Smart Tips on How to Remove Wild Rabbits from Your Property

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Despite their cute reputation in the form of some loved cartoon character, rabbits are a major pest species in many regions. The capability of rabbits to breed as well as eat, chew and dig is one of the main reasons to control rabbit population.

Rabbits cost agricultural industry a lot of money each year and are often the number one pest for farmers. If the population of rabbits is left unregulated the problem will only multiply.

Trying to keep wild animals out of the farm, garden or yard can be frustrating but with a little ingenuity, your efforts for property rabbit protection could be well worth the trouble. Here is a control rabbit section for those whose property fall victim to the rabbit destruction.

Rabbit Damage

Rabbits are known as territorial animals. Territories where they feed are usually defined by piles of feces. Keeping destructive pests out of your property is a challenge but it can be done.

Let’s see what sort of problems they may cause:

1. Destruction of vegetation

Rabbit damageThe rapid spread of these environmental vandals may often leads to the destruction of vegetation and in its turn to the extinction of valuable plant species.

Burrowing rabbits often pose a threat to horses that can break legs in rabbit holes.
Depending on cost of vet fees to repair the animal’s injury it is often the case that the horse is put to sleep.

2. Plantations, forestry and orchards damage

Orchards damageRing barking is common problem.

Gnawing the way round the base of the trees usually is the main reason why the tree dies or becomes weak and unstable.

3. Garden damage

Garden damageLearning how to keep nasty rabbits out of your garden is necessary if you want to reduce their damage. How to get rid of wild rabbits is the problem that often puzzles gardeners. Not only these pests like to eat plants and flowers but they also are a thorn in flesh to people who like to keep their gardens aesthetically pleasing.

Seven rabbits can eat as much as 1 sheep.

Once pesky rabbits have relied upon plants as a food sources, gardeners must replace those plants. Rabbits dig scrapes in search of some young shoots and attack ornamental garden trees causing considerable expense to the owner.

4. Public areas

Public areas as well as sport grounds are favoured habitats for wild rabbits in both areas – urban and rural.

The main reason to control rabbits in these areas is due to rabbit digging. These animals often cause damage to sport equipment – cricket and football nets – and dig burrows which could result in a law suit against the landowner.

Rabbit damage

5. Conservation areas

Rabbit eat plantsWhen rabbits eat plants they don’t distinguish between the common plants and rare ones. This usually affects the existence of such plants.

Destruction of conservation areas is often caused by rabbit burrowing. Additionally, shrubs and trees often become ring barked which means they die! The question is then how to get rid of wild rabbits?

Effective rabbit removal

Getting rid of rabbits is serious problem for gardeners. There are different rabbit control options. But before starting, you are to identify when and where pests are causing damage.

Follow our simple steps to make your property bunny-free:

  1. Rabbit trapping
    Using traps is very popular these days. This inexpensive option helps to lessen the infestation of rabbits. If you will purchase proper rabbit traps, you will surely crack your bunny problem.
    Nowadays there are many safe traps that are easy to operate even if you are not an expert.
    To achieve a successful catch you are to choose the bait to lure those pesky animals into the trap.
    Rabbit trapping
  2. Fencing solution

    If you want to protect hay sheds or your home garden, fencing is the best option. This human method of rabbit control is what most gardeners choose when they have rabbit problems.

    Durable and strong nets are long-lasting solution especially in areas of high pest density.

    Fencing is the best option

    The type of fence you choose depends on your individual needs.
    You can use cheap chicken wire as a fence or purchase specially designed fence with small mesh squares at the bottom.
  3. Repellents and deterrents
    Being somewhat picky about scent rabbits can be easily kept away with the help of rabbit repellent and deterrent solutions that are available on the market.
    How to determine the correct repellent? Focus on problem areas and choose a natural repellent they can’t stand.
    From liquid or granular repellents to electronics it’s up to you what to choose.
    Bunny barrier - organic rabbit repellent

Additional garden rabbit protection includes planting less-preferred-to-rabbits plants and removing some of their favourite ones.

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