Top 7 Working Products for Effective Lethal Rat Control

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This comparison list shows bait types and the main ingredients of rat poison. For additional information, just look at the links provided next to each product’s title.

Our Recommended 7 Best Rat Poison Products in 2022 Comparison Chart

Editor's Choice
JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait review
JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait
  • Type: Bait Blocks
  • Active Ingredient: Diphacinone
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People's Choice
Neogen Ramik Green Mini-Bait Packs review
Neogen Ramik Green Mini-Bait Packs
  • Type: Bait Blocks
  • Active Ingredient: Diphacinone
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JT Eaton Top Gun All Weather Rodenticide Bait Block review
JT Eaton Top Gun All Weather Rodenticide Bait Block
  • Type: Bait Blocks
  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin
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Neogen Havoc-XT Rat Bait Block Pouch review
Neogen Havoc-XT Rat Bait Block Pouch
  • Type: Bait Blocks
  • Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum
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d-CON Kills Rats Poison Refillable Bait Station review
d-CON Kills Rats Poison Refillable Bait Station
  • Type: Bait Station
  • Active Ingredient: Diphacinone
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The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station (UK only) review
The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station (UK only)
  • Type: Bait Box
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 23 cm
  • Lockable, Durable, Reusable
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Tomcat Refillable Rat Station review
Tomcat Refillable Rat Station
  • Type: Bait Station
  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin
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Rats are very canny rodents. When they see that one rat died from the bait, they won’t eat it. These rodents multiply quickly, so if you don’t deal with your rat problem promptly you will have a huge rat problem in your house.

It is important to remove rats as soon as possible. Poison baits and rodent traps are effective ways to remove pesky rats.

In this article, I’ll take a look at the 7 best rat poison products for homeowners. There are many rodenticides on the market today, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. This blog post will help you find that perfect product by going over each of them in detail and then giving my opinion on which one was the most effective. Let’s get started!

Top 7 Rat Poison Products Reviewed

Are you looking for the best way to kill rats? After much research, some products stand out more than others. And the winner is JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait.


1. JT Eaton Bait Blocks – Best Rat Poison Blocks on the Market (Editor’s Choice)

See More ImagesJT Eaton Bait Blocks
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JT Eaton Rodenticide is the most efficient rat poison with specially made blocks that have attractive-to-rats peanut butter flavor to lure and poison rats. The product contains Diphacinone which effectively eliminates rats a few days after consumption.

  • The poison works quickly. Rats will consume poison peanut-butter blocks on the very 1 day after you place them at garage or basement, and disappear gradually.
  • It’s easy to break rodenticide into pieces.
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty.

2. Neogen Ramik Green – Best Outdoor Rat Poison (People’s Choice)

See More ImagesRamik green pail
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Ramik Green is a palatable and attractive bait to rats and mice. This is important because you’re competing against other food sources such as human food, pet food, and livestock feed.

It will be the solution to the rat control problem whether that be a single rodent or a larger rat infestation problem on the farm.

How does it work: The active ingredient in Ramik Green is Diphacinone, an anticoagulant for the control of rats and mice. It’ll work within 4 to 5 days of a lethal dose being consumed by a rodent. It is important to keep a fresh supply of bait available due to our competing food sources that are available.

  • The product is highly weatherable, which is very important when it is in damp moist environments where rats and mice live.
  • These bait packs are convenient and ready to use rodents will chew through the packaging so there’s no need to handle the bait.
  • Ramik Green can be used inside or outside within 100 feet of buildings and away from children, pets, and non-target animals or in a secure tamper-resistant bait station.

3. JT Eaton Top Gun

See More ImagesJT Eaton Top Gun
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Top Gun is a fast-acting bait that gives good and quick results. The product is made of a mixture of natural foods to attract rats, while Bromethalin – the active ingredient – kills rats quickly.

  • Due to its quick action, this bait block is an ideal solution for situations where a quick clean out is needed.

4. Neogen Havoc-XT

See More ImagesHavoc-XT Rat Bait
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Havoc-XT is a very effective poison. Effectively kills Warfarin-resistant Norwegian Rats. These horrible critters may eat a lethal dose in 1 feeding with the first dead rats appearing four or five days after consumption begins.

Active ingredient: Brodifacoum.

  • Due to its weather formulation it works on rats at any time of the year.
  • You don’t have to deal with the strong, unpleasant smell of dead rats. After being eaten by rats Havoc Rat Bait causes dehydration in their bodies and rats manage to leave your property in search of water, but if not you will not notice any smell.

5. d-CON – Best Easy-to-Use Refillable Bait Station with Rat Poison for Indoor Locations

See More ImagesKills Rats Station by d-CON
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d-CON is a proven killer of rats. d-CON contains 1 bait station with 12 refill bait blocks which require no preparation. Just set it in the approximate areas and wait.

The poison is:

  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas – under the couch or refrigerator, inside the closet or beneath the sink.
  • Effective against rats – especially horrible Norway rats – and a variety of rodents. Rats may get a lethal dose within the first feeding.

6. The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station – Best Rat Bait Station Available in UK

See More ImagesThe Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station
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The Big Cheese is an efficient rat bait box. What’s more, it is a kid and pet-friendly product.

  • Lockable bait station protects children and pets.
  • The box is reusable.
  • Easy set-up and durable design.

7. Tomcat Rat Station

See More ImagesTomcat Rat Station
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Tomcat is the reusable station that effectively kills up to three rats with 1 bait block while keeping pet paws and child fingers out. The product is weather-resistant which makes it ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

How to use:

  • Identify the location of rats’ activity.
  • Place one or two blocks of bait in the station.
  • Place the option where you have seen sights of rats.

