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Are you exasperated by your inability to eliminate spiders from your house? Well, these arthropods are not only unsightly but also a health hazard to your family members. As such, you must choose an efficient method to eliminate them and guarantee safety for your family.

I understand the difficulties that you may experience when choosing the ideal products for use in your house. As such, I’ve compiled an elaborate guide of the top 5 best spider repellents that will undoubtedly boost your eradication strategies. These products have been tested and proven to eliminate spiders for good.

Our Top Pick
Stay Away spiders pouches
Stay Away Scent Pouches
All-Natural Spider Repellent
It's characterized by incredible ease of use. You'll just require to unwrap the product from the pouch and use it in areas colonized by spiders.
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Comparison of 3 Main Products that you should consider

Our Top Pick
Stay Away Spiders Repellent Scent Pouches review
Stay Away Spiders Repellent Scent Pouches
  • Plant-based and high-degree safety levels.
  • Easy to use poaches.
  • Conforms to the EPA Gold Standards and USDA Standards on Bio-Safety.
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People's Choice
Neatmaster  Electric Plug-in review
Neatmaster Electric Plug-in
  • Unique Plug-in design.
  • Non-toxic; safe to use even when you have children in the house.
  • Can cover an area of of 80 to 120 square meters.
Check Price

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WET&FORGET Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Killer review
WET&FORGET Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Killer
  • Ready-to-use formulation.
  • Comes with a sprayer and coil system for ease of application.
  • High safety guaranteed.
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Top 5 Best Spider Repellents that Eliminate Them Fast

You’ll agree that it’s not easy to select the best spider repellent from the numerous brands available in the market. This guide is specially designed to get you out of the quagmire. Read on to get the features, pros, and cons of the best repellent in the market.


1. Stay Away Scent Pouches – Most Effective Spiders Repellent Pouches with Proven Performance (Editor’s Choice)

See More ImagesStay Away spiders pouches
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If you need an environment-friendly product to chase spiders away from your house, then you should consider using Stay Away Spiders Repellent.

Some of the essential oils used in the manufacture of Stay Away Repellent include lemongrass, citronella, and rosemary. These ingredients guarantee an eco-friendly yet super effective product. It’s characterized by incredible ease of use. You’ll just require to unwrap the product from the pouch and use it in areas colonized by spiders.

The product is manufactured by EarthKind which has been applauded for operating with a 2% carbon footprint. This leading manufacturer uses plant-based active ingredients to make a highly effective repellent.

Where to Use

To achieve the best results, I recommend that you place the Stay Away Repellent pouches with every location with signs of spiders’ presence. You’ll easily identify such places by looking for spider webs. Be keen to check their hiding zones which may include the attics, basements, garages, closets, and dormers.

How it Works

Stay Away Spiders Repellent Pest Control Scent Pouches have two working mechanisms including:

  • Produces a scent that’s offensive to spiders thus keeping them away from your house. The best thing about this is the fact that this scent is highly friendly to human beings.
  • Interferes with the spiders’ ability to detect their prey. When these arthropods cannot detect their attractant, they’ll stay away from your house.
  • Keeping prey away from your house. The product also repels the spider’s prey which creates an unconducive environment for them thus forcing them to leave your house for good.

Also, it’s paramount to note that this product is specially designed to repel the spider but not to kill it. As such, there is always a chance of re-infestation. To prevent these stubborn arthropods from coming back to your house, you should treat your house after every 60 days. This guarantees that you’ll have a spider-free house for an incredibly prolonged period.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe to use even when you have children and pet.
  • Effective repellent for up to 60 days. The product conforms to the EPA Gold Standards.
  • Highly biodegradable. Follows all the USDA standards on bio-safety.
  • Requires effective follow-up sessions. Failure may lead to re-infestation.
  • Several pouches required to cover a heavily infested house. This may end up being expensive.

2. Neatmaster Advanced Electric Plug-in – Best Ultrasonic Spider Repeller in the Market (People’s Choice)

See More ImagesNeatmaster Ultrasonic Repeller
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This product is designed to guarantee ease of use and efficiency. It’s an electronic repellent with a simple plug-in design that enables you to conveniently insert it into a power socket for enhanced functionality. Once you switch on the product, it produces ultrasonic waves that repel all the spiders away from your house.

This is a plug-in product that has an immediate onset of action. Once you switch on the socket, the product produces powerful ultrasonic waves that irritate the insects’ hearing and nervous systems. As a result, these arthropods will move away from your house as they seek a peaceful abode. The double wave electronic repellent can cover an area of 80 to 120 square meters.

Why Neatmaster Repeller?

This product is a non-toxic spider remedy that does not use any chemicals. The engineering technology applied ensures that it produces no noise thus making it ideal for use in your family house. The high safety levels guaranteed by this product allow you to use it without the fear that your children and pet will be affected adversely.

Where to Use the Product

You can use this product anywhere in your house since its safety is guaranteed. However, I recommend that you concentrate on areas that are heavily infested first. For example, if you note that your garage has numerous spider webs, then you should prioritize it.

If the infestation is heavy, you should purchase several Neatmaster repellents to ensure that your entire house is covered. This product is usable in all the areas including the kitchen and family house with absolutely no safety problems.

  • Energy Efficient. This product is designed to use minimal power without compromising its efficacy.
  • Safety. Only uses ultrasonic waves (no chemicals involved).
  • Noiseless. This product is designed to work flawlessly without producing any sounds that can be a nuisance.
  • Convenience. This is a plugin product that produces no smell whatsoever. As such, you can use it and continue with your house chores with no disruptions.
  • Eco-friendly. No chemicals used.
  • Highly effective.
  • Can be expensive to acquire especially if your house is heavily infested.

3. WET&FORGET Miss Muffet’s Revenge Spider Killer – Discover the Best Unique Indoor and Outdoor Sprayer for Convenience During Application

See More ImagesMiss Muffets
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This product was designed to offer a long-lasting effect since it protects your house from spiders for up to 12 months. If you want to get rid of the spider menace, then you may need to consider the WET&FORGER. It helps you to get rid of the spiders within your house as well as those that have colonized the exterior sections of your home.

