Fleas in the House: How to Kill Those Blood-Sucking Buggers Permanently!

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There is no doubt about it – fleas can make your life unbearable. To make away with little suckers you need a special treatment plan. Effective control of these little insects should encompass both physical and chemical methods.

Ready to crack your fleas’ problem? Read how to knock down fleas and what insecticides, pesticides, and other working products to use to remove them in your house. Plus find out what products are the most effective to remove fleas in the carpet.

Check out the best tips and products to kill these notorious insects and choose the one that fits your situation. Don’t let fleas invade your house!

How to Control Fleas in the House: Excellent Tips You Need to Know

The most frequently asked question is how to control fleas in the house? The answer is as simple as that – control of these nasty insects must address all stages of their life cycle. Only, in this case, you’ll be able to stop the problem of flea infestation.

Fleas can cause severe anemia in younger pets.

Do you know that only 10% of the flea populations – basically adults – are on your pet? The rest – eggs, larvae, pupa, and some flea adults reside in your carpet, bedding and living areas. If gone untreated, nasty fleas will take over mattresses and pillows and the flea problem will worsen over time. So, how to eliminate these disgusting little insects?

If you would like to know how to kill fleas in the house, you are to learn some special tips:

  • Tip 1 to kill fleas: daily vacuumingDaily vacuuming – this will help you to get rid of eggs, adults, larvae and pupae before these nasty creatures develop. It is essential to empty the bag properly after vacuuming. Otherwise, nasty fleas will hatch and leave the vacuum to re-infest the living areas. Vacuum the house twice a day for 2 weeks.
  • Tip 2 to kill fleas: regular washingRegular washing – Wash all clothing, bedding and removable furniture covers weekly. Wash every single piece of your blanket, sheet, towel, clothing etc. in the house.
  • Tip 3 to kill fleas: apply insecticidesApply insecticides – this can include non-toxic products such as Diatomaceous Earth, some working foggers, flea bombs or treatments by a professional exterminator.

Important recommend to treat petsWhat about pets? That moment when you realize, your pet has fleas can be dreadful. Even if your pet is really clean and well-protected, these jumping insects have a way of finding their way onto your dog or cat.

Agree the best way to have a flea-free house is to prevent infestations in the first place.

We recommend treating your pets monthly with veterinarian-recommended spot-on flea repellents.

Do fleas climb on your dog’s back? To prevent a flea attack read this.

Left unattended, fleas inside your house will lay eggs and the infestation will quickly multiply.
If you think flea infestations are easy to remove, then you are wrong. Flea removal can take weeks as eggs hatch and larvae grow.
To ensure thorough removal, continue your flea elimination steps for at least six weeks.

Keep in mind, fleas’ pest control starts with frequent vacuuming, clearing the yard of debris and litter. If you have pets you need to establish a regular grooming and bathing schedule.

Pesticides and Insecticides

Flea infestation: on pet vs in the environmentLet’s see how to kill fleas in the house. There is a huge number of flea control products that can be used indoor, outdoor and on pets. When using the products, minimize your exposure to flea pesticides. Pesticides for fleas, no matter what form they come in, may have side effects. When it comes to powders, avoid breathing dust. Always read the label before using the product.

The most effective products for control of nasty fleas should contain permethrin – efficient against the adult stage – and pyriproxyfen or methoprene – effective against flea eggs, larvae and pupa. To determine if these ingredients are present, carefully read the active ingredients on the product label.

We suggest buying the following:

  1. Talstar Pro ¾ Gal (Multi Use Insecticide)

    • Talstar ProCost: $38.00
    • Where to buy: available on Amazon
    • Effectiveness: Being one of the most widely-used insecticides, Talstar – kills over 75 pest insects – can be effectively used for indoor and outdoor pest control. It is odorless, leaves no-stain and has a long residual. The product is very effective on fleas.
    • Product safety: safe when dry. Before using the product, read the label.
  2. 32 oz 7.9% Bifenthrin Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

    • Bifenthrin Multi Use Pest Control InsecticideCost: $23.24
    • Where to buy: available on Amazon
    • Effectiveness: The product is effective on fleas and can be used inside, outside, around the perimeter and food handling areas.
  3. Permethrin SFR

    • Permethrin SFRCost: $22.35
    • Where to buy: available on Amazon
    • Effectiveness: The product provides efficient long lasting control for different types of pests including fleas.
    • Where to use: in commercial, residential and recreational areas.
  4. Indoor Flea Kit for Do-It-Yourself pest control
    • Cost: $99.00
    • Where to buy: at PestProducts.com

    Why not to buy everything you need for control of nasty fleas? You can do it by purchasing Indoor Flea kit, which contains:

    • One Chapin Sprayer,
    • One quart Permethrin SFR,
    • One Petcor Flea Spray (for pets),
    • One IG Regulator 1 ounce.

Home Remedy Insecticides: What is Better?

Precor 2000 PlusFrankly speaking, a home remedy to kill those nasty fleas won’t work. Using insecticides is the best solution of your flea problem.

Consider using an insecticide containing IGR. Insect Growth Regulator stops fleas from developing to maturity, so these insects cannot lay eggs. Keep in mind, products like flea foggers and flea bombs that contain IGR are very effective at killing fleas.

Purchase products that continue both a long-lasting insect growth regulator and a knockdown agent. Precor 2000 Plus is one of these products.

Did you know: a fact about fleas

Can you have fleas without pets and what is the best way to get rid of these jumping insects in the house? Embrace the new flea control solution with these working tips.

Top 6 Best Flea Sprays and Powders for Carpet and Furniture

Fleas in the carpetThere are many efficient solutions available on today’s market. The key secret is correct application. Most people don’t read instructions and fail in the process of flea elimination.

Remember, safe and effective flea management is not just buying a product and simply spreading it around the house.

Most pet owners control fleas by applying special drops to the skin of their pets. However, these medicated drops don’t work for every animal.
Why? The parasites may develop immunity to current products. Therefore most veterinarians suggest using pills as an alternative.

How to kill fleas in the carpet? Fleas are almost impossible to eliminate unless your pets are staying indoors. At any given time they live on your pet and on your carpet. But you can keep their population low enough with special products.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus
    We suggest using Fleabusters Rx for anyone who has a flea problem. Those who have no flea problem can also use the product as a preventative measure to ensure the problem never starts.
    Fleabusters flea powder

    • Kills FleasCost: $ 28.50
    • Where to buy: available on Amazon
    • Where to use: Apply the product to carpets. You can also treat your stairs, halls, rooms and bedrooms with this powder.
    • How it works: Made up of a fine, powdery substance, Fleabusters RX should be sprinkled on the carpet. The product clings to carpet fibers – preventing the vacuum from removing the powder – attaches to larvae and dehydrates them.
    • Coverage: The product is really fine. Therefore it requires a small amount applied to be effective. A few crystals are all you need to kill the flea larvae.
    • Product Safety: The product is strictly for use in your home (not for pets). It is safe.
  2. Precor IGR Concentrate

    Precor IGR ConcentrateWe suggest using Precor for control of pre-adult flea infestations. Precor is an excellent product which targets fleas in the egg and larval stages of development. This means flea egg won’t develop. When it comes to pre-adult fleas, they will not be able to produce new infestations of biting adults. Precor IGR Concentrate helps to prevent adult flea emergence for seven months.

    • Cost: $53.50
    • Where to buy: available on Amazon
    • Where to use: The product is used for indoor control only of pre-adult fleas. Use the product on carpets (Precor kills flea larvae and eggs as long as carpet is not steam cleaned or shampooed).
    • Application: Apply Precor – with fan tip or low pressure sprayer – at a rate of one oz per one gallon of the diluted spray solution per 1500 sq ft of surface area.
    • Product safety: The product is safe for pets when dry. Before using Precor read the label.

    How to control active flea infestations and what will kill fleas? Precor will. As it was previously mentioned Precor works great on pre-adult fleas. However, it will also be effective for adult fleas, if you will combine this product with Demize E.C. or Suspend SC.
    An adult female can lay up to 2000 eggs over a period of 6 weeks.

  3. Diatomaceous Earth plus Natural Borax Solution
    Fleas can multiply rapidly. The very thought of these nasty insects in the house and in the carpet makes people’s skin crawl. Those guys who don’t want to call an exterminator can use no toxic chemicals.

