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Having snakes on your turf can be an extremely serious problem and is one that needs to be handled swiftly. While some snakes have a good reputation and can actually be beneficial (targeting unwanted rodents or other pests in your yard), many dangerous snakes can endanger you, your family, and your pets.

When you are dealing with snakes on your property, you have several options on the types of snake repellents that you can use to eliminate them for good. Failure to get the best snake repellent for yards can be a very dangerous mistake, as many venomous snakes bites can be lethal.

Here I’m going to break down the best possible snake repellent choices that can help treat your snake problem before it gets worse.

Our Top Pick
Nature's MACE Snake Granular Repellent
Nature's MACE Snake Repellent
Professional Strength All-Natural Granular Repellent
Nature’s MACE combines the best of an all-natural formula and effectiveness to help repel snakes from your property.
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Of all of the snake repellents for sale on the market, 3 were clear winners in my book. My top 3 favorite snake repellents were Nature’s Snake MACE, Victor Snake-A-Way Granules, and Bonide Snake Stopper.

These are the Top of the Line Snake Repellents in 2023

Our Top Pick
1) Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent review
1) Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent
  • Active Ingredients: 5% Cedarwood Oil, 0.3% Clove Oil, 0,5% Rosemary Oil, 0.4% Cinnamon Oil
  • All natural, dependable product
  • Uses essential oils to repel snakes
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People's Choice
2) Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Granules review
2) Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Granules
  • Active Ingredients: 7% Naphthalene, 28% Sulfur
  • Reliable, lasting results
  • Uses naphthalene and sulfur
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Also great
3) Bonide Snake Stopper Repellent Granules review
3) Bonide Snake Stopper Repellent Granules
  • Active Ingredients: 3.1% Cedarwood Oil, 0.6% Cinnamon Oil, 0.3% Clove Oil
  • Uses USDA-approved ingredients
  • Does not harm your garden
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The 5 Best Snake Repellents on the Market Reviewed

Several main ingredients are common in snake repellents, and each ingredient has its own strengths and pitfalls. Depending on if you prefer to take an all-natural approach, or you’re not worried about reaching for something that may have chemicals in its ingredient list, there’s something for you here.

If you’ve spotted a snake on your property, then you’re probably very understandably worried. After all, where there’s one snake, there could be many more. There are many good reasons to want to get rid of a snake infestation ASAP, too. While some snakes are quite harmless and won’t hurt you or your family or pets (such as garter snakes), others can be very dangerous. One bite from their poison-tipped fangs can make you very sick and can very easily kill you or your children or pets.

If you’re looking for the best way to repel snakes, then look no further. While there are many different products on the market available to consumers, some products stand out as far better than others. Here is the breakdown of the top five snake repellent products available and their key highlights.

Of the 5 snake repellents reviewed below, one stood out as the clear winner to me. This was determined by dependability, effectiveness, and customer reviews of the product. This winner is Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent.


1) Nature’s MACE – The Best Eco-Safe, Pet-Friendly, All-Natural Snake Repellent (Editor’s Choice)

See More ImagesNature's MACE Snake Granular Repellent
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Nature’s MACE combines the best of an all-natural formula and effectiveness to help repel snakes from your property. A very potent formula, a small amount of this product can cover thousands of square feet. Nature’s MACE contains no dangerous toxins and is safe to use around children, pets, and even in gardens.

How It Works
Nature’s MACE works by upsetting a snake’s sense of taste and sense of smell. It confuses the snake and makes it feel unwelcome in your yard, driving it to retreat. The snake then quickly leaves your property in search of a less hostile environment.

In-Depth Review

This product comes in an easy-to-use plastic jug with a screw-top lid. I find that this packaging makes it quite easy to remove the desired portion of this product to sprinkle it around your yard. It also has a shaker top, so if you prefer, you can simply pop the lid up and shake it over the areas you wish to apply it. The formula is clean, not messy at all. It consists of small granules, so there’s no risk of leakage or spilling.

Nature’s MACE is a trusted product that has been on the market for a very long time. It has over 50 years of R&D (research and development) behind it, and the manufacturer stands firmly behind its product. It is regarded as very powerful against copperheads, garter snakes, and rattlesnakes.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Nature’s MACE does not dissolve in the rain, but it can eventually be washed away during the rainy seasons of your geographical region. That said, a very small amount of this product does go a long way. Just 5 pounds of Nature’s MACE has been shown to cover up to 2,500 square feet of your yard, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get lasting results.

In conclusion, Nature’s MACE is a fantastic product to repel snakes. Economical, fast-acting, and safe, it can help rid you of your snake problems for good. It won’t make your family or pets sick, and it’s safe to use in flower and vegetable garden beds. All in all, it’s a great option for all of your snake repelling needs.

  • Works quickly
  • Lasts up to 4 months
  • Water resistant
  • Completely biodegradable
  • All-Natural and organic
  • Clean, no-mess formula
  • Does not kill snakes
  • Can irritate skin

2) Snake-A-Way – The Best Non-Organic Snake Repellent Granules (People’s Choice)

See More ImagesSnake-A-Way Repelling Granules
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For those who aren’t overly concerned with using only essential oils and organic materials in their snake repellent, Victor Snake-A-Way granules can help successfully deter snakes. Using a combination of naphthalene and sulfur, snakes are repelled but your children and family should be completely safe (if used as directed).

How it Works

Snakes have special receptors in their tongues, which is why you can see them flicking them in and out of their mouths. They’re “tasting” the air, then pulling their tongue back into their mouth to determine if there is prey or threats nearby. The active ingredients in Snake-A-Way granules disrupt this action, confusing the snake and driving it away.

In-Depth Review

Victor granules come in a resealable zip-top bag. This can make using this product somewhat clumsy and inefficient, but that’s a very minor quibble. However, despite this extremely mild packaging design flaw, I think that the product itself is clean and easy to use. You’re not at risk of splashing toxic chemicals on yourself when you use it.

Not every consumer is overly worried about using all-natural and organic ingredients, which makes room for Snake-A-Way on the market. This product uses the same active ingredient found in mothballs, which has been demonstrated to be very powerful against snakes.

A Strong Formula that Lasts

While this product is safe to use around where children play, the manufacturer does not advise using it where pets roam. Please be advised that this comes from the manufacturer themselves, despite a note on their website stating the safety of this product. There is a small risk of toxicity to animals, so keep that in mind when considering which product to use to repel snakes. A small amount of this product can cover a large surface area, which I find to be very convenient. It also lasts up to three months after you apply it.

Many people have reported that Snake-A-Way Granules are effective against many breeds of snakes, such as black snakes, coral snakes, and rattlesnakes. It’s easy to apply and powerful. While you do not want to apply it directly to your plants, it can be used around gardens and flowers without harming them. Be sure to wear gloves when using this product, as it can injure the skin if it remains exposed to it.

In conclusion, while there are a few mild disadvantages of choosing Snake-A-Way Granules (such as the uncertainty about pet safety), the benefits definitely outweigh them.
Despite not being a completely safe option to use around pets, I believe the value and the effectiveness of this product make it a great option for many people.
  • Clean formula
  • Powerful and effective
  • 91% repellent rate for garter and rattlesnakes
  • Small amount goes a long way
  • EPA-approved formula
  • Safe for areas where children play
  • Water resistant
  • Uses naphthalene
  • Smells bad
  • Poor packaging
  • May not be safe around pets

3) Bonide Snake Stopper Granules – A Highly Dependable and All-Natural

See More ImagesBonide Snake Stopper Granules
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This product uses a combination of powerful essential oils and sulfur to repel snakes. It can be used anywhere you may find snakes, including your yard, your patio, your shed, and your garden. When used as directed, it’s safe to use around children and pets. It also does not harm snakes at all, giving the buyer a clear conscience when trying to remove snakes from their yard.

How it Works

Like most snake repellents, this product works by upsetting the snake and driving it away. The scent of this product is considered very unattractive to a snake. The Jacobson’s organ in a snake is the organ that allows the snake to “smell” an area, and if it detects the oils and compounds in Bonide Snake Stopper, they’ll quickly flee.

In-Depth Review

The screw-top jar is a very convenient way to dispense Bonide Snake Stopper. The plastic container seems sturdy and dependable. It comes in many sizes, allowing you to choose how much you need. When you are done dispensing the product, you can easily replace the lid. The granules help prevent dangerous liquids from sloshing and spilling around, as well.

This product is very powerful against a wide assortment of snake breeds, including both venomous and non-venomous snakes. People have reported it being effective against many types of snakes, including copperheads, garter snakes, and brown snakes.

Does Not Harm Children or Pets

Bonide Snake Stopper is regarded as safe to use around children, pets, and plants. However, do not apply it directly to plants, as it can kill them. It doesn’t need to be diluted, and a little bit of this product does go a long way. On the downside, it does need to be reapplied after heavy rain or every two weeks, whichever comes first.

Another downfall of this product is that it is illegal to sell it in certain states. Consumers based in Alaska and the District of Columbia are out of luck and are not permitted to buy Bonide Granules.
This can be quite inconvenient and can force a person to look at different brands of snake repellents for lasting relief from their snake issues.

To summarize, Bonide Snake Stopper has many great advantages. It’s safe to use around children and pets, and it doesn’t harm the snake. It’s all-natural, but unfortunately, illegal to sell in some states and needs to be reapplied frequently. Despite these disadvantages, it’s still a very good product and I still can definitely recommend it to you with confidence.

  • Clean formula
  • Pet safe
  • Non-toxic, all-natural ingredients
  • Potent
  • USDA recommended ingredient list
  • Safe to use around plants
  • Can’t be used in every state
  • Needs to be used every two weeks
  • Not water resistant

4) Liquid Fence – A Reliable, Effective, and Non-Toxic Snake Repellent for Yards

See More ImagesLiquid Fence Snake Repellents Box
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Liquid Fence avoids toxic chemicals in favor of pungent, natural oils to repel snakes. A granular formula that is safe to use around children and pets, a little bit of this product goes a long way. For consumers who don’t like wasteful products, this one is sure to please.

