Whether you call them groundhogs, whistle pigs, woodchucks or land beavers, these destructive rodents are big diggers. Want to stop their digging, clawing and gnawing? You need to use an effective woodchuck repellent that will surely drive these pests away!

Luckily, there’s a variety of safe and easy ways to repel groundhogs from your property. By using a combination of these methods – such as repellent safe control options – you can experience the best results. Below we provide effective repelling plan that will teach you how to repel pesky woodchucks off your property.

Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent Options

Are groundhogs spending most of their time on your property? Want to drive them out of your yard? Want to know how to get rid of pesky groundhogs? It’s not a puzzling task if you will create an unwelcome environment using effective system of powerful repellents.

Before starting your repelling program you are to identify any groundhogs burrows. Only after that you can choose what repellent is best for your situation – a granular, liquid or electronic solution.

Want to achieve a long-term success in woodchucks’ repelling?
Remember, the more repelling options you will apply in combination the greater your chances to repel these pesky critters.

Determine the correct groundhog repellent by focusing on problem locations and taking preventative control measures to make sure all of your property is protected.

Groundhog scheme

Easy-to-apply natural repellents

When it comes to natural repellents you are to know the best time to repel groundhogs is early in the spring. Natural repellents solutions are extremely popular. Why? They are safe, cause discomfort to pests and can effectively repel them.

You can choose between Liquid and Granular repellents.

Liquid repellents

These are best for discouraging woodchucks from eating or chewing on bushes, grasses, surfaces or plants. Keep in mind, not only flowers, bushes and grasses are susceptible to groundhogs’ damage but shrubs, trees, clover and woodpiles as well. If you want to protect your plants from direct groundhog’s damage, spray your plants’ branches and stems – and its leaves, buds and flowers – generously with a powerful natural liquid spray.

What to purchase:

  • Critter RidderCritter Ridder Safe Ready-to-Use Spray by Havahart – powerful groundhog repellent that contains 3 great-for-repelling-groundhogs ingredients – capsaicin, piperin and black pepper oil. The combination of these ingredients drives woodchucks away by creating an unpleasant burning sensation.
    Cost: $23.99
    How to use: Apply the ready-to-use solution directly onto problem surfaces. 1 application respells woodchucks for up to 30 days.
  • ORTHO Animal B GonAnimal B Gone by Ortho – effectively repels destructive groundhogs. Delivers rain-resistant performance.
    Price: $18.50
  • Groundhog RepellentGroundhog repellent Spray by I Must Garden – environmentally-friendly repellent that can keep pesky woodchucks out of your garden. The product is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients – paprika, castor oil, mint and garlic – that quickly repel annoying groundhogs without causing them harm.
    Cost: $16.99
  • EXPEL Animal RepellentExpel Animal Repellent by Predator Guard – a patented blend of non-toxic, natural ingredients that immediately irritates groundhog’s sense of smell and taste. After a couple of unwelcome woodchucks’ visits, groundhogs associate this unique solution with your yard or home and quickly learn to stay away. The product is often used by farmers, animal control professionals, homeowners, gardeners everywhere and is guaranteed to work.
    Cost: $19.97
    Where to use: where groundhogs may be a nuisance.

Keep in mind even the best woodchuck repellents won’t be effective if you don’t follow instructions of repellents from start to finish. Repellents should be reapplied periodically. When it comes to liquid repellents, these options should only be applied in dry weather.

Granular repellents

These are safe and best for creating perimeter protection from woodchucks.

Granular repellents effectively drive groundhogs away in early spring.

With the help of granular repellent – like Critter Ridder – you can create a powerful woodchuck barrier around such problem areas as:

  • Buildings,
  • Pathways,
  • Vegetable gardens,
  • Groundhog burrows,
  • Trees,
  • Flowerbeds.

Granular repellents are very effective when you want to:

  • Drive a woodchuck from its burrow.
    Sprinkle granular option inside and around all problem burrow holes. Granules’ scent will irritate the groundhog causing the animal to find another home. Note, this can be done only in early spring.
  • Keep woodchucks from digging a burrow.
    Sprinkle special granular repellent around the perimeter of your property.