    We suggest buying these 2 excellent products:

    • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder by Vi-Olivia Organics

      Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder by Vi-Olivia Organics

      • Cost: $19.99
      • Where to buy: available on Amazon
    • Natural borax

    To remove flea eggs from your carpet, mix natural borax with diatomaceous earth. Leave the mixture on your carpet for a day or two. Then, vacuum it up. As far as fleas constantly lay eggs, you need to repeat the treatment several times.

    Fleas require humid and warm conditions to develop.
    People often think of putting the pet outside will solve their flea problem. However, that typically makes these little insects turn to human hosts instead.
  4. Flea Killer for Carpets by Enforcer

    Flea Killer for Carpets by EnforcerThis dry, fresh-scented powder works on carpets and most types of floors. The powder helps to break the flea life cycle preventing future re-infestations.

    • How to use: Simply sprinkle the powder on the carpet and vacuum. The product is ideal for periodic treatments of carpets and adjacent flooring a pet is exposed to.
    • Cost: $3.98
    • Where to buy: at Walmart.com
  5. Enforcer XX Flea Spray for carpets and furniture

    • Enforcer XX Flea SprayCost: $5.98
    • Where to buy: at Walmart.com

    The product is great as it kills flea eggs and flea larvae, prevents flea infestation for up to 4 months and breaks flea cycle.

  6. Ultra Quard Plus Flea and Tick Carpet Powder by Hartz

    • Ultra Quard Plus Flea and Tick Carpet Powder by HartzCost: $5.37
    • Where to buy: at Walmart.com
    • How to use: Sprinkle the flea carpet powder on your carpet to eliminate live fleas that are currently in it.

    The product kills fleas for up to thirty days. What’s more, the powder eliminates flea eggs and larvae for up to 1 year.

Remember, the process of flea elimination requires treating the pet and house at the same time. We recommend treating the whole property when these little insects are around. Vacuum first and then apply one of the previously suggested solutions to all carpeted floor surfaces and round the edge of laminate floors. If you continue to find fleas in your house, it might be time to call an exterminator.

You can find further details of Fleas Control here.

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I have been working on pest extermination information for a long time and am excited to share this information with you. I also provide product recommendations for my favorite pest extermination products.


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  1. I use diatomaceous earth all around my horse garden and it does wonders to control the fly and flea issues i might have had to deal with if i didn’t regularly sprinkle it everywhere. It doesn’t help as well with ants tho. If put it on an ant hill, the next day they are gone, but 3 days later they are just a few feet away from original spot.

    • Try vinegars

      • What do i do with the vinegar? I have tried everything and they just wont die!! Help please

        • I get these pest every year because I have 2 inside dogs and a cat. I give my dogs a flea pill even month, make sure they have thir hair cut and give them bath wish lemon joy dish liquid. Treating the outside yard helps also, because that’s where the fleas come from. You can buy a bag of insecticides that kills all kinds of outside pest and their larvae. You can also plant mint, lemon grass, sperimint, and put down cedar chips around your house. For the inside, it’s a process! I vacuum all areas, wash all linens the dogs have, shampoo my carpets, spray fogger in carpet, usually 3 in a pack, but I buy 2 packs, I sweep and mop and then after foggers have run their course, wait 8 hours and vacuum again. Vacuum every day and empty the bag so they can’t lay eggs in the vacuum. I hope this helps, it does for me.

          • Oh, another to add, you can put borax powder in your carpet and leave for several days. It kills the larvae, which dries them out and they die. You can get this at walmart in laundry detergent section. Not expensive , it will work.

            • Is this safe for pets? Kittens and puppies ?

              • No, Borax is not Safe for Pets.

          • It is a bad idea to use a dish soap on your pets for any length of time. In the long run it may harm them. There are pretty cheap pet shampoos you can buy at Wal-mart that will do the trick as well.

            • dawn saved wild live in the golf war and its best on fleas and all pets looooooook it up

              • Dawn was used to remove oils from injured birds in the ‘gulf coast’. Do you think the birds used Dawn before they were injured or after they were released? Your pet does not require that degree of ‘grease cutting power’.

          • How long until the fleas are gone? I’ve treated my cats once every 30 days and the floors and I’ve been flea combing the cats and vacuuming daily for 6 weeks. I’m still seeing fleas on the cats and in the vacuum canister.

          • You cannot use dish soap on your animals! The chemicals seep into their skin & it is horribly drying. This will make your pets skin extremely itchy. I have used baby shampoo once, along with a soothing oatmeal dog shampoo.

            • Dawn dish soap kills fleas, they use it on the animals when there are oil spills. That’s what I’ve always used and I’ve had my dog for 10 years she’s still going strong.

              • doctors also say its fine to use

            • You can and many professionals do. (Even on show ring animals) when it isn’t being used in excess it’s quite beneficial and less harsh/safer than some “pet” products on the market.

          • Do you use insecticides outside? Do they kill bees?

        • I am having same problem… I have bombed house and basement, treated yard, treat animals w/ frontline plus… And while it keeps the flea annoyance at bay meaning it doesn’t turn into an infestation… I cannot get rid of them… The exterminator person told me that because here in Indiana, winter 2015 did not get near cold enough to kill off the insects such as fleas… Due to this, the way I understand it is that the fleas this summer are particularly bad because they are immune to majority of pesticides. I have spent around 400-500$ over this summer on flea crap for house , yard and pets… My long time vet said that the only thing that will make the flea population go away is a nice COLD WINTER, in which the exterminator agreed…Thought I would chime in and let you know you are not alone… Even the exterminators are having troubles…

          • If it’s not cold enough in Indiana, what chance do we have in England?

        • Mine won’t die either

        • We are using a solution of 1cup dawn soap, 1 cup white distilled vinegar and 1 quart water. Mix together to shampoo the dogs fleas are falling off dead. Going to try to make a spray of apple cider vinegar warm waterway and baking soda to spray around house and bought fleas powder to sprinkle on carpets

          • Thanks im going to try this my little dog caught them from my fiance dog and i cant get rid of them

          • How much apple cider vinegar & baking soda?? And do you add water?

        • I’ve got the same problem did you find an answer?

      • Try how ?

    • where do I get the diatomaceous earth?

      • I have a very bad infestation and just bought a huge bag of it at Home depot for I think $18. I also bought the raid foggers for fleas and bed bugs and the raid foggers diddnt help at all! Since we have no pets they are eating us ALIVE! Best of luck here’s to hoping withe the diatomaceous !

        • We used the raid fogger also and they didn’t work! I found Enforcer fogger and hope they work. I’ve had good luck with their spray

        • I used it didn’t do anything but leave a mess and the cat dragged it on everything. Then bought 30 dollar spray from the vets for rugs and furniture, did that nothing worked. Bought foggers did nothing. Have expensive stuff for the animals did nothing. Will be in the nut house soon.

      • You can purchase in bulk 50# bags at any farm supply and feed store for about $25. On line the prices are outrageous. Farmers have been using this to control parasites in their animals for generations. Mix with your pet’s food and you won’t have worms or other internal parasites either. I use it in my morning coffee! Make sure you purchase food grade! Hope this helps.

        • What product are you talking about?

        • What is it you are talking about? there are so many comments not sure what product you are referring to.

          • diacremaceous earth – food grade

      • I got a huge yellow bag of it from Walmart and I think some the dollar stores have it, like Dollar General// Family Dollar. If not, you can visit your local CO-OP or Tractor Supply store. Otherwise you can order these products and pay shipping.

        • If you bought the bag in the garden supply area it is NOT FOOD GRADE! Do not give it to your pets or use it internally for yourself. Tractor Supply has a FOOD GRADE brand.

      • In any store in the detergent section. Walmart for instance, but even regular grocery stores carry this.

    • We are having a flea problem. We have bombed the house today and still see them and we have put stuff in our carpet 2 times and still them I’m freaking out bc we are expecting a baby and have kids. Help

      • I used the candle and water trix ..fell a plate up with water and dishwasher place a candle in the middle of it and just watch the fleas jump in. They are a tracked to light.

        • That only works For a short time

    • Why would you even want to get rid of ants? They do a lot of good in the garden – not to mention fighting off the termites!

      • Fire ants? They are no good to anyone or anything, swarm, and bite you, hanging on until you pick them off. Then each bite leaves a pimple which develops a pus filled top. I hate the things. They belong to the ant family and are prevalent across the southern U.S..

        • Fire ants eat flea larvae. I would rather have them then the fleas

      • I live in nc and ticks and fleas triple in warm weather. I ressd yoiur ideas.winter freeze doesb s top flreas. Yohavr to get ahead to do sany good.iuse raid house spray.

