Top 5 Spider Mite Sprays That Work Hard

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In addition to responsible gardening practices, spider mites can be eliminated by sprays. You can effectively eliminate mites using organic sprays that are completely harmless to plants, kids, and pets.

Organic sprays can be utilized when watering plants or directly to kill pests on contact. Remember, the safest way to kill mites is by using organic spider mite products.

Below there are the Top 5 Best Spider Mite Killer Sprays that are good for elimination of these pests:

Our #1 Rated
Spider Mite Killer by Growers Trust review
Spider Mite Killer by Growers Trust
  • Natural Organic Ingredients
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable
  • Size: 32 oz - 25 gal
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People's Choice
GrowSafe Organic Spider Mite Killer Concentrate review
GrowSafe Organic Spider Mite Killer Concentrate
  • Active Ingredients: 15% Corn oil, 15% Soybean oil
  • Safe for bees
  • Size: 8.5 oz - 2.8 gal
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Trifecta Spider Mite Killer All-in-One Natural Concentrate review
Trifecta Spider Mite Killer All-in-One Natural Concentrate
  • Active Ingredients: Natural oils mix
  • Biodegradable and pet-friendly
  • Size: 4 oz - 1 gal
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Organic Laboratories 100-004 Organocide 3-in-1 RTU Garden Spray review
Organic Laboratories 100-004 Organocide 3-in-1 RTU Garden Spray
  • Active Ingredient: 0.1% Sesame oil
  • ECO-friendly, Safe for bees
  • Size: 24 oz
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Doktor Doom Spider Mite KnockOut Insecticide Plant Spray review
Doktor Doom Spider Mite KnockOut Insecticide Plant Spray
  • Active Ingredient: 0.2% Pyrethrin
  • Size: 16 oz
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1. Spider Mite Killer – Natural Solution Spray

See More ImagesSpider Mite Killer by Growers Trust
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Many growers don’t want to use chemical miticides and sprays because they are harmful to humans.

Miticides do not affect unhatched eggs!

In the modern world, many new efficient products are safe and non-toxic. One of them is Spider mite killer by Growers Trust. Scientifically engineered the product is truly a natural and ultimate solution to safely eliminate spider mite infestations.

Harmful chemicals can damage the crops. With Spider Mite Killer things are different. Derived from natural based oils, Spider Mite Killer:

  • ensures the safest method of mite extermination,
  • works hard to block spider mites breathing holes,
  • kills spider mites eggs
  • can be used anytime.

2. GrowSafe Bio-Pesticide Spider Mite Killer Concentrate

See More ImagesGrowSafe Organic Concentrate
Read Verified Customer Reviews

This is a perfect anytime spider mite killer. GrowSafe can be used both on indoor and outdoor plants and crops.

The spray is formulated from organic oils. It is safe to use on flowers daily, with the lights on. The product leaves no odor after application. You can use it with bare hands as it is completely safe.

Being non-toxic, GrowSafe can be used from seedling to harvest.


3. Trifecta Crop Control Super Spider Mite Concentrate

See More ImagesTrifecta Super Concentrate
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Is it possible to prevent spider mite population explosion? With Trifecta Spider Mite Killer everything is possible.

This new foliar spray is made of all-natural ingredients and specifically aimed at troublesome spider mites. By spraying the leaves of plants you make them a really inhospitable place for mites to live in.

Not only is the product highly effective but environmentally friendly as well.

Don’t often use sprays containing the same active ingredients.
Applying the same spray repeatedly gives the mite population a good chance to develop immunity.

4. Organoid 3-in-1 Garden Spray – Ready to use pest and disease control spray

See More ImagesOrganocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Organic Laboratories provide efficient spider mite control and can be safely used on most vegetables, fruits, salads, and ornamental plants. Being formulated from fish oils and sesame, the spray is completely organic and effective against adult spider mites as well as eggs, larvae, and mites’ stages.


5. Doctor Doom Spider Mite KnockOut

See More ImagesSpider Mite Knock Out by Doktor Doom
Read Verified Customer Reviews

This powerful spray is ideal for complete mites’ eradication. You can use it indoors or outdoors. Doctor Doom spray contains pyrethrin (naturally occurring insecticide) which is highly efficient to control mites’ infestation on plants. The aerosol is safe to apply on vegetables up to one day before harvest.

