How to Quickly and Effectively Kill Moles and Remove Them From Your Backyard

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There is no mistaking when a garden or lawn has been invaded by moles. Although you are unlikely to see one above the ground, the hills they leave are way too large and can leave your landscape in a noticeable mess. They tunnel underground and separate roots from the soil, causing the grass to dry as well as other vegetation. If this sounds familiar, then you must be researching and looking for yard removal techniques to save you the trouble of dealing with a messed up ground. In this write-up, learn quick and reliable methods and tricks of eliminating the moles from your home for good.

Mole eradication: How should you kill them?

Before getting down into mole elimination, understand that these can be fickle creatures that tend to frequently abandon their tunnels. This means you need to have a little bit of patience as identifying the tunnel they are in can be a challenge. The first step to eradicating moles is detecting the most active tunnel. Look for straight runway and stomp in with an object or your foot. If there are moles in the mound, they should repair the tunnel within a day. Among the multiple ways, there are of ridding your lawn of moles, one sure way of eradicating them is by using a mole-specific trap.

Does Chewing Gum Kill Moles?

Mole and chewing gumChewing gum is a highly considered method of eliminating moles by many gardeners. The idea behind feeding the moles on gum is to have them eat it and then have it ‘gum up’ in their stomachs causing them to die of digestive problems.

Gum is not scientifically proven to kill moles.

Gardeners are advised to cut the gum into tiny pieces, and then stuck them in the mound through digging holes and being sure not to collapse the tunnel. It is believed that the moles are attracted to the sweet smell of the gum.

Does Rat Poison Kill Moles?

RACO rat & mouse killerOne of the myths that have been used by many gardeners is that rat poison can be used to control moles. Understand that moles are insectivorous and they mostly feed on earthworms. Given that they do not eat roots or plants, they cannot eat rat poison used to control rodents.

How to Get Rid of Ground Moles

Mounds of dirt and tunneling are a sure indication of ground moles. When trying to get rid of them, the consensus among many gardeners is that trapping works best. This is because they are too inaccessible and less drastic measures are likely to fail.

However, before choosing your trap, it is important to consider:

  • If the trap is efficient enough to catch moles.
  • If the trap is safe to use. Many traps on the market today pose danger with their sharp spears, and some also are designed as strong chokers. When some of these traps are raised above ground, they could potentially harm pets and children.
  • Can you afford your choice of trap especially if you need several of them?
  • Will the trap be used on another occasion?

On the market, you are likely to come across three major types of traps including:

  • Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap: Victor Out O'Sight Mole Trapworth 11.34 dollars, this is one of the most powerful and largely available traps. However, it can be tricky to set.
  • Spear-shaped Mole Trap (Sweeney’s):Sweeney's trap info worth 16.50 dollars, as its name, it has spears and may not be the best choice for a home with pets and children. It is very common and can be found in almost every hardware.
  • NoMol Mole Trap: worth 20.95 dollars, of the three types of traps, this one is the safest but is hardly available. It sits below the surface of the ground and gets directly into the tunnel of the moles making it highly effective.
    NoMOL Traps

If you have tried using any of these traps unsuccessfully, the chances are that you have probably placed it in the wrong position. Ensure you place the trap in the traveling tunnel. Also, it may be that you have only made the effort of setting just one trap while you should place a trap in each mound in your lawn. Among many homeowners, there is the notion that getting rid of grubs can quickly keep off moles. Unfortunately, this does not work since the number one source of food for moles is earthworms.

  • Walk around your compound and look for tunnels. Once you find them, collapse them by stepping on them.
  • The following day, check to see if the tunnels have been rebuilt. If they have, that’s to mean the tunnels are active and this is where the traps should be placed.
  • Using mole traps is easier during spring and fall when activity in the tunnels is at peak. Be sure to cover the trap with leaves or any other material that will conceal it. Once the mole comes into contact with the trap, it should be immediately trapped.
  • When checking if any mole has been caught, be careful not to disturb the tunnel too much. Human scent is likely to deter the moles from getting close to the trap.

The Best Mole Killer to Use

Scientists’ opinions differ when it comes to eliminating moles. Some argue that flooding a tunnel with water does not work. Others say that castor oil has been tested over time and has proved to be an effective control method.