How it Works

Liquid Fence uses a combination of powerful and fragrant oils to upset a snake and confuse it. Like most snake repellents, this product affects Jacobson’s organs, too. The scent of this product is very offensive to a snake, and if they detect it in their presence, they’ll retreat where they came from.

In-Depth Review

Unlike other products, this one introduces wintergreen oil. This makes the product quite pleasant to the scent, which means that you can use it where you may have guests or friends and they won’t even be aware that you’re using snake repellent. The packaging is also sleek and streamlined, and the screw-top plastic jar seems sturdy and dependable. You can easily scoop out the amount you need without having to fight with the packaging.

There are several pros of Liquid Fence that make it a good choice for the consumer. For those who do not want to have toxic chemicals on their property, this product promises an all-natural formula. It’s reported to be safe around children and pets and has a highly-concentrated, time-release formula. This means that you’ll be using less of it, which can save you in the long run. You won’t need to repeatedly purchase it, either, since you won’t be constantly be running out of it.

Uses Large Particles

Customers reported that Liquid Fence was effective against both dangerous and non-venomous snakes, so you may find this product to be effective against your snake problem. On the other hand, the pieces are also very large, which means that they’re more likely to be picked up by curious children or pets.
While this product does seem to work well, it’s unfortunately backed by a very limited warranty by the manufacturer. After 30 days, there are no returns or refunds.

In conclusion, Liquid Fence is a perfectly fine snake repellent. While the other snake repellents did impress me more, that doesn’t mean that this one isn’t worth looking into. If you have a serious snake problem, I believe that this product can help resolve it for you.

  • Pleasant scent
  • No naphthalene
  • Highly concentrated, time-release formula
  • Safe around children, pets, and plants
  • Biodegradable
  • Large pieces
  • No money-back guarantees
  • Poor customer service

5) Snake Scram – A Professional’s Choice for Snake Repellents

See More ImagesSnake Scram Pro Granular
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Snake Scram Pro boasts an all-natural ingredient profile:

    0.508% Clove Oil
    3.000% Cedar Oil
    0.508% Cinnamon Oil
    1.500% Oil of Rosemary
    0.030% Garlic Oil

It claims to be environmentally safe and organic, relying on strong-smelling oils to repel snakes. This product was designed specifically to be used by pest-control professionals and comes ready to use around children, pets, gardens, patios, and other residential surfaces.

How it Works

If a snake can’t pick up any cues from the air about if it’s in a safe place, it won’t want to stick around to find out if it’s in danger. That’s how Snake Scram Pro works. It confuses snakes and makes them feel uncertain, quickly booting them off your land.

In-Depth Review

Snake Scram Pro comes in a large tub, which means that it is somewhat heavy and bulky to carry. However, the bucket shape of the product and the pop-top lid is easy to manage, and removing the desired amount of product is quite easy. The handle makes it easy to carry it, and the granules are convenient when scattering it around your yard.

Snake Scram Pro is a good product to use. After all, it’s marketed to professionals, which means that many professional pest removal experts can vouch for it. While this product is fine, it does have its limitations. However, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad product at all. If you can’t find the other products at the store, I think that this one will definitely do the job!

Safe to Use Inside Your Home

While Snake Scram Pro is highly concentrated (one pound covers 600 square feet), it does need to be reapplied more often. That said, this is the only product that says you can use it inside your home.
If you’re worried about snakes inside your house, I believe that you can’t go wrong with Snake Scram Pro.

All in all, I still definitely recommend Snake Scram Pro. While it may have some aspects to it that make it pale next to other snake repellents, it is still a dependable product and I believe that it won’t let you down.

  • Natural formula
  • Safe to use
  • No climate restrictions
  • Professional strength
  • Fast acting
  • Okay to use in your home
  • Not as concentrated
  • Can harm water
  • Large pellet size

What is the Best Snake Repellent for Yards in December, 2023? – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a snake repellent can seem like a difficult task. With so many different snake repellents on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your choices. That’s why I’m breaking down the key highlights of these snake repellents to help you make the best decision for your needs.

There are a few things that informed consumers like to ask before purchasing a snake repellent:

  1. Safe. One big issue is if the product is safe. They want to make sure that the snake repellent isn’t going to harm their children, pets, or garden.
    All of the products that I have reviewed are considered completely safe, meaning that you have nothing to worry about when using them.
  2. Effective. Another major consideration is that the ingredients are effective. Some people have asked if these snake repellents are good against specific breeds of snakes, such as rattlesnakes, copperheads, and garter snakes.
    All of these products specifically mention being powerful against all types of snakes, which means you can be confident when you purchase them.
  3. Ingredients. Educated shoppers also want to be aware of what ingredients are being used in their snake repellent. There’s a huge demand for all-natural ingredients, which is present in many of these products. That said, just because something uses an ingredient that is manufactured in a laboratory, it doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. In fact, naphthalene is considered quite safe to use around children, pets, and plants.
  4. Long-lasting. Finally, many people feel better about a product knowing that it is long-lasting. They do not want to be constantly reapplying their snake repellent just to keep the snakes at bay.
    I chose these products because they are highly concentrated and last, which means that you’ll save time and money in the long run when using them.

Why Use Snake Repellent?

Snakes on your property are a very serious concern. Without taking the time to face them head-on, this issue can continue to grow out of control. Over time, if you don’t get rid of the snakes, you can put yourself, your family, and your pets in danger by exposing them to snake bites.

Fortunately, these 5 best snake repellents are all trustworthy and dependable options. If you use them, you can start to notice lasting relief from your snake problems in a very short amount of time. If you notice the snakes returning, you can always repeat another cycle of the snake repellent treatment. The snakes should eventually get the hint and stay off your turf.

Repelling snakes from your property is extremely important. With the aid of these 5 snake repellents, you can get lasting relief from your ongoing snake issues, finally freeing you from your snake problems for good.

You can find further details of Snakes Control here.

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  1. I just saw a snake trying to get out of a hole outside of my garage .He went back inside when he saw me ; how can I get rid of the snake.The hole is in the brick on the outside of my house

    • Mothballs

      • The formaldehyde in Moth balls causes CANCER!!!!! Research it for yourself. What is the point in repelling snakes with moth balls, if their use will kill you?

        • Do you really think our government would allow Moth Balls to be sold in stores if they were so dangerous and cancer causing. Sure if you chocolate coat them and put a bowl out for company, they can cause some illness, but keeping them in your grandma’s cedar chest is no issue. Drop a few down the snake hole and put a rock over it. If you are going to drop the Moth Balls down the hole and then lay on the ground to sniff it, you have bigger issues to deal with. However, if we could get snakes addicted to cigarettes….they would die of cancer. Problem solved.

          • Hell yes I do believe they will allow this to happen. Do you think our government really care

            • I thought the same thing. It’s all about what’s best for the corporations that are lining the pockets of politicians and these corporate funded agencies.

              • Yeahhh, because moth balls are a HUGE money maker.

                • Yes all pesticides and fertilizers produced are huge money making monopolies.

          • why add a rock — that will trap and kill the snake. Just drop the mothballs and the snake will leave…

          • Formaldehyde is not in mothballs. Do the research, but really, just think about it. You use formaldehyde to preserve things, not kill them. It wouldn’t kill a snake, and I highly doubt it would deter them from your yard. The misconception that mothballs drive snakes away is actually misleading. Sure, the smell is not pleasant, but a determined snake is not going to be driven away by a couple mothballs.

        • So does everything in the state of California LOL the homeowner putting some snake repellent that contains formaldehyde it’s not going to cause cancer.

          • I have no proof of correlation, but I put moth balls around my deck to get rid of snakes and now my dog has bladder cancer. Just something to ponder.

            • Is your dog and ourside dog or an inside & outside dog? We are looking into using mothballs due to we have quite alot of snake coming close to house.

        • My grandmother allways used moth balls in her closet and in between her clothes and she lived a long life. She passed away after 90 out of old age.

        • I grew up w/moths’ balls, & when bad language was used we were ‘punished’ w/them. To this day I still enjoy the scent & it’s never hurt me or any of my kids.

        • What research are you talking about? My research says that no body knows about its causing cancer. I guess you ARE SPREADING UNKNOWN CANCER.

          • My Dad used moth balls around the house, garages, storage buildings, etc. as we were growing up and kept up this practice when we moved to three other places. I have since kept using them even when I owned my own home in Ga. and since moving back to NC, as soon as it starts getting warm, I faithfully throw out moth balls outside the storage buildings, around the perimeters of the house, the crawl space underneath the house, along side the ditch/creek near the house ,across on my neighbors land on the side & back of my house where there are lots of trees, shrubs, foliage, etc. They have worked so far for all these years and my Dad passed at 90, mom still living and so far , so good. No cancer yet for my parents, thank GOD!I will say I will start using the gloves and mask when throwing them out from now on just as a precautionary measure.

        • or your dogs, cats, squirrels and other relatively harmless pests…

      • I have a long unanswered question no-one seems to know the answer to and since my Dad is gone, I can’t ask him. When it rains, does it wash away the scent that prevents the snakes,pests, etc from coming? After every heavy rain, I have been putting out more moth balls and it’s affecting my pocket book! Lol HELP

        • Yes that’s exactly why there’s no point to using mothballs anywher it rains. Mothballs specifically state use in cool dry conditions. You are supposed to keep them in a tight sealed container and the fumes that leak out will kill the moths. You do NOT use them in an open environment. They will KILL any small animal that eats them. Which is probably why they work against snakes -they are simply killing the small mice that the snakes eat. People always talk about snake problems. actually you don’t have a snake problem you likely have a rodent problem. If you get rid of the snakes without adressing the rodents, you will soon be overrun with rodents.

