So, you’ve got messy, dirty rats. The reproduction rate of these critters is extremely high, which allows a small rat problem to immediately develop into a large-scale invasion. This is the main reason why it is essential to get rid of these uninviting guests at the very first signs of their presence and take all preventative measures to remove them from your property.

Adopting an integrated control regimen is actually the best way to crack the rat problem. Below we offer effective plan that will surely help you to eradicate pesky creatures and keep them away from your business and home.

Rat problem and how to solve it

Discovering rats in your home, garage or garden is very distressing.  Large or small, these creatures can be a real problem for anyone. Their ability to gnaw through wood, wire or plastic can cause a huge damage to your home or business. Anyhow, if rats are sneaking around your property, you need to get rid of them. And this is not an easy task.

To solve the problem you must first stop these rodents from getting inside the house. If you have rats in the walls running along pipes and wires, you have first to check out all the entry holes and seal them to block the entrance into the home. The same should be done if you have rats in attic.

Rat in drainage systemAdditionally, look for areas of concern outside your property. These locations may include:

  • standing water;
  • creeks;
  • refuse stores;
  • streams;
  • drainage systems;
  • neighboring businesses.

Remember, successful control programs must start before you have a rat problem. The food of pets and bird seeds around the average American home are the best attractant for rats.

Pet food is the most common attractant for rats.

The smell from these food sources is so strong that it will for sure attract rats to your garden. Once pesky rats get a taste of these items they will feed there daily.

Top 3 methods of getting rid of messy rodents

So, there are several steps, a homeowner can take to remove dirty critters. The most effective ones are the following:

1. Eliminate any and all attractants

Keep your areas cleanTo prevent rat invasion you have to safeguard your home. Rats are very attracted to places that offer assessable sources of food. Keep your dining and kitchen areas clean. Dust, sweep, mop and sanitize surfaces regularly. It is essential to maintain the exterior of your property as well. Removing piles of debris and keeping the vegetation trimmed gives rats fewer areas to hide.

Remember to:

  • Clean up fallen fruits, berries and seeds.
  • Keep all garbage in secure containers.
  • Store all pet-food in special rodent-proof containers.

By maintaining a neat, clean home, canny creatures will be forced to search somewhere else to live.

Know what the rats are eating on your property? Don’t remove it till these creatures are gone. Why? Removing rats’ outside food resource will most likely cause them to come inside your house seeking for more food.

2. Determine the magnitude of your rat problem

Rat problemBefore taking any steps in rat control any homeowner has to understand his/her rodent problem – the more pesky rodents a homeowner has on his/her property, the more efforts it will take to exterminate them. Those who have a large rat infestation should employ multiple solutions by putting out several rat control traps and repellents.

3. Now it’s time to choose the best control method

Also rats are very intelligent and hard to control; there are some great solutions that are known to work.

Let’s see what you can use:

  • Viktor Rat trapLive Rat Traps
    As a rule traps come in several types. You can purchase live traps, spring traps or glue traps. Live or kill rat traps, both options are obviously the best solution for removing rats indoors or out. The more traps you use the more successful your rat removal will be. The traps should be selected depending on the size of rats and must be positioned on the rat’s travel path. It is recommended to bait the trap with special rat baits.
  • Repellent Options

    Tired of dirty rats on your property? Drive them away with efficient repellent solutions. You can effectively repel your crafty visitors with available-on-the-market natural rat repellents. There are a huge number of efficient products for rat control that taste terrible to these rodents.

    Those who prefer popular-these-days electronic options can purchase ultrasonic rat repellents and deterrents that successfully drive irritating visitors to another location. Not only these devises are very easy to use but they also create an uninhabitable environment for pesky rats. You can use the following products:

    • TransonicFor garages, crawl spaces and other indoor locations up to 3,500 sq.ft.:
      The Transonic Pro – special family-safe and discreet device that can effectively repel unwanted rats from your home or business.
    • Solar Yard GardFor gardens, backyards, and locations up to 4,000 sg.ft.:
      Solar Yard Gard – irritates rats by using sounds beyond the range of individual’s hearing. The product is effective, green and low-maintenance.
    • The Transonic BugchaserFor small up-to-1,5000-sq.ft. indoor areas:
      The Transonic Bugchaser – family-safe device that works to repel rats as well as other numerous bugs and insects.
    • Nature’s Defense for rats and mousesFor outdoor and/or residential districts:
      (Rat and Mouse) Nature’s Defense – environmentally safe and specifically formulated for messy rats and mice deterrent.
  • Rat poisonPoison
    Poison is more effective at eradicating off large numbers of rodents. Poison for rats – rodenticide – often comes in several forms: pellet, seed, liquid and block. It is better to choose the poison that will be strong enough to kill rats in a single feeding, than one that takes two or three meals to eliminate these critters. So, how to kill those rats with some poison? First of all you have to choose between several types of poison – calciferols, bromethalin, anti-coagulant etc. Then place it in rat traffic areas. To keep poison away from pets and children, it is better to use rat bait stations.

How to get rid of a rat’s nest?

Rats nestAs a rule, rats nest in burrows. However, their nests can be successfully found in attics, lofts, under eves and even in walls. These dirty creatures will shred available items such as cardboard, loft insulation etc. to make their nests.

If you are dealing with Norway rats, you are to know that they build their nest underground. A typical nest has not only an entrance and exit for pesky rats but even a special “emergency exit”. Although there are many ways of eradicating pesky creatures from their nests, a major role in the effectiveness plays sanitation.

How to get rid of rats in you garage?

If you have rats in your garage the quickest way to exterminate these creatures is thought the following methods:

  • Bait two or more traps with a peanut butter.
  • Set rat traps – far away from the human traffic – next to garage walls. Consider the types of traps – you can buy plenty of – that will work best for you. Plug all the holes – you will notice – on the exterior wall with metal mesh or mortar.
  • Clean the garage. Remove any areas pesky creatures can hide in like old furniture, wood piles, and trash.
  • Dispose of all rats’ droppings and spray the place with a disinfectant.
  • Have caught a rat? Wear rubber gloves for safe removal and disposal of the rat rodent.

Best way to get rid of rats

The most effective as well as the quickest way to get rid of messy creatures from your property is an integrated method that generally involves:

  • Eliminating rat attractants,
  • Rat trapping options,
  • Repelling.

No rats No pestsEmploying multiple rats’ control options will result in successful defence.

Through hard work you can eliminate your rat problem:

  • Discover how these messy critters are getting inside the property;
  • Seal off the entryways;
  • Find rat’s nesting areas and set up working traps around them;
  • Use special repellents;
  • Clean the home and remove all rats’ traces they may have left behind;
  • Use multiple control products to resolve the problem.

Rats are frustrating to deal with. However, as you see, there are plenty of control options that allow you to eliminate canny rats in a fast way. Choose the best for-your-situation products and make the property an unsuitable location for rats.