They argue that moles castor oil (31.27 dollars) is effective when trying to kill the pests. Click here for more information about castor oil for moles. Gas bombs and mole poison baits have also been seen to work. Trapping is common and highly effective, but some states such as Massachusetts have banned this method. While that’s the case, you can opt for bait such as Talpirid.

Talpirid is a bait mole killer that is worth 45.25 dollars and comes in a form that imitates earthworms. This bait contains a potent neurotoxin, highly toxic, known as rodenticide bromethalin and can kill moles within 24 hours. Due to its active ingredient bromethalin, it is directed to be used under restriction. If kids or pets accidentally consume this formula, it can pose a serious health hazard.

Talpirid for kills moles

Mole Poison

A lot of people prefer using poison to eliminate moles because this is considered an easy to go method. After trying traps and emerging unsuccessful, most gardeners consider toxic baits and poisons.

Although scientists consider toxic baits as a non-serious mode of killing moles citing that they are not attracted to food, poison manufacturers are now producing poisonous baits with the imitation of natural mole food. Mole poisons must only be used when there is a great need for elimination, and when no other option is available or none seems to work.

On the market today, there are several mole poisons, with some products having been proven useless at killing them. However, there are also those that have been seen to work. When choosing a poison to get rid of moles in your home, it is vital to read through the instructions carefully. The poisons leave behind a residue that can harm plants, and is therefore not advisable to use them in a vegetable garden.

  1. Bromethalin is a front runner of mole poisons. Its makeup imitates the smell, look, and the chemical makeup of earthworms. This is what tricks moles into feeding on it. Bromethalin is an active ingredient composed of fluorine and bromine. After consuming this poison, the moles are said to undergo brain changes, convulsions, and finally death.
  2. Whole Control: this restores a lawn by preventing the formation of tunnels that may be caused by moles. The ingredients of this product are natural and biodegradable. Whole Control is not destroyed by rain and remains effective for up to three months.
  3. Rodenticide warfarin is the other common mole poison. When in the form of gel, the poison is said to have a very high mole eradication effect. It inhibits blood from coagulating and causes the mole to bleed to death internally. It can be discharged into the mole tunnel with a syringe. Once moles are attracted to it, they ingest it and die within two days.
  4. Zinc Phosphide: this product has been proven to kill moles. Its pellets form a chemical reaction which then creates phosphine gas. It is believed to be a quick acting poison that has the potential to kill moles within 3 hours. This poison reacts to stomach acids and creates a toxic gas which then kills the moles from the inside. Perhaps one advantage of using this poison is that even when pets eat a poisoned mole they do not experience adverse effects except vomiting and nausea.
  5. Castor oil: although mole facts and scientific studies do not give a clear cut definition of the effectiveness of this substance, most gardeners still believe that it has a high potential of eliminating moles. Despite the absence of this proof, the effectiveness of castor oil is widespread and has been the preferred choice of poison for many.
    Further mole facts can be found here.

With so many tunnels zigzagged across your lawn, it may be necessary to invest in poison, especially if your professional trappers are far between and few. Prior to selecting the ideal poison for your case, conduct thorough research. You can only make the most humane choice by understanding how each affects living tissue.

Tomcat Mole Killer

The only mole bait scientifically tested and proven to kill moles is Tomcat. Worth 14.99 dollars, it is designed to mimic grub and earthworm, which are the mole’s natural sources of food. It has been proven to kill moles within 24 hours of ingesting a single placement.

Grub Formula of Tomcat Mole Killer

The active substance in this formula is bromethalin, which is highly effective in acting on the nervous system of the moles. Tomcat has not been reported to poison pets and soil, but this is only because it is placed in the in-depth of soil where it can hardly be reached. For that reason, if you have a dog that likes to dig the lawn, keep it away from the treated area.

  • Identify surface runways and dig a hole in the top of the hill being careful not to collapse the pile.
  • Wait for about 72 hours to see if the moles made the effort of covering the hole. If they do, it means the runways are active and Tomcat needs to be injected immediately.