How to Knock Down Spider Mites’ Population: Simple but Efficient Ways You Need to Know

The fastest and most efficient way to kill spider mites is using miticides. However, people who are growing herbs and vegetables give more preference to natural organic products.

Before jumping into any chemical approach it is recommended to use natural/organic methods. If you don’t mind using chemical pesticides, then start using them. But if your health is a concern, this should be the last option.

Before starting the battle consider our tips that can help you to choose the right products for spider mites’ elimination. Read and find out what foggers are the best ones, what sprays work hard, and what insecticides are better to use.

What Kills Spider Mites? Best Foggers to Kill Them

Having a HUGE spider mite problem with your plants? Once identified, these little creatures can be difficult to eradicate. Being tiny in size they can be detected only by a thorough (both sides of the leaves) inspection.

If you find those unpleasant pests on your plants, start acting fast. Kill them on contact using serious chemical pesticides or organic repellents.

When spraying the plants, note that spider mites don’t like and avoid the light hanging out on the bottom of the leaves.
Before applying any spray turn the lights off for at least an hour. The dark will bring these tiny creatures out from under the plants’ leaves. This will help you to hit them with a spray easier.

These days, many growers use foggers to treat mites’ infestation. Foggers or bombs were proven to be a very efficient approach.

Before fogging the plants do the following:

  • Water all the plants;
  • Close all the windows as well as doors in the area to be fogged;
  • Shut off open flames and pilot lights in the growing area.

The most popular spider mite foggers are:

Pyrethrum TR Fogger

See More ImagesPyrethrum TR by BASF
Read Verified Customer Reviews

BASF Pyrethrum TR Total Release Insecticide can be used on vegetables, ornamentals, herbs, and other indoor garden plants. This ready-to-use insecticide fogger can effectively control and kill spider mites and many other insect pests.

Doctor Doom (Total Release Fogger)

See More ImagesDoktor Doom Fogger
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Doctor Doom is another efficient fogger that contains pyrethrin proven to successfully eliminate and destroy spider mites. It should be used in indoor growing areas or greenhouses. The fogger should be used up to one day before harvest on flowers, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

What is the Best Way to Kill Troublesome Spider Mites

How to eliminate species of mites? There are many ways to kill spider mites. Using good control products is one of them. Most solutions available on the market are effective. But not all of them are used correctly by the growers.

It is important to treat the growing area at least once a month after you are completely certain all the plant insects are killed.

Remember, some species of mites can sometimes reappear in the growing area stronger than ever. Using a mix of different methods and products seems to work best for killing spider mites. Some of these plant pests are more resistant to certain products than others. Therefore, varying the type of product is a good idea. Don’t throw away the products that may seem ineffective but keep them in your arsenal for future mites’ elimination.

Some insecticides cause a population explosion of mites.

When it comes to spider mites’ elimination, using the following products is the best way of defense:

  • Safer’s Trounce
    This highly effective insecticide concentrate contains potassium salts and pyrethrins. Containing only natural ingredients, Safer Trounce efficiently works without leaving harmful residue on your plants. You can purchase Safer’s Trounce concentrate that costs approximately 22$ or Safer’s Trounce indoor ready to use spray for up to 17$.
    Safer’s Trounce for spider mites
  • BAC Plant Vitality Plus
    This non-toxic and biodegradable product is a perfect weapon against spider mites. The product should be diluted and applied to plants to kill spider mites and their eggs.
  • Forbid 4F (Ornamental Insecticide Miticide)
    Spider mites can easily develop resistance to some common miticides. In this case, using Forbid 4 is a good idea. Forbid 4 effectively controls mites on ornamental plants, foliage plants, flowers around commercial and residential buildings. Insecticide Miticide should be sprayed covering the entire structure of the leaf. Forbid 4F will effectively kill spider mites and even their eggs.
Spider mites can quickly evolve resistance to almost any product you use. Therefore, we recommend you use multiple ways and methods of offense against them. Keeping varied offenses is the best variant of the successful elimination of these pests.

Questions & Answers

Can spider mites infest a house?

