How to Eliminate Shrews: Smart Tips to Remove Venomous Critters

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Shrews are tiny mammals common across the US. They can benefit a yard or garden by dining on snails, slugs and insect pests.

If a pesky shrew gets into your garage or house it can cause big damage or spread disease. Don’t try to catch this creature with your bare hands. Although this animal is little, it is very fast and aggressive and can deliver a painful bite.

Don’t know how to scare shrews away and what control products to use? Follow our tips and methods which will help you to make away with shrews in a fast way.

Shrew control: Working products and solutions

Control a shrewShrews are often mistaken for mice, especially when they move into vacated mouse nest sites. Once they are inside the mouse house, they love to eat mice and then live in the place the mouse once lived.

When shrews are present inside your home, they usually leave a strong, unpleasant pungent odor in places where they act. The smell –strong and pungent – comes from shrews’ anal glands. The best way to describe what a shrew smells like is to say that this creature smells like a skunk. As a rule, these animals use the smell as a defense mechanism and to mark their territory.

Despite their small size, pesky shrews have been known to bite humans.

Shrews eliminatingThe best way to solve a shrew problem is to take preventative measures to “rodent-proof” your property.

If you don’t want them to move inside your house, you are to:

  • Remove shrew entry points by filling holes and crevices;
  • Eliminate their favorite habitats by removing brush.

No matter where shrews are – inside or outside the house, these ill-tempered rodents can cause big damage.

Shrews can make damage by contaminating outdoor food sources with their urine and feces or by gnawing on trees and roots with their sharp teeth.

Trapping is the most effective control for pesky shrews. There are 2 types of traps which work on shrews. And you need to decide what to choose – a kill trap or a humane live trap.

Effective trapping ideas for inside and outside control

Where to place the trap?

Before trapping shrews, determine a location. Those who have an outdoor shrew problem should place shrew trap at the entrance of the burrow where a shrew is residing. When it comes to indoor trapping, the best location to place a shrew trap is along the wall in the place where you have noticed signs of shrews’ activity.

What to buy:

  • X-small humane two-door trap by Havahart – designed to trap the smallest critters like shrews and mice with ease. The trap is very simple to operate. Everyone can capture, transport and release shrews with ease.
    Trap features
    Cost: $17.99
    Safety: The trap is a humane and safe tool for removing tiny rodents from your property.
    Where to place: You can place this humane trap along a shrew’s path or against a wall. The trap can also be set with 1 door open. In this case it should be placed in front of an entryway to catch shrews as they venture inside.
  • Humane trap by Grandpa Gus’sHumane trap by Grandpa Gus’s – a perfect trap with a clear design. The trap has a second door so you can catch shrews from both directions. The trap is easy to use – no snap, no mess, no touch. The simple step-by-step instructions will teach you how to bait the following trap in less than 10 seconds. No need to pinch your fingers in dirty trap snaps and touch dead rodents. Release a rodent in a humane and simple way.
    Cost: $24.99
  • Rat Zapper Kill Trap – has wide open, comfortable-for-shrews-to-enter entrances. The trap has a special light for easy monitoring which makes it easy for the trapper to know when it is on and when it has gone off.
    Cost: $33.65
Most species of nuisance shrews are venomous. It is essential that you protect your hands before removing their bodies.

How to bait the trap?

Once you have the perfect trap for shrews, you need to find the perfect bait for these nuisance critters. As far as these little rodents are voracious eaters, a good number of items can serve as effective shrew trap bait.

The best ones include:

  • Earthworms
  • Hot dog slices
  • Bacon
  • Peanut butter

Best bait for shrews trappingA tip to consider: Spreading a mixture of rolled oats with a well-known peanut butter on your trap’s trigger mechanism is the best way to prevent instances of stolen bait.

It’s really good if you can match the bait you are using in the trap to what the shrews find in or around your home. There are several choices you can consider. If you find fruits or vegetables indoor or outdoor being attacked, we suggest using some Loganberry paste. If you have nuts on your property from bird feeders or trees, use Pecan Paste.

How to set the trap?

A shrew trap should be set according to the instructions included with the trap.

Relocation: If you don’t want to leave a shrew trapped longer than necessary, check the trap twice a day. After trapping transport the rodent to some wooded area far away from your property.

Set the trap

Effective repellents for shrew control

Whether you want to keep destructive groundhogs from entering your lawn or yard or drive these pests out, an effective repellent may be the good option.

Review the groundhog repelling options below and choose which solution is best for you:

  1. Shake-AwayShake Away – easy-to-use granular rodent repellent. The product safely repels shrews by using predator scent. Special non-toxic urine granules create a perfect illusion that predator animal is present in your yard or garden. When a shrew detects predator’s scent it avoids the treated area.
    Cost: $33.29
  2. MoleChaser Pest RepellerMoleChaser Pest Repeller – efficient repeller to get rid of pesky shrews. The product is made of sturdy materials. Sonic pulses of the device irritate shrews and motivate them to choose a more comfortable place.
    Cost: $19.95
  3. Vibrasonic Molechaser by P3 InternationalVibrasonic Molechaser by P3 International – penetrates sonic pulses and effectively removes shrews.
    Cost: $37.58

Shrew poison

Poisoned shrewWhen we think of venomous creatures – that come in various shapes and sizes – the first creatures that come to our mind are scorpions, snakes or spiders. Have you ever thought that shrew is also venomous?

Shrew poison is present in the saliva. Shrew produces venom which it uses to disable or kill prey or to defend itself from predators. When this venomous creature bites its victim, the saliva – poison – is introduced into wounds.

As a rule shrew venom is used as a tool for hunting large prey. Unlike venomous snakes who can inject the venom in 1 bite through its fangs, shrews must chew the venom into the prey.

Shrew poison is strong enough to cache prey in a comatose state and to kill mice. What about humans? According to testing, shrew saliva doesn’t have any serious effects on humans. A bite from this small animal would be painful and you may have swelling that lasts for a few days at most.

Wild shrewAlthough these creatures don’t have a negative impact on humans, they are naturally very aggressive and can attack pets or birds. They sometimes get into the homes by squeezing in small entry points. Because of shrews’ aggressive nature and very sharp teeth, they are able to kill and disable animals even larger than themselves.

Safety: Don’t attempt to pick a shrew up if you have it in your home. Remember, they can bite if improperly handled.

Shrews are a persistent pest. If you own a natural yard or landscape which is rich with seed, nuts, wildlife, and insects, chances are high that these critters will like to live there. If left unchecked, shrews will move inside your home. Remove them by sealing off any available entrance holes. Reduce shrews’ infestation by using either live or kill traps in combination with baits.

You can find further details of Rodents Control here.

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