Tomcat mouse killer

Poison Peanuts

Worth 9.84 dollars, poison peanuts fall into the category of Zinc Phosphide, poisoned peanuts can be easily ingested and then hydrolyze in the digestive system of the moles. This then leads to the blockage of ATP production through stopping cytochrome oxidase action. ATP is responsible for the production of energy in vital cellular function.

After marking active tunnels, the next step is to carefully place a teaspoon of the pellets at the top of it by creating a hole and covering it with a stone. Vegetables grown in areas treated with the Sweeney’s peanut poison pose little to risk to consumers. Zinc Phosphide which is the active ingredient in the poison is not directly absorbed through the roots of the plants.

Sweeney’s Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts S6006

Sweeney's Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts S6006

Eliminating Moles with Chemicals

Although traps work, they do not guarantee that other moles will not come crawling back into your landscape. Chemicals ensure all moles are eliminated, and that there is no chance of them ever coming back to your compound. Where you place the chemical solution is what needs careful consideration. The two common chemicals include worm-shaped baits rich in Bromethalin and Warfarin.

The Best Mole Poison

The quickest way to get rid of moles is by the use of poison. When it may not be the best especially around pets, plants, and kids, it can be highly effective. The poisons are available in various sizes and shapes, from gel, fake earthworms, liquids, and more.

The most effective mole poisons available today include:

  • Talpirid 45.25 dollars.
    TALPIRID for kills moles with Bromethalin
  • Mole and Gopher Patrol Bait 17.97 dollars.
    RCO Mole & Gopher Patrol
  • The Giant Destroyer Gas Bomb 5.99 dollars.
    Giant destroyer smoke bomb
  • Tomcat Mole Bait 23.00 dollars.
    Tomcat 10 worms mole killer
  • Sweeney’s Poison Moleworms 11.80 dollars.
    Sweeney's poison moleworms
  • Kaput Mole Gel 14.56 dollars.
    Kaput Warfarin Mole gel bait
  • Moletox Baited Gel Mole Killer 19.87 dollars.
    Moletox Mole Killer

The above are the most effective mole poisons, but the top of the list is Talprid Mole Bait. It uses a very active ingredient known as Bromethalin, which is formulated with the smell and flavor of earthworms.

Talpirid information

One of the most frustrating problems in a garden is the damage caused by moles. With the appearance of raised ridges and tiny dirt volcanoes in your lawn, it is a clear indication that you are indeed harboring moles. With the above remedies on how to kill moles, you should now be well set to get rid of them as soon as possible.

You can find further details of Moles Control here.

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  1. This is great information, but can I just go into a hardware store to purchase traps? Do they kill the beasts of just trap them?

    • They are in my front and back yards and all in my vegetable garden

    • traps impale/kill them

      • We have tried traps can’t catch them tore up my flower beds. Garden what do I do have 5 traps

        • Lets’ make a deal … send me a photo of the traps you have and how much you want for them.

          • They sell em on Amazon.

  2. How to get rid of moles for years at a time without killing them.

    Our yard was being ravaged by moles 3 years ago. I went to a local Ace Hardware store to get something to rid our yard of the moles. I read the list of chemicals that were included and to my surprise, a large part of the content was garlic. I did not buy the product. Instead I purchased and used 2 bulbs of garlic ( peeled) and cooked them in 3 or 4 cups of water until they were very soft. I drained the water from the pan, let it cool and put most of it in the blender along with the very soft garlic. I made a liquid solution and used it with a sprayer bottle attached to the hose. I covered the entire front and side yard. A few days later I noticed that my neighbor who was on vacation had moles hills and trails in his yard. So while he was gone, I used the remaining home made solution to spray his yard, too. That was three years ago. We have not had a mole in either of our yards since. I expect to someday have to do it again. But it only cost me a little time and about 75 cents for the package of garlic bulbs. The product I would have bought was much more expensive.

    • wow, I am so trying this, nothing else works and trapping seems to extreme for me. Thanks for the great tip! Hope I have the success you had.

    • I am having the same problem you had in 2014. I hired an exterminating service he used the traps, no success.. then sprayed some castor oil and told me to do the same. Didn’t work. Anyone who has anything to do with lawns, are amazed at how bad my front and back yard looks. I am ready to do a Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack.

