How to Make the House Roach Poop Free: Identification, Treatment and Recommendations

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Roaches are very difficult to eradicate. If you have some of these disgusting guys in the house, don’t wait until they become a huge problem. Not only these insects are messy but they also poop and can leave a nasty mess of black disgusting specks on your walls. The dead bodies and waste of these crawling insects cause allergies in people. Diarrhea, asthma attacks, gastro, and salmonella are all those conditions you or your family may suffer. You don’t want this!

When roaches become a danger, the question of eliminating them becomes more serious. Find out how to identify the droppings of roaches, clean their feces and get rid of these invasive guys forever.

Do cockroaches poop? Roach droppings and their identification

Cockroaches poop identificationThere is no doubt about it – cockroaches poop! Once you know what to look for, cockroaches’ droppings are easy to spot. Their feces – often referred to as specks – can be the size of a tiny grain of rice or coffee ground. The droppings of these nasty creatures are shaped like small, black or brown cylindrical pellets. What about a size? It depends on the size of cockroaches. From small specks to larger black pellet sized droppings – you can find any variant.

Frankly speaking, one, two or three droppings of these frightful guys often go unnoticed. But a cluster of droppings – that indicates an infestation – means you have a significant problem.

What is the main difference between a cockroach and water bug? Read this information to identify them.

Why it is essential to get rid of roaches’ droppings

There are numerous reasons. The main is your health! Feces – these insects produce – contain certain proteins (allergens) that trigger an allergic response. Asthma – one of the most serious problems you may have due to these feces. And this is not a joke. It was found that allergens from roaches’ droppings can trigger asthma symptoms.

In addition, allergens contained in droppings are remarkably durable and long-lasting. When roaches move, they often leave a trail of droppings which contain chemicals that “pass messages” to other cockroaches, such as designating the route that the insect is taking to find food or water. If cleaning and sanitation in your house are lacking, allergens from roaches’ droppings can persist in your house up to 5 years after roach removal.

You see one or two roaches in the house and think – it doesn’t matter. In fact, you always have to worry, even if there are not many of them.
Why? Cockroach disease can spread fast. If you don’t exterminate all of them, feces will continue to reappear.

Another essential reason to get rid of nasty, frightful guys is microbes and bacteria. Roaches can transport a huge number of microbes – potentially dangerous to humans – on their body surfaces.

Potentially dangerous to humansThey are implicated in the spread of:

  • 33 kinds of bacteria;
  • 7 types of human pathogens;
  • E.coli and Salmonella species;
  • 6 parasitic worms.

In case of infestation – when a large number of roaches are present – these guys release smelly secretions that fill the air with a really unpleasant odor. You may experience severe stomach cramps, belly pain, diarrhea not knowing that the reason for all your problems lies in cockroaches.

How to protect your health and crack the roaches’ problem

There are only 2 efficient methods to mitigate the roaches’ problem. These are:

  • Cleanliness – preventing roaches from entering the house. Remember, the cleaner and more sanitary home you will have, the less inviting it will be to cockroaches.
  • Eradication – using control products for effective roaches’ elimination.

To protect the family – get rid of droppings! So, how to clean roach droppings? Do this in 3 steps:

  1. Vacuum cleanerStep 1. Vacuum to remove all traces of disgusting droppings. Start at the highest areas – on top of appliances, cabinets – and work your way down. Vacuum in cracks and crevices, especially in those places where roaches’ presence is high.
    To rid the house of droppings keep it clean.
  2. Clean the wallsStep 2. Clean the walls in the house with baking soda and soapy water to remove roach feces. Rinse dirty walls with clear water – often change the water – to remove the proteins causing allergies.
  3. Disinfectant cleaner to washStep 3. Wash down all surfaces with disinfectant cleaner. This helps to remove allergens left by roaches.
    It is important to clean flooring, appliances, and the inside and outside of countertops and cabinets.

Want to make the house German roaches free? Read this to make your property unsuitable for them.