  2. I just moved into a rental home that has all hardwood floors.We found out that the house had fleas right when we moved in.Ive had someone spray,Ive also been vaccuming like crazy.Yesterday I bought some de and put it down on all the baseboards.We have no pets.Anyone had this same problem.When will the fleas be completely gone!!

    • Oh honey let me tell you !! Im pulling my hair out and so is my baby !! They are insane .. we have done everything Boric acid, de, rade , organic BS and NOTHING IS WORKING (someone help ) we have nothing but hard wood even the walls are wood why wont they die?? Km ready to move but im afraid they will follow

      • Use salt

        • what is the salt trick. My pug is allergic to everything and I am exhausted at trying benadryl and natural sprays. They are becoming visible and I wash/ vacuum/clean etc. signed flea hopeless.

          • Salt isn’t good for pets, can effect nervous system.

        • Buy flea bombs, they come in pkgs. of 3, you will need all. You will have to leave your house for 8 hrs. I would try to stay overnight, with the baby. I come back in my house after 8 hrs. but I don’t have any children. I think Hartz has an extra strong one. I had to use one in my
          car. I have 3 cats, who are now living in my garage.

        • I have tried salt it doesn’t work. I still get bit. I left it down for over a week. If I vacuum I put more down.

      • My grandmother told me when i was a little girl to use salt all over the place after spraying and it works

      • Flea spray in all crevices in floors, under skirting boards, on rugs/carpets; got mine from the veterinary surgeon. Use vacuum cleaner thoroughly at least once per day to agitate the pupae, so they will hatch into adults that will then be killed by the film of flea spray surrounding them – the dormant pupae cannot be killed by anything but fire!

    • My renters that moved out left a major flea infestation in my rent house. They can lay eggs in the cracks. I have fogged 6 times, used a professional twice and they were still everywhere. Make sure you turn the A/C off when you fog. Also the Borax laundry soap and Diatomaceous worked the best to kill them. Leave the powder everywhere for a solid week before cleaning it up. You can try spraying Cedar oil everywhere and see if that will work before using all the messy measures. Be sure to spray in all closest, on furniture and under furniture. Then I have been vacuuming like crazy. I hope this helps.

    • I just moved into an apartment that is also infested with fleas and nothing seems to be working to get rid of them! The apartments have sprayed the carpets, I have sprayed the carpets, Terminix has come and sprayed both in my apartment and outside. I have tried salt, Borax and DE with vacuuming every day and still have fleas in the house! It is literally driving me crazy… This has been going on for almost 3 weeks now!

      • It takes six weeks of vacuuming, at least once per day – provided you’ve sprayed appropriate insecticide everywhere first. The spray I got from my veterinary surgeon is supposed to give 12 months’ protection.

    • Dear Rachel,
      read on here. terrifying me.
      have u get rid of yr flea problm.
      it seems that am having it too !

    • Going through the same problem now. All hardwood we have no pets and barely anything even in the house. We’re going to be going on. Week 3 now. How long did it eventually take you. This will be my 3rd bomb after tonight. And 2 exterminator trips.

    • I’m in the save boat all hardwood no pets. Vacuuming washing this is going on three months. I just went and bought ultracide I’m heading it’s the best it’s out of stock now i bought the last can. They said bombs only kill the fleas not the eggs. I guess they are becoming immune. She said you’d see activity to just keep vacuuming put a flea color in the vacuum which I already did and empty and clean it out that’s what I do. Then retreat in ten to fourteen days and that should do it. I hope so cuz I don’t put my tree up our anything until they are all gone. I’m going nuts.

    • Boy I tell you let me know if you find out!!! We no longer have a cat and are now being bombarded by them! My two kids husband and I are being eaten alive literally grabbing 4 or 5 off of us a day flushing them my poor kids look horrible even tried putting tea tree oil on them to deture them from biting them. Not sure do I just put the de all over my wood floors what a mess did their room and beds . If you figured out something let me know because we did foggers and everything and are still miserable and pulling my hair out!

      • Anything with a citrus smell will repel them – eat lemons & rub the rind on your hands.

        • Vicks vaper rub should work

  3. Getting rid of fleas is awful. There’s only one way to do it, and there is no easy way, period. You have to be thorough. You have to do it in a way that you’re like “well of course nothing’s going to survive THAT”. If you skip on any steps, leave a really heavy piece of furniture unmoved and there’s a big nest of fleas under it, you did it all for nothing.

    Here’s what I did:

    First I treated the animals. Don’t throw them out. Use only treatments from your Vetrinarian, do not go pick up something at Wal-Mart (this can be super dangerous and kill your pet). Once they’re treated, they become walking flea-killers.

    You have to clean and treat EVERYTHING, in one fell swoop. Move out every piece of furniture from the wall (no exceptions), wash every single piece of towel/sheet/blanket/clothing in the house. Anything that is fabric and can be washed. I wore a face mask and sprinkled Borax detergent into the carpets, and used a push broom to work it into every inch of carpet. Borax will scratch fleas and kill them, for up to a year. Also put it on the mattresses, and under the sofa cushions. Then I vacuumed everything, and emptied the vacuum bag.

    I did this for every room except one bedroom, which I slept in that night. Once the whole house was cleared, I did that bedroom too.

    For the next two weeks, I vacuumed the house twice a day.

    Two weeks is important to kill off any remaining fleas that may be in the egg or larvae stages.

    Vacuuming is THE most important step. A lot of “flea killing” methods will ONLY kill adult fleas. Vacuuming kills adults, eggs, AND can trick the otherwise untouchable “pupa” stage. Pupas can stay in your carpet for up to 6 months. That can’t be killed, or hurt. BUT they spend all this time waiting for a vibration to leap out and bite an unsuspecting victim. The vacuum cleaner makes these vibrations, and tricks pupas into hatching. The adult flea is easy-peasy to kill. Vacuum sucks it right up.

    Even if you don’t do the “cleanse the whole house” thing (I did, because it was driving me crazy and gave me so much peace of mind): Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.

    • didn’t know the vacuuming did that, I will have to keep that in mind if we ever have to deal with it again, thank you

      • Try a little attachment head for your vacuum cleaner that has an ultra violet light which zaps all insects – including fleas and their eggs – dead. It also has a vibrator to shake the little beasties out of hiding. It’s really great. I use one all the time on my bed, fabrics and floors. The one I bought online was about 19 euros (I live in France) and one year later it’s still going strong even though I use it heavily on a daily basis.

    • The pupae stage can actually lay dormant for a little over 300 days. They hatch with heat and movement. That was a great analogy of the vacuum tricking them. I never thought of putting itithat way. Just to add a little to what you’ve said, which was amazing by the way. The pupae stage CANNOT be killed so any product that says it can, leave it be. You can also cut up a flea collar into your vacuum bag/canister which helps kill the adult fleas at you vacuum them. Make sure you ALWAYS take the contents of your vacuum and put in a plastic bag when you are done, seal the bag tightly and get it out of your house. If you don’t, these buggars Will just climb out of your vacuum and go about their merry way!

    • Did you just use borax and that is all?

    • What if you have hard floor? Do you still use borax detergent? What about foggers?

    • Hey could you tell me where to buy borax please

      • you can buy Borax at Home Depot, Target, Amazon and many more places. Brand name would be “20 Mule Team Borax”.

      • Some dollar stores in canada (not sure where you are) sell borax

      • Any store my laundry soap

    • How long did you leave on the Borax before you vacuumed? Thank you!

    • how long did you leave the Borax on the rugs (I only have area rugs)? I left for at least 30min after rubbing it in before vacuuming.

    • How long do you let the Borax sit before vacuuming?

    • I think you’ve got it about right (from what I’ve read). Don’t forget the benefits of cleaning with household cleaners that smell of citrus; even eat lemons; [note to Self – buy shares in a lemon farm (or limes, since I’m English)].

