Efficient Carpet Beetle Control Tips to Do Away with Unpleasant Carpet Bugs

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If you noticed carpet beetles in your residence, then it’s time to “beat an alarm”.

Not only your carpets but also clothes as well as certain fabrics are in great danger. These deadly insects can eat cotton, linen, rayon, and certain food that come their way.

Therefore, it is essential to make away with these irritating scavengers.


5 Steps Guide on How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

In the past, carpet beetles have been a problem for homeowners because they can destroy carpets, clothes, and other materials. This is especially true if you live in a humid area or if your home has old furniture that's infested with these pests.

Carpet bugs are pests of dark reddish-brown or yellow color. If your house has suitable locations to lay eggs and food, then no wonder they are in your house. Once the bugs come in, they stay in your furniture, food, clothing, carpets, and certain undisturbed areas.

Female carpet bugs always fly indoors to lay almost 100 eggs on food.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent them from entering your home and destroying your possessions. Below there are 5 easy and efficient steps to make away with carpet bugs and stop this from happening:

Step 1. Make a Thorough Inspection

Step 1: Step 1. Make a Thorough InspectionMake a thorough inspection to find sources of infestation. Remember, carpet bugs don’t feed on woolens that are often attacked by the larvae. If you noticed adults in your house, it doesn’t mean that bug larvae are in a similar location.

The carpet beetle is a small, 1/8-inch long, oval-shaped insect. They usually range from yellowish to dark brown and have six legs. Carpet beetles are active at night and hide during the daytime. This means that if you see active insects flying around your carpets or light fixtures at night - then there's a good chance that you have a carpet beetle infestation.

How to Know If the House is Infested with Bugs

  • If you noticed shed skins and fecal spots of bugs.
  • If you notice the bugs around your windows and baseboards, that can be really dangerous for your house.
  • If bugs created a big hole in the rug or carpet.

At first, you might only notice the presence of carpet beetles on your curtains or clothing. It's important to pay close attention to these areas since they are most likely hiding in other places around your home where it is warm and dark. You should also keep an eye out for small tufts of fibers that resemble cotton balls that serve as their food source. These larvae will shed their skin several times before becoming adults, so finding molted exoskeletons will be a good indication that there is infestation happening at your property.

The first thing you should do is make sure your inspection covers all possible areas where beetle larvae could hideout; including closets, cabinets under sinks, or furniture near heat sources like radiators.

Places to Find Larvae

  • under baseboards,
  • under the edges of carpet,
  • around door casings,
  • under and in upholstered furniture.

Once you found their location, it was easy to take care of the problem from there!

Carpet Beetles & Moth Damage

Carpet beetle infestations may sometimes be mistaken for clothes moths because both types of insects actually benefit each other! The female clothes' moth lays her eggs on carpets or other fabric items that have been damaged by carpet beetle larvae. When the eggs hatch, the new baby clothes moths will have a food supply waiting for them, and the cycle continues.

If you are unsure whether or not you're dealing with a carpet beetle infestation, it's best to call in a professional pest control company. They will be able to inspect your home and provide you with a treatment plan if necessary.

Step 2. Clean Up Clutter and Vacuum Thoroughly

Step 2: Step 2. Clean Up Clutter and Vacuum ThoroughlyThe next step is crucial in getting rid of these pests - clean up your clutter! Housekeeping is very important to prevent the infestation of bugs.

Beetles love messy areas where they can hide, so:

  • Get rid of any extra paper, boxes, or bags lying around.
  • Vacuum thoroughly as well; this will remove any larvae or eggs that may be present. Make sure you dispose of the vacuum bag afterward or empty the contents into a sealed trash bag outdoors.
  • Clean and wash outdoor trash bins and check if there are any dead insects in fissures and pipes that can be food for carpet bugs.
  • Inspect storage areas and clothes. Store clothing in clean, tight boxes. Don’t keep infested garments at home. Throw them away as they can increase the risk of bug infestation.

Step 3. Apply Insecticides

Step 3: Step 3. Apply InsecticidesIf necessary, use insecticides to treat infested areas. Be sure to follow the product instructions carefully, and keep pets and children away from treated areas until the products have dried.

  • Use a specifically labeled spray against carpet bugs and apply insecticide to the rug or carpet.
  • Spray liquid insecticide along with areas next to your home. Potential entry points like door frames, windows, vents, and utility pipes should be treated to prevent bugs from coming into the property.

How to get rid of bed bugsHow to get rid of bed bugs without harmful chemicals? You can find here the best steam cleaner for bed bugs.

How to Do Away with Carpet Beetles Larvae

It’s not a pleasant thing to deal with any type of insects and pests in the house. When it comes to carpet bugs larvae, it can be very harmful.

You can find larvae in rugs, carpets, clothing, blankets, slippers, or certain soft materials. Remember, larva prefers to feed in protected places.

If you want to find larvae, use such tools for searching:

  • a good flashlight or a knife,
  • nail file,
  • small spatula.

Below are some awesome tips that help you to make away with larvae of carpet beetles:

  • Vacuuming.
    First of all, vacuum your carpet, furniture, and curtains. Inspect the floor and pick up things from it that can be infested by these bugs. Wash everything in warm water.
    Regular laundering and vacuuming of carpets, linens, and furniture can really help to battle bugs.
  • Prevention Spray.
    Purchase a prevention spray for carpet bugs.
  • Boric Acid.
    Another effective method is spreading boric acid onto the fabric furniture and the carpet.  In this way, you will have the greatest opportunity to kill all the living bugs' larvae and prevent the infestation from the new ones.
    You can find boric acid in different pest-control stores.
    The acid attaches to the bug’s body and kills it after the bug ingests it. Having low toxicity the acid is not harmful to humans.
  • Mothballs.
    Pack and store your clothes and fabrics in boxes with mothballs. If used correctly it can be really beneficial.
  • Boric acid should be vacuumed within 2 hours of application. Don’t allow the acid to sit for a long time on flooring as it can bleach it.
  • The mothballs should be kept in a sealed space to prevent toxic substances from being released.

Step 4. Monitor Infested Areas for Further Signs of Beetles

Step 4: Step 4. Monitor Infested Areas for Further Signs of BeetlesOnce you’ve completed steps one through three, it’s important to monitor infested areas for further signs of beetles. If you notice any additional activity, repeat steps two through three as necessary.

If you live in a humid area, it’s especially important to be vigilant in monitoring for signs of beetles, as they thrive in these conditions. Look for larva, eggs, or adult beetles and take action immediately if you see any evidence of an infestation.

Step 5. Prevent Future Infestations

Step 5: Step 5. Prevent Future InfestationsFinally, take some preventive measures to help reduce the chances of future carpet beetle infestations. This includes keeping your home clean and organized, vacuuming regularly, and using insecticides if needed.

By following these simple steps, you can get rid of those pesky carpet beetles for good!

Prevention is the most efficient way to avoid problems with carpet bugs.
Vacuum cleaning will efficiently prevent infestations and remove lint and hair that could increase future infestation. If you want to control the infestation of carpet bugs, consult professional pest control companies.

Carpet Beetles Identification

There are several dangerous species of carpet bugs that may damage your fabrics.

They are encountered as:

  • black carpet bugs,
  • varied carpet bugs,
  • common carpet bugs,
  • furniture carpet bugs.

Black carpet bugs are the most widespread ones and can cause great damage to fabrics. These annoying bugs are feeding on fur, hair, dead animal materials, woolen products, and plant materials.

Black carpet bugs are the most dangerous as they can destroy your property.

Varied carpet bugs are smaller than the black ones. Common Carpet Bugs are round, black, or yellow bugs. Larvae of these bugs often attack carpets and can also eat woolens, silk, furs, and feathers.

When it comes to furniture carpet bugs, they are usually found on furniture where they like to feed on padding, hair, and feathers.

  • Look at this awesome carpet beetle images to identify the bugs found at your house.
    Carpet beetle identification
  • Eggs, larvae, pupas and adults are 4 stages that all carpet bugs must go through.
    Adult bugs fly readily and feed outdoors on various flowers during summer days.
    Carpet bugs larvaes
  • Take into consideration, black carpet beetles are very destructive. This is one of their photos.
    Black carpet beetle
  • Here is a carpet bug larvae picture.
    Larvae can damage a great number of materials in your house.
    Carpet bug larvae

Questions & Answers

Do Carpet Beetles Fly?

Most people are wondered if carpet bugs can fly. Yes, these insects do fly. They are attracted to colored flowers and flowering plants near houses.

Due to their small size, these pests can easily enter through doors, windows, and other small openings.

What attracts them to the house? Certain scents and odors do attract them. These colored beetles can not only fly through an unscreened window but can also migrate to your property from an apartment of your neighbor.

What Do Carpet Beetles Eat?

If you have pets, then chances are high that you already know what types of carpets beetle larvae feed on: pet hair! This means, if any of your pets leave hair on the floor, then it will serve as a food source for carpet beetles. This is why you should pay attention to where in your home they are most likely hiding and take measures to clean up animal fur from these areas.

The larvae can also feed on fabric fibers so if there is any moth damage present - this could attract them too since their larvae eat clothing moths' webbing nests, which form around rips or tears in fabrics that have been stained with sweat or body oils of humans or animals.

What Scent Keeps Carpet Beetles Away?

I've found that peppermint and clove oils are the most effective at getting rid of carpet beetles because they not only repel these insects but also kill on contact.

I put a few drops of each oil on a cotton ball, then place the cotton ball in the areas where I'd seen the beetles.

In Conclusion

So there you have it – 5 simple steps to getting rid of those pesky carpet beetles! I hope this article was helpful and that you are now able to take care of this problem on your own.

Thanks for reading!

You can find further details of Bed Bugs Control here.

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  1. How to rid carpet beetles. I found this.

    • help me I am so scared of the bugs!! I have found 3 in the past 2 days!!! I am only 12 and share a room with my 10 year old sister and we now have to sleep downstairs. our room is fairly messy but not that messy gosh!! the bugs ive found are tiny tiny black bugs with like a cream/yellow coloured stripes!! I found 2 on my bed covers and 1 crawling up the wall. someone reply and help me and tell me what I should do!!!!

      • You have to clean as best as possible, bag all clothing, and you can even set it aside if you don’t need it, MAKE SURE IT’S AIR TIGHT. Than set your toys aside or belongings like electronics and search them thoroughly, and I would bag them, and than inspect the rest of the room. The tv should be fine alone, but use a flashlight if you can. Maybe a 200 lumen or up. Than check every crack in that room , especially boxes, wall cracks, and YOUR BOXSPRING on your mattress and your mattress, and you may need a cover for it or steam, or even spray it with safe spray, and use protection as pesticides cause breathing problems. Just spray in the boxspring follow directions. I use Bug Stop from Spectracide. WHATEVER YOU SPRAY Either do it in areas unused, or clean that area after treatment and always evacuate after using pesticides. You COULD use diotamaceous earth food grade, and you could YouTube that. I’ve had bed bugs and carpet beetles. Don’t be afraid, fight back. Plus check adjacent rooms in your house and clean laundry. Be safe

        • Hi, did you effectively get rid of your carpet beetles and bed bugs using these methods?

      • I’m only 12 also and my room isn’t messy at all im a clean freak and I keep finding carpet beetle larvae all over the place 15 In the last 2 hours what can I do to get rid of them!!!

      • It’s okay, calm down! They’re nowhere near as dangerous as this article makes them seem. To get rid of them as best you can, simply:
        1. Vacuum
        2. Keep your room clean!

        • I’m 12 and I just got out of bed and found a all black one on my comforter and then i slept on my floor and found a yellow one with spots then another black on please help I’m in my living room and I refuse to go to my room I’m scared I just can’t go to sleep knowing that there is bugs crawling on me

          • I’d be say’in Mom oh Mom we have got a super serious problem we need to fix now!

        • This is true don’t panic just clean and vacuum everyday until there all gone .Dont be a hoarder and clean the problem will go away you will see and relax stay on track!! Don’t give up !!

      • They also throw string like balls and they sting and thy look like lint so beware

        • They do not sting, do not bite, nor do they “throw” anything! The adult beetles feed on plant pollen. The larvae feed on natural fiber, such as cotton, linen, wool, as well as pet fur that has shed onto the floor or bedding. The “ball” you are probably referring to is actually fecal matter (poop) and will be the same color as the material it consumed. White t-shirt and jeans under the bed for a week? White balls on the jeans and tiny holes in the tee. Yep, carpet beetle larvae munched your Tee and pooped your jeans.
          The threat to humans? The larvae have tiny hairs that many people have allergic reactions to: itchy skin & eyes, runny nose.
          The damage is to your belongings: keep everything picked up and vacuum, vacuum, then vacuum again!
          Check window sills often: vacuum! Take down curtains, wash. Use a crevice tool on the vacuum and get every corner of the house, ceiling to floor! Behind wall decor & lamps. Ceiling lights, closet, shoes you haven’t worn lately, purses, etc…
          It’s a maddening battle. Our house became infested from a single old picture frame I bought at a garage sale. The battle continues…

          • I used household bleach diluted with water,so far has worked,and they havnt returned.

          • I’ve been bit

            • Actually, they have pinchers, which feel like a bite. I’m dealing with the little buggers right now, and it’s absolutely no fun, especially with pets to be concerned about when using traditional eradication (misting) methods, which coat not just the bad, but the good as well, and leave a residual, sticky mess everywhere, that is harmful for our pets and a tedious and expensive pain in the neck to clean up. I’m desperately seeking alternative treatments. Thanks for all the helpful posts and fellow commiseration.

            • Could be you are allergic to them. Believe me if you are it feels like you have been bitten. I am deathly allergic to them. It took going to 6 Drs to hit on it.I have to take a Xolair shot once a month just to be able to bare to live. I am very allergic to a tiny black speck that swarms by the billions in the air. I have found no one thus far that can identify them. It has been a 5 yr nightmare

              • I just found this site and read that you have been going thru this for 5 years! I feel so bad for you. You might have see ems! They are a gnat that you can not see! They are so tiny but they have big wings that you can see in the day time if you are near a window. I am battling them right now along with carpet beetles and drain flys! My daughter moved back to town and we remodeled her house and that’s where all my problems came from. This has been going in since sept of 2017. They bite me something terrible but not my husband. Him and my daughter think I am crazy and suggested I seek mental help and that really upsets me! I am not crazy and I clean and vacuum my carpets and furniture every day or we could not live here! I had an exterminator come and he sprayed my base boards but it did not work and I had another one today and my husband ran him off and told him we had nothing in our house so the battle is still up to me but I have no idea how to get rid of any of this! I am worn out cleaning every day like I am spring cleaning my house. I use to have a beautiful home but it is all torn up due to all these bugs and I do not understand my husband at all. I think we will probably end of divorcing because he is really turning me against him for not helping me get to the bottom of this. He does not see anything so he does not believe me but they are very much alive and breeding in my house! Are you still having this problem? I know it’s been awhile since you posted this but was just wondering! I am hoping for light at the end of my tunnel!

                • Kim Ross… That is terrible!!! I feel for you. He doesn’t understand because he cannot “see” them himself. I can’t say that I would not possibly feel the same way if everything seemed perfectly normal and I simply could not see what the other person was seeing as well. That would make it very tough. I hope that things have gotten better for you. I have carpet beetle that I cannot see but this past winter I had these weird looking spotted beetles coming out of one of my heater vents in the floor. I could not understand what they were. However they were black and yellow and you could see them. I never seen one fly before though. All as I could see in my vents were pieces of carpet fuzz. I have not noticed anything more other than the fact that I have mice in my house now. I have killed one and have another one. This is the first house that I have ever bought and owned on my own. It has new carpeting and nobody has even lived here for a couple of years before it went up for sale. This morning I noticed a small hole in the corner of my bedroom carpeting. It’s about the size of a silver dollar and leads to nowhere. Therefore I know that it was not a mouse that made the hole to burrow into. The hole was underneath a small box that I had in the corner that I hadn’t moved in quite a while. The hole was prettty clean for the most part and there is nothing in it but a little bit of dust and grit. I never thought too much of it since I stopped seeing the beetles after I got cleaned the vent out. I haven’t seen another one anywhere but I do have a lump of fuzz inside of my heater closet along with a bunch of mouse crap. Now I know where they are all coming from. I’m going to Lowe’s today to do a lot of patching underneath sinks and in the heater closet. Thankfully I do not have pets yet and have been wanting to get a small dog as I love animals and haven’t gotten one yet because I work all of the time lately. I cannot believe the nice though. I live in the city and keep a clean house although it does getting a little messy throughout the week. I don’t leave food around and things like that though, I haven’t noticed any holes in any clothing or anything like that either. It just goes to show you that there are so many different types of bugs and stuff that it’s good to be overly clean and to spray and keep up on this stuff all of the time. This website has changed my life… !!! I am not afraid. I just want it taken care of is all. And will just clean and clean and clean. I may even call an exterminator out here if I have anymore issues after this and cannot keep these under control myself. I don’t want a house that I cannot feel at home in. A person should be able to sit or lay on their floor and watch tv and not be afraid. I prefer the sofa but just saying. I do not have bed bugs. I would definitely have those sprayed or get a new mattress or something. That would be crazy. I could not sleep in my bed if I knew that there were bugs on it. I looked after I had read about them on here. I’m off to clean. Good luck to all of you. I seriously have lived in some poor homes in my lifetime too and never remember having problems like this before. We would spray for spiders outside in the spring but that was it. Sometimes get the house e terminated for termites… I do not ever remember anything like carpet bugs or bed bugs for that matter. All as we would get bitten by was mosquitos in the summertime. Now my body is itching. I better get going. I hope that you all find a solution to your problems or have already. This month is one year since I have lived in my home. I’ll come back and let you all know what happens. Thank you all for the help, stories of the issues that you’ve had too and what you have or are planning on doing about them. I am grateful for all of you.

                • I need help any new news im crying everyday going bald on top of it not growing im aleays in pain always sick always having headaches theyre only in my ears and in my scalp and hair did u ever find a cure???

          • No they don’t sting or bite but there larvae release fiber hairs that feel like a sting if your allergic to them. Can cause reaction that look like tons of bites and feel like bites. One larvae can cause all your imitation bites. People mistake them for Bed Bugs.

          • No they just burrow into your skin. There is nothing you can tell those of us who know. I have the scars to prove it. These things adapt to feed. They start from an outdoor beetle flying into your home. They lay eggs and if allowed to grow like a goldfish in a bowl it grows according to it’s environment. At first sight I wasn’t being attacked they would just crawl on me then after about six months they adapted and begin to burrow into my skin, and later for other members of my family. It depends on what is in a person. When crushed a clear liquid comes out. I have studied these things for over two years with the help of infectious disease control. If you search NIH.god you will find that certain insects are attracted to some medications in the system like prescription pills.

            • Please help I have them in scalp
              Bad big soar how do I get rid of them is it only one time thisince will happen in meaning will the edge hatch one time or contact this go on and one I’ve used vinegar to kill them larva coming out dead

              • Hi not sure if your are better yet. However I just had this and the doctor thought I was crazy when I told them I had carpet beetle in my scalp and skin… I came across a blog for drawing salve and it work like magic. The bugs came coming and ,coming and coming out. You take 2 oz of nutmeg ,1/8 borax mix add 1/4 ovile oil,1/8 apple cider vinegar and tablespoon of water. Mix for a minute and microwave for 30 sec. Stir and let set until it is cool enough to put on you skin. MIX AND USE PLASTIC OR GLASS CONTAINER. Metal soon does something weird to the mix. Once you have it one you see and feel movement . Take a rubber spatula or what you can use to scape the mix off your skin (the mix is not super thick) and you see thing come out you well not believe continue to scape and put the mix on you until desired. I got so much out of my arms. Couple while beetles. My new feckless were not feckles.. yuk. There is a relief good luck

                • Are you saying olive oil. That’s not very much mixture. Is this for real ?

                • They get into lamps, lights, computer screens, and etc and then jump, or fall, on your head. It seems like they are coming out of your skin but they have just landed and bounced off. Bathing with dawn dish soap tends to get rid of the ones that land and don’t bounce off right away.

                  • Also, I think they may induce hallucinations, although I wouldn’t say that and use my real name because I know how that sounds. I have thought they were coming out of my skin but since getting away or a few days and cleaning up the residue left by them after bombing (not reccommended for beetles but I thought they were fleas) that feeling has gone away. When I come in contact with that residue to much, while cleaning, that delusion comes back.

                • I have the same problem they have burrowed I to my skin. If I drop food on myself they emerge to feed. They don’t move like a bigger beetle is pushing the little ones out to feed. I need to know if this solution has continued to work much appreciated this is not a joke. The also get into your ear canals and scalp. HELP!!

            • Why the f did you let it go this long. I hate this wkrd but are you retarded? Only an insane.person would let this continue for observation. Yuck

              • Or you just had major for spinal stenosis cervical and spinal cord damage

            • i still have these carpet beedles on my bed, they are laying eggs. i have tried everything they just wont go away. i now have dermatitis. went to the doctors and he gave me some medicating cream which has taken rash away. thank god. if anyone has any ideas how to get rid of them please let me know. thanks

              • Get a new bed!!

                • I agree. New bed and tear out the carpet!!! I would stay somewhere have everything thrown away, the place bombed by a professional and then put in hardwoods and a new bed if I had to. Some of this stuff is scaring me the more that I read it. It sounds like some of you are going to have to have a professsinal come out and help you with these infestations. Now I’m thinking about taking an exterminating course if there is such a thing. Just To do it in case it happens to me and help others for a lesser charge as a part time job.

                  • Some people don’t have the money to just go out and buy a new bed, or especially replace their entire carpet! I’m currently waiting for the exterminator to get her and let me know exactly what kind of beetle I’m dealing with, and if it is a persistent type-I’m screwed. I can’t afford to replace my bed.

              • I have same problem .two different extermators bugs still here. I’ve decided I’m getting new bed.my cats won’t even sleep in it.HELP

            • are you sure you just didn’t have scabies? and not killer carpet beetles lol

            • Are you serious?

            • Pat…any news on the cure yet?

            • I just found one…PAT. I have him in a cup beside me now and I see no clear liquid…i will not crush him because he is a god’s creature but I can tell he is trying to get out. Can I use this one as a hostage to bait any other out?

              • Brenda… You must be joking, right? God’s creatures? Sounds more like the work of the devil to me.

              • Wow. You were kidding, right? A carpet beetle being one of God’s creatures? (Clearly you haven’t suffered an infestation of them, or I think your comment would be very different!) I was told by my Christian Aunt that insects weren’t a “thing” until AFTER Adam & Eve ate the apple. Not sure if that’s true or not-as most things on this planet have a ‘place’ in the ecosystem, but surely some PESTS (and these ARE Pests) we could do without! (Hopefully?!) Lol

          • They do bite, I have had this problem every summer past two years. Vacuuming is all you can really do or as said borax let sit for two hours then vacuum.

          • THEY DO BITE!

          • So do they look like lint? So recently my clothes are getting covered in fuzz balls, feel stings n when I look there’s a fuzz/lint ball. I’ve taken pictures and you can tell there is something in fuzz ball. Like it wrapped itself up in fibers. There’s way too many lint balls to be bugs or even eggs. Is it possible it’s their poop? I have found adult black and varied carpet beetles. Going crazy looking for bed bugs. Thought I had them and some pics I’d gotten were same color n close to shape as bed bugs. I lifted my mattress, not a single bug, found a molted skin in seam of mattress but it could very well be a beetles too. Been washing clothes in borax as I have chew holes in them. I take pics constantly trying to identify n to prove they’re bugs and that I haven’t relapsed especially with marks all over. Super sensitive skin.

        • Oh yes Sister, they do sting mightily. But I’m inclined to think it maybe one of their friends that these RugRats bring in with them. The white morphing puffs that will not die, not even to be torched, they come out pure white. They leave string and yarn fibers everywhere in fact I thought I was picking up a piece of yarn and it was a bug. I’ve got pictures of a variety of bugs and their fuzz in multi color. It depends on what they eat, if its pink then they and their fuzz are pink. I’m not educated on these bugs yet but they are fascinating to take interest since we are right there 24/7 cleaning and trying to take back our home. Some people have thicker skin and don’t feel it, no offense, my husband is that way. If you. have difficulties with this I will send a pic of my feet and ankles, we don’t have fleas, so far anyway. My back get stung too, not often, but I’m, only on day 6 of trying to get rid of them. Good luck everyone. I appreciate hearing others experiences.

      • I found some under my dogs kennel. They had a piece of dog food they were eating. As soon as I picked up the kennel and saw them they burrowed into the carpet out of sight. Thinking quick, I grabbed a bottle if windex and poured it on the carpet. It has never harmed any carpet before so I wasn’t worried. Imagine my surprise when the little beast surfaced immediately and promptly died! I don’t know if plain water would have worked or if it was the amonia that did them in but it is cheap and safe as long as you don’t mix it with other chemicals, and never mix ammonia (windex is ammonia) and bleach as that makes a poisonous gas.

      • Me too!
        They are most likely black carpet bugs but they could also be common carpet beetles

      • i find like 20 a day in my bed i have to protect my school uniform no one else knows about them and if i told them they wouldn’t believe me im 12 there everywhere i pick them up with cardboard and feed them to my venus fly trap 😀

      • Clean it as best you can and vaccum

      • The same thing happened to me epcept they were larve and they were under my bed how do I get rid of them!?!

      • Number one clean up an vacuum then empty a can of fly spray into the room and shut the door Don’t breath in the pesticide it’s BAD for you

    • But where you’re young, you should ask your guardian and atleast bag up and try to treat fabricated items. They go everywhere, I use DE from home depot, its a light dust that will cut through their protective coat and dehydrate them. Ask your guardian, FOOD GRADE though, nothing else, and make sure its for bugs. Other than that keep very clean. They will bite too so take away their hiding spaces by picking up. Good luck, ask your parent to act on this, as they will eventually infest. The most important thing though, if you have stuff under your bed, check it very thoroughly , very very. Thats where my infestation started was under the bed storage. They love it, so if you do, dont be afraid, the bugs won’t just bite, their very very slow, they can’t fly only adults can, just squash them suckers. Good Luck

      • Everywhere else I’ve looked it says they do not bite. It said the hairs on the larva cause severe irritation that’s similar to a bite but that the beetles themselves don’t bite. Which is correct?

        • Yes, the larva can irritate your skin. I am being tested to find out out if I am allergic to carpet beetles and their hairs that stick in you. If I take a hot shot. I have black thick course hair emerging from my skin. Plus I feel like cactus thorns in my back. They irritate my skin so bad, I have dermatitis. My face has so many sores and lesions on my arms and back. I am embarrassed to go in public. I have had this for year. I found carpet beetles,moth flys(drain flys),small clear flys,halter flys,termites! I lived in a apartment with black mold! Did not throw away all belongings! I can smell that mildew smell. Can this be my problem ? Why, do I have so many insect problems. I live in apartment. Lived here for 3 years. The insectroblem started a year ago! My itching, bold patches of hair , rashes , lesion! Help! No doctor can find out what is wrong!!!! Thank you Trish

          • Trish, haven’t heard from you lately. Any update with your carpet beetle issue? Help us out here that are being tormented. Thanks

          • Trish. Would like to hear an update to your multiple pest problem. Massive invasion of black beetle with their 4 stages along with tiny white flies and clear flies. Living in motorhome in driveway. At present house is not habitable. Each day repeating the same thing over and over….. clean, vacuum, laundry, throwing away clothing and towels whenit is no longer useable. I WENT IN LAST WEDNESDAY AND HAD BLOOD DRAWN AND STOOL CHECK. SHOULD FIND OUT TOMORROW ON JUNE 8TH. We really need your input into this full blown infestation. Let us know your ststus. Appreciate what ever you can do. Thanks….from kari in

          • Hello Trish.. I am having the same symptoms as u..I have been to my Dr.. The called the psyciatric unit on me..the said u must b on drugs…I submitted to a Dr test. And walked the fuck out.. Never have gone back..I too am scared to death.. My landlord thinks I am nuts..I don’t visit my family because I don’t want anything spreading..I have several videos of my arms face back my hair is infested with slimmy shit.. And whit eggs…my son came to live with me. Bcauze I am so freaked out.. He too is experienceing the same symptoms.. I am 56 disabled..it is so hard to keep up with cleaning and washing necessary to have a lil piece of mind..I called housing authority. And public health.. The both said the don’t see anything but roaches and rat droppings..well if these things live on dead animals and insects..then are living Hi off the hog in my apartment..please update me on ur symptoms…I need some guidance..plz answer me..thk u.

          • You need to get out of that apartment the black mold can cause many problems including death. Have your doctor run test for fungus infection and look for toxicins in the blood.

        • They do infact bite, and their bite is similar to a bedbug bite. They have bitten my family several times before I was aware in order to fix the situation.

          • That’s wrong .

          • what are u doing now on the carpet beetle situation. I’m desperate. ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ANY NEW INFORMATION. We can no longer live in our house. Pest Control companies can’t even help us.

            • I was going crazy trying to get rid of these pests. Professional help was a waste of money. Finally I sent my wool rug to cleaners for two weeks. They promised on that time they would have debeetled it. Then I got hanging moth and beetle killers and hung in all closets. Then I bought Bengal roach spray in big red can — about $15 at Home Depot. I sprayed every nook and cranny, every baseboard , around electric outlets. I threw out all house plants and containers. I made sure no food was out anywhere . Finally I locked up and went away for two weeks, making sure to spray luggage so I didn’t take critters with me. When I returned NO CARPET BEETLES. I will never be without Bengal again. Good luck to you.

          • Kari,

            I don’t live by you I’m in Michigan. I have black cb. Pest guys sprayed IGR in my house and it’s working. They are under the floor so it’s difficult. I’ll Try and help if I can.

          • Hi Kari,

            I’m not sure if we can exchange contact info. I’ll try and post email (if they don’t block it out.) Send me an email and we can exchange numbers. I’ll pass along all the info I have, what I’ve done, what worked etc. my guys are coming back next week I’ll see if he will speak with you. Seems you got blown off and treated poorly. I’ll feel stupid if there’s a private way to do this lol. No spam please anyone. Hlc1985 at live dot com

            • So this is a really old post but do you mind forwarding me info on how you got rid of your carpet beetles? I’ve been finding those little black larva everywhere and am pretty desperate.

            • Hello,
              Would you please write about the things you did to get rid of carpet beetles? I am having a bad problem with them, and don’t want to call pest companies unless I have to .
              They are eating my hair and fingernails while I sleep. I have not found any nesting areas, but continue to see evidence of their being in my apartment. Please help.