Cockroaches’ allergens are nothing to fool around with. Even if you don’t smell the presence of these creatures, you can ingest allergic items from their feces and become sick. Therefore proper eradication of these roaches is as important as cleanliness is.

How to eliminate cockroaches and their feces using control pesticides and insecticides: Types, effectiveness, and precautions

Before you buy and use pesticides, you’d better think of removing cockroaches’ hiding places in the house. Remove moisture in dark areas, food sources from cracks, seal cracks and repair water leaks inside the house. Remove stacks of trash and wood outside the house. Eliminate clutter – piles of newspapers, magazines, rags – and weather-seal gaps around windows.

Let’s see what pesticides you can use to eliminate roaches and how to use them correctly:

Baits and gels

Formulated as solid blocks granules, liquids or gels, some bait products already contain the active ingredient in the station whereas other baits are designed as a liquid – you need to pour into a bait container. Gels usually come packed with a tube for dispensing.

Using several different pesticides containing different active ingredients is a good idea.
Why? When using the same type of pesticide every time – it doesn’t work well – the cockroaches become resistant to the product you use.

Recommendations: Purchase several bait products that are different and contain different active ingredients. Use one of them the first time you put baits out. Use a different product next time. If you notice that one of the products is not working – roaches may be already resistant – switch to another one.

What to buy:

1. MaxAttrax Ultra Liquid Roach Bait by Hot Shot

Kill roaches and the eggs these insects carry. Long-lasting residuals and fast-killing formula of the product gives perfect control over unwanted roaches.

Liquid roach baitView on Amazon

2. Cockroach Gel Bait – four tubes by Advion

Powered by a unique bait matrix, the product can eliminate even the toughest species of roaches. The active ingredient of the product – indoxacarb helps to control and eradicate populations in a fast way.

Advion cockroachView on Amazon

Sprays and Aerosols

Everyone knows – sprays provide a fast knockdown of cockroaches.  However, they don’t give long-term control of these insects. By using sprays, you disperse roaches to other places of the house from which these little guys may return later.

Recommendations: If you use methods of sanitation and exclusion and practice using appropriate baits and dust, you don’t need to use sprays and aerosols. Use of sprays and aerosols can be dangerous due to the high probability of exposure.

What to buy:

3. Roach Spray by Bengal Products

The spray contains 2% Permethrin ingredient. It is effective for roaches you see and can kill roaches as they hatch.

Bengal roach sprayView on Amazon

Boric Acid powder

Deadly to cockroaches but low in toxicity to humans, boric acid is a perfect tool for controlling disgusting roaches. How does it work? The tiny particles of boric acid powder adhere to the body of the roach when it crawls over the treated area. Acting as a poison boric acid affects roaches’ metabolism. It takes a while for the powder to be absorbed by the insects and do its job. Within a week or two you will see dead cockroaches’ bodies pile up around your property.

Roaches can deposit their feces and saliva into human’s food.

You can use boric acid alone or in combination with other products – MaxAttrax, gel bait – that were previously mentioned. When used correctly, the product produces perfect results.

Recommendations: How you apply the powder is as important as where you apply it. Key areas for treatment are: under the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, behind the commode, washing machine, and shower, inside pantries and cabinets. Proper application is another key to success. We suggest applying the powder in a very thin barely-visible-to-the-naked-eye layer.

What to buy:

4. Boric acid Roach & Ant Killer by Zap-A-Roach

Non-staining and odorless, this product works fantastic on cockroaches.

Roach & Ant killerView on Amazon

Boric Acid or Traps: What is more effective?

Frankly speaking both are good and effective but in different situations. It depends on the population of roaches in your house.

For those who don’t have a huge population of cockroaches – you notice some roaches in certain areas – we suggest using traps. Benefits of traps are great: no mess as with spreading powders, no risk of staining the floors.

Smell the air in the place, room where you suppose cockroaches are breeding. These pesky insects give off an oily – like roasted almond – musky odor. Dead bodies of these guys give off this smell as well.
Keep in mind – you may not spot dead cockroaches because roaches’ carcasses are often hidden from a range of vision.