The product comes in a ready-to-use formulation which simplifies the application process. To further boost the convenience, it comes complete with a sprayer that enables you to reach hidden sections of your house that offer perfect hiding zones for the spiders.

Why WET&FORGET Miss Muffet’s Revenge Killer?

Spiders are some of the most mischievous creatures that you can deal with. They have an outstanding ability to hide in hard-to-find areas of your house. As such, you need a highly effective repellent to get them out of their hiding areas.

The WET&FORGET comes with a sprayer and coil system that allows you to either use a stream or a sprayer setting. The stream setting will enable you to reach up to 10 inches of cracks and other dark areas of your house. When you want to cover a wider space, you can always use the spray setting.

This unique setting delivers 65% more efficiency compared to other products with average sprayers. Additionally, the application process is a breeze due to its 3 inches coil hose which enables you to place the bottle down during the entire treatment session. This eliminates excessive weight that would otherwise burden you leading to exhaustion.

How it Works

This is a repellent that works by creating an unconducive environment for the spiders to thrive. Immediately you spray, the spiders inside your house will run away while those that were trying to access your house will be discouraged.

Once you purchase the product, you should use the sprayer to reach all the cobwebs in your house. The following day, you should use a broom to remove the cobwebs and your house will be free of spiders for up to 12 months!

  • Has a unique trigger sprayer that reaches up to 12 ft. for ease of application.
  • Safe to use.
  • Highly effective.
  • Long-lasting effect. Keeps the spiders away for one year.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • The application process can be a bit tedious.

4. TERRO Spider Killer Spray – Offers the Most Prolonged Repellent Effect for Complete Spider Eradication

See More ImagesTERRO Spider Killer
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If you’re looking for a product with an amazing residual effect, then you should buy TERRO. The product will kick all the spiders (including the deadly black widow and hobo spiders) out of your house.

How it Works

The product works through the following 2 mechanisms:

  1. Creates a repelling environment for all the spiders. This ensures that no single spider will survive the harsh environment inside your house
  2. Eliminates all other crawling insects. These insects are crucial food sources for the spiders and their absence keep away the stubborn arthropods.

If you apply this product as directed by the manufacturer, you can be certain that you will have a spider-free house for up to 12 months.

The product is packaged in an easy-to-use bottle with a spray nozzle that allows you to reach the cracks and other hidden areas. This unique technology guarantees 100% coverage of all spider-prone regions.

Where to Use It

The product is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. When using this product, you should ALWAYS point the nozzle away from your face! You can spray it behind refrigerators, beds, couches, and any other regions that show signs of spider infestation.

  • Easy to use. Comes complete in a sprayer bottle with a highly functional nozzle.
  • High residual effect. Has the ability to keep spiders away from your home for up to 12 months.
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoor use.
  • Safe for use even when you have children and pets in the house.
  • Unique nozzle technology enables spraying hidden areas.
  • Requires several bottles to cover the entire house.
  • It can be expensive if the infestation is heavy.

5. Nature Shield – The Best Natural Spider Repellent

See More ImagesNature Shield Spider Repellent
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This is a natural product that blends different essential oils to develop a highly effective repellent. It can repel spiders and other unwanted pests for 5 days.

How it Works

The product has a strong scent that will keep the spiders away. Its garlic smell is so strong that all the spiders will disappear 15 minutes after its application.

How to Use It

You will need to dilute this product before use. You should mix I gallon of the product with approximately 8 gallons of water.

Once you obtain a homogenous mixture, you should use a sprayer to apply in all the regions infested by the spiders. If you realize that you have more spiders by the end of 5 days, you should repeat this procedure until you achieve your desired results.

  • Natural.
  • Guaranteed safety.
  • Effective against a variety of pests.
  • Affordable.
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors use.
  • Requires numerous repeat application before you achieve desired results.
  • Has a strong garlic scent which remains after application.

What is the Best Spider Repellent in December, 2023? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

When buying spider repellents, you need to research to establish the functionality, efficacy, and safety of the products that you’re about to buy. This guide analyzes all the factors that may be of concern to you.

Chemical vs. Natural Repellents

After immeasurable frustrations, you’ve decided that you must bring the spider menace to an end. However, you’re bombarded with numerous reviews of both natural and chemical-based repellents that you can use to fulfill your mission. The wide variety of products has generated confusion and you’re no longer certain of the ideal product to use. This section will compare natural and chemical products for your consideration.

Chemical Repellents

These spider repellents use synthetic chemicals to get rid of spiders in your house. Most of the products are harmful and can lead to lethal consequences if improperly used.

  • The products are highly effective in exterminating spiders. The chemical components are highly corrosive and cause severe irritations that drive the spiders away within minutes.
  • Chemical repellents can easily reach hidden places compared to the mild natural repellents. This makes them highly effective.
  • Most of the synthetic repellents have a long-lasting effect. As such, the frequency of application is significantly minimized.
  • These products are harmful to human beings and other living creatures. As such, you should be careful when using them in the presence of children and pets. Always keep these chemicals away from children’s reach.
  • If used outdoors, birds and other animals are likely to consume the chemicals which will lead to deaths. Also, the chemicals can accumulate in the body of these animals and be transferred to human beings who feed on the meat obtained from the poisoned animals. This will lead to a prolonged residual effect that’s harmful to the entire ecosystem.
  • Not friendly to Plants. Some of the chemicals used in the repellents can have an adverse effect on plants. As a result, it will create an imbalance in the ecosystem which could lead to devastating environmental effects in the future.

Whenever you are buying chemical repellents, you should ALWAYS read the manufacturers’ guide to determine the safety measures associated with its use. Only buy the product when you are convinced that it will not harm your family in any way.

If you decide to buy synthetic chemical repellents, ensure that you wear protective gear during application. Also, you should always advise your family members to stay outdoors when you are applying the product. Let them remain outdoor for several hours (as advised by the manufacturer) before coming back into the house.

