Don’t know how to prevent flocks of geese crowding your yard? What products to use to scare geese away? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Canadian geese may seem attractive until they decide to make your lawn or yard a stopping off spot. Let’s face it, geese are messy and can pollute your yard with droppings. They can be quite destructive, destroying flowerbeds and other delicate plants. Finally, their droppings often carry diseases.

So, how to get rid of Canadian geese in your yard, on your lawn etc.? Check out the best info and find out how to resolve your geese dilemmas with best-selling repellents and cost-effective products.

Canada geese identification and problems

Distribution: Geese are waterfowl that belong to the Anserini tribe. These large birds live in permanent pairs throughout the year and are monogamous. They are territorial only during the short nesting period. Paired geese are dominant and feed more.

Canada Goose distribution

Migration: Canada Geese are large birds that migrate between their usual nesting grounds in Canada to their wintering grounds in the southern regions of the USA. These days, more than 5 million of non-migratory Canada geese reside in the United States and lower Canada. What’s more, they are joined by an additional eleven million migrant geese from Northern Canada each fall.

The population of geese is growing at the rate of 30% each year.

Sometimes, Canada geese migrate to Northern Europe. These birds have been introduced to such countries as New Zealand and Britain.

Color Pattern: The birds have a black head with white cheeks, tan breast, black neck and brown back.

Canadian geese problemsBehavior: Canada Geese feed by grazing in large lawns and fields or dabbling in the water.

Habitat: Just about anywhere – near ponds, lakes, rivers and in park lawns, farm fields and yards.

Problems: While geese are an essential component of our environment and look very beautiful – when they are flying in an almost perfect V formation – they bring significant conflicts to urban areas and can be a HUGE problem when they begin to nest or land in your yard or on your property.

Problems associated with Geese

Canadian birds - geeseAlthough Canadian birds are magnificent there are hundreds of thousands of geese in the USA and it becomes a real problem.

The problems you may experience are the following:

  • Danger of attack – these large birds are aggressive and territorial during nesting season;
  • Unsightly mess – you can find their droppings on lawns, fields, in parks;
  • Disease risk – geese droppings can carry harmful-to-humans infectious diseases;
  • Damage to crops;
  • Property devaluation.
Don’t think short-term solution. Think long-term management.
Remember, there is no one strategy or solution that can be used every time for goose control problems. Combing the use of several techniques will improve the effectiveness of dealing with wildlife conflicts.

Once, these large, loud birds are established, it becomes difficult to repel them from an area – especially after nesting has begun. We suggest using preventative techniques before the goose problem gets started on your property.

How to kill geese? Is it effective?

Some people think that shooting is the best method of dealing with geese. The problem is that only a small number of birds are shot from the whole flock. What’s more, it’s difficult to deal with injured birds as they can be very aggressive and dangerous.

Use more effective ways to crack your Canadian geese problems. These days, there are many human, non-toxic products that work well to scare the geese. Outside of killing the geese which may be illegal in your area, the most efficient way is to use nontoxic repellents.

Best-selling repellents

Successful control of geese is often challenging. Fortunately, there are non-toxic repellents that you can effectively use to repel those loud birds. Here are the products you can use:

  1. Avian Control Goose RepellentAvian Control Goose Repellent – is a non-toxic product that discourages geese from congregating on golf courses, airports, vineyards, parks and other locations where birds are grazing.
    Cost: $175.00
    Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.
    How it works: The product irritates the geese’ mucous membranes – using a unique patent formula – causing them to avoid the area.
  2. Migrate Goose RepellentMigrate Goose Repellent – is an efficient, non-toxic liquid repellent – with Methyl Anthranilate active ingredient – that is used to make grassy locations unpalatable to geese.

    Cost: $99.00

    Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.

    Migrate deters geese from: shorelines, parks, golf courses, lawns, cemeteries, shrubs, yards or any grassy area.

    How it works: The repellent discourages geese by irritating their mucous membranes and trigeminal nerve.