  4. We got a hand me down bed from a family member, seems safe right? Not so much, the fleas that cam from it were in the entire house within just a couple days. We took EVERYTHING cloth, down to curtains, runs, stuff animals, pillows, bed spreads,. everything to the laundry mat washed everything twice, the double bagged it all. we then put bed covers over all the beds, sprayed down all furniture, floor boards, trim, cracks, wall floors, everything with a flea killer. Unfortunately, fleas do not go straight from eggs to adults, they go from eggs to larvae to pupae to adults, and it can take a couple months to become an adult. So be sure what ever method of spray you use kills more than just adults, MANY SPRAYS DO NOT, so be sure to read the label. We were lucky enough we live close to my mothers. If there is no food (you) they will die faster. So we stayed at moms for a about 10 days, stopping by every other day just to respray furniture. I know it seems really extreme, but fleas are really hard to get rid of, we did this after 2 and a half months of trying every other method we had found with no luck. if you do not have some where else to stay, be sure to keep everything bagged up for at least a week, and wash clothing and bedding quickly after use, re-bagging it straight from the dryer. Fleas are hard to get rid of, I wish every the best of luck, and hopes you dont have to go through the extremes we did

    • One point – absolutely nothing kills the pupae (except fire, apparently), so you need to use an insecticide that leaves a film or deposit that will kill the young adults when they emerge from their pupae. The best way to encourage the pupae to allow the adults to emerge is to make them vibrate, preferably by using a powerful vacuum cleaner at least once a day for 6 weeks. Empty the vacuum cleaner outside, straight into your waste bin (garbage can, in USA), not indoors.

  5. I’ve had a flea problem now for a few weeks after looking after a friends cats one afternoon. They are not going away!! Just after I think I haven’t seen one in a few days… One pops up! I’ve been covering myself completely and eating stupid amounts of garlic (as I’ve been told they hate the taste of yur blood once eating garlic) vacuuming constantly, spraying constantly, I’m literally at my wits end with them!! 🙁

    • Jess try using distilled white vinneger. U can mix it with a little water it will help with the fleas. And if u have pets in the house. It will help with the smell.you can spray it on everything it don’t hurt it spray it often

    • Try diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it lightly around the floor and even on your bed. If you buy food grade diatomaceous earth you can mix a little with water to drink to detoxify and purify your system. Great stuff. I rub it into my cats’ fur to kill the fleas as well as sprinkling it on their wet food. You could also put a shallow dish of soapy water under a piece of furniture to catch and kill them.
      And a dehumidier will kill them if you keep the humidity level of your house under 60% as the fleas would simply dry out and die.

      • Where do you get this earth?

    • Very true I eat garlic everyday and only been bit a dozen times (they don’t like Italians I guess) but salt has worked the light and dishwashing trick worked now I have to buy a steam cleaner and clean my carpets then I will retreat with DE Salt and Borax. We shall se

  6. I am currently staying at my boyfriends home due to the fleas in my home. I bought the high dollar enforcer spray at tractor supply. It came with a pump sprayer and I used it generously. I have floating hard wood floors and carpet. After I spray I leave but after a couple days I can walk in to feed my fish and I walk out covered in baby fleas. This has been happening for a little more than. A month now. I’m going to try dusting with Boric and flea powers. I am open to any suggestions if anyone can tell me what to do!! Is it possible they are bedding, or avoiding my treatment in or under my hard wood floors? That is where they are hatching a,nd getting on me when I am in house? Its crazy how fast they multiply!! Especially when my dog, nor myself are staying there!

    • Bleach bleach bleach all floors and surfaces to kill eggs .use lots of white vinegar in laundry and spray bottle to kill fleas.

  7. I have been dealing with fleas for several months. little did I know how they multiplied I havent been very aggressive. Only buying from walmart ant keeping things calm until I bought the earth dust and bombs, it has stirred them up. didnt know what i was dealing with!!! Everything away from wall vaccuum everyday or twice, and bomb under mobile home where cat which is now gone and no animal in house ? Does that sound like it will rid them? guess wash bedding and spray matress often? vaccuum matress?

  8. hi im going to be moving into an apartment that has to be sprayed by a prof ,,flea control company ,,now my question is my 3 cats are treated but after it is sprayed when can i move into my new apartment ..and do you vacuum and steam clean it before it is treat by a flea control company ..hoping to hear from you soon .

  9. I live with my parents and my sister yet I am the only one getting bitten by fleas. I don’t know what to do anymore. My dad called the exterminator and he came in with a big pump and sprayed everything in the house. 2 weeks later, I started getting bit again. Please help , i don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t sleep.

  10. My good friend fosters cats and about a month ago I brought one of her fosters into my apartment for a trial weekend. Turns out, these little guys had fleas! I treated them, bathed them and they went back to their new homes flea free. However, left me with a flea problem! Upside: I discovered they had fleas within 12 hours of brining them home (Yes, I know I should have check sooner but they had received flea treatment the week before). Since they were young and adjusting, they only went in two rooms of my apartment – my bathroom and my room (carpeted). As soon as I found fleas I went to work. I washed all bedding (mine and the cats), clothes, etc. I vacuumed, treated my carpet with a product containing IGR, and then vacuumed several more times. I used a spray I got at Petco in the bathroom (don’t think it was IGR though). I have vacuumed and washed several times since, but no further flea treatment. I bought some flea lamps and have had those going to try and see if I still have fleas… no sign of them. It has been just over a month and not a single sign since I found fleas on one of the kittens. Could I still have fleas? Further steps I should take? Is it really possible they are all gone? Thanks!!

  11. Beneficial Nematodes will do the trick! I leave on the very wet and humid East Coast- have four dogs and HAD a major flea problem. Was spending 400.00-500.00 easily each summer season trying to get rid of them, to no avail. Purchased the Nematodes from Ariba and haven’t had a flea problem since. NOT recommended for dry areas!

    • where do you buy the Beneficial Nematodes and how much does it cost ?? There is a huge problem at my daughters house, and she has a 3yr old whom the fleas seem to love to chew up constantly..please contact me asap.. need help plz…..

    • Where can you buy the nematodes at

    • I found them online to buy and am going to give it a try! After reading about those amazing creatures I think more people need to know about them!! Thank you

  12. Can you plz send me address so I can purchase Beneficial Nematodes. Thanksgiving

  13. Hi can you help me with the Nematodes purchasing i need to treat my flat that am renting its been 8 months we had the outbreak in house, but due to cats that walks arround our place and in the edge of b

  14. Hello all I had a bad infestation of fleas from some clothes I have bought I bought flea foggers which did nothing I also bought bedbug and flea spray which did nothing the only thing I found that works 100% for me 91% alcohol . Unplug every appliance in the house before use of alcohol spray every piece of furniture that is made of cloth and literally spray on the entire floor leave the house and let it dry you can buy a pump sprayer and fill it with alcohol work for me I have no animals in the house never did good luck

    • What kind of alcohol? Rubbing? I really need to douse everything my kids have a whole playroom


    • It that just regular table salt

    • It that just regular table salt

      • Back in 97 I had a flea problem. BAD.. I had a good size house. Three bdrm upstairs and two downstairs… And a Sheppard and a lab.. Two very big INSIDE dogs… I went to the vet and got advantage ( I think that’s what it was ) I put it on their necks and it seemed like a week and they were gone…I think the fleas jump off my dogs when I walk into the room to bite me. Now I have a two bdrm and two cat. I can’t get rid of these bastards ..im scratching more than my . I think the fleas got ahold of some steroids.

  16. Question. I spent two nights at my cousins and my dog got fleas and so did I, in my hair and my bed. How do I get rid of them all over the house and most importantly in my hair. I really need to know I am terrified of flea’s.

  17. 07763477664 I’ve got a problem I’ve got fleas but can’t get rid of them. I have no pets I’ve tried getting rid of them but its hard. Woman who lived here before had a cat wat else can I do.

  18. Dawn dish liquid will be good for pets washing even you after close contact with fleas

  19. Hi. It’s terrifying me what I’ve read on here. My poor dog has fleas and has had for at least 6wks now tried drops and collars , combing and shampoos but now realise that we are finding them on ourselves occasionally. can’t believe the speed at which they multiply! ! Had two dogs for over 12 yrs before this one and never had this problem worrying from all the previous comments of trying everything and it not working.

  20. I have haRd wood floors I’ve been vacumin for two weeks now 5 times a day I’ve used borax I bombed and I’ve sprayed I still seem to find them in my son and my and my daughter’s roommy kitchen and living room when I vacuum I find oneI gave my cat Capstar and advantage I gave him a bath and Dawn soap.I haven’t seen no fleas on himany other ideas on how to get them out of the hardwood floors

  21. I used a lint roller on all my furniture…it picks up all the little eggs (and some teen and adult fleas) and helps you figure out where the primary infestation areas are. I seal the used lint roller strips in a ziplock bag. Then I vacuum like a mad woman and take out the vacuum bag and seal in plastic bag along with lint roller bag immediately. I think my flea problem had been brewing longer than I initially thought!