    • I just read up on it and saw moth balls are a good deterrant…I am going to try this for my own snake problem. Hope it works.

      • As long as u don’t have pets

        • I have pets & to protect the environment so they don’t seep into soil place into plastic bottles and poke holes so odor seeps through.. Place cap back on bottle & put in desired area…

      • Why do people have to get into a pissing fight over whether snakes should live or die poisonous snakes can kill us we need to deter them I’m going with the mothballs

        • if you love snakes so much, have you considered buying or catching all the snakes in the USA, so you can protect them, love them, pat them & kiss them ??

          • I am with you on that one we have a black snake in the yard we know that that are good snakes but he came on the back porch today and my daughter is scars of them so going to put some moth balls down

          • Please do that! Keep them at your house

        • People have made festivals of killing Rattle Snakes in the South to the extreme of causing near extinction in some States of the Eastern Diamond Back Rattle Snakes. A snake that serves a purpose in the right place just as God created it to do. I will make my EDBR go to the woods to catch rodents.

          • I live in the South and I believe in ” the only good snake is a dead snake!” For all the people who think the rattlesnakes are extinct, just maybe YOU ARE LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE!!!!!!

            • You ain’t kiddin son I live on the mtn in Tennessee and there’s rattlesnakes killed everyday until winter and multiples at that.. It’s been this way my entire life and it’ll always be this way.. Copperhead is just as bad also and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one damn bit to see them all extinct and dead.. I’m sure there’s another animal thats safer than a no good snake that can do its job and I rather see that animal any day of the week than a damn snake


                • Ridiculous….garden snake, king snakes, black snakes, ava other garden varieties duck the human race a favor by one keeping mice and other rodents at bay, but primarily if you have kings and black snakes on your property the poisonous variety will less likely be on your property ava if they do…the king and black willl kill it!

                  Dang, educate yourself.

                  • Thanks Todd. I’m with ya. Love the king snakes. Just trying to keep them out of my daughter’s hen house.

              • You have taken the words right out of my mouth!!!! I hate snakes.

              • You’re invading the snakes habitat. They live there just as much as you, and while I believe that some more dangerous snakes (I.e -. Venomous ones) need to be deterred from where people live to keep both us and the snakes safe I think that all snakes being extinct is a terrible idea. If your state had no snakes it would be overrun by rats mice and other rodents that snakes control the population of rodents in an area and sure there are other animals that do this job, but they’re all adapted to kill and eat rats too, making them dangerous to pets too, also, the rattlesnake roundups are horribly cruel and used to exploit these massively misunderstood snakes because they may be venomous but they kill very few people a year and are being hunted to endangerment in some areas people are posing for photos with these snakes after they’ve had their mouths sewn shut and fangs cruelly ripped out, that’s just in humane.

                Sincerely the concerned owner of a royal python.

                • Do you hear yourself, Arianne? Your telling these folks off for not wanting to have snakes around and acting like you have such respect for them as a Python owner. So guess your python isn’t out doing it’s job for nature caged up in your home now is it? Ever think that your python is just waiting for its opportunity to get away and be free in the outdoors from your cage? Little knowledge you have to be homing such a creature against it’s nature. Live by the sword die by the sword.

                • Today a large floida snake was in my home as an unwanted guest.I watch it leave.i hate snakes.i threw things at it and yelled at it.snake hater is me!.

                  • Ouuuuuuu me too! I hate them, they are so creepy, had one in my house at midnight last night! Woke people up in 2 states with my screaming and yelling!

                • let your snake out of the cage….when your sleeping and see what happens……

                • Arianne, kill that python before it kills you or any other member of your family

            • From the Appalachia, the part also under ol’ Dixie…most of us feel the same…you ever looked closely in the eyes of a copperhead? That’s an evil looking critter.
              Yeh, a lot of us Appalachian folk are fanatics. We have two different groups that represent this fanaticism on both ends of the spectrum….we have one group that plays with deadly snakes to prove protection by a deity or we have the other group that stomps the shit out of all of them in the name of the same deity.

              Since, I hate the sneaky, maiming dangerous critters with a passion..I follow the latter. Genesis 3:15.

              Just FYI…none of the above solutions, work for copperheads..there is actually no proven repellant for copperheads at this time.

              • Copperheads normally come out to hunt at night and sleep during the day. Don’t let your dog or kids play in the yard at night or roll around in the leaves or play on the wood pile during the day. Keep your dogs on the porch or in the house. Get a couple of cats…..if they get bit and die trying to kill the snakes, that is their duty and obligation in the animal world.

              • Best repellant for copperheads is a King Snake!

                Leave him alone on your property and the copperhead will most likely stay away or die!

            • I live in southern Florida I put out snake away to help with my snake problems I wish they would all die

              • I also live in South Florida. Just moved to a new apartment and have seen a snake 3 times already in the garden in front of my door, and I’ve only been here 2 weeks. This makes me believe that it’s living there.
                Is your product working,many if so, where can I purchase some?

            • Exactly! They are plentiful in MANY states

            • So totally agree with you, lived in our home for 16yrs. but with road construction near by, have seen 3 large MS water snakes in the last 2 weeks. looking for ways to keep them out of my yard, thanks for all the ideas.


          • Apparently you’ve never been to Texas. It’s big and full of huge deadly diamond back and timber rattlers, not to mention the copperheads, water moccasins and coral snakes. If you are from up North or California I wouldn’t recommend moving to Texas……way to dangerous. I won’t even bring up the scorpions and blood sucking insects, Bobcats, cougars, alligators and the danger from the sky, hawks and eagles that love the taste of poodle. My family has been stuck in this hell hole called Texas for generations….shot a six foot long snake in the chicken house yesterday…..Beware and stay away…..way to dangerous. So cancel that U-haul or think about moving to Washington state…..youd’ve have at least two or three weeks of really nice weather a year up there.

          • You need to do your research. Rattle snakes are no where near extinction. I see them everywhere in Texas. They are the most common snake in many states. These snakes do have a purpose, to kill rodents, but they also kill children, and grown men all the time. If they are on my property, I will kill them. It’s call justified because it is to protect my family. I don’t agree with killing any animal for sport. I’m a vegan so I don’t kill for food. But when it comes to protecting my family, any posionous animal or insect must go.

      • Iv tried moth balls even put them in the hole obviously there den and did nothing they moved them and continue to come in and out

        • Yes we have used them also n they slide right over them and not bother by the smell or touch. What else can be used. We have to many to count. N big n fat . they come every spring n stay all summer n r very aggressive..

          • Plant lemon grass or u make a garlic paste and pour where u know they stay or burn black pepper close to their hole trust me they will never return there.

            • Sounds like you are making them a salad. Why not try the old fashioned method of lead poisoning. Load your Winchester..

          • Which state do you live in ?

      • But If You Have Any Pet’s Mothballs Can Make Them Very Sick And Could Possably Kill Them,So You Want To Be Careful Putting Down Mothballs.

        • I grew up with moth balls my mother used to throw them in the heat ducts they never bothered us and they sure don’t bother the snakes because we have them in the backyard every spring they come out and stay all summer they are not bothered by the moth balls I’ve tried hair from the hair brush WHITCH that works better and they’re very aggressive and bite. No there not poisonous but it’s nothing worse than getting bit from a snake and having them chase you in the yard.. Staten Island N.Y. We keep our yard very clean.. Please help us..

          • If those snakes are returning every year in Spring and Summer, probably they are hibernating in the area burrows (holes). They are cold blooded which means their blood freezes up inside them in the winter so they hibernate in their burrows.
            Clear the clutter, old scattered wood, leaves, stones etc. Find the holes in the area. Bring some concrete mix (Home Depot sells them for less than $5 for 80 pond-bag), keep some boiled water by the side to pour on them if you find them coming out. Fill the concrete mix and sprinkle some cold water over the mix to get it solidify. Usually there will be more than one hole exit for the nest – close all of it. Leave some Moth balls around the area – snakes hate the smell of it and would not come back. Snakes hate smoke. Keep a safe fire pit and let it smoke rather than a fire going. Do this frequently once a week and snakes will leave the area and won’t come back. One natural ingredient it hates is garlic. Crush some garlic and mix in water – sprinkle it in the area once a week. I hear peeled Onions keep them away as well.

          • My problem is snakes in my back yard and I mean alot there is a small Creek bed most non poison green or black snake blue racers that are every where but I live in South East Missouri we have cottonmouth rattlesnake and the one that bit me copperhead I am scared to death of any of them and know personally how sick u get I have a special needs son and very little money I do live in town and have only seen non poison one but don’t want any in my yard please help

            • Did you ever find anything that worked for you and getting rid of snakes? I too live in Missouri and have that problem.

              • The bobblehead owls you can order online for $19.99 work like a charm.. Put one in front yard and one in back and you’ll never see another snake on your property again.. their eyes glow and everything like a real owl and I just stuck mine on a fencepost so it’s head can work it’s way all the way around and haven’t seen another snake yet.. been 2yrs now snake free and I live on a mtn in Tennessee

                • where did you get those bobble head owls?

                  • Most snakes have poor long distance eye sight and hunt using not only limited sight, but smell. Might as well perch some of those plastic pink flamingos around your yard. Won’t do anything about the snakes but they will aggravate and keep pesky neighbors away. The plastic owls do keep other birds like pigeons away, so take down your bird feeders.

                • A bobble head owl really works? I’m in Eastern Kentucky by the river. What really works?

              • I had a snake living in my garage last year. When I found it I made a mixture of sulfur, cinnamon oil and clove oil. I sprayed in where I last saw him and he came out. I killed him with a shovel. Worked like a charm.

            • My friends grand child got bit by one on there patio and died he was 2 yes old. He puts moth ballx and kitty litter in a bottle and pokes holes in it And they have not seen any since best of luck I am also trying it we have a 2 yr old and a 7 yr old.