Natural Repellents

These are products that are obtained from natural sources such as plants. Most of the repellents contain a mixture of essential oils that produce an unfriendly smell to keep the spiders away.

Advantages of Natural Products
  • Safe for Use in the House. While the repellents are effective against spiders, they have no severe side effects on human beings. As such, you can use the product comfortably even when you have children and pets in the house.
  • Ideal for Use both Indoors and Outdoors. Whether the infestation is inside or outside the house, you can be certain that natural products will eliminate the spiders entirely. There are zero risks involved when using these products.
  • Efficiency. These products are highly efficient whenever used appropriately.
Disadvantages of Using
  • The efficacy of these products is relatively short-term compared to chemical repellents. As such, you’ll require to consistently apply the product for you to realize desirable results. For example, while the chemical products may offer protection for up to 2 years, the natural ones may require application after every 3 weeks.

Chemical vs. Natural: The Verdict

I recommend the use of natural repellents. Besides the guaranteed safety, these products will effectively eliminate spiders from your home. The single shortcoming of these products is easier to handle than the severe side effects that are associated with the use of chemical repellents

However, you’re free to evaluate the mechanism of action of both options and select that which you believe will work the best for you.

What to Consider when Buying a Spider Repellent

There are myriad repellent brands in the market and you need to be careful to only select that which will work the best for you.

Here are 5 factors that you should consider before you settle for your favorite brand:

  1. Prolonged Residual Effect. When you’re looking for a repellent, you should always consider the length of its efficacy. For example, if you go shopping for a repellent and you find two products X and Y, you shouldn’t be excited about the price but rather its efficiency. If X is $20 but has a residual effect of 30 days but Y is $100 but has a residual effect of up to 6 months, then you’ll realize that buying Y is the best decision that you can make. It’s not only a better bargain but also offers the convenience of having up to 6 months of protection. This saves you from the hassle of short-interval repeat treatments!
  2. Safety. You wouldn’t want a product that will have adverse side effects on any of your family members, right? Well, you should be cautious when purchasing spider repellents to ensure that you only acquire products that are safe for use at home. One of the surest techniques that you can use to access the safety is by checking the endorsement label by various regulatory bodies in the US including the USDA and EPA Gold Standards.
  3. Active Ingredients. I recommend that you look for highly eco-friendly products to ensure that you conserve the environment. Some of the natural products that you may consider include the Nature Shield Repellents and Stay Away Scent Pouches. These products largely apply essential oils which produce an unappealing scent to the spiders thus chasing them away. The best thing about the products is the fact that essential oils are not harmful to human beings. This makes it easy for you to apply them in sensitive areas such as the kitchen and the living room.
  4. Location of Infestation. When shopping for a repellent, you should ensure that you’ll have an easy time reaching all the locations where the spiders are hiding. For example, if you notice spider webs around the ceiling and the attics, you may want to consider a product that’s packaged with a sprayer nozzle to ease the application process. On the other hand, if the infested areas are unhidden, the pouches and other sprinkling products will work out well for you.
  5. Efficacy. Every marketer will work hard to sell their products. As such, you shouldn’t believe everything they tell you since it could be flawed. I appreciate the difficulties of identifying a genuine product. As such I recommend that you use the top 5 products that I’ve reviewed herein for guaranteed efficacy.

Crucial Tips When You’re Shopping for Spider Repellent

You should never ignore the following when you want to buy a spider repellent:

  • Manufacturer’s notes. Always take your time to read the application and safety guidelines. If the product that you’re are targeting lacks this crucial section, you should either consult the manufacturer or stop buying it altogether.
  • Possible Allergic Reactions. If you have any family member that has an allergy history, it’s important to seek advice from your allergist before buying any product. The professional will advise you on the ingredients to avoid when selecting your ideal product.
  • Location of Use. You should only buy a product if it will be effective in specific locations. Some manufacturers design separate products for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ease of Application. How easy is it to use this product? If you lack adequate time for application, then you’re obliged to only select a product that is easy to apply. For example, numerous plugin products will require a few seconds to apply. If you have a tight schedule, you may consider products such as plug-in ultrasonic repellents.

Questions & Answers

What smells keep spiders away?

It's a myth that there is a plant or smell which will keep spiders away. The best thing would be to identify the source of entry of the spider and seal it off. For instance, if in your backdoor there are cracks, cover them up with caulking or replace one side with a moth-proof screen. A handy person might use silicone caulk to fill in small openings around windows and doors where gaps exist between the screens or tapes and window/door frame.

Alternatively, place essential oils near suspected points of entry. Try cinnamon, peppermint, lavender, basil, and rosemary for spider repellent essential oils.

What attracts house spiders?

House spiders are attracted to moisture and humidity. In the winter months, when temperatures may be colder, the presence of these two factors is usually not a problem as indoor air is generally dryer than outdoor air. However in the summer months, especially in humid climates such as Florida and Texas where it can get to triple-digit temps for days on end; heating plus all that added moisture from things like cooking or showering can make houses feel "foggy" which then attracts house spiders.

Does one spider mean more?

Typically, this is true. More often than not one spider means more spiders and it can be challenging to get rid of a small infestation.

For example, when you see just one species of spider in the house, it could indicate that something in the environment is drawing them there, and if you find the food source from which they are coming from then you have probably found your problem... But if there are 10 different types of spiders all over your house, then you're either really unlucky or somebody has been feeding them somewhere.


Do you need to eliminate spiders from your house for good? Well, the success of your efforts largely depends on your ability to select the best products to use. You should always consider using a product that is not only effective but safe for your family.

The manufacturing of repellents has been characterized by the high use of technology to ease the application and efficiency of the products. One such innovation includes using highly specialized nozzles that enable you to reach the far and hard-to-access regions of the spider’s hiding places. Also, there has been rising production of automated products that operate on a sustained release model which reduces the frequency of application.

In the future, I expect more technological innovations in this field. As such, you should always be on the lookout to ensure that you get the most updated products for the best results. This guide has offered various tips that you can use to ensure that you only get the best product.