              • Chrystal, read all comments which are helpful. I tried using neem oil on my legs as the carpet beedles (larvae I think) were eating at them. it helped to a degree. they get in my hair and upper body as well. under 1 toenail. I got dermatitis and got some cream which cleared it up but not fully. i also used rubbing alchol on my skin and you could see them fall on the floor. i still have the static sensation on my legs mostly . also they are in my bed, i use sticky roller to pick them up. they seem to be in everything. i bought some moth balls and put in my drawers in dresser (have clothes in zip lock bags) but could still feel the sting of them when i open drawers. also put moth balls in my leather couch tonight. not sure if it will work, but on package says it will kill carpet beedles. i had pest control company come in and sprayed three times to no avail. this is after they identified as carpet beedles. i am at a loss as to how to get rid of them i also put de dust in cracks around the baseboard and in couch. helped to a degree. keep cleaning and sweeping..i also found if i sprayed mattress with windex they seemed to fly/fall to the floor. good luck

          • I’m so desperate Im asking …
            Did you get rid of the carpet beetles? My life is pretty much destroyed over this infestation. IF YOU DID…HOW PLEASE??. From: KARI in Oregon

          • Kari, I got rid of mine for the moment. Send me an email I’ll tell you what I did. Can’t post 50pages on here. Your situation may be different though. They never bit me or got on my skin.

            • Can u plz email me I also need help on this I’m going nuts trying to figure this out and getting ready to move and don’t want to take them help plz

            • Ur a blessing! Please forward any information that helped u and might help me. Thank u so very much. Diane

          • False, they DO NOT BITE!

        • They don’t bite lol

          • My my! You have no idea. There are different types of Larvae just like different color bugs. Some are white and some are brownish, do not handle without some type of tissue or cotton pad, doused with bleach or ammonia. It needs to kill it first. Even then, I’d wait to pick it up until it is dead. Some say the hairs are the only thing that stings. Black crpt btls. Sting when you squish them. I’m going to look up what kind of food smells attract them. It says in this article that SOME foods attract them. I saw a comment a girl made about having her fecal testing done, then realized, shit is this what killed my 17 yr. old cat?!!? What about the cat I still have? If we don’t vacuum ever few days the problem comes back. We have storage already, and need to store what we have in boxes here in this 1 bdrm apt. to get rid of this issue all together. I read it could be from living in the trees, but we didn’t have any issues until the neighbors next to us and below us changed. The one next to us, actually across the hall, but in the trees too (3rd floor) since the trees are quite Close to our bldng. and it is so beautiful to look out my windows! The neighbor across said she was moving because of the bugs ” from the trees or someone else ” and that’s when I figured out why after 4 years all of a sudden we have to constantly check up on and vacuum lots! They like dust too. One time I pinched a brown larvae (skinny and like connected dots, segmented body like ones I have seen before, with a small piece of tissue and I had a burn like you wouldn’t believe, it blistered and the skin under my nail and on the tip to the halfway to the knuckle was white and hard so I just had to leave alone until eventually it peeled off on its own. I woke up my husband freaking out from what I jut read. At least I know we aren’t infested. Also, some eggs take 130 days or so, or larvae stage,one or the other. I forget. So if you see bugs, or have sudden feelings of stings, burn, blisters, or tingling to numb feelings it is likely carpet beetles. They are very common, esp. In apartments I’ve been reading. They do this thing when you vacuum where they go UNDER the area of suction, under on the cement, until you are done vacuuming and then go back up to eat carpet, hair, and skin. Ewwwwwww. I once pulled up the carpet’s edge near my cat’s bowl, and saw one of the skinny brown chain link looking worm larvae!! It was fast as hell and hid immediately I saw in burrow into the carpet to escape me. I get so pissed thinking of my kitty being in harm’s way. I think she’s smart enough to avoid them after once stung on her paw. The sad thing is she spends so much time on the carpet. I will pay with my cc to get movers to take boxes down to our apt’s storage, then to have my carpet green cleaned, then we all go away for a night to have my hubby go and pour diatomaceous earth (food grade btw,) and push it to the bottom with a firm brush I will buy and let it dehydrate all of the bugs and larvae it finds so we go back early the next day to vacuum up the dead from the war. Yes! Victory is near. Like the one guy above me said, ” fear not, but attack instead,” or something like that. After all, we are much larger than these little pests!!! Ps I used peppermint oil on the door and window ledges, also, where I could I put duct tape anywhere that was an opening especially in the window openings (closed for the 110 degree Phoenix summers!) then they were gone. We slacked a couple of weeks and I saw a larvae in our laundry basket so I figured, bad news! I hate not having screen doors! Once in a while I just want fresh air so badly and I FORGOT until I read this again, that they fly in and lay eggs! Didn’t I read they lay a hundreds of eggs on this page??? OMG. gotta go fight!

    • I have some flying beetle that are on my window sill every morning. I find them in my kitchen. Very small, black with legs. I also have flowers outside my window. They don’t bite but I’m going nuts with these things. I sprayed the window, next I’m caulking the window and hope to get rid of these aggravating flying beetles. They don’t live very long, thank goodness. But I have to get rid of them. HELP!!!

      • Hello this is kari
        Do you have any insects (pests) in your house or car. Control your situation before it controls you. Keep reading these blogs. It will blow your mind. I’m living in a motorhome outside our house. Hpuse can not be lived in. It came on quickly and no one ,yes no one (2 pest control co, 2 different ER’s, 3 different medical doctors, county ext. office) can identify the problem. I’ve had dozens of samples brought to examine to do avail. READ ON .
        You will be amazed. We are intelligent, self sufficient, people, living in above average homes.

        • Uggh, what is this, the bug from hell or what!! Sometimes i think. “Screw it, no one else minds, I’ll just live with bugs” but I can’t !! Yet no matter how many I kill there are 1000 more to replace them..all our clothes have lint balls and I know they’re bugs, I swear I see stuff fall off ceiling.. I’m tired, my whole day.consists of a debugging routine that doesn’t work anyway..how can I be the only one who see them!!?? It has made me crazy, I will admit..I’ll probably think everything is a bug for the rest of my life..

          • Bonnie, you are not the only one. It is real. There is an answer. Im as torn apart as the rest of us on this site but we will survive. Yes, I’m tired of cleaning, vacuuming, alcohol wipe downs, ammonia in the laundry and on the floors, the stings, the never ending watch and look constantly and the rest. It seems like no one cares. I don’t know if you have read any of my blogs but at one point I felt as if I were dying. These pests from the darkest pits in he’ll drained my strength and energy everyday for the last 6 months. My mission is far from being gone. It is somewhat manageable at times but we can’t let up one moment from the constant cleaning routine. Relax… we never can. We are living in a small motorhome in our driveway. The house is still infested. We managed to remove carpet and pad from 2 bedrooms and the hallway but found the sub flooring infested. The living room and family room are in waiting. Not able to do. We are just maintaining and holding on a bit longer. We thought of leaving and walking away but could possibly carry even a few out someway, somehow. We still might since the home owners insurance does not cover anything to do with damage that pests do. Better go back to chores as we speak. Will check this site several times during week.

          • Please know you are not alone in this battle. I too had carpet beetles and they were on my skin and felt like grit and little fish hooks. My dr told me I had scabies and the meds did not work for scabies. I started using D.E. food grade, and Borax. Put the d.e. on the furniture, under the cushions and inside the tufts of fabric. I put Borax in the rug and threw it on my custom draperies and swags left it there for a week, then vacuumed it and added it again. Took 12 weeks to get rid of them. Now have exterminator here to make sure they are gone. Dogs got all messed upfrom them and we used DE on the dogs too. Borax burns if not dissolved. Anyway, went to the er and the DR there said I was having such a severe allergic reaction to them that they wanted to admit me. I said no way I have no MRSA now and dont want it. They gave me steroids and antibiotics and told me to clean the house with bleach and vinegar and that borax and de were good for bug repellent and killer. so good luck.

          • It is true that they will burrow into the surface of walls and ceilings, especially (in my case) drywall coated with textured / ‘popcorn’ plaster. In the spring, tiny plaster bits shed from the ceilings and walls, along with casings. I constantly vacuum the area I can reach (much of our house is open-concept, 2 1/2 story cathedral style walls. Floor to ceiling at highest point is in excess of 28′ high…without a platform riser, I can’t get to those areas. Holding a vacuum cleaner while teetering atop a 24’+ extension ladder would be risky for anyone. (And I am notoriously clumsy!)
            I shower at least 2x day when they start emerging, as the plaster dust causes intense itching; probably due to the casings and larval hairs. I also vacuum the furniture & floors daily to keep residual to a minimum.
            We had our carpet replaced with hardwood last winter, so I am hopeful we will be able to eventually cut down on the population.
            Our last kitty passed away last fall (age of 21), and we will not be adopting more pets until we know the carpet beetles are gone. The last 2 years she was always itchy and having ear infections. The vet didn’t have any suggestions, but I suspect she was suffering from allergic contact. CB’s of certain varieties love shed pet fur and dead skin.
            Btw: we had the entire interior painted 6 months prior to the onset of ‘hatching’ this season. Based on the long life cycle, I suspect that being painted over did not kill the eggs / instars that have been hatching.
            We also had our entire central a/c-heater unit replaced (interior and exterior); the ducts cleaned, (also found a bird nest blocking the clothes dryer vent at roof level; causing dryer lint to accumulate in the laundry room: cb love dryer lint)!
            Keeping them out of clothing, a couple of tips is to immediately launder anything that has food stains or other “organic” stains (sweat, urine, fecal…be it from baby or pet or…) as this will be a cb magnet. My daughter had sent over covered plastic bins of baby clothes to store for her. A couple of items had not been washed thoroughly and the entire bin became infested.
            Most “Rubbermaid”-type storage bins are not air-tight, so it may be advisable to seal items in bags before placing in bins.
            I have also found that the larvae can easily eat holes in sandwich baggies…so I am still looking into what type of bag I can use. I’ve been placing items in heavy-duty plastic bags with “ziplock” style closures, placing those in sanitized plastic storage bins and adding aromatic cedar blocks to the bins before closing. It’s too soon to determine the effectiveness, but I’ll try to keep you posted.
            *a note regarding prevention:
            I’m pretty sure my problem started when I was an avid thrift store and garage sale / flea market shopper. Despite cleaning everything I buy before bringing it into the house, just a couple of eggs or larvae can cause a massive infestation!

            Remember to check everything you bring into your house; vacuum as often as you possibly can and concentrate on keeping areas where your pets hang out especially clean!
            Don’t allow dirty laundry to accumulate, especially if it has any food or organic spills.
            Be aware of your ceilings and walls, especially if you have drywall / plaster.
            Vacuum any dead bugs you see, as they are food for cb larvae. try to keep cobwebs to a minimum, especially along ceilings and walls. Those with live spiders can be helpful in controlling larvae, if you can tolerate spiders.
            My jury is still out on that one! 🙂
            I’ve been on this crusade for a few years and it is getting better, but not gone.
            I still have adult children moving in and out, so it’s hard to keep the house de-cluttered, but I know that will be the most important part of getting rid of these pests!
            Keep household dust to a minimum…it is made mostly of dead skin cells and other organic material.
            Good luck to all!

          • You are not the only one that sees them. I have several containers of them. I went to 6 specialist who knew nothing. I am highly allergic to these demons. I am now being treated at a major university to build my immune system so i can bare to live. A shot in the back of the arms once a month. At the price of 1,ooo dollars. the immune system treatment helps but I still have constant reactions

            • hi Sherry, its really too bad that doctors don’t believe us. I have gone to doctors as well, they think I am crazy so I am on my own. guess you lucked out to a degree. I wish there was an allergy pill to take against these demons. I have tried everything I know to no avail.
              but not giving up. I also thought of going to a herbalist it is very expensive but if it doesn’t work then the money is down the drain.

              • I didn’t luck up with my family. Husband and daughter thought I was mental. Never felt so betrayed in my life.I think herbalist would be money down the drain. I’m still fighting the battle and always looking for a new way of treating that I haven’t used. Never give up

                • sherry, my kids thought I was mental as well. I just don’t talk about it anymore. I just live with it. not easy. nights are the worst. they are always in my bed and couch and in my private parts. what a way to live.
                  I retired from work 3 years ago and should be enjoying the good life, but not working that way. if you looked through these emails patricia Reynolds has a cure to keep them off you, but I cant seem to find her on facebook. maybe u can locate her.

                  • Sherry, haven’t seen you on this site lately., any progress. not a very good night for me so far, the carpet beedles have gotten into my sweater and are stinging my upper back. this is crazy.

            • Sherry, I have been using a sticky roller on bed frames, under bed. I am getting a lot of bugs on roller. have done it 10-20 already today and still getting some. hope this works. I am spraying couch plus underside with windex then using swifter pad to clean the carpet beedles up. they don’t like windex. I am not saying it kills them, but they move pretty quick. they do like to get into anything and everything.
              don’t forget to clean pictures on wall. they seem to congregate there as well. try it and see if it helps for you.
              I know this all seems absurb, but it works. I even use sticky rollers on my kitchen counter tops and it picks them out. I wish I could find something to keep them off my body. they are definitely worse when I go to bed, they seem to gravitate to my body. I read somewhere that they put cantharidin into body when they sting you.

              • I saw your post and decided to try straight ammonia. It kills them! I have completely soaked all our dressers (especially all the seams and cracks with a spray bottle and the beds. I cut holes in the bottom of the mattresses and sprayed it right in there. I did the pillows and bedding and all the clothes and am in the process of doing the rest. I even found every possible crack that might lead to the area under the roof and sprayed it. I tore all our carpet out months ago but got all the cracks in the floors and around all the lights. The beetles, the larva, the mites, and the brown gunk just disappear, after you spray a lot of straight ammonia at them. I’m going through a lot of ammonia, and it may not be healthy, but I’m winning.

        • Have you gotten rid of the carpet beetles?
          I’m miserable, and I got them from my mom’s home. She didn’t know what they were and I went there to see if i could help, and brought them home with me 2000 miles away. I’ve found all …larvae, beetle, eggs I think, and flyers. I’ve sprayed, they bite me especially my neck and head. I’ve contained all my clothes and blankets in plastic boxes. I have an insecticide that pros use but do I need to fog?

      • hi…just wondering if you found the answer for the crpet beedle problem. i am still fighting them, they lay eggs in my bed and also found they have laid eggs on my banister, can u image. they are on my window sills as well. they seem to be in everything. this is so creepy i hate to go to bed at night, plus i dont even sit on my leather couch. any tips would help. much appreciated
        they have also laid eggs on my nightgown when i was sleeping…yuk

    • I killed 2 in 1 day (one in my room) and found one in my room 2 days ago. I have 2000$ worth of stuffed animals but it would take forever to clean all off them just in my room. Then I have another big bin filled with stuffed animals in another room. I think I know how I brought them bc I taped nice flowers on my journal and I will throw it away and tomorrow I’m doing a big clean out but I’m scared that I may have an infestation. I kept my journal under my bed and now I have too move my bed to clean under and I have to clean my mattress. Just saying I clean all the time Idk how this happened and I’m terrified of sleeping and just a tip check ur hair scrunchies. And a full towel closet to clean filled with my towel and I have to throw away my sanitary stuff bc I don’t want an infestation. I’m getting sprays and moth balls. Any other suggestions?

      • All stuffed animals can be washed in the washing machine with hot water. The only thing is that not all of them can be put in the dryer. Put all your stuffed animals in garbage bags with a pest strip. Tie up the bag. Then clean your house. That includes vacuuming, mopping, wiping down window and door frames and washing ALL bed linens including pillows. I would spray your box spring with pesticide and then steam clean your mattress early in the morning so it will be dry at night. The next day wash your stuffed animals in the washing machine and let them dry on a towel on a wood, laminate etc. floor (that way you can see any residual larva) If you have a balcony or porch you can do the same thing in the sun and the stuffed animals will dry faster. I have a 1500 square foot home and two young children. It’s a pain, but you have to do it if you want to live bug free. Also, you need to first set off bombs in your ENTIRE home. Because you have so much stuff, you see them a lot, but I promise you, they have moved from your room to other places in the home. Bombs are not that expensive and if every one in your house leaves, you can return in about 4 hours, and air out the house for 30 minutes.

      • I know this was posted 1 year ago, but may be helpful to someone…
        I have read that items (such as linens or stuffed toys) can be treated by placing them in airtight plastic bags and putting them in a sub-zero freezer for at least 48 hours. If you have no access to sub-zero, then a home fridge-freezer can work: store in airtight plastic bag and place in household freezer for 1 week. Remove (do not open bag) from freezer and let it reach room temp. Place back in freezer for an additional week, then it should be free of any viable eggs or larvae.
        I have been doing this recently, but it is too soon to report my personal success (or lack thereof). I’ve seen the same instructions posted on multiple
        Websites, so I’m hopeful it will work.
        If anyone has experience with this process, I’d be grateful for feedback!

      • I am so sorry to tell you this but if you don’t get rid of the stuffed animals you will never get rid of the pests. I was told to freeze items I knew were infested. Much to my shock it did not kill all.

    • My young daughter noticed a segmented worm like creature on the floor boards of my home. I put my daughter to bed, vacuumed everything (including couch) then sprayed insecticide on every item that could be ingested by the carpet beetle from my top stair down. I mopped the floors with a water and ammonia mix. In the morning I had my daughters out of the house as quickly as possible, rented a steam cleaner and cleaned everything, carpets, couches, love seat etc. (this was also to remove the sprayed pesticide to avoid skin irritation) I mopped the floors again with ammonia and then mopped a second time with pinesol to cut the lingering odor. I then used a liquid insecticide around the baseboards and floor vents. I later found out that carpet beetle larva can use vents to travel so I cleaned the vents and used the the liquid pesticide around the vents on the floor and walls. I found out that moth balls will kill most insect larva including those of the carpet beetle. So I put moth balls (some are marketed that don’t have the musty smell) in my closet, under my bed, 2 inside my kitchen garbage can and 10 a week in my outside garbage can (because the adults can fly and can easily fly from outside garbage can into your home). I would also suggest making sure when you have the doors, windows open that you use a screen and use a steam cleaner every month for about 3 months on carpets and furniture. I also vacuum 2x per week instead of 1x a week now. Next time, I’ll install wood or laminate and get a leather couch!

      • I have a leather couch and it is invested with carpet beedles. I have put boric acid through and under couch, but it still doesn’t kill them all. I vaccum a lot, but they are still here. I have a boxspring and mattress protector, but they don’t fit properly, so I think they are living in the mattress. tried putting borac acid in between mattress and protector. still have them. sometimes I get stung and other times I feel them jumping on me especially on legs, I feel a lot of static on my legs from I believe the hair on the beedles. had my house sprayed a bunch of times to no avail. I am at my wits end. not sure what to do anymore. if I didn’t see all these black/brown things on my bed, couch, countertops etc. I would think I was crazy.

        • boric acid does not kill carpet beetles. the only way it will kill them is if they ingest it, so I guess its possible, but its not likely. I tested last week, after putting boric acid on all my baseboards. I put a beetle in a jar of the powder, it didn’t die.

      • NO! Don’t go with the leather! I had to throw out a $4.500 custom leather sectional…it got infested from the sneaky little bastards that hitched a ride on my kitty. It was less than 1 year old. I put it on the curb on bulk trash pick-up day with a warning note for ‘curb shoppers’ (we live in an upscale estate development, so it’s common for people to forage nice “looking” goodies on trash day). I used to be one!
        Someone didn’t heed my note and I pity the person who brings it into his or her home!
        I feel even worse thinking that someone may have purchased this pristine looking leather sectional from whoever took it from the curb.
        Beware the bug in cow clothing! The larvae LOVE leather

        • hi Anon..i have a leather couch as well. did u put de dust or boric acid in it. I am still trying to hang on to it

          • I tried so many things: yes, DE, boric acid, etc.
            I may have lost patience too, soon, but the infestation quickly worked through the leather (at seams, maybe?) and went down into the foam and fiberfill. We had kept one small piece that I thought had been spared. We were still having problems months later. I took it outside and cut into it to find the timber frame corners were a mass of larvae and castings.
            At this point, we have pulled out all of out carpet and thrown out all of the furniture we could.

            BTW: I have found a source of infestation that I never would have imagined!
            Plastered walls and ceilings: especially textured & (worst!) popcorn ceilings!
            We had the house painted a little over a year ago, and recently, the ceiling started ‘hatching’. There must have been eggs that were painted-over with water-based paint.
            They are most dense in the path of airflow from the a/c vents. Obviously there is an infestation in my ductwork, which is another place I wouldn’t have thought of.

      • Jay, I hope you had luck with eradicating the cb problem. I am curious to know how you made out. Just FYI…. From what I read, carpet beetles DEFINITELY EAT LEATHER, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to get a leather couch. I just had my leather sectional removed; it was full of holes all over, even in between where two sections meet. As others above posted, doctors, landlords, exterminator, etc. think I am crazy!! I haven’t had any new “bites” since my sectional was removed. Exterminator sprayed SteriFab (I’m not convinced that its effective for carpet beetles) and he put down glue traps. Over three days, NOTHING showed up. That was in January. I’m freaked out over this and afraid to buy a new sofa. I plan to have my carpets steam cleaned because that is supposed to kill eggs, larvae, etc. Good luck to all.

    • I’ve had an infestation for seven years since I had new carpet installed. It has ruined my last life and my psyche. Everyone thinks I’m crazy even I think I’m crazy. They’ve eaten clothes demolished wigs and flooring. Cannot be vaccumed up at all and when carpting is parted they disappear to other carpet fibers and cannot be trapped, sucked or eliminated.bbpest control (25 total) told me there is nothing there. Nothing works.

      • hi there, I have had same problem for a few years now. curious as to how they affect your floors. could u let me know please. i keep seeing specks, marks, chips out of floor.
        what are you doing to rid these carpet beedles? i have vaccuming and wiping floors down a lot. but recently put more boric acid in kitchen cupboards and on bed. they seem to like to sleep with me, must like the body heat. i hate this life. they are mainly on my lower body flitting away..not sure if they are eating dead skin on them or what. i find them in my frig as well.
        there has to be an end to this soon…horrible

        • They burrow in somehow leaving a dark black spot, then thete are other spots that are roungband look like rust. I have used de in the beginning. Now I use anything I can get my hands on, mostly Home Defense bug spray and Lysol. Vacuuming has no effect on them what so ever. I do tons of laundry everyday all day but never get caught up. My husband doesn’tsee or feel a thing. I was thrilled to hear other people had them in there cars(not that they had them), just to know I wasn’t alone,these beetles have turned my life into a nightmare. But I’ve never been bitten. The things in my carpet change shapes and CANNOT BE VACUUMED UP AT ALL.. When I spread fibers apart they look like a thread but then they disappear time and time and time again. Gotten rid of kitchen food once when larvae were found in cabinets. Pest control people laugh in my face and tell me it is ashes etc… Love tried them all.

          • If you are Seeing spots look like rust that is really bad they could be bed bugs

            • No, they are either part of the beetle life cycle or mites. Spray them with straight ammonia.

          • Where does everyone live at? I am in the U.S. It sounds like there are people describing different pests, infestations and possibly living conditions. It’s difficult to really tell what some of these bugs are. I have heard of bugs burrowing into people’s skin and things like that but I do not think it’s very common where I live. I have only heard of it on this website. That’s just awful. I’m so sorry.

        • Hi Homelesscat,
          Hope you are not still fighting carpet beetles. We have them so I’ve been reading blogs/comments from others and found your comment on Pestkill.org. You said “curious as to how they affect your floors.” I’m curious…did you get a response? Do they eat wood flooring? We’re thinking about ripping up carpet and installing wood floors. My concern is the expense to install wood floors only to have them damaged by cb. After carpet is gone, would they simply move to another area? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

          • hi Kerry,
            yes i am still battling these carpet beedles. they are mostly in my bedding, drawers, leather couch. i guess wherever i sit or lay down. i do have knicks out of my hardware flooring especially in the kitchen in front of frig (havent dropped anything to make these marks) so i am assuming it is the cb. never got any responses on how to stop it.
            have been spraying couch and bed/blankets with rubbing alchohol then wiping up the cb on the floor. i dont believe it kills them but they dont like it. i also dont feel that i will ever be rid of them. it seems to be much worse at night.

      • I was just curious , how are they eating floor? I have found nics and missing slivers of wood and while spots on my floors. tonight I noticed black things on my kitchen walls. I read about that, but never paid much attention. I have had this problem for a few years as well. it really is horrible. put boric acid around baseboards in cupboards, but gotta be careful so my son doesn’t see it or he would flip. he thinks I am crazy. they wont stay off my mattress, which makes it difficult to sleep. I keep reading this site to find out what elsee I can do. I hate being so uncomfortable in my own home. good luck to all of us

      • I had all my windows replaced and now I see the new cauking around them has the black cb stuck in it. looks like a never ending process. tonight I saw a couple of my walls, which I didn’t notice before. this is hell on earth. I put a duvet on my bed (first time in a year) it was good for couple days then I couldn’t sleep at night, they were crawling all over me. back to the sheet and towel. I hate these bugs with a passion. found quite a few in cupboards and even laying eggs in sour cream. now I have a hard time buying food.

      • New info. Try heat 120 degrees for 1 hour. We bought a steamer/vacuum. $1000 bucks. It only has made things stable and somewhat tolerable. Better than before.

        Be Kind.

        • I would really like to talk to you about this. Is there anyway to get ahold of you?

          • Questions wants to converse? Anyone is welcome to ask, comment, learn, teach, freak with me anytime. 24/7 really.
            UPDATE…It’s been almost a year ago when John & I first encountered the horrific presence of cb, white flies, mites, super bugs (whatever) and the four stages of their life cycle. Too much, Too hard, Too fast. We are alive & mostly well.
            Reading back on a few of the blogs I did on this site I could still feel my fear & my desparation. Through all of our “knowledge gained” we applied, use, tried & tested most all. THANKS to Google for “letting” me rattle your brains out and understanding my long winded inquiries.
            Your Amazing. As of today John & I are still living in our Motorhome. John’s house “sits ” (we can only maintain it). After Johns back surgery in March we are planning to hit that bucket list. For now clean, clean, keep clean, reclean all. Text Me if need @ two zero eight, 870 2102. J & Kari in Springfield, OR

    • New product will launch Monday, April 11, 2016 safe to treat everything in your home including leather, fine clothing. Following that the release of an oil that will destroy them on the body, hair, and stop the itch in seconds. Hi I have been away working on the answer to this problem that plagued us. I have been left with scars all over my body.

      I am an herbalist, and finally completed my testing to rid my home of carpet beetles, dust mites and mold mites. I have been careful, and patient to be very sure it worked before bringing this out. Those who search my name will find my story all the way to the CDC.

      The product comes with other numerous benefits but we have been alone to deal with this problem. People thought was in our minds but I have proved it through the help of God. This past Sunday I had the mat peaceful day lying in my bed. Nothing crawled on me, and nothing bit me. The full story with evidence will be included in my website with pictures of the damage that I will spend many months bleaching.
      The important thing is that we now have hope. For years no one has cared about our struggles because most people aren’t affected. There is a hormone in our bodies that they are attracted to. Headed to patent. I will provide the information by Friday.

      • i am looking forward to your cure for this huge problem.

      • I am so looking forward to hearing about your cure for this horrendous problem that we are all dealing with.

      • Hi pat any other info on your launch would greatly be appreciated after many years of this by clearly many of us on here im sure most will be buying in bulk .

        • hi Nikki, have you heard anything more from Pat. do u know where she is on facebook. thanks

      • What is your web site? I want any pertinent info I can get. I have been dealing with this for a couple
        years. No one believes me & no one helps me. It is very time consuming… and disheartening when all my efforts have been to no avail. The little boogers are munching on my house now. I have had exterminators (4) who wouldn’t Know a carpet beetle if it bit them (pun not intentional).
        I know more about it than they do ! I have tried borox, bombs, sprays & I vacuum all the time. It is so depressing because I know eventually all my stuff is going to be ruined & I don’t know what -else to do or who to call. A glimmer of hope would be a major blessing.

      • Hi Patt
        This is Trish. I have not been on this web sight for a long time . I have been using Lice shield . It has a bunch of different kinds of oils in it. I still get bold spots all over my head. When I wake up I have blood crusty sores. People think I am a druggy. Do to the sores on my face. When I go out outside I get attacked by all (specially the little tiny white fly’s)flies,moths, and gnats. It’s crazy! I am a magnet to them. Like I have a lot of static electifiy. I have also noticed I get shocked all the time. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it? I have the carpet beetles attacking for over 4-5 years now! My boyfriend stays at his house every night. His sores and itching has stopped. He feels much better: more energy, stomach problems went away and the list goes on.Any body that comes in my apt. They start coughing, nose plugs, have a hard time breathing . My cat has asthma really bad. She has a few sores. I have seen a few baby carpet beetles on my countertop. I see the big ones outside on my patio trying come into my apartment. I have so much pesticide on the patio. It doesn’t do no good. I put a few fly trapeze in my room. Def. carpet beetles, black and grey ones, fly’s that look like mosquitos . I am becoming OCD. Just to get some sleep. Due to the itching, crawling sensation, and stinging. I have to take anxiety meds. Doctors think I am nuts! I have seen them. They are little white/green worm on my skin. They like the moisture around your mouth. They don’t like The tanning beds! I fried them. I just go back to my apt. And they get on me again ! Every is day a battle! Good luck every one! Try the lice shield it does help through the day. The night time is the unmanageable!

        • Oh, I think that morgellons is the same thing . The carpet beetles burrowing into your skin. People say weird material or fabric come out of their skin. Well that’s what they feed on. Then they burrow into your skin. When you take a hot shower all kinds of crap comes out of your pores/skin. They just have not put 2&2 together yet. Just a opine. Thanks

          • Hi Trish & Patt. Really nice to hear from you both. We don’t know one another but I just want to say you both have been my saving grace & inspiration to fight and to live on with this horror that has displaced all of our lives. We have atleast found a stable spot in all this chaos. Thank you. J & K in Springfield, OR

      • I would like more info PLEASE !! On your product to kill bugs.

      • Can you let me know the name of the new product that kills carpet beetles and where to order it from. I would be very grateful. Thank You.

        • hi bridget, i would like to know the name of this new product as well. these beedles are driving me insane as well. i have tried everything and nothing works.

      • Hi Pat i am desperate for the rhe product you have. Please pleasr we need help

    • Thesr little pests infested a hole in my mattress last year and made a nest it was so gross! I couldn’t sleep for weeks even after I got a new bed. They can also damage clothing as I had that issue as well. Funny o never saw them in my room until I started inspecting my entire house weekly ad my daughter had reports of bed bugs in school. Vacuuming totally helps I shampoo my living room rugs frequently. I have also lined all my draws and closets with cedar as well as spray a natural bug spray cedarcide every time I chang beds weekly and vacume. It’s made with cedar oil and doesn’t harm children or pets. I also have the outside premises of my home sprayed as these bugs do come in for outside. I have found a few here or there with the humidity. But it can be controlled. From what I have been told from several bug guys these pests love certain types of soil so spraying outside can kill the many that you don’t want in your home. Cleaning is definitely a key component especially if you have pets.