In case of a large roach infestation, bait traps are ineffective. Boric acid is the best product to use in this situation. Why? Simply, because this chalk-like substance is really toxic to roaches killing them in a fast way. What’s more 1 bottle of the powder can last you months.

Everyone has a chance of getting roaches. But not everyone knows what to do in case of having these unpleasant guys in the house. Roaches are invasive and prefer to hide in and under everything. For best results, empty the house before you start the cleaning. Take all the measures – use our recommendations – and fight them as fast as possible.

You can find further details of Roaches Control here.

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  1. I live in a house that was built in 1932. So there is plenty of hiding for the roaches. I’ve lived in this house for 19 years. The first 16 years roach free. I let a relative stay here for 2 weeks when she left her now ex-husband. She didn’t stay here much but she brought her stuff and kept it in my vacant room. The first day I seen a roach on a picture she was bringing in she acted like she was suprized to see it so I told her to leave it outside for a while. She assured me she didn’t have roaches at her house at all. Well 3 years later we are still trying to get rid of the roaches. I told her not even a month after she left that she didn’t get all the things she brought and told her the problem she told me I’m sorry I’ll buy you some of the bombs. She did 2 months later and would you know it made the problem worse. A lot worse. Then we tried boric acid then the traps then the indoor/ outdoor sprays then the syringe gel (worked for awhile). Nothin has erradicated them. My husband fixed all the cracks and hole. We have caulking everywhere. I made some jar traps which work somewhat. But really gross. I am sick of them. I started using Styrofoam everything just about. I store all of my dished in plastics sealed containers all but can items of food in my fridge. Wash everything before and after I cook or use it nothing has worked completely. I even went as far as getting birth control pills and crushing them and mixing them with water and auger placing them around the house. That worked better for a while. But the pills are costly. Just keeping them in lower numbers is a fortune. They have tented my house. I have had pest control in and out side of my house for months on end. Nothing but a smaller amount of the roaches for a while. I am convinced only a fire will rid them. The jar traps and birth control were the best methods but I am real tired of trying to fight them. Help any advice would be a blessing.

    • Sounds like your efforts have been extensive. I think a misunderstanding occurred, igr ( like birth control for roaches) should be used. I prefer nyguard. You hit me with one i have never heard as far as using human birth control pills crushed.

    • are attracted to anything electric. Take off all light switch covers, spray with Bengal and use a gel called combat. Put back covers, out of kids and pets reach. By now you know the smell, don’t even look in your toaster bottom tray just toss it. Any hand mixer, electric can opener, blender,GONE!!. Don’t limit treating to kitchen. Lots of trouble, when you and pets can be out of house use the Bengal little sprayer to do every baseboard, take out every drawer in house and spray. Wear glasses and mask. Work from end of house to front door. Turn fans off. I would stay gone 8 hrs , open windows for an hour before coming back in.

    • Go read my post. I had same problem. And this stuff is awesome. It says not to use if your not a professional but I have used this stuff personally where the infestation was unreal and it worked. You will be cleaning up roaches for weeks but it’s worth it. I would do a second treatment about 3 weeks to make sure you created a strong barrier. And the one you see that are still alive will have a funky appearance. Almost like the shells have curled up on the their back. That’s a good indication that they have come in contact with the spray and it’s working. At first you are going to see more roaches than you did before because they’re hiding places have been compromised by the spray. Don’t be alarmed this is quite normal. If you do this correctly you will not only put a large dent in the population right off hand you will eliminate your pest problem. Be sure to take everything out of your cabinets and look at the corners if you have roach poop that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible and cabinets called and cleaned before using. Hope this info helps