How to get rid of house spidersSee how to get rid of house spiders and stop puzzling over this problem. They aren’t worth your attention!

Wondering how to get rid of spiders in the house? Check this out. The best tips that will help you start living, without having to worry about the nasty guests in your residence.

You can find further details of Spiders Control here.

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  1. I live close to the woods. I have a lot problems with spiders all year round and ants. I have the ants under control. During the summer time I have mulch around flower beds an when it rains there is the worms come out I have to use bleach, baking soda and vinager to kill them. What do you suggest. HELP.

    • Why would you want to kill the worms? They are good for the garden and don’t get in your house…

      • I agree, unless they are cutworms, they are so beneficial.

  2. I’m moving into my grandparents upstairs house which hasn’t been lived in for years and the room I was taking, has been known for brown recluse, hobo, and common house spiders. How do I keep them away because I have a 10 month old baby!!

    • Did you read the article?? It lists many ways to rid the area of spiders.

    • I found a huge brown recluse in my basement, we caught it and took it to the exterminator here. He said they usually only come inside to hunt other spiders- common house spiders. He said to place traps (sticky paper stuff) in the areas where you’ve noticed then. Then you can get an idea of what’s there. The worst thing to do is to kill off all the smaller house spiders cuz the recluse won’t have food and may venture further into our living. Spaces. Eucalyptus oil or branches, salt water, peppermint oil water or garlic, cinnamon and that type of thing sprayed in water will deter them since they sense smell with their feet and legs plus none of those are harmful to children. Make sure you keep things tidy too cuz as it gets cooler the spiders will move indoors. I hope this helps! Plus brown recluse spiders have terrible vision, and may charge toward you trying to get away. Good luck.

      • Brown Recluse spiders charge at you becausever they are meat eaters! They come in because it’s cold and they know that there will be some sort of warmblooded food source inside. They will try to attack you and they will go after your animals so you might want to guard your pets and all their Arar l areas and Rhona l things as well.

  3. Can I just use regular salt and water for spider repellent? If so how much salt do I use. I keep getting little spiders and its driving me nuts! Just few days ago I’ve encountered with 2 huge brown recluse spiders.

    • Yes, dissolve table salt in hot water it works like a charm!!

      source: I do it 😉

  4. I can’t wait to try some of your suggestions. I am no longer spider-phobic. I had to get over using an entire can of Raid on every single spider when I became a zookeeper. I recently moved to the “country.” I have an enormous screened back porch facing a beautiful lake. There are more spiders inside the screened area than the porches without screening!!! Does any know what is controlling the unscreened spider population? I’m pretty sure it’s not all the hummingbirds!! I wouldn’t mind sharing my porch time with a spider predator.

    • Maybe they are using repellent since they are screenless

    • Spiders just get trapped in screened in area’s. Usualy they would move in and out of the non screaned pourches unnoticed but on ones woth Screens it is harder for them to find a path out and so they linger

    • Frogs…can’t get into screened area to eat insects…you havery provided sanctuary for your little interlopers.

  5. I can’t stand spiders in my house, so I found a really effective aerosol spray a few years ago. It’s called Protector (aerosol) or Protector C (liquid spray). It’s not just effective against spiders but also against many different insects, both crawling and flying. It works instantly and is long lasting. Protector C can be found at Amazon (and at other online pest control stores, but Protector (the aerosol can) is a bit harder to find.

  6. I have tried most of these, I live in an old, not at all sealed house in the woods, I dont mind bugs outside, but I am getting very overwhelmed by how many spider find there way inside. I have not used an electronic method. I was wondering if anyone with pets have used them, and weather they bother the animals. I am worried my hyper kitten is going to chase one, and get bit, but I dont want to bring anything into the house the can harm her, or being a cat, her sensitive hearing. Any one have any suggestions what might be safest with her, but can minimize the problem?

    • Hi, you should be good with the electronic devices with pet’s around. I have played with this method in the past, my one issue was my impatiens, mostly because I wanted instant results and could not hear it..

      i had a cat for many (10+) years and she did not seem to mind it.

      I came here to this page tonight because I just rented this awesome house, with woods and many black berries all around, I was cleaning the fridge and stove well after dark tonight and noticed this massive spider strolling across the floor.. I put him outside (spiders are a good thing).

      So I wanted something that would keep them outside, yet not necessarily kill them. My house was built in 1920 and does not really have more than 1 or 2 electrical outlets per room, so they are at a premium. But in the past, when I had meany sockets, the electronic method did work well..

      I would say… Don’t fear, place one in each room and see how it works. If you notice a sharp decline then apply outside methods to keep them from coming in.

      I feel that if you build the outside barrier too soon, you can trap them inside and then the system just breaks down…

      Hope this helps..

      • Please ignore the misspelling(s)… I meant many sockets 🙂

        Oh, and I also wanted to impart that my 1920 house is open to the public as far as spiders are concerned.. I do not believe there is a square corner in the house 🙂

        It actually has bit key style locks…

      • I have 5 electronic repellant devices in 480 sq ft cabin. They worked to discourage a pack rat that was trying to nest under my bathroom sink, but do NOTHING to spiders whatsoever. Just now I saw one sitting right on top of one of the units!

        • I had the same problem with electronic mouse repellents, they didn’t care a bit!

    • don’t use the electronic thing. my mother and i tried it due to big flying tree roaches common in the area she lives… but all it did was attract the smaller food roaches (that were not present before) and she has not been able to get rid of them since.

    • Cats are actually pretty good natural born spider killers. I have two and they caught a really big spider outside my bedroom door one night and killed it. It’s like moving play toys to them. I am very thankful for my two cats. (It was a really big spider. )

      • I am assuming you don’t have the likes of black widows or brown recluse etc. that are not only dangerous to humans but also cats.

    • Vanessa I have used these electronic plug-ins for many years and have many pets through those years. Currently I have 4 dogs and one cat. The electronic repellers work and do not harm pets. My mother also used them for many years.

