Are you tired of cats pooping in your lawn, lounging on patios and decks or digging up your nice garden? Foul odors, unpleasant messes – you can stop cats from damaging your property with the help of excellent deterrent solutions.

Lean how to condition cats stay away without using harmful chemicals, poison and traps. Find more information on electronic, automated and motion-activated solutions. Take steps to select your cat deterrent and make your lawn, yard and garden unappealing to cats.

Efficient tips on how to deter destructive stray cats from your lawn

Stray cats are not well-behaved guests. They can easily wreak havoc with your lawn.

To deter unwelcome stray cats from your beautiful yard you are to:

  • Stray cats1. Remove attractants

    Food sources, water and the scent of other stray cats are the main reasons why cats may enter your property. This is why the absence of attractants is critical.

    Take the following actions:

    • Avoid feeding cats on your property.
    • Secure garbage bins.
    • Clean up your pet or leftover food and drinks.
    • Remove trash.
    • Remove sources of standing water from your yard.
    • Clean up cat feces on and around your yard.
    Garbage is one of the biggest food sources of stray cats. To deter unwanted trespassers, spray your waste containers and trash bags as often as possible.
    Don’t let nasty cats dine on your garbage!
  • Fence for cats preventation2. Construct fence to prevent cats
    Made-from-chicken wire simple fence will prevent cats from getting into your yard.
  • Deterrents to scare cats3. Scare cats with deterrents
    Sudden movement, noise and burst of water can condition neighbors’ and stray cats to leave any area. Electronic deterrents will be an excellent protection against cats.
  • Natural cats deterrent - Plant Coleus Canina4. Plant Coleus Canina in your yard
    Coleus Canina or Scaredy Plant is appealing plant with blue spiky flowers. The plant will be an excellent outdoor deterrent solution in your yard as it releases not-pleasant-to-cats odor.

Cat control options don’t require harming the animal. Easy-to-apply, organic cat repellents and deterrents are available that will easily and quickly condition uninvited cats to stay away without having to damage your lawn or poison the animal.

Best-selling products for outdoor and indoor space

A big amount of your energy and time goes into keeping your outdoor space looking beautiful, so it is no wonder that you really want to protect your lawn or yard from damage caused by local and stray cats.

Now you can do it by using these great options:

  • Scarecrow cat deterrentScarecrow cat deterrent – excellent motion-activated sprinkler that effectively presents humane way to keep cats from disturbing your lawn without the use of chemicals or complicated cat traps.

    Price: £58.41

    The sprinkler combines:

    • Unexpected motion;
    • A surprise spray of water;
    • Noise.

    These 3 effective combinations create effective and safe deterrent to unwanted cats.
    The simple and efficient water-based concept of the product makes Scarecrow a perfect choice for people who consider fences unappealing.
    Why it is effective: The sudden spray of clean water scares cats and they associate this unpleasant experience with your lawn. So the cats will avoid the area in the future.

  • SSS Cat Automated Cat Deterrent SpraySSS Cat Automated Cat Deterrent Spray – odorless, stainless and harmless automated spray system to protect indoor areas from cats.
    Price: $41.99
    Are they scratching your furniture, chewing plants or jumping on your tables? Now you can stop cats from damaging your things with the help of Sss cat. The device detects the movement of the animal and then releases a brisk spray that surprises the cat. The device protects indoor areas within a radius of 3 ft. Once the animal makes the association with Sss Cat, it will surely stay away.
  • Orbit Yard Enforcer SprinklerYard Enforcer Sprinkler by Orbit – motion-activated cat control sprinkler. If you want to deter cats of your flowerbeds or any other location, position the sprinkler in the direction of where the cats enter your yard.

    Price: $69.97

    Benefits: This deterrent sprinkler has both day and night detection options. When it comes to cat control – don’t hurt these critters, just squirt them. Orbit Enforcer is the best way to protect up to 1600 square foot area.

    You can:

    • Adjust the duration of the spray.
    • Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

Ultrasonic cat control deterrents for better defense

These are very popular methods of cat control for those who want to learn how to quickly get rid of nasty cats.

We provide you with the following ultrasonic solutions:

  • Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent by CatStopCatStop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent – this automatic option is the best solution for those who don’t want to use fences or chemicals. CatStop emits an unexpected burst of not-pleasant-to-cats ultrasonic sound and teaches cats to go away.