  2. Hi there! Looks like you’ve got quite a problem at hand. The only way to deal with this infestation is careful planning and determination.
    You need to step up and above your current methods of eliminating these gross pests if you want them out once and for all.
    The methods you describe seem effective enough to capture probably a few at a time. That is definitely not going to help. What we are after is the source. The NEST. Or NESTS. They lay eggs, and the whole cycle repeats.
    You need to zone into these hot spots through simple trial and error.
    Here’s the easiest and most effective.
    1. Get sweet wine, aperitif, or some sweet alcohol (it MUST be sweet). I accidentally discovered this when I brought home some Baileys Irish creme and left the glasses in the living room after drinking. The glasses were FILLED with dead cockroaches and ants. So they have a thing for sweet booze. Nice.
    2. Litter all rooms with diacardable containers of sweet alcohol, filled to half an inch, especially more containers in kitchens bathrooms and attics and turn the lights OFF.
    3. Sleep peacefully at night knowing that our devious master plan is about to rock their world.
    4. In the morning, the containers with the highest amount of dead roaches indicates a closer proximity to the NEST.
    5. Look around those areas, under boxes, under the fridge, inside cabinets filled with old food and unused dishes, in crevices and hard to reach corners. You will find the congregation.
    6. Locate ALL THE NESTS IN THE HOUSE this way. Once you locate them, you know what to do.
    7. Revenge is sweet 🙂

    • If pot can put a dog in a coma or die for eating a cookie made with pot you it should kill the bug’s no need to use the buds left will do but if you tried ever thing i use some buds can boil water and pot put in Browne’s or by the sweet drink you’re good. I hope one of these idea’s helps, thy says a nuclear bomb kills the little shits, leaving you’re home for 3-5 days kills flees not cockroaches. I had to tier a pro I was renting a house in Ventura California . I didn’t have to pay for it but he had to come to the house every week for 3 mounths finally gone good luck sending killing bug energy i never said that before

  3. Hi, last night I found american roach feces inside a shelf all over my clothes, most of those clothes were my underwear. I already got rid of the droppings, I put the shelf and the clothes on the rooftop terrace so they can take a sunbath. Aside from cleaning the shelf as explained in the article above, and putting the clothes in boiling water before washing them, what else can I do? Is it safe to wear those clothes again after being in boiling water and washed, specially the underwear? Or is it better to get rid of all those clothes? If the clothes can be salvaged, which one is better to use to wash them, detergent or soap? Thanks in advance.

    • Washing in holy water usually does the trick.

  4. Advion by DuPont. Don’t buy anything else ever again.

  5. I rent an apartment. The building has 8 units. I’ve asked my landlord to spray all the apartments because they move from one apartment to the next. I’ve used boric acid and it works but it seems like they come back after a short period. What can I make my landlord do to take care of this problem??

  6. So me and my fiance moved into our first apartment two months ago. Two nights ago we were awoken by two large american cockroaches in our bed with us! Prior to this we had never seen one inside. We had the occasional german roach and had baits and boric acid out for them. Its been three nights since the bed instance and i have found three american cockroaches in our room. Why in our bedroom and not the kitchen? I cant figure out where they came in and how to kill them we have been resting on the couch because we are both too afraid too sleep in our bed help please

    • The poisons target their sensory organs, so when the flushing occurs, you will find them all over the house (they wander aimlessly – it doesn’t mean the nest is anywhere near where you found them). As long as they are on their backs dying, you are doing well. They love dark “cave” like places, so corrugated cardboard, aluminum foil tubes, behind appliances can be their favorite places to hide. Take a flashlight to every drawer in your home and look for a shiny brown waxy substance, which indicates highly trafficked roach area. Take note of any “coffee grounds” looking debris as you’re sweeping and vacuuming as this is their droppings and the nest is probably nearby. Good luck.

  7. We moved into an apartment a few months ago and have been battling German roaches since that first day. We had management spray for them twice and both times we found them relocating to our bedroom but never going away. We finally decided to put out bait. I bought Combat gel and baited under sinks in kitchen and bathrooms. Then baited behind stove and in pantry. Since we keep seeing the buggers behind a specific cabinet near the stove, we’ve baited inside that cabinet and the little crack between the bar and the wall where they run and hide from us. Now we’re seeing them just laying around in the middle of the floor like they’re stunned but then they take off like crazy when we try to kill them by squashing them in a paper towel. We’re also seeing empty egg casings inside the cabinet and out in the open near the fridge. I found one yesterday that had dead baby roaches inside in one of the bathrooms. Does this mean that our baiting is working at getting rid of them since they’re showing up in the middle of the floor stunned and their egg cases are out in the open?