      My question, you did the garlic process in 2014 have you had to do it again this year and did you have to repeat the process and how often if you did.

      distraught and furious
      Gerri Voss

      • Hi! Yes moles can drive anyone crazy. Note that moles blow dirt around seven in the morning and seven in the evening. It blows three or four times but once every 5 minutes. So when you see the dirt move on a fresh mound, ask someone with a shotgun to wait a few minutes in front of the mound and when the dirt moves again, shoot ! My neighbor is a hunter and killed two moles in my yard in 10 minutes. Good luck.

      • Watch Caddyshack and you’ll see that reference makes no sense.

        • Yes, because Caddyshack is a documentary artfully disguised as comedy.

          I also have to wonder on the efficacy of the garlic lawn tonic as mentioned above. The poster and their neighbor must have awfully small lawns as it seems 3 or 4 cups of the stuff was enough to successfully cover front and back of two adjacent properties. Nonetheless I will try it but I will go big. Like mushroom cloud big. Garlic cloud big!

    • I am out to try this idea hope it ne successful.

    • I’m so glad I came across this site! We live in the country, and this is the first time in 19 year’s, that we are seeing a huge problem with moles! I will try your solution and see what happens! Thank you!

    • I am going to Verizon they are eating my flower beds you making me mad my husband said only way to get roses with a trap and a trap don’t work I’m going to try this thank you

    • thanks for the garlic recipe. I happened to have a while flower of cloves and I immediately boiled them to the very soft stage. I’m very excited about trying this because everything else I’ve tried has failed. I even tried putting a long thin funnel in their hiles and poured ammonia into them because someone told me that was the trick but it failed as well so what do I have to lose. lol …the inexpensive cost of garlic cloves. After everything I’ve tried along with the cost…this is worth a shot. Wish me luck! For those of you who are skeptical about trying this let me tell you. ..I will come back and post my results.
      Until next time…
      “Dora the Explorer”

    • Hello
      I am making the formula to get rid of the moles in our yard. Do you have to wait until it is cool to apply the solution? I live in MS it is about 95 degrees all week, How much area does four cups cover?

    • What setting did you set your liquid lawn sprayer at ? { how many ounces}

    • Garlic! I’m going to try it. I’ve got the little beggars in the front yard, first time since I’ve been here, and they’re really starting to piss me off. Now, to the store to buy some garlic!

    • I like your solution. Anyone else with success?
      It’s now 2018 is it still working?
      I have a maze of mole traffic & dogs that make my yard look like a bombing range. I need something dog safe.

  3. I agree 100% with the article. This spring my yard was totally destroyed by moles. It is quite unusual to have 3 moles in such a small area.
    They blow dirt several times in the early morning and early evening.
    A freind of mine has a shotgun so we waited for the moment when the dirt on the mound was moving and that is the signal to shoot. In ten minutes we shot two moles. The third one seemed a little smarter so I had to use traps. I put 4 traps in different “active” areas and two days later I got the third one. Now I have a clean yard.

    • Daniel, Your solution sounds not only effective,but also a heck of a lot of FUN! I unfortunately live in a suburban Northern Virginia neighborhood where discharge of a firearm is prohibited,BUT,it’s now completely legal to use a pellet gun in your own backyard! I have been quite successful with a Benjamin PCP air rifle(2 moles this year) but still, a 20 ga.or .410 would be a real hoot! Good hunting!

    • I’m going to try this cause I can!

  4. I had black spots on the ceiling.which I was told it was moles so I sprayed with bleach an it left holes in the ceiling. This is in my basement which I see .moves. I don’t know if that is molds or not
    I appreciate if you will send me some Info asap.