      • I wondered why I am breaking out in rashes everywhere. I have seeen the larvae too. I want to tear it out and am going to but am afraid that won’t do the trick. So glad I found this site. I really thought I was losing my mind as people ;just poo pooed it. So wahat itis the best thing to use. I dont care if carpet turns green. Cant believe exterminator acted like it was noting. I have centipedes and carpet beetles. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

        n as am getting rid of it anyway.

    • I was curious if leaving a light on in a closet would help to keep carpet beetles away? I had read that an active closet, and one with sunlight hitting it once in a while helped. That is why I was wondering about leaving a light on once in a while.


    • I am seen to be killing the tiny black beetles that eat everything, including floors and synthetic clothing, with straight ammonia. I just put it in a spray bottle and go. It may not be healthy but I pulled up and tossed all the carpeting and found that the beetles had eaten through the dang floor! Anyway, you have to douse all the cracks in the floor and furniture as well as the base boards. They will also be in all the cracks of lamps and lights, on top of doorframes, under carpeting and linoleum, under your house, in your ceiling, around the toilet, and in a million of cracks and crevasses you didn’t even know existed.

  2. Hi

    • Hi,
      I’m desperate. and need your help. I have carpet beetles inside my car. I’ve contacted pest control. They did to vacuum the car. Please someone out there help me. Thank you

      • Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum and use raid blue can foggers. Not just once. We had to fog the car 3x in 6 weeks. Also vacuumed everyday for 6 wks. Also a car wash pressure washer to get out the dead yuk from everywhere. Example, my rubber around the windows were really caked. Clean back of car where spare tire or tire tools are stored and also look for any tiny rips in the fabric in the ceiling of the car. Also wash all windows everyday. Clean the places under seats, between seats, visors, seat belt areas, all vinyl. We add sprayed alcohol 91% lightly at night and morning. It was so bad we even had to use a Raid spray (blue can )product and sprayed various places in the car and on ourselves with a product with 75% deet in it. SAVE YOURSELF. TAKE YOUR CAR IN FOR AN ULTIMATE DETAILING. THEN do what we did for 6 weeks. Even if you don’t see any yes they are still there. Good Luck. Finally after all of this the last two car trips we had no issues. Watch what is on your feet. They do not like intruders from other places. Try changing shoes which are clean when you can. It’s a sick way of livibg life. We are both beat up mentally and physically. Only God keeps us going. From Eugene, OR

        • Hi, I just found this site and I’m SO GLAD!!! I thought I was seeing things but I now know that MANY other people are having almost the same problem as me. I have black worms/larvae in my ENTIRE HOUSE!! I’m so grossed out I cry daily. I’ve noticed, blavk beetles-white eggs-sheds- black worm larvae that look like they are swimming through my carpet. I’m trying to sell my home and I’ve been remolding it so stuff is everywhere. I have wash every single item in my closet and drawers and that was before I found out that I have this infestation. I now have to wash EVERYTHING AGAIN because I had laid all of my clean clothes on my couch before I placed them in new clean space bags. The eggs, etc are now in my bags of clean clothes. I also have ? gunk in my eyes ‘ looks like eggs ‘ and they have been hurting/itching me to the point that I thought I was going to Polk them out! The itching is horrible no relief at all. I have no family / friends I could stay with or I’d get the hell out of here while I try to kill these things. I’ve also noticed a few big roaches and big big slugs!! What the crap!!! As I’m writing this I’m spraying my entire body with alcohol, I’m wearing a plastic cap, and catching eggs-bettles-larvae with with duct tape.

          • The reason I spray on alcohol, it helps keep them off me. Does anyone know how they hit these stupid beetles? Where do they come from?

          • I too am fighting the carpet beetle battle but I DO have an answer for the slugs! Put some full strength ammonia in a spray bottle and spray the little bastards. Yes, I know it sounds to simple, but it works. It is so satisfying to watch them curl up and die. I had them horridly in my last home, so bad that when I came home at night after work, the outside of my house looked like a horror movie. I stumbled upon the ammonia trick. Within two weeks of nightly slug hunts, I was free!! Then I just had to spray once in a while when I saw them return. I hope this helps you. I think slugs gross me out the most, more than beetles.

      • First, i had them in my house, then i was ok, cause we cured the problem with boiling borax laundry detergent with water and make sure it gets dissolved good, and my husband sprayed everything from topof the ceiling to furniture,youve got to our they will just hide and come back. …i left the house and went and stayed with my mother in law, while he was doing this, he sprayed atleast 6 times soaking everthing. Well, every time i would get in my car i would start getting stung by something, my husband soaked and sprayed everything in my car last night with the Borax mixture. These things have caused a lot of damage, and alot of mental down periods for me. I’m ADHD and it’s just intensified my problem. But now they are gone, but i still am looking in every corner, every seam in my clothes, it’s terrible. But good luck

        • Thanks Holley. I have thought and used many of my ideas. Did not think of this. Used boric acid powder out of the container. So just boil it, make sure dissolved, put in sprayer and hit it all? Furniture too. What didn’t you spray it on? Thanks a millon. You might have saved our lives. J and kari in springfield, or. MAY I ASK WHAT STATE DO YOU LIVE IN. PLEASE CHECK BACK ON THIS SITE OFTEN. IT’S PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT SPEAK OUT THAT CHANGE THE WORLD.

          • Hi Kari,
            I live on Alabama, I GETTING TO GO HOME TODAY!!!! After I told you to boil the Borax laundry detergent and make sure it’s diluted, cause there’s salt or some kind of salt substance in it. Like I said me and my dashhound moved in with my mother in law, my husband soaked everthing. I mean everthing , floors, ceiling erc….furniture the creases the carpet, baseboards, he did this treatment for about 6-7 times in a 3 day time. Well, he put a dent in it a BIG dent, that’s what the pest man, a friend of ours by the way told us to do, I went to inspect they was gone. Then the next day what did I see hiding in the sunshine I my carpet. … Those black carpet beetles, just a few, I broke down crying like a baby. So, we called our friend the pest guy who’s been in the business 27 years and he came in with his little flash light and inspected and looked up at me and said “Walter put a big dent in them”…. but long story short he sprayed and we had to stay out of the house for 3 days. ..i just went and inspected myself and NO BUGS, NO LARVAE, nothing. … I’m so happy. It costed us 195.00 for him to do this and then he’s going to come out once a month and continue to spray. I’m going home. And I don’t care what nobody says those things shoot off some kinda of spore that was stinging me like a stingray on my feet, I got burns from it…..so sorry to tell these people they may or may not be allergic to them … but they do leave damage not just mentally, but physical sites on body.I’m in the stage of taking down everthing and washing them in borax (the mule team laundry detergent). I’ve had to replace a few things but it’s because I feel better if they was replaced. ….. This had been a fight. And honestly I almost had a nervous break down, cause even at my mother in laws I thought things was crawling on me. Didn’t bother my husband, and it don’t bother some people. …… but it did me cause I already hate ANY kind of bug and just the thought of them in my house was absolutely driving me insane….. Now I’m busy putting my home back in order. ….i hope I helped. Good luck! !!
            And I love it when my friends say it’s all in your head. …lol…..i wanted to knock em out. But they wad ignorant of the situation…..but anyway. .. I’m on my way home. .lol

      • I have them in my car as well!!!!

        • Hey Mia, well i have gotten rid of yhe carpet beetles. I WAS wrong carpet beetles does not bite, ive read up and the carpet beetles unfortunately brings MITES that’s right …… Brown hard shelled mites these was what was biting me….ive recently had to go to the ER….and i was diagnosed with scabies from the mites….this has been a nightmare……they DO NOT bother my husband, just me and my little dashound…..BUT we have started to kill them with Permethrin 13%…and youve got to double the dose when mixing it to kill the scarbotic mite, cause we kept spraying and spraying my car and thinking…..why in the hell are they still here….its because they are soooo hard to kill….we started killing them a week ago.THANK GOD…..im still sleeping in my one and only chair, i just can’t seem to ease up….but i have come to realize it doesn’t matter how clean you are….cause I’m a clean freak…..people get these problems and its just called life…even though I’m being tortured. But IT has gotten better….so….that was what was biting me all along…its terrible….but get the Permethrin and go to town and dont forget….too much is not enough….lol…and im not going to say EVERYBODY gets these mites with carpet beetles, but the beetles AND the mite go hand in ✋…..good luck and God Bless

          • hi, im having a huge problem identifying my problem. i travelled and when i came home within 4 days developed a welt and allergic skin reaction. the dr said scabies , i used permetherin 5 days and it helped but the reaction kept coming back. i thought it must be bed bugs but havent seen 1, however i do see red dots on my floor, baseboard and sheets. I have found a black carpet beetle and cast skins from the larvae unless that was bed bugs skin. they look so similar, idk. I have pco on the job. theyre using excitr and igr and the problem is improving but im so frustrated with this. Is it scabies, is it bed bugs or is it mites on black beetles that are causing my pimple like rash? im so miserable and consumed.

          • If you and the dog sit under a lamp that your husband doesn’t sit under then check that lamp. If you see something that looks like rust that’s them.

  3. Iv got black carpet beetles,they come out at night and i have to crush them then each day i thourghly clean my house i would like to know if theres a spray i can use to eliminate them thank you

    • I found a ortho spray at home depot it has been killing any of the beetles that are coming out I know its been a while since you posted but thought I would help

      • I bought 6 bottles of Ortho spray, which listed carpet beetles, and they weren’t affected at all. Worst product ever! I took a video of them walking all over my patio glass door, while it was dripping and loaded with Ortho. They were swimming in it and weren’t phased at all. It was as if I sprayed water with no effect. Getting a full refund on those Ortho bottles. Raid worked for 2 days, then I got thousands more. I need to find a pesticide that keeps working to keep adult carpet beetles away from my screened porch.

        • I am so glad that I am not crazy. Had termites and they are under control but the guy said they are just centipedes. I am ready to replace carpeting for wood flooring but am afria they will stil be there. I feel like they are everywhere! What is the best thing to use? Exterminators cant help

    • I use tea tree special shampoo by paul Mitchell for my hair…..then the whole body……………..
      for inside the house spectricide from Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe’s……………..take all pets out….start at end of house and close the windows and doors as you spray all corner, floors and windows and cracks………………..then close up and stay outside for the day………………….then go back inside later and vac everything…………..see anything again do the same thing again………..we burn wood, I saw what I thought was a tiny bee….no it buzzed….and I showed it to a hunter and he said a fur bug…………..nothing I had would kill it for sure………….tiny dots of black eggs that you can’t see……………today took all the wood outside……….cleaned everything good and sprayed with summit permacide “p” concentrate……1 part liquid to 19 parts water and mix & spray with a sprayer…………..has to be used within 24 hours………but next time I will use half of each as that made too much & I had to do the outside porch & driveway with it.

      • HeyJosie, How goes your carpet beetle issue. I’m so desperate Im asking any and all people for HELP!!. IF I can’t get some positive I’m put soon my fiance and myself will be in a tent. NO B.S. either. This carpet beetle infestation has now totally taken over our house. We have been staying in various motels in are area. Have had 2 pest control companies, contacted local extension service, have been seen twice by medical professionals and I look like a porcupine with all the welts, bites and pings from the Super Bug. I still have them in my nose, ears, bellybutton, eyes, throat, bottom of feet, cuticles and now my bowels. I’m told they are not real, all is okay by two medical personnel. I couldn’t make this nightmare up if I tried. I’ve tried every imaginable method possible. Today last method to usrHAVING ISSUES WITH HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. SENT pics last week of devastating damage these creatures have done. Waiting for them to report back.

        • Kari, I have same problem and I can’t find any solution. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, and actually, this made me crazy..I spend all day cleaning and bagging my house, combing my hair, using garlic, cayenne pepper, salt, anything..I’m desperate, I don’t want to leave house bcse I think people see them all over me, I threw out ally clothes and.. And my three boys and husband are slobs and think.I’m crazy and fight with me for cleaning so much. I’m depressed and I don’t even go anywhere.. I swear they are allover me, I don’t sleep, I’m losing my hair, and sometimes I really think I’m gonna lose it and there’s no hope!!

          • Bonnie, hey girl what’s up. Are you still having the infestation problem. After 6 weeks of motels we went back to the house to see if we could live in our motorhome. Even this is a full time problem just keeping it liveable. Wash sheets and all linen everyday. Change clothing two to three times a day. Constant vacuumIng the entire hpuse. Washing clothes constantly. Car is
            vacuumed daily. Showering twice a day. Constantly having to put all items food and non out of any contact with pests. Maintaining but not gaining anything. We are both disabled due to separate accidents. We have only been together 11 months. What a way to start a partnership. No news. I’m going in for a complete C B C blood draw Monday June 1. Will let everyone know if there is an issue on it that is connected. Finally got into Dr after my 2 urgent care & 2 ER visits. Dr that saw me would not look in my nose, throat or ears or even touch my feet or touch me at all. We just laughed after we left.

        • Hi Kari
          This is Terri in Sarasota. I have so much to say my husband and I have been living in he’ll for years. I will share
          But at this second I have the white cotton looking bugs eating my hair away I mean I look like a cancer patients. I see them but they do not comb out. I’m ready. To shave my head and get a wig. Only last night. I read on this blog. Someone commented they eat through wigs also. Please help. 9415041346

    • Hi it’s kari. I found that spectrum insect killer, white plastic bottle and black flag insect killer. THESE ARE THE ONLY TWO THAT LISTED ON THE LABEL CARPET BEETLES. All others just ended as a temp relief. Also boric acid in a plastic container works and I’m trying a new idea today that was posted on this site on the 24th of July. BOIL AND DISSOLVE THOROUGHLY BORIC ACID AND SPRAY AND SOAK EVERYTHING.. CARPET, FURNITURE, WALLS FLOORS AND CEILINGS. THESE PESTS FROM HE’LL HAVE 4 DIFFERENT LIVES. YES.. eggs, larvae, pupae & adult. Everyones situation has been slightly different but the same thing in all these cases is no one will ever believe you, they call it crazy… and these pests keep living on and on and on. They can stay dormant up to 10 yrs. It a very serious problem. Stay well. I’ll ck this site often during week.

      • Hello Trish.. I am having the same symptoms as u..I have been to my Dr.. The called the psyciatric unit on me..the said u must b on drugs…I submitted to a Dr test. And walked the fuck out.. Never have gone back..I too am scared to death.. My landlord thinks I am nuts..I don’t visit my family because I don’t want anything spreading..I have several videos of my arms face back my hair is infested with slimmy shit.. And whit eggs…my son came to live with me. Bcauze I am so freaked out.. He too is experienceing the same symptoms.. I am 56 disabled..it is so hard to keep up with cleaning and washing necessary to have a lil piece of mind..I called housing authority. And public health.. The both said the don’t see anything but roaches and rat droppings..well if these things live on dead animals and insects..then are living Hi off the hog in my apartment..please update me on ur symptoms…I need some guidance..plz answer me..thk u.

  4. It is nice to see you remind peploe that parents who use formula are not inherently evil bad parents, and there are many valid reasons for using formula. I breastfed as long as I could but eventually like you said I could not keep up with demand and am happy I have good formula options. I’d prefer it not come with beetle larvae but I’m going to consider it an early broadening of her palate! Also, because both major brands of formula tout different benefits we have been switching back and forth between the two (just in case, who knows) and baby is totally fine. Babies are not burdened with brand allegiance, they just want to eat and thrive and be happy! Thanks for such a fun and helpful blog. Much appreciated!

    • I have an 18 month old grand son whom I found a black pepper size carpet beetle on his nose, and one right between his eyebrows. They were stuck to his skin. When I pulled them off there was blood.

      I am allergic and had emergency room surgery to the to of my head 7days ago where one got into my follicle and infected it. I am on antibiotics oral, and cream. Appointment made with infectious diseases. Can’t seem to rid my house of carpet beetles. I clean all the time.

      • That doesn’t sound like carpet beetles. They don’t bite or attach to your skin. They aren’t parasites. Sounds more like you have lice or bedbugs.

        • Hello everyone. I have done all of that. I retired from property management and wish this was a bedbugs problem but it’s not. They are not lice. I am being treated by infectious disease control. I have taken specimens with me. Tests are still being performed. The larger size look like a flea but under magnifier they don’t have the two legs. I’ve made herbal mixtures to make them fall from the skin and that’s helping. They do have the little hairs on their back that sting. I will try to figure out how to upload pictures. I was born in the south and raised vegetables. I am an outdoor person. This is a pest that I am not familiar with. Research is what love to do. Discription searches always come back to the varied carpet beetles. The larvae pictures on this site with the ink pen are what I use clear boxing tape to remove them from carpet. My walk in closet is an area I have treated extensively. I even was frightened by a large black beetle like I saw outside flying around. I have packed many pieces in space bags. The lease is up next month and thinking of taking nothing with me and starting over. I use an herbal mixture on a q-tip to clean all family ears. They turn a loose and get stuck on the tip. It’s crazy. My doctor has told my daughter that everyone need to be treated. The doctors still have a hard time with this. Biopsy showed what they call an unidentified colony of unknowns. So I still wait. I had to fight my way from primary doctor, emergency room, dermatologist (2), then finally to infectious diseases. When ER cut into my hair the fight to get to the top was over. CDC is involved because people have tried to find answers before but didn’t have enough to test. I purposely didn’t wash my hair took my own comb and told them to comb fresh live specimens out. They did and they got them and sent them to pathology who is working with specialists to identify. I wait and continue doing what I can. Vacuum every day, keeping hair clean spray for flying ones with herbal mixture, and continues washing . For a disabled person This is so hard but I have found so many people out their who have been told this is all in their minds I have to keep the fight going. Pest control was no help. These things are resilient, appear gone for a few days and back with a vengeance.

          • Hey PAT Send me a photo on my email of the bug

          • Yes, they are the black ones. I have also seen the grey ones too. I have a very low immune system. The part I don’t understand

          • Hi, I too have found carpet beetles infesting my couch, for 2 months I have had welts, hives and horrible rashes every night after sitting on my couch and sometimes when getting up in the morning, I also developed a severe head pain right over my right eyebrow and then vertigo, been to tons of doctors, had every blood test imaginable, ct of the brain then MRI of the brain to check for tumors and things like that, not until I saw those horrible bugs did I put it altogether, called allergist and they have no test for carpet beetles, I can’t stand anymore, threw away my couch and brought down my chaise long to sit on well no hives or rashes for 2 days the bingo they start up again, turn over the chaise and there they are, may I ask what infectious disease did to help

          • Did you find out what they are. We are being eaten alive after a trip to AZ, not bedbugs, not scabies, always say carpet beetles. I had to have foot surgery since I am diabetic and so allergic to whatever this is.

            • I too am in az. Nothing sounds too crazy at this time. Look up central.

          • Hi Pat, Hi Trish, Hi Dee, Hi Laura.

            Have you found any solution to your problems yet? I truly hope so.

            Pat, please post your path results when they come in. Quite curious.

            In a nutshell, it appears that there are a few unlucky people who are allergic to the hairs of the carpet beetle larvae. Which is why after all your house keeping, insecticides and natural remedies you are still having issues. The hairs are a defense mechanism against predators, even a well armored wasp finds them irritating. They get stuck within the fibres of clothing, bedding and furniture, much like a grass seed gets stuck in your socks / trousers or even your carpet and often can not be removed by vacuuming or laundering. You have to pull it out by hand. Unfortunately these nasty little larvae hairs are too small to see. Almost all people have an allergic reaction to bed bug saliva and again, some people are unlucky enough to have severe reactions to bed bugs which can include all the symptoms you describe (welting, burning, rashes, hair loss, malaise/lethargy, compromised immune systems). These carpet beetle larvae hairs are often mistaken for bed bugs as they produce similar symptoms in the few people who are unlucky enough to be susceptible.

            My problem with carpet beetles is just the run of the mill eating holes in my nice clothes that i like to wear. I bought new mattress, a good vacuum, and a good ol` permethrin and propoxur barrier application, should sort out the carpet party! ….till next year.

            All the best.

            P.S. I also love aquaponics/hydroponics. and have also loved entomology since i was a kid. Now days insect identification is important not just for play. Good aye!

          • I am having trouble with what i think are carpet beatles. I think they are in my couch, I have hard wood floors & have removed all of the throw rugs from my home, what can i do to get rid of these things, it sounds like it can get a lot worse than it is. These seem to be only in my front room, but after reading all of these comments, I am not at all sure. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thank you

          • So sorry for your problems with these torturers. My hair is getting eaten and I feel them crawling in my hair and on legs (on legs after I put clothing on). I am red and itchy broken out. I have terrible ear aches and feel them in my ears. I have found carpet beetle larve under baseboard. My husband thinks I’m crazy because they are not in his hair or my sons. Tried washing hair in TGel but it doesn’t work. I feel them but I can’t see them (in hair). I have (had) thick curly hair. I feel bald spot on my scalp and it also feels like there are areas that have been shaved with razor. How can we get rid of these and not just from our hair? Can you send any information and/or pictures please ? I’m not currently crazy but I will be if I can’t find help!
            IT IS NOT LICE for all those thinking it may be thank you

          • Pat, I’m living exactly everything you said. I was reading what you wrote to my fiance and we were just amazed that someone else had this mysterious pest problem. I even went to the ER. Yes I was treated as a “crazy” person and was given a presciption to “calm” me down. I’ve been living this nightmare for over a month. The pest control was no help. They so called sprayed 4 times, each time with a “stronger antidote. The last time was almost 2 weeks ago. Now it seems we have created Super Bugs. If you find a solution please let me know. I just want my life back. I miss cooking and all the fun things I used to be able to do. This “problem” has taken a toll on my relationship to which I cherish very much. Thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one. Kari from Eugene, Oregon.

          • Please update me with your info. I’m still living the carpet beetle nightmare. Tore out carpet in 2 rooms, the partical board is totally infested. I found if we stay in a motel room over 2 days we infest it too. We bring in virtually nothing and have showered and clean clothes prior to arriving. We cannot live in the home. The cost to replace all is near 20,000$. We called Orkin rep for our sample update.. he said one was hard white gum, WE HAVE NO GUM. The other one which fell from the ceiling in front of a friend and myself..it looked like a clear slimy gel with a tiny caterpillar type.. it was small. He said it was carpet fibers. WE KNOW THESE SAMPLES WERE ALIVE AND MOVING WHEN PICKED UP WITH TWEEZERS. Help, please. No one is updating or commenting on this site.
            Read more: https://pestkill.org/bed-bugs/carpet-bug/#comment-11958 gIAnyone want to see pics. Staying htemp

          • PAT. PLEASE UPDATE ME ON ANYTHING. I’M LIVING A NIGHTMARE. Present biting and stinging so hard I’m dying

            • its okay kary they’re all gone now

          • Finally…..I have found someone that’s fighting as hard as I am! Its been nearly 3 years of fighting a war I will never win. I’ve been told i’m crazy and have been drug tested by Dr’s and Dermatologist for 3 years. I’m 58 yrs old, disable and divorced, my income is nowhere enough to survive on. I would leave my home, car and everything I own to move away from the hell I live in. My skin is so damaged with horrible dark spots, white seedy egg things coming from every pore, but the worst is my scalp and hair, its blonde and long, what’s left of it, its unbelievable what I comb out of it. The tangles are constant because of the eggs and larvae. My house has been infested with cloth moths and several different kinds of beetles, which I believe my daughter brought them in from a rental house. I started with a professional for about 6 months, couldn’t afford it an besides you can’t win by spraying around baseboard. I’m sorry its taking so long to explain, but i’m sure you understand. I have never written to anyone with the same problem til I seen yours, its very close to mine. I don’t visit and I don’t want company because I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I can’t stand to hear myself tell the story because it sounds crazy, like most family and others think I am. I just started with a new Dr who seems like he believes me, he sent me to Demo in Louisville KY a couple of hours away only to be told I have psoriasis, Omg…I felt like he was my last hope and I made him look at a zip lock bag of hair with tiny black bugs, eggs, larvae and those little prickly black hairs. He said it was keratin not bugs, tried to show my tape specimens, he had no interest, there was no use in saying another word, left crying and hopeless, with the daughter that doesn’t understand or believe, at that moment I was ready to die, give up, thought God I can’t live another day like this, please let me die. Its been a couple months, getting worse by the day while i’m buying professional chemicals spraying everywhere and everything including myself once, I honestly think they fall off be like i’m spreading eggs,I find dead bugs etc daily but everyday its a new crop, can’t clean, Vac, wash n dry and pick with tweezers. Ok back to new Dr, went last week, I took specimens in alcohol, a few on tape, also a few days b4 I had one of those brown spots on my leg to raise up, it cracked the shin,there was blood around and under it, I lifted it up with tweezers and couldn’t believe it, I has found things on my sheets and floors I wasn’t sure were they came from, but now know, it was flat but I saw legs and the larvae stem attached, there were 3 tiny ones around it, I bleed like crazy with any little scratch, I put it in the alcohol which the Dr said that was great, he sent bunch of things to pathology. He found from blood work i’m barely showing any Vitamin D, which explains why I have felt so bad for so long, then white blood cells and bacteria in urine, taking Cipro 500 Mg, which I found it also kill parasites. I an barely hanging on waiting to hear from pathology. I can’t see the tunnel let along a light, my mother is the only reason I am alive today because I’ve fought non stop and researched trying everything and I don’t believe I will ever win the war. My car is also infested, I know they get in everything including food and paper products. I’m down to a few items of clothes, the people that say wash in hot water and hot dryer have never experienced what i’m dealing with. There is nowhere and nothing they can’t infest, even in the frig. I wasn’t a rich person but had plenty of nice clothes, shoes, purses, big 2 story house full, and as hard as I’ve tried its a total lose, should have thrown most away long b4 wondering if it wouldn’t got to this point? idk…..At this moment i’m so wore out, my hair is horrible and i’m going do another treatment of Malathion tonight, when those things fall out of my hair I’ve seen them stick and embed my skin, my cuticles really get thick and painful. Again, i’m sorry for going on and on, its so much to tell, i’m sure you know, i’m hoping you are ahead on the game with the Dr’s and test, i’m praying you can give me any info while i’m waiting for my results with the fear it will be unknown, I don’t think I can take it, I’ve never been more serious. So, please reply, I don’t have anybody that understands, like I said I’ve never told my story on the internet, try hard to stay off sites that aren’t by Dr’s or professionals even though they aren’t as educated as they need to be. I truly believe this is a huge problem, as long as they don’t admit it, its not real, I also believe they cause internal parasites. All I know I wasn’t crazy before, had a great family, enjoyed living, even living with chronic pain I still had had much to live for, I don’t recognize the person in the mirror as I’ve aged 20 yrs in 3. Give me hope please…
            Kathy from KY

          • Any notification from cdc on the specimens they took.. Do u have any idea what I can do legally.. I moved her on Feb 11.. No furniture..just the clothes on my back. I slept on a air mattress for 2 weeks..before I got a bed..I called my landlord on Feb 12 to report a insect and rodent problem..I mentioned to his assistant. That there was something in my carpeting..she said it was new that there couldn’t be anything..she set up apt with pest control. They came out..I showed him everything I was noticing.. Even shit falling from the ceiling..GE said he didn’t see anything and sprayed some shit all alng base boards cabinet s closet.but nothing changed.. Called landlord again..he called pest control again. No change. Called landlord again. He told me that there wasn’t anything in my apt. And basically told me to stop complaing.. So here I am going nuts. .help…..

          • Hi Pat, in your March 24, 2015 message you mentioned an herbal mixture that caused bugs to “let go” when ears and other areas were treated with this mixture. Was it a brand name? Or if you mixed it, what did you use and the ratio. I’m having the same problem and would love to try your solution.

          • I have symptoms of itching, pinpoint red marks, mainly on my torso and upper arms & thighs.
            I describe it as a combination of contact dermatitis itch combined with cactus spine contact burning. You know those friendly-looking little furry cactus that beg to be stroked? The kind with spines so tiny they embed en masses but the spines can’t be seen.
            I am a retired RN, hence my Anon title, so I have medical training…it has been my impression for quite some time that there will eventually be a proven connection between the symptoms many of us are having and the ‘psychosomatic’ (not my words!) Morgellon’s.

            I would like to know how many of you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia?
            I have, but I had to go through hell before someone believed me.
            I don’t know if there is any relation, but I am curious.

          • Pat did you get any assistance from CDC?

        • Carpet beetles do bite. They have bitten my family members before. I haven’t seen them latch on though.

          • Yes they do bite. I got bit 5 time on my legs. These were different bites. They did not itch, we’re much bigger than a flea bite. At first they were open with a little drainage. Before going to the ER, I went to urgent care where I was told they were flea bites and I I was put on antibiotics. Now whats going on. When did they start putting a person on antibodics for so called flea bites? I still think we have created a SUPER BUG.

          • I am the person who posted on April 26, 2015. Also today 5/12/15 where my name is kari. DOES ANYONE ON THIS SITE WITH A REAL BLACK CARPET BEETLE SITUATION LIVE IN OREGON OR NEAR?

      • Yes, that sounds more like Bed Bugs or Lice. Carpet Beetles are not blood suckers. Capture one, take good close-up pictures, & upload them on a site where someone can ID. You can also take it to an Exterminator.

        • It’s not blood they are after. It’s the sugar/insulin in the body or body fluids. They are attracted to some body fluid. I have crushed some with a clear fluid inside.

          • Yes, large black Beatles. When I go to sleep. They really mess me up! I have blood on the sheets and pillow case. I also feel like I have cactus thorns stuck in me. I don’t see anything. I am miserable! Out 3 people in one apartment. They like me. I have scars on my arms and round bold patches of hair missing.I am allergic to a lot of insects, and bites! I was going to ask my doctor . How do I find if , I am allergic to carpet bettle hairs? She is going think that I am crazy! I can not get 1 doctor to believe me! My body is not producing vitamin B12! So, I get very tired very quickly! Does the drink work well getting them off your skin? Thank you Pat ! I thought, I was going nuts. Until I read your story this morning! I hope you get better soon! Please keep in contact with me! Thank Trish!

        • Go to search engine:Penn State Entomology.

          • I’ve also sent pictures to Claudia. Permission to post pictures from this week.

            • Hi I live in El Portal, CA. About 15 minutes from Yosemite national park and I’ve been suffering from this CB, toxic mold, gnat ,etc issue for about 5 years. I’m convinced that they are in my teeth as well as my hair and skin. Especially under my nails.
              But I would really appreciate it very much if you or anyone else with these issues would contact me to figure out what to do.
              I also think that the Morgellans epidemic is directly related to this as well.

          • Hi Patt, I am having the exact problem as you! For 3 years! Doctors could not find out why my hair was falling out in round circles. I crave for sweet food. I stop itching and I can go to sleep. My ears hurt so bad, I want to cry! They get in the grooves of your ears! Been too 2 dermatologist. They are saying it’s in my head and I have a Bactria infection on my skin. From head to toes! How do I get help? I am so tired all the time. Please help me! Thank you sooo much for insisting too the doctors! I tried at the ER 2 days ago!