    • What type of bait are you using for the cockroaches? From what it sounds like and what I have read so far from my current problem (disclaimer: I am no expert, just someone facing an infestation), your bait may not be strong enough. This is most likely because your bait is having an effect which is inducing respiratory problems in the roaches. However, stated in the article, if these roaches are given enough time after being affected by the baits, they can actually make a full recovery which is what it sounds like when you mention that they dart away. As far as the egg casings go, usually they are very well hidden away from sight, was the case in the open? If so, it sounds like the bait might have some sort of effect on that. I’d wait and see if any more casings show up, if so then it definitely might be the bait.

  8. I have gone through the materials which is very elaborate and extremely useful. These information will help in the eradication/mitigation of roaches and will give relief to female specially.

  9. I haven’t seen Are Around a Roach Since I was A child. ..I was so focused on making sure that the apt didn’t have Bedbugs that I totally forgot to ask About Roaches, Etc…..Then once I signed my lease I would go to the Apt and One day I noticed Alot of dead Roaches I liked to died….Well I freaked out, wanting to move but I be darned if I allow a roach to run me out of my Home….So I remember as being a Young Girl And ine of my Friends Lord They Had Roaches On every single wall in their home,My friends father use to get sick and Have Heart attacks all the time come to find out it had something to do with the roaches. ..They Were On Housing and his wife would call 3 or 4 times daily and finally tge housing Authority Finallly came out to see the problem, They Order This Stuff Called Japanese Chalk and OMG ALL YOU COULD SEE WAS ROACHES DROPPING FOR CENTURIES NEVER ONCE HAVING ANOTHER ONE….SO AS I STATED I HAVE SEEN A FEW BABY ROACHES AND ABOUT AN HR AGO A ADULT ONE,SO I WILL BE PAYING 55 DOLLARS FOR THIS JAPANESE CHALK AND PEOPLE IT IS WELL WORTH IT….I KNOW THAT IF OTHERS HAVE ROACHES IT’S HARD TO MINIMIZE THEM BUT PLEASE BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY BORIC ACID HAVE NOTHING ON THIS JAPANESE CHALK VERY EXPENSIVE BUT IT’S WORTH EVERY DIME TO ME. ..I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE IF YOU DECIDE TO TRY PLEASE THANK ME LATER;)

    • Where can you find this Japanese chalk?

    • Japanse chalk? What’s it called? Or is that the name of it, ” Japanese chalk”? Where can we buy it?

      • Swap meets usually have this chalk for a dollar. I used it for the ants this season, and now I’ve seen a roach so heading back to the swap meet.

    • Do you know of a place to purchase the chalk I would be so very thankful


      • Flea markets

    • the chalk is very cheap go to any chinise or japanse store and tell them u need roach chalk and u r right it is amazing know i dont know why u paid so much u can also order on amazon and this stuff seems so simple but the defintly will not see another roach if u r clean and i to make sure i never ever get even once every 4-6 mnths take the chalk and run it up on to the cabnits and other areas just every were

  10. I had pest control company spray outside and inside of my house about 6 wks ago but within the past three weeks I have had two different times found a cockroach in the house on its back dying. Does that mean I need to get the pest people back or is it that they did a good job?

