There is only one good way to get rid of yard moles and that is to kill them dead. If that is not your cup of tea, because you love these little critters or you don’t care their screwing up your yard over and over again, then this message is not for you. But if you are determined to do something finally positive for mole control, then proven “grandfather’s” method will really surprise you.

There are more moles trashing yards, lawns and gardens for years. One can see torn up flower beds and mounds of dirt everywhere, until he starts using the method perfected over the past 27 years by farmers. They believe that dead moles will not lie.

Ultimate Mole Attack: 7 Advice How to Kill and Get Rid of Moles

How to Kill Moles


  1. If you have ever had mole neighborhood, never start buying nearly every “remedy” and try every half-baked idea like:
  • bleach;
  • red pepper;
  • thorny rose branches;
  • moth;
  • broken glass;
  • balls;
  • castor oil;
  • human hair;
  • sonic blasters;
  • razor blades;
  • WD-40;
  • mini-windmills;
  • gum;
  • harsh chemicals;
  • pickle juice;
  • vibrators;
  • noisemakers;
  • firecrackers;
  • car exhaust;
  • poisons.

People, who have tried them, will tell you that none of these things has ever worked and will never do. Next day moles will come back with more mounds and damage. It’s a vicious cycle, so don’t waste your money and time over the years.

  1. How To Kill a Mole In Your YardTrapping is the only true, reliable and safe way to getting rid of moles. The stuff learned from old farmers is a simple process proven effective time after time. One thing is for certain that if somebody can do it, you will be surely able too. If these methods are not for you, then hiring a mole trapping professional may be the best solution.
  2. Practice, patience, and persistence are the main keys to success. Moles are incredibly able to detect and spring improperly set traps, but correctly and carefully placed traps will often produce results within one day.
  3. Generally, trapping is very effective in spring and fall, when mole activity is at its peak. Once mole activity is noticed, a person should begin to control it as quickly as possible. Besides, spring trapping helps to eliminate pregnant female moles.
  4. It is important to locate main runways first. So to identify them in your yard, look for those which:
  • follow borders: fence rows, concrete paths, yard woody perimeters, straight courses;
  • appear to connect two runway systems/two mounds.
  1. Border trapping at places where runways enter the yard, garden, field, as far as mole nests are typically located at protected spots along the edge of hedgerows/fencerows.
  2. 3-5 traps per acre should be commonly used unless mole activity is extremely light.

Anyway, to sum it all up, let’s start with annoying critters to make them bother you no more. However, another thing you have to know is that you are never able to stop mole invasion totally, because they always keep coming year after year and digging 100-feet of tunnels under your yard in a single day. Unfortunately, you can do nothing about it but now you know how to get rid of moles, take control and get rid of little varmints by trapping them yourself.

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