  22. Found some fleas on my cat, I immediately got her on Capstar and Frontline plus after bathing her in Palmolive (I didn’t have dawn and it was 11pm) then tore into the house vacuuming, shampooing carpets, steam cleaning carpets and furniture in addition to washing everything, threw throw pillows in dry for 30 minutes and bagged them then sprayed entire house with Precor 2000. I haven’t seen any fleas in 4 days but will continue to keep vacuuming like the OCD freak I am, do you think this has been enough or should I put salt all over my carpets for good measure?…It’s not the fleas I see (which so far there aren’t any) but it’s what I cant see that scares me, I want to relax but am to nervous….any advice from anyone pleade?? Thank you.

  23. Any one in UK who knows of a product that will kill fleas? I’ve had the place upside down, cleaning, left the house after having bombed it with flea bomb. Used Indorex, Digrain insectaclear and a flea bomb. Used salt, banana peels. Shallow plates with water to check how many. Returned and did massive clean. I have thrown out my big rug. I’ve thrown out a lot of things. I’m exhausted of it. Thought I’d made headway but just went to the bathroom at 4:30am and one jumped on my foot. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Lots of other stuff going on other than this but it’s one of those things that push to the limits. My circumstances changed so had to move cat on and when he left, the fleas came out. I treated him with Feliway regularly but I’ve since read that fleas are immune to it. Glad this thread was here with up to date shares and people who understand! This was beneficial. Thanks for your comments

    • I’ve just got Indorex from my vet today, but haven’t been able to use it. Did you vacuum every day for 6 weeks? Did you spray EVERYWHERE?

  24. I thought I would be the good person and rescue a cat that a neighbor had “kicked” out. He had multiple cats. I never had any fleas in the apartment. My Pug is 10 and never had a flea on him. I have vacuumed, bacon soda, salt, instant kill pills, bathed animals and cleaned all blankets/pillows. (I have leather furniture) What am I to do? I cant get rid of them! I’m about to be medically unable to keep this up and the pug is about to be hairless (allergic to treatments I’ve done). Looking at the above posts I’m doomed. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    • Hi Kim,
      I commented here a few days ago.
      I had to get my flat treated professionally. It was the only option left.
      It was £68. Well worth it for peace of mind.
      I don’t have experience in what to do with your pet but it might be best to call your vet. Or the PDSA.
      Hope this helps a little.

  25. A friend if mine had two dogs we lived with her for five months. When she moved out and took all her furniture. I did a deep clean you know fridge walks floors all hardwood. I was sweeping and mopping when I was done I stopped to grab a bite to eat look down and I’m covered I recorded it cuz I had no idea I’ve never had animals with fleas. Had a cat one but she was an indoor cat. But anyways I’ve been to the pet store bought bombs and sprays. I vacuum my hardwood with a dirtdevil I won’t see anything for days. Then I’ll wake up the next morning and all over again. I’m the only one being ate up. I won’t get my stuff out of storage until these are gone. I don’t think calling an exterminator will work either from what I’m hearing. I had them so bad in my basement that it felt like you were walking into spider webs no it was fleas I was in tears and about done after that I’ve set more bombs off down there than anywhere. It’s spring about to be winter does the child kill them out does that just make them sleep until summer if it does anything at all. And my bathroom is small so you’d think some spray for that room would work nope it’s like the basement every time I use the restroom all over me I’m really trying not to give up but I hate bus and the fear of their babies hatching. Plz kHz plz help if you can.

    • I bombed and put down flea powder with an IGR agent in it for all of my bedrooms and living room area.But for my bathroom since it does not have carpet, I put down both borax and salt and so far that has been working. Don’t give up don’t let those fleas get the best of you. They are hard to get rid of. Its done all the time. Also try so diatomaceous earth food grade for your home but not the bathroom area because the DE has to remain dry in order for it to work. Good luck to you. Die Fleas Die!!!!!

      • Such a process. Glad I read your review. Gives me some hope.

        We had an exterminator come 2x…. nothing worked… Used flea bombs/foggers… Nope! Started with borax and DE… Made a little progress…. Threw out couches…. Last night treated with salt and DE. Then taped down plastic sheeting to trap them in.

        Fingers crossed. Really could use some luck right about now. Our 20month old son can’t enjoy the house.

        Don’t know what to do anymore.

    • I bombed and put down flea powder with an IGR agent in it for all of my bedrooms and living room area.But for my bathroom since it does not have carpet, I put down both borax and salt and so far that has been working. Don’t give up don’t let those fleas get the best of you. They are hard to get rid of. Its done all the time. Also try so diatomaceous earth food grade for your home but not the bathroom area because the DE has to remain dry in order for it to work. Good luck to you. Die Fleas Die!!!!!

  26. I have had dogs and cats all my life, my house now has fleas and my dog and cats, I have washed and flead them used sprays and powder on carpets and nothing is working I am running out of ideas of what to do, and my cats have always been house cat’s. I have been using a nit comb and getting fleas of the animals but they are every where and starting to get me down now and make me feel dirty. Please help….

  27. Got some good ideas from all the postings. Thanks to everyone who posted. I do have onequestion: We live in rural area and am sure fleas are living in the grasses and weeds. Anyone have some inexpensive solutions to treat fleas outdoors?

    • Lyme.it is cheap,buy it at Wal-Mart and it is good for your lawn, kills lots of bugs including fleas. Use it in a spreader twice a year. Fleas stay away or die.

  28. My ex moved out a month ago and left me some fleas behind my legs are so bitten up and its driving me nuts the only thing I have is a couch everything else is hardwood any suggestions would help

  29. My daughter Ives in South Carolina where the fleas are mutants she has shampooed and washed and vacuumed and bombed nothing stops the does she need to treat outside along with the inside to stop the cycle and if so what are the best products for both inside and outside for these mutant fleas? What should she keep on her dogs and cats to prevent this regular flea and tick guard do nothing as she has had it on them and the dog still brought them in the home

  30. I had a house guest and his dog for about 3 weeks. 2 weeks in I noticed bites on my child. My husband and I never got bit or saw a flea until we started treating the home. The more we treated and cleaned the more we saw. I did the water bowl trap in my livingroom and kitchen. Caught about 25 fleas and I noticed some larvae. Is that a lot? Trying to determine how infested we are.

  31. wow fleas are invading everyone …. it is crazy…my kitty looks up at me with sad eyes and then stares at the floor avoiding all rugs, he runs around them… crazy

  32. Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy Goshhhhh!

    These suckers came literally OVERNIGHT! We have been treating for a week. First, took dogs to Vet and put them on NexGard chewables. Then did the flea bombing. Then carpet cleaning because we knew that is all we had to do. LOL!!!! We have a four bedroom house with only two of them carpeted. We have used enough flea foggers for over 30,000 sq ft!! They are still jumping. We have traps out. Countless boxes of DE and Borax. Vacuuming constantly. All clothes and linens are out of the house. My little one is staying at my mom’s down the road. Ready to burn down the house!! WTF?!! Set out traps at midnight and this morning there is at least 40 in each trap in the two bedrooms. Throughout the rest of the house, we had a max of three (ONLY 3) in each trap. Praise the Lort! But the bedrooms?! We are ready to pull the carpet out and start over.

    • What kinda traps are you talking about never heard of traps I’ve been treating for almost five months I don’t know what else to do no carpet just hardwood and linoleum floors and they are the worst in my living room and basement. I’m about to loose my mind. My mom has to come to my house straight from hospital. They can’t get on her I guys she’ll have to stay on my couch until I figure something out. These mutant fleas on steroids need to go they’ve worn it their welcome. I’ve bombed, boric acid, ultracide, some new stuff that I bought in our town that they said would kill them instantly nope nope nope nothing is working someone have any ideas that has successfully gotten rid of them with anything plz help. I’d like to know about the traps and the flea lights plz and thank you. Happy New Year!!!! Help

  33. Janina Jackson – Victor makes a flea trap that you can purchase on Amazon or you can try making one yourself. I tried the homemade variety first, but it didn’t work for me; although, I do know others who have had luck with it. To make, fill a small shallow bowl with water & Dawn dish soap, place it underneath a lamp (heat source), and leave it in a dark room. The fleas will be attracted to the light & heat & will jump in the water & drown. I’ve been using the Victor trap in all my rooms for a few days at a time & have caught 15 fleas so far.