Spider mites can be transported on clothing, objects, or things that touch an infested plant. They're so small and light they can float on the wind from one thing to another without being noticed.

Indoor spider mites may considerably damage carpets, upholstery, wallpaper, textiles, and even live plants indoors.

Cross-contamination from outdoor plant material is a potential route for houseplant materials entering your home too - so be sure to thoroughly wash any plants with a hose before bringing them inside the home (to wash off invasive pests) but also to remove any residual pesticides/herbicides from the leaves.

What are the first signs of spider mites?

A telltale sign for spider mites is a white web over the plant stems or leaves. When present in high numbers, yellow spots on the leaf surface and spider webs provide more evidence of their presence.

Spider mites feed on your plants by injecting a protein-digesting venom that makes plant tissues turn yellow or brown before falling off. Other signs of spider mites include a telltale webbing and small yellow or brown spots on the underside of leaves.

What temperature kills spider mites?

According to Wikipedia, "The eggs will not die unless they are exposed to temperatures below -4°C or above 114°F."

Spider mites prefer temperatures between 55°F and 98°F. Higher than 98°F kills the spider mite, but you would need to keep all plants if this gets too hot due to house heating. Lower than 55°F may kill them also but it takes a longer period of time (over 4 days).

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  1. I am growing indoors. I have 4 plants 3 week into flower. I had a spider mite problem so I used a spider mite spray. I drenched the plants paying close attention to the undersides of the leaves. 2 days have gone by and the lower parts of the plants where I sprayed the most are shriveled brown on the tips and brittle. Tops seem healthy. Did I kill my plants? Are the having a chemical reaction.? I just wish I knew what to do to help my girls.

    • Read my next comment and never buy chems again. You also used chems in flower which could taste horrid. Make sure you flush extra long.. Like three weeks pure water at end.. Now, all leaves will shrivel and go brown once sucked dry.. As a matter of speaking.. Buy a jewels magnifying glass with light, their only £3 if that… You need to see if they’re all dead. They will destroy everything if not dead. If not get that Diatomaceous earth powder. Read my next post and YouTube it . Good luck

  2. Diatomaceous earth powder!!! I spent over £50 on all of the above and the spider mites laughed at me. Nearly destroyed my whole crop. This stuff kills them mechanically and has no nutritional value. Means no chems, no ph worry. Nothing.. One dusting all dead. Look at YouTube videos because you don’t want to breath it in as it microscopically sharp. Which kills them because they breath through their skin

    • Great to hear as I was wanting to use Diatomaceous earth powder. I tried shaking with a salt shaker but not sure if it worked as I still had some.

  3. Like to just know what u use M8 …. That would help me and maybe others with this problem..

    Thanks inadvance.

    • Dawn in a small amount mixrd in windex size spray bottle…it wont damage any cycle nor change plants or foliage in any way. It works within minutes.

  4. I used a product called “wipeout” and it killed my spidermite problem and also took care of the eggs. This was an awesome product that was ready to use no mixing just sprayed my plants and after a couple of days later I scoped the plants to find dead mites. I found it at and now my local hydro store carries it.

    • Wipeout was not completely effective and that means the mites came back. That was a total waste of $25.
      I make my own mite killer now using peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil and a few drops of soap as as emulsifier. Kills all the adults and pupae. Spray every 3 days.

      • Do I add water to this combo for spraying…I’ve been into the essentiel oils for a few years and a true believer. I have been phycialy attacked by these demon dustmites under my skin and it is a real nightmare…was forced to go to skin doctor after 6 weeks of festering dustmite infestation on hands,chest and other parts.. But I somewhat have had some skin healing,altho,they still keep me up at night scratching. I even got covers for my pillows and bedding but I believe they have totaly infested my bedroom carpet…I do know they are hard to get rid of.. should I spray my matress,pillows, carpet furniture etc… with this combo? This oil combo could get expensive without deluting with water some….please give me more instructions…I am truley desperate and reaching out!! Help!!!!

        • Use a product calledwipeout. Don’t listen to people that mix there own stuff. Leave it to the experts not some guy that thinks he is a scientist. He probably burns his plants. Wipeout is the product that will get rid of mites and eggs.

