animals, call wildlife.” Called wildlife and was told, “We don’t trap on private property.” Now what do I do? I don’t know why it would be at my home, there’s no food outside and there are farms in a mile in two directions. I want the thing gone without putting myself, my family, or my dogs in danger! Any advice welcomed! Thanks.

    • I live in the city. We have a feral cats in our neighborhood. We also have skunk problem. Don’t know if it’s one or a family that lives under my neighbors shed. Drives my dog crazy. He can hear it move on our side of fence and even tries to dig under fence to get it. Yes, my dog has been sprayed already but still wants to chase it. We put our own traps out. To let you know we have caught cats, possums, groundhogs, raccoons and skunks. We do call Animal Control and YES they do come out and take them away. Maybe it’s different where you live. If wildlife says they don’t trap on private property then ask them if you trap it will they come pick it up.

      • Regarding the cats, it’s retty damn pathetic so many people (*point point) won’t call a rescue/TNR group instead of having the cat killed. At least trap/neuter/release programs gives the animal a second chance, and less vermin in the fields. You kill some ferals, others will take their place, but if you fix them, it does help the population stabilize, takes time, yes, but is proving more effective than having them murdered. Even if you don’t want to feed the feral, there are often other who will or maybe that was a tame stray put to death. Makes me sick ><

    • I live in OK and was able to get great help from dept of wildlife man licensed to remove nusence animals. He trapped 4 skunks and helped close up my crawl space.
      Check in your area for someone like this. Oh he charged $25 each skunk trapped. Private company wanted $1500 to start.

    • ever heard of 12guage? i used a Remington and havr one very dead skunk

  4. Put a live box trap out or have a heart trap, large, two trapped skunk cover trap with dark plastic, burlap, whatever so if you catch a skunk they can’t see you you pick the trap up and walk away with them and then shoot them which is illegal, Or call wildlife to remove! Works every time if they can’t see you they will not spray you pick the cage up throw it in the back of the truck bring it up the road do what you have to

  5. Should say havahart, and “to trap skunk cover trap”etc. sorry I was dictating and did not proofread I can spell

  6. I feed feral cats at times, will any of these preventative measures to repel skunks be harmful to the cats? A couple that I feed are fairly young and do not wish to scare them off as mother left them. Please let me know. Thank you.

  7. The predator eye won’t be very effective unless the skunk is close to the device. They have poor vision and can only see up to 3ft in front of them.

  8. I have a skunk in my yard. I need to get rid of it. I have small grandchildren and I’m afraid to allow them to go outside to the swings because I never know where the skunk is. I definitely don’t want to get sprayed by the skunk. I really need to some good advice on how to deal with the matter, that is not so costly. Help me!!!
    Be Blessed

    • I can tell you how to get the smell off of you. I was sprayed terribly one night at almost point blank range. I tried everything…bathed myself in tomato juice, buttermilk and three showers, all to no avail. Then I came across a horse breeder (I live in Tennessee Walker country). I figured he would know and, boy, did he. He said to put cider vinegar on DRY skin and let it dry naturally. I was astounded! Took every bit of it away. Only a bit of it that was on me got in my home and that took awhile to go away, but I was cleared of the nasty smell. I considered myself lucky compared to my neighbor. The skunk sprayed into their air conditlioner system! It is funny to us, but surely wasn’t funny to them.

  9. I live in a trailer park in Erie, Pa and I’m getting sick of smelling skunks every night. It’s so bad it wakes me up in the middle of the night. What’s the BEST way to get them to quit coming into my yard??

    • I too like be in a manufacturers home community and have had skunks dig under the skirting track to get under my house. They spray and the odor come through the ventilation system and permeates throughout my house.

      After tons of research, the only (humane) deterrents are dog pee, citrus peels, bright light and motion sensored automatic sprinklers. The only permanent solution appears to be installing a steel mesh barrier around the entire perimeter of your house at least 12″ deep sloping away from the house.

      Good luck, as this will be a big and costly task.

  10. When is its best to live-trap skunks? I surely do not want to take a mother skunk away from babies. Someone said Fall is the best time, is that true?

    • I was just researching the same thing! I don’t want a skunk but not about to let babies die. Especially under my house .

  11. If you live in California, call a Federal Trapper. He will bring out a trap, show you how to set it up and how to bait the trap. I paid $20.00 for the first skunk trapped. The trapper came and took the animal. I paid him $10.00 for each additional animal I trapped. I trapped 26 raccoons and one skunk. That solved a lot of problems for me and my neighbors.

  12. The best thing to do is live trap the skunks throw a towel over the trap throw ’em in a pick up and relocate them at least 5-10 miles away. When the cage is covered and they cannot see they will not spray. Also if the trap is small enough and they cant raise their tail they also cannot spray. Hope this works if I could get $ 20 bucks a skunk id trap and relocate them for you.

    • Are you anywhere near West Los Angeles? I NEED TO get rid of the skunk under my house and then seal the crawl space.

  13. Put a light under your house. The skunk will leave, then after a day seal the crawl space up.

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