    • I have tried the electronic ones in the past & HATE them.. When I was a kid my sister and I came home from school just to be greeted by a shrill, painful noise that dropped us both to our knees… screaming in pain my mother realized the only new thing was the plug in pest killer that she had added earlier with no notice after. Immediately after unplugging it, we were relieved of our pain. Years later, I walked into a strangers house (I’m in EMS) to be treated by the same shrill noise. It made me nauseated! I had to wait outside bc I knew the sound right away! I al aye figured I wouldn’t hear it as an adult bc we loose a few octaves of hearing as we age, but nope! I’m 30 & am still effected by these things. I could only imaging what dogs or other children hear… then again, my sister and I could’ve just been flukes. GOOD LUCK!!!

  7. To eliminate spiders (and wasps) outside invite Orioles to your bird feeders. Their #1 food is spiders and wasps! I fed them faithfully with their sugar water mix all summer and we had fewer wasps then ever this year on our farm.

    • Sugar water is not healthy for birds. They fill up on it, but it provides no nutrional value whatsoever. You may think you’re doing a good thing for them, but studies have shown you are actually starving them.

      • Looks like the orioles were getting their fill of wasps and spiders, likely not starving.

      • I use raw sugar to feed my hummingbirds and no food dye(which kills them eventually). They love it and the population has increased from last year. I think it is much healthier than regular sugar which is probably GMO anyway.

  8. Not long ago I woke up at 3 am and found a spider bigger than a waterbug in my bathtub. I was horrified. That sucker was gonna die before I got back in my bed. No way was I going back to sleep with that thing in my tub. I had a spray bottle with peppermint oil, water, and concentrated peppermint soap. I sprayed it but it just ran away from it. I waited for 5-10 minutes but it didn’t kill the creepy critter. I added some tea tree to the mix, sprayed the spider. Waited another 5-10 minutes. Darn thing was still alive. Then I added a few drops of citronella. Within in minutes it was dead. I was awake for 45 minutes and the strong scent left me breathless. I forgot to open a window and turn on the fan. But I was able to pick up the critter with some toilet tissue and flush it. I should’ve used cloves, rosemary, and citronella from the get-go. Anyway, ever since I began using essential oils in my homemade cleaning products, I haven’t seen any creepy crawlies like I used to except fot that one spider.

  9. Help! there was a creepy yellow/orange/brown spider in my room! and it doesn’t have fur, but its weird! it was in there yesterday night, and i slept terribly, under the covers and curled into a spider-blocking ball. today i had to do my hw outside, and I’m scared to go back in. AND THE BUG SPRAY IS IN THERE. I LEFT THE BUG SPRAY AND THE ASIAN INSECT REPELLENT UNDER MY DESK WHERE THE SPIDER MAY BE! i searched up the electronic spider repellent on amazon, and most ppl say its good, but some ppl say it won’t work. HELP! and I’m really EXTREMELY scared of spiders, i even screamed in class when i saw and image of one in the science textbook at school! please help! and i also don’t have peppermint oil or the other things like lavender and such. 🙁

    also, my bug spray is for cockroaches and ants, so i need spider spray
    *the asian bug repellent doesn’t really work

    • Hopefully by now you’ve made it back inside and aren’t just surviving out on the porch, eating leaves and fighting with the squirrels over acorns. If you are back inside, let me just tell you that, in my experience, the electronic anti-spider (and mouse) devices are not worth a lot. I’ve had pretty good luck with orange and peppermint oils mixed with water in a spray bottle.

    • PS – if you can look up the electronic thing on Amazon from outside, you can find the oils on Amazon, too. 😉

      • lol! i definitley will look into buying those oils! thanks laura!

  10. HELLO,




    • we have the same problem. little tiny ones with seed-like nests. we scrubbed them away and sprayed and they still came back. that was a big job that i don’t want to do again!! help would be appreciated.

  11. My family has a cabin up in the mountains, and the electronic things really seem to work here. I wish I could use them at home, but I have pet rats 🙁 I wish I could find one that didn’t affect rodents. Anyone heard of something like that?

  12. The electrical devices had very little effect on deterring spiders from my room. I was constantly finding new webs under my bed even after religiously cleaning down there and spraying the area with hairspray. In fact one little critter built a web right next to the electronic device which made me question their effectiveness. I’m having problems again with this one spider I just can’t seem to get ride of and once again under my bed. It’s very uncomfortable getting into bed knowing I’m not alone. Anyway I don’t highly rate the electronic devices but I guess for some people they work. Looks as though the Hoover is my last call of action! It worked last time. Wish me luck!

    • Sounds like you may have to move?

  13. A lot of those oils listed can be particularly toxic to pets as well as bugs. Tea tree oil is euphoric to cats but an also be deadly. Do your research if you have pets.

  14. Any tips for white tail spiders, have found 4 in my room this past week, 2 on the desk, 1 on the bed and another on the floor. House has several pet cats and was done professionally yet they’re still comming in. HELP!!?
    Ps yes got the pros back and had them re spray under warranty still no help

  15. Please think twice before using any more poisons on your lawns or gardens .Most insecticides are not very selective in what they kill. Our pollinators ,bees, wasps , etcetera are dying in droves because of over use of these chemicals…and when they die off humans won’t be far behind.

  16. i currently work for a business with a massive spider issue outside directly above the front door. my question is, would using an electronic repellent actually work in an outdoor setting? or maybe even plugged in inside and effect them outside?