          • Pat, Trish, Kelly, Josh, anyone out there. We need help. Please update with any info. We live in Springfield, OR. I want you all to see pics and other info.

        • I have been really busy so sorry I’m late replying but o would appreciate it if those people who have not researched carpet beetles and the various kinds not assume that we do not know the difference in a bedbug, lice, flea or tick. I am a researcher. I communicate with scientists and various others people. I will never post anything that I have not researched first. Nature and its environment has always been a subject of interest to me as well ad the tropic system. From 10/2009-11/2011 I held a GPA of 3.92 or above in college. I wrote many papers and I am writing one now about this topic. There have been cases before us that have made it to the CDC but they were unable to verify the findings due to insufficient evidence. Gathering the specimens are very important and I have been trying to do that very thing proving that varied carpet beetles do work their way under the skin is the thing that the CDC needs evidence of. Getting help with this is a problem. Fortunately my ID doctor is open minded. Because I sympathize with so. many concerning our shared problem I have been using myself as a test subject. I could have moved months ago but my children and grandchildren who have been less affected would have been in this. The landlord did not inform us that there was a previous problem but I found evidence of it in the attic and neighbors informed me that no one had lived in this house for more than 6 months.

          The product that I have made is an herbal mixture and very expensive to make. The product makes the insect come to the surface so that can be removed with tweezers. I have videos of this for the doctor for tomorrow’s visit. I have sent Josh two pictures of moving one from my 18 month old grandpa’s back. Will be given to ID tomorrow.

          I started using a lint roller which provides a visual view for doctors and anyone else that you need to shoe these things to. Remember all carpet beetles do not look the same. If anyone search for pictures of carpet beetles you will find several, and more than one kind can infest a home which you will see clearly with the roller.

          • Hi!!
            I am living this terror and feel like I want to die because this is so bad! I feel that they are embedded in my skin but I cannot find too much research about it. Can you provide info. That you know of about them infesting your skin/body and what solution you are making/buying to get them out? I am miserable and terrified!!!!

      • Hi Patt, I have the same problem. I found that Lice shield . That just came out. It works. It’s natural oils. I know doctors don’t believe me. I went from loosing all my hair.(90%) now my hair is growing back. I have to comb them out . I don’t understand why people don’t believe they can use you as a host. Specially if you have a compermized immune system. Then living in apartment with black mold for 3years. The carpet beetles are living all year around due to the weather change. Which is not good. Good luck to everyone! These beetles remind me of the movie Mummy! They eat everything in sight!!

        • Lol Trish. Now let’s address that mold! I retired from property management. Our ecosystem is going mad! Do you want out of your lease legally because that mold can kill? You can provide this by going to the CDC website and email them. They will respond. You need to move and every place you look at before moving check for mold. Look in the area where the A/C is. Meke them pull the filter out so you can see it. If you see moisture or move do not lease it.

        • I have this exact problem. My hair is getting eaten. I feel them crawling too. I am losing my hair from this. I have found carpet beetle larve under baseboard. My husband thinks I’m crazy because they are not in his hair or my sons. Tried washing hair in TGel but it doesn’t work. I feel them but I can’t see them. I have (had) thick curly hair. I feel bald spot on my scalp and it also feels like there are areas that have been shaved with razor. How can we get rid of these and not just from our hair?
          IT IS NOT LICE for all those thinking it may be thanks

          • Angie, bag up all your clothing, spray pesticides as an on contact killer for eggs or live bugs and YouTube Diatomaceous earth and dust all baseboard and suspected areas of infestation, use a respirator, Its all natural but the dust is bad for you so clear the area and let the dust settle. Later clean the excess dust on the floor. Dust does not keep them away, a light later they will walk on and it will limit their life. Researchers say it kills a bedbug in 7-17 days. Some say sooner, and its natural . Dust inside of your boxspring after you vacuum it, if you can steam treat it do get deeper. I did and they stopped coming out of the boxspring all together. I battle them with DE. Sprinkle it on your rug and vacuum it all up. So that if anything is there it is introduced to the DE in the vacuum bag. Thoroughly vacuum baseboards and anything that has dust to harbor these critters. THAN dust, gluck.

        • I have the terror behind me now but it took some doing. After being admitted to a psychiatric hospital agonist my will where they informed me that I was in the midst of psychosis.that’s when I decided to play the game that I believe they were telling me that I can get out and fight the backyards and win. I won’t and this is the first time I have but able to talk about it. This is real and it happened to me.I think most people want to live in denial bc to consider anything of the sort would be more horrific than most could handle. When for some unknown reason they decide to feed on you that’s when you become a believer. For most though ignorance is bliss. I’ll tell you there’s hope and when I have more time,I will share what I found.

      • I wore out the brushes on my vacuum cleaner, had them replace as I vac everyday. I use teatree special shampoo from paul Mitchell and the conditioner, first for my hair and then I noticed nothing bit me anymore even outside in the garden, I used different inside sprays for this fur bug which I found out is equal to a carpet beetle, so I called summit permacide p concentrate was ordered & sent to me….1 part liquid measured and 19 parts water and sprayed corners, floors. I bought the water base. I put the animals out and started at one end, closing windows & doors as I sprayed……….told my hubby to stay outside. I stayed outside for several hours before coming back inside. Any beatles will bite at different stages of growth.

  5. hi there we have a swede leather sofa which i sometimes sleep on and have lately noticed a egg like smell developing and tonight i saw a fly crawl into the sofa and im now concerned that it may be laying eggs and this my be the cause of the smell , the sofa was expensive , im wondering if anyone has any tips as to what to do ? its not the type of sofa that can be taken apart as its all sewn so just wiping or hovering wont work as i cant get into the internal of the couch . any advice would be much appreciated . thanks . stewart

    • This comment was left a while back but it sounds like you might have something dead in your couch (most likely, a rodent).

  6. I have just realised skin or little pests appeAring among the side of the carpet I don’t know what they are they are small . Scaley ,stripped in brown and white . HELP what are they !!

  7. I will have rugs cleaned professionally.
    Are sprays toxic to animals – cats?

    • Are they toxic to cats? I hope so.

      • What a CRUEL Post. I hope they band you for posting!

        • Perhaps Denise would be exhilarated if this site could “brand” rather than merely “band” cat haters.

          I once saw a cat marry a tire: brief ceremony, but inseparable.

          • Slight typo and you come back with that commet. You are of a certain ” brand”. Yes, you should be ” ” banned”. And I should change my name to Cat Woman. Just hate the carpet beetles . This isn’t a hate cat website. MEOW 😉

          • See if you can catch the typo in the other post Cat hater?

    • Terminix offers a spray at target. It is the only store that carries it. It is safe for killing on sight. You can bathe your pets in a small amount of tea tree extract from an herbal store or order online. Carpet Beetles come in many different forms. Search pictures of carpet beetles and do carpet beetles get into the skin. You will be surprised! I pray this helps. You can use a wide spectrum spray or fogger but you will have to stay away for at least 4 hours, and clean thoroughly before bringing your pets back in. If you own the home get rid of carpet. I don’t own mine and the landlord is no help. If you see white eggs like things on the floor get them up with clear boxing tape. Tile and hardwood floors keep them swept moving things like sofa anything that is stationary. You will find something like bread crumbs they are not. Sweep them up and quickly throw them outside.

      • Hi Pat:

        Ive just discovered this site and read your posts documenting your ordeal. Yikes. Hope you win soon.

        These “bread crumbs” you speak of are what? Larvae?

        I have tried looking at things with a simple hand held magnifying glass and have trouble telling what I am looking at. Found bread crumb type stuff in my sheets and did not know what to make of it. What is it?

        I have found varied carpet beetles in the carpet and on wood floors. I do get the sensation of movement on me after retiring (in bed). quick examination shows Nothing. I am also feeling itching/bites. No welts, no hair loss.

        Does anyone have a recommendation for magnification power necessary to see this stuff? 10x? 20x?

        Thank you for your posts.

        Good luck with your fight.

        • Andrew I have used clear boxing tape but it doesn’t allow one to see everything. Try a lint roller on your sheets. The larvae can be white or whitish or even a little pinkish but pale in color. I only use white sheets on my bed so that I can see easier but until I started using the lint roller I couldn’t see the tiny larvae on my sheets which I am taking the lint roller sheets to the doctor with me tomorrow. I have an inventive mind so I have researched and tried or thought of every way I can to prove our issue. Terminex has even been to my home and the tech didn’t even know what they were. I called their 800 number and the rep didn’t even know what their own products. What he was going to do was bomb the house the same as me but the same chemical for German roaches do not work on carpet beetles or get them out of my clothes in my closet. There is a crawl space under my house and hardwood floors in livingrm dining room and tile in the kitchen. The beetles will only go into the crawl space if not treated which he was not going to do so I told him to leave he couldn’t treat what I needed. I have steamed the carpet with my own personal steamer they sink themselves deeper for protection. I have been working on mixtures of natural herbs for over six months which has helped me survive because I have the master bedroom where the window remained broken for some time before we moved in and that plus the hardwood floors needed work is how they managed to totally invade the carpet.

          Anyways, you need to sweep the hardwood and tile twice per day morning and evening. Always through the larvae outside but first try to get them in a small pile and using a spray bottle you can buy from Home Depot for $1.97 filed with witch hazel and spray them. This will stop them from getting away. You may see a tiny one on your face if you look in the mirror by-the-way. Have a pot of hot water boiling on the stove while you’re sweeping. At least once per day you will need to mop these areas. They can withstand a certain degree of hot water so you will need gloves on. If you expect to reuse the gloves spray them with witch hazel then place them in a Ziploc bag or eggs will hatch and the next time you use the gloves you will get stung badly like I did.

          The carpet has to be vacuumed daily. Sheets washed every other day. After vacuuming spray in a circle into the air to kill the ones that were flying while you vacuumed. Counter tops will need to be sprayed and wiped twice per day with the spray.

          If you use rugs in the bathroom you will need to take them outside daily to knock the larvae off because ad soon as you get out of the shower wait about 30 minutes go back and you will see it covered almost with larvae.

          I’m working on some products that I will know they are permanent when I moved this month.

          Remember if you have moths there are scented ones. Use space bags to put the clothes in because mothballs are poisonous. This will also kill beetles in your clothes in one week.

          I hope this helps. I will be posting at least 3 or 4 times per month.

          • Good day Patricia Reynolds. Was Hoping to see and hear from you again. Your April blog pretty much states what we are doing now. All the survival steps taken to avoid hostel take over. Still dealing with welts, pings and all the chaos this invasion has and is causing in day2day living. Just alot of vacuuming, moping, launduring, bagging of all clothing, shoes in bags in freezer (changing every 4 hrs approx.sterilizing and back to freezer. Tea tree oil in shampoo, conditioner, body wash (1/2 oz. per 16 oz.) works well. Also light application of oil in spray or hand over every body part but genital area, breaststroke and eyes. Stay clear there. We even got in the shower a couple times with our shorts, shirts and ?. If we find that these super f bugs are having a poke party a light dusting of 91% rubbing alcohol over entire dressed body works for us, it gives us time to breathe before the next life fighting duty is necessary to do. Or personally in my case..time to get on this site just long enough to make a few comments to which it could possibly help anyone out there living (lol) and dealing with the nightmare. Also note.. vacuuming car every other day.. watching where the bottom of soles on shoes have been. If your soles have been tainted with other smells or any off property materials pack extra shoes and socks. We learned most of this info and acting procedures thru trial and just having the ability to purchase all sprays,treatments and products that somewhat could be in relation to taking out the enemy (pests).. FYI….my complete CBC blood test and feces sample was NEGATIVE for these body snatching bitches. After 2 months of no phone call returns and like always not being followed up with I finally got that appt at my medical facility. My PCP dr. handed me over to see and schedule that appt with a part time Dr’s assistant. Yes, they think this is bs ( the look in their eyes and the absolute distance/no contact order they display says it all. Mmmm. Just to think they might learn a little or maybe NOT..(and we could of possibly been in early treatment) f they would of looked in or at our ears, nose and feet at the obvious signs of a foreign mass, bacteria or ?. Well my chat time is closing for this session. HEY EVERYONE.. I JUST WANT TO SAY FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE. IT IS WORTH LIVING.
            J and Kari, Eugene, OR.

        • Don’t play with carpet beetles , they are like a disease, launder all fabric, and carpet beetles arent THAT small unless your eyes are a little off. They are small though. Use DE and any insect killer you want. Bug stop from home depot one gallon costed 5$. On top of that the Diatomaceous earth cost 8$. Vacuum everything, boxspring, rip underneath if you need too. Spray all baseboard, and crevices with this spray, cracks in the floor , all moldings, they fly as adults so their free to roam. After that, dust the baseboard and inside of the boxspring , but make sure the pesticide is dried. Use respirators doing this and use some sort of duster to make the DE “poof” out the dust. Than go do your laundry and bedding. If you CAN, steam treat your mattress and boxspring prior to any of this treatment, it will increase the chances of killing the larvae. A steamer like one at bed bath and beyond cost $65.00 and its atleast good enough for the mattress and boxspring, gluck.

          • Anonymous April 21st., hello.
            Very good comments for bringing down the enemy. All of this regiment, duties, changes and day2 day survival tactics require consistency. If you make errors of battle time pick up the next mode and follow through. We found that this foreign bacteria, pest or freak of nature is unforgiving. This whole ordeal since Mid March/April to now has robbed both of us of the innocence of a new relationship in which one should be relatively happy living. HOWEVER BOTH OF US ARE COMMITTED and SOMEHOW ATTACHED TO EACH OTHERS ENERGY,OURA, SOUL OR ALL OF THAT TO RID WITHIN OUR BODIES THIE BACTERIA/PEST, ETC …WE WILL SOMEDAY, SOMEHOW BE ABLE TO FUNCTION IN DAY2DAY LIVING LIFE OR AT LEAST EFFECTIVLY MANAGE AND MAINTAIN THE SANITY AND GOODNESS THAT IS PRESENTLY LEFT WITHIN US.
            Please anyone with any WORKING OR NOT THOUGHTS, IDEAS, TRIALS,

  8. These are ruining my life, eating me, caused a infection that required x 3 surgery, sent my cat to the vets, yet due to their furry appearance I’ve been accursed of being mentally ill and they do not exist.

    My own mother endeavoured to have me sectioned.

    • So they bite?

      • Terminix offers a spray at target. It is the only store that carries it. It is safe for killing on sight. You can bathe your pets in a small amount of tea tree extract from an herbal store or order online. Carpet Beetles come in many different forms. Search pictures of carpet beetles and do carpet beetles get into the skin. You will be surprised! I pray this helps. You can use a wide spectrum spray or fogger but you will have to stay away for at least 4 hours, and clean thoroughly before bringing your pets back in. If you own the home get rid of carpet. I don’t own mine and the landlord is no help. If you see white eggs like things on the floor get them up with clear boxing tape. Tile and hardwood floors keep them swept moving things like sofa anything that is stationary. You will find something like bread crumbs they are not. Sweep them up and quickly throw them outside.

      • Larvae hairs sting because some of us are allergic. Make a paste out of baking soda. Place it on the stinging area in seconds it stops burning and stinging. I study herbs. There is a form of beetle that does sting don’t let anyone fool you. I have pulled one off my hand. It looked like a flea but not the too legs. That one can grow outside to the size of a regular beetle.

        • hi Pat, I am still living with the carpet beedles for a few years. I am getting nowhere fast. but I am trying. I have gone through everything that you have basically.
          I live in Canada. have house sprayed three times but to no avail. Saturday I woke up with bite marks on my chest and one on my buttocks..so hard to sit down. went to the doctor and he said it was spider bites, which is not true. I don’t get as much static on my legs now as much. they seem to be going more for upper body and feet, they think my toes are tasty. I did move out of my home and I still have them. basically threw everything out, but kept the car in which they were ***. I really don’t know what to do. I think I have tried everything possible. one plus is they r out of the car, at least for the moment. I take a sleeping pill at night, sometimes it works, other times NOT. I am constantly scared to go to bed as they are always stinging me or crawling on mewhat a horrible feeling. when I watch television I can feel them as well on my leather couch. sprayed raid on it a few time, it might have worked a bit went on vacation last year and they followed me in suitcase..unbelievable. you mentioned you had a cure to keep them off the body. could you please let me know when I can find this. I would forever to in your debt..truly
          p.s. I have tried the witchhazel that you mentioned in your blog, and I was so impressed..they was an egg in my ear, amazing. I hope you are still hooked up to this site so you might be able to help me. thank you

      • No

    • Oh my gosh! I was told one year ago I had carpet beetles A few months before that I was noticing feelings of movement and biting on my skin. I have been battling with doctors for a year and three months now and still feeling movement.I have also been told it’s a psychiatric disorder it is not I would love to hear from you by email or comment back to me about your experience

      • I finally got to infectious diseases and they are working with the CDC now.

      • Kathey Unruh, Your January 2015 has not gone unnoticed. Have you made any progress in your life’s invasion. Your blog states topics to which are true. The biting and skin crawling. I know for a fact… At first (back to start mar/apr ) I thought I felt movement in my forearm near my wrist. I also noticed a tiny blackish streak under my skin (used a 10x magnifying glass). Got a small nail cleaning brush with 91% rubbing alcohol and gently agitated a 2″x2″ area. Low and behold I got down a few layers and removed it. Really didn’t know what was happening then. It was only within the past 6 wks of livi g hell and chaos that I realized what it meant. YES. YES YES. IN ONE OF THE FOUR STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT IN THIS PEST, BACTERIA OR FOREIGN MATTER… YOU CAN BE THE PERSON TO WHICH THIS ONE PATICULAR PEST ACTION IS LITERALLY DRILLING INTO YOUR PORES WHICH NOW I TRULY BELIEVE IS CAUSING MANY PHYSICAL ALIMENTS DUE TO BACTERIA AND FOREIGN MATTER INJECTING INTO OUR BLOOD STREAMS. SOME OF THE INFECTIONS ARE DETECTABLE SOME ARE NOT. IT TREATS EVERYONE DIFFERENT A MILLION TIMES OVER. I’M LIVING PROOF AND I KNOW THERE IS OTHERS. PLEASE EVERYONE SPEAK YOUR MIND, SPEAK UP. YOU MIGHT SAVE A LIFE. IT MIGHT BE YOUR OWN OR A LIVED ONE. IF IT’S NOT AFFECTING YOU OR YOUR LIFE NOW. IT COULD AT ANY POINT. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 🙂

        • Did you have the object tested you found under your skin?

    • What did you finaly wind up doing did you get rid of them???

      • The pathology is still not in!

      • I still fight! I have made some products that keep them out of my hair and grow it at the same time. ID doctor gave me Permethrin to use at night in my hair and all over my body. The stuff cost almost $400.00. I washed it off the nect morning but in a few days they were back. So I worked on my own product from herbs. It’s expensive but my hair stopped breaking. It just don’t like the oiliness of it but it works so far. I praying that when I move this will be over because I have become a clean nut lol, and I’m through with carpet!

        He did give me something to wash y hair in every day. Leaving it in for 15 minutes then shampoo but I also use it on the sores left where my product made them come to the surface where I can use tweezers to pull them off. It helps heal them fast. It’s called Clobestasol proportionate shampoo 0.05%. $397.00 . Mine is cheaper and more benefits because I use it all over my body before bed which I wash off in the morning.

        I’m not trying to sale anything. These are things I’ve studied in herbs and combined to survive this and pass on to others once my research is completed.

        • Hi Patricia,
          Since you continually mention your herbs that work but do not share with everyone what they are… Sure appears as if you are indeed trying to sell them privately to people when they contact you.
          If that is not the case, then please share your knowledge with the rest of us who are suffering as you say you are.
          We need real help here!!!
          Thank you

    • You are not nuts! I don’t care what people say.I have seen pictures of carpet beetle larvae on people’s skin. I had long blond hair. I lost all my hair. Bold spots in perfect round circles. Scalp red not white. Have a very bad immune system due to living in black mold for 3 years. Last spring, I realized I had carpet beetles. I used boric acid, raid spray and ect……! They will not go away!

      • Trish I do understand. I have the same concerns. There are earlier posts from today from me showing what I have been doing. I am losing my hair as well. I guess I will talk to infectious diseases about cutting it off.

        • I am dealing with an infestation too. I always feel like I have things crawling on me and biting me, but can never see anything there! Carpet beetles are one of the types of insects that can digest keratin, so they can eat our hair, animal fur etc. Pretty gross!

      • Rubbing alcohol.. sprayed all over . If not sure if it will damage any fabrics. Test it first. I had bed bugs n rubbing alcohol worked to get rid of them. Try it might help. I’m not totally sure but won’t hurt to try it. And it’s a$1.00 or less. I sprayed couch and carpet . Well ventilated ..open windows .

        • Suzy did it change the color and get rid of them?

    • I’m still having problems with them but not as bad since the surgery like yours. You can add tea tree extract to your shampoo, lotion, conditioner, and make an oil with it and store bought coconut oil. After shower before bed use it all over your body. This will protect you while you sleep and if there’s some on your body, they will fall off as you apply it. You can add it to your animal shampoo. It’s safe for external use. The lotion helps during the day.

    • Wow thank god I’m not imagining it and there are people suffering this hell same as me I have no where else left to turn I’m not on speaking terms with my mum or son(we’ were very close)bcos she got me sectioned and I was stuck in there for 3 wks no one believed me they even said I must be using drugs!! My own mother didn’t believe me coz she checked my home the morning I was sectioned she found nothing well wecallknow they only come out a nite which makes us sound more crazy I had gorgeous hair now it’s fine,thin and lifeless my beautifull my dog is suffering im covered in bites on my legs arms and hands they have holes in each bite and usually has a maggot/larvae in it I also pick at them so make them even worse had 3 pest control guys out all said it was fibres and couldn’t find anything. No one believes I have no where to stay and don’t know what to do I’m not sleeping threw ally food away and if I order a takeaway soon as I get the food out maggots are in it same when I fed my dog I could quite easily walk in front of a train its torture knowing my family all think I’mentally I’ll the doc in hospital said in suffering phycosis parasite or something!and prescribed me olanzapine .Does anybody know how we get them and why? I’m so desperate last week the whole of my bottom leg was in agony I could hardly walk for a Week plus I’m tired and out of breath all the time

      • hi louise, I had the same problem in my other house. I threw literally everything out after 63 yrs of age. starting over. I had the same thing with my food..i would be eating and they would land in my food. it was horrible. I didn’t find all these sites before. but now that I have moved I brought them with me. my son wanted me to see a shrink and I went. he was a real quack. I don’t know why people think we are nuts. if it happened to them they would deal with it worse. best not to tell anyone. mine r not as bad as before. wash my sheets every night..bag clothes, purses, they also like to get into papers, underside furniture, they are in everything. put protective covers on mattress and box spring. helps a lot. but still use sticky roller over them before I put sheets back on. I am trying to catch as many larvae and eggs that I can. its an endless job. vaccum a lot. I put most of my things in plastic bags and de dust and boric acid. put the dust in drawers as well. the only way I noticed them on my counter was when I used the sticky roller and was totally surprised I caught a bunch…sticky roller on window sills. i have a fake tree in livingroom they are in there as well. i have sprayed windex on plant and bed..five minutes later i find them on the floor and scoop them up with sticky roller. they don’t seem to like windex, but i don’t think it kills them. but gets them out of bed and plant. i put boric acid in cracks of furniture and drawers..helps a bit. they are in heating ducts as well, don’t know if i helped or not, but i guess its good to just hear feedback from someone else.
        in my house before i had a lot of flowers growing wild and birds/bees. carpet beedles live in the nest and when the birds leave the nest they fly indoors and find another host. keep bathing and scub your skin with Epson salt. i have tried neem oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil. i also slept in the bathtub at my other house without a pillow. just a towel…how crazy is that. i was normal like u before. now i am living with this everyday, but not to the degree that u are. keep reading as i don’t even know the answers. get something to help you sleep from doctor. that would help. as for your dog, maybe take him to the vet. and get him checked out.

        • You would think they wouldn’t be in the bathtub, but that is the first place I saw the pupas in this old house I moved into.

      • Louise,
        Thanks for joining our 2015 circle. I know what we’ve all communicated to each other on this site is real. I’m still living the nightmare too. No one really knows how all of “this” will affect us long term.
        Once again — I have a reck appt (from my ER visit) tomorrow with my primary doctor. I wilI update all of you with her opinion. I ‘m also bringing along my fiancé as backup. It is so easy for Dr’s to write this off as a mental illness. ( Morgellians ). If I didn’t have any proof (pics & insect body ) that’s one thing, but cmon’, I’M FIGHTING matter physically to keep my mental side afloat. Please keep contacting this site with any changes, personal updates & information you come in contact with. We all need support & idea sharing.
        You ask… how did we get them?
        After all I have read, researched, tried, etc. My best current synopses is…
        That since our bodies are made up so uniquely different, then each of us must also process food, drink, vitamins, minerals, supplements and all other items within ourselves at different paces, levels & releasing/storing them at different levels as well in combination of. So you ask….How did we get them ? We possibly created “them ”within ourselves through a bacteria infection added with the natural proceses that our bodies do. Our environment, vices, air quality and other like factors might even be connected in this as well. One last thing.. Acidity, Alkaline & Immune System strength may also be a Lab Test we should be taking. Pests / Unknown Species do not like particular substances within our bodies. Maybe the “Cure” lies within finding what “they” cannot tolerate within their system and combating it with ours. Mmmmmmm! Something 2 Ponder.
        J & Kari living in Eugene, OR.

      • What’s up with Louise now? Status on carpet beetles. I’ve been on this site since March 2015. Learned alot, shared alot, applied alot from gathered info. Still living with the “demons from hell” me not so much but J is living with them now. Guess they got tired of me & my hormones and went to J & his testosterone. Mmmmm go figure.

  9. get a carpet bomb from your supermarket that’s what I used

    • What is name of carpet bomb? Beetles driving me buggy.

    • I would do this but my grandson. We are working on something different.

    • What’s a carpet bomb pls ?

  10. It has now been 8 indescribable months I have been living with an unidentified “pest” & after 2 completely different exterminators (I clarify having recently learned some r owned by others) examined my home & found nothing, it was my county extension office that correctly identified my problem; carpet beetles. I also appear to have clothes moths. Unreal. Started, we believe, in my car. Car is a 7 yr old Volvo. I am the original owner. I finally insisted on my contracted exterminator to have their Entomolgist come to my house. He found 3 pests while investigating but only concentrated on our wood furniture / molding. Have another entomologist coming today. Will have him look at clothing in my home.
    I write this to express my heartfelt sympathy. I, too, was told sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, it was all in my head. This experience has almost broken me. No one has the right to diagnose anyone unless they are a qualified professional & have TAKEN THE TIME to really hear you. Carpet beetle samples are EXTREMELY difficult to obtain; especially uncompromised.
    Clothe moths, which are often mistaken for carpet beetles, and vise versa, in their larva stage, take on the color of the fabric they eat (it get caught up in it). I have had a myriad of “professionals” tell me my samples were simply fabric, due to their untrained eye & not using a microscope. Do not make the same mistake I did in allowing an exterminator TECH identify your possible pests. Many are not trained in identifying but simply applying chemicals.
    This experience has both saddened & infuriated me. I wonder how many “housewives” have been diagnosed as having a mental condition when, in fact, they have a home containing minute insects? Why is this not addressed more openly & often? Best of luck to all of you. Most are not suffering from a mental condition. Just a lack of support, knowledge & resources.

    • SPP. Thank you! They truly do cover themselves in what they eat. Look like. Ball of lint but when caught and sprayed while in plastic they move.

      What people don’t pay attention to or recall all insects have their built in protection. These things play dead. When sprayed with my herbal mixture which burns them they immediately wiggle down into the carpet so I started picking them up with clear box tape before cleaning. When captured you find that they are hard. I have no children to drop crumbs in my bedroom in case someone is thinking that.

    • Dude, get moth crystal put them in a sock in your closet, it deters common pest including beetles and kills adult bedbugs even if it’s in an enclosed area like a bag, something air tight. I cant even stress, take your own action, do research, and you will find a product to kill them. Launder any fabric, if you can’t wash, dry on high for 35 minutes. Check everything, especially dark storage closets, bugs love them. Plus you wanna get DE underany rugs that you have, its safe for animals, just do not get it airborne around people or pets, use a respirator, vacuum the excess dust. This in itself will help control an infestation. You should use pesticides as assistance but make sure it is made for your needs, like if you have pets, or kids. Good Luck

  11. This has been demoralizing. I think the two hospitals in my town must have me on the crazy board. When I am in pain and go to the hospital they walk in with a sarcastic question. I get really scared when the pain starts and it’s the only thing I know to do. I don’t know why nothing is showing up on labs. Does any one know of tests that are out of the bounds of the knowledge of my local doctors?

    • I have had very similar experiences. I have been to lots of different doctors (family dr. & specialists). As my hematologist says ‘unfortunately he doesn’t have the magic answer’. If you get any responses that help you, please post it ! I am miserable & despondent. At the same time my family thinks I am crazy & are trying to make me go to a dr. I know their intentions are good, but they don’t see the damage they are doing to me. Not to mention the work, money, itching, etc these darn things cause me. Good luck on your quest to find a dr. who can help you.

      • Linda I understand your pain several doctors I even I just got back from Mayo Clinic three weeks ago they said they didn’t understand it I know that means I think I’m crazy it’s not a parasitic psychosis. My next step is to return to a doctor in Atlanta who I saw A year ago. Her name is Dr. Tasmeen batia. I may have missed spelled her name her clinic is called Atlanta center for holistic and integrative medicine.. She is a md. I found her when she was on an episode of Dr. Oz regarding parasites. I got on the plane went to Atlanta and I did the first session of stool test and it came back negative she wanted me to follow up with two more tests that are done through a clinic in California at that point Iwas frustrated and thought I could find someone closer to home to help me. Guess not. I may be going back to her. You may want to look up her website for a her clinic. I will post information if I find out anything and let me know if you do

      • Think. Scabies.

    • Kathryn take a comb with you next time if you feel them in your hair. Take a white sheet of paper with you and ask them for a specimen cup. Right in front of them comb your hair with a very fine tooth comb so they will see. You have to prove it.

    • Scabies maybe??

