Getting Rid of Moles with Ease: Castor Oil Will Do the Trick

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Moles can be an unsightly nuisance and a major pest around that you don’t really want to do with long term. If you’re like a lot of people, you don’t really know the best way to remove moles – at least not without calling an exterminator and spending an arm and a leg to remove them from your property. In the long run, they might just come back anyway.

When it comes to moles castor oil can be an incredibly helpful tool in your arsenal. It’s also a cheap, effective option for mole removal that will get rid of them without killing them on your property.

Use this guide to learn more about castor oil is so helpful for removing moles and how you can use it around your home. You can even prepare your own formula designed to keep them away so removal doesn’t become a major procedure.

Castor Oil

Pure castor oil bottleMany people know castor oil as a topical beauty agent that’s received a lot of attention in natural health circles over the last few years. From getting rid of pimples to reducing inflammation in the body, many people say that castor oil is an untapped tool in terms of human health.

Other people may know castor oil as an ingredient in some laxative products. Used properly, it can be an effective and safe method of treating constipation.

While castor oil may have a few beneficial uses for humans when it comes to skin care or digestion, moles really aren’t a big fan of it. Just the smell of it alone is often enough to make moles look for a more relaxing spot to call home.

With the right combination of castor oil and other inexpensive, easy to find products, you can make quick work of moles and keep them from coming back to your home. For getting rid of moles castor oil is a top product that you may never have thought to use.

Actual Info
Moles can be found on every continent in the world except South America and Antarctica. Unless you live in one of those places, moles can be a real nuisance in your garden or backyard.

Ways to Remove Moles

Moles can wreck your garden and turn your winter or summer vegetable harvest into a dry season. While they can be destructive, there are DIY mole removal options that can get them to leave your backyard or garden area.

For getting rid of moles castor oil can come in very handy, so make sure you keep an extra bottle in your yard to prepare the appropriate mixture for the situation.

A Little Spice Will Do the Trick

You might like the idea of chowing down on something that contains spicy ingredients like chili and garlic powder. Moles seem to have a different idea of delicious than humans though, and those ingredients can send them running from your yard.

Water, chili pepper and garlicTo make up your own product for moles castor oil is going to be an essential ingredient:

  • Combine 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 1 gallon of warm water in a large plastic container.
  • Add one teaspoon of chili powder and one teaspoon of garlic powder to the mixture. Shake vigorously to combine.
  • Pour the mixture over holes created by a mole in your yard. The smell of castor oil, garlic powder and chili powder will be enough to have them running for the hills in no time at all!

Liquid Castor Oil Mole Repellent Recipes

If your backyard has been home to moles or you spot a hole with nobody home, you do have options for repelling those pesky creatures before they make their home a permanent residence and start getting mole mail at your address. One of the simplest tricks is to use a homemade mole repellent with castor oil.

Moles are looking for earthworms, not to eat your plants.

Use this formula to repel moles with castor oil and drive them away from your home:

  • Combine 1/2 cup of castor oil with 1/2 cup of liquid dish soap. Any type of dish soap you have on hand or can quickly obtain will work. This mixture will keep for quite a while and allow you to act quickly when you spot signs of moles.
  • Combine three tablespoons of the castor oil and dish soap mixture with one gallon of warm water from the tap.Use the solution by pouring a small amount into areas where you don’t want moles to go. You don’t need to soak the ground – just use enough to wet the area and keep moles at bay.

Castor Bean Repellent

When it comes to moles, castor oil can work wonders and it will only cost you a few dollars to make an effective solution. The dry version of castor oil, castor beans, can also be beneficial for keeping moles out of your yard.

To use castor beans for yard mole removal simply add a few to any hole created by moles in your garden or yard. The smell of the castor beans may be enough to keep them from returning to the same spot in your garden or backyard.

Natural castor oil

Don’t use castor beans if you have a dog that loves to dig and tends to eat things from your backyard. Castor beans can be toxic if your dog decides to eat them. You likely won’t know why your dog is sick either, making it hard to get prompt attention for a serious issue.

Pre-Made Products

Homemade mole repellents generally do the trick and they’re effective without having you spend a small fortune on pre-made products. However, if you can’t use your own solution or you would simply prefer a pre-made option, you do have a few choices available to you.

Many of these products can be used in conjunction with inexpensive castor oil-based solutions you make yourself:

  1. MoleMax – mole and gopher granule repellent is readily available at many hardware and garden stores. Made with castor oil, MoleMax is a product designed to be sprinkled into your garden or directly into holes created by moles that are living in your backyard. While it is effective, it can be dangerous for pets, so it should be used sparingly since you don’t want your dog or outdoor cat eating any of them.
    Bonide MOLEMAX Repellent
  2. Nature’s Mace mole and vole repellentNature Mace Mole & Vole Repellentdesigned with 100% pure castor oil, is a formula used by many professional exterminators. When used around your garden and in holes dug by moles, it will repel them so they don’t come back. One gallon will treat up to 20,000 square feet of space. Nature’s Mace mole and vole repellent is also safe for pets and kids when used property. Nature’s Mace mole and vole repellent can be found at some garden stores, hardware stores and online through Amazon and a variety of other virtual retailers.
  3. St. Gabriel Organics Holy Moley St.Gabriel Holy Moleyis a natural product that uses castor oil to repel moles via an unpleasant scent and taste. To use Holy Moley, simply add the mixture to your lawn or garden with a broadcast spreader. One bag of Holy Moley can be used to treat up to 5,000 square feet. Made with all organic ingredients, Holy Moley is a pet and child friendly. You can buy this product directly from the company, through garden retailers, some hardware stores or through online retailers like Amazon.
  4. Solar powered mole repellent tools. Solar powered repellent toolThese products create a sonic pulse underground that will keep moles from calling your garden or backyard home. Best of all, other animals like your dog won’t hear a peep. Many of these solar powered mole repellent tools cover up to 600-feet of space, so you’ll likely only need one or two for your whole area. Many hardware stores, garden stores and online retailers like Amazon sell solar powered mole repellent tools. Solar powered mole repellent tools can also be used with castor oil based products for extra protection.

Moles can easily destroy your garden, making quick work of your flowers or vegetables. While they may be more interested in the earthworms in your soil than your actual vegetables or roses, that won’t mean much when all of your plants are dead.

Moles can also leave unsightly holes in your backyard that can be dangerous for children and pets. When it comes to getting rid of moles castor oil is one of the best possible solutions you can use.

Combine your homemade castor oil mole remover and stay vigilant when it comes to treating your garden and you’ll notice that the moles have moved on for good after a while. If you’ve got a serious problem, using pre-made products like solar powered mole repellent tools at the same time can be incredibly effective.

You can find further details of Moles Control here.

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  1. Does castor oil work for gophers as well? I live in central California and I do not have a lawn. All my plants are on a drip. There is no overhead spray. How long will a castor oil application last. I realize rains will dilute the effectiveness of castor oil but it does not rain for 5 to 6 month at a time.

  2. Question: If I use a castor oil mix, do I need to spray water over it to help it sink into the soil?

    • No. The castor oil will not sink into the soil nor affect its structure. However, in general, the best way to apply liquid or semi-liquid fertilizers is before a rain event so they can soak into the ground without washing away.

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