How to Eliminate Wild Rabbits with Efficient Traps: Traps, Baits and Poison

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Rabbits can be adorable as pets, but not when they are in your garden – feasting on a range of plants from broccoli to berries and herbs.

Trapping – popular method of rabbit control that can make your property inhospitable to rabbits. There are different types of traps. These days, anyone can purchase humane or lethal traps. It means you can eliminate rabbits by killing them with lethal traps and poison or trap them with humane traps and then relocate.

Here is what you need to know about wild rabbit trapping. Learn more about rabbit catching and find out what traps are the best and how to lure the rabbit into your trap.

How to catch a wild rabbit?

If wild rabbits eat your shrubs, vegetables, and plants, it’s time to take action. Want to know if these animals cause damage in your garden? Search for tracks – they have 5 toes on their front legs and 4 toes on their hind legs.

Catch them allThere are many methods of catching wild rabbits like:

  • Catching animals with a Trapping Pit;
  • Catching with a simple snare loop;
  • Rabbit catching with a homemade bunny trap or specially-designed-for-trapping traps.
When it comes to easy wild rabbit control, trapping is the best option.

How to make a rabbit trap? It’s not really difficult to make a homemade bunny trap. But if you want to achieve great results in trapping wild rabbits on your property, we suggest buying traps designed by trapping experts.

How to trap rabbits? You don’t have to be an expert to use a rabbit trap. Specially-designed-for-rabbit-control traps allow you to capture the animal, transport and release it with ease.

Rabbit traps for sale: What to choose?

These days, you can find different rabbit traps for sale. From live, humane rabbit traps, one or two-door set traps, 1 door collapsible traps to those that kill – it’s up to you what to purchase and use.

Let’s focus on some of them:

  • Live Rabbit traps.
    Live traps are very popular among trappers. They allow customers to trap animals humanely. Even if you’ve never attempted to catch a rabbit before, you will do it easily using a humane live rabbit trap.
  • How to set one door trapOne or Two door traps.
    You can purchase rabbit traps with one door or with gravity-action doors at both ends.
    The trap can be set with just one hand. What’s more, you can release bunnies without ever touching the door.
  • Collapsible traps.
    Does your trap take a lot of space when it’s not in use? You can have the benefit of using collapsible traps that are easy to put together – when you want to use them – and collapse, when you don’t need them.
  • Killing trapRabbit kill traps.
    To use kill traps you should have a license for killing rabbits in your area. Professional trappers often use Bodygrip Traps that come in different sizes. Usually, such traps are used when you know the path on which destructive rabbits are traveling.

Getting your garden bunny-free is possible if you will read our excellent rabbit removal tips. Here is what you need to know.

How to eliminate rabbits with best-selling live traps

When it comes to your home, garden and flower bed, even one rabbit can make a big impact.

Live, a humane trap is an excellent option if you know how to trap a rabbit in a live trap and where to place it.

  1. Traditional one door rabbit trapStep 1. Choose the trap
    Usually, Live traps come in one door – traditional – or two door variations. Both are equally for rabbit control. However, if you give preference to more setting options you are to choose two door traps.
  2. Choose right place for trapStep 2. Think where to place the trap
    Rabbit trap should be placed in the most-rabbit-activity locations. Most of their time, these destructive animals spend along transitional areas – shrubs, fence lines, tall grass, bushes, woodpiles, tree lines etc.
  3. Select bait for rabbitsStep 3. Select Bait

    To make rabbit trapping successful, you are to choose the right bait for rabbits. Keep in mind; these animals are herbivores – feeding mainly on root vegetables, leafy greens, grasses and some fruits. Use rich fruits and vegetables to attract rabbits in warmer months.

    If it is winter avoid prone-to-freezing baits that include a lot of water. We suggest using dehydrated apples.

    There are many plants that can be effectively used for rabbits’ catching.
    They include impatiens, roses, lilies, morning glory, sunflowers, pansies, and tulips. If some other plants in your yard  are being attacked by bunnies, you can use them as baits.
  4. Select and release a trap with one handStep 4. Set Rabbit Trap
    Follow unique setting instructions of the trap you’ve chosen. Test the trigger by placing on the trip plate.
  5. Relocate the rabbitStep 5. Monitor trap often
    Checking the trap often is very important. The animal should be released as soon as possible.
  6. Step 6. Relocate the rabbit
    Relocate the rabbit to rural location and release it. To protect yourself from transferable diseases or rabbit bite you are to wear gloves.

Once the rabbits are removed with a live humane trap, you can effectively keep them out with working rabbit repellents. Here is the best rabbit repellent – an efficient product for multiple animal removal.

There are many traps that work well to catch and release unwanted wild rabbits from your property.