            • Get a couple of cats and don’t feed them much. Make them earn their keep. Give them only a small bowl of food on Sundays in Thanksgiving for clearing your yard of snakes.

              • love the suggestion!!

          • You’re worried about a snake in NY? Lol it can’t hurt you and the only reason it may act like it is because you’re trying to kill it. Stop being a pussy

    • At least yours is in the garage!.I put my phone on my bedside table this am and thought I knocked something off. When I got up to look, I saw it was a snake. It was less than a foot away from my hand. While I was looking for something to get it with, it crawled off. No sign yet, but looked like chicken snake. Really hope so. May sleep in the van tonight with my puppy. If it does bite me, no matter what kind it is, it will be the heart attack that gets me. Wish me good hunting.

      • OMG!

        • OMG I would die if that happened

      • Where do you live and how did it get in your house.

      • You are so funny. But I hope the snake did not get you or your puppy.

      • That is horrible but I have to admit I was laughing pretty hard as I read your comment..thank god I’ve never had one in my house. Hope you find it!! I’d be sleeping outside to..

      • Girllllllll! I would awaken see it and die!

      • I know how you feel I live in Delaware in a very old farm house in middle of fifty acre farm I was in my living room went to get up and take shower and stretched. along my base board was a black snake over three feet long I beat its head in with a metal broom I about lost it and it’s such gross feeling searched the house on clue how it got in six months prior I had one in my kitchen I keep my house very clean iam trying mothballs everything else now

      • I had a similar experience….

        Several summers ago, I had came in from work around 6pm, went to take a shower.. after getting out of shower.. I had my clothes laid out on sink, was slowly getting dressed..brushing hair, teeth.. that kind of thing.

        as I was finishing up the normal post shower bathroom tasks… I went to grab my wallet and belt….as I picked my belt up, I realized it wasn’t my belt at all …it squirmed…it was a snake. I, frantically threw it across the bathroom..it landed with a thud and slithered behind water heater in closet. (yes, when realized I had grabbed a snake..i truly did about have a heart attack)
        The next day at work…during lunch I ran into a friend who practiced vetinary medicine. He didn’t believe me, when I told him it was close to 5 foot and believed it to be a racer snake..he said that would be record size for that species and was more than likely common blacksnake.
        When I told him I didn’t care what it was, I wanted it gone by any means necessary- my plan was extermination…After a speech about there importance in wildlife ecology.. he agreed to come over, do a capture and release of the critter to spare it from my wrath.

        Well, he did manage to capture the snake after about two hours and getting bit twice. it was confirmed to be a southern black racer of phenomenal size at 69 inches. Due to its unusual size, my friend actually gave the snake to a gratuitous herpetologist at our local university.

        • I had a he same thing but went to grab my wallet thought it was a snake, but it is was only a politician and after getting hit twice, I surrendered my wallet.

      • Gail. If you don’t have chickens, rats or a huge population of insects, I’d try to find out what it is eating inside the house. Maybe rent a herd of cats. Personally, I’d burn the house down and leave in the van.

    • Anybody know what kind of snake this is its light gray n dark gray n has the pattern of a copperhead

      • probably a rat snake

      • Juvenille Rat Snake – will turn black with white spotted belly when mature – nonvenomous

      • Copperheads can go through a grey stage!!

        • Yes, different seasons, time of the year, their environment and diet ..can affect some of its metallic sheen..which changes the perception of color, slightly.
          so it is possible for copperheads to look grayish, sometimes….but more than likely, as others suggested just a juvenile rat snake..

          true identification is the head..the copperhead is a viper and all vipers have really flat, wide heads with devilish looking eyes and a very angry looking brow. A rat snakes head would be narrow and not much wider than its body, kind of round in height and its eyes are very round like most reptiles. If you still aren’t sure when looking at it ,my advice would be……kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out.

        • I had a friend come over to remove some trees hanging too close to mobile home with hurricane Matthew was approaching. The Carolina. Leland nc area.after he had finished I went to the corner of my house near the Ac unit and while looking up at the trees he had cut back .all of. Sudden it felt like someone stuck something in the side of my right foot n then a burning painful sensation I looked to my left foot n there was a copperhead crawling away .I panicked but soon remembered to calm myself jihad my cell in hand so I called 911 and it took them almost 30 mins to arrived .they were at the hops Er with a deceased female all they did was. Give me pain meds and tetanus shot n stayed over nite. Full of pain meds. Hurting like nothing I have ever felt i wanted to cut my foot off pain meds 5 injections n nothing worked till 5am nxt morning and this happened around noon the day before. Snake got away. My grand are always in yard how do I get rid of these creatures foot n leg still swollen n painful “”still scared im not healing “”” will see my Dr on October 11 2016 happen. On thurs noon day

    • What about garlic powder?

      • Really good mixed with thyme and oregano when making your snake meat balls.

        • Now that was funny, I was a thinking something similar with a different recipe…classic

    • Insert sulfur balls inside and seal the hole. Hope the snake dies or you remove the seal after a few hours the snake will run out drowsy. Easy to kill.

    • How did you know the snake was a “he”. Might have been a female laying eggs in your wall. I’d be looking for babies, soon.

    • We have enough people here to gather together and take turns ridding our property of all snakes. We can all start here at my house in Virginia and then mov on from there to the next person. I will host a cookout for all of you.

  2. There are many snake in my house what is solutions from

    • have a snake behind the ceilind

      • Mothballs work good

        • Mothballs are not good if you have pets though

          • Put the mothballs in a box your pets cannot open that has holes in it. It is the fumes from the mothballs that repel the snakes.

        • Are they really good? Works fast??

    • I saw a snake in my garage 5 days ago,how do i repel it.There are clusters of things on the sides of the garage floor

    • Rent the house to a PETA member.

    • give them twenty $ and send them home works for me

  3. can you mix water and mothballs together in a container and spray where you want it like under a pooch or a deck

    • Mothballs only they work good

      • I have heard to spread ashes around your tent when camping that they want go across them

  4. Great website,just found a sand snake in front of my main door an we didn’t kill it but instead my hubby carried it an tossed it out into the garden. Really scary an not my favorite thing to have near my kid.
    Thanks for the tips will surely use it

  5. Hi, there’s a red belly black snake in the roof of my house. The house is two story and tiled roof . The snake was sighted with a green frog in it’s mouth in the gutter of the first floor and went back under the tiles. How do we get this unwanted visitor out of this confined space in our house?

    • Have snakes in roof what can I do

      • Get rid of the rodents!
        The snake is doing your job, but if it’s poisonous (not likely) I would wavy him to be gone. But your problem is…he has a food source in your attic or he wouldn’t be there!

  6. I was working at a job mowing lawns. then 2 ppl came into my work area and sprayed a product called deter… aluminium sulfate. I then had to continue snipping wet product on lawn and few hrs later I broke out in a rash on 90% of my body. I was wearing full protective gear for landscaping. 95% or my body was covered. PLEASE HELP ASAP.

    • Dude, Aluminium sulfate is toxic….and corrosive……wash with alot of soap and seek medical help…….they should never of had you working with that, it’s on the right to know list

      • I just saw your response to Kermit and that he it was 9 months after he posted: I am hoping for two things, one that he has bathed since his post and two that he didn’t wait for your post to seek medical help….I wonder if he made it?!!!!

  7. For years I been the moth ball and sulfur thing. For same strange reason I seen more snake spit this year around my house. Even after a I put out moth balls and sulpher. What’s really going on. I did put out some snake repellent that I brought from Tractor Supply. It has a very strong cinnamon smile to it. Do this work?

    • I have heard Moth balls are a myth. I have heard three things copius amounts of cinnamon sprinkled around house at floor level you have to buy it in Bulk I’m talking excessive mounds of cinnamon and the other is buy some pigs pigs will eat them and impervious to snake bites

      • The third is fire or fire pit ashes they even say while camping to put down Ashes around your domicile that they will not cross it

        • I don’t know about the smoke or the ashes, but cowboys used to put a rope around their camping site the prickley kind, because snakes do not like the feel on their skin and won’t cross it.

          • Hence, many say use a “dummy snake” or “snake scarecrow”. The rope thing says snakes won’t crawl over a rope. But what if there’s already hidden snakes, won’t you be enclosing it in?

          • They climb trees and across gravel but won’t cross a rope? I find that hard to believe.

          • Is sulfer or moth balls good to keep rats and mice away also?

      • Moth balls are not a myth, but you do need to make a mixture of moth balls and kitty litter and it works very well.

        • And what is a kitty litter

          • When a mommy cat and a daddy cat, oh wait go ask mom

            • i need help four days ago husband took a two ft rat snake out of my daughters closet, this is the first time ive had a snake ever in my house, i am PETRIFIED of snakes, does the moth ball an kitty litter really work????? i grew up with my grandmother telling me that mothballs work(never mention kitty litter w/ it) an to spread terpentine around yard cause it burns their belly an they cant cross it

          • the stuff cats go pee and poop in when indoors

          • Its a clay or sand mix you purchase at any where you can buy pet food. It is intended for use for cat to “potty” in.

        • If you put in house how long does it take for smell to go away

      • I gathered a dozen moths and never found their balls to use against snakes, any other cures ? Maybe they were not male.

    • Snakes do not have salivary glands. “Snake spit” is produced by a type of leaf hopper. They are the larvae or nymphs of this insect inside the “spittle”.

  8. Was @ my parents place yesterday & my youngest son was going inside he almost stepped on a rattlesnake we are wondering is there a safe & natural way (other than killing it) 2 keep it & others away? We tried safely catching it but it got away, im just worried th@ some1 wont see it & get bitten. Thanks any & all answers are welcome..