  17. I must try these. I have used peppermint oil and tea tree oil for different things and it works, lavandar too.

  18. hi,i live in a tiny town in arizona ,on a tiny piece of land with my husband and our two large dogs i am really sensitive to chemicals and i almost have like a mini panic attack when i see a spider or dangerous bug or scropion,i have seen at least three wolf spiders and at least 1 arizona brown spider in mutiple rooms in my house yesterday we sprayed 1 wolf twice and sqaushed it once it disapeared for the night then tonight i woke my husband at 1 am to kill the same wolf spider this time we sqished it so hard it shook the house its dead for sure now i cleaned it up myself but with two dogs and soon at least two ferrets,which can help by eating the spiders,how do i not harm my pets and eventually kids while i keep out bad arachnids and bugs at the same time? i read ur recipes and ideas and im gonna try them but r there any more hints and clues that help with them and or field mice as well plse and thanx oh btw in my opinion and experiance electric bug sound things do the complete opposite of what they are sposed to do they just attract nasty creepy crawlies to them and cats hunt them then bring them in the house alive play with them then the bugs escape still alive and in the house once the cats are bord with it. signed moonsong ps should i crush up the garlic or not when i make that recipe? thanx again ttyl

  19. I had a ton of spiders in my house when I bought it. The first thing I did was seal up the basement. The cement floor had gaps from the concrete blocks since the house was built in 1978, so I used backer rod and Quickrete (sold at home depot) to get rid of the cracks around the floor. But what has really made a super difference was applying grub killer to the lawn for the past 4 years. The spiders eat the bugs and it kills them. I have a lot of old trees so that is another problem to tackle. My goal was to keep them out of my house. I have asthma so I don’t think the oils will help me but make me sick. But I might be able to try tobacco and lemon juice, but I’m allergic to tobacco smoke so don’t know if I will have a reaction to that. It’s worth a try.

    • Pure, therapeutic grade essentials won’t inflame your asthma, and in the case of peppermint oil, might even help your breathing. I have had asthma for over 30 years and am very sensitive to chemicals. I recently started using essential oils in the home as a natural health therapy and for housekeeping. I love them and they don’t bother my asthma.

      • Please, be careful if you are allergic or have asthma. Oils can cause allergic reactions just like the flower or plant itself. Test in a well ventilated outdoor area before trying inside. I love and use oils myself but my sister is very allergic to most of my favorites.

  20. We have tiny spiders coming in on the ceiling at night going towards
    the lights. Is it safe to spray the soap detergent, water, andthe
    peppermint on the ceiling?

  21. Thank you for all of the spider control comments. I have moved into a new apartment on the ground floor. The place is wall to wall medium brown rug (can you imagine) -with spiders (and I caught one baby centipede). I put down DE (diatomaceous earth) which also is safe and dehydrates flowers etc -but is like talcum powder and can’t put everywhere. Is great to get rid of bugs, even bed bugs, ants -other crawlers- however, the spiders are now walking on the walls and ceilings. I am going to try the citronella oil with some lavender oil and water. Hope that will work. I know pine oil works but I have to spray the whole place and I hope the lavender/citronella will work. I will also do the outside patio like someone said. I don’t think the electronic things work as I tried them in the past. Thanks again.

  22. Thanks to all the good suggestions on internet I believe I have solved the problem of spider bites these past 2 nights. When I managed to tip over my triple dresser I found quite a nest – webs, eggs but I found something else. I found two tiny feathers; this puzzled me until I thought about my down pillows that I use. Needless to say I’m changing pillows but I also used a Natural Odor & Stain Remover made for dogs to eliminate their scent [spraying the bottom of the dresser after vacuuming]. Hopefully, the spiders will NOT find their way back after applying this essential oil of lemongrass product. Hope this helps someone.

  23. For the few that were talking about the topic of killing/repelling spiders naturally or with pesticides, thank you for not wasting the time of those looking for actual information on the subject at hand.

  24. So not to change the subject or anything, but I happen to live in a skyscraper where “flying spiders” catch the wind off the lake and up the building walls. All the spiders are outside, but I can’t open my windows without half an orb web blowing in.
    Anyone else have this issue and have any suggestions?
    I can’t exactly lean out thru the webs and spray insecticides up and against the wind.

    • Maybe get one of those long handled utility lighters and burn the webs. Not a perfect or long-term solution but might work for an evening of fresh air.

  25. I am striving to be positive towards spiders, despite my deep fear of them. Thank you for the top tips on plant oils that are effective in deterring spiders from access points in the home. Much appreciated!

  26. I do not have a choice, I have to remove dangerous spiders from my garden in southern UK because my dog nearly died from a false widow spider bite and the symptoms were horrific and lasted for 1 month. National History Museum website lists 14 types of biting spiders in the UK.

  27. Hey guys, from your personal expirience, what natural repelants work best? Thanks for the article, btw. It was extremely helpful.

  28. I live in an older house about 70 years old. As much as I have tried to seal every crack, spiders lurk in the wood piles outside and as the climate changes here in the mountains, they love the inside of my house. I have sprayed outside with insect repel… sprays until last summer, now I am regretting not doing so. about 2-3 times a month I will be just falling asleep and I feel a bug crawling across my skin. NOTHING wakes me faster that that sensation. 3 weeks ago it was a black widow on my neck, tonight just a pesty spider. Enough is enough. I am spraying the woodpile tomorrow and using every salt and oil trick on top of that. I hate spiders…I dont care what good they do, they can do good somewhere else. BUgs are bad enough but spiders have no place in my heart for a living one in my home.

  29. I have a black widow in my room but i cant find and im trying to get rid of it. Help!!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth, wow, Good Luck! I had the very same problem. I began spraying around the walls’ base, then worked toward my bed, taking each piece apart, spraying it as well, but I had my wife watching as I did all of this, but from a distance; I sprayed the legs of the bed, then each footboard and headboard, then the side railings, aaaaaaand then here it came. Believe it or not it was heading right for me, but my wife saw it first. Yep I got it, but it took awhile, but was sure worth it. Now I spray around the baseboards, bed’s legs, taking care to not have any cover actually touching the floor anywhere. I have to keep that process up, probably monthly or so. Thanks from Prattville, Alabama.

  30. what can you do to make sure they don’t bite you .i swear all like my blood

  31. Feeling heroic but stupid. Just had to kill or finish off a massive spider that was coming in via my front door which was locked and I saw its legs come over the top . Luckily I saw it in time …It was huge .
    I will all the methods asnwe live on the ground floor . We have had 3 incidents in 8 months living here . Sick of pretending to be brave in front of my kids. South West France , Toulouse.