    I have been attempting to get rid of these horrible creatures since July…I’ve vacuumed for 14 days straight, I’ve salted carpets & my mattress, I’ve used Borax & DE on my carpets, I’ve used an insecticide throughout my home & sprayed it in the edges of my tiled & linoleum floors, I’ve shampooed the carpets, fogged our 4 carpeted areas, & treated our cats. The cats have been out of the house for 3 weeks now & we STILL have a problem. 🙁 I just applied Fleabuster RX this weekend to all of the carpets & furniture, I have PreCor on the way, & have flea bombs with an IGR in it to deploy within the week. I wear socks up to my knees & tuck my pants inside them every night now to prevent more bites…with the cats out of the house, I’m their only meal (my boyfriend isn’t getting bitten) and my legs are covered in them. 🙁 If all of this doesn’t work, I may cry or move or both…

    • It can help if you keep you animals in once getting treated since they are a walking flea treatment fleas will bit them and die and plus side prefer your pet over you! We no longer have our cat and apparently every egg has all the sudden hatched and my kids are litteraly bit from head to toe every inch of them sounds horrible but wish our cat was still here because my poor kids are miserable!

  34. I have trouble with sand fleas every year real bad I have 4 little puppys iput med. on them every month.

  35. this was very helpful info.i will get started now.thank you

  36. My cat died Dec. 22nd. Was very ill. Didn’t eat for two days so I started to panic. Zoomed to the Vet. She said there was no hope and Misty was put to sleep. I had no idea there were millions of fleas on her belly. Her paws were all red and her belly was so bloody. RIP Misty I love you! I kinda feel it was my fault I should have been checking her belly. Had no idea. There were no fleas hopping on me. So my advice WATCH THERE BELLY! Now kitty is gone and fleas all over me and the carpets. Doing the salt trick. And when a gallon of milk is empty I cut the top half off. So I have the bottom half filled with the Dawn soap and water. They are attracted to the light. Thousands have jumped in and drowned. I have 17 bottom halves killing the fleas. It works. SAVE YOUR PLASTIC MILK CARTONS! It has really helped a lot. Hope this helps everyone.

  37. I also have a spray bottle. Pour 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 lemon juice. Not all the way to the top. So you can shake it well. I keep this near me. I spray all over my feet and legs. Not one flea has hopped on me. Reapply every few hours if needed. Doesn’t irritate my skin. Bye bye fleas.

  38. Help!!!!! I’ve been trying to get rid of Fleas for a year now nothing works I’ve called the Exterminator so many times I’ve try everything and they just won’t leave!!! Or die I’m so tired of them an just feel like moving out but I love my apartment so much!!!!! idk what to do anymore

  39. My 9 yr old dog recently got fleas for the first time. He has not been around any other dogs. I think he got them because we stopped using pesticides on our lawn. Maybe we should be treating our lawns, too.

  40. I have the cheapest laminate in my home that I rent ever made and it can’t tolerate being wet. .I have dogs and cats and a serious flea problem and I don’t know what to use on the laminate for fear of damaging it.I am using Frontline on my pets but it is not working as well as it has in the past and I believe it’s because I need to treat my house.I am at a loss any advice would be greatly appreciated.thanks so much

  41. First of all, I want to say that I am extremely sorry that these people have these severe flea problems. My God, the stories are absolutely astonishing! If there is a flea anywhere near me, I am a magnet. I carry anti-itch creme in my pocket. I finally realized that I am bringing them in from outside. Even if you just take out the trash, they are all over you. Now, I have been spraying a sportsmans insect repellent all over my legs and feet. But, that stuff is really nasty (DEET). The fleas came fast and furious this year. And it is not even summer! I am going to try those flea traps and I like that idea of the vinegar and lemon spray.

  42. Try environment lime. Fleas hate it. I have a huge problem right now that is my next try. I’m just gonna douce the place in it like last time.

  43. Help I have fleas for a week I don’t have animals I’ve tried almost everything vacuum foggers everything jvibegar n things like that nothing help I can’t stand them no more please help

  44. All. Fleas have been terrible this year for my 93lb dog Samantha. Frontline doesn’t work And after searching non chemical pest killers I finally found Vet’s Best. It is made of peppermint oil and cloves. This stuff is great for killing fleas on contact. They make a shampoo for both dogs and cats. This stuff is pricey but it does work for her.
    I’ve read that borax works for killing fleas so today I spread it around after vacuuming. I hope it works!

  45. Jesus Christ fleas are everywhere if I take one step into my room I can’t even see my foot from how many fleas there are please help me


    • Quit wasting your time and money on all natural crap. It’s a joke and will never work to rid yourself of an infestation. They may work for preventing an infestation, but that’s about it. Sorry to all you “greenies” out there, but it’s the truth, like it or not. I hate bugs and have been dealing with an infestation for almost 6 months. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know for a fact that the all natural approach DOES NOT WORK !!! If I have offended any of you “greenies” I don’t really care, as the only thing more annoying than a flea infestation would be having to be around one of you bastards.

  47. I am trying to find something that will get rid of these fleas on my inside cats. They are even in my hermit crabs house. They are terrible this year and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a lot of money to buy any of these expensive things, but am so frustrated and don’t know what to do. I am reading here that they are really bad this year, so it’s not just me, but what REALLY works to get rid of them that is inexpensive?

  48. I have had 2 infestationd and got rid of both with the ususal steps – First treat your pets with your favorite flea killer, then wash everything fabric that you can, and make sure you tumbledry it afterwards, wash everything that is not fabric with dishsoap and water and vacuum the room thoroughly, spread salt around if you have a carpet and really rub it in( make sure you and your pets do not touch any of the salt, use gloves when you spread it and some good slippers) spread salt on the matress, near the wall, under the sofa and under the sofa cushions, all over your favorite office chair, every crack and corner, and leave for as long as possible, in my experience 48 hours works best, just make sure the cats/dogs stay out of the room. Then finally, wash and vacuum again.

    You may have to repeat this once after the first time, but that usually kills everything without costing a fortune.

  49. My neighbors have fleas and I sit t my step at the back yard, and I flea jump to my son and me. The next morning I went to kitchen and 5 flea jump to my legs. I freak out. I’m using derma for kills bugs and spray. In hope that help. I don’t have any animals.

  50. Going on day three of treating our house and cat for fleas, and I am exhausted but noticing less of them. I started out putting fine salt all over the carpets spreading it around and let it sit for a full 24 hours, then vacuumed thoroughly. Use the little attachments and bristle he’s for corners baseboards and moldings. Next I did the borax detergent in two of the bedrooms and sealed those off for 24 hours, and vacuumed the shit out of those carpets. Spraying vinegar water (white vinegar, both equal parts) all around the moldings and furniture. Sprinkle borax under cushions and mattresses and vacuum that up after 24 to 48 hrs as well. Very important to not leave exposed bprax powder around your pets. Seal off rooms at a time and do it. Move all furniture and dust it down with cities cleaner (they hate it apparently) and keep vacuuming like this every day. My next step is going to be renting a steamer and steaming all of the carpets and fabric in the house. Wash everything. Dry on hot. Flea comb your cat outside or out of your house. I am also going to do a flea spray next week and some d.e in cat fur. Also, bathe pet on dawn dish soap to get rid of extra fleas. Will update yall in a few weeks. Wish me luck