    • Probably better to kill rattler

      • A Diamond back back struck my German Shepard 4 times 2grand later he barely made it ,kill them all. It would have killed my 2yr old grandson

        • I had a rattler bite my 6 lb yorkie and he barely survived, but did make it. The mothballs really didn’t deter because I killed 4 last year…I will try the sulfur thing

    • All venomous snakes should be killed… unless you don’t mind them killing you, your family or your pets.

      • I use snake-away, and it works really good, my neighbors have a old shed in their yard that their nesting under, and they won’t get rid of it. So I paved my patio and my backyard

  9. I have a garter snake under my deck . There is no way I can get under the deck to put anything there for it to leave . So what can I do ?

    • Snakes hate smoke. Keep a safe fire pit and let it smoke rather than a fire going. Do this frequently once a week and snakes will leave the area and won’t come back. One natural ingredient it hates is garlick. Crush some garlick and mix in water – sprinkle it in the area once a week.

    • I’d just leave it. It won’t hurt anyone. We used to play with them as kids. And they eat those big grasshoppers and such that might eat up your gardens.

  10. I just watched mythbusters. 21 snakes and mothballs did not deter them. Red pepper did not bother them much either.

    • Ever tried turpentine

  11. Get a snake charmer from India they’ll catch n take them away. Check the news they caught more than a 100 snakes including poisonous ones from the Tirunelveli Medical college. We don’t deal with poisons or temporary solutions. Just call the snake charmer and the snakes go with him 😉

    • First of all,India is not a snake charmer’s country as the stupid press would like to portray, here in the west. It is natural to have snakes of various species in tropical countries. If you are unsure,please take a short vacation in neighboring Costa Rica or Panama. The common strategy I have seen in the countryside to deter snakes is to use kerosene or gasoline (not inside the house for obvious reasons).

      • India is the birthplace of snake charmers actually and pouring kerosene or gasoline on the ground is illegal and toxic.

        I hope you were kidding, however just in case anyone takes your advice I had to refute it.

    • They should call them for the Pythons in Florida

  12. I own a house on a wooded acre. I have fought water bugs, wolf spiders, mice, and now I have a snake living under my washer. I saw the skin and poop. It is the second time I have found a skin this week. Had pest control for the other problems but can’t find any help with the snakes. I just bought this house. I am terrified every nite when I go to bed. I need HELP. I have small grandchildren who can’t spend the nite….

    • Walmart sells big sticky traps for snakes. I use them for rodents, but you have to be careful that nothing else comes in contact with it. They are very sticky and black, so they are hard to see. You might put it behind the washer.

    • Simple.just sprinkle some petroleum diesel around the house no more snakes for weeks.better still since they hate smoke, try burning an old car tyre in a fire pit.

      • ugh! that smell will linger and drive you crazy!!

  13. I hear wasp spray will kill sbake if you shoot the spray in its face. ..has to get in its eyes, nose or on tongue. Snake will die in 45 min to an hour. Spider spray supposedly works too.

    • I have used that and the snake went back into the wall and died… and you do not have to be close as most wasp spray shoots about 10+ feet….

  14. Found a copperhead in my daughter’s room up on the curtain rod behind the curtains !! We got it out to a pasture across the rd but do the liquid repellents work? I Do Not want a repeat visitor, especially since my daughter’s have guinea pigs and rats as pets and this snake was posionous!!! Help! Will it come back due to the rodent pets we have?! Scared for everyone’s safety! Thanks

    • Really? having guinea pigs and mice is like having a buffet in your house for snakes. Get rid of the critters or expect more visitors.

    • You need to search your entire house and find any holes or cracks. It got in somehow. If you need some holes (like dryer vents and whatnot) cover them with heavy mesh so nothing can get in. And kill those when they come in.

    • Just curious, if you didn’t want it to come back, why didn’t you kill it? It will kill you or your daughter if it bites either of you. Don’t just turn them loose so they can come back in your house!! That’s just crazy and asking for trouble!

    • Yes it will the snakes can smell the pet rodents with there tongues.

  15. Some of these comments are hysterical, why can t people just give a straight forward answer?? Ok so does anyone know if the moth ball and cat litter mix works, and is this dangerous to dogs?? I need something 100% effective and safe for a very curious puppy!! TIA

    • Moth balls mixed with kitty litter killed my cat. My stepfather put mothballs in the kitty litter he put under his car on the carport for oil drips. The cats, (others in neighborhood also) of course used the litter as a cat box. He thought the mothballs would deter them. Nope. My healthy cat became sick and died within a couple of months, and it was a painful process, and we did not know what was wrong for a long time. Since dogs often eat things and mothballs are poison to humans and animals, I would not use them.

  16. the best thing i personally done in the past for snakes problems around my farm is,get some mesh gloves at your local hardware store,they don’t have to be expensive but not so cheap either.find the snake hole or where the snake usually hides or lives.grab the snake carefully possible..than lay the snake on it’s back and tickle the hell out of the snake…this will make the snake to be tickled to death..and the snake won’t even will try to came back for some more of that.this will cause stomach cramping as hiccups also and eventually cause it to die..

  17. What you see is not snake spit. It is a bug that does that. Snakes don’t have saliva. And moth balls do work for snakes, rabbits, racoon’s, rats, and for just about anything that has a high sense of smell and taste.

    • I have rats squirrels and even had a raccoon in attic last winter raccoon had babies . found a skin shed hanging from hole by dryer vent and a couple days later went to step out back door and there it was by step . l liked to had a heart attack I did scream my head off . I call my brother and he killed it .but my back neighbor has a low swampy place that they are coming from this is 2nd one killed this week in neighborhood and one killed a pitbull last summer . . I would petition city to have him fill in low area but he is rich doctor and in a nobody. So hopefully one of his grand doesn’t run up on one. Anyway just had to gripe to somebody Lol. I would try mothballs but have dog that goes out in fenced yard to do her thing. Can’t pay exterminator. Cause just old lady on social security.

  18. My 9month old german shepherd just got bit by a copperhead some where in the backyard (hell, could’ve been anywhere in the yard).. Pup is fine now, but worried about a loose copperhead some where in the yard (which has a pool and a ton of ivy-perfect for a nap under the shade huh).. I hear moth balls work but I have a curious shepherd on my hands… was thinking of putting some in jars with holes cut in the top around the yard.. Any other ideas that would work to get rid of an unwanted snake without adding “ingesting poison” to an already hefty vet bill. :/

    • Place Moth Balls in a plastic or metal box with holes, so your dog would not be able to eat them. It’s the smell of moth balls is what keeps the snakes away. Also try to find the hole where the Copper head is possibly nested. Pour boiled water through it and then close it with concrete mix.

      • Thank you so much.. And as much as I would like to find the hole where it could possibly nested, we also have a mole problem (if the snake hasn’t gotten to it yet) and we have holes every where but I will definitely keep the boiling water and cement in mind.. Thanks again!

  19. We just killed a 3ft. Copperhead in the woods pile how can we tell if it’s a make or female it’s fangs are about 1/2 inch long, grandkids all ways walk past it need a good remedy please

  20. I am not sure how to distinguish between male and female Copperhead. However, there may be more of them in the same hole where they have nested. If the wood pile is not stacked, do it vertically upright. Clear the clutter, old scattered wood, leaves, stones etc. Find the holes in the area. Bring some concrete mix (Home Depot sells them for less than $5 for 80 pond-bag), keep some boiled water by the side to pour on them if you find them coming out. Fill the concrete mix and sprinkle some cold water over the mix to get it solidify. Usually there will be more than one hole exit for the nest – close all of it. Leave some Moth balls around the area – snakes hate the smell of it and would not come back.

  21. i have seen people. Living in deserts where snakes are in overwhelming and poisonous they hang onions on all 4corner of their bed
    I understand all guys are talking are talking about their houses i just thoght it might help for someone

  22. I have an 10 x 12 shed in which I keep my mower in, I can’t keep the field mice out of it and because of that I cannot keep the snakes out. I have sealed every crack I can see daylight from inside and out. The only place is under the bottom of the door, I even placed a door sweep on it but still they are finding a way in. I tried the moth ball thing and I do believe it just mutated the snakes. I placed several metal boxes with several 1/4 inch holes drilled in them about every 2-3 feet apart around the building with 1/4 holes drilled in them. After about 2 weeks I found a snake skin right up against on of the box and across another. Someone said to put lime down and it will burn them and they won’t crawl through it. I covered the floor (which is concrete) and that just created a mess to clean up when I discovered the slithering tracks right through it. I finally came to a conclusion that the only way to get rid of a snake is to burn the building down. They are only black snakes and I know they are harmless, but I still hate a snake and don’t want to walk in the shed and one drop down around my neck. Because of snakes is why winter is my favorite time of year.

    • We have a place in TN, the comment was made that you can build on a snake path. They go in the same paths. We think one couple moved because they had built a beautiful home and were constantly killing snakes! Also we have a Rat Terrier, she always alarms me when a snake is in our yard. I use what we call ‘loppers’ which are used to cute small limbs from trees. They have a 2′(?) distance from you and the snake. The last one I got it as close to the head as I could while my dog had it distracted. I am from the South also and the only good snake is a dead one!!! Chop the head off people! !!!!

  23. If you use mothballs do not toss them out or around randomly. Put them in a box, jar with holes in the top. A knee-hi stocking works well if you put them in the toe of the stocking and tie a knot in it. When you want to move them or remove them, and you will because they stink, it is much easier when they are contained.
    A friend sprinkled them in his attic and now his whole house smells like mothballs. There was no way to pick them all up in the insulation.

  24. If the snake goes in a hole in the basement etc., mix a fair quantity of bleaching powder, say 1/2 a kg in half bucket of water and put this where the snake is hiding. Now stand away and see the snake rush out in a min or two. Second one ca use kerosene oil. The creatures hate it. Just a cap fill of a can will do wonders.