    • Hey Mary, I sympathise, I live near Cahors in the Lot, this is my first summer living in France and am horrified by the size of the spiders here. I woke up at 5:30 this morning, something must have woken me at that hour, I noticed a huge dark shadow on the blind by my bed, it was just breaking dawn so it was quite visible, my worst nightmare was confirmed when I switched the light on, there was this massive spider on the blind just sat there looking at me. I was so scared, I got my spray but my hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t aim straight and it ran!!!! Thankfully it stopped on the wall and I managed to somehow find the courage to whack it with a shoe, I’m still trembling now and paranoid there may be more tonight. Going to try natural sprays now to hopefully stop them coming in, I never saw them as big as this in England, oh what have I done!!!!

  32. We live in the woods and there are a lot of spiders here, especially those harvest men. How do we get rid of those? Also, is there a way to prevent them from getting in closets and bathrooms? How expensive are these oils?

  33. We have sprayed professionally 2 times in 3 years for spiders. We have had brown recluse and now we have spiders that look like black widows but I’m not getting close enough to look at them. What do I do???+

  34. How much water do you use in the salt, essential oil mixtures for spraying? What’s the ratio?

  35. When we moved into our older home that had been vacant for a year the yard was plagued by some type of funnel-weaving spiders. Not sure if they were hobos but we had those inside. The outside spiders completely covered the bushes. I don’t like to use toxic chemicals. I keep reptile pets both inside and outside and now have a canary. Finally we put up bird feeders and bird baths outdoors and our property was swarming with birds we have never seen. And eventually all of the outdoor and indoor spiders were gone. I lost my job and couldn’t afford the birdseed. Now we have all types of spiders again including some black widows. I here keeping chicken loose in your backyard works wonders too.

  36. Yesterday I felt something crawling on my arm and thought it was a flea, but when I slapped it off of me, I noticed it was a baby spider. We have brown recluse here so I was worried it might be one. It was really tiny but I managed to get a good picture of it and looked online to see if I could figure it out. From the pictures and descriptions I’m pretty sure it’s a baby recluse. All night I kept feeling like something was crawling on me. About 3am, I picked my arm up and sure enough it was another baby recluse. I am freaking out about possibly having a hoard of babies right where I sleep. I’ve spayed the area with bedbug spray, then apple cider vinegar and then I sprayed it with a mixture of lavender and tea tree oil, Dawn and water with a lil white vinegar. I sure hope this works cause I haven’t slept in 2 days. But my house is definitely smelling fresher.

  37. I have just opened my business in a new location and the building has been closed for over twelve years and there are tons of spiders here of all kinds ‘s I believe, can’t afford to call I pros because moving here depleted funds, I have heard that buring sulfur will run everything out of the building including the spiders is this true or do I have to get an army of help and start with the mixtures you have listed? Please Help

  38. I used tea tree oil and clove oil as said. I sprayed all the walls. and doors and all. nooks and crannies as infested with small spiders. A few hours layer omg!!!!!! Not only were there more. But they were huge. I reckon this mixture attracts them and acts as a steroid.not impressed.

  39. Can I use cinnamon spice and if so do I mix that in water or do I have to use cinnamon oil mixed in water

  40. I decided to trade in my truck and it was discovered that it was infested with spiders. I told the salesman to get a match, five gallons of gas and set it on fire. I refused to get back in it or go near it. Since I drive a company car the truck sat under our carport untouched during the week. I have a severe phobia of spiders. So anyway I got a new one. Not 30 minutes parked in our driveway and there was a large Web with many tiny brown spiders in it attached between the new truck to another vehicle. I doused the new truck with peppermint oil like it was holy water. I hope that keeps them out.

  41. Become proficient with a fly swatter. We have lots of spiders in the desert.

  42. I mixed peppermint oil, lemon dish wash and water and sprayed every corner in my house and the area outside my door. The next day there was a spider hanging right in front of my door and another spider in one of the corners in the house. Please help!

  43. Has anyone tried simple green cleaner on spiders and insects?

    • Simple Green is AWESOME for killing all sorts of flying and crawling critters. I use it mostly for eliminating wasp nests that are in bad locations (vehicles, etc.), but don’t usually get to use on spiders. It’s usually the bottom of my shoe, a fly swatter, or the compressed air from a well pumped BB gun that I use, though it does work great. Also, having chickens has been an ENORMOUS help with reducing spider populations, especially black widows. I am going to be making my own cleaning products incorporating various essential oils and probably Azamax (it is derived from neem and is used as an organic pest control, but isn’t as strong smelling as straight neem). I’ll probably test the Azamax straight to judge it’s effectiveness against spiders, that way I can be sure of what is helping and what isn’t. I’m not sure if Simple Green would repel spiders, but it does kill pests instantly on contact. I have edible landscaping and value spiders for the good work they do, but I just don’t want them inside my house, though the “corner” spiders don’t bother me because they stay put and catch tiny flying insects. It’s the fast-running hobos and tenacious black widows I want to eliminate. Any bothersome spider webs in the garden are easily managed with the hose or a broom. Again, chickens are a huge help!

  44. In my garden I have wood chips/wooden mulch and its a fairly sized area. When ever i walk across it all I can see are dozens and dozens of spiders running across it and going under it. The area is very close to the backdoor and they always manage to find a way inside the house. Id really like to be able to enjoy my garden without having to walk through hundreds of spiders.

    What would you suggest to be a good repellant for these spiders?

    Many thanks

    • Get chickens…they are amazing insect and spider eaters.

  45. Spiders have established a forward observation post in my apartment unit and I am curious if their strategic movements are in any way related to my sin?

  46. What about Deet? Does it work to kill? or even just repellant?

    • Deet is very toxic. I do not recommend it.

  47. I found a big spider in the top corner of my conservatory. The odd fly would come in and if it goes near where the spider is, the spider leaps out to get it. It is black with black and white striped legs. Then today I stepped into the garden and behind the door was a big web with the same spider. Does anyone know what it might be. Scared it might bite. Will try some of these oils. Thankyou.