  12. I have a small flying “Beetle type bug” and the legs are white or very light
    colored. I noticed in a garden area but I have holes that pop up in shirts for no reason, also my vegetables are getting :DEAD! If I spray a gentle
    insecticide in the potted plants, some take off(and they jump but ARE NOT
    a Flea” no pets & I know fleas…raised 8 champ dogs for over 10 years &
    ex worked at the Vet! I am losing my garden too> Any idea

    • Hi Donnie
      I am curious if u have been able to identify what this pest is that acts like a flea but is not. I am on the east coast & do not garden so I am unable to relate to any plant situations. We have shrubs etc outside near our front door & mulch from landscaping done over the summer. I’ve been told by an exterminator mulch often is the culprit for many home pests. The mulch becomes infested before it gets to the nursery. Ironically, my pest problem is also in my car & I park outside, in my driveway, facing our house, which is directly in front of our mulched front bed. But it’s winter. We now have snow & I’ve done enough cleaning, investigating etc to last 7 lifetimes & am not about to start examining my mulch. Thought I’d pass the mulch info on to you though. Maybe u r somewhere warmer. Conversely, I’ve been told most mulch is treated so any pests attracted to it will not be. Leaves one wondering who to believe.
      I started in Dec having house chemically treated for carpet beetles but never completely followed through w/washing all clothing etc. Professional exterminators are legally NOT allowed to treat clothing & now my beetles are back. Don’t know if they ever left rugs / furniture entirely anyway. Was told it would take a while due to their life cycle. Doesn’t matter anyway. My husband is done w/the caos & it would take a month to wash ALL our clothing & thousands of dollars to have those dry cleaned that can’t be washed. I have a few items w/holes. They were in a dresser directly over a lamp(coincidence?). I’d fold clothing on bed in bedroom w/lamp on & leave the drawer open. Has new cloth Ikea couch steam cleaned but again, told can’t be chemically treated so how will I ever rid the couch? I’ve given up. They won. Only positive, I’ve lost 15lbs. Should help w/dating since this has also ruined my marriage. Wish it were mental in that I could seek professional help & hopefully be better. This seems to have no end. Not to mention exterminator found carpenter ant damage so now it could be those pests I’m seeing / feeling. Yes, they will bite so I should know the difference. But again, I’m done. They won. Good luck to those who are still fighting the fight.

      • Hi & ty for the reply,

        Night before last I was on-line looking thru the “pictures of 30,000 Species” of beetles…the carpet one grabbed me for
        several reasons But I don’t know it is the one.

        I contacted “Master Gardner Program” which helps folks to learn to grown flowers to small farms & they are connected
        to Texas A&M University so I just dropped off 3 live ones, 8-10 off a baby wipe my mom got in our bathroom(they were
        on the tub) & then I had another group that were damaged as I tried to pick them up off a towel in another room.

        I thought back & we had two or 3 break outs of gnats. Perhaps they were these instead>>? My my garden is outside &
        is “Aquaponic” = No dirt, just fish in 275 gallon tanks that I have not started yet. But the Fish eat…pee & poop in this water & it is converted into the Nutrients that plant grow best in Plus the water goes back to the fish, CLEAN!! I will have
        both the fish & plant covered from “Heavy Metals” or whatever is being sprayed from planes. I’m am sick & I’ve got morgellons which the CDC denied for years but it’s being “Sprayed” from planes as well….WHY? I won’t say because it’s so
        heavy & “Biblical” but you can go to youtube to learn of it. Many pilots & military are now coming forward to tell what they
        know. The sizes of the Aluminum, Barium, strontium, & other “Bad Things to Breathe” are nano-sized & can’t be filtered
        w/o super expensive filter medium & machines. Google, “Lung Deaths” for last 6-7 years. Was #8 killer & is now #3 in a
        6 year period! Only thing different, “Chem Trails” & it’s REAL.

        Back to Carpet Beetles~They have an Entomologist & he’ll “ID” for free. I pray it’s not too costly but all I had was 4
        blackberry plants, then I remembered that we had the outbreaks? Maybe related>? Also, if it is a “Fabric Eater” my mom’
        works at Goodwill, she get clothes & puts them in the washing area. If these are it, they easily could be in a free donation
        store & spread ALL over town? I’m not going to worry as they don’t bite humans….I’ll wait on the “Expert ” to tell me what I’m looking at & then I may worry enough for 2-3…..lol, hundred people????? lol, but no..I’m just gonna cool my heals & wait on good info so I can decide what must be done. I am putting sticky paper up & catching them!!

        I’ll let ya know what I find & again, I do ty for your email & concern…that’s in short supply now day & refreshing to see it…….!!

        ty again~Sincerely,

        • Donnie – I mentioned you in my post on 02/28. Info just in case you need it. It took me several months to get what info I have. Good luck to ya.

    • Donnie you also have moths!

    • Use seven dust for your garden, it will kill anything with an exoskeleton. Its safe for veggies just use as directed, I did and every pest besides slugs stood away. Use the dust version, it sticks, on things such as beetles and aphids. I kept the whole neighbors properties bugs off of my plants with it, they had bugs up the ying yang. Downside is it may kill bees. Dust is better for most bugs, because the EPA regulates all of the effective pesticides and anything really good would need to be bought from a permitted exterminator. Diatomaceous earth in the house, use a respirator, if they touch it, they live on borrowedtime and will die. Its not good to breath, and its natural, no poisons.

  13. Help!!!!!!!! I have found carpet beetles… i had an exterminator come to my house, spraying my own repellent, still in the process of washing and drying all my clothes and i am still terrified. I am constantly checking and worrying about the beetles. I cant function properly! Im a 22 year old mother of 4 month old. She will be crawling soon. Help me!

    • Tell the pediatrician to place a tiny bit of witch hazel on a q tip and rub it around the baby entrance to each ear to see if tiny bugs come off on it. I hate to scare you but I am constantly cleaning my 18 month old grand sons ears for this reason. His mother is afraid to see them.

  14. This website posting board began as being helpful. It then changed to statements about multiple surgeries, severe mental health issues, being sectioned. The military, heavy metals, biblical, a marriage ending, weight loss, stool tests, tv “doctors”. Furry cats causing mental illness, breast feeding vs. formula. I venture to say that this board isn’t monitored. Funny and pretty bizarre. Laughing.

  15. Keep posting and please respond to my post. Curioser and curioser.

  16. From one Kat to another, that was a pretty funny post but a bit insensitive. Bugs have a place in this world but not in my carpet, clothes, and especially my bed! It’s nice to talk with people who share the same experience. bug larva can live in your body and so can worms . Don’t drink the water in the Dominican and don’t eat at local restaurants.

  17. Hi Cat, I didn’t think you would respond back. I see what you mean..I haven’t been to the doctor or ER, I just want to get rid of these nasty bugs. I think they want to eat me too. LoL but seriously it’s a constant battle. My cats want to scratch you. This website could become entertaining too. Meow 😉

  18. Catman, just came back to say since you’re so “Curious with “Curiosity and you kept it without going to it the curiosity you know, I shutter as I type this next post. Curiosityreally didn’t kill the cat, temptation did. And to think I,found Cat on a carpet beetle website. The monitors are getting a kick out of these post. Laughing myself. My cats don’t really want to scratch youTom Cat. Hmm. Wondering if cats eat carpet beetles?

  19. See if you can spot the typo again? Ha

  20. Some people hate cats . It’s your right to do so . I love cats. I have 7 myself. I hate, hate, HATE the carpet beetles. Someone please post back on what way you deal with them. What spray is good to kill them? Signing off with my usual. MEOW

    • Use diatomaceous earth food grade , is people and pet friendly. YouTube it, someone Will show you how to use it properly.

  21. Common denominators and a side fyi for Donnie too. Donnie – After months of constant skin crawling and itching, with the same complete and absolute horror you no doubt had when you saw your first of many, I found I too have Morgellon’s and it’s insufferable. (***Yes, this does tie directly into the beetle feed….wait for it or go to it….) Born and raised in the heart of agriculture rich Cali and being constantly exposed living next to airports and military bases there and now living and working by them in MD, guess I hit the damn lottery. There are two medical practices that have done extensive research and are the best in the WORLD at treating it, and they have the balls to do the right thing. One is in San Fran and the other in DC. Outside of those two, forget it. You are DOP. DC is way too expensive for me and I have to rely on trial and error from what I can find on the net. Because of the controversy surrounding Morgellon’s the physicians, scientists, etc., who have acknowledged it and the severity of it, have all been reputably destroyed for speaking out. Now, it, “doesn’t exist”, and no one will speak it much less treat it. Combined with the insects from HELL, I have to wonder at times if I’m insane – or how much further I have to go until I am! ***Coincidentally, it came about the same time as the f’in beetles that have now completely taken over my home from ceiling to floor. My furniture, clothes, shoes, cupboards and my car. I had two complete idiots from so called, “pest control”, services and neither even bothered to inspect a single thing outside of looking at the multiple samples I gathered up. Both said my samples looked like, “dried up rice and fuzz balls”, but neither KIRKWXXD PEST CXNTRXL nor PARAMXUNT even asked to see where I removed the samples from. Paramxunt was kind enough to say he’d kill them though and quickly whipped out a contract and a pen! LMAO Right to his face! He had the nerve to call back the next day to see if we’d signed it yet so he could get started! Kirkwxxd was quite miffed that I’d asked that he come out as soon as he had an opening bc I was being eaten alive – only to think I was a nut scared of rice and fuzz balls… He said he’d take the samples to the lab. BS LOSER LIAR! If they were taken to the lab, he’d have a signed contract and I wouldn’t be on here! I’ve done my own research and have a hell of a combination of insects going on this year like NEVER before. I’ve had thrips, mites, book lice, silverfish two varieties of flying weevils, termites, some kind of flying black bugs that insist on covering my doors and windows that are still alive and well outside my French doors and it’s freaking below freezing w/ snow on the ground!!! This last summer I couldn’t work on my garden period. Within minutes I was being attacked by some kind of bug that I believe to have identified as thrips. They got so bad I had to sprint to my car to try and get in before they got me. After I thought bugs would be long gone with the freezing temperatures and snow, like a dumb ass I dug up two small plant sprigs from the garden to raise inside. Within two weeks of that, I also had to open the well tank closet just the other side of the foundation right after that and BAM! It’s been bug hell ever since. BEETLES FROM HELL!!!!! I’ve lived in a wooded area on a 2 acre lot backing to a creek for 10 years and have NEVER had this problem. I’ve thrown away thousands of dollars of everything I can’t get them out of and cleaning supplies for the rest! I’m a complete and total clean freak and am constantly wiping them up! There are cracks specks appearing where the ceiling and the walls meet and even in the nail holes! I’ve treated the ceilings, walls and everything in between with Home Defense and have recently started with Boric Acid and I swear they’re worse! Spring will be here soon! What then??? Are they multiplying bc they know it’s coming or am I pushing them from room to room???!!! I’ve never met a bug I couldn’t eliminate! WTH?!!! I am dreaming about them and I can’t afford an exterminator at this time! Ugggghhhhhh!!!!! BTW, I appreciate the off topic humor. I’m sure some of you will have a ball with this one – AND – I have an CAT. I have to sticky roll the crap off of him 2-3 times a day and wash his blanket in hot water daily. And for the Morgellon’s busters, bust on. Some of the origin stories are freaking hilarious! To each his own. If the alien’s did do this, they did it for some good ol’ knee slappin’ comedy entertainment – and boy howdy, believe me, they are laughing their asses off! I’ll take my comedic award now if it comes with an eradicator. Peace out.

    • Lol that is my primary diagnosis until all tests are in!

    • Kelly thanks for the laugh!

  22. So, I definitely have carpet beetles in my house and they are more annoying than anything I’ve ever experienced. When i first started getting bites on me, I thought I came into contact with fleas, but when I read about a way to identify a flea problem (putting soapy water in a bowl under a night light), I caught a bunch of black carpet beetles. I tried diatomaceous earth (safe to use around pets), which has been known to kill a bunch of crawling insects, but I think the beetles are just getting smart and migrating to a different part of the house. I have been getting constant bug bites and I’ve noticed my cats are scratching themselves more. I’m afraid to use a pesticide because of the cats, so I’m just looking for another way to get rid of these creepy crawly little jerks.

    • You can’t do it. I have small children, I tried to get rid of these things without pesticides for a while. The DE and boric acid only does so much. My pest control company did 3 sprays over the past two months and a heat treatment about a week ago. Just found a carpet beetle crawling yesterday. I vacuum constantly, I’ve tried two types of spray (one vingear and water and then bleach and water). I guess ammonia and water is up next. I still don’t know what brought them in, I just know it took 4 months for the pest control to properly identify them and I’m still having issues.


  23. when I first found out that I had carpet beetles one of the carpet beetle landed on my fianceI thought it was nothing so I just smacked it but the next day I found one on my arm so I start searching on Google for flying little animals leaving on my home and that’s when I found that there were called carpet beetles so the next day I did I went to the office and report it they told me that they were going to bomb my apartment so it will kill carpet beetles but they were going to do it on Wednesday I can’t wait until Wednesday so I started cleaning my furnitures and couch so I flip my couch upside down and I ripped my couch and it end up that my couch had carpet beetles inside and I seen that the carpet beetles were feeding on my couch so I had no choice to throw away my couch tomorrow ill see if I still have carpet beetles if I do I have to keep looking for this f#ckes

    • Claudia outcome please?

  24. Can anyone help please?
    We have just found carpet beetles inside the covering over my daughters’ wedding dress, which has yet to be worn.
    I’m terrified of doing the wrong thing and damaging the dress which is made of heavy lace with a lot of beading and is obviously not washable.
    Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

    • Moth balls

  25. White vinegar, ammonia, ( equal parts),& coconut oil. Spray walls, baseboards, floors. Will eliminate spiders, roaches for sure. Mixture of powdered herbs ( health food store) sprinkled on carpet, ( safe for pets) will rid the rest, i.e. beetles.

    • Hi, In need of help with carpet beetles. What type of herbs are you referring to when you said powered herbs sprinkle on carpet. Help !

    • Haven’t tried the powdered herbs. Which do you suggest?

  26. i have found several carpet beetle in my room and one day during my sleep one went in my nose and now it is inside around my nasal cavity, at one point it moved to my lower throat and it’s clinging and at one point it crawled back up to my upper nasal cavity, it’s been inside for 5 days now, what should i do?

  27. I gave carpet beatles under my bed and I am scared they bite someone tell me if they bite!?!

    • No they don’t BITE

    • I have a pretty big infestation of them in my master bedroom and bath and none have bitten me or my husband. I hate sleeping with them but I can’t sleep in a recliner. I pick off as many as I can before going to bed and flush them. Then in the morning before going to work I spray Lysol in the rooms and it works better than Raid.

      • Rebekah I will try the Lysol. Anything !

  28. i have found several carpet beetle in my room and one day during my sleep one went in my nose and now it is inside around my nasal cavity, at one point it moved to my lower throat and it’s clinging and at one point it crawled back up to my upper nasal cavity, it’s been inside for 5 days now, what should i do?

    • Have you seen your Doctor yet?

      • i have not seen any doctor, i have no medical insurance.

        • Try using a Netty pot. Available at drugstores and health food stores

    • GET A GRIP PPL. Carpet beetles are not going to bite you!! I have had an ongoing infestation for 7 years now because we have lors of birds.
      Baby carpet beetles eat seeds and grains
      Older ones eat wool, cotton, feathers, lint

      Yes, they are unsightly, but they do not bite. If you are getting bit, for God’s sake have an exterminator come and evaluate. If you are not willing, go busy being crazy on crazy ppl site.
      The carpet beetles are a part if our life now. We stopped trying to get rid if them. Just put your food stuffs away, throw out your wool, hang your clothes with cedar oil and vacuum…. AND DEAL WITH IT.
      7 years no bites!!! Get an exterminator- you probably have bed bugs

      • Ihave been battling with carpet beedles for approx. 4 years. I clean a lot, but to no avail. I am really scared to hang my clothes in closet. they seem to be everywhere. I can vaccum twice and day and they are still coming back. they are in my bed as well. they seem to be stinging me from waist down which is quite painful. had an exterminator come 4 times to no avail. I cant sit on couch to watch tv and I hate going to bed as they are all over me. I get a lot of static on my legs when I am at home. when I go out its fine. they are in my car as well. I use a sticky roller on counters and I catch a lot. I have tried boric acid, de dust. windex, vinegar. if they would stay off my clothes and body I would be fine. I just retired from work 2 years ago, I should be happy go lucky. now I am blessed with this problem. seems like I have tried everything. I live alone. I believe I am a host for these creatures. I have heard its the hairs that cause the problems on my body and clothes. but cant get rid of them. you mentioned cedar oil. I tried these blocks that hang in closet but they didn’t work well. I guess they were too small. what kind of cedar oil do u buy? I am willing to try anything at this point. thank you

        • I’ve had an infestation for seven years since I had new carpet installed. It has ruined my last life and my psyche. Everyone thinks I’m crazy even I think I’m crazy. They’ve eaten clothes demolished wigs and flooring. Cannot be vaccumed up at all and when carpting is parted they disappear to other carpet fibers and cannot be trapped, sucked or eliminated.bbpest control (25 total) told me there is nothing there. Nothing works.

        • Try putting bounce sheets around your house and under legs of bed. The carpet I gave is totally infested but I have never been bitten. Vacuuming is of no help. A rug cleaner with water at 250° or more is needed to kill them. Took larvae to vet and he had never seen anything like it before. I’ve tried all your suggestions none of it works. They came in my new carpet which I had been stored in the company’s warehouse.

  29. Mr. Worried.
    I would have gone to the doctor or walk in clinic on day 1 !!!!!

  30. Hey, I’ve recently noticed carpet beetles on my bed, I know they aren’t bed bugs because of what they look like, but the bed and the lamp next to the bed is the only area I have seen them, anyone have ideas of how to get them out of house quick?

    • I’ve been using Lysol to kill them but am going to Lowe’s to see if there is something I can use that’s a little better. The rest I see I pick up and flush.

      • Lowes has flea & bedbug with nylar in a purple box I used it for the noseeums I’m in the process of getting rid of everything I own or move its been over 7years and 300 Drs get ready to fight this without pro’s they have no ideal what’s going on

    • Rubbing alcohol try it.

  31. You obviously have the larger kind. They are not all bitters and get under skin. The black Varied species does and are small like black pepper and grow about 10 times larger. I have the pictures.

    • Hi Pat, it is Nov. of 2015 and I just ran into this site. Am hoping that you still check it out. In June my mother (84 yr old drama queen…lol) noticed small holes in a few pieces of clothing. She swore they were clothes moths. Put wll winter clothes in cleaners (over 350$). couple of months later I started to see my carpet had a square spot actually eaten down to the backing. Now I know no moth can do that. It’s office commercial carpet so I thought synthetic but later learned that some commercial has some natural fibers in it. sprayed this stuff called S.L.A. on carpet there and something actually backed up out of there. didn’t save it. kept reading online and found out about diamateous earth and started putting it next to baseboards ect. original hole was in the middle of traffic pattern. carpet is not fraying next to baseboards. threw out casmere sweaters that had any size hole and sent mink to cleaners along with leather coats. like everyone else have found exterminators to be useless. not to mention that something is eating my back alive. only me. can you give me any other tips? sometimes I even wonder if I havent misdiagnosed the carpet beetle thing but again I cant think of anything else that could have eaten that hole that large. plus for some reason there are strings of carpet left, curled up, and if I pull on one it will unravel and there will be long fiber with these beige or light things attached to it about approx. every half inch or so. havent tried to pick one off yet. need to know where to sent it so I can know how to get rid of this stuff. am now on disability and have my mother so money is not running freely here. own the house (with bank) and have only had this carpet for approx. 2 years. should mention that carpet is in basement that we converted 20 yrs ago to add 2 bedrooms and full bath. 1st time since purch in 1989 this had happened. please get back to me. am at my wits end and am only 60 yrs old. feel like between mother and this life is rapidly going down the *******. really need advice from experience. tks,, Jamie

  32. Carpet beetle are not blood suckerss- THey don’t bite people or animal but live off of hair ( dog hair, shed fur, etc) feathers, cotton, linen/flax, hemp fabric, jute twine plant materials, pollen ( spring is the main emergence into new environments that they infest.CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN: vacuum everything Wash anything you have seen them on.Treat carpets,rugs, indoor/outdoor carpet under furniture and stationary things with a boric acid powder or borax +glycol based solution( vacuum the boric acid powder or dried solutions after 2-3 hours don’t leave it around).Check for larvae on the floors, in carpeting, and other fabric areas ( under sofas, hassocks,chairs, upholstered anything)by taking a piece of clear packing tape and wrapping around a rolling pin or your palm and run it over an area of carpet ,etc that looks a bit more worn than other areas of the same piece- if there are little tubes ,cream coloured and about as thick as a ball point pen’s tip and maybe a 16th of an inch long, you have larvae. Vacuum again! You cannot vacuum enough.Chemical treatments are as effective as cleaning everything- so save money and use the electricity to vacuum! If your vacuum isn’t powerful clean the filter,change the bag and re-do the job.Alternatively borrow a neighbor or friend’s powerful vacuum and do the entire house:Paying attention to points of entry from window frames to door jambs,sliding glass door casings to vent pipes, utility pipes and conduit and anything else with a passage from inside to outside connected by a drilled hole.Seal the points with an expanding foam sealant ( like Great Stuff or flex seal’s caulk type product)
    As for the crazy folks that think they are infested with carpet beetles,varied carpet beetles and any related variety of carpet beetle- YOU ARE NOT. It’s idiotic to assume that a non-biting insect is infesting your nasal cavity-You truly couldn’t be more wrong! If you are being bitten it is a bed bug, lice, gnats ( they take a chunk of skin and feed on blood and itch to a distracting point, are attracted to light and can penetrate all but the tiniest mesh screen-which is not the standard mesh in 99% of windows or even mosquito netting sized meshes). Look at the bug ON YOU with a magnifying lens and stick it to a piece of clear cellophane tape so you can PROVE your case.There is a very slim chance you will get an infection from the bite if it has fed on some onther infected blood before biting you- but that is a slim chance at best You may be bitten but the buck stops there! It is horrible but not necessarily dangerous and a bit of antibiotic ointment after washing the area ( in any case wash your entire body for good health at least daily, and keep your bed, bedroom, bathroom and living areas indoors and outdoors clean.If you need help cleaning ask for it- there are social service agencies that can help if you are disabled or elderly and truly can not do it yourself for very little money, if any- many agencies do it on a volunteer basis but you have the right to approve the person(s) that will be in your home and keep at it until you find the right match or interview potential volunteers before allowing anyone to come into your home – ALWAYS with another person present -if they want to come to your home.Just because the agency may be volunteering to help out does not mean you have to disregard your instinct or feelings about a given individual- Just be respectful, non-racist,non-discriminatory and stay OBJECTIVE when interviewing potential aides. You want a trustworthy person you have some connection on some level with- not saying you will be best friends but you will feel you can trust them around you, your possessions,your space and your pets will be respected and you have no feelings of worry or concern in their presence Talk to them about their background and experience in life and what they propose to help you do to combat the insect problem you contacted their agency about in the first place!
    A far as vacuums go a Rainbow is by FAR the Best On the Market- hands down. It trap everything in a water filled basin to which you can add oil based natural scents(essential oils or scenting oil), antibacterial air treatment solutions, and just plain water. the insects will drown with a bit of essential oil to suffocate them and it make your home smell great! The antibacterial solution are good if you or a household member has been ill- not for insect problems The oils coat their mouthparts and air intake and drown them quickly. To dispose of the water in the reservoirs pour it down a municipal storm drain, or flush it if it has no oil in it For year I just dumped the oil on a dedicated patch of sandy soil so no aquatic life or fauna was damaged.I never had any reinfestation from that patch- I did move it lightly once a year and cover the used area with sand and clay. I don’t work for rainbow or have any stake in the company whatsoever- but for 60 years experience with vacuuming I have used all of the brands out there and Sharks are good for the money , Dyson’s overpriced and ridiculous claims, any bagged vacuum is a waste of money and often heavy to operate but Rainbow’s are the best thing going- buy one used on Ebay ( with a guarantee) and save yourself a thousand bucks .Get a large reservoir if you have a big home, otherwise the standard basin is adequate though you may want to empty it from upstairs to downstairs. The oil scents last a half a day if you smoke, longer if you don’t.. Mostly you are suffocating the insect pests it traps and ridding your home of dust, dirt,pollen and microscopic things you didn’t know existed! Run it on your bed too to eliminate dead skin flakes ( you will be amazed!). I really can’t recommend any product more than this miraculous cleaning aid.If you invest in this you may never need pesticides again. With no bags to incubate insect larvae you not only save money but the water kills the little buggers. It i essential, whatever the brand, to vacuum your indoor space and clear all debris from around entrance to your home.
    As for those of you cleaning ears, and noses, and heads, it is not Carpet Beetles you may be experiencing but a biting blood sucking insect you should identify positively before recommending any action to other or calling the CDC! ( that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of!Complete OVERKILL and paranoia if not attention seeking-Grow UP!)
    To all you sane and methodical people that want to identify and treat your space in order to eliminate the carpet beetle infestations or threats, KEEP AT ITIt isn’t an overnight process but may take a few weeks or months- at least a season. It is great if you can dry the environment too -wood fire heat does this well.It dehydrates the pests and they are seen collecting around water sources ( sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc).Remember it is not only an indoor affair- and remove leaves, pet hair, plant debri s from porches, patios, etc. With due diligence and determination to have a bug free place you can beat them.

    • Carpet beetles don’t bite people and suck blood. However, the little hairs on the larvae can get stuck to clothes and it feels like a bite when the hairs poke you. It’s much worse for those who are allergic to the hairs. The hairs are almost impossible to see since they blend in with clothing. I had this happen to me. It felt like something bit me, it even looked like it. But I’m sure it was from the carpet beetle hairs. Keeping everything spotlessly clean is very important. If there is lots of clutter, dust etc in your home it gives them more to munch on. 🙁

    • I do hope that you are having greater success with your house since this March post! Thank goodness for this website and everyone’s posts, as 4 exterminating companies have given me the ”gum, fiber, crumbs,dust mites and on and on ”dance!” This year has been the worst; I have been forced to retire from the best job a person could have… music teacher, due to a multitude of medical reasons my Pop is ill, Mom too has problems and both live far away and I am completely alone. have just been “deemed disabled once again by the gov.as the first was after a severe car accident in 1997. This includes ; severe Myofascial Pain Syndrome, cervical, lumbar, and [so far 8 operations on my hands,waiting for work comp.approval for. another…all on the hands and wrists which is completely disabling] anxiety and depression episodes and more. I cannot vacuum this house without having severe consequences, that is, bed rest for TWO DAYS. I need to move from this home as I can’t afford it without working. I am no more special then the next person’s comments. BUT, I have no one to help me tackle this momentous task. Despite, all the horrible news I still want to tackle the moth.It has been in most of my closets. I don’t understand as I pack all clothes, every year in cedar vacuum bags without any problems. I am in the process of treatment, but I REALLY NEED HELP. You had mentioned some social service agencies and some volunteer groups. I know there is nothing available from the school districts around me regarding this problem. But, FYI, for those who have other needs for help please don’t forget that here in N.Y. many high schools have a community outreach requirement for students in their junior or senior year, that is., before they can graduate. to contact call the guidance office of the H.Schools closest to you for info. Now…Mr Ritter Von Habsburg Please… tell where to start via agencies that would help me. This situation is unbearable I bathe in insect repellant and try and try. I have no other family to help me and am in Chronic pain everyday as I am not supposed to be doing half of the household/pest control tasks. God only helps those who helps themselves and their is no way I can go on living like this. I am stressed upset, blood pressure out of control,[usually normal ]and see there is no way out without some help.There also is the pressure of having to sell the home I’ve lived in for 20 years as I can’t afford it here in N.Y. I am just asking someone, anyone… for some tips and perhaps name of agencies to contact.Not to sound melodramatic, but it is the truth, work was my life and even retired because of this problem the pain level if WORSE. If you have read this, thank you! If you can point me in some direction for even the smallest amount help, THANK YOU!!! You can be sure that I will “pay it forward!” Best of luck to everyone involved in this war and TRY [used loosely] to remember the triumph of the smaller battles!!

    • Ritter Von Hansburg,
      Read your blog. Do you have or have you had an infestation?

      • Can you help us any way, shape or form. Please tell me something we haven’t tried, read or thought of. We are diabled, tired and can’t go on living this nightmare day after day. Thank you.

    • Hello, Thank you for taking the time writing your post with viable information. However, you are mistaken on your comments regarding biting carpet beetles. I had samples of 4 stages of carpet beetles analyzed by the Agricultural dept. I can assure you sir, they are carpet beetles and they do in fact bite. The several specimen samples including larve were taken directly from my body via clear packaging tape and turned over to the Agri Dept for evaluation. I believe I became in direct contact with the carpet beetles by moving a large amount of very old and decaying carpet from a friends parent residence. The clothes I was wearing have now shown all the classical signs of holes made by carpet beetles, which has now spread throughout all clothing, cars an rv and a 2400 sqft carpeted home and most belongs. Again thank you for your information. It will greatly assist us!!!

  33. First of all and most importantly – about the creepies creepin’ in bed – I’ve been using a mixture of cinnamon and baby powder (seems all the creepies strongly dislike ’em). Makes me feel better anyway…

    My home is on the brink of a super-multi-critter infestation. I’ve done the hour after hour of the unreasonable amount of research after seeing each type of bug (carpet beetles; dusty mites; pantry, carpet, and clothes moths; spiders; and various types of ants).

    I have literally been sick since moving into our home in 2002 but have been dealing with same same since ’95. Officially disabled in ’97 with Fibromyalgia, pain, etc etc etc. SOOOO, being disabled, I am home. ALL the time. So those of us that know the story here…most of us are HOME all the time. Therefore we have LEARNED – we KNOW — but our spouses do not.

    So, I am ALSO at that point where my spouse thinks I have gone bug-crazy. When he comes home after being away for 2 days/nights, my conversation tends to evolve around these hated critters that are literally everywhere! And if I learned a lot since seeing him last, or if he arrives home in the midst of cleaning – which makes me extra super p’s’d can’t stop myself (he IS my person, my social life, my wall to bounce ideas off of … ). I know he’ll tune me out. ==I would too, if I could.== What bothers me is that he should believe what I have told him, about the information I finally found after all those searches, that YES we have a major multi-critter infestation going, and that … especially being disabled with good and bad days … I can’t do it all by myself. It’s bad enough having the insect problems…I need him to BELIEVE ME and BELIEVE THE RESEARCH! If I knew he backed me like he used to – before bugs and before brainfog – that would go a heckova long way to destroying the bugzies (crazies+…), for me anyway.

  34. I have read all your horrors about carpet beetles. I have read they are very difficult to get rid of. Has anyone tried those ultrasonic insect repellants that plug into outlets in each room of your house? It was just a thought… I wish you all the best for getting rid of those nasty little bugs

  35. I left a message a few days ago. I had information regarding carpet beetle which i thought was valuable to some of you out there, but for some reason its been removed ?? Oh well then.

    Just want to see what happens to this useless post

    • Hi Josh:

      Repost the valuable information. Many of out here are dying for any solutions out there.

      As far as a post removal? Most likely a tech glitch. It happens.


      • Please ask them for an infestation disease doctor. He asked me why I wasn’t sent directly to Him. I’m beginning to wonder if someone doesn’t want use to share answers because I posted my email address and it’s gone.

