How to Repel Centipedes: Quick and Effective Methods of Eliminating Centipedes Using Centipede Repellent

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Have centipedes become a nuisance in your home? This editorial focuses on the most effective methods that you can use to eliminate the scary arthropods from your house completely. The centipedes feed on small insects. They are easily found in warm areas with plenty of small insects. How can you get rid of the house centipedes?

We offer great products that have been tested and proven to exterminate the centipedes. You will get detailed easy-to-apply methods of applying centipede repellent that will tremendously boost your centipede control efforts.

How to Repel Centipedes

There are different types of centipedes. However, the most common are the house centipedes. These centipedes spend most of their time inside houses. They have incredible speed, and they expertly hunt small insects at night. But do centipedes bite? Yes, they can easily bite if threatened. Although the bite isn’t lethal, it can hurt and cause adverse effects to allergic individuals. It’s, therefore, imperative to avoid handling the centipedes directly. This article will share numerous safe ways of repelling centipede from your home.


The use of centipede repellent sprays is one of the most effective ways of resolving the house centipede menace. The sprays are preferred due to their ability to penetrate through nasty and dark regions where the centipedes hide. You should always spray your whole house including the foundation and all the entry points. This will ensure that the centipedes inside the house are driven away and that no new entries are made.

When selecting the centipede repellent sprays, ensure that you obtain the spray with crevice and a crack tip. This will allow you to spray deep into small holes and cracks.

Centipede Control

The centipede’s development is slow. Their major habitats are regions characterized by moist and warm environments. The centipede feeds on insects. Their carnivorous nature makes it easy to control them. The most reliable way to ensure that the centipedes don’t invade your house is by creating an environment that isn’t conducive for their survival.

These are some of the methods that we suggest to keep your house free from the centipedes:

  • Ensure an insect-free house
    Since the centipedes feed on pest insects, their absence would starve the existing centipedes and discourage new infestation. The presence of centipedes in your house is indicative of other underlying factors; abundant pest insects. The surest and safest method would involve exterminating the pest insects to drive away the centipedes. The pests can be eradicated using different methods such as insect repellent, maintenance of proper hygiene and using traps. This will have a direct effect on the centipedes in the house, and they will leave.
    Remove insects
  • Use of centipede traps
    Some traps can be used to hunt the centipedes and help you resolve the problem permanently. The traps take advantage of the feeding habits of the centipedes. Small insects are used as baits to attract the centipedes.
    Always place the traps approximately 12 feet apart and make sure that they are accessible. Most of the available traps make use of sticky substances such as glue to immobilize the centipedes. The hungry centipedes are attracted to the insects (used as the trap bait), and they stick on the glue.You can easily catch them in their immobile state. Make sure that you regularly check the status of the traps to make necessary replacements when need be.
  • Get rid of debris in your house
    You should always aim at making your house less inviting for the centipede. The surest way is by making your house unfavorable for them. Centipedes thrive in damp areas with a lot of debris. Ensure that you rid your house off leaves, compost, and other organic matter around the walls and other surrounding areas.
    Get rid your house off leaves

What About a Bug Spray?

Bug sprays play a crucial role in eliminating centipedes from your house. The bug spray is applied on various surfaces to discourage the centipedes from making advances towards the area. The surfaces that the bug spray may be used include the skin, the clothes, walls and other centipedes’ hide outs.

Bug sprays have a high efficacy in elimination of bugs. When applied correctly, they eliminate up to 80% of bugs in your house.

It’s critical to apply the bug spray appropriately to enhance its efficacy. Ensure that you apply to all your clothes cover and bare skin areas. You should, however, avoid direct contact of the repellent with the eye and the nostrils.

The massive extermination significantly reduces the house centipede population size in your house. The remaining few centipedes will crawl away in search of food and better living environment. Consequently, you will have earned your freedom back.

Organic Way

There exist various methods of clearing the centipedes from the house using organic substances.

The methods are easily implemented at home:

  • Tea tree essential oil. Tea tree essential oilThis is the commonest and most useful organic home preparation. The centipedes dislike the smell and will stay away for up to months. The tea tree essential oil preparation is made adding 25 drops of the essential oil into 6 ounces of water. It is then shaken vigorously to form a uniform mixture. The mixture is then sprayed on the centipede-infested regions. The mixture has the potential of forming a scent barrier for as long as four months.