You can choose one of these:

  • Tomahawk Rigid Trap with easy release doorTomahawk Rigid Trap with easy release door – features protective handle for safe holding and easy release sliding. Available in various sizes.
    Price: $68.57
    Where to purchase: available on Amazon
  • Rabbit Cage Trap by DukeRabbit Cage Trap by Duke – features pressure sensitive mechanisms and spring loaded doors. The trap works rapidly and is very effective for rabbit control.
    Price: $24.99
    Where to purchase: available on Amazon
  • Live Cage Trap Rear Release by SafeguardLive Cage Trap Rear Release by Safeguard – humane solution that provides you with a safe catch-and-release way of rabbit control.
    Price: $39.95
    Where to purchase: available on Amazon

When it comes to the best live trap, most experts agree rabbit traps by Havahart are the most effective ones.

Here is why:

  • Havahart is a leading manufacturer of humane animal control for more than sixty years;
  • Havahart Live traps are very easy to use even if you are not an expert and have never attempted to catch the animal before;
  • Powerful door, rust resistant galvanized wire, protective handle and external trigger rod make Havahart traps the best ones.

Here is what you can purchase:

Havahart Small-Sized Traps

It’s can be divided into traditional traps and Easy-set traps.

  • Small one door Easy set Trap – allows the trapper to release the rabbit while staying away from this trap. Just one simple step and the trap’s set.
    Price: $37.99 and $69.99 for 2 pack
  • Small one door humane trapSmall one door humane trap – effective option for rabbit control. The trap has a solid metal door and protective handle. Small Havahart rabbit trap is made of premium materials safe for you and the rabbit.
    Price: $27.99
  • Small two door Easy set TrapSmall two door humane trap – effective when placed along the rabbit path.
    Price: $30.00
Want to keep the trapped wild bunny as a pet?
Don’t do this – wild animals should not be domesticated as they can carry diseases transferable to humans and pets.

Havahart Traditional Medium-sized traps

Havahart Traditional Medium-sized trapsThese are effective, strong and durable.

You can choose any of these:

  • Medium one door humane trap
    Price: $39.99
  • Medium two door humane trap
    Price: $42.99
  • Medium one door Collapsible Trap
    Price: $44.99

Havahart Medium-sized, easy-set Traps

Havahart Medium-sized, easy-setThese safe and easy-to-operate, easy-set rabbit traps allow you to set and release the rabbit with one hand. With a 2-door rabbit trap, you can create a clear track from one trap’s end to the other. If you want to save space in your garage you can purchase a collapsible trap.

  • Medium one door Easy-set trap
    Price: $46.99
  • Medium 2-door Easy-set trap
    Price: $48.99
  • Medium one door Rabbit Collapsible Easy set trap
    Price: $48.99

Choosing the best bait for rabbit trapping

Choosing the proper bait is very important when trapping the rabbit. Remember, plant-based baits are the best ones to attract rabbits.

Apple cider is a good solution to lure hungry rabbits into the cage. Spray the solution on the inside of your trap.
Not only it will attract rabbits into the trap but it will also cover up a humane scent that can deter animals from entering.

Best rabbit baitsDetermine what types of foods your bunny is stealing and use them as bait to attract the animal inside the trap.

Best rabbit baits are:

  • Lettuce
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Apple
  • Carrot

Want to keep destructive rabbits out of your garden? Rabbit control can be stressful. Make it easier with these smart tips.

How to kill rabbits: shooting, lethal traps and poison

Rabbits are funny, but when these breeders station themselves on your property, the damage they cause is not a laughing matter. Due to rabbits’ ability to breed a great many times during one year, a small bunny problem can quickly become a much larger issue. If you have tens or even hundreds of these critters running wild in your area, the question of killing them becomes more serious.

Here are different methods of rabbit killing:

  • Shooting rabbitsShooting rabbits
    This is a quick way to make away with a small number of rabbits. Shooting rabbits is only legal in rural areas. Be careful – an injured-by-a-gun rabbit can spill blood over a big distance.
  • Lethal rabbit trapsLethal rabbit traps
    There are many options. Body Grip is one of the most popular and effective options. It will quickly crush the pest to death.  It can be set in many different ways and baited to lure the rabbit. These types of traps are very effective. And you can get easy and fast control of local problems. Another option of killing rabbits is using snare traps.

Rabbit poison

Poison is often used by gardeners as one of the rabbit control methods. The objective of using poison is to remove 90% of rabbits, preventing the population from quick recovery.

Poisoning is more efficient during the non-breeding season.

How to poison rabbits? Here is what can be used:

  • Pindone poisonPindone – is effective poison – rabbits can die after a single large intake. The solution is more effective when a series of small doses are taken during four or more days. The product comes in 2 forms that can be applied to bait material – liquid and powder.
  • Toxa – one of the most successful marketed poisons. The product is easy-to-spread and requires no mixing.
  • Bisulphide of Carbon – a poisonous gas that works to eliminate rabbits. Fumigation is an efficient method of rabbit control used where other methods are unsuitable.
  • Compound 1080 – a single tasteless and odorless dose. Usually the product is mixed with bait material in the field. It is relatively cheap and effective way of killing rabbits.

Rabbits have the ability to rapidly re-colonize locations, so your control programs should involve as many a number of properties as possible. Remember successful control of rabbits is determined not by how many destructive rabbits remain but by how many of them have been removed.

You can find further details of Rabbits Control here.

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