    • we are discussing moles in the yard. You seem to be talking about mold. But you must have a leak above the mold spot, and the backside of your drywall may be active,live mold as well. If the ceiling is damp, find and fix the leak first. Then get something from a hardware store to kill the mold, without needing to be rinsed.Use a stain blocking primer to cover before repainting. If the area on the ceiling is large, and has been wet for an extended amount of tiime, you may need to cut out that portion of drywall and replace

    • Looking again at your posting, if you sprayed with clorox, and got holes in your ceiling ,find and fix leak first. Drwall will assuredly need to be cut out till you have solid drywall, wipe drywall area on top of cut-out around on existing drywall with some diluted bleach, as last resort(the stuff you can buy that doesn’t need to be rinsed is ideal). Slap in a new piece of drywall, tape and texture to match existing ceiling . Beware of dried mold (white powder). It is very bad for respiratory system

  5. I’ve been waiting for years to tell this..
    Three moles were climbing out of a mole tunnel. The first one said “I smell food”, the second said ” I smell food” and the the third one said
    I smell mole*asses.
    thanks for your patience.. Jay

    • That’s Funny!

    • HARDEHARHARRR!! That wore a gooder, Jay

    • I always love a good joke…thanks

  6. PHOSTOXIN is your best and only way…I HATE the fact about taking an animals life, but when you have been through what i have and the amount of damage from paving, to indigenous plants to rock features…this was the only way….H I G H L Y P O I S O N O U S !!!TO ANIMALS AND HUMANS THO, saw more the morning and never again…

    • where do you get this stuff


        • Gas CO carbon monoxide. Call exterminators who deal with such gas treatments.

    • Where can I get Phostoxin and how is it applied?

      Thank you!

  7. I don’t know what to do now it seems as this yard is controled by moles.I have lost interest of planting any thing, any help please

  8. bought these mole removers at Walmart you put batteries in them and put they into the ground, they put off a beeping sound every few seconds and no more mole ta Dah so happy

    • My mother bought those. I laughed. Basically these devices are the electronic equivalence of “Get off my lawn!” There supposed usefulness are to a limited range and one would need several to create a ‘wall of sound’ to fend from the Still Alive Mole (SAM). SAM will return even more so than McArthur’s promise to the Philippines. This method simply renders the problem somewhere else. Your neighbor will thank you. No lie, I have even witnessed gophers crossing an asphalt paved street in the wee hours afore sunup. And the enemy is still alive and intact after your application of expensive electronic countermeasures. Anyone who buys these devices proves that P.T. Barnum was correct.

      • those electronic things sure have not worked for us, we have four in the yard and I think they attrack the moles, we have more then ever. I just put some very hot chili water in the holes and I hope that works, it sure does for ground squirrels

  9. My dogs have been digging up my yard and killed 4 moles in 2 days. I dont mind they dug holes as long as they ridded my yard of them.

    • less damage than the moles would have done over time

  10. last year I read about an item that you hooked up to your cars exhaust pipe and a garden hose to kill moles. Anyone know anything about this? Does it work? Where do I get one? Can’t seem to find it again. Tha ks, Jean

    • Doesn’t work. The reason is moles have much lower need for oxygen than even gophers. You’re more likely to kill your plants or asphyxiate yourself before exterminating moles by this method.

      Flooding with copious amounts of water intending to drown them also doesn’t work probably due to mole’s lower O2 requirement plus structure of tunnel system.

      I like the percussion method using the Winchester delivery system or similar. But that requires round the clock vigilance and heaps of patience. Who has time for that? Plus, the law man might have something to say about shooting within range of buildings.

      Destroying the tunnels by digging would cause the varmints to retreat but they will be back. You would have the happy occasion to celebrate but only until they return…right about when you replanted your garden.

      Simply, the only good varmint is a dead varmint. When did people become so touchy feely about the dreaded mole and gopher?

  11. Anyone who values the life of a mole is enotionally out to lunch. Moles hhave cost my wife and I wayyyyyyy too much money. The only good mole is a dead one. All these solutions may sound appealing, even the Garlic one. That one may be the only one I’ve yet to try.
    As for the ” Carbon Monoxide ” one it definitely does work. When I lived on my grandads farf we had an old WW II Willy’s jeep which blewvcopious blue smoke out the tail pipe. We found as old rubber hose and tried several methods of attaching the apparatus, we killed ground hogs, moles by the dozen, that is until the hose melted. You got to find a metal covering for the hose. If you can locate a short, say two feet mtal covered short hose that you can jury rid and attach a synthetic hose yo get it far enough from the end of the tail pipe where the heat is far less your in the game. An old stand by is to use aluminum foil, heavy duty, and wrap it around the hose, and the tail pipe, this works, but it takes a lot of foil nd you essentially destroy the set up when you take it oiff the pipe.
    Here’s to all the souls who have reached their wits end in the on going battle to destroy, kill, mutilate, water board this Bastard of an animal.
    You have the Lord’s permission to kill, with Extreme Prejudice, any mole your lucky enough to have succeeded in TERMINATING.