  25. yeah try trading shoes wth a family that lives in a shack near the swamp and see how scared would u be of snakes.

  26. Strap it to a rocket and make it someone elses problem. Better yet waterproof firecracker light it and put inside mouse that snake will eat.. Instant gratification with a big mess..lol

  27. I have various snakes that make there way into my lawn. I live on a dead end street that is a marsh at the end so you can imagine the snakes I get. I am going to try the mothballs. They just really pass through and I am grateful they eat all the rodents so they don’t end up in the house. I just don’t want to not see one and get bit. Any really great thing to use rather than mothballs?

  28. I won’t sleep tonight, or maybe never… And reading this has not helped…
    I live in the foothills of Mt. Lemmon N of Tucson AZ (3500ft), and just let my dog out into the back yard without his usual leash. I happened to walk in front of him and with my flash light happened to saw a large diamond back slithering next to the 2-foot block wall – well that stopped my heart and I thought I would faint because my 14 mo old dog runs after anything that moves. It was 77F and the snake was slow, and my dog was busy sniffing something else. I had to call the fire department to pick it up.
    My neighbor lost his tea cup Yorkie 2 months ago – it just silently vanished from their back yard with no trace. Someone else lost a Morkie puppy (not on a leash) while getting mail from the mail box – a hawk got that one. We have bob cats the size of coyotes, plus packs of coyotes and javelina. I heard a boxer, out with its owner for a walk, was killed by a javelina. Living near open space in AZ can be very dangerous for pets and people don’t get it. And I royally scrwed up by not having my dog on a leash even while I am aware of the dangers.

    Can snakes climb up a 2′ block wall? The snake might have got in from the front of the house where I have just wrought iron fencing.
    It has been raining several times a week during August so will these chemical repellents wash away? And spraying every month sounds like too much work.

    Has anyone had luck with some type of “permanent thing” added to the ground along a fence to make it impossible for snakes to climb over the “thing”?

    • Sorry to say, snakes can climb up ANYTHING! I just came in and a rat snake dropped down from the top of my screen door. Scared the he-be je-bes out of me. Once a snake finds a trail where mice travel, it’s a loosing battle ridding the area of its’ relatives. I’m filling all the holes I can find leading into the house with that expanding foam.

  29. The only true way to get rid of snakes is physically removing them, either trapping or killing. Some people and wildlife experts swear by fox urine since fox are natural predators to snakes. You can usually get this online or at many garden centers. HOWEVER, if you live in an area where fox are common, choosing one kind of could act as an attractant to them. Red fox urine seems to be the most common available but white fox urine can also be purchased. Since the two tend to avoid one another, mixing them would give you the deterrent to snakes without attracting the unwanted attention of fox in the area.

  30. The only true way to get rid of snakes is physically removing them, either trapping or killing. Some people and wildlife experts swear by fox urine since fox are natural predators to snakes. You can usually get this online or at many garden centers. HOWEVER, if you live in an area where fox are common, choosing one kind could act as an attractant to them. Red fox urine seems to be the most common available but white fox urine can also be purchased. Since the two tend to avoid one another, mixing them would give you the deterrent to snakes without attracting the unwanted attention of fox in the area.

  31. Buy Snake Away. It is a powder that you sprinkle around the property. It lasts about 3 months. We have seen 2 snakes in 15 years. You can buy it at Lowe’s Wal-Mart Home Depot. It is about $25 per bottle but worth it. One bottle does about an acre.

    • Twila, do you live in AZ?? We have rattlesnakes come in our fenced in area for the dogs to play in. We are looking at ways to keep the rattlesnakes out of this area.

  32. Sulfur! Repels the snakes and not dangerous to dogs. Mothballs work too(likely because of the sulfur component) but not good for pets and personally the strong smell repels me!

  33. Last year I walked out my front door on the second floor to find a huge snake crawling up the post right outside the front door. He was headed toward all the bats tha live in my attic. Suddenly the bats evacuated. Only half came back this year. We’ve already killed three copperheads here. We blow them up with a shotgun, or blow their heads off and make belts from the rest.

  34. Are you all sure mothballs really work as a repellent?

  35. I hate snakes and have kids who love to be outside I live in the middle of a pasture and seen one snake already it was at my front door idc if its a simple black snake I want it gone I would kill it but it went under my trailer I’m going to try moth balls and sulfur but I’m curious if there’s any plants I can plant that would drive snakes away I was reading and saw that it says mint plants do has anyone tried or know if that works?

    • No mint plants do not work! Neither does lemon grass!! I have the both and still have snakes!

  36. Sulfur pellets works great. $16.00 for 50 lbs. really works.

    • Thank you I will tell my husband you can never be to careful when it comes to kids And like all kids they will try to catch anything that runs or hops lol

  37. My neighbor has a lot of old cars and a old boat in his back yard I have had rats,snake’s, & potsoms come in my back yard I am going to do the moult balls I have to be very careful because I have three dogs who will chase & mess with anything that’s moving & sometimes killing them

  38. I have just build a new house and I hear there is a snake there. What can I do to chase it a way? It is black mamba.

    • Sell the house friend, black mambas are deadly and amazingly fast and render many bites at on time. If you start a gofundme account I will donate some to help you to buy a new home…the only other alternative would be hire a professional to catch the snake, perhaps the turtle man…live action!!!

  39. I have personally witnesses on 3 occasions King snakes in FL (non poisonous) quickly dispatching a copper head snake and two eastern diamond back rattler snakes. (Poisonous) Perhaps using a snake to solve your poisonous snake problem is a solution you may consider. I to have awoke with a moccasin snake in my bed with me two times . you all would be surprised at the human body , its range that is, when every neuron and muscles fiber fire and contract at same time ,just a split second before your mind precieves what just occurred.. I am still convinced hat if the wall ten feet from my bed hadn’t been there I would have landed 15 ft away in the adjoining bath room ,off of one leap from a supine position. I now have a four foot king snake on the job at home. It took some getting used to, but I have seen no other critters ,or poisonous snakes back in home . king snakes are of the constrictor class of snakes. They have little problem with killing other snakes, and when one thinks about it really, the perfect food for a snake, is another snake! One note, please note I really don’t like snakes at all , even my buddy BOB the king snake creps me out, but he is extremely effective, and is the lesser of two evils, so to speak. 7/10 when I look forward him for my piece of mind, I find him near water heater. .when hr is not there ,I know he is ON THE JOB. It take a thief to catch a thief good luck all pss for those of you having difficulty sleeping after encounter in home, I slept in a tent in my room for couple of months. And I do very much recommend killing poisonous snakes found in your home and sealing all entry points . I have had BOB for 3 years and he is growing, I have never fed him. Limiting rodents and places for critters to reside is also a must about the homestead.

  40. My cat was bitten by a brown snake yesterday and is still at the vets racking up a huge bill, lucky we saw the snake and took him straight to a vet otherwise we probably would have lost him.
    Ive cleared my garden of any weeds and cut back undergrowth but still we find a snake. My cat like to catch rabbits, skinks and mice (because they run) then bring them back around the house, what i find i scoop up and put in the bin.
    After reading most of the posts I will try the moth balls in jars to leave around the garden and will also seal up all gaps under doors so i don’t find any inside and just a questions, why do they want to come inside? I have no other pets but my cat. I am very worried about them in the roof where we have birds nesting.
    We tried to kill the snake with a shovel while straddling a fence but it got away in next doors long grass!!! I don’t feel safe in my own home anymore!!
    We haven’t even started summer in Australia yet!! Makes me appreciate the colder months so much more.

    • did u try mothballs as i just killed a brown snake near my pool and i dont want anymore coming in to my yard as my house backs on to a park, got 2 love aussie summers

  41. I saw an snake inside my home near kitchen came for rats.it is nearly 11 feet long.how to get rid

    • Place Moth Balls in a plastic or metal box with holes, so your dog would not be able to eat them. It’s the smell of moth balls is what keeps the snakes away. Also try to find the holes where the Snake is possibly nested. Pour boiled water through it and then close with concrete mix.

  42. Snakes like warm dark places and they come in to find food. I just found one in my bathroom heater. It got in where the gas line comes up from basement. it was a baby. Going to go get moth balls and sulfer pellets.

  43. when we came back from seven days holiday (having had left two boys home), we were told they killed four baby snakes, some found inside the house! what is the chance the mother snake is inside? we keep a cat but still young. there are unwanted rodents too -rats. Last night though I did not here rats squealing as it has normally been. is it because of the snake is inside?
    How many babies does a snake produce per time?

  44. I am a missionary in Africa and live on a banana plantation. We have Egyptian & King Cobras, also Brown House snakes (poisonous). I get them in the house, garage & yard. Am surrounded by bush, & tall mealies. Out there are pythons, black & green mamba, puff adders, etc, etc. There are not enough moth balls & sulpher in the world to control them. I plant Rue shrubs, rosemary, garlic, onions, every stinking plant I can find. That seems to help. Have seen none this year, thank God.

  45. Snakes, I hate to be surprised. then when the slither starts, gives me the willey’s. Mouth balls work pretty well, I always throw several handful’s under the trailer, under the edges of outbuildgs, slowes down the rain from melting them. Mothballs have a smell that is very similar to Amonia, read snake products ingredients, you may find you can buy more under a different product name. I also throws hand fulls under deck, and walkways.

  46. Bull Snakes eat Rattlesnakes…

  47. just try a 22 or a shotgun it will take care of all snake probs and get a cat them suckeres will eat a rattlesnake like noting

  48. Where can u find sulfur?

  49. I have personally watched large black and king snakes take their nose and push moth balls out of the way to crawl in hole by chicken pins so dont waste ur money on them. Best deterrent is keep all debris piles away from your house, keep ur grass cut low and dont grow high shrubbery around your house. Also if you notice you have mice you will have snakes, so kill the mice and the snakes will leave. Another thing you have to watch for is if you have lot of frogs/toads in ur yard. People tend to get lot of these who water their lawns at night. Copperheads love frogs/toads and will congregate in your yard if you have accessive amounts of them. There has never been a proven snake deterrent out there other than common sense and bunch cats. I prefer the snakes to cats! If you see a blacksnake or kingsnake do not kill it. It will eat any poisonous snake on ur property.