        • Yes, it’s diluted in water. I put at least 10 drops of each oil in about a half gallon or so of water. I also reduce the pH to around 3.5 (acid rain level). So far no leaf damage but I don’t do it every day.

      • Wipeout is always effective on all mites.You just used it wrong . It effectively kills mites and eggs. Best stuff on the market..

  5. Wipeout worked great until they made them take it off the shelf for containing something that was not on the label . After it came back out something changed and it’s not as good anymore . I have used the original formula worked better than anything I ever used. T he new stuff did not get rid of them I thought it was a waste of money

  6. Captain jacks dead bug works can’t say much else… It works. More than just a mite killer. Thrips aphids all that kind of shite.:) happy slaughter

  7. The Green Cleaner works fantastic!! Not cheap though. I’ve tried neem oil, safer and captain jack’s with no success. I’m growing mostly vegetables and some herbs. The mites really like tomatoes and for some reason I’ve got tons of aphids this year.

  8. Wipe Out has not changed the formula after it was pulled for EPA label issues. It is the best stuff out there to get rid of mites and eggs sacs every time I have used it and from what I know it is the same original formula. Hard to believe but some people buy a quart for 2
    $25.00 that is only suppose to cover 4 adult plants 4 to 5 feet tall and they spray 10 to 15 plants with it. So of course it wouldn’t be as affective. I have been growing for many many years and this stuff is the best stuff on the market. It is not systemic and leaves no residue after 10 days. A university study had results of not even a trace element left on the plant after 10 days making it great for growing smoke.

  9. Green cleaner, captain jacks and never oil don’t work just a waste of money. Wipe Out is the only thing I have used that really works After 10 days it leaves no residue and is non systemic leaving my smoke clean of chemicals

  10. Hi everyone, I don’t have any plants but the little BUGGERS have infested my garden she’d. Whenever someone goes in there they are immediately extremely itchy. There are fine webs all over the place. A pest controller had a go but just made it worse. Has anyone had similar problems?

  11. Boil up hot peppers put it through a sif, then in a spray bottle and spray away. Kills them instantly and it’s organic and brings no harm to your plants.

  12. I got an infestation of them and literally tried everything. I eventually got so pissed that I took all my mother’s after my last harvest and put them in the shower and showered them with scalding hot water till I damn near killed the plant to. Then I popped a bomb in my veg tent zipped up, my bloom tent zipped up, and a 12.5 oz bomb just sitting in the middle of the room. After all of that, I still have spider mites, not infested like before but if I look hard enuf I will find one. I grew indoors for 3 years before I got the first bug of any kind in my garden. Then a friend brought me some clones to grow and that’s when the nightmare started. When I first started indoors I ran my garden like a science lab and never had a bug period, but I got laxxed and dropped my guard now I’m paying the price for it. If you see a yellowing leaf pull it and burn it, let no waste sit, if it’s dead or dying clip it and burn it. Don’t play games with mites by asking stupid questions and fucking go nuclear straight from the gate. If your garden is anything like mine then you have thousands of dollars worth of plants that are getting ate down to an ounce per plant by the time you harvest if your lucky. Piss on organic, Piss on natural, go straight to nuclear weapons against these little bastards and wipe them out before all them cool mason jars you’re used to curing bud in go to waste by not having enuf bud to fill them with. My last harvest I got a 1/4 pound per square meter, and that’s horrible. I damn near cried looking at the scales it was so bad. Stop asking stupid questions while your ladies are being eaten away at and buy some bombs and miticide, spend the money and I doubt you regret it.

    • I can relate to your pain and loss, been suffering from the borg since january! I have to say that like you i used miticides, bombs, even bloody sulpher, not to mention over £60 on predatory mites alone!! 11 months later and a few quid down, the mites still beat me!!! I used to call myself a grower, , halfway through the year i called myself a pest manager….now i have to hang up my watering can. i couldnt beat them, a friend told me that he had a year long battle, tried everything, adventually he got rid of everything, burned the lot. 5 years later he tried again, and the buggers returned!

  13. i used habanero peppers simmered them on the stove in a pan . sprayed my plants and well kept the levels down for a couple of days but they are back and stronger than ever .
    not to mention killed me in the process that SH*t is hot and burns!