    Price: $58.16

    Installation: Place the deterrent in any possible outdoor space you want to protect and the product is ready to go.

    Top 3 reasons why it is effective:

    • The cat is startled by a powerful burst of effective ultrasonic sound.
    • The CatStop doesn’t operate continuously. It waits for the cat to come making the function unpredictable for the animal and in its turn more effective.
    • The cat will avoid the location in the future.
    Electronic deterrents are much more convenient than traditional ones.
  • Yard GardYard Gard – discreet, electronic and human way to deter neighbour’s wandering cats or feral cats. The product emits high-frequency (extremely unpleasant and irritating to cats) waves which are nearly silent to humans. Protects up to 4,000 sq.ft. The product is worth the investment especially if you have thoughtless neighbours who allow their cats poop in your yard.
    Price: $98.00
    Ideal for use at: Front and side yards
  • Yard SentinelYard Sentinel – offers great cat protection for almost everywhere. With this electronic solution you can quickly remove cats that have been invading your privacy.
    Price: $39.99

Top 2 Motion sensor cat deterrents

Motion sensorElectronic deterrent devices are extremely effective at deterring stray cats. They can effectively frighten away and cause discomfort to cats.

To make sure stray cats don’t learn to avoid motion sprinkler, you are to reposition it. Soon, neighboured or stray cats – who don’t like being sprayed with water – will associate this unpleasant experience with your lawn and will quickly stay away.

You don’t need to continuously reapply cat repellents. With electronic devices, unwelcome cats will be deterred with only water and sound.

Here are the most effective motion deterrents:

  1. Spray Away Elite IISpray Away Elite II – detects cat’s heat and movement and releases an unexpected burst of water with noise and motion. This frightens away cats and conditions them to stay out of your property.

    Price: $179.99

    Benefits: The sprinkler saves electricity and requires much less maintenance than other traditional electronic sprinklers. The product is eco-friendly – it uses only water and noise – and efficient as there is no need for continuous re-application.

    The more methods you use to remove nasty cats, the better your defense. Combinations of different products will defend your lawn much better.
    For example, try an electronic cat deterrent alongside a liquid or granular repellent or a live cat trap.
  2. Spray Away 2.0. by Havahart – efficient motion activated sprinkler that can effectively defend your yard from destructive cats. This electronic deterrent constantly seeks out cats’ movement and frightens them off with quick and unexpected burst of water.
    Price: $ 69.99
    Havahart Spray Away 2.0

Natural cat deterrent effectiveness

There are many efficient products on the market to deter destructive cats. However, you can make homemade cat deterrent that will be as effective as the commercial one. Natural deterrents include cayenne pepper, citrus peels, vinegar, Chile powder and rosemary.

Lemon natural cat deterrentRosemary spray – a mixture of water and rosemary –  works effectively in outdoor space where stray or your neighbor’s cats may linger.

Again you can plant some rosemary in your yard. Cats can’t stand it and will avoid the area.
What is the best cat deterrent solution?

It is useless to speak of a single deterrent for cats, as what is efficient in one case can be the least efficient in tens of others.

If you don’t want to use dangerous chemical deterrents, hazardous electric fences, traps and messy sprinklers you can take advantage out of the following deterrent:

  • Pest Away - ultrasonic deterrentPest Away – best ultrasonic deterrent for cats and wildlife. Scares cats with strobe light and sound.
    Price: $49.97
    As soon as the cat enters your lawn the unit emits irritating-to-cats ultrasonic noise and flashes bright strobe lights to scare them away.
    Where to place: In any desired location.
  • Hoont Electronic Outdoor deterrent – human and environmentally friendly way to deter destructive cats. The product blasts a range of ultrasonic sounds and flashing lights. It has an optional mode of activating or can run continuously. You can select your mode of sonic, ultrasonic and strobe flashing.
    Price: $49.95
    How to install: Take deterrent out of the box, plug it and then select the desired mode.
    Electronic Outdoor deterrent by Hoont

In today’s world effective cat control is not limited chemicals, poisons and lethal traps. These days you can use eco-friendly and human deterrents – electronic solutions, motion-activated sprinklers etc. – while still demanding great results. From outdoor sprinklers to ultrasonic deterrents – there are many working ways to go!

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