  36. Are we not allowed to give our email addresses or example Josh posted something he said worked. Why were we not able to read it. If that is the case I no longer want to participate or tell my doctor. I will need an answer today Please

  37. Locate me on Facebook please. Are we not allowed to give our email addresses or example Josh posted something he said worked. Why were we not able to read it. If that is the case I no longer want to participate or tell my doctor. I will need an answer today Please

    • Pat, I have looked for u on facebook, but there a lot of Patricias. can u plese tell me exactly how to find you. many thanks

  38. Help! I’ve been finding adult carpet beetles, mainly round my windows, but can’t find the source of the infestation and I’m unsure what to do. I have 2 per birds so not really keen to use any harsh chemicals or anything but not sure if there are any alternatives. Does anyone know of any more nature deferents?

    I keep a tidy and clean flat, if my birds are moulting I hoover up the feathers quickly and keep their cages clean at all times.

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Dallas:

      Having suffered through 2 carpet beetle infestations in 10 years I suggest you consider boarding your birds for a few days while you go “Harsh” on the beetles. I find the larvae of beetles to be a huge scratching irritant, an irritant that whose source I never really see, but scratches enough to bring on enflamed skin and become Really Annoying. By the time I find any mature beetles I have come to know that there are many more in my house, I can “feel them” by the time I see one. Then Its time to Launder everything, take the bed apart and check very carefully, launder bedding, vacuum EVERYTHING, spray spray the bed and carpet with bed suitable bug spray and bug bomb the whole place. Use a lot of bug bombs, 1 spray can per room. Clutter needs to be addressed, Dust bunnies in hard to reach areas need to be hunted down and done away with. Do it once, go big, and be done. Generally speaking it is also recommended (as per directions on bug bombs) to bomb Again 2 weeks later, as larvae may survive an initial treatment and in may be necessary to re-treat.

      Or you can just vacuum a lot and keep an eye on it.

      Good luck with it. Its not fun.

      • Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for your reply! It’s a really nasty thing to go through, the thought of those wee bugs in my home 🙁

        I’m going to take your advice, I’ve called my mum and the birds are going there next week when I have 2 days off together to go harsh!

        Thanks again 🙂

  39. sexy mama

    • yaas boo… that is hot.

  40. I moved in December to my moms house. Not enough room for all my stuff so I rented storage. I had my back pillow there. I brought It to the house. I did not notice the bugs on it. tell it was to late. I have a pillow top mattress that is only 3 years old. It seems to be infested in the areas where the material folds. I have a son in a wheelchair will not take chances trowing it out. Moral of the story for me is to downsize. I pray never to see another black beetle.

  41. Hi everyone. I see my original reply has now been posted and the delay may have been from moderation of the external links i had provided as reference to my information. Guess you are not allowed to post your emails or other page links here. Okay then.

    Now there have since been other posts here that are providing some good information.

    Ritter Von Habsburg`s post dated 30 March 2015: A very good post, a bit harsh on the poor people who are really suffering, but this post has all the goods. Thank you Ritter!

    Kelly H `s post dated 31 March 2015: Thank you Kelly, spot on.

    Andrew`s post dated 14 April 2015: Thank you Andrew, the larvae are indeed the culprits and they love birds nests, good advice.

    Here is my original post regarding the carpet beetle, (edited and free of citation links, so you`ll just have to take my word for it). In a nutshell, it appears that there are a few unlucky people who are allergic to the HAIR of the carpet beetle larvae. Which is why after all your house keeping, insecticides, pest control technicians and natural remedies you are still having issues. The hairs are a defense mechanism against predators, even a well armored wasp finds them irritating. They get stuck within the fibres of clothing, bedding and furniture, much like a grass seed gets stuck in your socks / trousers or even your carpet and often can not be easily removed by vacuuming or laundering. You have to pull it out by hand. Unfortunately, unlike a grass seed, these nasty little larvae hairs are numerous and too small to see, which is why you may continue to be plagued long after you have killed every bug and vacuumed your home 100 times. Almost all people have an allergic reaction to bed bug saliva and again, some people are unlucky enough to have severe reactions to bed bugs which can include all the symptoms folks are describing here: (welting, burning, rashes, hair loss, malaise/lethargy, compromised immune systems). This is why these carpet beetle larvae hairs are often mistaken for bed bugs (or other biting insects) as they produce similar symptoms in the few people who are unlucky enough to be susceptible and why one person in the household can be afflicted while the rest of the family may think they`re just going crazy. The carpet beetle larvae feed on keratin, chitin and natural fibres. They do not eat synthetic fibres, (or suck blood). The adult carpet beetles do not eat keratin or fibres, (or suck blood). The adult beetles are pollen and nectar feeders. After mating, the female adult carpet beetle will seek out a suitable place to lay her eggs. A suitable place includes a plentiful food source and a safe place for the larvae to feed, such as the folds and tiny cracks and crevices found in clothing, between sheets and bedding, the edges and corners of your carpets and furniture, etc. They love birds nests for the shed feathers but will happily seek out rat/mice nests in your shed or roof void, your pets bedding, and of course your bedding! The larval stage lasts anywhere from 2 months – 3 years (depending on species and environmental factors such as food supply, etc). Larvae are able to survive several weeks without food. Once they complete the larval stage they pupate and emerge as the adult beetle usually at the start of Spring and they then fly back outside to seek pollen/nectar, to mate and to start the cycle again.

    Here is my information which I hope you find valuable… Adult beetles like most insects are most active in the warmer months, especially Spring. Remove any flowering plants as far away as possible from your home. Having a variety of wonderful plants, some which flower in Spring, some which flower in Summer and others in Autumn and Winter, provides a year round supply of adult beetle food. Sorry you`re going to have to choose: The pretty flowers or happy well fed carpet beetles having orgies and making babies close to your home.

    Remove birds nests and nesting sites as far away from your home as possible. The beautiful birds may not be the only ones breeding in those nests. I can not understate the significance. Without human dwellings, birds nests are the primary natural habitat for carpet beetle larvae.

    House keeping of course has been mentioned plenty already but remember, the minute carpet beetle larvae hairs persist – even after laundering. Think pet hairs. You could try a sticky roller, cello tape or similar means used to remove pet hairs. Or, alas, throw out all your affected clothing, socks, bedding, mattress, and carpet. I have heard of people having success with the expensive “Rainbow” vacuum cleaners and professional cleaners if you want to try that first before committing to buying a new wardrobe, etc.

    Use pesticides which specifically state their use against carpet beetles, they are tough little buggers and are resistant to many household sprays, as well as moth balls etc. Propoxur, bifenthrin, are some examples of still currently available heavy duty pesticides. The good ol` stuff like chlorpyrifos, diazinon, etc, has now been discontinued in most countries. Barriers applied outside of your house, will need to be re-applied much more frequently than those inside.

    Yellow sticky traps and pheromone (Specific) scent traps may prove helpful when used in conjunction with pesticides. Yellow sticky traps are cheap and may also attract other pollen seeking pests such as fungus gnats, thrips, flies..

    Carpet beetle larvae have few predators, due to their naturally protectively secluded habitats and irritating hairs. One of the most notable natural predators of the larvae is a parasitoid wasp called Laelius predatus. I`m sure however, that most people do not want little wasps flying around in their homes even though the thought of those little carpet beetle larvae buggers being stung, paralyzed and eaten alive by wasp larvae maybe a cheerful thought.

    They come uninvited into your home from outside. Remember to be vigilant during the warmer months especially the onset of Spring.

    My problem with carpet beetles is just the “run of the mill” eating holes in my nice clothes that i like to wear. I searched online to confirm the species of beetle I have, which is the Varied carpet beetle. (Anthrenus Verbasci). That`s how i came across this page. For me a new mattress, a good vacuum, and some good ol` bifenthrin and propoxur barrier application, should sort out the carpet party! ….`Till next year anyway. My background is aquaponics/hydroponics. I have also been a pest control technician, a long time ago. (Perth health department license number 4043). I have loved entomology since i was a kid. Nowadays as a horticulturalist insect identification is important, not just for play. Good aye!

    All the best everyone and i hope you find peace from these pests.


  42. Hi everyone,

    I’ve been battling black carpet beetles for well over a year now. I moved in jan 15 and unfortunately brought them with me. Feb started seeing the larvae. Fed up, called pest control. Huge one in the U.S. They will come out and do a free consult. Verify which type you have and how bad your infestation is. If u want treatment then you pay. He seemed knowledgeable on CB and gave good recommendations. He set glue traps and pharamone traps. Came back a week later and treated. Unfortunately there are so many places they hide its impossible to get everywhere. I went to lowes and bought food grade DE and boric acid. Room by room I am putting it everywhere. The larvae die when they come in contact. Depending on how much they get on themselves, they die right away or within 24hours. I am doing one room at a time. I find them attempting to find a new place to hide and they are ushually dead or dying. Not sure if it’s the DE or the chemicals he put down but prob both. I feel everyone’s pain. This is hell dealing with these creatures. I seem to be luckier than others. No reactions, no infestation in my bed or clothes yet. I am keeping a small bit of hope I can win this. If not, pest place guarantees if you see any CB activity after they treat they will come back free of charge and re-treat. They are a huge corporation so I assume they will keep up that promise. I will try and re-post my results whether successful or not. Hope any of this info can help someone out there. Good luck everyone! Hopefully we can all defeat the CB exchanging info

  43. Hello everyone. I’ve been sitting here reading as many posts as possible, and while our materials are very important to us. For those dealing with whatever anyone want to call these pests and until the live pathology return I want to help fight the flesh problems which in turn can be applied to your home.

    Find the most inexpensive clear rubbing alcohol you can find. Buy enough to fill a pump action pesticide sprayer. Fill it up and spray everything. It turns the insect into crust and please use a respirator while spraying. Leave the area for about 4 hours because the vapors will give bronchitis.

    Totally saturate the carpet, clothes, etc. It doesn’t matter at this point whether anything is damaged we want to save lives and sanity.

    Using a cotton fabric like a pillow case. Saturate the fabric with alcohol and hand wash your whole body with pur alcohol. As you rub the area you will see them being removed from your skin but dead. This will also help heal all areas. Use this for at least one weak. Do not use in your hair. In private areas Use witch hazel. It does not burn. If you have a crawl space spray that area too. Inside cabinets as well.

    A steamer helps but I like the vacuum;bagless. Do not turn it off until you spray underneath it with some type of product. I still use Ecosmart at HomeDepot. If you do not when you turn it off and sit it they will crawl out.I found this the hard way. When I sprayed and placed it in my laundry room the next day I had to sweep up bugs.

    I got a good look. Not fleas, not bed bugs, not lice. They are truly carpet beetles and I do not care about the remarks. It has been established.

    Add alcohol to your laundry. Sprayed soiled clothes in the hamper. Spray leather furniture and fabric as well. The idea is to survive! Others have no idea how this affect us until they experience this infestation. Spray inside containers. Use outside vegetable treatment around the outside. It works, and please let me know?

    • Hello Patricia, Thank you so very much for taking the time writing your post. It is greatly appreciated. I can concur with your findings. My Carpet Beetle infestation situation was recently confirmed by the Agricultural Dept and a major pest company. I took specimens to them by using the procedures defined below into the Departments for analysis. I have quickly removed hundreds of Carpet Beetle Larvae and all other three stages of these beetles using full strength 91% straight rubbing alcohol and either q-tips or cotton makeup removal pads. It instantly removes these pests onto the q-tips or pads from the private areas. There is a slight burn for a moment, but this works! Get a new spray bottle, fill with straight alcohol then spray q-tip or makeup pad with alcohol then try removal of them. I also shaved the entire area every 2 days to clear all areas from the larvae hiding and used a new child’s toothbrush and shaving gel to assist in removal of larvae. Then sprayed entire area with the straight alcohol. Repeat procedure every 2 days until completely free from pests. Spray alcohol daily to stop any further occurrence. Be sure to use new razors, toothbrushes, q-tips, small cotton pads and new towel for each cleaning. This started with a little itching in our clothes, then noticed small holes in all clothing inc mens and womens underwear, t-shirts, shirts, socks, sports bras and then towels. I did not start itching until it was way too late. I will now treat home, car and rv with this solution to clear problem. Use a small microscope and you can actually see the carpet beetles and larvae that you have removed on the q-tips and pads. Internet sells these small hand held microscopes at approx $15 on websites for bedbugs and pests.(Very easy to use). If your not sure of what pests you find on you, this is the proof that the Agri Dept and pest companies may need to help you identify your pest issue. Place your specimens from the q-tips and pads into small plastic sandwich type baggies and turn them over for analysis. This has been a serious bad nightmare but we have made strong ground to clearing up the human problem. Next the house. Stay strong!!!!! to over come this large bump in the road and reclaim your life back. I will be using Alcohol on the entire large house, then D.E and Boric Acid applications along with pest company applications. Believe we may have came into contact with the carpet beetles by assisting friends removal of very old and dirty carpeting and beetles transferred onto our clothes. Who knew! Also found beetles in laundry room. lint!!! under

    • Hello Patricia, Thank you so very much for taking the time writing your post. It is greatly appreciated. I can concur with your findings. My Carpet Beetle infestation situation was recently confirmed by the Agricultural Dept and a major pest company. I took specimens to them by using the procedures defined below into the Departments for analysis. I have quickly removed hundreds of Carpet Beetle Larvae and all other three stages of these beetles using full strength 91% straight rubbing alcohol and either q-tips or cotton makeup removal pads. It instantly removes these pests onto the q-tips or pads from the private areas. There is a slight burn for a moment, but this works! Get a new spray bottle, fill with straight alcohol then spray q-tip or makeup pad with alcohol then try removal of them. I also shaved the entire area every 2 days to clear all areas from the larvae hiding and used a new child’s toothbrush and shaving gel to assist in removal of larvae. Then sprayed entire area with the straight alcohol. Repeat procedure every 2 days until completely free from pests. Spray alcohol daily to stop any further occurrence. Be sure to use new razors, toothbrushes, q-tips, small cotton pads and new towel for each cleaning. This started with a little itching in our clothes, then noticed small holes in all clothing inc mens and womens underwear, t-shirts, shirts, socks, sports bras and then towels. I did not start itching until it was way too late. I will now treat home, car and rv with this solution to clear problem. Use a small microscope and you can actually see the carpet beetles and larvae that you have removed on the q-tips and pads. Internet sells these small hand held microscopes at approx $15 on websites for bedbugs and pests.(Very easy to use). If your not sure of what pests you find on you, this is the proof that the Agri Dept and pest companies may need to help you identify your pest issue. Place your specimens from the q-tips and pads into small plastic sandwich type baggies and turn them over for analysis. This has been a serious bad nightmare but we have made strong ground to clearing up the human problem. Next the house. Stay strong!!!!! to over come this large bump in the road and reclaim your life back. I will be using Alcohol on the entire large house, then D.E and Boric Acid applications along with pest company applications. Believe we may have came into contact with the carpet beetles by assisting friends removal of very old and dirty carpeting and beetles transferred onto our clothes. Who knew!

    • Years ago when my adult children were little (I still have little ones, too), they kept getting lice at school. Treat five children and two adults with RID was killing us at $250 a pop! Finally, I decided to just try hand sanitizer in my own hair. It worked PERFECT. Killed even the eggs plus it loosened the glue like substance they attach the eggs with. I even used regular alcohol with the same results (the sanitizer stayed in better and was easier to apply). Make sure it’s a VERY well ventilated area. Put Vaseline on the eyebrows to prevent dripping in the eyes! Lean backwards over the tub (very tricky), soak the hair, wrap in a towel or use a shower cap. Leave on for 20 minutes or so (the adults die almost instantly) then wash and use a TON of conditioner, you’re gonna need it! Do it again in 3-5 days and then again in 2-3 days for good measure. Of course vacuuming, washing etc. is very important as well.
      We have carpet beetles and moths and it’s going to be a huge battle because of how much paper, clothing and general #$@^ we have in the house. Not looking forward to this at all.

      • How did you get rid of them?

  44. Taken from the EPA’s website…
    “The difference is: bed bugs bite, but carpet beetles eat natural fibers, like wool blankets, natural fibers and feathers, and do not bite.”

  45. I have seen a few of these bugs they look like a black lady bug but smaller. Not sure what they are. Onwindow sill. One or two on mY bed and one on kitchen counter, I vacuum everyday and under radiators and clean counters. …help

  46. hey me and my family had carpet beetles when we lived in apartments, now we have our own home and these critters i guess you can say finally got our address. my mom says you can only beat them with “cleanness” i question this method. can any one tell me how to get these “friends” of ours to get packing with out an exterminator

    • Hey Eric, I’m going to tell you something you can do at home to keep then at bay, borax laundry detergent. Sprinkle on your carpet and worth a broom sweep that stuff to the edges of your carpet and let sit for one week and THEN vacuum the stuff up. By the time I even noticed they had slre a full took over, if your clothes at the ends of them look like somebody had sit there and pull string by string out, you are already infested. I’ve thrown away alot of towels, washrags, and ALOT of clothes, I have nothing to wear except a pajama set…no pantys , no nothing and I’m really not trying to be funny at all… This is a serious matter
      let me tell you this and I’ll let

      stuff to the edges of carpet and wall and then vacuum after 1 WEEK…By the time I noticed I had a serious problem on my hands, they had already took over. I’ve had to throw out

  47. After buying a kitchen carpet runner from target it seems I have these little bastards. I bought a new vaccum, tote bins for my clothing a bug spray. Two days later I found a lot of dead ones and continued to spray, however I do find a few alive. Currently at the present time the bug man is doing his first of two sprays. He says it does not seem too bad since we seemed to have caught them early. After reading these post my faith in the bug mans spray is depleting 🙁

  48. hi, I am new to this site. I have cb for two years now. it is horrible.
    I find them on my face. they are everywhere, under furniture, in clothes, purses, shoes, u name it they are there. eating threads out of everything. in my bed, wash sheets everynight..don’t even use a blanket, cover with a couple of towels. they are in my vents/heat ducts
    I use a sticky roller on floors, countertops, window sills, wherever I can. they are in my new shower curtain, pulling threads out. I keep my clothes in plastic bags, but they eat through them. it is an endless job. they are also in my car. had my house and car sprayed numerous times to no avail. I am putting boric acid inside couch again. once again its amazing what the sticky roller picks up. and a lot of work over and over

  49. Kari, I am not sure if this is the right way to contact you.
    I don’t know what to tell you. I moved from my other house and basically threw out everything. they were in my car as well. I think they could be in your hair and on your body, and in clothes, shoes, purse. I really don’t know what to tell you. I have often thought about moving with the clothes on my back, no car, nothing. scarrey.
    moving place to place buying new clothes each day on the cheap and staying different places til u r rid of them. not an easy thing to do.
    it seems like I am a host. they seem to want to be on my clothes, body all the time. when I am out its not so bad.
    I live in Ontario, Canada…it sounds like these carpet beedles are all over the continent. i didn’t find orkin or other pest companies helped, they thought i was delusional, but we know when we see or feel something foreign.

    • Thank you homelesscat. You are right. All over continent. I have been getting on some type of schedule to where pull up some site or make some words together for my voice search to bring up any info related to my living nightmare. Everyday I learn a little more of info to do or try. I’m going to blog all four of the responders of my desperate calls for help & info. I’m not going to give up on winning this war. I want all of you and myself to get our lives back. Will respond soon. Thank you . Keep in touch. J & K in Eugene, OR

  50. I can feel these cb in my hair..my hair is shoulder length. now I see 1-2 inch strands on my floors..gonna put flea and tick powder on my hair tomorrow and see what happens. I am still using sticky rollers all over floors etc. and under couple mats I have in kitchen. they hide everyway.
    I am exhausted.

  51. Dealing with carpet beatles about six months. Picked up several good ideas from this site and postings. It helps also to know I am not alone.

  52. My daughter got carpet beetles from a rug she purchased online… Omg she has been battling these pest for 6 months now.. They don’t die or leave easily!!!! She had house sprayed by bug/pest controll twice in one month. Then she put the Ridex pest devices all throughout her house.. They seem to be less prevalent now…
    For those of you who are experiencing bites and infestation in your hair… Those carpet beetles love to eat keratin (your hair!!!). Maybe TeeTree oil in shampoo and a body spray after shower will help. It is antiseptic and healing. Maybe the carpet beetles won’t like it… It’s worth a try!

    • hi Nadine, ya I heard that they can be brought in. but I think most people have them in their homes but don’t feel them. I am gonna try the tea tree oil like u suggested. I am from Canada and they really don’t know too much about cb.
      I am glad that u believed your daughter. some kids think we are delusional..thanks for the tip.

  53. Cathy, I have cb in my car as well..they come from your clothing back and forth from house to car.
    keep vaccuming I would think. put some borac acid in between parts u cant reach. I have tried everything as well, no luck. I also use a sticky roller to catch them, but they keep coming back..its worth a try.

  54. Oh my goodness! What a nightmare. I had never heard of these demon spawns until about a week an a half ago. I went out to my car one day to find little blackbugs, worms and cast off skin. It was on the hump in the front seat floor board so couldn’t be missed. IT was as if they all suddenly appeared overnight. I realized that it was in the same spot where my daughter had spilled her Dr. Pepper several months ago. It had soaked into the carpet, blended in, and out of sight, out of mind.I was fortunate enough to find this web site so I had a bit of an idea as to what was going on, but I thought that what I had must be different because there was no biting, itching, stinging. In fact I took the car to a professional car wash, told them I had bugs and to vacuum it good, which they did. Then I went home and unloaded two cans of carpet cleaning spray onto my carpets and scrubbed and rubbed it in with my bare fingers. I would also pickup the bugs and worms and squash them to make sure they would not be coming back. I took it back to have it vaccumed out again to get the dead bugs and shampoo that was left out. He told me that I was probably going to have to put chemical down to kill the bugs. I told him that I had contacted the pest control that we had a contract with and they didn’t do cars. He gave me the name of some else that he thought treated cars, but he was wrong.In the mean time I thought that the majority of them was gone from the shampooing and vaccuming and I would go out almost every day and kill between 5-10 bugs or worms. Then one day I saw a spot teaming with tee tee tiny somethings that looked like thread from what I could tell with the glasses that I had on. I grab a wet paper towel and wiped them up. Shortly after that I began to experience pin pricks and itching. My head began to itch too.Of course I was practically standing on my head scrubbing the carpet with my fingers so I don’t doubt that something may have gotten in my hair. Thanks to this web site I had an idea of what was happening. Thanks to the Good Lord I ran across the following excerpt just before I went to the doctor so I showed it to him and he believed me.

    The Doctor told me to use permethrin on my head and body every day for a week and then twice a week until the itching stopped. He also told me to take an antihistamine for the itching. I’m sensitive to chemicals but I did as he said, plus used pine tar soap, and tea tree shampoo for my head and body and lots of campho phenique. The campho and pine tar seem to help with the itching or healing. In the mean time while I was doing all of that for my self and daughter who was showing “bites” I got in my car and soaked it in a bug killer because I had a company that was coming today to shampoo my house, ( yes they found their way into the house) ARGGGG and he agreed to shampoo my car for me too ( bless his heart) !!! I put bug killer down on my living room carpet last night intending to do the whole house before he came to shampoo, but the order was so strong that I had to leave the doors cracked all night for ventilation. I woke up stuffy and with a headache, I have about 20 new “bites”on my shin and although I bath with lice stuff every day and change and wash all of the bedding and towels every day, I’m getting worse not better.SO HERE IS MY QUESTION: I SIMPLY PUT A RAG THAT THE SHAMPOOERS USED TO CLEAN OUT MY CAR IN A BAG WITHOUT TOUCHING IT AND MY NOSE AND CHIN STARTED ITCHING. SINCE THE POWERS THAT BE SAY THAT OUR “BITE SENSATIONS AND MARKS” ARE ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO THE HAIR OF THE LARVAE, AM I RESPONDING TO HAIRS FROM DEAD BUGS THAT ARE IN THE ENVIORNMENT, OR ARE THOSE LITTLE SUCKERS ALIVE AND GETTING ON ME SO THAT THEIR HAIR MAKES ME HAVE A REACTION. I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING EXCEPT LITTLE RED DOTS/BUMPS, RASHES AWHILE AFTER I FEEL THE PIN PRICK. I AM AFRAID THAT I MIGHT TRANSFER THESE MICRO BUGS TO SOMEONE ELSE IF THEY ARE ALIVE AND ON ME AND HAVE CANCELLED ALL OF MY ACTIVITIES LAST WEEK AND SPENT THE WEEK CLEANING. NOT A WAY TO LIVE!!!!! NOW THAT THE BUGS ARE IN THE HOUSE( I saw three or four adults, all but one was dead, meaning eggs in the house 🙁 anyway now my pest control will treat the house. I wish they would have treated the car before it got in the house!!!Also I have killed 5 or 6 moths in the house this week which is very unusual. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS IS GOING TO END. IT IS INDEED A NIGHTMARE. I SAW TINY LITTLE WHITE THINGS ON MY COUCH THIS AFTERNOON THAT WOULD NOT VACUUM UP, I HAD TO USE TAPE TO GET THEM OFF. ARE THEY EGGS??? THE BUGS ARE LITTLE BLACK BUGS THAT ARE KIND OF SHAPED LIKE A LADY BUG AND THE LARVAE ARE BROWN WITH STRIPES. I THINK IT’S THE BLACK CARPET BEETLE BUT NOT POSITIVE. MAYBE IF WE CAN GET OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS BUILT UP, IT WILL OVERCOME THIS. PERSONALLY WE ARE UNDER A LOT OF STRESS DUE TO LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES SO I WOULDN’T DOUBT THAT MY IMMUNE SYSTEM IS DOWN. MY HUSBAND WANTS ME TO GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST, WHICH I WILL AND MAYBE THE ALLERGIST. HAS ANYONE ELSE FOUND ANY ANSWERS TO GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM EASILY? I’M A HUGGER WITH 7 GRANDCHILDREN AND I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO HUG THEM BECAUSE OF THIS SITUATION. ALL ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THANKS.Lin

    • I have same problem as yourself and everyone else. I get really strong pin pricks from was done especially. I don’t know if they will spread to anyone else. my son and family come over and it doesn’t bother them at all. my granddaughter is all over the couch and nothing happens. I sit on couch and they are crawling all over me especially legs, sometimes hair. I don’t know what the answer is. I keep reading and trying to figure out what to do next. I do believe living alone that I am a host to these creatures as they are always on me. worse at night

    • Link how are you doing now. Im following up with a few blogs on this site. I’m sure many people have read my desperate cries for help starting last april. I’m not on this site as much now but we are still fighting the battle but Not like it was then. We have come to our own conclusion which is of course our own. Get me at two o six, 87 0 twenty one o two. HEY ANYONE CAN IF NEED AN EAR.

  55. try ta tree oil mix with olive oil 2 teaspoons and put shower cap on for 3 hrs rinse out then put apple cider vinegar in your hair for 1 hr with another shower cap on comb though wash hair with clear shampoo keep doing that for 3 weeks

  56. take tea tree oil the one from argentina you can find it in cvs or rite aide mix with olive oil 2 teaspoons and put shower cap on for 3 hrs rinse out then put apple cider vinegar in your hair for 1 hr with another shower cap on comb though wash hair with clear shampoo keep doing that for 3 weeks

  57. Patricia Reynolds, Read blogs. Good info. Just wondering if you can give me your current status on infestation and your physical well being. What you wrote is important to me and I really need to know something new. Thank you. J & Kari in Eugene, OR

  58. Homelesscat. Any update from you would be good. Just wondering what has or not happened. I’m still living. Just trying to maintain. Lots of work. I guess it helps that J & I are both on disability. If I was working I wouldn’t have time to do all this cleaning 10 hrs a day. It’s getting really old to both of us. We Have continued to try everything we can buy and try anything we can think of or read from somewhere. ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE WHO HAS POSTED A BLOG OR TWO PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH THRU THIS SITE. I KNOW I READ AND POST AS OFTEN AS I CAN. LET’S CONTINUE TO WORK TOGETHER TO FIND A SOLUTION.

    • hi kari, sorry I didn’t see your response earlier.
      I am still having same problem…cant get rid of these beedles.
      its a nightmare. how r thing at your end?

    • hi Kari, I still have the cb…I’m not picking up as much on the floor anymore. they are still in my bed and couch, also stinging me a lot. I keep looking on internet and I found that I have urticarial brachiating. this article is very imformative.
      make sure its regarding carpet beedles…its a 7 page article by david cairn. let me know what you think!

  59. Ok so when we moved into my apartment I noticed these worm Like bugs. I asked my apartment manager what they were. She said oh nothing just a bug. Now I’m noticing black beetle like bugs in the house. I have three cats and a 1 year old so I really don’t want to spray a bunch of chemicals. If there anything I can do? My house is a mess at times but we vacuum alot. I notice the worm bugs under baseboards in my laundry room bathroom kitchen and around all baseboards. Please someone help me I want them out of my house for good. They have been her since before I moved in and I know my manager will say it’s due to my cats or my fault some how. I know this because when I had showed her the picture of them she said “why don’t you check your cats food or litter. They are just bugs.” I told her they have been here since move I and she said “the building is sprayed all the time so I don’t know what to tell you.” Then she left a really old can of bug spray outside my door. Please help me out here.

    • First- and seriously-, start looking for a new place to live right away.The landlord clearly doesn’t care about anything but rent Now as for the larvae of whatever is near baseboards- that is one insect’s “infants”- it may or may not be the black beetle’s larvae ( you may have 2 obvious insect infestations) If you have two, bet on more! If you can get a magnifying glass look at the black beetles- if they are carpet beetles they will have a checkered body ordinarily black, gold and ivory/beige in a distinct pattern. They do leave larval casings and occasionally you can see the tiny worm like larvae on fabric, carpet, rugs, pet bedding,,etc.You MUST clean the house and inlets ( doors etc that lead into your apartment) well- leave no debris outside and nothing for them to congregate in by doors windows, etc.): first vacuum well, do it slower than usual to pick up more than usual. Then mop : use very hot water with some essential oil of lemon – because it is the cheapest and will help suffocate any larvae by coating their mouthparts and burning their bodies like an acid would on skin- 1 0z is about $2.50 use the whole bottle in a bucket 3/4 full of hottest water and use a separate bucket of clean water to rinse and wring the mop out. Then following the tips in my last post to the pestkillorg site look up carpet beetles and follow them! Its the most effective method I know! The pest contract company that prays your apartment should be called ( by you) and tell them the problem and if they have something they use ask them to come and apply it via the terms of your contract ( ie -monthly, every two months,whatever it is and ask when the next treatment is due.If now, then schedule an appointment asap) However, most companies don’t have anything as effective as what you need to do-thorough cleaning;I can’t tell you how important this is…if all the chemicals in the world are dumped and deposited on your surfaces it still will not get rid of what can be accomplished with destroying old papers, magazines, mail piles, etc. pet hair, washing pet bedding or replacing it if washing really doesn’t freshen the fabric to the point it is really clean ( things like “febreeze” are USELESS in this situation and with babies, you really want to avoid that kind of chemical-even a disinfectant like Lysol should only be used when absolutely necessary like a recent viral outbreak affecting your entire household, or a diaper accident, pet vomit, or other “acute” contamination .Disinfectants destroy the good bacteria too and in effect, decrease the growing immune system strength children’s systems are building. For example,If you’ve ever sprayed it in a trash can and got a sinus infection out of the blue a day or so later it was the disinfectant you sprayed in the house!,When you do use the stuff, don’t stand over trash cans, or any close spaces it ! close the lid fast and get out of that room If using it all over the house and surfaces as the completely irresponsible commercials are advertising presently, get the kids and pets out before opening the can and open a window in the room before hitting the surfaces, then close it once you are done or expect at least a sinus infection in a day or two after the treatment ( they are calling it “healthing” on the commercials- it is beyond comprehension!!! as it kills the beneficial things that kill the bad things and the company knows this.) Speaking of surfaces, do not use it on infants bedding, toys etc. it is not good unless they have been sick Anyway, chemicals do little for carpet beetles.Cleaning and looking for their nesting sites are far more effective means of ridding themMake sure the “black beetles” are not powder ost beetlesYou can tell the difference by looking around door jambs and window sills for little piles of “powder” actually cellulose that they have chewed from the wood – if you find that you can get out of any lease you signed immediately and collect your deposits, etc to move. They are in the walls and framing and you must have the apartment/ house tented to kill them and it is only about 75% effective along with spraying inside the walls, etc you can drastically reduce or eliminate powder post beetles. Identify the bugs with a magnifier first, then proceed. Good Luck to you.

