When snakes in your backyard and house become a real problem, finding a natural snake repellent becomes a number one task to be accomplished. However, how can it possibly be done, if you know nothing about the existing types, forms and effects? We’ve decided to help you out.

Find out how various effective solutions work. The following article is going to become your helping hand in finding the best variant of natural remedy, effective enough to eliminate these reptiles from your life if not forever, then at least for months.

Natural Snake Repellents and Their Use

Snake repellents that workThere are many steps to be taken in order to repel snakes from your house, lawns and gardens. Before deciding on chemical methods there is always a chance to start with less radical, pretty safe for humans and pets, but efficient against reptiles.

Firstly, never make the area around your place attractive to snakes for lounging, snaking and finally living. This can be achieved if you regularly clear away all the piles of leaves and debris from your gardening area. It is highly essential to ensure that there are no holes in the walls of the house, barns or garage. When there’s nothing to feed on, there are no problems to deal with.

Generally, the optimal way to keep snakes away is removing all the things that attract them a lot.
They choose an area just because they find food and shelter there: piles of logs, lumber and rocks harbor different insects that snakes eat.

Of course, these reptiles can be pretty harmless, but still, there are many dangerous breeds to keep away from. Some of them suffocate their victims, while others bite with venom. This is why you should try some repellents. And what about snake repellent mothballs? Do they really work?

Efficiency of Snake Repellent Balls

These are quite effective snake repellents for backyards. They work due to the naphthalene ingredient they contain. In fact, this ingredient is frequently used in many commercial remedies. It irritates the creatures’ chemical receptors.

How to Use Moth Balls?

  • Moth balls for snake protectionProtection. Use a pair of plastic gloves and a respiratory mask. Open the container with balls. The mask will protect you from the fumes coming up out of the package or container.
  • Additional ingredient. After opening put the mothballs and the cat litter into a big container. Mix these two ingredients thoroughly.
  • Usage outside. Sprinkle the solution around the perimeter of the yard.
  • Usage inside. If you’ve noticed the reptiles inside your house, place the lid on tight and then just leave it in the basement for two days.
Moth balls don’t harm snakes. Instead they actually repel them naturally.

Mothballs can also be very hazardous to pets and domestic animals. While using, keep them away from children.

Snake Repellent Reviews. Powders, Sprays or Liquids?

How to find snake repellents that work? Of course, one of the best ways is looking through various reviews.

Here is a short outline of what may be used:

  • sprays,
  • liquids,
  • powder solutions.

They all are used differently and require special caution. Snake repellent sprays are among the most popular options. They are chosen for being environmentally friendly. This means they can be quite freely sprayed anywhere you need: in the gardens, and near pools, tool sheds, and barns, playhouses, under decks and rocks, crawl spaces and wood piles.

Why not take a spray bottle while camping? Just spray it outside the tent at the ground level. This natural solution is sometimes highly concentrated. So, it can be diluted with water and poured into several bottles for frequent use.

Sprays don’t harm lawns, flower beds and desirable plants even when used directly.

They start working right after the application and keep providing high-level protection for nearly one month. The regular application ensures an accumulative effect that lasts up to 60 days.

What about liquid repellents? They boast to be all-natural and easy-to-use.

There are seven main benefits they have, namely:

  1. Safe. They keep the reptiles away in a manner that is safe for humans and pets.
  2. Harmless. They are 100% naphthalene free, which means they are safe for plants.
  3. Long-lasting. The provided effect is always durable. That is why this is a hassle-free solution to use.
  4. Worry-free. There is no need to get worried whether it repels all types of snakes.
  5. Easy-to-use. There is no need to have special skills or knowledge about the use of the liquid.
  6. “Anywhere” protection. No matter where the snakes are, liquids work great anywhere.
  7. Tested. Such solutions are tested.
Today there is a whole bunch of commercial repellents available. Most of them contain naphthalene.
However, many scientific studies have shown that this is the chemical that is dangerous to both humans and animals. Don’t you agree that this is not the option you’d like around your family and livestock?
And liquid repellents DON’T contain naphthalene.

Sulfur snake repellents are non-toxic, but there is usually a recommendation to use a mask to cover your mouth and nose. The reason for that is the smell of the main ingredient. Such solutions have many advantages: they can be put in cracks of the building in order to prevent snakes invasion and stay calm, as they won’t attack you or any family member.

Liquid snake repellentIn fact, most moth balls (the solution we have already mentioned) boast to have sulfur as a number one ingredient. However, they can be used only outdoors not to cause diarrhea and sickness or, what is even worse, to be swallowed.

So, buy any sulfur solution from any local nursery and get rid of snakes in your backyard. Apply the remedy to the very area that borders your house and then just sprinkle a pretty small amount near the holes.

Sometimes the lawn is really big to be treated with sulfur. This is when you can take its powdered form, fill a sock with it and bump the ankle several times when leaving your place. This is how these creatures will not come to your house with you.

If you are looking for these snake repellents:

  • Lowe’s can become a great provider. Most homeowners buy here repelling granules and other stuff.
  • Home Depot snake repellents work as well.

Visit the place to get what you need and get rid of snakes as fast as possible. Of course, all the solutions work in different ways, but still, they all are effective. Your task is to choose the ONE that is going to repel all the reptiles.

To summarize, while you were reading a snake or two might have entered your yard. Yes, they all are relatively safe, till the time they enter your building, garage or barn; till the very moment they find your place attractive for living and feeding; till the second they become really aggressive to the owners of the place they are in. They aren’t adorable or friendly.

So, consider natural snake repellent not to kill but to scare them away and make never come back.

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