    best of Luck

    • I’m right there with you on the emotional detachment to these critters however I must say your system does not work. One, moles have far less need for O2 than even gophers. Two, yes the CO (carbon monoxide) molecule will displace the O2 molecule on hemoglobin (aka, asphyxiation)but not at sufficient concentrations to cause death to moles. Three, they tunnel extensively; it is not unheard of that they can dig at least 1 foot per hour. That adds up in a hurry. That will require every increasing amounts of CO day after day. A single application is not enough. Even here it is assumed everything working perfectly (no leaks to open air, etc) Four, such method is most effective in dry soil, wet or damp soil will lessen the effectiveness of an already questionable method because the moisture tends to absorb the CO at a higher rate. Since the context here is lawn and garden, ie, highly watered, what you propose will not achieve the CO concentration sufficient to achieve the intended result. Five, a by product of your method is that it also negatively affects the plants you intend to save. At that point the moles will have vacated on their own as you survey the garden which died by your own hand.

  12. Jean, Ace Hardware stores carry the hose that attaches to your tailpipe, I am sure you can order it from them on line, an of course Amazon has it, its called the “Underground Exterminator”

  13. How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Lawn. Just when you have planted a beautiful lawn, you notice mole trails of grass and dirt pushed up into mounds that ruin the picturesque setting.

  14. Just wonder the gum that kills moles maybe it’s the xylitol in some gum that is also vital to dogs and cats that kills moles.

  15. I currently have moles in my yard near the house where there is actually dirt. The rest of my yard is clay and rock, so no problem. I was reading on here to decide if I wanted to get into a fight with them. When I had a problem with gophers eating vegetables (cabbage) in my garden in California years ago, we got into a range war. I gassed them with the exhaust from my lawn mower till the yard looked like the English moors at morning; I flooded their tunnels and when they would stick their heads up to see what the hell was going on,I would shoot their little heads right off; I would wildly take a shovel and hoe and dig to their burrows (which were filled with my cabbage) and chop them up; and my dog would occasionally dig one out and kill it. I never did eradicate all of them, but I brought much entertainment to myself and my neighbors. They would gather each evening on their patios with cocktails in hand and watch the show. When I finally grew tired of the contest, I compromised by planting a larger garden and sharing with the gophers. Moles? Well, if they are only eating bugs and worms, maybe I will tolerate them till summer heat runs the off.

    • Very entertaining answer about the mole show. I saved it for reference. (smile)

  16. It actually sounds as if there are a lot of people having fun trying to shoot moles etc. Well now that my yard is a mess I will try the poisons.Unless someone wants to come to my house and have fun shooting them here in South Lyon MI. As a reward I will even cook you dinner and sleep with you.

    • That is what I call total commitment and graditude , My friends here in Cambria California one the edge of the Pacific ocean told me I must learn to ” become one with the moles ” , I have not been able to make that leap of faith ……… I just want them GONE ……………..Good luck with yours , hope you find like a Brad Pitt mole killer !!

    • ha ha ha ha. You are really hurting, aren’t you!