  48. Have read all comments. Thanks. Suggestions for ways to lessen spider growth are helpful. No problems insude but don’t kniw the mist effective way to eliminate webs that collect a billion bygs a night. Spiders outside create problems as their webs snare other creatures. Di the same ouls hel0 outside or are there other suggestions.

  49. Some spiders are helpful inside as long as they’re not bothering you and minding their own business. Unless it’s a Black Widow or a Brown Recluse, those are the only really venomous spiders that i know of(in the US), it’s probably just a generic spider. Black widows have the red mark on their back, and the ones that i’ve seen weren’t very big.

  50. Hi

    I am having one. See food manufacturing plant in that I am facing so much problem with spiders.

    Around 40feet roof.
    Please suggest the non chemical treatment.

  51. I take my plants outside in summer but bring them in before it frost. They have spiders and earwings in them now. What can I use to clear them of bugs that is not harmful to my dog and birds inside before I bring them in.

  52. will peppermint essential oil in a mist diffuser work

  53. Wow. Thanks for all the tips. I don’t think we get “bad” spiders here. (In montreal, Qc, Canada) but I have a bad case of arachnophobia. I know it’s all in my head but my head goes crazy when I see a spider…even the litle ones. I just got pepermint oil. I hope it will work because if I see 1 spider in my room ….I can’t sleep there. (I know im nuts) we bought the house 3 month ago and we also had to get ride of carpenter ants. We called a specialist for those ones. Im thinking we took the spider food away so now they go everywhere in the house to find food. It’s winter here. (-20 to -30 celcius) I will call a specialist as soon as it gets a bit better outside.

  54. Buy a gecko and let it roam free in your is the most natural effective way to drastically reduce your spider and any other insect population within your house/apartment.

  55. I’m a student renting a room in the owner’s house. They have a baby, weed ridden yard and spiders. I kill at least 4/day mostly daddy long legs type.

    In past bug infestations: bed bugs and fleas I’ve found that tenacity seemed to get rid of the problem, vacuuming daily, no clutter spots, spraying 10% bleach or alcohol.

    I’m getting the oils and will use them daily in the corners and close up the spaces where they get into my room, although their in the other places in the house too.

    What kind of stores sell these oils as I’d like to get started right away? I have this weird fear about them getting in my shoes.

  56. Lemon pledge furniture polish is a great spider deterrent!

  57. What would be the formula for spider killer for a one gallon sprayer?

    • +1

      How come all these sites all seem so precise on the ingredients (“1.473 oz’s of Neem oil…”) and then it’s just “add to water”. A common spray bottle? 450 ml? A gallon? 15 drams??

  58. I have phobia to spiders I use to run away and wait till somebody get home tokl the spiders now im living alone and médium Spider appeard in my room I tryed to kill with a swiffer I sprayed with insecticid bleach vinegar peppermint and nothing Its imortal 🙁 is there any other thinh I can do to kill?

  59. Ever hear of a vacuum cleaner? This is mostly for the spider phobic folks. The force will kill the spider. Just keep those long attachments handy. Also don’t forget to treat the attic and crawl spaces under the house if you have them. Both really help.
    If at all possible, use an exterminator who will use non toxic dust.

  60. My secret to getting rid of spiders is to reduce the humidity in the room. I use a dehumidifier on continuously for about a week to get the humidity down to about 25-30%. Spiders don’t like it and will go away.

  61. I read these articles and wonder if any of these people know what they are talking about! I have read in about a dozen articles how Peppermint will repel or kill spiders. So, I ordered some, and it is not cheap! It was 7 dollars for about 2 ounces! I put it in a soda cap where I had problems with spiders in my sunroom. They built a web right over the cap full of peppermint oil!!!! Did nothing to kill or repel! I have tried other “home remedies” none have worked!

  62. Citranella is bullshit it doesnt KILL spiders at all!!!! Whoever WROTE this is stupid. Youre mother kills spiesers NOt citranella!!!/

  63. I want to find something I can put around my baseboards etc. to KILL spiders, not repell them. They always find a way to get around repellant solutions. I want to be able to put it down at the beginning of the Spring season and it to last. I am a sporadic housekeeper ( because I am always busy). Every time that I think I have found a solution, I then read where it does not work! My reason for disliking spiders in my house is when I get bitten, it leaves a hard bite that takes a month or so to go away and constantly hurts. I tried DE (diametrious earth sp. ? ) last year to kill ants coming in the house and they went around it! The essential oils only repel the spiders, and they always find a place to go. Is there not anything organic to kill spiders in the house. Also for Mike, a recluse spider bite (and a brown spider ?) can be so bad that a limb may has to be cut off. Not only that, it can land you in the hospital which costs you money too. So your silly comments are irrelevant. I kill a spider I see with a shoe, so I am not worried about that. I think I read about an organic spray you can buy that will kill the spiders and keep them out. I have spent hours reading up on this, so I would have to go back and find it! If you are the person who wrote this spray that you can buy, please put it back on for me. Thanks.

  64. HELP!! I love gardening, but I’m arachnophobic, and my garden is FILLED with spiders and spider webs. One day I decided to clean my swing, and I finished at about afternoon time. I went out at night to have a nice dinner there, but there were already spider webs! I need a quick and simple DIY spider/spiderweb repellent using ingredients that I already have at home. It would be a big help if someone replied. Thank you!

  65. need size of spray bottle to use?????

  66. Need to know amount of warm water to add to 2 tbsp dish soap, 5 drops tea tree and l oz of neem oil. Please????

  67. I use Dr. Bronners peppermint oil soap to kill spiders (wolf) and carpenter ants. I dilute it with water. I do not have an exact measurement. Soak the suckers in a puddle of the mixture. They die! Spray them if they are on the wall and when they fall to the floor, spray by covering them with a puddle.

  68. Neem oil
    Not so great to spray around where children are as suggested

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