  14. Well If you really want them gone kill all your plants n throw em in the fire.
    Some strains will produce fat nugs with spiders on em all the way.
    I blew some smoke on a web of em on top of one plant and they all instantly died.

  15. I have spider mites in my bedroom. It seems no matter what I spray I can’t get rid of them. Last night I couldn’t sleep because they about eat me up. Are they in my carpet & HELP! What can I do.

  16. Hi Everyone!
    If you are physically getting eaten up with Spider Mites in your home (fleas & bed bugs, too) use Borax sparingly as needed.

    Instructions: Boil 1 gallon of water and drop 1 table spoons of 9 Mule Train Borax into the water until completely dissolved. Remove from stove and allow to cool. With a Turkey Baster, remove any small chunks of Borax from the bottom of the water. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray everything in site!!! (1 tea spoon per gallon for pets; including bedding, pillows clothing in your closet (not silks since the Borax Salt will dry creating a small stain. It washes out when cleaned though). In amounts above, it is safe to spray pets once per week for fleas too.

    Plants: Experiment here; I have used a lesser amount that seemed to work, but it can burn sensitive plant leaves. So let me know; you can start off with 1/16th per Gallon of water and work upward to the point of leaf burn. Trouble is, each species of plant will be different. Add in hot sun and this is going to be challenging. However, before summer and while still in the spring, try sprinkling the powdered borax into the soil sparingly…again…test…test…test.. and experiment before wide spread use.

    I have read that Boron used to be prevalent in your soils but due to human mismanagement that plants are no longer getting the amount that most need, even humans need a small amount. Is it possible that Boron is one of the minerals that keep the bugs away??? Just a thought.

    For human skin infestation: Borax is accumulative…remember this as it is important and can be toxic; Google toxic reactions to Borax. Use common sense and you will have found a great treatment for mites and other critters, be stupid and you will wind up most probably in the ER. God gave man common sense, this is the time to use it. Now that I have scared you, here how I use Borax.

    Bathtub: Sit in you’re bath tub and put in 1 teaspoon of borax start slow for an adult averaging 190-200lbs. Soak for an 45 to 60 minutes; not 15 minutes, not 30. 45-to an 1 hour and make sure the water is hot enough for comfort! Too cool and the benefit is reduced, too hot and your face sweats and you are uncomfortable. Use common sense, all you want to do is open up your pores so you can get to the little critters.

    Remember I said Borax accumulates in the system? You will find the strength that is best for you by your weight and comfort. Hot water intensifies this so again use common sense. (I will be repeating this as too many people today lack this asset, so think…and listen to your body).

    If, you’re in the tub and you begin to feel hot, begin to sweat, get thirsty, feel slightly weak, feel tension in the chest area or feel heart irregularities coming on; immediately 1) unplug the water in the tub and begin draining it 2) immediately turn on cooler water to rinse yourself from head to foot (modulate hot-cold to create the cool water/not ice cold) water to rinse yourself from head to foot 3) You should have a glass of iced water next to the tub, sip it 4) Now Relax in the water until everything feels normal and good again.

    What happened? You had too much hot water and too much Borax! It accumulates and if you have a really bad infestation you will want instant relief and (throwing caution to the wind) push the boundaries of your body. Borax is a salt and people with heart conditions and other medical problems (on medications) have to work within the limitations or medical exclusions of their bodies…common sense…listen to your body and do your own research. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Borax.

    What does this mean? If, the water is too hot and you use too much Borax your heart may race. Step out of the tub refill it with cooler water and “No Borax”. In other words, do not not over do it, common sense.

    My experience; We lived in a very old house surrounded by a jungle of weeds (now add Chem-Trail experimentation/spraying) and I came down with a terrible, itchy red rash that was unbearable. Was this mites, probably, along with some tax payer upgrades…it was hell.

    The infestation was so bad that I felt like I was being eaten alive, literally. Luckily, I a not too bad at research and found Borax.

    I found that the minute I was in the tub with Borax, everything stopped! All was at peace and right with my world again! I then sprayed the everything in my house including walls, drawers and began washing my clothes in Borax.

    Lol, it got to the point not even a damn mosquito would come near me!