    Centipedes possess highly sensitive antennae and superb sense of smell. The smell of the essential oil is too strong for them and they will vacate immediately.
  • Cayenne Pepper. Hot pepperThe pepper is another great way of getting rid of the house centipedes from your home. The centipedes have a super fine sense of smell, and the cayenne pepper will irritate them, driving them away fast. Apply a thin layer of the cayenne pepper around the perimeter of your house and at the entry points. You should make sure that you apply both the interior and the exterior of the house to achieve the desired results.

What Do Centipedes Hate to Do?

Centipedes dislike well-lit areas. Light quickly drives them away as they search for darker and more comfortable areas. This aspect makes them inactive during the day. They majorly carry out their activities at night when it’s relatively obscure.

Centipedes hate living in regions with immense human activities. They reside in secluded areas and only come out at night when there are minimal activities. Additionally, the centipedes hate the dry environment. They colonize moist and warm areas where they are likely to acquire food.

Centipedes aren’t considered harmful to human beings. Apart from their scary appearance, the house centipede can be an asset to your house. This is because they feed on other bugs thus making it easy for you to exterminate the insects naturally. However, not many people allow the centipedes to infest their homes as they watch. It is advisable that you use natural centipede repellents to drive them away.

House Control

Controlling house centipede is a major challenge to many families. It is, however, imperative to note that the problem in controlling the creature stems down to encouraging excellent conditions for their growth. When you find out what attracts centipedes, you will find the best method to drive them away. You should ask all your family members to reduce the humidity levels in their rooms. No organic materials and debris should be left in your house.

Centipedes look scary but are effectively harmless.

A comprehensive natural control of the centipedes should start before you embark on the use of repellents. It is true that you can successfully get rid of more than 90 % of the centipedes through denying them comfort at your home. Make them starve and provide no room for their survival.

When the DIY methods fail, it would be paramount that you use the centipede and bug repellents as advised herein. During the application of the centipedes suggested here, you should ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

How to prevent centipedes? The surest way to prevent centipede infestation is by ensuring an environment that isn’t conducive to their reproduction and survival. Always ensure that your bathroom is dry and avoid debris in the house.

Best House Repellents

There are many house centipede repellents in the market.

The most preferred repellents include:

  1. Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Granules, 2.5-Pound (Ant, Centipede, and Spider Killer).
    Home Defence Insect Killer by OrthoPrice: $12.99.
    This product is ideal for exterminating the centipedes. It also forms a barrier that prevents further centipede infestation of your house. It has a long-lasting effect; one application protects your house for up to 3 months. To get better results, apply the Ortho Home Defense granules around the foundation of your house. The product has a dual mechanism of action. It eliminates the centipede and kills the small insects. When the insects are removed, the house becomes unattractive to the centipede, and they move to friendly areas.
  2. Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide Dust, 1 LB.
    DeltaDust InsecticidePrice: $19.99.
    This is a dust application that guarantees a house free of centipedes. Apply the powder in the areas where the insects hide. The dust if finely grounded to ensure that it penetrates deep into the cracks and crevices. When using Delta Dust, it is paramount that all the utensils be covered or otherwise rinsed after the application.
  3. Taurus SC 20oz.
    Taurus SCPrice: $49.24.
    This product is in water-based suspension. The active ingredient is fipronil with a percentage concentration of 9.1. It is used in the treatment of regions that are colonized by the centipedes. The suspension is smell free making it easy for the centipedes to touch and spread it to other regions. The product indirectly eliminates the centipedes by exterminating all the other bugs in your house.
  4. Phantom Pressurized Insecticide 17.5 oz.
    Phantom InsecticidePrice: $22.27.
    The can is highly pressurized to deliver the repellent effectively in deep areas and cracks. The aerosol spray makes it ideal than any other sprayer. It is packaged in a ready formulation thus is easy to use. Using in the house with children and pets is safe. Additionally, the spray leaves no stains or residues behind.

House Sprays

Ortho Home Defence Insect KillerThe house centipedes are fond in moist and warm areas in your house including the bathroom and the kitchen. Controlling them in that environment is difficult. This is because the environment is the most ideal for their survival. House sprays can, however, be instrumental in exterminating the centipedes for good. Since the sprays are used inside the house, their safety levels should be high.

The house centipedes are multi-legged, and the sight of the creature approaching at high speed is terrifying. They can be scary, but they are beneficial to the house owners. They feed on bugs in the house thus helping in their elimination. However, most people can’t put up with the creatures. As such, it is vital that you apply centipede repellent to chase the centipedes away from you. Are you desperately looking for a way out against the house centipedes? You should carefully apply all the methods provided herein.

You can find further details of Centipedes Control here.

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