    Effectiveness: The product is cost-effective; 1 gallon of this repellent treats 16,000 sq. ft.

    Safety: Migrate will not harm geese, pets or humans.

    Place colorful plastic flags or bird scare-eye balloons – that remind geese of large predator birds – in areas around water and shrubs where geese like to visit.
    Hang visual scare devices in strategic locations around your property.
  3. Bird Stop and Goose RepellentBird Stop and Goose Repellent – is a food-grade bird aversion liquid – that irritates geese trigeminal system – used for a harmless but potent effect.
    Cost: $122.75
    Where to buy: at Bird-X.
    Recommended for use on: outdoor areas.
    Ideal for use at: turf and lawns.
    Benefits: save parks, turf, fields, yards, ponds from geese damage; reduce damage to crops; prevents landscaping from corrosive droppings.
  4. Away with GeeseAway with Geese – is land based unit that has an immediate impact on non-nesting geese. The product floats in the water and works well at night.

    Cost: $320.00

    Where to buy: on Amazon


    • Solves Geese Problems quickly;
    • The product works at night, seven days a week;
    • Environmentally safe and effective;
    • Solar power recharges batteries;
    • Maintenance free.

Sonic repellent devices

There are many effective sonic repellent devices that you can purchase to deter geese from feeding on your property. We suggest using the following:


GooseBusterIt is an effective sonic repellent device that is specifically designed to remove geese. The product is fully programmable – you can control settings.

Golf courses are a magnet for Canada geese that prefer open land where predators are unable to hide. In addition, geese are attracted to short grass and any abundant water sources. To teach noisy geese to leave the area for good, use GooseBuster.

Cost: $956.00

Where to buy: at Bird-X.

How it works: GooseBuster uses recordings of Canada geese to prevent and eliminate stubborn goose infestation. ‘Alarm’ calls signify immediate danger. Geese immediately evacuate without waiting to identify the source.

Effectiveness: GooseBuster is one of the most effective goose control products. Effective coverage is up to 7 acres.

Where to use: Recommended for large outdoor areas such as ponds, parks, ponds, airports, airfields, cemeteries, golf courses, yards, sheds, farms, stables, marinas, docks, storage facilities, and warehouses.

Canadian Geese are protected, so you can’t move its eggs or nest, kill or harm a goose, without a Federal permit.
Remember, the use of poisons, firearms, pellet guns and other lethal means to make away with geese is illegal.

GooseBuster DC Timer

GooseBuster DC TimerThe product adds timing control to the GooseBuster operating schedule when electricity is unavailable.

Cost: $112.50

Where to buy: at Bird-X.

How it works: the DC Timer is used specifically for applications where electricity is not available. The DC timer is running on batteries and solar power.

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How to scare away Geese with Goosinator: Top 1 Effective Solution

Want to eliminate your goose problem? Drive these loud birds away with Goosinator. This is an orange, remote-controlled robot with a funny shark-tooth nose specifically designed to assail big and noisy geese. The product can move up to 25 miles per hour.

Canada goose can produce 1 to 2 pounds of droppings every day.

Cleaning up after the geese in parks costs more than $1,000 a week. By using this orange robot many times in the beginning and putting an imprint into the minds of geese, these birds are less likely to come back. Goosinator is a cost-effective solution that will reduce all the expenses and resolve goose control problems on any property. Why not give it a try?

Where to buy: at

Effectiveness: Goosinator is effective on grass, water, ice, and even snow.

Benefits: The product works much better than a dog, as far as it goes in the water and ice. You can save thousands of dollars on goose problems. You can go outside onto your grass and not have to worry about stepping in goose droppings. Your golf courses and parks will be totally beautiful and your customers will be amazed by how well you maintain your property.

If your greenbelt, golf course or commercial park is near a lake, pond or another body of water, pest geese can pose a number of problems. Geese noise, aggressive behavior, and droppings are not a pleasant thing to deal with. Use a number of humane goose control products and don’t let geese rule your property. A multi-sensory approach is the best solution.

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