  11. i live in central Florida and my boyfriend is considering purchasing a property that for YEARS the individual has cohabitated with German roaches and heaven knows what else. He has recently made a small effort to rid this,”manufactured home” of the roaches. i believe with some serious effort we could get rid of the bugs, probably. My issue is the place reeks of their droppings, like, i can’t even breathe it’s awful. i have read that the pheromones in their feces, aside from causing a variety of health issues it also attracts more of them. The feces has to be however thick within the walls. How can it be removed? i have 2 little ones and a baby due in 4 months. i personally wouldn’t buy this property because of the mess that common sense dictates is in those walls. Am i being negative as he claims or is there some vacuum method of removing years of roach droppings from within walls or to make whatever creepiness is lurking in there ineffectual that i have not been aware of? i mean, aside from tearing the structure down and rebuilding i think we would be stuck with the stench for years, causing a never-ending battle of roaches, that to me, outweighs the supposed,”value” of the property. What do you fellow bug crusaders think?

  12. The Japanese Chalk mentioned above is actually called “Chinese Chalk”. It’s not legal to sell in the United States because it literally looks like the chalk you’d see in school. So kids have put this in their mouth and gotten sick. Apparently it works pretty well since it contains two pesticides deltamethrin and cypermethrin. You can buy it on eBay, or find it in Chinatown. But there is no telling what kind of quality control you’re getting, and as how to apply it who knows? (Write on the floor with it?)

  13. The comment was very helpful do anybody knows something on the market that I can buy that last longer killing roaches

  14. Burn the place

    • That is what I want to do here. I am on my 3rd microwave in 6 months. Now they are in the brand new stove. I have not spoken with my landlord in 6 months and there are no maintence people to call. Owner lives in another state. Have spent a lot on sprays. Ready to buy the chalk now.

  15. I have roaches inside the electronics of my stove I put boric acid in there but the circuit board has feces on it how or I use to clean it

  16. You can get rid of the roaches you see with a mixture of 1/5 dishwashing liquid (I use ajax orange but the others work as well) and 4/5 water, put this in a spray bottle (1$ at the dollar store) keep it handy on the kitchen counter and you can kill about any bug that shows up. Will kill them dead in 20 sec, no need to buy raid. You will still have to use the other methods to get rid of the ones you don’t see, but 100% effective on the ones you do.

  17. we have roaches/water bugs coming up from under the bathroom sink/vanity. We have tried the home defense sprays, on contact sprays and at home mix of baking soda and sugar. Seems like nothing is working! I hate even going into our bathroom now because those damn bugs. I want to try the boric acid but I am unsure how to put it where the problem lies, as it’s under the attached vanity which is attached to the wall. 🙁 Help!

    • Remove everything from inside your vanity cabinet, shake the bottle vigorously, untwist the top, and hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle, squeeze the bottle enough that a puff of powder comes out. This part is very important, the powder you apply should be light enough that it can’t be seen…just a fine layer will do. The reason for this, is because roaches aren’t going to crawl through a pile of powder, they will avoid it like a snowdrift. The point is for the roaches to be coated in the powder as it dries their exoskeleton out and makes their stomachs explode. It doesn’t happen right away though. They carry the boric acid back to their nest, die, and the other roaches will feed on the boric acid infected bug. This is also how the Combat Gel works.

  18. 1/2 ” wide x 2″ long roach, brownish red on bathroom wall above
    bathtub. Could he have gained access thru the tub drain? I saw him
    around 11 pm on the wall close to the ceiling….and nailed him with
    Home Defense. Should I expect others or is it possible b/c of the extreme
    heat, he managed to gain access to the interior thru bathtub drain?
    Could he have been a loner?

  19. I have been living in my apartment for a year, and we have an occasional American or outdoor roach wander in from outside. They tend to migrate indoors during hot and dry Summer months, in search of water. I used the boric acid, baits and the syringe Combat gel. It seemed to last all Summer as I never saw any bugs inside. However, this Summer has been worse than usual. Every morning for the past week, I’ve noticed that at least one large roach has made their way inside. However, I have now noticed egg cases and baby roaches…when I didn’t before. I’m starting to panic, because it seems that my old methods are no longer effective, not even the boric acid.

  20. I use pure peppermint oil. I put about 6 drops of it onto a cotton ball once a week under cabinets, near the trash, and where ever I have ever seen them before. Since then… I haven’t seen one and the oil is safe for kids and pets.