What’s the Best Rat Poison on the Market in 2022? – Expert Guide

Have a rat problem? Think you have to suffer? Not anymore: Read on how to kill rats, what kills rats, and what products are the best ones for rat extermination. Choose the best poison that will effectively control canny creatures. However, trying to kill rats homeowners often make mistakes. We suggest different methods of killing disease-carrying pests. Learn more in this article.

What Kills Rats?

When it comes to lethal rat control, traps and poisoning are the most common methods. However, neither will provide long-term control if areas, where pesky rats are entering structures, are not repaired.

Rats scent mark with urine to communicate with each other.

With a wide variety of options to choose from, you are always sure to find what you need to control pesky rats. With both rat control kill traps and poison baits you can easily handle rat infestation.

Poison for Troublesome Rats

Although the poison is the most efficient and fast method for eliminating rats in large numbers, before purchasing poison, you are to know that the same deadly-to-rats ingredients are lethal to humans and your pets.

Use poison for pesky rats? Be attentive.
Remember, these rodents won’t die instantaneously after eating it. They may wander into your walls or attic before dying.
As a result, this may cause a disgustingly foul odor and attract flies.

These days, many poisons are known to be highly attractive to troublesome rats and can exterminate a large rat population in a matter of days.

Blue rat poison on handCommercial rat poisons are necessary if natural rat repellents, deterrents and traps are unsuccessful.

There are 2 types of rodenticides:

  1. First generation rodenticide – poison that kills slowly. Baits that come to the first generation group have a cumulative effect: rats don’t die immediately; they must repeatedly consume poisonous bait.
  2. Second generation rodenticides – a single consumption is enough.

Benefits of using rat poison: Although the trapping method is very effective, using poison is generally cheaper. Poison for rats is produced in blocks, bars, chunks, and pellets. You don’t need to check poison bait every day. Moreover, it is more beneficial to use rodent poison than other rat control options in big constructions and locations such as hangers and sheds.

Where to place poison: in rat traffic areas – around sinks, under the cabinets, under porches, or in rat holes.

Bait station, bait blocks and pellet place packs

Types of Poison

Poison is very efficient in eliminating destructive critters. However, you are to know that chemicals that are used to exterminate these rodents are also poisonous to other animals. Therefore, you need to use poison carefully and according to its directions. Some rat poisons are lethal after 1 exposure while other options require more than one.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of active ingredients registered as rat rodenticides. We can group these pesticides according to how they work.

Here are the following types of rat poison:

  1. Bromethalin
    Bromethalin poisonWhen compared to other varieties of rat poison, this neurotoxin is relatively safer for use around pets. Bromethalin works by killing rats a couple of hours following a single poison ingestion.
    What to buy: JT Eaton Top Gun.
  2. Anticoagulants
    Anticoagulants contain dangerous chemicals that are known to interfere with blood clotting. (Death occurs 1 to 2 weeks after lethal dose ingestion). Bromadiolone, Difethialone, Chlorophacinone, Diphacinone, and Brodifacoum are all anticoagulants.
    The most popular anticoagulants are Warfarin and Fumarin. Although these poisons are frequently used for rat control, they are not recommended for use around kids or pets.
    What to buy: Neogen Ramik Green Pail.
  3. Calciferols
    Poisoned ratCalficerols (Vitamin D, D3 and D2) are another type of rodenticides. They are toxic to rodents and work by affecting Vitamin D and calcium levels in the body. In rats that consume the poisonous bait it, as a rule, causes hypercalcemia – a well-known condition where the level of calcium is raised to such a big degree that the stomach, blood vessels, kidneys, heart, and lungs are damaged by calcification.
    If the poisoning is severe enough – raising the calcium level – it leads to death. These rodenticides act slightly slower than bromethalin. It usually takes a day after consumption to reach its effectiveness.
    Calciferol and anticoagulants are often mixed in bait to increase the chances of death and decrease the time involved.
  4. Combinations
    In some countries 3-component rodenticides – vitamin D, anticoagulant and antibiotic – are effectively used to kill pesky rats.

How Does Rat Poison Work?

It works as an anticoagulant causing hemorrhage by preventing rat blood from clotting. Anticoagulants work by depleting Vitamin K stores – which is a very essential component in blood clotting – in a rat’s system. Along with this rodenticides contain big doses of other anticoagulants such as indandione and 4-hydroxycoumarin anticoagulants which cause a huge trauma to the rat’s blood vessel walls.

Rats – dead or alive – can carry dangerous-to-humans infections. If killed by poison, carcasses may carry residues of rodenticides that can present risks to wildlife or predators.
Therefore, bait stations, carcasses, and uneaten bait should be disposed of.

When rats begin to bleed, there is no vitamin K to clot the blood. As a result, rats die within two days from internal hemorrhaging.

Rat poison box is the safest way to protect against rat poison. You can set poison inside the box that will lure the critters inside and once consumed the rat will die.

What to buy: Tomcat Rat Station, The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station.

What is the Most Efficient Rat Poison?

It’s difficult to say what poison is the most effective. It must be stressed that rats will not travel far from their activity areas to locate poison baits. The key to success in rat control with poison is placing the baits where these creatures will repeatedly encounter the bait.

Such places include:

  • at or near the rat’s regular feeding sites;
  • in or close to rodent burrows;
  • in pathways between the rat’s nests.

We suggest using the following: JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide, Havoc-XT Rat Bait by NEOGEN RODENTICIDE.


If you are looking for a simple and efficient answer to a rat problem, look no further than this smart solution: d-CON Ready Mixed Baitbits.

If you see that the rat problem is minor – like a few rats living in ground burrows – then the direct placement of best rat baits into the burrows can solve the problem.

However, when the infestation is more serious, a combination of direct placement of poison baits together with the use of bait containers will be the best approach to achieve effective, economical, and quick control.

You can find further details of Rats Control here.

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