Professional Coyote Control: How to Make Away with Nuisance Predators

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Have coyote problem on your property? Then learning how to make away with them is important. Coyotes can be a nightmare for agricultural producers, farmers, and even residential property owners. These predators prey on chickens and sheep and raid yards and trashcans in search of a meal.

Whether you are interested in ridding predatory creatures from your backyard or participating in a trap and release programs, we have a variety of solutions for coyote control – including coyote traps, deterrents, repellents, and lethal control methods.

Take steps to make the area around your property unappealing to coyotes through an integrated approach of frightening, repelling and exclusion.

How to make away with a coyote in my backyard

Coyote in your backyardCoyotes can be found throughout the United States. 90% of the coyotes’ diet consists of animal matter. These animals also feed on a variety of different fruits including blueberries, peaches, apples, pears, and persimmons. When coyotes’ feeding leads them to the yards, livestock or pets, they become a real problem for many homeowners. While some people count coyotes as rather endearing, coyote removal and control may be a serious issue in the garden.

Damage: Their damage is quick and complete. They will readily eat chicken, pheasant, and turkey. They love eating eggs, causing huge financial losses to a weekend and commercial farmers. Stocked with fish or turtles ponds built by people provide a quick meal for coyotes. And if you are having some small pond on your property, it’s time to take control of these animals.

Getting rid of coyotes is not an easy task. When it comes to their control, there is a number of coyote control methods that will help you keep your backyard coyote-free.

  • Remove food from backyardTip 1. Remove food attractants

    It’s essential to reduce the attractiveness of your property.

    The main reason why a coyote may enter your backyard is food. While taking up food can be puzzling and time-consuming with farm animals, removing food sources and keeping food in secure containers helps to reduce the potential for predator attraction.

    Keep your backyard very maintained. Make sure your bushes are trimmed and your green grass is cut short.
    This takes away predator’s opportunities for shelter.
  • Install motion-activated sprinklersTip 2. Install motion-activated sprinklers
    Installing sprinklers will deter these predatory creatures attempting to sneak onto your property.
    You can also install bright lights in your backyard, use motion-activated lightning and ammonia.
  • Fence to keep coyotes outTip 3. Fencing option
    Although this option can change your landscape dramatically, many people find fencing a great solution to keep coyotes out. Install at-least-6-high fence around your property.
    To protect livestock from predators, put them in a barn before dusk.

How to catch: Excellent coyote options

If you feel that coyote problem requires human care, consider a live coyote trap. Trapping will help you to catch coyotes. Locate an area where these animals are present. Set the trap and camouflage it with natural leaves, twigs, and foliage. Use meat, fish or eggs to bait the trap.

Higher trap works better for coyotes.

Not only target food but also some coyote urine, sprinkled on the edge of the trap, will help you to get destructive coyote inside.


  • Havahart X-large one door trapHavahart X-large one door trap – the largest trap for the human capture of big critters.
    Price: $97.99
  • Human Trap by HumanewayHuman Trap by Humaneway – the easiest way to catch coyotes. The trap has handles on both ends which make it easier to lift.
    Price: $163.18
  • Coyote in trapImperial Pro Series Large Animal Folding Trap – working trap that features extra carry handles, double trap locks and heavy steel frame construction.
    Price: $169.95

Coil spring trapAnother option is Coil spring trap. This style of trap is widely accepted and efficient tool for managing coyotes’ populations. Due to this working foot-hold restraining device you can easily catch and hold coyotes.


  • Coyote Juice by Wildlife ResearchCoyote Juice by Wildlife Research – high quality coyote calling scent that completes your calling set-up.
    Price: $7.13
  • Coyote Trapping Lure by Pete Rickard’sCoyote Trapping Lure by Pete Rickard’s – 100% pure, works all season. This lure is the choice of coyote trappers for more than 80 years.
    Price: $4.68

How to keep dog-like predators away with coyote deterrent

Keeping a nuisance coyote away from your property is not easy – coyotes are not easily fooled. So how to remove these dog-like predators? The best way to repel coyotes is to employ a number of prevention and repellent methods to crack the coyote problem on all fronts.

What to use:

Effective deterrents

Coyote eradication becomes easy with the following deterrents:

  • Nite guard solarNite Guard Solar – helps to protect your pets, turkeys, chicken coops, etc. from coyote attacks. Install this deterrent and your property is safe. Don’t let these predators harm your valuable livestock.


  • Spray away elite IISpray away elite II – solar powered motion activated sprinkler that can effectively repel coyotes and protect any part of your property.

Urine repellents

Want to repel coyotes on your property? It is not so hard if you use the following options:

  • P-Cover Wolf Urine Granules – all natural, chemical free repellent for coyotes. Apply the product around the fence line or in any other problematic location.

    Coyotes often steal homes of badgers and foxes.
  • Timber Wolf Urine – efficient coyote repellent spray. Since coyotes are naturally afraid of wolves they will for sure avoid unappealing areas which contain wolf urine scent. Apply the option on the border of your property.
  • Mountain Lion Urine – another excellent option for coyote eradication. With the following solution keeping coyotes out of your property becomes much easier.
  • Pete Rickard’s Wolf Urine Hunting Scent – can be used for hunting, trapping or garden coyote control.

Urine coyotes repellents

What is the best way to kill coyotes?

Frankly speaking, no single method is the best. Why? Depending on the circumstances several control methods must be used simultaneously to solve coyote problem.

When it comes to various lethal methods, such options as snares, traps, shooting, and toxicants are available. Keep in mind that each method varies some degrees of experience to be made effective. The use of toxicants requires special licensing for the user.

  1. SnaresSnares
    This option is relatively economical and cost-effective. It doesn’t require as much skill as traps do to be used properly. Snares are effective in sheep and goat areas and in places under a net wire fence.
  2. Leghold traps

    This mechanical capture device can be used on trails or at fence crossings. However, in sheep pastures, leghold traps frequently catch livestock.

    Neck snares and leg-hold traps can cause severe pain, sufferings and injuries.
    Pets often become unintended victims of such set-for-coyotes traps.
  3. M-44M-44
    The device delivers a toxicant for coyote control. When the animal pulls the baited capsule holder, the spring-operated device releases sodium cyanide into the coyote’s mouth. The coyote becomes unconscious and dies in a relatively short time. Note that livestock can also occasionally pull the device. This option is more effective during the cool days of fall or winter.
  4. Calling and shooting
    Various calls – that imitate howling coyotes or injured prey – are available. Calling is successful in areas of high coyote population. Shooting requires some skill.
  5. Livestock protection collarLivestock protection collar
    This coyote control tool is directly applied to the target animals – goats, sheep. The collar consists of 2 rubber bladders that contain compound 1080 attached with straps to the sheep or goat throat. When coyote attacks the throat of the animal – sheep or goat – it receives a lethal dose of sodium fluoroacetate.
    The use of this method doesn’t require experience or skills. But because compound 1080 is very toxic, LPC applicators must be certified and licensed.

Keeping a nuisance coyote away is not an easy task. But by using wolf or human scents as a deterrent, motion activated sprinklers and traps you can make coyote control much more successful.

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