Groundhogs burrow

What to purchase:

  • Havahart Critter RidderCritter Ridder Repellent Granular by Havahart – powerful solution to create a woodchuck defense perimeter around gardens, yards and other “forbidden zones”.
    Cost: $12.00
  • Shake-AwayShake Away Critter Repellent Granules – great solution for deterring groundhogs. The product eliminates pest browsing problems and provides easy way to apply fox urine-impregnated granules.
    Cost: $22.49
  • Rabbit and Groundhog OUTRabbit and Groundhog Out repellent by Deer out – specifically formulated product to repel groundhogs from your flowers, bulbs, plants etc.
    Cost: $32.95

Homemade repellent solutions

Do they consume lettuce, melon, peas and other garden plants in your garden? No need to use poison for groundhogs. If you have a groundhog problem – large holes and tunnels – you can use homemade repellents.

We suggest using the following:

  • Habanero pepperCapsicum Chinese Habanero

    Shake several tbsp. Habanero pepper to the burrows. It will be hard for woodchucks to breathe in the burrow. Their mouth will burn intensely and they will surely leave the burrow.

    After driving a destructive woodchuck from its burrow, make sure it’s completely abandoned.
    Bury special wire fencing to cover the burrow holes or use gravel to fill in the holes.
  • Lowe's Kitty LitterKitty litter
    Stink woodchucks out with kitty litter. Cats are natural predators of these pests. By pouring smelly kitty litter in the burrow entrances you can quickly crack your woodchuck problem.

Groundhog deterrent products

Want to cause discomfort to woodchucks or frighten them away? Don’t want to continuously re-apply repellents? Use groundhog deterrents.

How to keep pesky groundhogs away? We suggest using the following solutions:

  • Spray Away Elite IISpray Away Elite II – designed to protect anypart of your property. Spray Away solution can safely scare away groundhogs keeping your property clear of pesky intruders.
    Cost: $179.99
  • Havahart Spray Away 2.0Havahart Spray Away 2.0 – motion detecting solution that condition woodchucks to stay away from your property by frightening these critters  with quick and harmless  bursts of water.
    Cost: $69.99
  • Powerful Outdoor water Jet BlasterPowerful Outdoor water Jet Blaster deterrent by Hoont – drives away unwanted critters with a harmless jet of water. The productstarts working when the built-in sensor detects woodchuck movement within a range of up to 30 ft. Woodchucks are frightened by this quick jet of water and quickly leave the area. Unwanted “visitors” learn to avoid this area in the future.
    Cost: $39.95
    Location – area of damage – is a key when setting up any electronic deterrents. Keep in mind the sensor and sprinkler must be pointed in the direction woodchucks are approaching.

Groundhog fence ideas

Not only woodchucks can burrow underneath your home, but they can also make a meal or two out of your peas, strawberries and other plants. Although these potentially devastating intruders are skilled climbers you can make it more puzzling for them to enter your yard by using a properly installed fence.


  • Woodchucks can climb over your fence.
  • Woodchucks can tunnel under your fence.

Fence tips

  • Use some good wire fence with no-larger-than- three” x three” openings.
  • Make sure fencing stands at least three ft. above the ground level.
  • Prevent woodchucks from digging, burrowing underneath by creating an “L” shape fence underground.
  • Add an outward angle at the top to make the fence you use more difficult to climb over.

Groundhog climb over fence

How to make woodchuck repelling plan successful?

Even if you use the most effective groundhog’s repellent/deterrent solutions your repelling plan won’t be successful until you limit the available sources of shelter and food in your yard.

Take the following steps:

  1. Clean up piles of debris.
  2. Remove sources of wood – tree trunks – on which woodchucks might grind their teeth.
  3. Harvest crops as early as possible.
  4. Trim back plants woodchucks can eat or use for cover.

Follow our ideas and repel woodchucks properly. Create a woodchuck defense perimeter. Use repellents that create unpleasant burning sensation, electronic solutions or sprinkle granules around your property. Show them who the boss is.

You can find further details of Groundhogs Control here.