  60. If this was for my comment it’s not head lice. It’s carpet lice. The little worm and black beetles living in my carpets.

  61. Thank you for reading my blog. It’s Saturday night, 11:09 p.m. and I am crying as I write this. The beetles, larvae, worms etc are now getting into my instrument cases and actually adhering to the inside of some of them.. like my trumpet and violin. I am worried about mt cats as bathing “freaks them out” and I do know all of the tricks. For instance, placing them on top of an old screen, have gallon jugs of lukewarm water ready yadayadayada! The rest of my family is at my parents hose still socializing with out of town relatives.No one cares nor understands and this infestation and [myself]as been going at it since May! It’s just getting worse as it now is upstairs! I know about sealing cracks but some like those of older baseboards have to be somewhat exposed. God I put down the boric acid in closets and did not know to vacuum it up after two hours. My exterminator told me all closets had to be emptied and clothes stored in vacuum bags before he would treat my house. i do notice, out of nowhere, suddenly little freckle like and light brown spots in areas on arms and a little itching .After reading these comments am a little concerned as I have not been out in the sun at all and use sunscreen year round, The depression and my back pain are both killing me and now I do not get up for several days. What should I use that will not be breathed in later on by both the cats and myself. As it is I am covered in bug spray all day long and bathe everyday. It seems that I hate to admit it but this is BEYOND ME as i can never”catch up. The exhaustion, fear and the isolation. are paralyzing . I cannot tackle this alone [its too much house] and friends and relatives dismiss me by saying to spread that boric acid and vacuum, ” it will e fine!” I am so ready to….I need to hire or get more hands on help. I really do not want to wind up in the “Grey Gardens.” Any help, please.

  62. Is there any way someone could be allergic to adult carpet beetles. Not biting, but just them being in your clothes and it sort of just itching, that’s the only time I itch and I have sensitive skin and feel them move sometimes in the seems. I have found soe kind of big in between the layers of my bra too, carpet beetles? I am getting bit, but I’m guessing by a spider, there are two tiny holes right next to each other, I also am aware I could be getting bit by a flea, I have seen one or two, I have a dog. Also, do the larvae of the carpet beetle excrete any form of fluid if stepped on? If not any thoughts of what it could be. My bites, like I said are two next to another, basically every time but in ever itch.people have told me I don’t have bedbugs. I also am having possible mold issues in my apartment. A window wouldn’t shut and let moisture in all winter and spring, I did finally get it shut but there are black spots growing on my bedroom wall, right by the window. They are small and seen to be increasing, no way it’s a carpet beetle right? But other than black spots my walls have a sort of yellow tiny to them and I see by my window, a blacking gray area where I think it’s where the moisture spread to the walls. I have been pretty physically ill too, I also have a compromised immune system. I had surgery March 12 and have had many complications and have been hospitaized 3 times. Including this last time, I was there for 13 days, luckily my incision finally healed end of May. But after coming home this last time I have had a multitude of strange symptoms including, confusion and being worried about most everything, to not being able to keep my balance and losing a bunch of weight. Cognitively I was not right at all and still struggle with that sometimes. I was told by my neighbors daughter that they were worried about me at one point when I was in the hospital because I must have forgot to lock my patio door but I had a wood stick keeing intruders out but it doesn’t keep the door from opening about 7 inches. So I think I got some other intruders, carpet beetles and who knows what else? I am not sure how,long it was open for, they didn’t say. I’ve also had 2 infection spots, that developed into MRSA which I had in my incision as well, but really anything breaking my skin could do that or I wondered about mold or fungus causing sin issues because it didn’t look like they were from a bite. I made the mistake of mentioning bugs to my doctor and was right away told I was having delusions, which I do have some mental health issues but nothing with psychosis, mainly just depression and environmental diagnoses. But I have never halucinated or been paranoid before and I had no symptoms before this last hospital stay and noticed the effects of bugs a couple days after being home. Of course I did have acute renal failure this time at the hospital, don’t know if there are side effects from that. I’m getting so overwhelmed with these bugs and the fear they have caused. I live in an area in Nebraska that are reclaimed wetlands, so there are lots of bugs at my apartment complex, outside is what I’m referring to, especially fleas and ticks. But I’m almost certain about the carpet beetles because I kept getting things that stung on my feet and on top of my toes when I walked barefoot or with flip flops and it burned, shoppers, I’m guessing I was getting the hairs from the larva? Anyway any help would be great, I’ve read every comment, took me awhile, and I’ve tried some things already and will try more you guys suggested. But with my stress levels being high without the bug stuff, as I am disabled as well, I am struggling keeping my head above water so to speak when the bug things are bad and I am pretty sure I’m having pro lens with carpet beetles since my clothes, sheets and hair seem to be affected, as wellasmy dogs fur. I am at a loss of what to do anymore and fear saying anything to anyone about it anymore. I have saved samples and shown them to people, I can’t afford expensive products and already bought blew bombs that also said it takes care of carpet beetles and bought natural and regular pesticides, I can’t really hire exterminator myself, living in an apartment complex, and in the beginning I told management about the things I noticed about possible bugs and they now think I either was or am crazy, didn’t know about patio door being open at that time, but I had also bought a used chair 2 days before being in the hospital and thought that is what caused it and got rid of it shortly after b3cause I was so paranoid. I really have no money as my rent takes almost half of my income, plus bills, it’s just so much and I can’t work, at least not until I restart my part time job again when school starts. I am tired of goi,g sick and want to give,up at times, it’s these sites lie this that help me see I am not alone. I have also had Morgellons symptoms,or possible Lyme disease symptoms but haven’t been tested yet. My primary physician treats me as just being that crazy patient and writes off all I say, even when the infections were first starting, she thinks I’m a hypochondriac, but I never go to the doctor unless I have a reason and most of the time I already have a follow up lately. I’ve been sick most of my life and have been to many doctors. It has lowered my confidence with people not believing me about the signs of bugs, I’m not even able to feel confident to rely on my own thoughts anymore as nobody in my life believes me or even wants to. But I am not giving up, I will continue to fight, sorry this is so long!

  63. HELP I HAVE A 3 AND A HALF MONTH OLD BABY AND A 6 YR OLD AND I AM TERRIFIED FOR THEM!!! Hello, I live in an apartment with my mother in Los Angeles Ca. My bf and I used to have our own place but my grandma passed away & a month later my uncle did as well, so we came to live with my mom to make sure she is ok. I noticed these bugs about 3 months ago when I had brought my newborn home but I didn’t think nothing of it, just thought it was a random bug. Well I been finding these little suckers on me every now and then so I thought something might be up, so I held my flashlight out under the fouton/couch and sure enough I started finding more and more, It freaked me out so bad because my 6yr old son and I sleep on the floor on a big blanket because my moms apt is a 1 bedroom only unit and that means my poor baby and I have been sleeping on these things for awhile!! Can u imagine how freaked out and how bad I felt!! I started googling stuff and sure enough carpet mites/beetles!!! Today I cleaned EVERYTHING IN THE FRONTROOM and threw ALOT of stuff away!! I used boric acid and some bug spray and now I am PRAYING TO GOD THEY ARE ALL GONE! Tomorrow I am going to clean and vacuum all over again. My question is, HOW DO U KNOW WHEN THEIR GONE FOR SURE?? HOW DO U KNOW IF THEY HAVE SPREAD TO OTHER PARTS IN THE HOME?? pls someone help I am desperate, not only do I have a 6 yr old but I also have a little 3 month old baby and I’m getting bad anxiety!! I’ve had bad anxiety since yesterday when I found out, I can’t sleep at all because its all I think about!!! It’s 3 in the morning where I live. We are MOVING OUT ASAP but for the time being I need some help.. I am actually tearing up as I write this…my baby already has tracheomalacia which is when the windpipe in his cartlidge didn’t develop properly so he already has breathing problems and is prone to allergies. DOES ANY ONE KNOW IF IT CAN HARM OR AFFECT A BABY??? I’M SO SCARED. I HOPE I GET A REPLY SOON, THANK YOU.

    • So sorry, Deserie! They can cause allergic reactions. When you DO move, make sure you check EVERY inch of everything you take! We brought moths from our old house. Now we have the carpet beetles. I think it’s a huge problem that’s being hid from the public for some reason. Not to cause mass panic perhaps?
      Oh, also wanted to mention something I found out from another board. If you are getting any type of state/federal assistance, you might be able to get help with moving. I’m not trying to assume, but I was a single mom at one time and needed help. Just mentioning in case it can help you!

  64. KARI-
    I’m in Salem, Oregon and have the black carpet beetles. BAD. My house is stuffed and messy so I’m in for a huge battle. I have so much paper, clothing, etc. They are everywhere. Just found out yesterday that they seem to love towels. Had one on the bathroom floor and found eight of the on ONE towel. I’ve discovered that they love sunny windows in the morning, esp. so I’ve been going around and killing them. So gross. They try to play dead when they’re touched. They just stop moving and I smash them! WTH? Never heard of a bug doing that.
    We also have clothing moths and they get in the dry food and my paper. Just disgusting. I discovered the beetles when I found larvae one day. I suspected it wasn’t the moths as it looked a little different. So, I took an empty prescription bottle, placed a tiny piece of cotton inside and waited, check it once a week. It took two and a half months before I found two dead carpet beetles in there. I’m about to start on my home but it will take months. I’m disabled and have five kids still at home, three disabled as well. I wish I could just move and leave everything here.

  65. I’ve lived here for 6 years now and I’ve never even set a roach. But within the past 2 weeks I’ve noticed larvae and worms, coming out between my walls and carpet, and I also see the white eggs in the carpet… I’m a very clean person who always keeps a clean home, how didi get these things? I’m going slap crazy, I’ve always had bug phobia, but my Dr put me on valium for my problem. … I’m not testing at night. Someone please help me. …. and I also see very big holes in places, where you can tell SOMETHING is running in and out of….any advice would be helpful. ….i also have a miniature dashound, will these hurt her in any way? Thank you

    • Holley… This site tonight brought back most of my posts. We are still living the hell these rat bastards have presented to us as their chosen hosts and our home as a nursery for their young. Expecting blow out in two months. Just existing day to day till we win the war. Yes… someway, somehow J & I together will kick their ass. We will continue consistantly on guard and daily we will totally complete our staying alive & sanity lists. Never leaving anything un done. We smile at each other often knowing we got each other’s back.

  66. Can someone help me??
    I recently discovered I have a carpet beetle infestation–I found some of the larvae husks first, then found that the bottom of my metal bed frame is covered in the bugs’ “sawdust”-like droppings. Needless to say, I thoroughly inspected everything in my room from top to bottom.
    Here’s my question: I have a very large stuffed tiger that I’ve had since I was a kid. It’s about four feet tall. I noticed a hole by one of the ears and then, to my horror, I saw what appears to be fecal matter staining the inside seams. I cut down the side of the head and it looks like these stains are built up all along the inside of the seam, throughout the entire stuffed animal. Do I have to throw away my tiger? I’d be heartbroken. Is there any way to salvage it? Obviously it’s way too big to fit inside my washer/dryer, so I don’t know if there’s anything else I can do…
    I’d appreciate any advice!! Thanks!

    • Hello, I read on another site that you can put it in the freezer for a week and it should kill off the ones inside. Hope you have good luck! I’d seal it in a garbage bag first before putting it in the freezer.

  67. I am a 36 year old single mother and own my own home. This spring my home became severely infested and I thought it was bedbugs for several months. It became so bad that I could not even make my kids lunches for school without covering up the sandwiches because “stuff” was falling from the ceiling, including drywall. I did make a big ticket purchase and got the Dyson vacuum and it’s made a huge difference. I started vacuuming the ceilings regularly and now I don’t feel them falling. But they are under the carpet which is only 2 years old. My boyfriend would not eve entertain the idea; my parents both suggested I was having psychosis and I was even accused of using meth which I would NEVER touch! I’ve had welt marks like 2nd degree burns and the hairs and larvae have ruined my cuticles and nail beds. I’ve exterminated 3 times and I swear it did nothing. I can hear them squirming and clicking in the walls at night. My biggest financial achievement was buying this home and now I’m considering walking away if I don’t see improvement soon. I installed wood floors in one room and that helped. I’m going to have a steam clean on the carpet next. I don’t talk about it to anyone because they tell me to quit obsessing. I’m silently suffering. Sorry to hear that others deal with this, but at least I know I am not nuts!!

    • Hey Mel, You are not nuts. I’m like you, smart enough to know what’s real or not. THIS IS AN EPIDEMIC. THESE BLOGS ON THIS SITE GIVE EXCELLENT IDEAS SO YOU CAN TRY, USE, ETC THAT FITS FOR YOU and YOUR SITUATION. I knew it was real the first time I noticed or felt on sensations when I stood on the carpet throughout the house in March 2015. I positively knew when I got my first bites around the same time. We manage now, some days are better than others. I’M NOT ON THIS SITE TO TELL ANYONE WHAT TO USE, BUY, GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE AND ON, ON ON. I’M HERE AT PRESENT TIME to share what we have experienced, tried, worked, not worked, made life a little easier to bear, ect.
      This is what works to keep our infestation somewhat manageable and to keep what sanity we have left. #1 use rubbing alcohol in a sprayer anywhere including yourself. Soak what is not something in question but at this point we want our life back and we are willing to give up anything we own to get have it. So… for us spray everything, including your feet, bugs directly, anything. #2 USE ONLY INSECT SPRAYS THAT SAY KILLS CARPET BEETLES. IN OUR AREA WE ONLY FOUND 2 or 3 Black Flag home insect control (yellow/black plastic bottle)) #2, Spectracide bug stop home barrier #3 Hot Shot Bed bug and Flea killer, this worked at times during the pests 4 cycles of life. Yes dear, 4. Eggs, larvae pupae and adult. Might be out of order on that. Anyway. Try your ideas. Like our final try will be what was blogged on here this past week… BOIL WATER, MIX UP BORIC ACID POWDER AND MAKE SURE THAT IT IS DISSOLVED FULLY. THEN SPRAY EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE AT LEAST 2-3 TIMES A WEEK FOR PROBABLY 3 WEEKS. FLOORS, CEILING, CRACKS, CREVICES, BASEBOARDS, DOORS, LIGHTS, DRESSERS, CUPBOARDS AND ANYTHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE SALVAGEABLE. LIKE I SAID NOTHING MATERIALISTIC MEANS ANYTHING IF YOU CANT LIVE YOUR LIFE. WILL CK BREAKERS TO SHUT OFF. EVERYTHING. EVERY KNOCK AND CRANNY. WELL FOLKS THAT ALL. NEXT WEEK TUNE IN FOR THE ERACTACATION RESULTS OR BUST. J AND KARI IN SPRINGFIELD,OR. KEEP BLOGGING. All persons..

  68. Maggie thank you so much for that info, and my bf, our children and I live with my mom because we don’t want her to be alone because we lost my grandma/her mom recently & a month later lost my uncle/her brother due to cancer. She refused to move with us, so we moved with her to make sure she is ok. They have put wood floors in the front room and it has got a lot better but I still see some flying around sometimes…how do you get rid of those ones??? I’ve been looking around for a house to rent or buy this time..but I am just so scared that we’re gonna take them from here to our new place.. how do you even get rid of them completely if you can’t even find out where the rest all are? Well the ones that are left flying. And Kari the boiled water and boric acid is a great idea, I’m going to try it! Also I have a question… I noticed a bit balding on the front of my hair by my forehead, if they get in your hair somehow can they cause hair loss?? Idk if it’s that..or the fact that I just had my baby 4 and a half months ago and maybe I need some iron pills and vitamins or something..idk.. but it terrified me.. thank you. Hope to hear back soon

  69. Hello,
    I’m a little concerned as to these carpet beetle larvae. Over the past few months I’ve found a lot of skins/shells and some live ones that I’ve killed. Me, in my ignorance at the time thought they were just going to go away with time, but now I’m reading that this is not the case. However I don’t have carpet in my house, and I don’t own any pets.
    I would like to know how to get rid of them effectively for i have a 9 month old baby and I don’t want it to affect him.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  70. I just figured out my family has carpet beetles, it’s just a few so far is there a safe way to get rid of them so that they don’t harm the family?

  71. I really don’t know what the answer to this carpet beedle problems is!
    I have tried everything to no evail. everday I vaccum, still not working 100%.
    last night I didn’t sleep at all. I have put protective covers on mattress and boxspring (but they don’t fit perfect with the new mattress made in Canada). they are bite marks on cover of boxspring. I put tape on it.
    I have them in my couch as well. put boric acid in cracks, still not working. I have had a few reactions to these cb, but lately not so bad.
    my clothes have been in bags since I moved here. what a mess. I’m too scared to put them on hangers in closet. I’m sure they are everywhere, underwide furniture, windowsills. I hate them.
    I also don’t understand why they go for my legs and feet most of the time. will this ever end????

  72. My boyfriend recently discovered he had bed bugs, and now it seems there are other critters that have been living in his house. It’s an older house and he needs to some serious checking for places where things like possibly carpet bugs and spiders get in. He just had his house heat treated 4 days ago, at great expense. The guy said this process ”pasteurizes” your house, kills everything. I’m wondering if anyone has tried this procedure before and if it worked. He said the temp. would go up to 150F and it took probably almost 6 hours. Now comes the process of cleaning the place, washing anything that didn’t get treated (very carefully). Unfortunately, his downstairs roommate has already been bitten by some kind of spider and I’m hoping someone has ideas for how to best keep them all away at this point, now that it should be pretty sterile in there. The worst part now is constantly feeling like things are crawling all over me. I’m pretty sure I don’t have bed bugs at my place (although I’ve quickly become an obsessive checker), but I’ve honestly been feeling like I have something on me here. I’ve tried some things that seem to be helping and I’ve been doing laundry, also obsessively, after barely wearing things, they go into a (clean) garbage bag (another clean one after washing). I’ve also been cleaning the place, and constantly looking at every tiny thing that might look like a bug. What more can I say? HELP!

  73. My 1st go round with these beetles & I cannot stand it.
    I’ve been trying to rid my home of them for 4 weeks to no avail.
    I have Terminix coming out tomorrow. Is that a bad idea?
    Do those whole house bombs work? I’m seen them at the farm store for fleas, etc. Do they work on carpet beetles? Should I try that?
    I worry because I have an older, ill dog & we’d have to leave.
    Help! Someone please give me some advise.
    I’ve vaccumed, scrubbed, washed & used Home defense.
    Now what?

    • Well we to are using steam (230degrees). Wish we knew about this procedure back when this vicious attack started back in February 2015. We’ve just started. We did have to invest about $1500. Commercial portable vacuum steamer unit, mattress encasements and still various pest control items.
      Everyone who reads this…. please Google many thoughts in your mind. We have learned, heard and experienced more about these pests and the education continues daily. Last… the info regarding the 500% increase of these pests… bed bugs, carpet beetles, white flies, mites. It’s in relation to the end of the “50 yr “cycle of the eradication methods and chemicals used in the past that we as a country will never use again. LOOK IT UP STARTING WITH THE CONTROL METHODS OF BED BUGS DURING THE DEPRESSION. It all makes sense. These pests are coming back in a vengeance. They are everywhere. Yes, in hospitals, Walmart, hotels, restaurants… yes, everywhere. It does help. Thanks

      • The water must be at least 250°. I got this information from a carpet company.

    • I understand where your at. I’m on month 8. I’ve concluded with all I’ve read, researched, applied, daily
      life that this is a way of life. These pests and infestations are on a 500% rise due to the 50yr. end of pesticide use by our government. Public Info, check it out. I’m on a holding pattern with these pests from hell.

      Be Kind.

  74. I’ve got Carpet Beetles of some sort. They’re like brown with gray zig zags on the back, and they bite yes and for the longest time I woke up with a couple of bites on my legs every morning and then I washed my blankets and I haven’t had bites since then, but I checked my room earlier today and seen them underneath my head board which has tons of stuff underneath it but they haven’t bit me or anything since I washed my blankets. Anyone got any ideas as to why they haven’t touched me since then?

  75. I’ve been here and let me tell you the good news, you can get past this! It does take some work. In my home we found them all over the place. After much reading, two pest companies, $800, etc. i started reading, alot.. Here is the FACTS:
    1) take a deep breath and know things will be okay, although if feels like life is on hold.
    2) there are a “few” carpet beetles in every home… Keep an eye on you window screens, you’ll see. A few are not critical and does. Not mean anything more then you had a few get in, its no different then a spider or two a month… They get in.. And NO they DO NOT bite. If they are biting, your not dealing with carpet beetles.
    3) there is nothing in the components used to build a modern day home these things feed on. These things are looking to feed and breed.. Feed is what will keep them around. If you have many of these everyday, you need to find the source that they are feeding on.. It is there. The problem is, it maybe in your walls and i don’t mean the materials used to build them.
    4) have you had mice? Problems with mice? Do you have a dog or cat… Meaning you have dog or cat food around?
    5) remember they are not eating the installation, paint, drywall, wires, etc. they are eating something like dead mice, dog food, cat food, etc. they can and will lerk in the dust behind the toilet or under a counter and you may find a few “skins” bit, this is not a colony of them.. This can be cleaned up and move on..
    6) if you see many skins in one area start looking there.. If there are near a wall and you clean there daily, well the bad news it maybe in the wall..
    7) these are easy to kill, any pest killer will work however, they multiply by the 100’s meaning you will never rid them with spray.. Unless, its right on the food source they are making home.
    8) find their food source!!! They will be there.. Look for areas that you seem to find a lot of them.

    In my case, we put up with them for one year.. Cleaning, spraying, etc. nothing worked. Foggers, even a home owners insurance claim.. Nothing.
    Then i noted that i always found them in one area of my home more than another place.. Im talking 5-10 and skins everyday.. So, i made the hard, stress filled decision and took a drywall saw to the wall…

    This is when the horror began it was also the turning point for my carpet beetles. When i pulled the drywall aside (1’x3′) chuck i saw millions of them.. All inside the wall, up the installation, drywall, etc. thats when i found the source, a pile of dog food, about 6″ deep spanning between two studs in the wall.. I sprayed them like made, re attached and taped the drywall, let it sit over night, grabbed gloves, trash bags and gloves and started cleaning the wall out the next morning.. Shop vac things clean. Sprayed and left the wall open for about a week and continued to spot kill them. In my case, i found a small hole near electric cabling in this wall, this led to a beam that ran to the garage, that had a dog food bowl sitting on the floor.. This mouse carried 10lbs of dog food into the wall and then died. Needless to say i stuffed this full of wire wool, caulking, etc. after about a week we would still find a few but only a few. We move our plants out, bought a fumigator from Amazon and set it loose in the house. Waited another week, patched the drywall, and kept watching… Well three years later, i still have no sign but have learned a great deal.. I hope this helps.. Good luck to all of you, you will get through this. Good luck and god bless.

  76. My room is filled with these but don’t let the name fool you. My room has wood floors.

  77. I just found one of those things in my room. I’m 12 don’t share a room with anyone. so i was on my bed on my laptop and on my hand I found one of those bugs instantly i waved my hand. i dont know where it when but i made sure it was not on my bed. this is the first on i seen and i have seen many senterpies and some spiders. Please help me.

  78. I don’t know if anyone still gets on here, but I have found a bunch in my carpet, walls of my closet, and walls in my bathroom. I broke out in a TERRIBLE rash last week and we ended up doing a biopsy to figure out what has caused it. I have checked my bed and vacuumed my carpet. Pest control is coming out tomorrow and I am just freaked out. I just bought this condo in March and I can’t believe I’m seeing so many problems. Has anyone found anything besides vacuuming that helps make these things die?!

  79. To all that left tips on how to get rid of the bugs “Thank You.” Some of you tend to be confused about the bug problem you have. The first thing you need to do is confirm whether it’s carpet beetles or bed bugs that your dealing with. Initially I thought we had bed bugs, yet through research, I’ve come to find out it’s carpet beetles. Either way you need to then find out the specific treatment for each bug. It’s very important so that you can treat it properly. Call in help by getting a free estimate from a bug company. Take pics with your phone. Then research on line the bug and the best way to treat it. I’m still dealing with my new situation. If I find any of the recommendations I’ve read really work I will post a follow up. Lynda Morrow it sounds like you have bed bugs. Best of luck to all.

    • What’s up with Louise now? Status on carpet beetles. I’ve been on this site since March 2015. Learned alot, shared alot, applied alot from gathered info. Still living with the “demons from hell” me not so much but J is living with them now. Guess they got tired of me & my hormones and went to J & his testosterone. Mmmmm go figure.

  80. Hello Carpet Beetle Sufferers… thank you Kari for your response and persistence and support with this issue. It’s been about 7 months now for me and I haven’t seen any adult beetles, but I’m still dealing with the physical aspect. My son and I both felt sick all summer and had yellowish skin and spontaneous bursts of fluid coming from our scalp. I started taking the food grade diatomaceous earth supplement to kill off anything living inside my body, which seemed to work. Then I broke my foot and stopped taking it. Now I’m worthless as far as maintaining the problem on crutches. I have noticed what seems to be drain flies however hovering in the bathroom and sitting on the walls. Does anyone else notice the drain fly issue after having carpet beetles? I feel nuts, but I know I’m not. Thank you

  81. I have a son under a year old that gets into everything and a baby on the way. Any suggestions on ways to get rid of these bugs that won’t harm my babies?

  82. I have found the larvae under baseboards and on hardwood stair crevices. Occasionally once breaks free and has climbed up a wall. But we have not seen any live adult beetles. I am very mystified as to where they are coming from and why we are not seeing any adults? Today I am going to spray under base boards in a few rooms and then caulk between floor and baseboards. We are going to change out our carpet in master bedroom with wood and will go through and clean out my closet. I figured I would start with this. Any other ideas?

    • Just curious what type of cleaning or eradication process you plan prior to or during your “remodeling. ” It’s called avoiding as much as possible an possible infestation to come. They don’t just go away. It’s a complicated, time consuming, mentally and physically challenging, relationship maker or breaker, life altering, soul searching, need I say more… way of life. Do not take this “bug from hell” lightly.

      J & Kari from Eugene, Oregon.

      Be Kind

  83. I have bed bugs and carpet beetle larvae.I can’t sleep on my bed anymore so I found a temporary solution.I bought a bright,orange colored sleeping bag.I sleep in my sleeping bag and I am able to see if any bugs crawl up/around me.It does let you sleep and is a good,temporary solution while you figure out what to do about the infestation.Just make sure you store the sleeping bag in a “safe” place when not in use.

  84. My daughter got these in her house. She doesn’t have carpet. The exterminator told her that you bring them in on new clothes. Wash and dry your clothes before you wear them or put them in the dryer to kill them. Also, I read that if you put duct tape around the legs of your bed, sticky side out that they are attracted to that. Also, on the baseboards. Maybe around windows. I read that there is a spray you can get. They will eat your clothes so make sure you keep your clothes clean.

  85. We were in California in an apartment and these things were eating away at the top layer of the box spring mattress and living in the crevices under the folded piping edges where the sides are sewn to the top. You could unfold that edge and they were just hanging out especially near the head of the bed. We had welts on our body. These things travel around slowly leaving their prickly hairs which apparently can trigger bad allergic burning reactions on the skin. My wife had one on her face and I had a few very intense burning raised hives on my neck and back. Finally we found an old bathrobe (quite old and made of wool/cotton blend) that was pretty well infested. We scoured the closets and found them here and there on sweaters etc. We vacuumed everything including all edges of mattress, used borax and DE here and there and eucaluptus and cedar oil in a candle defuser, as well as moth balls now and then… they were gone. Recently I have found a couple here and there randomly- they persist so you need to stay on top of it the moment you see one. The beetles fly in and lay eggs so they can come back any time. I have garden containers for vegetables and I find them in the soil/compost which attracts them. They love rotting stuff especially hair or feathers or fabrics that are rotten. Make sure your screens are repaired to prevent adults coming into your home. Use borax in problem spots that are upholstered and any metal windowsills. Then DE elsewhere. The best thing you can do is search for them and vacuum all crevices, inspects closets linens and hampers and window areas. Consider pesticides if none of the above are working.

  86. I’m currently dealing with carpet beetles. Landlord has had my unit sprayed in October and again end of January and I’m getting a third treatment on Wednesday. Since the treatment in January I have been sweeping and vacuuming daily! The larvae have gone down in number, but every day I’m still finding 3-4 of them. I don’t have any carpet and have thrown out my couches and mattress. Replaced couches with regular plastic chairs from Ikea because I’m too afraid right now to get anything with cloth. Put a protector on the new mattress to be on the safe side. If it’s supposed to keep out bed bugs then I’m hoping it keeps out these beetles.

    I have cats and threw out their bedding, their brand new cat tree and all the toys. They’re confused about all the changes, but short of burning all my stuff I’m trying to do everything else that I can.

    I can’t find the source – I find one in the living area, one in front of the washroom, one in the bedroom under the bed. I’m seriously going to go crazy.

    Can anyone give more solutions that I can try? I don’t know exactly what spray treatment this company uses and my landlord will not give me a contact name or number. I’m thinking of calling someone like Orkin to treat my stuff so I can take what little belongings I have left and move. This building was built in the 50’s and I have cracks in the baseboards and between the parquet flooring. I’ve lived here since 2010 and only had these beetles since about August of 2015.

    The thing is, I’m so afraid they might hitch a ride with me to anywhere I move. Can they be living in my stuff (books, photo albums, etc). Will putting all my clothes in the dryer on high ensure they aren’t alive on my clothes. I just want to make sure that I leave them here.