  50. Can’t anyone type or spell on this site? Almost unbearable to read!

    • Agreed! Spellcheck…..nobody uses anymore?

      • I agree! I’m a super spell/grammar nut and spelling and your/you’re, their/there mistakes drive me up the wall. Yet, I am enjoying this site enormously because the culture and nature of the people writing comes through in a very interesting and appealing way. My brother’s tiny little dog (she’s fine) found a copperhead on his back porch this morning (Upstate New York, farm country, the REAL New York!). He has 3 small grandchildren living with him too, so I’m looking for repellents. No sure thing there apparently, but I love this chat!

  51. we live in an area with a lot of snakes. we used to put out tons of moth balls, because we always heard they repel snakes. but I know firsthand they don’t! we saw them slithering right over them, not the least bit bothered. if you’re really worried about snakes don’t waste your time using moth balls

  52. I just saw a Scarlet Kingsnake on my back porch slither into the bricks under the door. So nervous it’s going to come inside. Now I’m freaking out and all these posts are making me itch head to toe.

    I sprayed wasp and hornet killer in the hole because it is the only poison I currently have around. But with my luck it will piss him off and he will come inside to get me.

    Tomorrow I’m buying moth balls, traps, a blowtorch, a gun, and wood to board up the doors.

    Or I may just move.

    We’ll see what happens.

    • I would throw my keys at the damn thing and say here house is yours now

  53. Please confirm if diesel or magnesium, especially this myth that says if you spray diesel or used car engine oil around the yard the snakes get irritated by their smells and will not hang around. Please confirm if this work. My yard is next to open fields and we frequently see different types of snakes in our area. And the use of manganese I was told it works but I’m not sure of all this. I don’t know moth balls, and what can I get and where, I leave in Johannesburg south Africa.

  54. I have a bug man that just found 2 snakes, garder snakes, in my basement, I taped the bottom of the door to seal it. I have a “wet” basement and don’t have the money for a new foundation and attempted to fill in all the holes I could see with the expanding foam, they still came in the basement, I am totally freaked out and am doing my laundry at my boyfriends house now. As I read these posts I am reminded of the family of birds that live in the light on my front porch, now I am petrified to go home….one of the snakes was about 3.5 ft long, and dead but the other was smaller and alive. I need help keeping them out of my house as I am completely TERRIFIED of snakes (and bugs and mice). What if they are in my attic?!?! PLEASE someone tell me how to keep them out of my house and pray that there are no more in my house!!!! I hired someone to mow my lawn cause I saw a small garder snake last year. HELP ME……….

  55. I just read that using mothballs to repel snakes is illegal. You must use mothballs as indicated. You should change your information.

    • 1) What about pouring diesel fuel into the exterior holes, lighting a piece of paper and sticking it down into the hole to smoke out the snakes? Illegal, maybe; but the snakes worry me more, alrighty! 2) Then filling the holes with concrete mix to keep them out; 3) then treating the yard with sulfur AND moth balls, as well as the “Snake Away” treatment (or something similar that is recommended? The thing that worries me is the snake holes are near the foundation, but if the lit diesel fuel smolders out and does not flame then that should not create a problem right? Last problem: I live in a gated 0ver-55 condo community in a small villa with villas on both sides. Sounds like I might have to treat their yards too, possibly? Then there is the garage full of storage stuff, so I’ll have to treat it with moth balls AND sulfur? Also, there is a drainage ditch right behind this row of villas, guess I’ll have to treat it TOO? I want RID of these snakes! Waiting for handy advice!!

  56. 1) What about pouring diesel fuel into the exterior holes, lighting a piece of paper and sticking it down into the hole to smoke out the snakes? Illegal, maybe; but the snakes worry me more, alrighty! 2) Then filling the holes with concrete mix to keep them out; 3) then treating the yard with sulfur AND moth balls, as well as the “Snake Away” treatment (or something similar that is recommended? The thing that worries me is the snake holes are near the foundation, but if the lit diesel fuel smolders out and does not flame then that should not create a problem right? Last problem: I live in a gated 0ver-55 condo community in a small villa with villas on both sides. Sounds like I might have to treat their yards too, possibly? Then there is the garage full of storage stuff, so I’ll have to treat it with moth balls AND sulfur? Also, there is a drainage ditch right behind this row of villas, guess I’ll have to treat it TOO? I want RID of these snakes! Waiting for handy advice!!

  57. So I bought some snake repellent pellets from Lowes and sprinkled them around and I haven’t seen the snake in 3 weeks so…yay!?

  58. Ok I’ve got a snake problem. One was in my house it was about 2 and a half to 3 foot long. I tried to catch him but he got away i put mothballs out im hoping he left out of the same hole he came in on I bought some spray form and closed it up so I’m hoping he’s gone. Also tonight I steped on my porch and there was a small snake. I’m not sure what it was but he striked at me.. I’m think it was a baby cotten mouth.. Could be wrong could be right there is a pond behind me that is on my neighbors land. Idk what I have to do or use I’m going to kill them bastards I hate snakes with a passion. Like I said mothballs in the house I’ll put some in my barn and in my work buliding.. Alone with whatever I can use that’s not to expensive.

  59. I was going to trying to repel this snake in the back yard, but after hearing these animals lovers cry… I think Im going old school and take a hoe to the neck

  60. How do you get a snake out of a house. What can be used

    • Gasoline and a match

  61. i have two black snakes living under a front patio and back patio, i put down snake repellent, will they cross it to com out and go live somewhere else, me and my daughter are afraid, they are just black snakes but i dont want them by my patios. We live by a creek they can go live there.

  62. So I buy a bag of cat litter and put moth balls in it ok will do… I noticed then in the cage with my black lab and he barks at them this is only the second time I seen her.. I need something that’s not poisonous to my animal

  63. Got a Black Racer hanging around all week, deployed mothball perimeter 36 hours ago but still hanging inside perimeter:

  64. mothballs and other chemical repellents don’t work to deter snakes. It’s been proven time and time again..

    the use of mothballs as a snake repellent… being spread outside on the ground is illegal. It poisons the ground and the groundwater…

  65. I am huge fan of venomous snakes and i love them but at the same time i wouldn’t wanna have any around my house or where i live , i would make sure i get rid of them entirely which means i would either kill them myself or have a professional snake hunter get rid of them from the whole area and NOT throw them across the road , Rattlers would make a great belts and cowboys shoes , i would leave the head for my hat lol but seriously how can you live with snakes around you ? It’s either you or them , these products don’t work one hundred per cent so make sure you get rid of them and their nests and do it the right way and remember snakes are faster than you so if u don’t know what you doing then Call the pros , don’t put your life at risk .

  66. About the black racer snake : that snake is a constrictor , non venomous (if it’s really a black racer , remember some snakesdo look alike but they are not the same , never approach one if you are not 200 per cent sure ) .

  67. All snakes are allergic to lead…

  68. I bought a house in North Carolina that had been empty for 4-5 years. We have been repairing it and we live in it when we go down for the weekend. We have found several snake skin from the shedding. Two inside the house and Two outside of the house. We are now finding snake scat in new places. We have looked for the snake and we can not find them. How can I get rid of them

  69. I have also heard of the moth ball trick, but I just recently heard that if you or just pour a touch of gasoline into their hole they will leave because they hate the smell of it. You don’t have to light it. I am still going to put some mouth balls out, but in plastic bottles so my dogs and horses don’t get sick and so the mouth balls don’t poison my ground. I have a well. So that would be bad!

  70. I’m reading all this I’m currently at my office about to sleep on the sofa as its so early morning I can’t find a hotel that will let me check in. At 1:00 went to the bathroom came out saw the tail end of a snake slithering into the spare bedroom couldn’t tell size 2 weeks ago found baby milksnake on window sill……I need help before I burn my house to the ground. …my lawn guy 2 weeks ago put down snakes way and lye which he said would keep them out but ummmm No….I’m crying so hard I’m vomitting…..desperate! !

  71. (((I HAVE ENJOYED)))) Each, and every one of your comments”””On SNAKES!!! I make sure OUR HOME has all holes sealed up with spray foam. No mice have been in the House in Years!!! THANK YOU LORD!! I keep WASP SPRAY ON BOTH MY PORCHES, and Hubby uses SNAKE AWAY around the Yard!! I love you all, and mat God Bless you, and keep you all safe!!

  72. i had found snakes in my inside of house for searching rats.. at night time roof of my hut and on the mud walls….i have two children…please give best suggestion as early as possible…

  73. What about spraying bleach around perimetre

  74. mothballs are toxic to pets the odor can kill a cat cause liver or kidney damage blindness and coma from the fumes. Pregnant women can have possible side effects from inhalation of fumes causing unborn child to have hemolytic anemia. WHO (world health organization)feels it can be possible carcinogen. Recommendation is when in use to be self contained. not spread over yard. can leach into soil and plants use with caution. Ir was used at work outside in yard and in 10minutes we had headache and nausea. If scattered in grass danger is small child and or animal might eat or touch. Dermal touch of product can possible cause side effects…hence the warning to glove up and mask. Heck shot the damn snake sounds safer to me with a 410 and snake or rat shot. Hand it on the fence of your garden for a few days as a deterrant for other snakes and or crows. Signed a registered nurse

  75. ps if you are lucky to have road runners in your state they eat snaked ever rattle snakes.