    • Peppermint oil is not safe for kids

    • Peppermint oil is NOT safe for pets either! Please do your research before stating that certain things are safe! Are there no moderators on here to make sure that information posted is accurate?

  21. Should we get rid of all dishes? I’ve been told to just wash them in bleach, but it just seems gross.

    • Yes. it would be for the best to get rid of all dishes include toaster, blender, mixer, coffeemaker and any electric devices. It would take many hours to wash them off, it’s too hard.
      I had to wash them but they are all yellow. Not good. I would rather toss all of them out. Buy everything new and make sure don’t move in an apartment or house has serious infestions. Pick out the best good apartment or house, pest-free!! Good luck.


  23. I’ve seen cockroach droppings and skins come out the bottom of my walls when I took the skirting boards off, and around the edge of the bath where the seal was worn.

  24. I live in Hawai’i…I’ve been away living in California the past 22 years, NOT ONE ROACH was EVER seen in my SoCal home. Moved back and living with my elderly mom and dad…OMG…I seriously forget that THESE SUCKERS FLY!! I’d visit regularly, but not encounter any roaches. So here I’am, frightened out of my wits, running and screaming all over the house trying to escape the flying monster headed straight for my face!! These American Cockroaches are 2″ long and so bold. So my dad use to spray the perimeter and inside, but due to his age has neglected. The Chinese Chaulk is banned in California, due to one of the pesticides being harmful to people and pets, but kid you not, it works awesome!! Yes, you can get them at swap meets. If roaches or ants step on the chaulk line, they get immediately paralyzed. My mom draws lines where she thinks they’re hanging out. Under bathroom and kitchen sinks, in cabinets…but please, keep this away from your family pets!! My dog licked a line of it and she wasn’t happy at all…it numbs. I know because I had some on my hand and I rubbed my nose and mouth after applying the chaulk and it was numb for hours!! It’s seriously poisonous. But a great deterrent for sure. Advion works great, on Amazon. But Black Flag spray doesn’t work at all!! Says kills on contact BS!! I sprayed the heck out of one that flew in my face and I swatted it to the floor and immediately sprayed it and it ran into my linen cabinet. Yuk!! I just saw a huge 2″ American with full wings in my utensil drawer 10 minutes ago, which brought me to this site…I’m so upset right now. I literally shake and freak out like I’m going to have a nervous break down! I that terrified of them!! So I tossed all my utensils and chop sticks into the sink full of soapy chlorinated water. I feel for everyone who encounters these nasty dirty monsters, but hey, even paradise has its issues!! Lol! Every time I see one of these disgusting creatures I want a one way ticket back FAST to California. The most effective method is to hire an exterminator if possible…get pro help. If you see one, there’s a ton more. Over here, the people are used to them and can co-exist, but no way no how I can! Aloha!!

    • This was the best comment! I was laughing so hard. Thank you. I’m so scared of cockroaches and I just killed a giant 2″ one with the bottom of a bottle of lotion. It was beheaded, but it still kept on twitching. Finally I got up the courage to lift up the bottle and squeeze it dead with a paper towel. Then I spray with vinegar to clean all the surfaces. Your comment made me feel a lot better! Thanks

  25. I have water bugs and their droppings in my kitchen cupboards that are on exterior walls. I only see the varmint in the upper cupboards and have never seen them anywhere else in the house. The house has been professionally treated three times in the last 6 months but they still come back. These cupboards only hold dishes no food. Can somebody suggest ways for permanent riddance of these nasty creatures.

  26. We are about to move into a home that has been vacant for 2 years. There were tons of droppings in the house as well as some small cockroaches. I vacuumed every nook and cranny of the house and will bleach every surface. I did not see an live ones at all. Does this mean they are all dead?

    • No, they could still be hiding in the walls or there could be eggs hidden or even a nest.

  27. In the southern US they will try to come in when it starts getting cold. My cats love to chase and kill them. Cats work well!