    • Good luck… as your going to need it. I am on MONTH 6 of a pest infestation. I say pest because I can not even determine what pest I have is, due to the 5 exterminators I have called either don’t show up, don’t return calls, or look at the pictures and LIVE samples of what insects I have captured and can’t tell me what they are !! All I get is what they aren’t or statements like “Fleas aren’t common to our area.” Well no shit Sherlock, who said my dogs were from here?? Not me. I clearly told you that I took them in from an abusive home and they came here from COLORADO !! What I can tell you is a lot of what doesn’t work. Permethrin is a joke. Works ONLY on adult fleas, (or shall I say the “bugs” that I have due to I have no positive ID on them yet) and only if you drowned them in it contacting them directly. Hell, that can be accomplished with Windex !! Anything Petco sells is a complete JOKE as it’s all eco friendly crap. Don’t waste your time or money, and trust me, your going to need all the money you can spare !! I have spent $300 to 400.00 a month on cleaning supplies over the last 6 months. My washing machine runs NON STOP. I have went thru one washing machine and on my second dryer. 3 vacuums, and due for another again. Thrown away bedding, clothes, towels, furniture, shoes, rugs, curtains, luggage, dog toys. My well went down in the middle of this ordeal and am still working on that and having to haul water with a tank. I also think that the shallow well has something to contribute to this problem as I CAN NOT get my clothes clean when using it to due laundry. No matter how hot the water is, ( 156 degrees is how hot I have it set at and that is as hot as the water heater can get it) or how many times I wash them. There are these “mystery balls” of I don’t know what on them attached to loose threads and seams. They are mostly white-ish, but some are black and some are really white. They tend to fall off when using the water I haul from the municipal water supply that is chlorinated heavily for the most part, but some still remain here and there. I did take my dogs to the vet and her half ass exam resulted in her claiming they have/had ” walking mites”, but after 3 doses of her medication she sold me with no label or written instructions with a NAME as to what it was they were “cured” so she said on the 3rd dose and another examination of only one of the three mini Dachshunds I have. The biggest problem I seem to have is incompetence, inexperience, unwillingness to help me, (or even believe me that I have an infestation, but none of those have stepped up to the plate and taken me up on my offer to stay in one of the 3 empty bedrooms for a week. Or take a pocket full of vacuum canister contents home with them in their pockets) laziness, or want to do little to nothing at all and be paid enormously for just that by anyone that I have contacted. Friends, family and professionals. So called friends being the WORST !! Trust me, I have found out who my real friends are. So, I wish you all the luck in the world as I have never been so tormented in all my life, nor could I ever imagined something like this was even possible. If you have pets that live in the house with you and you do not like being bitten by “bugs”, and you prefer to have nice clean clothes and keep a nice clean home, make sure your pets have insect protection of some kind !!! It doesn’t matter where you live, if they have ever had pests before or not, or how clean of a house you keep. No preventative measures is just STUPID !! I will be the first one to admit how STUPID I was for allowing these rescue dogs into my home without having them bathed and examined by a professional vet before they ever set foot in the entryway. They are here now, whats done is done, and I love them with all my heart. It’s not their fault they were abused by their previous owners nor for my stupidity. Best advice I can give you is: Don’t mess around and wait on ANYONE !! If you call and they won’t/can’t/don’t show up within 36 hours, call someone else. Get professional help. Don’t piss around with “eco friendly” products. Spend the money on people and products that know what their doing and pay them what they want if their willing to do the task. Beprepared for at least 2 if not 3 more re infestations. That has been the consistent thing I have been told by every single person I have talked to that has gone thru this and been successful in keeping their home and been honest with me. Others either moved, gave up and got rid of their pets, (probably still have the fleas though), just live with the fleas and don’t care, or are in denial and would rather lie or hide the fact they have a problem.

  51. I have been using Sevin dust. Smells like flea powder but a lot cheaper.

    • Where are you using the Seven dust? Isn’t it just for outdoors?

  52. Does anyone here feel or see the bites but never see the fleas?

    Two months ago I saw the tiniest little fleas all over my legs. In that week I did 16 loads of laundry, vacuumed the floor twice a day, steam cleaned the carpets. Covered the entire house, beds and furniture in DE, washed and treated the cat. Waited a week and vacuumed up the DE and sprayed with peppermint and clove oil for the next few days.

    I never saw another flea but after awhile my son started getting bites. No one else, just him. So, even though I couldn’t find a flea–and believe me, I did everything to try to find one– I did the whole treatment again. Only this time instead of natural spray I used the precor. I sprayed the two rooms of carpet and all the furniture. I’m not gonna spray it on the beds, but I dusted them with DE.

    Only this time the problem seems to have not gone away. And now they are biting me, too. A lot!

    I flea comb the cat Every day! I have yet to find a flea. I put on white socks and go on the carpet and spray next to my feet trying to get them to jump on. I run my hands in the carpet and wait for them to jump on, but nothing.

    Does anyone else have that experience?

    • Sounds to me like bedbugs

    • Yes bad infestation call orkin came 4 time still have fleas, decide to do it myself. Food grade diatamacious earth and borax mix in crevices. Precor2000 and enforcer flea spray, spray I’m cracks and crevices remove wall baseboards vacum and spray, spray every other day till flea gone.

  53. Major flea problem here too.. I have nothing but hardwood floors. My poor dogs and cats are suffering. . im waiting for my dogs becvto chewables .. Directed by my vet to come in the mail so i can get start again with cleaning…and then the cats.. Its gotten to the point im spending hundreds to stop this issue..ive brought bodax.. Gonna use it and foggers too…
    Its to the point where ever i walk a flea jumps up.. I have a spray call bug stopper. . and hartz home spray which i do believe makes me sick… Its a long process. … Its driving me crazy.

  54. I was miserable with fleas. It was an explosion that seemed to happen over night. I want to post this so I could help someone. The very FIRST thing I did was bomb!,just to knock them off their feet. DE-DE-DE diatomaceous earth. Not fast but efficient. I put it on everything,dogs,floors,sofa, even in the kitchen,bathroom too. The bedroom HAD carpet,I didn’t care,I ripped it out. Also salt,Borax,got it at Dollar general. When those lil boogers started hatching, they were met with a welcoming committee of that! Dawn dish washing liquid/blue,every other day,bath the dogs. I treated them with Happy Jack. I got it at a grain store. Bathed first and waited a day to spot them. You can use whatever spot on flea treatment. The cats are outside now. I treated them with peppermint oil,with not a lot of success,so again,back to the dollar store and dropped a Harts spot on them. It works ok. I’ve checked them and no fleas. I fed my dogs garlic and barn DE,in their food,lots of times. It has a picture of farm animals on the bag. I have two different kinds of DE. BOTH FOOD grade! One is white,one is tan in color. The white one is 4lbs, in a plastic bag,it’s called Pure Defense. I also put it in a sprayer and sprayed my yard! The tan one went on the food. It’s 40lbs I think & in a paper bag,(@ the barn)Both were $10 dollars. I put the tan on my floor,it did not help. Wash everything! Did enough laundry till the cows come home. So that’s my story. I’m gona tell y’all something I did not do, vacuum. I didn’t vacuum. I old,I’m tired. I lived in DE. But I have NO fleas

  55. I have fleas and no pets. My neighbours have cats and one of them recently dumped a mattress in the shared garden a few feet away from my living room window as i live on the ground floor. Since then i have been bitten like an ex-junkies fingernails. I have come up with one solution involving a sack and some bricks but i feel that would be frowned apon. I have vacuumed and washed everything and i am still being munched. I am disabled and house bound and it crippled me just doing what i have done and cant leave my flat whilst its treated. Can anyone help me?

  56. I read all and have experienced the same. I wanted a kill all and it has been Bifen I/T. It works!

  57. It’s so funny, most of you are colored from the south, typing ebonics.
    Stop believing the old yet fake don’t wash your hair daily.
    Shower daily, wash your hair daily.
    Quit being lazy and keep your grass cut short. Cut it at least once a week. I’ve lived down there and can attest first hand that you all don’t mow regularly, only when your land lord gets on your shit.
    Most of you don’t have pets, and I bet you don’t mow short weekly and don’t bath and wash your hair daily.
    Walking through that infested grass that’s long brings them in.
    Cut your grass short weekly and they’ll move to who ever nearby has tall grass.
    Wash yourself and your hair daily. They’ll stay off of you.
    Go to Walmart and buy the spray for fleas that attaches to your garden hose, spray everything on your property, plus 10 feet around.
    Buy cheap flea shampoo and make mop water for the non-carpeted areas.
    Rent a shampooer and use the same cheap flea shampoo in it instead of the expensive crap they sell for your carpets and furniture.
    If you know a piece of furniture is invested, put it in your driveway and treat it out there. You’d be amazed how quick you can rid your house when you put the infested furniture outside.
    Quarantine your pets!
    Outside, under a roof. Use the garage. Put each in a cahe 10 feet from reach other. Take them out sepperately to go to the bathroom. Wear shoes, long socks and pants. Brush your pants and shoes off before going inside.

    In general, quit being lazy and actually do the work required!

    I’m not just talking shit. I have 2 dogs, a 3,900 sqft Victorian house on half an acre that all entirely became infested because of an infested stray kitten.
    I did the work, we won!
    Also, for those of you with pets, Bravecto!