  17. I’ve been fighting these stupid moles for two years now. The best thing so far that I found is the poisonous worms. But it doesn’t help much when your neighbor just sits on there butt and does nothing to help out in any way…Guess I’ll try the garlic method now since we don’t have a silencer for the Glock… Darn

  18. How deep is their burrows, so I can get rid of these little bastard.

  19. New house last fall, new sod last fall. The moles from hell this summer. This is, far and away, the best all around advice. I have done all of the above on the first post. I will give you my results. Heck, I’m going to try it all. The best thought is blasting them to their greater reward. However, I think my neighbors would frown. Hence, I’ll start with the pellet gun and move on from there. Oh, I hate garlic though my wife loves it. I cannot imagine my house wreaking of garlic so will probably cook it outside. Gonna try the poison too. Beautiful home and once beautiful yard. Stay tuned…

  20. Moles are a nuisance garden pest, and can quickly damage your lawn and cause other problems. Decades ago we had a pesky mole who ravaged our front lawn at our former 7acre home, and we stuck a garden hose down the hole and blasted the tunnels to flood it. The trick worked, but if there is local city watering restrictions check with your municipal bylaw first. These nuisance animals need to be destroyed and can tunnel hundreds of feet a day and can frustrate the best of us. Gas mole bombs work too, but are costly and be careful not to inhale the fumes as they are wicked. Happy Trails…..

  21. I’m definitely trying that garlic recipe and you can count on an update. I’ve already boiled a whole garlic flower or whatever they call it. There’s approximately 12-13 lg. soft cloves ready for the blender and I put the garlic water aside to mix with.
    Until next time!
    “Dora the Explorer”

    • Dora- Did it work? You were supposed to report back!

      • Did Dora try and succeed?

    • yes did it work? I might try it anyway lol

    • Dora did it work?

  22. Does the garlic just repel the moles? I’m looking to kill them!

  23. Dora did the garlic work on getting rid of the Moses in your yard

  24. I killed 4 moles in two days. I used 3 mouse traps, and peanut butter.
    set them around a active air hole. Cover them with a bucket and put weight on top to keep other animals out. you should see results in a day or two. If the butter is gone and the traps are not tripped, you have ants. move to a different local. This may be a little tricky but it will work.
    Note: it may take a long time to get them all.

    • Wouldn’t it take a trap larger than for a mouse to kill a mole? Like maybe a rat trap?

  25. Had a wild female cat on my 2 acres and she did a GREAT job! Especially when she had kittens to feed. Amazing little hunters! However, she’s gone and now the moles are taking over!! Think I’ll try the mouse traps and peanut butter first, since I already have them. If I get one, I’ll bury it back in their tunnel…. maybe that will send a message?

  26. Don’t listen to ANYONE who says the tailpipe method does not work! It works perfectly. I even used aluminum tape and an old garden hose and just rigged it up. Cheap and looked ridiculous! Let it run for at least 10-15min. They will “DRT”…. Die Right There…

  27. I think THE MOLES have more followers that any famous person in the world…..if I could find a sure way of long term extermination, I WOULD BE A MILLIONARE

  28. Dora did it work,the garlic and the amount of garlic to use for 1 acre

  29. Did anyone try the garlic and it worked? I’m in desperate need of mole control they have torn up my yard but now are working into my flower bed!! Please help I have other pets so I can’t use traps or poison

    • have you tried the garlic and did it work?

  30. I have bermuda grass and a flat yard so this method works pretty well in North MS in the early spring before the grass starts turning green. Cut the grass very short, down to the soil level (this will not hurt it, but actually help when new growth starts!). Stomp down all the runs you see then go inside and wait 20-30 minutes. When you return, if you see one of the runs are active, get 2 shovels and very slowly put one in the run several feet behind where you see the mole digging. Then go to the end where the mole is and when you see the ground moving, use the other shovel to quickly kill the mole. I don’t believe in capturing and relocating. There are plenty more where these come from.

  31. I took a small speaker [about 6 in] put it in a bucket with a lid on it buried it 18 inches in the ground hooked it up to a cd player play music with a very heavy bass [doesn’t need to be real loud] 24/7. the noise keeps them away.

  32. I saw a solution not listed here that I have tried in the past and am using again now. It is a device that attaches to your exhaust on your car and then you attach a garden hose to it, run it to a mound and push it in. Run exhaust fumes into the mound for 10-20+ minutes and gas them out. I have so many this year compared to years past but when I used it, it seemed to work for that season. Problem I have is they come from the neighborhood and the pastures around me.

    It won’t post a pic I took of it but I wanna say I got it at Home Depot.

    I was looking on here to see if there is any pesticide I can apply to the yard which will take them all out with an application but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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