    • Hi did you end up moving? Do you have any update? Why did the bugs start if you had lived the for so long already?

  87. Hi my partner and I just over into an apartment we have been there 10 days and last night when I got was the first time I noticed the carpet beetles .. there was one on the window seal, and I found 5 on the ground and about 6 on our air matters and pillows. And a few in the closet PLEASE HELP….I woke up in the middle of the night because there a few in my hair !!!

  88. They do in fact bite, much to my surprise, as this is my second go round with them and was not bitten the first time. BTW, some of these posts sound like they are coming from certifiable nut cases.

  89. I am also fighting these heffers. Have been for 6 months. This site is heaven sent. My husband finally believes me!!! Great tips I’m eager to try but someone please email me with one specific answer… I experience several different lesions bites etc. But the small pimple looking ones tend to surround my nipple and are leaving me to go attach to my 3 month old when she nurses. What cream works fast at eliminating these from my pores so that my baby isn’t suffering anymore than she has to. Please respond quickly!!! Thanks so much.

  90. This is crazy!!! I see these bugs all over my house, I found 10 of them just on one of the Windows in my house, I am only 12, and I have to deal with these bugs, what should I do?

  91. I have a room that is fairly messy. There is a spare mattress lying on the floor in there. I found some round, black beetles on the mattress that were about a third of a centimeter big. The room is on the second floor. Our house is fairly close to a forest. What should I do?

  92. I started noticing little black bugs on the living room ceiling then all hell broke loose. I was getting bit by something and felt like it was burrowing in my skin. Only thing I could find that did that was scabies but took a sample to pest control company and they told me it was carpet beetles. Pest control companies will check samples free for you if you go to their office. I packed up all pictures, knick-knacks, etc. (everything) in big plastic storage containers with borax (laundry booster) sprinkled in them because they can hide anywhere and everywhere. Put all clothes in doubled, black garbage bags with borax sprinkled in them. When I changed clothes I put dirty ones in a separate bag with borax until they could be laundered. I bought cleaner for eye contacts and put that and borax (still use borax) in laundry, as the contact cleaner kills protein on the contacts and pests are made out of protein. I sprinkled a large amount of borax everywhere on floors, couches, chairs, beds, bed-frames, tables, in my car, everywhere. It was winter so on very cold nights, I would put bags of clothes, sheets, towels, blankets, etc on porch that hadn’t been washed yet hoping it would freeze some of the critters inside. I didn’t do any cooking. Threw food away out of cabinets such as boxed cake mixes, crackers, spices, etc. as carpet beetles can get in these easily. Emptied out canisters and now anything like that stays in the refrigerator or in air-tight glass containers. I slept on the couch every night for 6 months. I would bathe every night in Epsom Salt and bought Neem Oil and mixed it up in a spray bottle and sprayed that on myself when I finished bathing. Neem Oil is great for mites and critters. I would put the sheets, blankets and PJs in dryer on high heat for 20 minutes before I used them to sleep with. I slept with a shower cap on my head with Vasoline around the rim of that. Wore socks and put pant legs inside them and wore latex gloves when sleeping. Always wore shoes in the house. After I used brushes, combs, rollers, etc, I would put them in a baggie in the freezer overnight. When I got dressed the next day, I got what I needed out of plastic garbage bag, put it in dryer to get the borax and whatever else out of it and put it on. I lived like this for 6 months. By that time, the borax started getting to me and my cat. It was hell getting all the borax up and vacuumed out of everything but it worked. After vacuuming, I sprayed everything down with the Neem Oil. I thoroughly vacuumed every day for months afterwards. It was even longer before I finally stopped living out of the plastic garbage bags. I definitely wanted to make sure they were gone before I decided to get my pictures and things back out. This may sound extreme, but it worked. I live alone so it was alot easier for me than for someone with children. One other tip: the only thing I could find for treating scabies (as I thought I had them and went to the ER) was Permethrin 5% cream left on the skin for 10-14 hours and then washed off in the shower. I didn’t want to have poison on me for that long so I did some research and found that Ivermectin pills can be prescribed instead of the cream. I showed the information regarding this to the ER doctor and he prescribed this for me and it worked against whatever was biting me. This was a hell that I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

  93. I am concerned w/the amount of people who continue to post on this site stating they are being bitten by carpet beetles. I encourage you to go to your local extension office (EVERY town, city, borough, municipality etc has one) and ask to speak to the Master Gardener” He or she will confirm this. Or go to your county website. I had never even heard of an extension office (sorry Dad, 4 yrs of college and still learning!) before. Your tax dollars are paying for this local branch, so why not use it. They will also examin samples for you.
    There’s no denying they can feel like a bite when your skin encounters one but they DO NOT BITE. Why am I pointing this out? NOT to embarrass anyone; not at all. I’m relaying this fact so if you are being bitten, you find out by what!!!! Usually it’s bedbugs. Don’t know which is worse & hope I never do. I, too went down the common path of multiple Drs., ER visits, 2 skin punch tests & 2 different pest control companies. Outcome-inconclusive. But we know don’t we? Ultimately the reality laid somewhere in the middle. I wasn’t completely mad,(crazy)at that point (almost) & they weren’t completely right either. Hell on earth. Best of luck to all of you. Really.

  94. I’ve had my own story with these critters and reading all of this freaks me out even more!!! Had an exterminator come 2 months ago (I only suspected carpet beetles then and he confirmed). We left after he sprayed and were out of town for 2 months. We’re back and I have found 5 adult beetles (1 was dead) in the past week. A couple of questions you may be able to help with and I apologize if I am repeating anything.
    1- Are the adults a sign of infestation? What constitutes an “infestation”?
    2- some of you talk about seeing larvae around. I found larvae under the beds 6 months ago. So far I haven’t seen any since, but the guest beds needs a good clean out under it again. Where are you all finding larvae, so I know where to look and don’t miss any when I clean?
    3-if you have some carpet beetles in your home how do you prevent the, from taking over more places? I’m cleaning like crazy but am afraid of cross contaminating areas. I found 1 in my closet and have taken everything out and bagged it to wash it. The exterminator is coming later this week and will spray the closets and under the beds again. Please please please tell me how to prevent them from spreading! I’m so worried about these getting out of control!

    Thank you!!

  95. Hi, I’ve found some empty casings on my box spring and footboard, I too am experiencing the itching and what looks like little bites.. I have yet to find or see A LIVING BUG.. are these bugs that look like lint hard to find and wouldn’t I see them on me. I can be sitting and all the sudden I feel an itch on my arm and a bump will welt up but no sign of any bug. I have just started this horrendous journey of battling carpet beetles. 🙁 Please help in any way.

    • hi cgm…not sure what to tell you. if you keep sweeping floor you should see a lot of black specks. I put down boric acid and that seemed to kill some of them. but they are still here.
      use a sticky roller on your sheets to see if they are there. you could always sticky roller on your arm. look at all the blogs which are quite helpful. I am in same mess as you are.
      they are eating my clothes and me!!!

    • Get zippered mattress protectors for your mattresses and box springs.

      Clean everything.

      Dust with borax.

      This what I have done so far in my journey. Hope it helps.

  96. Help! I feel like I’m going crazy… So over the few days, I’ve been finding bugs in my room. They are all different and T first I kept freaking out that the were bed bugs. Then I realized that I’ve been seeing some of the same bugs over the months. I took out the carpet in my room recently but when I lifted the box thing my bed was on top of, I saw that on the bottom there were molten shells. I even saw a live bug. I’ve told my parents, but they say to not freak out and that it could be just a fly. I also took out some of my old clothes from my closet. I saw that on one or two of the pants had similar shells I saw on the bottom of my bed. I really don’t know if it’s carpet beetles or anything because I’m the only one who is freaking out about it. Currently I’m staying up late in my room freaking out about my situation. I am only 15 and do not know what to do. I’m scared that we do have a bug infestation and that I spread the bugs into multiple places in the house. My family is also poor, so getting a professional may be out of the question. I am also getting a new bed so I am freaking out whether or not the new mattress and the whole thing would be infested and bring danger to my family. My parents think that I am overreacting, but I’m truly really scared. Please help, I’m crying right now…

    • hi Gillian, it seems everyone on this site has the same problem. you could be the only person in your home that feel these pests. read all the blogs, there are some good tips on this site, but nothing that will remove them completely. try leaving plastic on your new mattress so the bugs hopefully don’t get into it. good luck

    • Gillian,
      Please don’t freak out. Try to identify the type of bug you are finding by researching online if possible. Sweep and clean your floors often. Wash your clothes then store the ones you are not wearing regularly in plastic bags. Identifying the bug is important so you can research how they can be killed. I hope it is not the carpet beetle and only moths. Good luck.

    • Gillian,

      I understand the stress. I think we all do. Try your best not to stress too much. I agree with the other comments: first identify what it is (Google carpet beetle larvea and case making moth larvae). Clean as much as you can. Clean your clothes, clean closets and drawers before you put the clothes back. You can also put clothes in the freezer for 48 hours or more to kill larvae. Wash clothes in warm or hot water. If you can’t do that I have also read that ironing clothes will kill the bugs. The carpet beetles seem to like dust dark places. We have 2 long haired dogs in our house with lots of dog hair/dust bunnies around the house. I am trying to vacuum and clean the floors, baseboards and corners frequently. I have also put a dusting of borax on the baseboards and under my bed. Hope this helps. I can’t attest to any of it yet, I’m not too far into the war but this is what I have done so far based on lots of research.

      Also- don’t read too many blogs. They just make stressing about this worse. Good luck!

  97. I have bread bugs behind my bed and I have garbage behind my bed and I’m scared to remove it I’m 13 how do I get ride of the bread bugs without removing the garbage help me please.

  98. I’ve seen many of you comment about borax and isopropyl alcohol. Can anyone tell ,e your experience with either?
    1- I’ve read that borax won’t kill insects but boric acid will. I have my drawers coated in borax at th moment. Should I clean it up and go get boric acid? I’ve read conflicting things.
    2- Has spraying with alcohol worked for anyone? I was thinking of spraying my drawers, closets, and baseboards with it.

    Thank you.

  99. i have had these buggers for two years. I brought in a plant and these black fuzzy balls came out. To be honest . I believe it is some kind of a mold not a pest. But I had over 200 sores all over my body and didn’t leave my bed for months. I have hit on a few things that have worked.
    Try to build up your immune system and really stay away from chemicals . They don’t help anyway. The alcohol spray was what I was doing too. But it backfired and it actually agitates them and they get like glass in your fingers. Ok so this is what I did and I can say I am comfortable . I can sleep . No crawling . Thank god . I want to start a site to help people .
    Ok so first off . Cedarcide with a cold fogger ( the only thing that worked) we didn’t want to buy a bug bomb ( read that put didn’t work for people anyway. Go to Cedarcide.com. Yes it’s pricey. But it worked! No more flying things . And keep up with the cleaning. Clothing hot water and ammonia. Keep all clothes bagged . It sucks. Just drying will not help. You may have to wash things 2 or 3 x if they really itch u or still have the eggs but the eggs get dried out. I bought giant ziplock and keep all clean clothes in drawers in zips folded. Giant plastic bags for closet.
    Ok right at the same time as the fogging we bought Neem oil. Make sure it is organic cold pressed . I can’t remember the exact name but it was on Amazon. I would put this all over my body and hair every night and shower in the morning . After about 3-4 weeks of this. It does not smell good. But there is a company called neem Jeanie in England that invented a smell free one but they won’t sell to the USA . If u have a frd there maybe you could try it? It will stain your clothing and bedding so make sure you don’t care about it. Also we bought an enzyme cleaner. Really helped for around the house.
    And the other is every other day a pretty hot bath with 4 pounds of baking soda ( make sure it’s the kind u can take as antacid read the label, there is one just for cleaning too so be careful) . If u are have a lot of sores add a splash ( 1/4 cup) of bleach also. Do not use Vaseline !! I found out the hard way. After you fog clean well. And toss anything that is liquid in a bottle. I found that my mascara and eye make up remover got infected from using it and my eye swelled up and small blisters appeared everywhere. So Cedarcide fogging , neem oil and baking soda baths. I know the horror of this and how isolating this can be. I am still in my search for the complete cure. Get a digital microscope , make slides of your skin. See a dermatpathologist. They actually have a microscope, derma now seem to be more trained in cosmetic procedures now lol . Oh also when I am super itchy Hydroxyzine 25 mg helps at night to sleep when it’s bad . And econazole cream kinda helps with drying out the sores. But remember I learned the hard way. Keep up with baking soda baths every couple days . They sell large 13 lb bags at Costco for $6 . Best price . I joined just for the baking soda! Oh anGood luck everyone.

  100. If anyone has questions I’d be happy to help. I am sorry for all the spelling errors . I was going to sleep when I found this thread and I just wanted to help out. I do believe this is some kind of a slime mold and that attracts the pests. So there is a two fold. I have had a really bad reaction to toliet paper. I noticed that I really felt pricking and I examined and I’m really wondering if this could be the culprit. What are those blacks specks? Hmm . They are using molds on the cotton as pest control. Google about all the cotton in Africa and India. This is just a theory of mine. But I do believe that it is not just one thing. Many people are experiencing these same things. Either mites or bed bugs or what not. It actually is classified as Morgellons. So when you go to the doctors the CDC actually put out a advisory that anyone coming in with skin issues has deusional parisitosis , and is probably on drugs. I cannot tell you some of the horrors I have gone thru. You are in shock and need help and you get treated like you are crazy. So be very careful when you go to the doctors or ER. They won’t even look at your skin. This is happening to tons of people. Research the Internet and its scarey. Yet nothing is being done. Get a digital microscope and document what is on / in your skin. I no longer see the eggs or have the feeling of crawling or constant stinging. I get a bit prickly and a bit itchy. The sore are better. But I still have that at my feeling and little bumps all over. And I’m tired . Document and then let’s try and get this thing identified. Have hope. I know it’s lost right now. I remember when this first happened and I read that people had it for years . I cried. But above I put what helped me. One more thing : for your head and I use it as a body wash . Paul Mitchell shampoo awapuii ( its clarifying and it took away the itch and the burning) I started using it as shower gel. Everything else stung. Also try to stay away from moldy yeasty foods ( bread , pizza)and sweets. This seems to get worse with more glucose in the blood . I know that it adds more inflammation to the body. I sure noticed it. I didn’t realize but all I wanted Was sweets and junk. I never ate that way but this is so awful you end up treating yourself. Oh gosh I better get to bed! Again. I just quickly dashed theses two comments off. Sorry for spelling / grammar . It’s gonna be okay. Oh and make sure you do all three of my tips cause it’s on you and the environment so u have to do them . and then the baths after the neem for at least 30 days or more : until you feel at peace again . Peace and love.

  101. OMG I have more than 100 in my house. They are everywere!!!! please help me!!!

  102. I am 12. Every year as soon as snow falls I see these worm like things with tiny hairs. After seeing those I see black beetles. I have bites all over the left side of my body from my shoulder to my ankle. The bugs are all over the corner I spend the most time in. And they are spread throughout my room. I have a clean-ish room and I am sick and tired of leaving my room while my 8 year old brother goes ahead and squishes them and takes them to the toilet to flush them. I want to get rid of beetle problem. And I have tried vacuuming daily but I don’t want to tell my mom to buy the spray. Are there any other ways to get rid of them. I see them everywhere. The carpet, towels, shirts, blankets, my bed! I hate them so much and I wish they would die and rot in heck! Please help me I hate them so much.

  103. Um…. This morning lets just say I felt something in my ear. (Deep in there, by the eardrum), I dug it out, thought it was a black nugget of ear wax, only to realize it was a BUG. It looks like a black carpet beetle. WTF? I think it damaged my eardrum, as its aching really badly, and it’s somewhere on my bed. Should I be worried of beetle larva in my ear (sounds disgusting but its possible) and how should I smoke it out from my bed so I can go to sleep without the fear of it CLIMBING INTO MY EAR AGAIN. The terror and paranoia formed by this experience is humongous, I literally couldn’t stay in my room for the entire day, brought all my stuff downstairs and refused to touch my bed. I’m contemplating sleeping in the guest room. ;^; By the way I’m 13, you don’t understand how shocked I was. I know I should’ve killed it when I saw it skittering away. But I pretty much stopped and stared at it with my mouth open for a solid 15 minutes before it got away and I researched and told my parents.

  104. I have carpet beetles and they March across the carpets at night, right in front of me. I trap them and put in the drain outside, it’s very deep and they can’t get out of the water!

    There’s always more to follow though!
    I’ve noticed them for about 4 weeks now and they just will not leave!.
    I have always a clean,neat freak so that’s not the attraction.

    They are large,black, hard backed beetles and they also fly,as do all beetles.
    I had a beautiful new carpet laid in December and I also got x2 door matts about 6 weeks ago. These were new from a reputable store but I think they either were imported by the carpet,or the rugs.

    These beetles on first glance resemble a cockroach albeit a bit smaller than! but equally as ugly and menacing looking!.

    Today I’m going to wash the rugs in the washing machine n hope this helps rid me of them. If it’s the carpet, I’m pretty much jiggered!.

  105. I’ve been battling what I know now to be carpet beetles. They’re I my car all inside the walls if my rv. I do t know what to do anymore I am exhausted and cuts mentally making me crazy I’m MO Cong into S different place in a few days. How do I not take thbem with. Me? They’re on. My skin all over. I’m thinking I should throw everything away and start fresh. My car is what worries me. Help me Im so lost

  106. Help me I’m going insane at first I thought they were bed bugs then I thought they were fleas now I know that there carpet beetles and I’ve just been spinning my wheels in mud I’ve done everything I know and they just keep coming back even stronger I have them all over my skin the doctor says I have scabies but I believe it’s the larvae my clothes are ruined my car is totally invested and I’m moving into another place in a few days what should I do I’m thinking of just throwing all my clothes away focusing getting rid of them in the car if that’s possible please help me I’m so mentally drained at the point of giving up totally please help me

    • just wash your clothes in hot soapy water and vacume your carpets and the seal your cothes in air tight bag

  107. HELP!! I saw a carpet beetle flying in my curtains and then it just suddenly disappeared. I don’t know what to do and I am too scared to move. I need some advice!!!

  108. oh god…I mentioned before that I have detmatitis from the carpet beedles and got some cream which helped a great deal with marks on my legs.
    now the big problem is , now I have red bumps, blisters on eyelids and under my eyes. also still on my hair. holy crap..
    I have an appointment to see an allergist in February. no one believes that it could be caused by carpet beedles.

  109. What many of you are saying rings true for me! I just sold my house and am living in a hotel for the time being. I have horrible welts on my arms and legs, some them deep welts. Almost daily a thin, shiny, yellowish-blackish sticky film, begins to develop around the welts. I recently noticed I could peel it off kind of like when your skin peels from a sunburn, but it returns quickly. At my house there were tons of carpet beetles, and then other insects, which multiplied ten times over AFTER I had the house EXTERMINATED!!! I can certainly identify with desperation, isolation,and exhaustion many of you feel after trying relentlessly to get rid of the bugs treat my skin, explain to others who did not seem to have any symptoms, that there WERE BUGS in my house, in my car, on my skin, etc. It was and still is something you begin to obsess and organize you life around! There is no time to do anything else!! Well, I can tell you that living in a hotel has only improved things slightly. I’m sure I probably brought a few bugs with me though I tried to be careful. Or maybe these bugs are everywhere and I am just a “bug magnet”!!! Carpet beetles, at least these do bite!!! At least mine do!! They latch on often inside the welts and are VERY PAINFUL to peel off!! In the spring and summer other varieties of bugs were frequently found in the welts; some of them enclosed, and later emerged as bugs! I witnessed this many times, so DO NOT say I am CRAZY!!!! Thank goodness with the cold weather I do not see this happening as much!!! From what I have read in your posts, I tend to agree that there is a relation between mold and the bugs. Looking back, I think some of the black spots on the ceiling, were mold, possibly black mold and that the bugs may feed on this. I am planning on scheduling another dermatology appt with this theory in mind. So far none of the treatments that the doctors have prescribed have been effective for the “‘dermatitis” I was diagnosed with (which I think is a “catch-all phrase” for I don’t know what the F**** that is!) No one wants to listen or talk about bugs!!!Anyhow I think as time goes on the health complications get worse. Whilebthere are much fewer bugs in the hotel, I still feel the pin-prick stings, butNow I am beginning to have unexplained swelling in one of my ankles that started about 2 weeks ago. On closer examination when I was peeling off the blackish film on my skin, I began to see a number of entangled white lines in certain areas around the welts(which by the way periodically heal somewhat but then return in the same area). I looked closer and saw some white wormy like things protruding, that then appeared to be connected to those lines. At first I thought that they were the white larva i had seen occasionally in the past but Nowi am beginning to wonder if they are some type of other parasite!!!! And a couple of carpet beetles were feasting on them. Somewhere on one of the other websites I had read that bugs’ behavior is changing due to Global Warming, so while you all argue about whether carpet beetles bite or don’t, one should not eliminate the possibility that this may truly be happening. That left unrecognized and unaddressed, this may all be a part of the ecosystem itself!! But I am TIRED!!!! I am certainly depressed!! The sores themselves are disfiguring. People ask about them or look at you strangely like you’re contagious!! My once beautiful thick hair is balding on top. When flossing my teeth I have found what looks like bug remnants or an egg pouch, I am not sure which, but it has resulted in a deterioration at least one tooth which they say has to be removed! The dentist completely ignored my statement about bugs! My eyesight has worsened over the past year. I had a sudden increase in “floaters” which to this day I think are somehow related to the bugs. The floaters I had previously I could not focus o. At least 2 of these LOOK like BUGS!) Anyway I commend you all on your fight to get the CDC or someone to take some kind of action. It is a GROSS subject to begin with, and it does not appear to be affecting everyone. Anyway, I for one, am losing hope. My medical problems seem to be mounting fast. I have not worked for the last one and a half years about six months after the rash started, and I worked continuously since 1986 without interruption. I avoid things now. I appreciate the ideas that you all present here. If I can just muster enough energy to try something else…….I am worried that this swelling in my ankle may be due to the number of larvae or new parasite that is in my leg and that they are cutting off my circulation! I also found numerous ones in my arm which may be why my right arm is painful especially during the night. I would love to know what preventatives work for you guys on the skin, hair or teeth. Or if anybody knows what works to get the larvae out without having to DO pick them out individually. Thanks for listening…….

  110. I have seen some relief by vacuuming every nook and cranny i can vacuum and killing the beetle as soon as i see them. Vacuuming is key. We don’t have pets, but we do have two small children. I was concerned about using insecticides because I didn’t want to expose them and ourselves to such toxic chemicals. So i did some research and found that diatomaceous earth is an excellent way to kill larvae and the adults because it breaks through their shell and dries them out. Because it’s food grade, it’s safe for humans and pets. You can purchase a special dispenser to disperse the dust into all the areas that the habitat to the eggs and larvae. Also, I came across EcoRaider which is supposed to be a non-toxic/safe for humans/animals instant killer of bedbugs and beetles and various other crawling insects. it’s good for indoor and outdoor use. Use these two items to treat the buggers. Prevention is consistent and thorough housekeeping. There is no other way around it. Clean on a regular basis and do deep cleaning of your home once a month.

  111. My name is Emma and I think I have carpet beetles. I am terrified and 14. Telling my parents are a last resort because they will take away my ferrets. Are they harmful to animals? I’ve seen a couple Carpet Beetles climb around tan shorts I have that were on the floor. I saw three others just chilling on the back of a paper that was also on the floor. I do admit that yes my room is a mess, I am working very hard to clean it pristine. I haven’t yet seen the larvae, and that’s why i’m skeptical on if they really are carpet beetles. Thinking about any types of these bugs makes me feel itchy everywhere, and I hate it. Please help me, I am scared to pick anything else up because of them, i am terrified of bugs. (I just realized I was scratching my arm, and there looks to be a rash.) If I vacuum, will the go away? I can’t get any fancy supplies since I’m only young. Will they invest my vacuum? Its the only one in the house and we use it for everywhere around the house. If I wash all my clothes, will they invest my washing machine and dryer? Will they be gone after this? Please help, I have no one else to turn to and I’m so scared I’m about to cry. Yesterday I found a corner in my room that has a pile of ferret poop. I’ve cleaned up, but I’m scared there are beetles under the carpet. Should I cut the carpet and see? We might move, and I don’t want to ruin my parent’s chances of moving if there are bugs investing my room. They will be mad and take away my ferrets. But I don’t yet think I’m responsible to keep them, since I just now found out about the pile of waste. Is that what’s causing the bugs? Btw, I have a loft bed. (Like a bunk bed, but instead of a bottom bunk there is a desk.) My curtains are black and I’m scared they’re in the curtains. I haven’t seen any fly. Please just help. If I do need to talk to my mom about it, I’ll most likely be crying. I’d ask her to just help me, even if it means taking away my babies. 🙁 I’m too scared to look behind posters, what if there are millions underneath the carpet???

  112. I have been dealing with the same thing for nearly 3 years now; I actually threw away everything I owned and started completely over…i.e. even new cars! To do this I cashed out my husbands 401k, trust me I realize this is not a feasible solution!! Moreover, I haven’t gotten rid of these little devils! I will say I got rid off 85% of them; however, during this time I discovered the reason these bugs were ever-where was simple—- they were on me! I found that they were living in my scalp, they had made a nest in my hair many layers under the skin and hair. In addition, I found only one way to remove them and that was by vacuuming them off me! As you all know they don’t wash off, when wet they turn into a thick sticky film …. almost like an adhesive making them near impossible to wash off! I know this sounds nuts, but whatever these “bugs” are they are not natural– its almost as if they were designed?!? Let me end by saying, if it wasent for God I would of lost my mind a long time again, so when all else fails, and it will feel as it has, God will be there for you!

  113. I have never seen carpet beetles in or on mattresses nor see any bite. I have seen the weevils under boxes and furniture clinging to dust or on clothing if not hanged. Hanged clothing is better than putting them in a box, so this means the less clothes and stuff you have, the less likely you will have these annoying insects. When I was younger we had very little amount of clothes and linens like we do today and so we didn’t have this problem like today. Things were kept more clean in those days. I hate them too and had numerous wool and cotton clothing ruined. In this day and age we can go to the moon but we can’t invent a deterrent for these pests? What shame.

    I just came here hoping to see if there was an essential oil that would deter them.

    • The safest thing to use is food-grade diatomaceous earth. It’s actually eatable believe it or not. Don’t use much. Just lightly dust it in problem areas with a paint brush.

      • Edible not eatable LOL

  114. my name is Tamara and I’m from Ohio I have finally found something that there are several people that are experiencing the same thing that I have been going through five different times I’ve gone to hospitals and everything else with the first attack that I had was Bunches of sores everywhere and had seen the same thing that everybody’s talking about on here I literally got to the point that I almost had a nervous breakdown I’ve cleaned everything scrubbed it sprayed it with bleach I have an idea to try to bomb my car and possibly leave the windows down a little bit if there’s anybody on here that can contact me that has gone through this I’ve had it in the hair the skin mostly thin skin like scars some of them had went down so deep it come up and it was a giant hole in my hip and now it’s come to a point that they have gone way too far into a personal area that I am in misery they had given me some cream called permethrin anyone out there that knows what to do how to stop it I’ve felt like I’ve lost my mind I even had my family turned against me because they thought I was crazy because of the first doctor that I seen twice I have them toenails scars hairlines any spot that they could get to that was then including personal area down there as well as my rectum a giant hole is on my hip it took black underwear to see exactly where they were all coming from now that I’m trying to kill them a lot of them are coming to the top of the skin in a C shape please help anyone

  115. Help anyone I have the worst case of this issue they are everywhere because no one.belives me.eye ears personal area that’s way too far I’m.losing my mind several time. Thought just to end it because no one was helping me they wouldn’t even look at me permethrin cream has helping calm them down but they are extremely deep and I have giant hole in my hip as well as down as the personal areas please help anyone any information that I can get would be so grateful

  116. I can relate to all of the above…no one else sees what I see, I spend every single day doing everything in extra steps to try not through out 7or 8 quality area rugs,mattresses, couches, so many clothes…and on and on…and I’m easily having respiratory and headaches from almost 2 years of trying so many products. Not to mention 3 outta 3 “professional” exterminators cant or wont admit they see them or laugh it off like I’m some over nervous female!! Its disheartening, frustrating, its completely ruined my inner peace… tranquillity is something I no longerk know. My poor pets cant play like we used to because they cant run or jump on hardwood bc they slide, they God for bid leave a toy near the one room with carpet it gets tossed out… even though I sealed the room off, closed all vents, never go in it…and only access it through its 2nd door going to the outside and that’s just to do more bombing or vacuuming etc.. I go through at least 4-5 vaccums a year bc I try and keep them designated… plus, I luve basically outta plastic storage bins. I used to have my 3rd bedroom as a beautiful huge closet (I’m single, never married no kids so I really decked out this closet for myself) and now it’s a haven for moth balls and boric acid and lil by lil I just throw things out or occasionally take them to a laundry mat and hot wash n dry them a few times… only to find a few months slater, it was in vein. January for me in Pennsylvania seems to be the start of them in a big way…last year wash horrific, ,and I’m seeing this year will be no different. So, I purchased a new home all hardwood and I’m taking only furniture that has no cloth, not taking any curtains towels etc.. just a few bed clothes I really feel washing frequently will be safe.. any suggestions on how to move safely! Carpet Beetles stripped nearly 2 years off my life, there is no other way to describe it. I clean so much, and almost isolate myself in rooms I feel ok in…and at 45 years old, that’s just not the way its supposed to be. My sympathies to all of you who experience this evil as well. If anyone can offer suggestions or a REAL EXTERMINATOR WHO ACTUALLY 1000% KNOWS ABOUT THESE, I’m all ears. Thank you..

  117. ⬆️This was my post, just asking again if anyone knows of a safe way to move to a new home without bringing beetles with you.. please reply. Ty.

  118. hi deedee, i have had these carpet beedles for approx 7 years now. i sold my house and moved leaving everything basically. i had them in my car and probably in my hair, so they followed me. i dont think i will ever get rid of them. careful on the chemical…i now have a scar on my lung. you should try and find patricia reynolds on facebook (she seems to have a fix for this problem. i am not good at facebook. good luck!!

  119. I have just started clean up today I’m putting all clothes pillows blankets stuffed animal in vacuum bags for two days then putting them in my deep freezer for a night and then washing cold and drying hot in the meantime I’m going to spray outside my home windows and doorways gonna vacuum everywhere and seal any cracks or crevices. Getting rid of a lot of things as well and baking soda also helps I won’t use boric acid in the middle of my room because I have a cat or any chemicals for that matter but I will get to the bottom of this!!!! And if I have to kill every last one of them with my bare hands I will!!! No matter what it takes!!!

  120. I appreciate that this mat is latex-free, as I have a latex allergy.

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