  76. Well its a sleepless night in SC. Ihink I have a King snakein my vacuum cleaner!! I did not look at it long enough to determine whether it is poisonious or not. Thank God I was using the hose of the vacuum at the time. Otherwise I do not know what I would have done other than vacate the premisis. I have lights on and I cannot shut my eyes. This may sound stupid to some but I dont do spiders and/or snakes. Someone is going to have to make an exit for this creature or the garbage pick uo will be hauling off my Hoover today!! Oh, did I mentionI killed a Huge spider today while cleaning my kitchen. It was on the 2nd shelf just peeping around the dividerlike it wanted to pounce on me!! I swatted at it, it dropped tobthe counter and in between my heart attack I managed toswat Iit. This just has not been my day. V

  77. Mothballs, you need educating. DOES NOT WORK for snakes.

    Use of a pesticide not in
    accordance with the label is a violation of
    the Florida Pesticide Law. Violators may
    be subject to administrative action, which
    includes fines up to $10,000 per violation.
    In addition, those misusing pesticides may
    be subject to the penalty provisions of the
    Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and
    Rodenticide Act, administered by the EPA.

  78. I am working in Democratic Republic of Congo. Large tents are our accommodations. Our camp is in an isolated wooded location. Where black mambas are abundant. Every now and then snake would crawl in some of the tents around the camp. What would be the best natural repellant for snakes that would best applicable in our location.

  79. does bleach work?

  80. had a contractor put down moth balls and broken cfl bulbs that contain mercury. read that the cfl bulbs can turn to merthlymercury in the soil bacteria and am wondering who would know if the combination would be hazard

  81. My Grandfather had a snake that upset my Grandmother so she put mothballs in his underwear draw & that snake didn’t upset her again.

  82. like the info was told use chorine pool tabs bad snakes got rattle snake timber pygmy and timber some areas bad s.e. georgia gonna try kitty litter and moth balls got large area to cover life in woody country

  83. I don’t like cats, but I have about 12 or 13 sometimes more. I have only seen one snake in about 15 years. Of course there are no squirrels,
    and birds stay high up. Mice generally stay away too. No bugs. I’m willing to keep the cats.

  84. Help…I just moved to a heavily wooded area and I have a ditch in the back yard which holds rain water for days…While walking my pup I seen a head pop up from the water…Of course I ran inside. I’m terribly afraid of snakes and already have heart issues….So what can I put in yard ,water…Everywhere???? Is moth balls only harmful to pets if swallowed??? Thanks

  85. Snake head….

  86. Walking through the bush to a secluded clothing-free beach, we all threw our clothes in our backpacks and trekked on. I got the urge to pee, so I hung back a bit from the group.
    I was mid stream while watching that the girls didn’t look back, when I happened to glance down to find I was actually peeing on a HUGE venomous snake about the length of the Great Wall of China….and he wasn’t happy.
    Needless to say, I was off like a racehorse.
    The rest of my group swear I went past them @ mk2, pointing back and screaming something about dragons…….
    …..putting out bushfires as I went.
    Sigh……yes, apparently I was still peeing like a racehorse as I passed, and later, everyone could point to the wet plimsol line on their legs as proof.
    Also, photos were taken, just in case their great great grandchildren should forget any small part of the story, 150 years from now.

    I’ve faked my death and moved interstate now.


  87. For those who live in the country, guinea hens and turkeys kill snakes even copperheads. Worth looking into.

  88. In Wisconsin most country people used to keep a bull snake in the cellar and root cellars to kill any rodents or timber rattlers (poisonous). Even knew someone in Idaho who had one in the chicken coop slep on top of the nest boxes, never bothered the eggs just snacked on rodents. Bull snakes can be big but if your having to protect people and pets from poisonous snakes, fight fire with fire. We lived in a snake infested old sawmill area. My mom had to ride the lawn mower with a pistol as the snakes would kill the mower she’d have to stand on the seat until the snake slithered out. Man was she a good shot with the .22, shotgun shells go too expensive. The yard was bulldozed, full of snake eggs. Lots of bullets. Killed alot of 6-10 footer ” Grandaddys” we called them. Nonpoisonous thank God but my mom was a city girl. I dont know how she ever survived it with 5 little kids. Needless to say most of us are not afraid of snakes. Just the youngest who wasn’t old enough to ” desensitize before we moved. If you built on snake habit, you will have snakes. The best fix – to move.

  89. My friend told me today that they have seen a 2+meter Black Mamba enter into their roof. They often hear it (them) slithering up in the ceiling. They have found many babies on the floor between the tiles. How can we get rid of them?

  90. Live in Texas Panhandle and a few years back found rattlesnake din on my small farm. Killed 22 in 1day. Called Texas Tech University for advice. Was informed to pour 1gallon of household ammonia on den site. Cheap. Did so and have not seen any more rattlers until this week! This morning killed a 10 button rattler in my laundry room, inside house! Back to the store for more ammonia. Nasty stuff, but not as nasty as rattlers! Beware if pet owner!

  91. Snake repellents do not work,last yearI had a huge black snake visiting all my bird houses, eating the birds, after swallowing bird he would slither to my garage floor to sleep it off, I sprayed him point blank with snake repellent,sprayed entire yard, repellent had a nice strong scent.He kept coming back, so I shot him and gave him to the local buzzard we fondly call John Henry.

  92. I definitely agree with those people who aren’t fans of snakes. Randomly seeing them somewhere, such as in our garage, is terrifying for people who aren’t fond of them. We had a neighbor help us get rid of a black snake in the garage yesterday. He killed it and the next day when I was in the garage to throw some trash out, I turn to go in the house and there’s another black snake on the step near the door..Scared the heck outta me! So yes I’m here looking into deterrents so I’m not scared half to death in the garage anymore.

  93. Live in GA, new house with buffer woods behind grass line. I decided to clean out some of the buffer woods to place a pavers patio/w fire pit there, and found 3 baby snakes (2 brown snakes, 1 black snake with gold ring). After killing them, I did research to find they are non venomous, but I don’t think my family or I will find much pleasure in my new outdoor area if we feel that snakes will be crawling around in the area. Have purchased Snake Away, but it has been raining daily in GA and I’m afraid its just going to wash it, or anything else I put down, away an hour after I put it down. I will try moth balls with kitty litter as they are a little less expensive than the Snake Away. Not a fan of any kind of snake and would prefer they stay far away from my yard/house.

    • Try cinemon oil and olive oil. Mix it equally. Spray it all over the area. Snakes hate it. If you find a snake, spray it on them. It will crawl off and die. Also garlic. Snakes hate garlic.

  94. WTH, I just want to keep snakes out of my fenced in yard. Dead or not I don’t care. I want my kids and dogs safe. All I read here is a bunch of jackass’s pointing their fingers like s politician who just stole from social security. All I want is a natural repellant that won’t hurt my dogs. Then I found a artical, take cinemin oil and olive oil and mix them equally. Spray it everywhere you don’t want snakes. And 2nd get a plant called society garlic. Pretty blue flowers. Snakes hate the shit. Y’all are welcome !

  95. Well what ever you do don’t move to Australia because we have our fill of snakes as well! All your comments have caused a great belly laugh which was much needed as a 4 foot red bellied black has me bailed up with the dogs inside. Got bitten by a brown snake when I was young so my phobia has a strong basis, apart from my tendency to flick my tongue out and chase mice I don’t think the bit affected me too much…I’ve called the snake man from the next town for help….

  96. Hi:
    We live in the country. We get rid of snakes this way: Take gasoline and pour in the hole. then stnd back and throw a match. That ends them.

  97. best way is to hrind the moth balls up or smash them to small peices and sprinkle it around the outside of ya house and perimeter of yard and shed/barn after a heavy rain storm repeat but a sun shower wont hurt…sprinkle in holes and hollowed out trees..keep grass low cut and logs or piles of sticks away..

  98. Not sure whether to trust any snake-repellant advice, but I sure had some much-appreciated belly-laughs tonight, reading all these comments!
    I think I’ll be mixing crushed garlic with neem oil, spraying that around but it will smell strong: so I will also be mixing cinnamon oil with clove oil, adding some coconut oil (maybe?) or Skin So Soft by Avon (it keeps mosquitos, flies, ants and some other bugs away), shake it good and spray it around my doors, windows, and around the edges of my porch, plus into new wasp and bumblebee/hornet’s nests, as it has made those go away, also. Hoping the sweet smells will damp down the garlic smell somewhat…
    Bugs have been awful this year, and I have severe allergies to some..Snake has gotten into my bed mattress more than once, which is going to give me a heart attack if it gets between my sheets! I literally could not feel my pulse anywhere on/in my body for nearly 30 minutes, 3 days ago.. If this plan would not help at all, please advise.. Thanks!
    Southern-most Ohio Belle

  99. PS- does anyone know a natural-spider-repellant site, with good information? Because this is the time of year they start moving inside, and I nearly fell over when I saw a HUGE spider on my ceiling when I woke up this morning.. Thanks!

  100. A harlequin snake has appeared at our garage. Watched mesmerized as it slithered down the step. Phoned for help and by that time it had made a hole near a wall and disappeared. Going to get moth balls NOW.

  101. oh my, I am in Canada reading all the above posts. I am trying to get rid of the gardners around our cottage – sorry, snakes are not our friends and God actually took away their legs as a punishment with Eve’s bad advice! I will purchase LYE and buy some for my neighbors. I have feared them for my entire life – now at 51 just tired of them! Hoping to move to Florida or Texas and googling which area has less – terrible that the fear of them make my life decisions.

  102. I’m reading all of this about snakes and now do not know what to do! I have seen some snakes in my periodically. They are not poisonous and are not in the house. They are in my garden and when I am walking I jump when I see them and literally jump and scream(I know, I know, I’m a wimp- I don’t need to be told that they are doing good for the environment and they won’t hurt me. Trust me, I get it). But, I don’t like them. Can anyone tell me the best thing to do. I am reading several opinions. No kids, no pets, large yard.

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