  28. I had them years ago from the next door neighbors. I know because I went to their house, anyhoo, I called cooks and they used a specific spray that they said would draw them all out of the walls and hiding places and kill them. It worked and tho I had to spend the night away from home when I came home they were EVERYWHERE dead and I had to sweep them up and boom gone gone!

  29. I ate half a bag of crackers and noticed on the other end of the bag there was a corner hole and 2 small roach droppings. Their were a few crackers bitten on the corner as well.

    Will I get sick?

  30. OMG! I am sitting in my kitchen and ready to unpack all of the boxes that I have packed to move. I don’t want to bring them with me. What should I do?

  31. Roaches in my ceiling??? I have been noticing roach droppings on the cushion on one side of my sectional. I haven’t actually seen any roaches, so I assumed they just like that area and are crawling and pooping there at night or when I’m not home. I keep vacuumming the droppings immediately when I see them and have placed roach traps around on the floors, but I still have not seen any roaches and the droppings keep coming back. The other day I worked from home and sat on that side of the couch all day. I noticed that even though I had vacuumed earlier, at various parts of the day there were droppings randomly appearing on the cushion next to me. I was sitting there the whole time and did not see a single roach! I’m wondering if there are roaches in my ceiling and the droppings are falling onto the couch from above? We live in (rent) an old house with ceilings that are made of wooden planks, so I’m thinking they could maybe be up in there and the droppings are falling through between the planks. The ceilings are super high though so even standing on a chair I cant reach anywhere close to inspect or spray. Is it possible that they are living in the ceiling or am I crazy? What should I do?? Helpppp

  32. I rent apt. there are 4 apts total-one long building. I have been in them & ppl are clean, including myself. These apts were buiolt in 70’s on a concrete slab. Mgr. says I’m seeing “water Bugs” cuz my apt is in a lower
    area. There is a slope area in my front yard. I[‘m not sure if they are roaches or water bugs. Reading these comments I have seen them on their backs & think their dead and try to pick they up and they run like hell. In kitchen & run behind stove. I CAN’T BUY A NEW STOVE. LIVE IN LOW INCOME SO APP. ARE FURNISHED & I’M SURE THEY WON’T REPLACE THEM. They are HUGE an Dark only one had a reddish back.
    My silerware draw sits on the counter covered w/a towel. I can’t move.
    I’m sooo embrassed. If my g/daugh especially saw this she would NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN. A few yrs ago I saw one in draw (12 a.m.) took utensils in bleach an hot soapy H20. i LIVE IN SC it’s in the 90’s.
    I have someone who will more than likely be calling me to date. I CAN’T INVITE HIM OVER—WHAT IF ONE OF THESE CREATURES APPEARS. I WOULD DIE!!! I’m clean, fairly organized, just cleaned out pantry 2 mo. ago got rid of old or opened stuff. The onther end of this “pantry” is Xmas stuff in plastic tubs.

    MGR. does have ppl spray but I swear its water. She said she is looking for a new co. I live alone so to move heavy appl. I have to get maintenance man. How often should I move items to apply whatever??
    I’m sooo deperate. I had slugs outside really bad I mean I counted 15 one nite on siding. Well, I had to take of the prob. by going to Lowes.
    Guess this is mine too. Like u said, know which one to kill or go for both??
    Would apreciate advice ASAP.

  33. Hello, you may want to try “diatomaceous earth” – this is a white powder. It’s essentially just silicon, but the shape is important. This is used often for filtration processes, and in gardening so it’s not hard to get.

    What it’s like is tiny broken glass to a bug. It will not harm a human or an animal. When a bug runs into it, their exoskeleton is damaged, and they dry out. I find it’s worked well with ANY insect problem. I mix sugar 50/50 with it, and let them eat their fill.

    The best thing about diatomaceous earth, is unlike a poison, it doesn’t get weaker. If an insect runs into it and brings it into the nest and dies, the diatomaceous earth is still there, and still effective at killing.

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