    I was 190 Lbs-200 Lbs, young and in very good health at the time I was hit with this. My case was so bad that for the first 6 months I was taking a bath every 2 hours. I would even wake up in the middle of the night and take a bath rather than lay in bed and feel that I was being eaten alive from within.

    By the end of the year, I was down to 1 bath a day and the second year was 1 soaking bath a week. And, year three was on an as needed basis.

    I started out with 1 Teaspoon in my bath and very, very slowly worked up to 1 Table Spoon over a period of 2 weeks. I stayed at this amount for about 6 – 8 months and as the die off began, I needed less ( I went from baths every 2 hours to once a week and then as needed). By the end of 3 years I was down to about 1/4 teaspoon! Anymore than that and I would begin to get thirsty and/or become light headed, a sign of too much Borax (and too hot of water).

    Start low, and for animals use 1/4 teaspoon of Borax in a Gallon of water once a week on bedding. Less is better! You must be observant and consider weight. I have used 1 teaspoon in a gallon of water once a month on my cat areas with very good results.

    REMEMBER: Borax does build up and can become toxic; heart palpitations, face flushing, etc. look up Side Effects. My experience has been “More is not Better” build up slowly for very bad conditions and they watch for signs that you need to lesson the dosage. It will come so expect it.

    I have to emphasize this, it is important. Your comfortable dosage that works best, will most likely be what you have built up to slowly. Once you have peaked, you will begin to seek reactions. Being thirsty is one of the first (minor-reduce Borax-empty tub add more water and 50% less Borax), light headed (same), weakness ( Reduce Borax by 75%). Eventually you will not need the Borax, do not use it if you do not need it.

    If you have liver issues or other medical risks use common sense as Borax is an ant killer and even though it is only a sodium product, even tap water in is toxic in large enough dosages. So, I know you will hate me for this…use common sense in all things.

  17. Okay Spider Miter haters, I never had any bugs before. I walked into my flowering room and it seemed over night there was a 4 by 5 foot web right in the middle if the room. For 9 months I ran the through everything that I could get my hands on, even killed a whole crop. Could only knock them down, but not get rid of them. Than I found Spider Mite Killer. I like what it said, so I bought enough for 5 gallons at $100. I hit them once with 2 gallons on 15 plants. Saw a knock down, but that was it. The next night I made three gallons and sprayed them to the point that there was a puddle covering the floor. BOOM! A big knock down! Bought 2 more 5 gallon bottles, hit them again in 2 days, and again in 3 days. Enough to get the next harvest out. Now I am working on the 4 day BATHING, not spraying, BATHING. I am on my forth 5 gallon bottle and can now say I am winning the war. This weekend I am planning to clean and bleach the walls and floors, Clean the room outside the room, and throw in some boobs just to piss them off. Don’t battle them, go to war on them! Enjoy

  18. What is the best way to eradicate spider mites on my fitzer hedge? They have completely taken over. It is a hedge the length of my yard and I am in no condition to dilute or mix a product. I have read about WipeOut. Would that be a recommendation for me? Thank for help

  19. My advice is get yourself a electric fence paint sprayer, garden sprayers don’t cut it. Also you need a decent humidifier.
    1 Cut off any crap on your plants, be brutal.
    2 Use Dr Schimmels, covering the top of the pots with plastic. Use a minimum of 1 litre a plant. Put in humidifier and turn on and leave overnight in dark.
    3 Leave about a week and repeat with PV killermite.
    4 If bad you may need to repeat with another mite spray.
    Wear good PPE. You want your plants to look like they’ve been through a car wash. Top and bottom of leaves. If you think you have sprayed enough it you ain’t!. No humidifier and they will be back. Leave humidifier on full and seal up lights and fans off till morning.

    The issue isn’t that the spray doesn’t work it’s in it’s application. You will find resistant mites but they can’t resist all.

    Hope this helps.

  20. If you never get mites you don’t have to worry about killing them. I use SNS-209. This prevents the problem before it starts. I have been using this for the past 5 years. And I have had NO bugs. And I live across the street from a big farm. And this clown sprays his crops 4 times in 10 days and all the little shits try and come over and eat my gardens. Not going to happen they just keep on going. Another good thing about SNS-209 is its all organic and is even safe to use on day of harvest.

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