  58. This is ridiculous I been nice and let 2 kittens and outside and everything was fine but then I stared to see fleas all over them so I put them back outside when they got bigger and now still feeding them and I only have one carpet in my house and the rest bare floors and they bit my feet up so bad both of my feet are bit up everytime I would look down a flea is biting my foot I can’t watch tv without thinking something on me I can’t sleep they even started to bite me on my face if I cover my legs up and they biting on my hand I can’t take this anymore I bought flea traps power and more power I need help ASAP I can’t even sleep and my bed there just waiting to bit me soon as I go and there

  59. We were a happy family of 5, 3 children’s 16, 4 and 2. Our loving pets are two beautiful pitbulls, one is a female 5 years old and a male 3 years old, plus a 9 year old cat. Never have a problem with fleas until we make a mistake of rescued two street kittens! Worts mistake ever … Due to all the efforts and treatment to keep them fleas free, now we got fleas all over the house! My dogs are going crazy, my cat won’t stay in the house, we isolated the 2 kittens outside the house, we still care for them but not inside . Now the worts part is that my son only 2 years old and my daughter who’s 4 are been eating alive. We try every fleas product, repellents, sprays, shampoos…. I’m going nuts washing, cleaning and vacuum everything on the house. Please help!

  60. I don’t feel so alone any more I’v had it to. I haven had a flee problem in over 10 years I have two dogs two cats .I believe my cat got them after a vet visit and I didn’t catch it in time This is my third time bombing my house and of course I’ve treated my animals It seems to work for about 2 weeks I’ve been thinking about hiring a company but I think it’s just is going to be to much. Any idea any thought. Thank you so much. By the way I allso have small child to think about

  61. The “flea trap” absolutely works !! As well as the home made “flea spray” it’s an excellent flea repellent , I did spray the whole house and it does work!
    I made my personal spray following the same instructions but diluting with water and a little bit of “febrezze” for a better smell so I can use it as a repellent to spray my kids and everyone in the house, the fleas stop biting my little ones!! I’m still working in cleaning the house, my next step will be to use the Diatomaceous earth (DE)…

    • Can I ask, what was in your spray? Way too many comments to follow.

  62. Hello all! I have suffered with fleas for 3 summers now. Ever since I moved to an area that is conducive to their life cycle. It has been awful. Frontline worked for the dogs last year, but not this year. I avoid poisons as much as possible but like many have found the natural stuff to barely work. Salt and DE didn’t do much. Steam cleaning the whole place with tea tree in the water did help but didn’t last. We comb, we bathe, we do all the things. I read through everyone’s comments and found a lady mentioning beneficial nematodes. After researching them I believe this is a huge answer! Those guys are amazing!!! Natural, Not harmful PEST DESTROYERS! Headed out to get them now. Please google them yourselves. You can purchase them at many garden centers or online. Check out the article on Mother Earth news about them. I will be using in my house as well as outside. Good luck everyone. Maybe we can win this after all.

  63. My house has been infested since looking after my ex’s two adorable cats. I’ve been spraying and vacuuming for two months. Just when I think I’ve cracked it, the little bastards raise their ugly heads again. After reading these posts I’m trying the vinegar and lemon juice spray and just popped some dishes down with washing liquid. Good luck everyone in our battle.

  64. NO FLEAS — I have 2 cats & a dog, & all 3 go in & out of the house. I take 1 cat to the Vet 1yr & get the flea/worm shot. The next year I take the other cat. That does it for all the pets including the dog. The shot sterilizes the Fleas when they bite the cat, so that any eggs they lay are not fertile, so do not hatch. It takes a little while but it has been working for me.

  65. Tried everything listed thx Marriott & research legally revealed Hilton just refunds money! Last effort use walnut tree leaves! Or freeze my home!

  66. PERMETHRINS (or however it’s spelled) IS DEADLY TO CATS!!!


  67. We have light/sticky traps set and that is catching 100s. We have a small nightlight attached to an extention cord laying next to a sticky pad and with all lights out they are drawn to the nightlight and get stuck in trap. We have several of these out. Still a slow process though. I have learned a lot by reading everyone’s comments. They are sooooo hard to get rid of.

  68. My mom has suggested using flea powder that u can buy in the pet isle at any walmart store and using the frontline plus which my mom has used for years and our pets aways went outside to this day she hasnt had an issue and i now have fleas where there has never been any pets makes no sense…

  69. We found some fleas on our 1 kitten- we have 2 of them…. we have a 10 year old dog and never dealt with fleas! We purchased flea bath, diatacious earth, and the animals see the vet next week. Also put borax all over the carpet left it and vacuumed hours later…. what else can I be doing? Day 3 and still finding them ….

  70. A couple of things everyone needs to know: Fleas live on blood- blood of not just cats and dogs, but squirrels, YOU, and especially MICE. If you have fleas and no pets, then maybe you should call an exterminator to look for other animals, especially mice. If you use pesticides, you need to know that you need two types- one works on the adult fleas, but people often do not realize that that pesticide may not kill the larva. Please go to sites like Orkin and read about the life cycle of fleas… Also, the fleas in my area have become immune to Frontline and Advantage. You have to vacuum EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE for at least six weeks, no matter what else you do. Put a flea collar in the bag on a string- when bag is full, you may be able to rescue the collar from the bag. (Of course, you do this OUTSIDE). Fleas also can be brought in to you by other people who have fleas and are not dealing with it. Long and short of it is this: Use professionals, especially exterminators. They can figure out where your fleas are coming from. One year, we found out that they were coming from the squirrels outside and hopping a ride on our dog, bringing them in to our home and all the indoor-only cats. So you can clean and clean, and still not get rid if them if you have sneaky mice etc. THE BEST TIME TO GET A HANDLE ON FLEAS IS WINTER- IT’S TOO DRY FOR THEM TO THRIVE. START YOUR WAR IN DECEMBER. IT IS FRUITLESS TO FIGHT WHEN THE HUMIDITY IS HIGH. In subtropical areas like Florida, you must bite the bullet and get your pets to the vet. We also found that keeping small soapy water bowls around all the time everywhere will give you a clue as to what room is the worst, and thus what the source may be. Even when the fleas are gone, keep small bowls around, and change them frequently. If you see even ONE flea, it is time to go to red alert….Hope this helps. But you cannot take shortcuts and you cannot take a day off. Vacuum, use the vet, and keep it up until your soapy bowls show no fleas.

  71. I thought sometimes fleas can cause burdens in life.

  72. I think they need help getting out of my life.

  73. Safety is not a thing to do. Cockroaches are not in the fragments.

  74. I had a cat, about six months old, who was a rescue. He never had a flea problem till moving to this new house. I think the eggs may have been left here over the winter from the last tenant’s pets. Now over the span of a couple weeks, after sending the cat to my sibling’s place to be an outside cat, I’m dealing with an infestation and horrible bites and attacks. Wearing white socks over my pj’s I can see anywhere from 15-20 just walking into another room.
    I tried 6 hot shot flea foggers, used exactly as specified. Didn’t even rid them for 24 hours. Now they’re worse than ever.
    I’ve tried vinegar/water spray. Didn’t work. Lemon/water spray. Nope.
    Tried vacuuming for a few days straight but I don’t think I can keep that up with my health problems being what they are.
    I’ve laid out water/Dawn traps. Traps dozens. Seems in a couple rooms where the carpet is older is where they are most active. Unfortunately one of those is my bedroom.
    So I tried the vinegar/lemon juice spray tonight after a thorough shower using tea tree oil/peppermint shampoo. Just sprayed all over with it after drying off.
    That was the first time i could walk into a room flea-less since this all started.
    So that’s a good sign!
    I usually keep Borax for detergent booster so I’m trying that on the carpets, along with salt in some areas like along the wall on tiled areas.
    If this doesn’t work, I’m headed in the DE/ nematode direction.
    Thanks for all the comments! I was really about to go nuts here.

  75. I need some help. My cousin lives at her grandparent’s home and has 2 dogs living in her basement room with her. Her grandparents have 1 dog. My cousin came to visit me for a day 2 weeks ago and since she left, I have had fleas in my house. I do not have any pets of any kind yet I’m having to deal with fleas! I have sprayed Ortho Home Defense on the carpet in front of my brand new couch twice, I’ve used Black Flag Flea & Tick Killer and as of Saturday & Sunday, I sprayed Spectracide Bug Stop. I’m afraid I’m going to damage my carpet if I have to keep doing this. I have vacuumed several times as well and I emptied the canister each time. I still have fleas jumping on me. This morning, I had to knock 4 off of me as I left the house and after I arrived at work.

    Fed up does not even come close to how I feel right now and I need to know how to get rid of these things. Can you give me any more advice?

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